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The Kindred

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It was a night like any other, late and dark. The brothers had spent a long evening perfecting their parts in the studio and it was finally time to head home. After locking up the back door and making sure everything was secure, Taylor threw his satchel over his shoulder and mounted his pushbike in order to head for a local bar where he’d organised to meet some friends.
He’d only just turned onto Archer Street when he noticed the car. It had been anything but subtle in its attempt to follow him from Main Street. He hadn’t noticed it at first so he wasn’t sure where it had come from, but now that he was paying attention he knew in his gut that something was wrong.
He gained a little speed just to see what it would do. He heard the accelerator pump. He diverted up onto the sidewalk but the car wasn’t slowing down.
A quick glance over his shoulder was all he had time for before the bumper connected with his back tire. The car had come up after him. The initial blow wasn’t enough to knock him from the bike, but the follow-up hit was.
He landed hard on the concrete and rolled to the right with a groan as the car continued past. Quickly managing to pull himself up to check where it was, his blood ran cold when he saw it turning at the intersection and starting to make its way back on the wrong side of the road.
“What the hell?!” he choked under his breath, struggling to pull himself to his feet.
Blinded by the headlights, he didn’t see the figure coming for him. But he felt rough hands grab him by the shoulders and pull him behind a barrier just in time for the car to hit it.
“Come on!” the person urged – voice familiar but he couldn’t place it.
Once Taylor found his feet he managed to grab his satchel from where it had fallen and follow the stranger up the hill toward the Center of the Universe. He’d barely made it to the top when he started to feel dizzy.
“Hey! You okay?!” the person darted back when they realised he’d fallen against the monument.
Taylor’s hand went to his forehead, and he winced when he felt warm liquid. Pulling his hand away he was only partially surprised to see blood.
“I hit my head,” he managed to get out, looking up at the shadow leaning over him.
“You have to get up! He’s coming back!”
The figure was already blurring, but Taylor could make out the gold-striped sleeve of a navy hoodie and a tuft of blond hair coming from the hood itself. Then quite suddenly he was again blinded by headlights.
A groan came from his rescuer as he attempted to lift Taylor by the shoulder, managing to barely pull him to the other side of the concrete block in time. Taylor fell onto his side as the screech of tires echoed down the walkway, looking up in time to see a flash from the lights hit the face of the person with him.
“What the…?”
But he barely had time to comprehend what he’d seen before he finally passed out.