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Life Just Happens

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One report down, only another ten to go Ronnie thought as he grabbed another file from the pile. Angie walked past, suddenly another small pile now added to the ever growing stack.
“Come on Ang luv…I wanna at least get out of ‘ere by the weekend.”
“Sorry Ronnie…Guv’s orders.” She smiled in sympathy.
Matt walked through the door as Ronnie leaned back in his chair, his glasses sitting on their usual spot on his forehead.
“We got a case.” Was all Matt said, grabbing his tie from his top drawer.
“You’re havin’ me on Mattie.”
“Sorry Ron…”
“What we got?”
“The body of a teenage girl was found, wrapped in some old carpet and dumped at the Riverside Garbage site.”
“How old?”
“Not sure yet, S.O.C.O are still down there, when she can…Joy will let us know when she’s carried out the post mortem and get back to us. She said she’ll have something for us tomorrow morning…in the mean time, she said we can’t do much. The guys who found her are in the interview room so we can take their statements, the rest we’ll have to leave til the morning.”
“Does the Guv know?”
“No not yet…will I go and…”
“Not Mattie, I’ll do it.”
Ronnie got up, ready to go and see Natalie when Matt grabbed his arm.
“Is she okay? The Guv I mean…she’s been…I dunno know…different the last few weeks.”
“I dunno Matt, she’s been like that at home too. I’ve tried talkin’ to her…I have but…she keeps shuttin’ me out, says she’s fine. What am I supposed to do, I can’t force her to tell me.”
“Well yeah actually you can…Ron she’s not just your boss now…this is the woman you live with….the woman you love. If something’s going on with her…you ought to find out. It’s not like her, I’m worried too.”
“I’ll try Matt yeah.”

Natalie was standing behind her desk, organizing her desk when Ronnie knocked on the door.
She looked up as Ronnie walked inside, putting his glasses in his pocket.
“What is it Ron?”
“Body of a teenage girl’s been found at the local dump site…wrapped in some carpet. Joy’s gonna be a while at the scene, says she’ll get the post mortem done for the morning. We have the two guys who found her in the interview room. We’ll take their statements before we head home.”
“Fine…get as much as you can yeah and in the morning, get over to the morgue.”
Natalie looked up when she realized Ronnie still hadn’t left, instead watched as he closed the door behind him and came back to her desk.
“Was there something else?”
“Luv…I know we’re at work and I shouldn’t be bringing this up now but…are you okay?”
“What do you mean?”
“Natalie luv, you know what I’m on about. Your mind’s been somewhere else the past few weeks. What’s going on?”
“It’s nothing…I’ve just had a lot on okay.”
“Luv we…”
“DS Brooks please…I said I’m fine, alright’.”
Ronnie gave a half smile before retreating back out of her office and closing the door. He walked back down to the main offices, Matt looking up as he took a seat at his desk.
“Get the interviews done and go home.”
“Okay…and what about the Guv…did she say anything about…you know.”
“Said she’s fine Matty.”
“Yeah but…she’s not though, is she?”
“Matt I don’t know what to do alright, I can’t make her tell me what’s wrong.”
“Maybe Alesha could find out, they’re close.”
“I wouldn’t mind actually Matty, cause she ain’t tellin’ me what’s goin’ on and I’m worried.”
“It’ll be alright…I’m sure it’s nothing. Come on…we better get these statements done.”

Ronnie and Matt sat across from Keith Arton and Billy Scott as they listened to the two men describe how they found the body of the young girl.
“Mr Arton, you were the one who noticed the girl yeah?” Matt asked.
“Yeah, Billy was backing the lorry up and I saw what I thought was a hand at the side of one of the bin bags. She was well hidden under the carpet.”
“I thought he was havin’ me on, yelling there was a hand.” Billy laughed nervously.
“Did any of you happen to see anyone suspicious hanging around the dump site the last few days, anyone who shouldn’t have been there. Someone who might stand out?” Ronnie asked.
“I don’t think…” Keith began.
“Actually yeah, I did. The professional type…expensive looking suit.” Billy added.”
“Age?” Matt asked.
“I’d say mid forties maybe, yeah definitely mid forties.”
“Okay, that’s good Billy…anything else?” Ronnie asked.
“Well he took off pretty quickly when he saw me watching him. I saw him the next day as well. After that nothing, but that was about two days ago.”
“Right…what about today…did you see him hanging around?”
“No…no not today.”
“Gentlemen, I don’t suppose you have CCTV at the dump site by any chance?”
They both looked at each other before Keith answered for them.
“Yeah we do.”
“Any chance we could get a copy for the last week?” Ronnie asked.
“Great…we’ll be around tomorrow to collect it and thank you gentlemen, you’ve been most helpful.” Ronnie smiled.
The escorted the men from the interview room, Keith turning to Ronnie.
“I hope you find the son of a bitch that did this…poor kid. If that was my girl I’d…”
“Don’t worry sir…we’ll find him.”
They watched the two men walk away, Ronnie’s eyes darting to Natalie who exited her office, bag and jacket in hand, clearly leaving for the evening.
“At least we have a lead.” Matt smiled.
“We have that Matty.”
“Yeah, and do me a favour Matty…get Alesha to have that chat with Natalie quickly…for me.”
“Sure…no worries.”
“Thanks Matty.”

To Be Continued…