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As Dark Comes the Night

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Oblivescence - Fire Emblem Fates

Elise Leo!? Leo!
Leo Ugh…
Elise Leo! Leo!
Leo U-Urgh… I'm awake.
Odin Oh, thank the gods! Great Kleo smiles upon us today!
Niles … What a surprise, Lord Leo. At the rate we were all going, I could have sworn you were dead.
Leo … Where are we?
Arthur I haven't the slightest idea! I've scouted the area ten minutes ago. It seems we are in a cave.
Flora An area of low visibility, we must be careful.
Leo I see… We'll have to get out of here to the surface.
Odin Of course! I'll get started with finding the way out!
Leo Good. Elise, gather all the healers and tend to the wounded. We need everyone ready to move when we finally find a way out.
Elise You got it!
(Leo is left mostly to himself.)
Nyx It seems we aren't exactly dead.
Leo Oh, you're here, too.
Nyx Of course I am.
Leo After that bright light when the Raijinto and the Siegfried reacted to each other… and… Anri…
Leo Don't mind me. What's more important is getting our bearings. I assume after that incident with the light, we all got transported somewhere and got separated. Any sign of Xander or Camilla?
Nyx It's only you and Elise as of now. While you were out, some of us tried to find anyone else or your siblings. No such luck.
Leo I see…
Silas Stand back! Urgh!
Odin By the power vested in me- Ah!
(The two are knocked out, and a menacing figure advances from out of the shadows. The healers who were illuminating the makeshift camp hurry out of his way)
Flora I won't let you come closer! Agh!
Ryoma Give me answers or stay out of my way!
Leo That voice…
(Ryoma spots Leo and launches himself at the boy.)
Ryoma You!
(Leo is flung at the wall, and he hears Nyx and Niles failing to stop Ryoma. Ryoma's hands are on his throat, and Leo is lifted in the arm.)
Elise Leo!
Ryoma You're a sorceror aren't you? What did you do to the rest of my family?! What happened to Anri?!
Sakura Brother, wait!
(An loose arrow hits Ryoma on his arm guards, and he releases Leo out of surprise. Sakura puts away her bow and runs to grab her brother's hand to stop him from doing anything else. Elise runs to protect Leo.)
Ryoma You there (to Leo), do you know any idea where we are?
Leo No.
Elise We don't know why we're here, either!
Leo That's right. I only just woke up a few hours ago, and my men haven't the slightest idea where we are. For now, we've been trying to figure a way out.
Ryoma I… I see. I was a bit rash when I saw your camp. My apologies.
Leo None taken. Have you explored the caves much?
Sakura We've been walking for a while… still no sign of a way out.
Elise Where's your brother and sister? You know, the two angry ones?
Sakura Ah… Takumi and Hinoka? They're not with us. We got separated, you see…
Elise Oh, same thing with us? Camilla and Xander aren't here, and Anri…
(A silence falls on all of them, not sure if bringing up what happened to Anri was appropriate)
Ryoma Perhaps it'd be more fitting our two armies share information. The sooner we get out, the better.
Leo I doubt I know more than you do. We're both on square one.
Unknown Perhaps I can be of assistance.
Ryoma !!
Sakura This voice…

♫ Flickering Illusion - Fire Emblem Fates

Mikoto Ryoma… Sakura… My children… you are finally here… with me…
Ryoma Mother…?
Sakura B-But that can't be possible…
Leo Mother… This is Queen Mikoto from Hoshido?
Elise But I thought she died? Didn't Anri… kill her?
Leo A trap… maybe.
Mikoto That is true, but here in this world, it is not true. I am here… in the flesh… And you lost children… are lost. I am more than… happy to help you as you… stay here.
Sakura What's wrong, brother?
Ryoma Something's not right. I don't know why.
Mikoto What are you worried about? Please… if you're looking… for Hinoka and Takumi… I know where they are. They're… quite happy… with their… accommodations…
Sakura Y-You do?
Mikoto Of course… and I know where your siblings are as well, Leo and Elise of Nohr. If you… follow me… you might find Anri, too…
Elise Anri?! You know where he is? He's okay?
Mikoto Yes… Please, come join us.
(Elise nearly takes a step, but Leo holds her back.)
Leo Don't fall for it. It could be a trap.
Mikoto Unruly child… why would keep… your own sister… from seeing her family? I'm only a helpful guide… Let me… help you enjoy… your stay.
Leo You keep talking about "staying", but nothing about helping us go where we came from. It seems you have no intention of helping us go home.
Elise Leo… how could you? She's offering help? Wouldn't you want help?
Leo This is suspicious. This is a dead woman talking. Look at Prince Ryoma and Princess Sakura, they're as white as a sheet because they know she's dead too. Why is she here?
Mikoto Don't make this harder for me… son of Valla. It would do well for you and your own men to be more… willing… Or else…
(Mikoto waves her hand, and the sound of rumbling echoes in the cave. Everyone looks wildly around in fear. The four royal children watch in horror as the soft smile that graced her features has devolved into a more manic one. But suddenly, a spear impales her. Mikoto staggers backwards and looks around her. A pair of golden eyes glare back at her.)
Azura Begone.
Mikoto O-oh… Azura… You've returned… How could you… do this… to me?
Azura You're not my aunt Eirene. Go back from whence you came.
Mikoto Oh…
Mikoto What a shame…
(Mikoto creates a wall of water, throwing Azura back and separating herself from everyone else. Once the wall falls, she appears at the end of the map.)
Sakura Azura! You're alive!
Azura Indeed… I am.
Mikoto Oh… I'm surprised you're alive…
Azura I learned how to survive from the very best. From you yourself.


Land Below - Fire Emblem Fates

Ryoma I don't understand. That's Mikoto, isn't it?
Azura You're wrong. She is no Mikoto. She is merely a conjured body created by Anankos to confuse us. Or did you forget that Vallite priestesses are masters of disguise?
Ryoma To think I was fooled into believing that was her… This Anankos is more despicable by the minute.
Leo Well, I'm not surprised, but we can't fight here like this. It's too dark, and she can threaten to flood the cave at any minute.
Sakura There's… soldiers? They're all armed!
Leo This makes things worse.
Ryoma That's fine. We need to get out of here to the surface as soon as possible. Azura, you know the way?
Azura I'll hold them off with song. Do not stray far from me!

Rules: Similar to Chapter 7: Unspeakable World, this is a fog of war type of map and takes place in a cave. The only two places that are lit are the starting point and the end where Mikoto is standing guard. The objective however, is to get as many party members as possible to the end of the map. Defeating the boss Eirene/Mikoto is possible but it would be difficult and doesn't change the ending of the chapter.

Screenshot Sample of Chapter 29.1

Leo VS Mikoto

Leo A murdered queen, here in the flesh, trying to have us dead. Where are we?
Mikoto Perhaps… if you didn't act so aggressive… I'd be more willing… Let's be… civil…
Leo The fact you want to control us and not help us at all, I'm inclined to disagree.

Elise VS Mikoto

Elise G-Give Anri back! He's our brother!
Mikoto Misguided child… Anri… is my son… my blood… you have… no right…
Elise W-Well… Tell me where he is!!

Ryoma VS Mikoto

Ryoma Mother… no, Mikoto… I have much to ask you, but I know this isn't you.
Mikoto Then ask… My soul… is here…
Ryoma No, it wouldn't be right. This isn't you.

Sakura VS Mikoto

Sakura Mother! Mother, please, come to your sense! Don't fight us! We just want to go home!
Mikoto Where to…? Your home… is here…
Sakura No, it's not! Take us home! Send Anri home!

Azura VS Mikoto

Azura To think the enemy would bring you back just to torment me… and my family… I will put you to rest…
Mikoto Oh, Azura… you wouldn't dare do this to your aunt… would you?
Azura You told me to. It was our promise, if you would stray from our path.
Mikoto (Defeated) A shame… We'll meet… again… But I must flee…


Time of Retribution - Fire Emblem Fates

Azura Run! As if your lives depended on it!
Sakura Oh! I think I see the light!
Ryoma Keep running! We're almost there!
Elise They're catching up!
Azura I'll hold them off!
(Azura changes the course of a nearby underwater river and stops the enemies from advancing.)
Leo Almost there…
(They tumble out of the cave and find themselves in a place never seen before. As far as the eye can see is a vast meadow with small gatherings of trees. What's more shocking are masses of land drifting above them, buildings, or remnants thereof, clinging to the sides of the floating land and defying gravity. This is not Hoshido.)

Vallite Ruins

Leo W-What is this?!
Elise Where are we? An old city?
Sakura Wait… I remember these ruins. I saw these at the Wind Tribe Village. They're… Vallite.
Ryoma Does this mean… we're at the very source? We're in Valla?
Azura Yes, this is Valla, or… whatever is left of it.
Elise It's so beautiful… but so sad…
Ryoma Valla, was it? The land of our ancestors?
Azura Apparently so. This is the land from which my people and your ancestors came from. It is also the home of the Father Dragon, Anankos.
Ryoma I see…
Leo So we know where we are. Is there any way to go back?
Azura I don't know. I didn't know what would happen when I spoke that incantation, that it would take us here.
Ryoma Then what was the song you sang when… that thing happened in the castle?
Azura I actually don't know about that either.
Sakura The song… how did it go again?
Azura It's in ancient Vallite, but I can translate parts of it for you.

The Ultimate Weapon by Keiichi Okabe (NieR)

O cursed mind, cursed body, cursed soul!

Mourn these children whose paid the unjust toll.

Only those of my blood can bring me peace,

Pray end my suffering, mercy and release.

Azura It was… something I remembered learning… when I was learning the arts from my aunt, the woman you fought just now. She prepared me to be ready to act in the event where the sons and daughters of Valla united.
Leo United? As in we allied together, to defeat that thing? I mean, not a thing, but the Father Dragon Anankos?
Azura Perhaps… A lot of Valla's history was kept secret even from me. At this point, you only know as much as I do.
Leo And so we're here. So did it… transport us?
Azura Now that I think about it… yes, perhaps so.
Ryoma Meaning we're following something correctly. Like a prophecy, of sorts.
Elise If this song says we must unite, we need to find the others.
Sakura But Anri is here, isn't he? Maybe we can… save him? When the song meant all of us who are descended from the Father Dragon, that includes him, doesn't it?
(Azura gives pause, not sure if she can give her sister any false promises.)
Azura I don't know. Let's just find everyone else. I'm sure we're not the only ones. I don't have a plan, but maybe when we all reassemble, we can make one.
Leo And how do you suppose we do that?
Azura This land may be foreign to you and I, but I can track every river and stream that runs through Valla. We'll be able to find them in no time.
Ryoma In that case, please, teach me how the streams flow here as well. All of us who are attuned to Dragon Veins can help as well.
Azura Very well.