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“If life is as easy as we think, isn’t it good?” Steve sighed as he looked through the paper works where Fury had left for the avengers after the war in Sokolvia.

Steve was tired. His eyes were heavy and it was past midnight. He heard the sound of machine powering up below and was not surprise about it. If anyone would want a company for the night, it would be Tony. The famous Iron Man whose robot was overwrote by Ultron once. Steve chuckled on his own as he looked through those records written in paper. Well, everyone in the tower would have a certain work to settle with. Even though he is lonely and desire a company, he would not want to disturb Tony who would be with Pepper downstairs, maybe. Steve sighed. After the war, he had not seen Thor, a cheerful person who is the joy of the place. Stacking up the papers, Steve stood up and sat on the chair in front of the window where he could take a good look of the beautiful city. The street lights were on. However, even though it was past midnight, the streets seemed to disobey the way of nature. It was lively that night, bright and busy. Steve smile watching the beautiful sky which was shimmering with the beautiful stars.

“Are you wondering if I would ever come back or were you daydreaming of the busy streets out there?” A voice filled the silence.

Steve’s heart skipped a beat. It could not be, he thought on his own. Could he be real? Steve took a turn and was happier than he would ever be. THOR!! Without any words, Steve jumped onto the muscular man who embraced him back with a warm cuddly hug silently. Steve breathe in the scent of galaxies, moon and God which made him feel so immerse into his own dreams. Steve was silent. He wanted to enjoy the moment there with his beloved lover. It is always a pleasure meeting Thor. After a long hug, Steve finally untangled himself from the God looking up at him.

“I have always wondered if you will ever come back ever since you left. I wouldn’t feel lonely without you but my heart always yearns for you.” Steve said causing Thor chuckle and sat Steve on his lap while he sat on the bed. Thor smiled and caressed the Captain’s hair gently.

“As do I, my love. I have duties in Asgard, protecting the nine realms. But, my attention was always diverted here. I always thought of you. I yearn for you. Not just physically but here to.” Thor said placing his palms on Steve’s chest which shield his heart which is now beating happily. Steve smile as he held Thor’s palms gently in his caressing it gently. Steve rolled off from Thor as he lay down on the bed looking up at the God.

“I am really tired but now when you are here by my side, I am happy and my weariness was washed away.” Steve said admitting to his lover.

“I am glad I helped you heal. However, I came today for a reason Steve.” Thor said as he lay down by his lover’s side and stroked his hair. Thor liked it that this mortal made him feel please and calm unlike Tony who would bug him all day driving him as crazy as the creatures which he killed in the nine realms. Steve smiled but at the same time deep down his heart, he hoped that Thor will never leave at such a short minute.

“What is it?” Steve said shortly as he prepared his brains to accept the worse or the worst so that he wouldn’t be so heartbroken later but what Thor said made his heart skipped with joy, love and he would scream if it wasn’t that he was in Stark’s Tower.

“Steve, I had thought for some time in Asgard while I was running my duties there. I saw many ladies, many men and even warriors but my heart don’t belong to them even though I had known them for some time. You know, they could not provide me the feelings and sensation I had when I was with you. Thus, I knew from that day hence, that my heart belonged to someone else, you.” Thor said as he pointed his finger at Steve who smiled with joy.

“You mean it? You mean every single word you said?” Steve said with joy causing Thor to chuckle softly. Thor nod. He reached to his pocket and took out a necklace. There was a small diamond in the middle of the necklace which was shinning as bright as the stars up in the universe. Thor clasped it around Steve’s neck and then held his lover’s palms.

“Yes, Steve. Are you willing to be mine, till the end of your mortal life? I promise I would be here with you the minute my duty ends and that I would accompany you and fight all the wars and battle with you. By my soul, my life and my death, I vow to Odin that I will only be true to you. Will you take me as your official lover?” Thor asked as his eyes were searching for answers in Steve’s shimmering eyes which were already very happy.

“I do. I do!” Steve said louder as he sat up accompanied by Thor who sat up smiling. “By my life, I belong to you, Thor. Since the day I met you, I was already yours. You don’t have to worry about your duties in Asgard. I am willing to wait as long as I can for you. I always do and I am glad you don’t look at me like a misfit but the love of your life.” Steve said happily.

Thor smiled. Losing himself in Steve’s beautiful eyes, Thor lean forward and gave his lover a kiss, sweet and passionate. Their lips were synchronized as Thor slid his tongue into Steve who then moaned softly as they both fought for dominance. Steve let Thor to win as he was happy enough to have the God by his side. They kissed and then leaned their forehead onto each other as they breathe in some air until they both felt someone watching them closely. Thor looked up at the door and saw something near it like a CCTV. Steve growled as he pushed the door opened hitting someone behind it.

“Damn! Hey. Would you…….” Tony stuttered as he saw Steve and Thor standing right in front of him. Tony was speechless as he then smiled handing Steve the microchip saying, “Well, that’s for you and the big guy there. Let me go okay? I promise no one will know.” Tony said innocently.

“TONY STARK!!!” Thor boomed as Tony skipped a bit, “Why did you have to spy on us?” Thor shouted as Steve stood in front of Thor so that he wouldn’t kill Tony.
“Do you think I can believe you, Tony?” Steve said.

“Apparently, you can’t.” Natasha said as she appeared from the side with Bruce and Clint standing by the side.

“Yes. He just gave every one of us a microchip, similar to the one you were holding. We all got one.” Bruce said waving another microchip in the air. Well, Steve seemed to be calm. He is used to all this pranks Tony had set but behind him was one angry man who didn’t like mortals who pry into his privacy.

“Tony. Looks like you are a dead man for tonight.” Clint said as his eyes shifted from Tony to Thor who was now gripping the hammer tightly in his fist. Tony was ready to walk away when Thor grabbed him on the collar.

“We have business to settle with, Man in Iron. And it wouldn’t be pleasant as you wish.” Thor said causing Steve to chuckle as the Avengers stood there allowing Thor to do whatever he wants to Tony.

“You know why I am letting him go?” Bruce said as he looked at every one of them as they all shrugged and Bruce smile, “His whirring machine made me wake up every time my mind is ready for a nap. So, Steve’s new lover would be the best thing to shut him up.” Bruce said smiling leaning on the wall watching Steve who chuckled.

“Yes. Thor will do well to silent him for some time.” Steve said proudly.

“Yes. At least Banner and Romanoff would have some time together right, Vision?” Clint said as Vision appeared from behind.

“It is strange that a mortal man can feel my presence in my silence. I would be happier if every single one of you remained silent on this beautiful night for I prefer some silence with nature.” Vision said as every one of them remained silent and Vision smiled, “Well, Tony and Thor will be in silence for some time, Clint stop polishing your arrows, Bruce stop scribbling notes on the paper and stop smooching around with Natasha, and Steve congrats.” Vision said as they all stood there dumbfounded looking at Vision who returned back to his room. Natasha was already blushing. Steve chuckled at his team mates.

“What just happened?” Wanda asked sleepily as she was wearing her pyjamas and looked at the team. They all sighed and turned back to their rooms.

“Go back to sleep Wanda. Show’s over.”

Steve smiled. Well, he is happy with Thor’s confession today and for once after so long he felt humor between his team mates.