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Dear Min Yoongi

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 Sometimes a difference is a likeness. 



Thick, black rimmed glasses, an over sized blazer, polished and cleaned school shoes and stacks of books huddled in his arms. Yes, this was Park Jimin; school student council, class captain and an honored A student.

Head phones stuck to his ears, a black beanie hiding his dyed red hair and a few piercings dangling from his ears,this was Min Yoongi; school delinquent and lyrical genius.

Park Jimin was a person who didn't have many friends because he never found the people that surrounded him interesting, nor did they have any interest in him. However he found solace in the books that he read, alone in the secluded library by the empty window pane with every chance he could get. He enjoyed immersing himself in the books that he read, drawn to the way words created meaning and vivid images. 

Contrary to a person like Jimin, Min Yoongi had many friends. Countless of them, who he had never learnt their names but somehow they all know his. And there was something about Min Yoongi's cold rough eyes, devoid of any emotion that made him hard to approach. However it was his cold charisma that drew every girl his way. It was his merciless demeanor made everyone cower they back in both respect and fear.

And although Min Yoongi was surrounded by people 24/7,honestly, it gets tiring and he's not a person who liked to fake a smile just to please someone. Min Yoongi was the type of person who everyone came to fear because they could never really tell what was really going on inside of that closed mind of his. He was like a time bomb that could go off at any given time, obliterating everything in it's path once broken free.

However even so, despite their differences, I guess you can say that these two boys still share a sense of likeness, an intangible bond that is yet to be discovered. And just how far these differences will tear them apart? Or how close will this bond pull them together? 

We will have to see for ourselves. 

Starting from here, this is the story of Min Yoongi and Park Jimin.











MARCH 21ST 2011

Jimin was sitting peacefully beside the glass window situated in the quiet library, gazing outside at the pouring rain that fell. He liked the sound of the rain hitting against the rooftop tiles because it was soothing and found the gloomy skies that were painted grey, beautiful. Unlike other people who hated the winter storms and freezing wind, the latter thought otherwise.

Jimin snapped back into reality when he heard a loud clatter of metal hit against each other harshly. He starred into the distance and noticed a boy around his age that's soaked by the rain. Jimin didn't know why but he starred longer this time, noticing how the raindrops trickled down from said boy's deep auburn hair. He watched unknowingly as the boy took off his wet jacket and pulled out a single pen, an mp3 player with headphones attached to it and a few small notes books that looked like it's been overused judging from the worn out binder and crinkled pieces of scrap paper sticking out.

Strangely enough, Jimin couldn't quite fathom what was so interesting, captivating about the stranger that had settled down.

Maybe it was the way his pen was gliding across the blank lines, slowly filling them up with black ink as he looked so out of place compared to everyone else in the room. Well, there was really no one else around them except for Jimin and said male. Even so, Jimin found himself smiling timidly. The male looked like he was so immersed in his own little world that it made Jimin wonder, was that how he had looked like himself when he was drowning in his own universe whenever he was reading his favourite books? Probably.


The hours flew by quickly as Jimin went back to studying the amusing concept of human immunology and pathogens. Science has always been something that had peaked his interest. How organisms functions, how chemicals and certain forces on earth make life possible. It was such an infinite concept, Jimin loved it.

It had gotten dark outside and the rain had surprisingly stopped. Jimin glanced at the clock and realised it was already way past evening. He heard his stomach rumble, indicating that it was time to be fed. Reluctantly, he closed the history book he had been happily analyzing; Francis Crick, the person who discovered the existence of DNA.

He quickly packed his books back into his bag neatly as he got up and straightened out his school uniform before turning to take one last glance at the area the mysterious boy was sitting at. The table was now empty and Jimin wasn't surprised the latter had already left. Nobody really liked to spend all their time locked up in a library anyway. Well anybody but Jimin that was.

However just seconds from turning to leave, the same old, tattered notebook that was left behind on the empty table, caught Jimin's attention as he curiously trudged over.

He stopped and picked up the notebook, making sure the loose-leafs didn't slip out from the inside before the ravenette instantly spun around and scanned the area to see if he could spot any traces of the owner of this notebook. Jimin could just tell how important the notebook must've been to the red haired boy just by looking at how old and worn out the book actually was.

Suddenly a surge of curiosity spiked his senses as he starred down at the black notebook in his hand. Peaking won't hurt right? Jimin asked himself but eventually his fingers moved on their own and he looked inside anyway.

That's when he was drawn into the many pages that were filled with handwritten words and as he read further, he realised he was lost in awe. These weren't simple words crafted out of a bored man, these were lyrics.
Beautiful, meaningful and poetic lyrics. 



"Suddenly, the rain wells up in my eyes

You well up, I see you even when I breathe

Love blooms like cherry blossoms but burns and becomes ashes

Hey girl I know, the conclusion you made by yourself,

Your hand, your body and your body heat that was hotter than the equator.

I’m still here, on repeat on top of this disappeared tune

I’m alone by myself on top of the melody that has already ended"











APRIL 15TH 2011

Jimin had the black, old notebook carefully placed away in his bookshelf where many of his other books were also kept. He had given up on waiting for the owner of the book to find him, so he decided look after it himself. For now.

After visiting the library everyday after school and staying till late in hopes of crossing paths with the same auburn haired boy, he was disappointed every time when he didn't get the chance to see him again. A month had already passed and Jimin now had to get ready for mid term exams, he didn't have time to be thinking about pointless stuff like this. 

But he admits that every now and then he found himself reciting some lines in the notebook that he had memorized off by heart just by reading them once; that's how captivating they were. And in all honesty, Jimin was very curious now.

He wanted to know the name of the handsome boy who had wrote them. What type of person he was that allowed him to express such vivid human emotions through such simple yet elegant words.

He must've been a genius.

If Jimin could ever meet the owner of the notebook again, he would praise the boy and tell him how much he had fallen in love with the lyrics that were found scribbled onto the tattered pages of the notebook and maybe even persuade him to buy a new notebook to write in as well. 









JULY 3RD 2011

"Ya fuckwit. Don't you have anything else better to do than to bother us? Stupid nerd,"

A harsh tone from one of the kids huddling around the men's bathroom with a cigarette between his finger bellowed as he took in another puff and blew it into Jimin's face. The small boy tried not to choke on it. It sent a horrid burn down his throat. 

"It's against the school rules and It's also my job to tell you guys off-" Jimin blatantly reasoned but he should've known that such justifications weren't going to please the group of delinquent seniors glaring at him evidently.

"Quit fucking around." One of them menacingly grunted as he threw a sharp punch that landed in the pits of Jimin's stomach, making him double over.

The pain coursed through Jimin's body rapidly as he cursed in his head. Why the hell did he even bother approaching these bunch of rebels in the first place anyway. Sometimes he hated the duties that were placed onto him but at the same time he had no choice. This was what being part of the student council meant; catching delinquents smoking on school grounds and reporting it back to the teacher.

For starters, it was wrong to smoke in a pubic facility, not to mention at school. You could do those kind of things at home in your own spare time. Not in someone's else space. Jimin hated the acrid smell of smoke.

"What a weakling we have here." The perpetrator spat as he bent over to the body that's curled over the floor.

Park Jimin may be a small boy with little to zero friends. He may be a nerd and yes he may be shy but he wasn't a weakling. He just didn't like fights or problematic detention meetings because they were a hassle and a waste of time. He would much rather spend that time reading in the library than being hauled up in a white empty room with these hooligans for 2 hours straight. It disgusted him. 

"If you're done, please leave and don't smoke in the rest rooms again." Jimin managed to croak out. A bit too unaffected by the blow to his stomach which only angered the group of rough boys even more. They weren't going to let a nerd who looked like a wimp walk away unphased now. Besides, standing around in a toilet cubicle, smoking god-knows-what all day was beginning to bore them. Bullying your typically nerd and honor student was a great way to kill some time.

Jimin feels another harsh hit to stomach and winces at the unexpected pain.Here we go again, what has he gotten himself into this time. 

The sensation isn't anything new to the young boy. On the contrary, it's almost nostalgic. He was bullied many times during his early years, it was just a matter of time before the bullying or some form of violence was inflicted onto him once he reached high school as well because people loved to bully the weak. Jimin always seemed fit that category all too well.

Deep down though, he wanted to tell himself that he wasn't weak. He was never weak.

But that's just how he was. Afraid and just tired with the people around him. Whatever happened, happened and he'll just have to learn to get over it because it's not like you could change the past. 

In the end he was just making excuses for himself. And maybe, he was really just a coward.



"What the fuck is this?"

A deep raspy voice echoed from the entrance of the bathroom door as Jimin heard the footsteps of the boys backing away, aligning themselves as they cleared their throats.

"Yoongi hyung, what's up."

The boy who had previously thrown a punch into Jimin's stomach now stood stiffly whilst starring at the owner of the voice.

Jimin took this chance to haul his aching body off the disgusting bathroom floor as he turned to gaze up curiously to the stranger who had just walked in. His eyes almost dropped out of their sockets as he starred blankly at the boy with auburn hair. The same boy that he has been unconsciously thinking about everyday. The owner of the lyrics who had snatched his heart away.

He knew he must've looked pathetic, gawking at the handsome young man with piercings dangling from his ears. Jimin swallowed hard when the man who's name he had yet to learn, glanced down at him with slanted eyebrows.

"What're you punks doing in here?" The auburn haired male asked as he darted his eyes back to the boys and waited for an answer. Jimin wondered if luck was finally on his side. Could this be Jimin's savior?

"Just, uh killing some time." The tall tough boy who had been administrating the blows to Jimin's poor body shrugs proudly as the Auburn haired boy that was standing by the entrance suddenly spat onto the ground.

Jimin could've sworn if he wasn't one meter away from the latter, that revolting spit would've landed on his face instead of the floor. Now he wasn't sure if this was his savior anymore.

"Bunch of pathetic idiots with nothing else better to do,"

Jimin nearly flinches at the harsh words that fell from the beautiful boy's lips.

"Get the fuck out of here so I can piss in peace will ya," The latter grunts as he flicks his head towards the door.

Surprisingly enough, the group of rebels eventually huddled out the bathroom with their heads down, not daring to look at the other male in the eye.

Jimin mentally sighed in relief as he then watched the intimidating young boy with dark brown eyes walk passed him and to the urinary cubicle. Completely dismissing Jimin's existence altogether. 

Jimin just sat there lost in his own thoughts as he realised that it was really him. The owner of the beautiful notebook filled with captivating lyrics and poems. The same boy from the library that day was actually a student at his school.

But was it really the same boy ? Jimin was beginning to doubt himself. Maybe he was mistaken. But there was something unmistakable about the handsome boy, some unknown force indicating Jimin that this really was the person he's been wanting to meet for a while now. 

However there was just so much of a difference between the kind and gentle man behind the lyrics engraved between the lines of the notebook and the man who had spoken with such harsh words of profanity just moments ago. 

Jimin wasn't sure anymore.

"Ya. What the hell are you starring at?" Said male called out, making Jimin nearly jump out of his skin. He stuttered knowing the boy was talking to him directly. Why the hell was he feeling so nervous anyway? Was he intimidated? 


The boy is almost glaring at Jimin when he finds the ravenette still starring at him. A slight shiver trickled down Jimin's spine as he then realised that the boy was unbuckling his pants to do his 'business'. A faint shade of red tinted Jimin's cheeks as he immediately looked away like an innocent deer caught in headlights. 

"Oh-I'm sorry, no I mean thank you-for saving me before-" Jimin managed to form a fairly coherent sentence. However the boy with silver hooped earrings wasn't interested. He simply scoffed instead.

"You're gullible. I didn't save you coz I wanted to. I just didn't want to take a piss with your blood stinking up the place. " The boy said coldly as Jimin felt his heart shatter.

So he really wasn't Jimin's savior after all. He was just another bored and rebellious boy with silver hooped piercings along his ears.

The boy finished his business and washed his hands before strolling out of the restroom, already long forgotten about the small boy who was still sitting on the floor in the corner, with possibly a bruised abdomen.

Jimin refused to believe that this was the same boy he had met in the library that one raining day, the same boy that had passion and love forged into every word in his songs. Jimin refused to believed that this was the boy he had been wanting to met again all this time because he felt like his expectation had been crushed into pieces.

Jimin was at a lost for words.









JULY 14TH 2011

After the incident in the bathroom, Jimin was enlightened. Or rather he was slightly disappointed for being so slow in realizing that the boy he had been wanting to meet again for the past few weeks was in fact a student at his very own school and was 2 years his senior.

Jimin must've been living under a rock because everyone knew who the boy was; Min Yoongi. But it's not like you could blame Jimin though, he could name half the aisle of books in the library but could hardly recall a single classmate's name properly. 

Once Jimin paid attention to the senior delinquent, he came to learn that the latter was feared and loved by many. Cold ice prince with beautiful brown eyes that could be intimidating enough to make his foe run away with their tails tucked between their legs. Piercings displayed on his ears and rumor has it that he had tattoos carved onto his pale skin as well. A player, the school's heart throb, the school's bad boy.

He was anything but the gentle fascinating boy who had sat himself down in the empty library that day, jotting down lyrics.

He was anything but a writer, a composer.

Although Jimin felt like he had been deceived, he still found himself searching for the elder within the crowd of hooligans everyday and he never failed to spot the soft tinted red hair that fluttered under the autumn wind amongst the many other people.

He also found himself memorizing the lyrics in the notebook and he noticed his mind was always distracted. He was confused and intrigued at the same time because occasionally when observing the handsome boy who was always surrounded by people, Jimin believed he saw a glint of sorrow behind those hard, yet soft brown eyes.

Min Yoongi hardly smiled. Wait no, Jimin was certain he has never seen the boy smile at all. At least not genuinely at least. 

Soon it was evident that Jimin was feel very fascinated by the school's notorious bad boy, even more than all the science books in the library.






"Jimin, what're you doing here in the cafeteria?"

The ravenette heard someone called out his name but he's too busy dazing off with his body bent over the cafeteria table to answer.

The owner of the voice now sat themselves down in front of him as said boy poked the lifeless Jimin lightly. He knew that the ravenette never liked crowded spaces like this so he wondered why the boy was eating alone in such a place.

Jimin didn't really need to look up to see who the caring hand belonged to, it was no one other than Jung Hoseok, his childhood friend, neighborhood friend and technically his only friend in school. But that's because Hoseok was very kind and caring; always so filled with hope and happiness. The elder was like a walking ball of sunshine, it was ridiculous in Jimin's opinion because how could anyone be so bright and full of life?

"Hyung, I messed up," Jimin sighed. Finally spilling out his miseries to the elder who sat in front of him, listening attentively.

"Go on, what happened now?" Hoseok insisted as Jimin let out another heavy sigh.

"I lost 2 marks on my chemistry test. " The small boy confessed as he now sat up pouting to the elder who only rolled his eyes.

"It's just two mark, your grades are still the top of the class. Don't put too much pressure on yourself Jimin, it's gonna get unhealthy." The elder boy advised but the younger couldn't escape the expectation placed upon one of the school's top student; Park Jimin.

Jimin only nodded because he knew that if he said anything further, it'll only make Hoseok worry even more.

The young boy and his friend decided to pass time by eating lunch together, after all it has been a while since Jimin had spent some time with Hoseok at school. The raventte was always either eating outside in the empty courtyard or studying in the school library and Hoseok was either in the school's gym or socializing with his own circle of friends. So it was a nice change for the both of them for once.

"I bumped into your mum this morning when I was running late to class, she said I should drop by sometime to keep you company." Hoseok chuckled. "But I know that Park Jimin would rather lock himself in his room studying than meet me."

"Yah, don't make me sound like a jerk," Jimin pouted but the two boy ended up laughing away.

They continued to exchange a few more words when suddenly in the corner of Jimin's eyes, he glanced beyond Hoseok's shoulder and caught a glimpse of the auburn haired boy, the same boy he has been stealing glances at almost everyday now. Jimin tried not to stare too much but he found himself noting down how Yoongi was surrounded by many people like usual. The same solemn face, same red hair, same brown eyes and the same silver hooped earrings.

Hoseok saw how Jimin was suddenly spaced out so he decided to follow the younger's gaze. To his surprise, he wondered why Jimin was starring at Yoongi's group, who was once again, as loud and rowdy as ever.

"Yoongi ?" Hoseok asked curiously as Jimin finally pulled his gaze away from the red haired boy and back to his childhood friend in front of him. Jimin stuttered because he was embarrassed for getting caught red-handedly starring.

Hoseok also found it unusual for Jimin to have an interest in something other than his textbooks. Well, anyone would be curious looking at Yoongi. The guy's existence was built upon shady rumors and assumptions. Even to Hoseok who was in the same year level as the latter, it felt like they were in completely different worlds.

"You know, apparently, rumor has it that he'll sleep with any girl who offers her body to him, regardless of whether he has feelings for her or not ? Ruthless don't you think ? " Hoseok shrugged off, trying not to show the hint of disgust forming on his face.

Jimin swallowed hard.

He knew that. He's heard most of the rumors by now so in a way he wasn't surprised that such a thing was normal to the red haired boy.

People had the choice to do whatever they wanted, Jimin was not a closed minded person. He guessed people had different morals. But for him, he just wanted to fall in love whole heartedly for one person. Give his heart and soul to that one person. He wanted a love so strong it'll tear his heart into pieces. Because didn't they say that the stronger the love, the more it will hurt.

There was a stark correlation between pain and love. 

However Jimin must've been naiive because how could he not have thought of the consequences of bearing all his love to a person that may never return his?

Jimin wished he had known sooner, the heartbreak and torment of loving someone that may never love you back and that the pain was more than something one could withstand. 







MAY 7TH 2012

Before Jimin knew it, the months were flying by too fast for the younger to even notice. Going to school, day in day out, studying with zero to little breaks and still frequently stealing glances at Yoongi; whose hair is now blonde.

Soon a whole year has passed since his very first meeting with Yoongi. A year later and the black notebook was still preciously kept away on Jimin's shelf.

The only thing that has changed was Jimin's feelings towards the blonde haired boy.

It's no surprise that after spending one whole year, constantly looking at the elder from afar anyone would start to pick out the small details of that person.

Sometimes people would get to know one another more from just observing from afar, rather than talking to them face to face. It's when they let their guards down when no one is watching, do you see their true nature.

And that's how Jimin observed Min Yoongi, like a rare specimen under the microscope.

Besides from the fact that Min Yoongi rarely smiled, Jimin came to learn how Yoongi seldomly speaks unless he was mad or just fed up with everyone's existence.

He may be violent, but he only raises his fists when necessary. Like that one time some bastard was trying to pick a fight with some of Yoongi's mates so he had stepped in. This resulted in a 3 day suspension and purple bruises on Yoongi's face.

Jimin also noticed that Yoongi would sometimes rock up to school with prominent eye bags underneath his crescent moon eyes. And Jimin would like to think that it was because Yoongi may have stayed up late, writing lyrics or composing songs instead of spending the night with the girl who was clearly clinging onto him the next day.









Jimin awoke from a burning, desired-fill dream one night that had caused his whole body to ache and yearn for more.

A fantasy of his hidden desires that had welled up and finally exploded. He woke up the next day, shattered because his dream wasn't what he had expected it to be. Wasn't exactly how other teenage boys had described it. Big asses, soft breasts that melted in the palm of your hands and porcelain white skin. He didn't dream of any of that.

The only thing that held any similarities, was the pale white skin of the man who had him disheveled amongst the stained bed sheets.

The large calloused hand of another man, the deep husky voice that whispered sweet words of nothing, sent electrifying shock waves through Jimin. Palms hot enough to set his body aflame. Body strong enough to pin him down onto the soft mattress and wreck him; ruin him.

And those hands and voice belonged to no one other than Min Yoongi.

That was the day that Jimin knew that his way of loving was different.

On top of the fact that he was already abnormal and isolated enough by everyone, he was also, possibly gay.

Jimin didn't quite know because the only other human he has ever held any interest in was Min Yoongi. He was possibly just Min-Yoongi-attracted, not necessarily homo. Maybe.

After realizing so, he spent even more time looking for the blonde haired boy with the same silver hooped earrings amongst the crowd of people. It felt as if the younger didn't need for search long to find Yoongi amidst the sea of strangers because he could always spot where the other was straight away.

It made Jimin happy and he looked forward to stealing glances at the latter when no one was looking. He was sure his feelings were growing, taking it's first shape and form, into something other teenagers called a 'crush'.

Some days Jimin just wanted to run and tell someone, anybody, that he caught a slight glimpse of Yoongi smiling. Or how great Yoongi looked by himself, leaning against the window in his classroom, gazing out into the empty field one quiet afternoon. Or how beautiful the winter wind and white snow complimented his coloured hair, pale skin and red nose.

Jimin just wanted to tell someone. Anyone. He just wanted to let his inner feelings free from it's restricting boundaries.






So that's what led Jimin to sit in his empty room by the dim yellow lamp on his desk with the black notebook that's carefully kept away, in hopes that Jimin would be able to return it to it's owner one day, opened and laying on his desk.

Jimin had decided that he wanted to be selfish for once.

He didn't want to hand the book back just yet because it was the only thing that reminded him that the man he secretly had a crush on, was not just a heartless heart-breaker and delinquent, but also a kind and possibly lonely lyricist at heart.

At least that's what Jimin wanted to believe.

So he decided to turn to the last few pages of the black notebook, the only piece of existence that linked the blonde haired boy to him. He hesitated at first because he wasn't sure if he should be writing in another person's notebook but at the same time, he was determined.

Jimin was sure, he'll never be able to cross paths with the school's bad boy ever in his life again, even if he was to make the first move. He was just fine with looking from a distance.

So he began to write.

He wrote his first line to the boy he's been thinking about for over a year. To the boy with too many rumors and too many friends. To the boy whom had accidentally stolen a part of Jimin's heart without knowing, Jimin begins to dedicate these unspoken words to him. 

And it starts off like this: 


"Dear Min Yoongi. "















Time continued to pass by without sparing Jimin any time to breathe. Before the he knew it, it was nearly close to his second year of holding a secret crush on the school's bad boy and in addition to that, he still wrote in the black notebook, using the little pages he had left, wisely.

People would think that after all the months that had passed, one's stupid crush for a person they hardly knew would eventually disappear as time went by; but that wasn't the case for Jimin. To make it worse, he began to see through some of the flaws Yoongi held.

Jimin concluded that Yoongi's rough mannerism was like what they called a defense mechanism from getting hurt. Maybe.

Or Jimin was possibly being too positive and blinded by his feelings for Yoongi. Perhaps.

However time was running out, the seniors were going to graduate soon and this meant that Jimin could no longer steal glances at the boy anymore and that made the him feel miserable.

All his daily routines over the past 2 years have included him examining Yoongi and searching for him within the crowd of people.

What was Jimin to do once his object of interest leaves? He began to fear for the end of something that had never started. He feared for the end of this fruitless and unexpected emotion that has grown in his heart from secretly gazing at Yoongi everyday.

Maybe he should finally do something about it ?











And so he does.


Jimin's knees were shaking. His fingers fumbling with each other as he had his head starring at the ground instead of looking at the handsome boy who was now standing in front of him, under a meter's length. 

This was the first time in his life that Jimin had built enough courage to approach someone on his own. 

"What do you want ?"

The same raspy and hoarse voice asked as he waited for Jimin to say something.

Jimin swallowed hard.

This was it.

This was the moment he had waited for, for nearly 2 years now. The mysterious boy who he had met by coincidence on that fateful raining day was now standing in front of him and it was no one other than Min Yoongi.

Jimin was ready. He had to be ready. This was all or nothing. Jimin had nothing to lose in the first place.

"I'm...-I think I..I like you."

Jimin said it.

He had said.

But Yoongi didn't hear it.

"What ?" The elder questioned, irritated by Jimin's stuttering. Yoongi didn't have all the time in the world for this. He was finally graduating and he just couldn't wait to get out of this shit hole of a school.

Jimin felt the heavy weight shatter the confidence that he never had in the first place. He cleared his throat again and is forced to go through the same torture.

"I like you. " Jimin confessed for the second time that day. He didn't look up. He had gotten it out of his system and he was ready to turn and run away as fast possible.

Yoongi doesn't say anything and Jimin knew that this was his cue to reject himself and start bolting away.

"Um, You see it's weird I know-I'm a man-and Um I'm probably bothering you so-" Jimin wasn't making any sense. He just desperately wanted to quickly turn to leave but his legs were shaking so much. Jimin froze on the spot when Yoongi finally said something.

"Sorry, I don't swing that way."

Jimin knew it. Of course he would be rejected. What was he even wishing for?

"But if you had a bit more sex appeal, then I guess maybe I could get hard and let you suck me off but other than that, I'm afraid I'll only feel disgusted." Yoongi smirked as he stepped closer and ran his cold fingers along Jimin's cheeks and then they stopped at younger's swollen lips because he had been nervously biting down onto them. Jimin refused to look up at Yoongi.

He flinched at the revolting touch as he pulled away from Yoongi and he bit harder onto his lips. He could've sworn they were bleeding by now.

The humiliation and rejection hit him hard like a tsunami. His pure and innocent crush was disregarded as something based purely on just lust and sex.

It wasn't like that.

His feelings for Yoongi were much more complicated, delicate and unexpected.

In the span of seconds, Jimin felt his world began to crumble down like blocks of bricks as they collapsed onto his lungs. He didn't realize it, but there were tears welling up in his eyes. After all, it was his first time confessing to anyone and it will possibly the last time.

He felt all the regret eat at his heart because of all the time he had wasted on watching Yoongi from afar.

Although he knew it was useless in the first place, what could he do ? He fell in love with the owner of the notebook.

"You're a fucking Jerk, Min Yoongi," Jimin managed to croak in a soft, trembling voice with the last piece of confidence he had left.

Yoongi instantly let go of Jimin's cheek as he felt the wet tears trickle down onto his hands.

Jimin took the chance and without looking back, he turned to run. He was never the athletic type but for the first time in his life, he realised how fast his short legs could take him.

And that was the last day Jimin ever saw Min Yoongi again.

He wished it'll hopefully be the last time.

He also hoped to forget about the boy with too many piercings and tattoos. Too many friends and too much arrogance. However Jimin knew that he'll always have a hidden soft spot for the small smiles the elder slightly revealed once in a blue moon.

In the end, his lyrics will always be remembered within the subconscious mind of the latter.

"Farewell Min Yoongi,"










Yoongi was left stupefied and for some reason he couldn't forget the sensation of the small boy's tears against his pale hands.

He gazed into the distance to see the figure already gone and possibly gone forever. The blonde boy didn't understand why, but for the very first time in his life, he felt an uncomfortable sting against his guilty conscience. 

The warm and pure tears that landed onto his hand, seemed to have soaked through his tainted skin and blood.

But there were many things in life that you cannot help and many things you don't have control over. So it wasn't Yoongi's fault that he no longer had the capacity to love another person.

What was the fine line between love and lust anyway? In the end, what was so grand and beautiful about love anyway?

Yoongi never knew.