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Communicate With Your Body

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It was around 6 am in the morning and the neighborhood remained silent as the people continued to sleep peacefully. Usually nobody cared enough to be awake at the butt crack of dawn like him so he knew he could peacefully go running without the presence of others. Bakugou grabs his keys and shoves it down his pocket as he quietly makes his way to his front door. Slipping on his running shoes and tying his shoelaces firmly, Bakugou opens the door of his apartment and breaths in the crisp air before he starts his morning run.

The weather feels nice, but it's a bit cloudy. It might rain later today... Better get back before it starts pouring.

And with that, the blonde sets a steady pace towards the beach not too far from his apartment.

It was almost the end of Spring vacation and soon the school year was going to start. Bakugou was now a sophomore in college studying in culinary arts. He was going to be the best, the best chef in the world. He's going to come out as number one in his class- no in his department! No one can surpass him, no one is better than him because after all, he is special. He's always been special since he was a child. Coming out as a world class chef and running a 5 star restaurant was going to be a piece of cake for him.

The sky was starting to darken despite the fact it was supposed to be sunrise about now. Bakugou was just starting to run next to the beach, parallel to the shore, when he felt something wet on his face and arms.

Fuck, it's starting to rain...!

The blonde pushed on the balls of his feet with more force to set a faster pace to finish his run a bit earlier today when he spotted a body half lying limply near boulders and half in the waters. The body was off course from his usual routine he runs. Bakugou just needed to make a right turn soon to head back to his apartment and stay safe from the upcoming storm.

But the body remained still and the position was unnaturally twisted and... Was that blood...?

Though he couldn't care less about other people besides himself, Bakugou decided to spare a little of his time to do a civilian job of checking to make sure the person was okay. Instead of making his usual right turn, he ran straight to the body. The rain began to pour a little harder and the blonde hurriedly approached the body.

Upon closer inspection, the body belonged to a young man possibly around his age. His bright red hair spiked in every direction and strangely enough, he had a similar colored red scales along the edges of his forearms that changed color and form as it smoothly merged to skin past his elbows up to his biceps. Bakugou then noticed his wrists were bound tightly with a rope and... His fingers were webbed? He was wrapped in a fish net on his waist down and had some whip-like marks on his body, varying sizes of bruises, and a deep laceration across his chest.

Too much to take in, Bakugou roughly shook the young man by his shoulders against the sand mercilessly.

"Hey! Wake up you piece of shit! Are you alive?!"

The man winces and scrunches his face in pain but Bakugou continued to hold him in place.

Good, he's alive-

Piercing red eyes flutter open and gaze lazily straight at Bakugou's face and Bakugou feels his heart skip a beat.

Oh, Fuck-

Before he could finish his thought, the man widens his eyes in shock and flinches violently in Bakugou's hold. He begins to thrash around in panic and Bakugou’s trying to calm him down.

"Stop moving- Hey! You're getting sand in your wounds-! AH- FUCK IT! STOP FUCKING MOVING AROUND BITCH! CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"

Bakugou's yelling doesn't stop the man from frantically flailing in his grasps. The redhead's lower body in the water splashes water on Bakugou as he fights back. The rain is pouring a lot harder now. He's beginning to get irritated. Bakugou could be home by now if it weren't for this piece of shit!

Shit-! He's pretty strong!

When the time elongates past a few minutes, Bakugou's rage meter is about to explode when he is suddenly smacked across his back with a force so strong he's sent flying. He rolls and tumbles forward, landing on his back in pain.


He crooks his neck up to glare at the man but gasps sharply instead. The world seemed to slow down to a speed of a snail. That couldn't be real... Could it? His eyes must be playing games with him. Before his eyes, he sees a thick, scaled tail wrapped in the same fish net of the man in the air. The tips of the fin were pitch black gradually changing to maroon and then a bright red that also changed color and form to skin where his pelvis was.

"What... In the actual fuck...?" The blonde whispers to himself getting on his hands and knees, not breaking his gaze on the magnificent tail.

The tail drops back into the water with a thud and sends large ripples into the water. The man weakly breathes in and out. It seems the earlier wrestle they had tired him out.

Bakugou rubs his eyes hard and reopens them to still see the young man with scales. One more time and the man is still there.

Is he... Some sort of a fucking mermaid? Er... Merman in this case I guess...

Bakugou cautiously crawls over to him and faces him dead-on. The redhead lifts his eyes to challengingly stare back. Bakugou smirks maniacally.

The fucker's exhausted and tied up and yet he's still fighting back? Not bad, dumbass.

Bakugou settles down on his butt and leans back on his hands. The action seemed to relieve the redhead slightly and he begins to glance around him. Giving up from getting drenched, Bakugou gives the man some time to take in his surroundings before speaking.


The redhead sharply looks back at Bakugou watching him threateningly. Bakugou's not afraid though and he's sitting right in front of the redhead's face, just far enough from his tail. So he's confident he won't get smacked upside the head or anything.

"So... Are you like a merman or some shit?"

The man doesn't respond. He only furrows his brows more than it already was. The only sound in the air was the pitter patters of the rain on sand.

Fucking hell... What should I do?

The blonde grabs a handful of his hair and pulls tightly in frustration. He started off just wanting to see if the man was alive or not and then calling the police to do the rest of the work. But now, he can't call the police when... This thing isn't even human. Bakugou's not stupid. He knows enough to assume the police might hold the man captive and give him off to some damn scientist to experiment on him. But he also knows the wounds he sees are bad enough the man will die if Bakugou does nothing.


Bakugou is wrenched from his thoughts by the soft sound the man makes. Barely audible against the rain, Bakugou is surprised he heard it. Looking at the man’s face again, he notices his eyes are glazed and fading from the world. Quickly, the blonde peels his wet shirt off himself and presses it against the large gash on the redhead's chest. First thing's first, stop the bleeding.

"A-aghh...!" The redhead weakly screams out. He thrashes ever so slightly but he looks to be drained of energy now.

The shirt gradually turns red from the blood and the rain isn't helping at all. The sky is turning darker and darker and it's getting harder to see.

... Fuck... I'll have to take him home if I want to help him...

A part of him wants to abandon the dumbass redhead... But after seeing those eyes, he can't seem to let him go. And maybe. Just maybe. There's something about the merman that's alluring. Bakugou shakes his head in embarrassment from having admitted that.


Bakugou continues to press down the shirt with one hand and reaches out to the man with his other hand. The man flinches slightly before tensing up when Bakugou begins to awkwardly caress his hand against his surprisingly soft spikey hair.

"Uh... Uhm... I-It'll be okay. Everything will be fucking alright... So relax already, goddammit."

Bakugou slaps on the last word to his sentence in reluctance to his show of kindness. The redhead visibly relaxes and slumps into the sand. But maybe it's more so because he's exhausted. Bakugou uses this moment to slide his arms under his tail and around his torso before standing up. The redhead stiffens but does nothing more. He can't really do more. The blonde makes a deadbolt run back to his apartment and notices the way the redhead longingly looks back towards the ocean past Bakugou's shoulder. His eyes are glazed over and edging towards death as they flutter shut and Bakugou picks up his pace even more.


Bakugou is thankful he forgot to lock his door this morning so he easily swings the door open and close behind them. Tossing his shoes off, he makes a bee line to the bathroom. He’ll have to wash his shoes later from the wet sand and dirt. Gently, he places the redhead down into his bathtub that actually accommodates just enough space for him. His apartment is one of the more generous sized ones around campus. It costs a little more than he’d like but Bakugou needed to make sure his kitchen was large enough for his amazing cooking.

Right then, Bakugou violently shivers and realizes he’s shirtless. He’s not very fond of the cold but still strips himself of the rest of his clothes aside from his boxers and tosses it into his hamper. He trashes the blood soaked t-shirt he used earlier as a gauze, since there's no way he can use that again. He briefly looks at the redhead and out of curiosity, lightly taps the skin of his shoulder. The touch is cold and Bakugou hurriedly turns on the water and fills the tub in lukewarm water up to about a foot in height. The fucker can breathe in water right?

His question was answered by small bubbles that escaped the soft lips of the redhead. Wait... Soft? Did he really just think that? Bakugou blushes a bright red and shakes his head fiercely. He pulls out his keys and uses the small pocket knife attached to it to cut at the fishnet around the man’s hips... at least, that would be the hips if he were human. As he pulled and cut the fishnet and rope on his wrists he idly looked at the merman sleeping before him. He was... admittedly handsome and possibly even pretty because of the sparkling scales decorating his forearms and long tail. The tail ended with a fin that split in two like a fish's but were beautifully ruffled at the ends like the skirt of a female. Bakugou mentally slaps himself out of his trance before lifting the redhead into a sitting position and stomping out of the bathroom for a first aid kit.