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The Pen Can Be a Snapshot Into The Mind

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Podfic (of all 4 chapters) by DuendeVerde4:

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cantarina's Podfic - Chapter 1 only - see other chapters for other tiny podfics:

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You may read the story too, if you would like. While listening, instead of listening, whatever floats your boat. I highly recommend you listen though since both podficcers worked so hard on my story! The first chapter is below.


Chapter 1: Silver Lining (Lorelai's poem)

Imagine the English teacher’s reaction when, in 1984, he received this poem from the only girl in his class who happened to be six months pregnant. Everyone in his class had been assigned to write poems. This one was titled Silver Lining.

Silver Lining

Under my covers, awake last night
I suppressed laughter with all my might
For what my mother must announce
will surely amuse all the debutantes

I came out in my own way
out of my childhood, many would say
The world sees that as my body widens
But I feel it with each kick, like swelling violins

Violins don’t only play sad melodies
Those notes can evoke beautiful destines
And of course it is scary, but dare I also think
that two lifetimes of happiness may be on my brink?

Two lifetimes, of course, being mine and hers
free from the restraints of maids and chauffeurs
Luke Skywalker had nothing but he still found The Force
and I refuse to regret having had intercourse

We may have been drunken, but it was no mistake
Beautiful and purposeful love we did make
I felt adult and alive, empowered and free
Rather than escaping, we were embracing reality

Under my covers, drifting off last night
My thoughts turned to dreams I myself write
Often pregnancy is painful, and it may be poor timing
But this little girl is quite the silver lining

People expect me to feel only dismay
Grief and loss at my future, their sad eyes clearly say
They have no imagination, so I pity them in return
I had options yet chose this; they have a lot to learn

Already my heart fills with love for this child
To think this a welcome adventure can’t be that wild
She’s the catalyst I didn’t realize I needed
Believe it or not, my life will go on, unimpeded.