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Drabbles Drabbles Everywhere!

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            Swap was impressed, honestly he was, and few knew that it was actually quite difficult to really and truly impress him.

            His violent double leaned heavily against the tree; Swap could sense he was breathing hard and his weakened soul was giving its owner everything it could, but it just wasn’t enough. Not that this sharp, angular, angry version of Papyrus was willing to let others see so easily.

            Swap sauntered towards him, the sharp, red eyes watching him like a trapped animal. It wasn’t like the other was actually trapped; there were plenty of places for him to go, but the exhaustion of being teleported to this alternate dimension (which immediately drained at least half of his power), the fight against Swap (which easily cost him nearly three-quarters of what he had left), and now he was running on the basest of what monsters needed to survive.

            Swap was still a good ten feet away from the black and red clad skeleton when a wave of bones surged towards him. Swap lifted a hand, summoning a wall of bones to protect him and the wave shattered against them like thin glass. The other let loose another wave, and again they shattered, and he didn’t realize that every wave he sent out, Swap took another step closer, and soon not only was he exhausted, but Swap was right in front of him.

            The sharp-toothed skeleton growled and reared back to punch Swap, but he had nothing left; the punch was sloppy, ill-aimed, and he ended up falling forward onto Swap, who wrapped an arm around his waist to support him.

            “Ge’off me, you fucking bastard,” the other skeleton breathed into the thick material of his orange sweater.

            “Heh, come on, now, is that any way to greet a new pal?” Swap murmured with an amused chuckle. He dropped his head against the other’s ear. “I wonder if I can make you scream as loud as your brother does.”

            A flare of anger welled up in the dark skeleton. “I will kill you.”

            “Hey, calm down, it was all consensual, I promise. Besides, you have no energy to fight me.”

            A snarl was his only answer. While Swap had no idea what the other skeleton was thinking in trying to attack him again, it ended up with him pinned to the snowy ground with hot breath against him neck.

            “I heard all about you,” Swap murmured into his ear and he carefully settled his weight over him. “While I can’t say I agree with your views on sex, I bet you’re really pent up after missing your brother for nearly two months. He’s told me just about everything.”

            To emphasize his point, Swap leaned down and placed a gentle bite just under the other’s jaw, making him shudder.

            “So how about this; Let me take care of you here, and when you get your energy back, I’ll gladly give you the chance to return the favor.”

            The skeleton from Underfell would later say that the exhaustion and dimension-hopping was to blame for his lack of propriety, sanity, and lapse in common sense, but for now, he leaned up and licked under Swap’s jaw.

            “Challenge accepted.”


             Swap smirked and leaned in to kiss Fell, who turned his head away at the last minute.

            “Still going to be difficult?” Swap asked, gripping his jaw gently.

            “Feh, is this what you did to my brother? Fight him and then fuck him into submission?” Fell asked.

            “Not quite,” Swap moved to lick at Fell’s neck instead. “I don’t fight much, in fact I hate it, the only good thing that comes out of it is the adrenaline rush and frankly, it makes me horny.”

            He pressed his hips into Fell’s as he bit down gently on his neck, making the other squirm uncomfortably.

            “So you fuck anyone you fight?”

            “Of course not, you’re a special case after spending the last month listening to Sans’ description of you. He told me you respond to two things; sex and violence. You have had both, and, well,” Swap bit his neck hard enough to make Fell loose a moan of pleasure. Swap chuckled as he released him. “Your response to anything sexual is a hell of a lot more pleasant.”

            Fell squirmed underneath his double; Sans must have told him a little more than Fell would have though. Swap’s hands touched in all the right places, his tongue and teeth were finding all his weak spots, and in his already weakened state, it didn’t take long before his pants were gone and Swap was settling between his legs.

            “Mmm, so you are enjoying this, you’re already so wet,” Swap murmured, running two fingers through the fold of the pussy Fell formed, wetting his fingers. “You are, aren’t you? Because we can stop.”

            Fell growled with a buck of his hips. “You started this, you prick, you better goddamn finish it.”

            “Just making sure.”

            Swap wanted to take a little more time to tease Fell, he was really enjoying his squirming, but they had been out long enough and both of their brothers would worry, not even mentioning that he was hard as a rock as was as eager to get off as Fell was.

            Fell nearly screamed when Swap entered him in one swift, smooth motion. Swap dropped down to kiss him.

            “You’ll give us away if you do that,” Swap murmured, putting a hand over Fell’s mouth as he slowly pulled out.

            Fell tried but he had no more energy to keep another scream from coming out as Swap thrust inside him again, fast and hard. Swap shuddered at the vibrations against his hand and kept going.

            Swap set a merciless pace, but Fell didn’t seem to mind as the loud screams turned into moans. Swap watched as Fell’s eyes dimmed as pleasure overtook him. Swap let out a few much quieter moans himself, leaning down to nuzzle Fell’s face now and then, whispering praises.

            “You feel so good, your pussy is clenching my cock so tightly, you’re so hot, you look wonderful beneath me like this being pounded into the snow.”

            Tears began to gather in the corners of Fell’s eyes and Swap pulled his hand away from his mouth, drool dripping from his palm.

            “You fucker,” Fell growled in a weak moan.

            “You bet. Are you close?”

            “Fuck you.”

            A fluttering along his cock gave him a better answer.

            “I think you are, and I’m close, too. Come on, cum for me.”

            Fell squeezed his eyes shut.

            “I know you want to, I can feel your pussy tightening,” Swap reached a hands between them to stroke at Fell’s clit. “Cum for me, Papyrus.”

            That did it; Swap had to stop thrusting, that’s how tight Fell clenched around him. The other’s body arched up and he covered him own mouth as the orgasm ripped another scream from his throat. Swap started moving again, slower this time, riding Fell through his orgasm.

            “Oh, stars, fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Swap murmured into Fell’s neck.

            Swap’s body shuddered as he released inside Fell, whose scream dissolved into a whimpering moan. Their bodies dropped back into the snow, both shuddering, both a mess, and both ignoring the snow melting into their clothes.

            “You okay?” Swap asked after a moment.

            Fell cracked an eye open. “Fuck you.”

            With a sigh, Fell passed out. Swap chuckled and kissed his temple.

            “Maybe when you wake up. For now, let me get you home.”


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