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Humanity In Domesticity

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There were many nights where you slept in a bed that was far too big for just one person. It was something you had come to expect as an inevitability. Your boys were part of Overwatch now, and they were constantly being sent on missions to better the world, something a far cry off from their previous life of crime, but much more preferable to having so many on their back. Still, it didn’t make those lonely nights any easier, nor did it help you sleep any better.

You sighed as you readied yourself for another restless night of tossing and turning, going through your routine of fixing up the sheets despite knowing it was a futile effort. You considered pulling up the blanket, but decided against it. Normally, you slept just fine without it. Then again, you had been spoiled by the warmth your significant others emitted and hardly ever needed a blanket.

With a few slow blinks to clear your bleary vision, you looked over at the digital clock on the bedside table, the red numbers showing it was two in the morning. A bit early for bed, considering you would be up most likely for another few hours, as it was, but you were tired and aching for a decent night’s sleep. Maybe if you were to lie down for a bit, get comfortable, then your mind would finally shut down and allow you the rest you desperately craved.

Heh, yeah right.

Two weeks of this was really starting to wear you down. It wouldn’t have been so bad, this weird bout of insomnia, if Junkrat and Roadhog had made it home in the five-day timespan their current mission had been placed in. Unfortunately, there had been some complications, and five days had turned into two weeks, possibly three, if things continued to escalate.

Things were made worse when you found out ‘Rat had somehow blown up his phone, again, meaning you had no contact with them directly for the remainder of their time away. Your last conversation with the dangerous duo had been a few quick words with the sound of gunfire and explosions in the background, and Junkrat giving a manic giggle before promising to call again soon.

That was three days ago. Lúcio was kind enough to send you a text earlier that morning, letting you know your boys were doing just fine. You appreciated him keeping you in the loop; he was a very good friend.

Sighing once more, you climbed into bed, shifting yourself to the middle as you always did, and pulled the thin sheet over you before laying down. It was dark and cool in the room, just how you preferred it. It was enough to ease you a bit more into a relaxed state, but your mind continued to race and wander, ultimately keeping you just on the verge of falling off the edge into the land of dreams.

Were Junkrat’s prosthetics holding up this time around? Had Roadhog made sure to keep them both hydrated? Were they at least keeping themselves out of immediate trouble? It was stupid, silly questions like that and scenarios that ran through your head in rapid-fire succession. You sure did worry too much over two grown men who had been through hell and back on countless occasions.

The glare of the clock numbers illuminated the room more prominently as your heavy-lidded eyes became accustomed to the darkness, but you ignored it. You weren’t sure how long you just laid there, breaths even, mind reeling, your attempts at sleeping being sabotaged by your own thoughts. It was long enough that you were starting to hear things in the background, mumbled chatter of some sort growing louder and louder….

You jumped up as the bedroom door banged open, dim light flooding the room and just barely illuminating the two towering figures taking up the door frame. The noise had startled you, yes, but you couldn’t keep from smiling as the lankier figure moved forward and into the room.

Your boys were home.

A low growl emitted from Roadhog as Junkrat carelessly began stripping off his bombs and other weapons or tinkering bits with a comfortable, practiced ease. To anyone else, the sound coming from the massive man stood at the door would have been terrifying. You, however, recognized it for what it was, a warning to Junkrat, a reprimand. It was enough to make the lithe man hesitate in his movements as he glanced at you, then back at the larger man now making his way into the room.

“Wha? Oh, right, right, right, gotcha,” he said, his movements resuming and the massive thud of his Riptire falling from his back and to the floor a moment later. This earned him another growl, another reprimand to his loud actions.

“Look, ya great lug, she’s already awake. It’s not like I’m making it any worse, now is it?”

A small string of giggles followed from the noisy man as Roadhog closed the door, the room plunging back into the comforting darkness of nighttime. He gave a grunt, an affirmation that yes, you were clearly awake, but he wasn’t particularly happy about it, nor did it mean ‘Rat had to be so loud and make things worse.

“Oi, it wasn’t me fault this time!”

Junkrat was apparently in the mood for some arguing and began to rant. You could hear ‘Hog’s careful movements to your right as he removed his weapons with careful consideration in the dark. He would give short grunts to the thinner man as he continues to rant, and you could tell the exact moment when he removed his mask, something he didn’t do often.

The noises and ‘Rat’s loud voice didn’t bother you, however. In fact, it was a welcoming sound, a sign that things were good, that your home was full again. They were noises that comforted you greatly, made your reeling mind come to a halt and fill with the sounds of familiarity.

You’d been so caught up in the absolute serenity of the moment, you hadn’t realized you were being as quiet as a mouse until you felt a large, warm hand envelope your knee, Roadhog’s way of grabbing your attention. The motion was followed by Junkrat’s curious tone to your left.

“You good, sheila?”

“Yeah, I’m…I’m just happy you’re both home.”

You cringed at the sound of your voice. It had come out low and worn, cracking slightly with each word. It was a testament to how tired you really were, how long you’d gone without proper rest. Roadhog gave a low grumble, obviously picking up on it.

“Right, not been sleeping, eh? Guess it’s good we got back when we did, yeah Roadie?”

A deep, clear hum was given as his answer, followed by twin points of pressure on either side of you as both men climbed into bed. Well, Junkrat’s way of getting into bed was more like throwing himself on top of it. Roadhog was a bit more careful with his approach, hunkering down and finding a comfortable position on his side.

You gave a startled gasp when large hands grabbed you and pulled you down to a laying position soon after. Roadhog then proceeded to manhandle you somewhat until he had your back pressed against his front, the warm curve of his belly sending a delightful heat through your cotton shirt. His meaty hand came to rest against your hip, fingers gently curling over the jut of it and keeping you comfortably pressed against him as he relaxed fully into the mattress. He then gave a grunt, a signal for ‘Rat to hurry up and get comfortable.

“No need to be pushy, mate,” he said with a giggle, scooting closer to you. You encouraged the movement by grabbing at him, of which had him laughing all over again. When he finally settled, it was with your right arm slung over his chest, his flesh hand finding yours to lazily lace your fingers together. His peg leg had moved further out and hooked behind one of your knees, the metal surprisingly warm, even through the sheet now strangely wound around your body.

The positioning was a bit awkward, but it was warm and perfect, nonetheless.

“So, how was th’ mission,” you mumbled out a couple minutes later, giving a wide yawn. It was funny how, before, you couldn’t even fathom sleeping until the possible rise of the sun. Now, you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes open.

“Better get some shut-eye, first. Hog’ll have me head if I keep yappin’ and keeping you awake.”

“But…you jus’ got here,” you grumbled, squeezing ‘Rat’s hand gently to show your dissatisfaction. Roadhog let out a short rumble as he gave your hip a light squeeze, an actual agreement to Junkrat’s insistence.

“Sleep,” his deep, unfiltered voice spoke out, the sound a comfort to your ears. You gave a small huff, but you were already falling faster and faster into that comforting darkness of slumber of which had eluded you for too many nights.

In the morning, you would awaken cuddled into Roadhog’s body while Junkrat would have, somehow, managed to tangle both legs with yours while his upper half would be flaked out on ‘Hog’s big belly. You would marvel at the strange turn of sleeping positions, as you always did, and you would sigh and fall back asleep peacefully with the biggest smile plastered on your face.

For now, though, you were surrounded by their comforting warmth and gentle touches, content knowing your boys were back home with you.