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The Living Hell

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"No! Please! Have mercy!" Guys called out petrified of what his tormentor's twisted mind was planning on doing next. He found himself alone with Guildias in the torture room. He was of course stripped down and chained to the wall with several deep gashes over his body.

"Is this how your victim pleaded for his life when you came at him with the knife?" Guildias sneered as he played with the knife in his hand.

"I didn't kill anyone! I'm only a shoplifter!" Guys replied in a high voice as tears welded up in his eyes.

"Lies! You killed him and now you will spend the rest of your miserable life here!" shouted Guildias as he plunged the knife into Guys' abdomen and slowly dragged it across his midline. Guys cried out in agony the whole time. "Admit your guilt. The truth will set you free"

'Admit my guilt? I already have! All the truth has gotten me is a life sentence in this Hell called Enzai! Dear God, what could I have possibly done to have gotten such a punishment as life in Hell acting as a toy to some of the worst demons the Devil ever spawned!?' Guys screamed in his head, knowing all too well the consequences of what would happen should he ever say them out loud. Especially in front of this man, the shoulder devil to the devil himself; evil again reincarnated.

"I killed that man, it was an accident. Now I'm repenting for have taken another's life" Guys said grimly in defeat. Moments later Guys fell to the ground having been released from his bondage.

"Now was that so difficult?" Guildias taunted as he circled the boy like a hawk.

"No sir, please forgive me" Guys said gritting his teeth. His pride was having a hard time swallowing this but his body, seeming to be pushed to its limit everyday by so many others couldn't bear another long day of continuous torture. Especially not from the master of torture.

"I don't believe you. Scum like you are pretty slow but, you do seem to learn quick that telling people what they want to hear sometimes works. Not with me. I think I'll teach you a lesson. One about what happens to those who go against God" said Guildias as he retrieved a long ceiling chain and tightened the ends around Guys' ankles. Minutes later Guys was hoisted up into the air. The blood hurriedly reversed its flow and collected in Guys' face thus making it turn a deep shade of red. The chains dug into his ankles almost immediately and did its best to cut off any remaining circulation. His instinct was to squirm around but earlier sessions of abuse had taught him that struggling only hurts more and bearing it would be the best course of action. "Humans live in between the worlds of Heaven and Hell. Good little boys who follow the law and God's will shall have a modest, comfortable life and die a peaceful death; warm in their beds surrounded by those who love them until a beautiful angel comes to guide them up the bright white stair case of Heaven. Worms like you will meet a violent end and be dragged straight to Hell. Being the merciful person I am, I'm not only going to teach you but prepare you for the fate that will eventually come for you" said Guildias letting go of the chain. Guys yelped as face hit concrete, simultaneously blood found its way out through Guys' broken skin and filled the dirt encrusted cracks in the floor. The pain was immense and Guys couldn't stop his tears. This was sheer agony. "Would you look at that, you must be a Devil worshiper. Offering blood to Satan is an unforgivable sin"

Once again the chain pulled Guys into the air and once again he came crashing down into the hard, cold stone. This repeated over and over, the burning pain never receded. Guys yelped out every time and begged for mercy each time his broken body was raised.

"Have mercy! I want to be forgiven! I don't wanna die yet!" he cried out hysterically. Blood and tears mixed with dirt as they streamed down his broken face and formed a pool on the floor.

"You're not going to die today" Guildias laughed. "You haven't suffered nearly enough to be allowed to escape"

"Please have mercy. Let me go" Guys sobbed meekly.

"Let you go?" Guildias snickered once again releasing the chain and watching Guys' face slam into the floor. Guys made an attempt to stand but Guildias slammed his foot down hard on one of his hands. "Do you think that was it?"

'Here it comes…please God, make him be quick' Guys silently prayed knowing all too well what was coming next. Guildias used his foot to scrape Guys' face against the floor thus smearing the filth that covered his face.

"Stand up, hands against the wall" Guildias ordered him. Guys weakly got to his feet and stumbled over to the wall. He reluctantly placed his hands in front of him and waited for the next humiliating part of his torture. He felt Guildias approach him from behind. The hot breath on his neck made chills run up his spine. An object was shoved hard up Guys' poor anus. It was moved roughly back and forth and created a heat the spread through his body. Guys didn't want to guess what on Earth Guildias may have been using, but Guildias made sure to inform him anyway. "I bet this knife was your favorite toy on the outside. I think you used it to perform all kinds of sinful acts and now as your reward. I'll use it in a way you'll like"

'Curse that knife!' Guys thought desperately trying to control his panting. The hilt of the knife moved in rhythms that now matched the strokes Guildias' hand up front. Pleasure built up in Guildias' hand and Guys hated the names he was given by Guildias as he lost control of his panting.

"You dirty slut. You get off so easy! Does this knife give you nice memories? Answer me!" Guildias breathed in his ear as he deeply dug the knife into him.

"No!" Guys managed to say as the knife was removed and replaced with Guildias' member. Soon after, their desires were released and Guildias left him throbbing on the floor desperate to catch his breath.

Within the hour a guard came for him and he limped away hoping to reach his cell before another attacker could take advantage of him.

"Guys!" called Jose as he quickly approached. Jose firmly grabbed Guys' shoulder and whipped him around. Under normal circumstances Jose wouldn't have hesitated to take him while in such a state but, the mess his face was in was enough to even cause shock in Jose. "Guys…what the hell happened to you?" he asked almost concerned. Before Guys had the chance to answer, the second most feared voice in his life called out to him.

"Brat!" bellowed Durer. "You are leaving trails of blood all around my prison! We have guests coming in this week and this sort of mess making will not be tolerated in my prison!" he shouted grabbing Guys' shoulder and whipping him around. Guys hoped that Durer would take pity on him after seeing the hell Guildias had just put him through, but hope in this prison never lasts long. After seeing the torn up, blood soaked face of Guys, Durer instantly slapped him hard enough shoot his face the other way. "What the hell kind of look is that! It seems you have yet to be disciplined in how to look in front of your superior. Well, no worries there. We can fix that right now" said Durer calmly dragging Guys away.