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I'm happy it was you

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Chapter 1


“Sensei.. I like you.”

Handa blinked, taken aback.

“Ah, uhm, Hiro, I’ve always thought us as friends and normally friends like each other..” he trailed of, “well.. I never really had many friends to begin with so..”

Hiroshi shook his head, “no, no, not in that way. Let me rephrase that sensei.”

He cleared his throat and stared Handa dead in the eyes, making the latter shiver in slight fear at the intense look he was receiving.

“I like you sensei, will you go out with me?”

Handa’s eyes widened as his mouth opened and closed, he tried to find his voice.

“G-go o-out? Uhm, uh, wh-what do y-you mea-“ his words were forcefully cut of as soft lips crashed against his. The kiss lasted for a few seconds until Hiroshi pulled back and stared at Handa’s slightly unfocused gaze with a smirk.

“Be my boyfriend sensei.” With that said, he claimed the raven’s lips again.


“Sensei, you got a letter.” Handa looked up from his calligraphy work at his boyfriend for 2 years.

After getting confessed to by his current boyfriend 6 months after he came back from Tokyo, they’ve been dating for the past 2 years, and if you had to ask him, it was the best 2 years of Handa’s life.

“Ah, thanks Hiro.” he grabbed a towel to get rid of the ink on his hands. He stood and placed a kiss against the blond’s mouth as he grabbed the letter from his outstretched hand.

He flipped the letter to read the back. His eyes widened and narrowed into a squint like stare, the name of his old High School was written at the back with, in his opinion, bad handwriting.

“What a bad penmanship.” he muttered and heard his lover’s laugh from the kitchen.

"Only you sensei." he chuckled as he handed his boyfriend a letter opener.

The raven accepted the letter opener from his boyfriend with a smile and a small ‘thank you’, as he slowly sliced open the letter.

Hiroshi entered the living room after washing his hands and walked over to where his boyfriend sat. Yep, after Handa came back from Tokyo, Hiroshi started to develop feelings for him that were more than what he felt for his friends. So after 4 months of arguing with his inner self about what to do, he decided to confess, which worked well in his favour.

Hiroshi sat down beside the blond and turned to ask him what the letter was about but paused when he noticed the pale face of his lover. The letter he was holding was shaking, because of his grip on its sides.

“Sensei? Is something wrong?” Hiroshi asked as he tried to calm his lover down. Handa turned to look at him and Hiroshi frowned as he noticed the scared and panicked look on his boyfriend’s face. It looked like he was remembering something bad and he didn’t like it one bit.

He placed both his hands on the raven’s face as he forced him to look into his eyes, “Sensei look at me,” he commanded when the eyes tried to look somewhere else, “you don’t have to be scared. I’m here.” Hiroshi placed a small kiss on the lips in front of him with a smile.

“We can do this together.”

Handa smiled and rests his forehead against the forehead of his boyfriend.

“Thanks Hiro.” he whispered and Hiroshi smiled back as they sat there comfortably in each other’s arms.

After a few moments Handa moved back to hand the now opened letter to his lover. “I was invited to the 2nd High School reunion that happens every 5 years in Tokyo,” he explained as Hiroshi reads the letter, “I was able to not attend last year because of the calligraphy contest I entered around the that time, so it was a good excuse not to go. But now I have to, since Kawafuji can’t cover for me this time.” he admitted with a sigh.

“There are no contests coming up soon anyway.” he muttered, his voice thick with regret and pain that it squeezes Hiroshi’s heart as he stared back at the letter.

Hiroshi continued reading but paused as he noticed a smaller print in the lower portion. It read; ‘To Seishuu Handa-san ONLY; we have checked your schedule with Kawafuji Takao-kun and we are thrilled to know that you are free for this activity, we await your attendance. -Aizawa, Junichi. ‘

“Ah… Junichi Aizawa?” he glanced at the defeated form of his lover as he muttered, “class chairperson” and nodded in understanding with his mouth forming a small ‘o’.

“Wow sensei, they really do want you to go.”

Handa nodded sadly and leaned closer to the blond’s side comfortably with a small sigh as Hiroshi leaned against the dark haired older man, they’ve been more touchy feely now-a-days as they continue on with their relationship.

“If you’d like,” he started after a few minutes of silence, “I could go with you? I can be your plus one? If you’re okay with it.” he finished.

Handa perked up with a large grin on his face. “That’s a great idea! Not only will I get to hang out and not leave your side but I’ll be able to avoid talking to other people! Brilliant!” he suddenly rushed to his calligraphy materials and started stroking his brush against the paper.

Hiroshi rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm. “Yeah, yeah, whatever you say sensei.”

He turned the envelope that contained the letter over as he read the words on the back.

“Hey Sensei, when’s the reunion?”

Handa didn’t look up from his stokes as he replied, “Hmm? Oh, it’s this Saturday.”

Hiroshi dropped the paper.

“Today’s Thursday!”

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Chapter 2

It was Friday morning, when Handa and Hiroshi would be leaving for Tokyo. After finding out that the date of the reunion was very close, Hiroshi and Handa both rushed into booking for their flight, just days before. They rushed into packing the things they’ll need for Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoon, which is when they’ll be on their way back to the island.

After locking up their house and saying their farewell’s to the villagers. They made their way to the airport with their friends, Hiroshi’s parents and with a crying Naru who was brawling on about ‘Hiro-nii stealing her bride’, which Hiroshi denies being true because Handa was his bride which made the said man turn red and jabbed him on the ribs with his elbow.

They climbed up the stair of the airplane and waved at the small group below and entered the plane.

Handa sat down heavily as they sat on their seats. Hiroshi carried his bag up the extra space above their seats with his boyfriend’s bag, the said boyfriend sent him a tired grateful smile and he closed his eyes. Hiroshi sat back down and took out one of Tama’s manga, some kind of manga with two guys on the cover, and flipped it open.

A few hours passed as they traveled to Handa’s hometown. The tapping of laptops, crying children and arguing couples were hear, but the ride was uneventful at the most.

Handa yawned as he woke up blinking groggily, he stretched his hands and turned to face his lover. The manga Hiroshi was reading was on top of the blond who was snoring peacefully beside him. He smiled and pulled the book from Hiroshi’s face and placed it on his lap. He was glad that Hiroshi confessed to him when he came back to the island, he wouldn’t have felt this feeling of happiness otherwise.

He noticed the blond’s unoccupied hand and places his hand on top, intertwining their fingers together. The warmth radiating of the hand was enough to lull him back to sleep as he leans he leans his body towards the blond unconsciously.

Two hours later, the pilots voice came through the speakers. “Thank you for flying with us. Please buckle up your seat belts for your safety as we are about to land. Again, thank you for flying with us.”




“Sei-san!” Handa staggered backward as a small figure of a woman ran into his arms as he walked with Hiroshi toward the airport lobby. The raven made a pained noise as his mother repeatedly abused his unguarded arm, while sobbing about how he took so long in coming home.

Hiroshi smiled and chuckled a bit as he watches the mother and son moment, he noticed that both their mothers have a tendency to use force whenever they want to. He winched as he noticed the forming bruises on the abused arm. ‘Remind me never to get on her bad side.’ he thought exasperated.

He has heard many things about his lovers mother. Emi Handa is a caring, yet over-protective mother hen who dotes on her chicks, which was Seishuu in this case, or so he was told by both Seishuu and Kawafuji themselves.

Another figure walked towards their group, Seimei Handa was a man of little words, his presence made an impact where ever he went. He walked calmly and collectively towards them. He stopped in front of Hiroshi first.

The loud noises between their group came to a stop. Seimei stared at Hiroshi making the blond uncomfortable but was able to hide it.

“So, you’re Yuujirou’s kid.” he started, “it’s hard to tell with the blond hair.”

“Uh, yeah. Sorry ‘bout that, uhm, sir.” he stuttered, then cleared his throat, “I had this time were I dyed my hair blond and yeah, I stuck with it now since it looked kind of ok… I guess.”

The air was thick. Hand felt himself sweat purposely as he glanced between his father and his boyfriend. Kawafuji was making his way towards them and stopped as he noticed the tension. “Seimei-san,” he called out, “the car is waiting outside.”

Seimei nodded at Kawafuji and turned to the blond patting him on the shoulder gently. “Well, let me be the first to say.. welcome to the family.”
There was a sudden silence as Hiroshi blinked and his shoulders slumped in relief. “Thank ya’ sir.” he fumbled slightly with his sling bag and pulled out a white letter envelope. “This is for you sir, Dad wanted me ‘ta give it ‘ta you. He says that you should visit soon.”

Handa’s father accepted the letter with a slight nod of thanks. Emi suddenly appeared in front of him. He yelped in surprise as the face mother of his boyfriend was merely inches apart from his face.

“So you’re the boy Sei-san is dating.” she said with a suspicious voice, “but are you really in love with him or is this whole relationship a joke to you?”

Handa felt his whole world crumble right there and then. Was this it? Was his mother going scare away the best thing that entered his life? He clenched his fists. No, he had to do something, but before he could say anything he heard the blond speak.

“I love him. I love him to the point that I’ll do anything to be with him,” he glanced at Handa with a gently look, “as long as he’ll have me.”

Seishuu felt his eyes welt up with tears. “I’ll cherish him like he’s the most important thing, which to me his is.” he continued, “We may be different, in different worlds even. But he is the light of my world and I love him.”

Hiroshi and Handa stared at each other, their gaze filled with love as they’re in their own world. The sudden sound of sniffing brought them back, the sound came from the dark haired beauty who was wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

Seimei appeared behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. She leaned against her husband’s arms as she smiled at the couple in front of her. Her baby was in love and was loved back.

She smiled at Hiroshi. “I went out of line by asking that question,” she suddenly bowed. “please forgive me.”

Hiroshi panicked and waved his hands. “No, no, no! That’s alright! Uhm, please don’t bow anymore.”

Emi lifted her head and nodded given the blond a smile. Hiroshi blushed, he knew that she was beautiful before but she was absolutely stunning when she smiles!
“I know it’s a little over due but, welcome to the family.” she walked over to the blond and hugged him.

Hiroshi was shocked but placed his arms around the petit woman as he relaxed.

Kawafuji clapped his hands in order to catch their attention. “Sorry to disturb but the car is waiting.” he called out impatiently.


“He’s here.” a sudden dark haired figure said as he stared adjusted his glasses and stared at the small group leaving the airport. “Handa-san is back.”

“Looks the same. But different in a way.” a smooth voice stated.

“I bet’cha he’s still the same ‘ol Handa as before.” a gruff voice huffed, “anyway, we better hurry and tell the others.”

“Why am I here again?” a smaller voice whined.

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Chapter 3


It took both the persuasion and begging of both Sei and Emi, before Hiroshi finally agreed with staying over at their house instead of in a nearby hotel. Handa smiled in triumph as he entered the car after his mother with a pouting Hiroshi following after.


The trip back was quiet. With Kawafuji driving and Seimei sitting on the passengers seat, that left Emi, Handa and Hiroshi sitting at the back. Hiroshi pulled out his phone to text his parents that they arrived safely and are of their way to the main house. He closed his phone and placed it in his bag as he stared out the window to admire the scenery.


Hiroshi felt nervous, after talking to Emi he felt both relived at being accepted and nervous that he might do something to ruin his chances to be in their good side. He felt his hand tremble and his palm moistening as several scenarios clouded his mind.


Handa glanced at the blond and was taken back at the anxious look that settled on his face. He noticed the blond’s slightly trembling hands and sighed, he was supposed to be the one who over thinks in their relationship wasn’t he?


Handa smiled gently as he moved his hand to intertwine with Hiroshi’s, he glancing at his mother— who was busy talking to Kawafuji and Seimei about what she plans to cook for dinner, and planted a kiss on the back of his lover’s hand.


Startled, Hiroshi glanced up at his boyfriend’s face and felt his face heat up as he stared at the handsome face of his lover. Lowering their hands, Handa gently caressed the blond’s wrist with his pointed finger drawing shapes making Hiroshi feel calmer.


Arriving at their destination had both Handa and Hiroshi brining their bags up Handa’s old room. Stretching his arms above his head, he yawned and sighed.


“Hey Hiro, I’m going to use the bathroom first okay?” Handa called, already standing and half-way towards the bathroom for a long shower. Hiroshi nodded and flopped down the pile of futons and started to doze off.


Several minutes later Handa came out the bathroom while drying his hair which a towel while wearing his a loose shirt and sweat pants. Noticing his lover’s sleeping form he moved to sit down beside him, placing his hand on Hiroshi’s leg he started shaking him awake. “Hiro, hey, Hiro.” he called out several time.


After not getting any response after several attempts he finally gave up, “hey, move over, lemme sleep too, I’m tired.” he sighed as his boyfriend showed no signs of waking and lied down on the available space beside the blond.


With a soft sigh he pulled the blanket up to cover both Hiro and himself and planted a kiss on Hiroshi’s forehead. Wiggled around the blanket, he struggled to find a more comfortable position before throwing his arm to pull the bond towards him.


Snuggling into the warmth he felt his mind wander. What might happen during the reunion party? Does any of his classmates still hate him? Will they bully him? Will they hurt Hiro for being with him? Shaking his head to get rid of the scary thoughts, he closed his eyes and pulled Hiroshi closer to him.


‘I hope things will go well.’ he thought, before lulling into slumber.





Handa stared at his reflection in the mirror with distaste, the suit was midnight black, ironed and pressed for the occasion. His shoes shined and polished and with a dark tie to complete the look.


Sighing, he fixed is crooked tie and checked his hair one last time. His mind wandered to his thoughts from last night. Suddenly the reflection of his boyfriend appeared behind him whispering a soft “boo”, he gasped as he felt his heart beat quicken.


“Hiro!” he exclaimed as he glared at the laughing blond. Hiroshi wiped an imaginary tear from his eye with a chuckle. “Haha, sorry babe, couldn’t resist.” he send Handa a cheeky smile and pressed a smooch on his cheek which made his anger lessen considerably.


Emi marched in their room, came at hand while dragging both a reluctant Kawafuji and Seimei for some pictures.


“Hey,” Hiroshi called out after the pictures where taken, Emi was talking to Seimei about the pictures and how handsome the boys looked while showing him the screen of the, “how bad should I expect this night to turn out?” he hummed as he fixed his tie once more.


“Are you that unpopular in your high school, sensei?” he teased as he pinched the face of the irritated raven.


The calligrapher glared at his boyfriend, “Shut up!” the turned around while crossing his arms against his chest with a sniff. “…and I thought you where on my side.”


“Aww,” Hiroshi cooed. “My poor sensei.” Sneaking behind the still fuming dark haired male he rapped his arms around Handa’s shoulders. Feeling the tension of his lover melt away he pressed a kiss on his neck— making Handa struggle as he moves away from the ticklish sensation.


“..c’mon babe, I’m sorry.” came Hiroshi’s voice seconds later as Handa turned to fix their things. “It doesn’t matter to me if you were unpopular or something like that,” he continued making Handa pause, “you mean more to me than that.”


Handa felt his neck flush as he cleared his throat loudly, catching the attention on the other occupants in the room. Pointing at their things and to the door he grabbed one bag and gave the other bag to Hiroshi before dragging him out of the house towards the car.


Kawafuji came out next, followed by both Emi and Seimei. Emi took some more pictures at the entrance of their house and near the car before hugging them both while telling them to be good.


She let go and puffed out her cheeks as she sternly not do anything she wouldn’t, to which Handa groaned and called out and embarrassed; “Mom!” in reply, while Hiroshi chuckled with good humour while replying, “Yes ma’am.”


Emi waved at them as she moved to stand beside her husband who nodded at them both and told them to stay safe. Hand nodded to his father and entered the back seat with Hiroshi following behind with his own reply of; “we will.”




Handa turned to Hiroshi as they sat in the car. It has been 8 minuted since they have left the house and the school was only a mere 7 minutes away. Finally deciding to talk about that has been on his mind recently, Handa nudged at Hiroshi to catch his attention. Hiroshi turned towards his boyfriend in slight confusion. “What is it?” he asked softly, in the background a classic song was playing through the radio.


“If..” he hesitated and looked away. “Uhm, if they ask about us.. what we are, what do we say?” he glanced up at his lover’s face for his reaction. Hiroshi looked confused for a moment. Staring at his lover's flushed face and smiled softly.


“Well, we tell them that we’re boyfriend.” Hiroshi paused, “but if you’re uncomfortable with it then..”


“No!” Handa knew that he did’t have to raise his voice but it just came out louder than he intended. He coughed into his fist before mouthing a small ‘sorry’ to Kawafuji, who was currently glaring at him from the rearview mirror, for his sudden outburst.


“I’d like to tell them the truth to.” Hiroshi nodded with a smile at Handa’s words and pressed a quick kiss on his lips as he noticed Kawafuji not looking.


“That’s gross you two, go get a room.” Kawafuji muttered as the building with the sign; ‘Hai High’ came to view.


Handa gulped and felt his palms sweat beside him, another hand came to intertwine with his as he felt his boyfriend’s hand gently squeeze his in support.


He could do this.




Near the parking area, someone crawled away from his hiding place behind some near by bushes, as he ran towards the gym. He entered the gym through the back door and ran up to the small group. The bigger man crossed his arms as, the raven came closer. “Well? Any news?”


“He’s here! He’s here!” he cried while attempting to catch his breath, his voice slightly muffled by his mask as he spoke. “Handa-kun is here!”


The group perked up at the panting raven’s words and began talking to one another.


“Thank you Kei.” the other raven called. Adjusting his spectacles he turned to the group, “Just in the nick of time too.” he checked his watch and walked towards the entrance.”Now, it’s time to welcome him back.”


“Yeah. We have to be the first to greet Handa-san.” a bigger man spoke up before following the small raven.


“I haven’t seen Handa in a while! I’ll go too! Wait up Aizawa! Tsutsui! Come on Yuki!” a pretty blond called out as he pulled the smaller male along.


“But..” Yukio sighed as he was dragged towards the entrance.

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Chapter 4


Squeezing his eyes tightly, Handa felt his palms sweat. This was it. He was going back to that place and there was no turning back now. Does everyone still hate him? Were they angry because of all the success Handa garnered? Will Hiroshi get hurt because of him? 


Gulping in his fears, Handa took a deep breath and hastily tried to fix his tie. Whew..Was it just him or was it really hot right now? 


“It’s just you Sei.” a voice called beside him causing him to yelp in surprise.


“Hiro! Stop doing that!” he huffed, crossing his arms and grumbled. 


Hiroshi quirked his eyebrow at him, “Sei, we’ve been standing outside the car for five minutes, do you have any plan in bringing us it?” 


Handa blinked owlishly, “Eh? Ah, sorry Hiro.” Looking around, he frowned. Where was Kawafuji? Did he leave them behind? Was he still in the car? 


“By the way, where’s Kawafuji?”


“He entered awhile back, saying something about checking the bar first.” 


“Oh..” Handa trailed off as he stared anxiously at the gym entrance. Why was it so hard to enter? He shouldn’t feel that pressured anymore because he already graduated, right?


Hiroshi shook his head in exasperation as he noticed the look on his lover’s face. 


This idiot. 


Glancing at the cute anxious look on his boyfriend’s face, Hiroshi felt his lips tug upward. Even as he was freezing his butt out here, he still had no regrets in being here. 


My Idiot. 


He exhaled deeply and rubbed the back of his head. This place was making his thoughts cheese, the others back in the island would probably make fun of him for if once they knew. Over my dead body. 


“Hey Sensei.. if you don’t want me to come with you I can always get a taxi back to your house or to a hotel—“ his sentence was cut by the pressure of an elbow jabbing against his side. 


“Ow! What was that for?” Hiroshi grumbled as he massaged his sore side. 


The glare directed at him was deadly enough to make Hiroshi shiver in fear. 


“You idiot! You being here is the only thing that gave me strength to even come here in the first place!” he huffed before adding, “Why wouldn’t I want you here anyway? You’re my lover, aren’t you? Of course I want you here.” 


Hiroshi felt his face heat up as he cleared his throat. “Yeah, sorry ‘bout that babe.” he pressed a soft kiss against his boyfriend’s cheek with a smack and a exaggerated ‘chuu’. He grabbed his lover’s hand and gave his knuckles a gentle kiss. 


“Let’s go in okay?” Handa smiled and nodded. While they made their way to the entrance, Hiroshi suddenly stopped which caused Handa to pause in his step. 


“What is it?” 


Hiroshi shook his head. “Ignore what I said before Sei, it was just my nerves talking.” he flashed a grin at the calligrapher, “ ‘love ya!” 


Handa felt his flush reach the tip of his ears. This little tease!


Before he could reply, the doors at the entrance suddenly opened. 







“Handa-san!” Hiroshi blinked as he felt Sei freeze up beside him. Several voices were calling out the ravens name.


A small group of men made their way towards them. The dark haired male, who fixed his glasses and straightened his suit, was the first to speak. 


“Good evening Handa-san, it’s great to see you this evening. It’s been a while.” he flashed the calligrapher a smile before he caught his gaze. “Oh, pardon me. I don’t think we’ve met…” 


“Oh, the name’s Hiroshi Kido, I came as Sensei’s plus one, nice ta’ meet ‘cha.” Hiroshi flashed them a grin. 


The pretty blond sent a beaming smile at Hiroshi’s direction before glancing around. 


He cleared his throat before pointing to himself, “I’m Reo Nikaidou,” he gestured to the smaller male beside him, who was waving shyly, “and this is Yukio Kondou, nice to meet you!”


“I’m Akane Tsutsui.” An intimidating blond stocky man spoke. Hiroshi felt Sei shudder beside him as the larger spoke with his deep voice. 


The smaller raven from earlier brought his right hand out for a handshake, which Hiroshi gladly took hold of. “And I’m Junichi Aizawa.” 


“Let’s all go inside shall we?” Reo spoke up as he ushered them in the gym. 




“It’s Handa-san! I haven’t seen him in so long!”


“Right? He looks as gorgeous as ever!”


“His current work is amazing as usual!”


“He’s so wonderful!”


“I love him so much!” 


Hiroshi chuckled as he listened to several women praise his boyfriend. Handa frowned beside him as several of his classmates surrounded them. Noticing the annoyed look on his lover’s face he tugged against his suite from behind and motioned to one of the vacant tables near the catering. 


“Let’s go sit down Sei.” several women stared with envy as followed the blond willingly to the table. 


Making their way to the table and sat down, Hiroshi noted that the group from before also followed them to the table and took their seats. Several others had a look of disappointment on their faces as no more seats were left and moved away reluctantly. 


As the host started the program Hiroshi noted the anxious look on the face of his lover and whispered lowly, so they wouldn't disturb the others around. 


“Hey, Sei.. are you okay?” Handa blinked up at his words and nodded slightly. 


“Yeah, just a little overwhelmed.” Hiroshi ‘hmm’ed in agreement. Glancing around, he noticed the rest of the table listening intently to the speaker and gently intertwined their fingers together under the table.




Hiroshi winked back at the calligrapher. Handa flushed as swatted his boyfriend with his unoccupied hand. 


“You ass.” he mumbled back, Hiroshi flashed him a lewd wink in response. Handa rolled his eyes and excused himself to use the restroom. 


“Do you want me to go with you?” Hiroshi asked also making his way to stand.


“Its okay, I won’t be long.” to his boyfriend’s nod he sat back down. 


“So…” Aizawa started, “Hiroshi-san, you’re certainly close with Handa-san..” 


“Ah, yeah.”


Reo leaned closer to the table with his arms prompted to cup his chin. “Kido-san, may I ask a question?" at the nod from the other male, he continued, "what exactly is your relationship with Handa-san?” 


Hiroshi blinked up at the rest of the group who are now intently listening to their conversation. 


“Relationship…?” he blushed a looked away with his hand rubbing the back of his head. “Well, the thing is, we’re lo—”


“Handa Force!” a female voice called, which came from the red head that was  panting infant of them. The rest of the table’s occupants raised their heads. Hiroshi blinked. 


Handa Force..? What on earth is that? 


“Yes? What do you want, girl?” the larger man—Tsutsui, asked standing up. His intimidating stare made the girl flinch in fear. Gulping she shook her head, her words coming out in stutters. 




“Get on with it now!” Hiroshi flinched at the larger man’s voice. Poor girl, she looks like she’s about to pass out in fear.


“Now, now, Tsutsui-chin we shouldn’t scare the ladies.” smiling gently at the shaking girl, Reo moved closer. “What seems to be the problem?” 


“Maiko-chan is planning to confess to Handa-san right now!”


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Chapter 5

“Maiko-chan is planning to confess to Handa-san right now!” the red head bowed low as her eyes welt up with tears. Her bangs covered most of her face but Hiroshi can see the desperation written on her face. Woah, was this high school all over again? Is this Maiko person a really big deal? The rest of the occupants of the table looked distressed and enraged at the news.

“WHAT?” Hiroshi winced at the volume of their voice. Why did they have to be so loud?

Aizawa adjusted his glasses, “I had a feeling something like this might happen.” and turned to face the rest of the Handa Force.

Hiroshi inwardly held back a laugh, he would never get used to that. The thought of Sei having a bunch of men being protective over him made him want to burst out laughing, but he held it in.

“Men, let’s head out!” the group pumped up their fist in unison.


Hiroshi made a move to stand and followed the group. He felt someone stare at him and glanced back to find Reo staring at his back to contemplating look on his face.

“Looks like someone’s on the right track.”


Handa stepped out of the stall with a sigh. It looks like things were going well, no one tried anything weird yet. Moving towards the sink, he washed his hands before drying them and walking towards the door. He glancing out of the door, he looked around to see Hiroshi talking with the others on their table and Kawafuji talking with some of his old classmates distinctly near the punch table.

Stepping closer towards the direction of their table, he paused as he felt a presence someone behind him. Turning, he saw a petite figure of his ex-classmate standing behind him. She wore a red dress with a large ribbon at the side, her hair was placed in a way that it framed her face making her look pretty. Her make-up seemed done impeccably and she looked determined standing before Handa.

“Uhm, can I help you?” he asked seconds later. A small crowd has gathered around them and Handa suddenly felt very uncomfortable as the person stayed silent. Deciding that maybe he should leave, the raven made a move to walk back to their table;

“If there’s nothing you want to say, I’ll going to be going now-“ the woman had a panicked look on her face.

“Please wait!” her sudden outburst made Handa pause. She had an alarmed look on her face as she realised what she said and stared at the floor with a blush on her cheeks. Handa inwardly frowned. What did this girl want with him? Does she have a grudge on him and want to settle it here and now?

Memories his past suddenly came rushing in and he felt old fear resurfacing. The crowd around them grew bigger with hush whispers and Handa wanted very much to leave.

The pink haired woman seemed to find her words as she looked up from the floor.

“Handa-san, I’ve liked you ever since High School and.. please go out with me!” she bent her head forward to cover her face. Handa felt conflicted. Liked him? Him? What was she talking about?

“Uh, thanks but do friends really say that to each other?” Handa asked, wanting to avoid this from getting out of hand because he doesn’t really know anything about her, other than her being a classmate once upon a time ago. He really had to find Hiroshi and maybe Kawafuji and get out of here. The whispers around them suddenly increased at his answer. She shook her head from her position and she looked up.

“No! Uh, I mean- I’m in love with you! Ever since back then and even until now!” The whispers grew louder and Handa felt nauseous. Was this a trick? Like back in high school? This had to be a trick. He felt the words get stuck as he stood there frozen. Everyone was waiting eagerly for his reply and he just wanted to find his boyfriend and leave.

Suddenly there was a large commotion around. He felt someone’s hand cover both his eyes and another hand wrap itself around his middle. He tensed as a reflex to the thought of someone unfamiliar touching him, but relaxed as he heard the familiar voice murmuring against his ear.

“You’re so popular nowadays Sei.” the voice whispered. “I’m kind of jealous.”


Hiroshi and the rest of the Handa Force arrived at the scene to see a pink haired girl bowing at Handa. The words “ love with you!” has echoed around and Hiroshi felt an uncomfortable feeling against his chest. Jealousy.

Hiroshi saw the uncomfortable look on his lover’s face and moved towards him. The rest of their group started yelling and moving pass people to get to their leader.

Moving behind the unsuspected raven haired male, he moved his right hand to cover his eyes and hold him from behind with his other hand against his middle. Feeling the body against him tense, he lowered his lips near his boyfriend’s ear, he whispered. “You’re so popular nowadays Sei.”

“I’m kind of jealous.”



Handa shivered at the words and melted into the hold of his boyfriend. He felt safe and the hand covering his eyes lower and he saw the shocked looks on everyone in the room.

Turning and pulling Handa closer, Hiroshi sent a wink at the audience and held his boyfriend closer. Glancing at the dumbfounded woman, he sent a apologetic smile. “Sorry ‘bout that, but this one belongs ‘ta me.”

The gym suddenly fell silent, the shock around was palpable. Handa felt safe against Hiroshi’s chest and wanted the ground to open up so he can crawl to a near by hole and stay there forever. Or lock himself in the bathroom.

It was the loud clearing on someone’s throat that broke the silence as Kawafuji made his way through the crown of people.

“Hey, what’s all the fuss about?” he saw the couple, who were still locked in a embrace and made a face. Hiroshi saw the Handa Force suddenly tense as the older blond made his way over to them.

“I had a feeling that something like this would happen,” shaking his head, Kawafuji sighed. “It was surprising how you guys were able to hide it for a couple years now.”

Tsutsui, or as Hiroshi dubbed as the ‘huge delinquent of the Handa Force’ suddenly stepped forward. He crossed his arms and stared Kawafuji down with a glare. “Years? What does that mean? This has to be a lie. Nothing on the Handa Sei wiki says anything about Handa-san being in a relationship more less have a boyfriend.” Hiroshi made a note to check that page out and edit it himself.

Aizawa, or ‘short megane-kun’ as Hiroshi dubbed in his head, nodded in a agreement. Fixing his glasses he took out his phone and Hiroshi had no doubt that he was on it to double check the wiki page again.

“Hey, hey, let’s all talk about this calmly and not cause a fuss,” Reo, or ‘blondie-with-the-good-looks’, called out placing his hands up in a ‘I surrender’ pose. “and wow, years huh?” he scratched his head sheepishly, “I thought it was just a recent development.”

Yukio, or ‘that ordinary guy that liked to hang back’, just stayed silent behind Reo.

Suddenly the crowd burst into a huge uproar. The gym grew louder as people yelled and made several accusations and the occasional theory here and there. While everything was going on, nobody noticed an unconscious Maiko Mori, who was now lying on the floor, probably in shock.

Hiroshi felt his lover shake in his arms and felt guilty. He must be feeling uncomfortable right now. Sei isn’t someone that likes being on the spotlight much, or at all due to his high school experience, and now he has become the center of attention once again.

Finally deciding that this was the best approach, he lowered his lips and whispered against Handa’s ears making sure that he was the only one that heard. “Babe, just tell them what you want to say.” smiling as his lover’s head came up from under his chin, Hiroshi was proud to say that over the years he grew two centimeters taller than his raven haired boyfriend.

“You can tell them that it was all a lie, and we’ll meet at the car in an hour okay?” Hiroshi pressed a chased kiss against the shell of his ear before pulling away and smiling brightly.

Handa felt his heart tighten at the words, but he had to do the right thing. Sending a reassuring smile up at his younger counterpart, he turned to face the crowd.

He was done running away.

He had to face his own battles now.