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Abaddon's Waltz

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Taehyung retrieves the wine glass nimbly, slim fingers curling around the stem as he brings the rim to his lips, swirling the 10-year Cabernet Sauvignon with languid motions before inhaling deeply. Hints of vanilla and currant fill his senses and he hums pleasantly before drawing a sip, sucking in air as the ambrosia of oak fuses wondrously against his tongue.


He grins, appeased, before setting the glass back against the table and flitting his gaze slowly towards the male sitting across from him.


That smear of satisfaction in his chest disperses as he watches the other take a long sip, ingesting liquid burgundy with a noise of approval.


"Damn," He hears Hoseok murmur appraisingly, bringing the glass down before directing an indulgent gaze his way and Taehyung ignores the way it makes his skin prickle. "You picked a good one, babe."


He hides a sneer at the endearment, quashing the surge of repulsion and plastering a wan smile instead.


"I thought tonight called for something special."


Hoseok regards him inquisitively, silent question woven into his irises but Taehyung merely smiles thinly, something maleficent varnishing his orbs.


When Hoseok blinks, it's gone.


Taehyung reaches for his glass, brushing the edge tantalizingly against his lips as his mien is sugarcoated with feigned geniality.


"Don't worry. You'll find out soon enough, babe."






Taehyung is 12 when the impulses manifest, settling somewhere deep beneath epidermal tissue and flaring into an inferno whenever he's ensnared in the captivating lure of blue wisps dancing wickedly before his eyes.


It's a near impossible task, peeling his eyes away.


The urge to touch- to inflict- is a never ending itch beneath his veins, allayed only when the heat suffuses in his palms and he can play creator with untouched matches and half emptied lighters.


His parents would have been so disappointed.


He doesn't suppose they ever uncovered the reason behind their dwindling reading collection.


(To this day, Taehyung still has trouble properly articulating the heady rush that overrode his awareness as he witnessed vintage pages darken and char before disintegrating into a meager pile of ash).


It's a rush incomparable to any other.


He could watch the entire world burn beneath his very fingertips and he'd ask to be standing in the midst of the harrowing flames.






Taehyung finds himself... tickled at the sight of the other visibly struggling to stay awake. He continues sipping from his glass calmly, gracing the other with an amicable smile even as his lids begin to droop, gaze turning unfocused and words slurring into monosyllables.


"Fuck, Tae," Hoseok grits out incomprehensibly, fighting to keep his eyes open as his mind blurs into a fuzzy mess and his vision begins to swim. What the fuck is happening.


"What kind of shit is in here?" He barely manages to string a coherent sentence together, words tapering off into balderdash at the end as objects begin to spin around him and the perfect illusion of his boyfriend sitting primly across the table splits into a set of three.


In his rampant state of mind, he thinks he can hear the other's amused chuckle filtering through the stale air. But something about it is off.


There's something that deviates far too drastically from its usual amiability and he grasps desperately for a hint of that familiar gentleness but finds the younger merely staring back at him gaily- exaltedly- and something like a warning bell goes off in his disoriented mind.


"Oh, Hoseok-ah," The other's rich timbre cuts through the vacant haze of his awareness. "Didn't your mother ever tell you never to openly accept drinks from strangers?"


Hoseok musters a disbelieving gaze despite his intensifying grogginess, eyelids fluttering erratically as he fights with every last tidbit of strength to remain conscious.




Taehyung grins.


"Oh, I think you heard me love." He tips the glass as he takes another drawn out sip, swishing the Cab lightly in his mouth before letting it trickle down his throat. "I'd give it another couple minutes or so before it fully kicks in."




"Shh." He reprimands softly, and the fragility of his tone is so misleading. "You're going to exert whatever remaining energy you have left."


For the first time in a long time, Hoseok recognizes something like dread pooling from the abyss of his core.


He watches as his lover sets his glass down with care, retrieving the napkin from his lap before dabbing the corners of his lips delicately. He pushes out his chair before standing, collecting the dishes as he rises and making his way towards where he's sitting stiffly. He feels his consciousness slowly wander as it becomes a feat to keep his eyes open.


The other's presence settles in beside him, something entirely unnerving in this precise moment as the younger bends down and whispers almost cruelly into his ears.


"I'll take care of the dishes tonight, Seok-ah," He croons softly, and it seeps into his bloodstream like venom. "I'm thinking you'll be fairly... indisposed."






Taehyung, strangely enough, has never really considered himself a byproduct of a broken household or parental negligence.


Quite the contrary.


His parents are some of the most incredible people around, and he's never felt short of affection or support around them.


He can't entirely determine why his case is slightly unique in itself. He surmises that he likely defies the typical psychopathological progression and shakes the ground for what's to be expected of his developmental pathway. An outlier, if you will- one that is wholly divorced from environmental factors and sociocultural contributions.


Taehyung thinks he is perhaps a defect in a world that was crafted flawlessly for him.


He loves his parents.


But he aches for the destruction that the dispersion of flames inevitably bring.


It makes him feel alive in ways not even boundless amounts of attention or care can offer, inviting purpose where little else has, and that's perhaps the most disconcerting piece of it all.


That the havoc wrought from the withering depths of an inferno is the only momentary relief to his anhedonia.




Taehyung hums softly, timbre resonating quietly against the sound of running water as he rinses the suds methodically from their dinner plates. He allows himself a smile as he places the now spotless dishes in the rack, washing away any soapy remains before turning off the faucet and drying his hands.


He worries his lip gently to regulate his mounting delight, feeling a prickle of excitement as he considers how the rest of tonight will unfold.


He glances behind, his glee flourishing as he notes the way the other is slumped disorderedly across the mahogany table, face mashed uncomfortably against the surface where he had promptly passed out. He has to tamp down on the satisfaction budding inside.


The other always has erred on the side of foolish, thinking he could string him along for as extended of a time as he did.


Taehyung almost pities him. Almost.


But not quite, because revenge has always been a dish best served cold.


Except in this case perhaps, because this time he'd much prefer that it be served hot.


Direly, scorching hot.




The impulses (compulsions) never quite recede.


But he gets better at hiding them, redirecting his focus elsewhere and finding temporary outlets for appeasing the urges.


His parents don't know that a lighter finds a permanent home within the curve of his palms, a heavy reminder weighing down the slits of his pockets. It's perhaps the only thing which grounds him, knowing contained flames and persisting heat are but a flick away.


His teachers are none the wiser.


Exemplary student, the epitome of a picture-perfect pupil. It tends to work in his favor.


Sometimes, however, the tension becomes slightly too nocuous, slipping through the crevices of his awareness and evolving into a plague which refuses to abate. Those are the occasions where he lies awake in bed, waiting for the peak of night when he knows his parents have long traversed the valleys of slumber before slipping out of his home with practiced caution and aptitude.


There is always a can of lighter fluid, matches, and a roll of newspaper stuffed in the hollows of his backpack- the one his parents don't know about, hidden so craftily within the confines of his closet even he has to scour to relocate it each time.


The isolated home he had initially despised, situated around the fringes of a forest, has grown to be a blessing in disguise.


The path is eerily familiar, ingrained into his memory like the back of his hand the more he frequents it, slipping into twilight in a dark hoody and with a bag draped carelessly over his shoulders. He can never resist peeking behind, a part of him always weary that he will one day glance back to witness a light flicker on within a darkened home.


He never does.


He gathers twigs- scraps- along the way. Sometimes, when he's feeling particularly bold he'll slip in one of his parents' old novels before he leaves. The ones crammed inconspicuously on the shelf, the ones he knows will likely never see the light of day again. The ones his parents will never bother questioning the disappearance of.


He has an appreciation for books.


They always burn the brightest.




Taehyung settles himself comfortably on the plush couch, cushions molding to his form as he curls against it. He switches the TV on, surfing through the channels pensively before pausing at a glimpse of the evening news.


He glances over at Hoseok's malleable form, still slouched across the span of the table. He bites back a snicker, tempted to proceed with the next rotation of plans but he promised he'd wait.


And wait, he will.


His eyes flit back towards the gargantuan screen, attention seized by the alluring streaks of scarlet and tangerine blending seamlessly across the screen as the reporter's voice drones on in the background.


Another forest fire.


The third this month along the outskirts of a rural neighborhood.


Origins unknown.


He smirks, bringing his unfinished drink to his lips as he coats his tongue with the pleasant burn of alcohol. The aftertaste is reminiscent of a skillfully aged wine, enhanced with complexity and an ambrosial richness achieved only over time. He steals another sip.


Hoseok was right about one thing.


He picked a good one indeed.




Summer is his favorite season.


(He doesn't tell anyone it's because summer is nearly synonymous with fire season).


His parents can't fathom why he seems particularly fixated with the news reports during this time, beseeching them to leave the channel on as they skim through various stations.


He doesn't know how to explain his affinity for the rampant blazes depicted across the screen- how the fury of a consumptive fire bewitches him.


Another one here, thousands of acres scathed and hundreds of firefighters called in as backup to properly counteract this particularly vicious season.


He takes it all in with a keen eye and exaltation brewing from the pits of his belly. He doesn't think his parents ever notice the way his nails come close to tearing a hole through the cushions, trying to mask how his entire frame vibrates with excitation.


He doesn't tell anyone he waits with bated breath all year for the flames to resurface and dance across Mother Nature's platform, the evidence revealing itself somewhere within the 8-o'clock news where he takes everything in with blind fascination.


In the aftermath of a cataclysmic devastation, the dying embers have never looked prettier.




A couple of hours in, and Taehyung begins to fidget restlessly against the lavish couch. The arousal stirs within him and he finds himself stealing glances at the clock periodically.


The recognizable wave of tension gathers as he thinks about what's meant to transpire tonight. He can't hide the way his breath skips at the thought, a potent surge of pleasure tackling his core and he has to inhale deeply to tame the trembling of his fingers.


A few more hours can't come quick enough.


It's the prick beneath his veins just aching to be soothed, the manifestation of thoughts that have unsuccessfully ceased to leave him these past few months.


Ever since that wondrous seed was first planted within the fertilized soils of his mind.


His limbs are strung around like a coil, tight and ready to snap with only the proper catalyst. He shuts his eyes, intent on steadying his pulse and mollifying the tremors traveling through his frame as the agitation eats at him.


He breathes.


When he opens his eyes, all he sees is ash.




He's fresh out of college when he meets him.


Shin Hoseok.


It's a little anticlimactic and cliché, but somehow within that moment of time, it's more than sufficient for Taehyung.


The older is just a tad too presumptuous- a little too cocksure for his liking- but he makes him laugh.


Taehyung doesn't laugh too often. Not genuinely.


It was different. Pleasant even.


And Hoseok makes him feel strangely comfortable in a world that's only ever felt foreign to him.


He keeps the compulsions at bay for a while- the urges stowed away. He doesn't sneak out quite as often to witness lone bushes consumed by vicious heat.


He smiles and Taehyung will convince himself that he's found his answer in the slope of inviting lips.


(Perhaps it was his biggest mistake then to cling to that, confusing comfortability with need and convincing himself that the other would eventually prove to be the remedy to a disease that can find no amelioration).


He should have known all mirages shatter like fine crystal sooner or later.




Taehyung approaches the other slowly, eyes boring into the limp figure and picking apart the pieces in his head.


He blinks when he stands before the other, taking note of the laxness to those handsome features.




It really is.


Taehyung's always been weak for pretty faces.


He crouches slightly so he can closely observe the other's tranquil expression. He wants to laugh at his thoughts of how much the other looks like a resting cherub, mien free of malice and strain.


Then again, he supposes barbiturates do tend to have that effect on you.


He brushes the other's tousled fringe from his eyes, tracing his forefinger carefully across the other's cheek. He sighs.


You and me, we could have tackled the world baby.


He tuts, rising before slinking towards the living room with ease.


But I'm glad we didn't.


He plops back down on the couch, directing his energy towards ignoring the perseverating urge to do something- anything. His fingers twitch at his sides.


Because in the end, you gave me something much better.




Taehyung isn't an idiot.


He has a penchant for sniffing things out before they turn calamitous and his sixth sense has always been slightly sharper than most other things.


Which is why he knows it's not a product of delusional beliefs that has his skin prickling when everything about Hoseok's behavior starts to turn shifty.


He has his suspicions but he's always tried to stick to the principle of innocent until proven guilty.


That doesn't mean he won't actively partake in the quest for incriminating evidence however.


It isn't until nearly 4 and a half years into their relationship that he finally unearths the reason for Hoseok's progressive distancing and residual indifference.


He knew the other had said he'd be occupied with work, but Taehyung had deduced that'd be the best time to slip in and surprise his boyfriend with take out and perhaps a heated romp in between the sheets afterwards.


(It's not like they've really made time for one of those in a while, the other claiming to be too strung out from all the paperwork he's had to bring home).


He had let himself in quietly, the other's passcode committed to memory as he toed off his shoes and set everything on the other's spacious marble counter. He had then decided to make his way up towards Hoseok's master bedroom, figuring the other's absence downstairs must have been an indication that he was either in his office or in his room.


In retrospect, that should have been the tipoff that something was amiss.


When Taehyung stopped by that night, he hadn't exactly anticipated stumbling upon his lover in the midst of burying himself deep inside another.


On their bed.


Where he's worshipped and slowly unraveled Taehyung innumerable times before.


He freezes.


They have yet to take notice of his presence, a slit in the door and his hand poised over the doorknob. They seem far too caught up in each other, Hoseok's sturdy frame hovering above the other's as he vaguely makes out sluggish movements beneath silk sheets. Their muffled groans resound deafeningly throughout the room and Taehyung's insides suddenly turn frigid.


He doesn't react.


(Doesn't know that he wants to for fear that it'll tear open the floodgates for whatever insidious thing is gradually festering inside).


So he backtracks.


Retraces his steps. Removes himself from the door way and turns around, making his way silently down the stairs, nails imprinting crescents into his palms and mind fairly void of substantial thought or sentiment.


There's a simmer beneath his flesh, threatening to encapsulate him as he retrieves everything he had brought for the other tonight. Continues to boil as he slips his shoes back on numbly and makes his way out of the other's home.


There's a strangely familiar itch that begins to make its presence known- one that feels a little too much like a bad habit he presumed was deeply buried.


It doesn't mitigate the least as he locks himself inside his car, staring blankly at nothing and everything in particular. He waits for some semblance of emotion to throttle him, for a rage to blossom inside the depths of his chest.


It doesn't.


He feels nothing, really. His mind and his insides are a hollowed cavern and no excavation can recover what's been seemingly lost in the pits of the unknown.


His fingers clench and unclench around the steering wheel before he slots the key in, turning on the ignition mechanically and backing out of the other's driveway with a frightening amount of awareness.


That night is the first time in months that the impulses slither back in, seeping into his veins and wrapping around his psyche like a constrictor, refusing to be allayed.


His blood burns with an inferno he's kept in backdraft far too long.




Taehyung fiddles with his phone, staring mutinously at the clock as it moves far too slowly for his tastes.


Let it be known that he tends to be a more skilled bearer of patience than he's currently exhibiting, but tonight is proving to be an exception.


He grits his teeth, gaze flickering towards the other before he eyes the materials splayed out before him. His jaw ticks.


He knows he had promised to wait, but.


Perhaps he can get away with starting just a tad early. Get the other prepped and ready for when the actual event dawns upon them.


Taehyung's sure he'll understand.


He smirks, reaching for the the Manila rope, running his fingers over the fibers reverently before looking over surreptitiously at his drugged up boyfriend.


(Well, soon to be ex).


The grin that spreads unapologetically across his lips reminds him a bit of wildfire.




Taehyung finds out his name is Kihyun.


Yoo Kihyun.


And as much as he loathes to admit, he thinks he can understand why Hoseok ultimately chose to stray.


He's hot as hell.


Taehyung finds it very difficult not to be attracted to that boyish grin and the cheeky gleam cemented into those espresso orbs.


He's also nothing short of utterly charming and amicable, and Taehyung concedes that the other really is quite the catch. To be quite honest, it's rather difficult harboring any ill feelings towards the other, most especially when he's only ever been greeted with an effervescent smile and fucking stars dancing in those eyes whenever Taehyung steps inside the shop.


To makes things worse (or better, he hasn't decided yet), Kihyun is regrettably oblivious to the fact that he's currently fucking a suave, two-timing bastard.


He laughs.


Hoseok certainly did an admirable job fooling them both.


The revelation that Kihyun knows absolutely nothing about Hoseok's private life- that his alleged single hood is a complete farce- and about their life together,




He supposes that's the only thing preventing his shop from accidentally experiencing a gas leak and going up in flames.


Well, that and the fact that Kihyun's practically memorized his order for a double shot hazelnut macchiato by now, and if there's one thing Taehyung has a soft spot for, it's cute baristas who know how to get his drink just right.




Fuck, he should have thought this through more carefully.


He inwardly curses the other's solid physique and the mass of those sculpted muscles that he very unfortunately used to harbor a deep appreciation for.


Now, however, those very same features are screwing him over because he didn't anticipate that carrying the other up this trifling marble staircase would be like trying to move a pickup truck through an inch of mud.


Perhaps he should have waited after all.


He's pretty sure he's going to be sore in places he didn't even think were possible by tomorrow, a result of literally hauling the older up the stairs. He tries not to be too resentful.


What, is he fucking made of concrete.


His shoulders heave as he approaches the final step, arms still wrapped firmly around the other's torso and his next exhale comes out in a strenuous huff.


Fucking asshole.


He eventually manages to lug the other through the entrance of his room and it's with a wave of relief and anticipation fused into a singular entity. He rolls his tongue against his cheek, attempting to suppress the escalating jubilance filling his core as he tosses the other carelessly against the mattress.


He smirks as his gaze lingers upon that unmoving stature.


Come tonight, it will have all been worth it.




The thing is, Taehyung is genuinely under the assumption that he's a rather forgiving individual.


He's not fond of holding grudges. They're counterproductive and he'd much rather let bygones be bygones if plausible.




When someone tries to fuck him over as much as Shin Hoseok has fucked him over, it becomes a different story altogether.


Taehyung may be relatively patient, but that virtue is contingent upon the expectation that he isn't going to be screwed over consistently and to such a potent degree.


And Hoseok has long surpassed the threshold level for his altruistic capacities.


The first time, he had consciously decided to overlook it, because he was still in the process of accepting it himself and he realized he had enough in him to forgive his transgression.


It had put him on edge and caused the dormant impulses to flare up like a volatile reaction, but he'd conscientiously pacified and tucked those niggling inclinations away.


But then he caught a glimpse of the marks- the bruising against sharp collarbones and the fading scratches across his back that appeared far too well placed to be considered merely an accident. The ones his inebriated boyfriend lacked the brain cells to properly cover up, and everything around him had stilled and Taehyung-


He just knew.


He knew it was far from over and that he was an absolute fool for thinking he could just sweep it all under the rug.


Taehyung left that night, ejecting some half-hearted excuse about needing to return to his own apartment and the other had been slightly too intoxicated to further question him.


That night, he found himself back at the rustic, abandoned barn house that he had driven past so many times before.


The reports had chalked it up to negligence and a supposed act of delinquency.


Taehyung had taken it all with a grain of salt, nerves still alight from the adrenaline of encapsulating heat and the offense of burning fuel aggravating his nostrils.


The image of raging flames consuming the structure from the inside out seared itself to the back of his lids for the rest of the week.




Taehyung admires his work from where he's sat along the mattress.


Hoseok is still out cold, and for that he's appreciative. It's been several hours already and he knows it'll take a few hours more until the dosage wears off and the other will be more susceptible to rousing from slumber.


He can hardly wait-


For when the other gradually returns to consciousness, only to find himself incapacitated and with his hands bound tightly behind his back and further looped into the creases of the chair.


(He supposes the supplemental exposure on the side has enhanced his binding skills to some degree).


He hides his smile between the incisors worrying his lip, feeling a surge of pride and something far more gratifying settle within. He can hardly remain still, fingers trembling unsteadily as his heart gallops wildly within his ribcage.


His fingers inadvertently trace over the jut of his collarbone, absentmindedly caressing the violet hyacinths spattered invasively across his skin.


Somehow, the contact manages to transform the blazing inferno beneath his flesh into a fading ember and he breathes a little easier.


His attention is inevitably drawn towards the fading scars he knows reside just below the thin material of his jeans. The flesh wounds imprinted along his thighs that were tangible for weeks and that he covertly revered- the methodical slashes across the top and the back of his thighs that he could feel for days, a sharp but euphoric sting rattling his core every time he so much as shifted, let alone sat.


His stomach tightens at the memory, the ghost of calloused hands running enticingly across his skin as he pled unintelligibly for more-


More pressure, more pain- more blood.


He inhales deeply, attempting to recollect his dwindling breath and rationale.


Patience is certainly a virtue he needs to brush up on. He used to possess a boundless supply.


It's only a matter of time indeed.




It's about 4 months in-


4 months of bearing witness to the other's growing aloofness, to his poorly formulated excuses and last minute cancellations for dinners when Taehyung decides he's had enough of sitting around passively.


They had plans tonight.


However, it seems work has gotten in the way once again and Hoseok's being held back at the office to finish up with some last minute arrangements.


Funny how that works. He vaguely wonders if that work extends to him bending Kihyun over his desk and fucking him until there are constellations permeated behind fluttering lids.


These are the questions in life indeed.


No matter.


Because Taehyung supposes he can search for his own outlet for the burgeoning tension from these past few months.


He's on his second can of lighter fluid this month.


That just may be a new record. His lighter rests securely within the pockets of his jeans, a delightful reminder that familiarity is only a spark away. He musses his hair, scrutinizing his reflection and smiling in approbation at the way his eyes are accentuated with subtle smudges of charcoal.


He reaches for his leather biker jacket on the way out, sparing a final glance at in the mirror before he flicks the lights off and shuts the door resoundingly behind him.


And so it begins.




Taehyung is spread out across the bed, directly facing the other where's he bound and gagged and still so very unconscious.


He beats down a sigh of frustration, knowing it'd get him nowhere.


Tonight is a certainly proving to be a test to his equanimity.


Just a few more hours.


His phone suddenly buzzes by his side and his heart stutters in the most unexpected way when he glances down and recognizes the set of digits illuminated across his screen.


That number is etched closely against the fibers of his heart, not unlike the delectable incisions carved meticulously into his skin. His breath catches, stomach pooling with something indiscernible.


He accepts the call, bringing the phone to his ears. There's a moment of silence between them before that all too familiar rasp curls around his ears.




He emits a shuddery breath, a tendril of lust wrapping tightly around his frame and rendering him mindless. His fingers tighten around the phone.






Taehyung may potentially be regretting his life decisions.


Finding himself smack dab in the middle of a rowdy dive bar is perhaps slightly less appealing than he initially predicted.


It doesn't help that he's been sitting next to some tool who's been talking his ear off for the past 20 minutes. All he wanted was a fucking beer, not to be disturbed by some intellectually deficient drunkard who can't seem to grasp the concept of no.


No, I don't want a fucking drink dipshit. I can get my own Guinness, thank you very much.


He turns towards the other, tight smile in place but dark eyes breeding with something positively malignant and he thinks it may have somehow gotten through the other's alcohol-addled brain (as tiny and inoperable as it may be), if the way he suddenly stops talking is any indication.


"Thank you," His words are only slightly coated in venom. "But as I've said earlier, I'm really quite fine without another drink. And I'd really appreciate it if I could finish my beer in silence."


He doesn't think it sounds like a suggestion.


He watches as the other stiffens in his seat even amidst his intoxication, and Taehyung can feel his lips furl unpleasantly.


"Ah, right," the other slurs and there's a tiny prickle of satisfaction at seeing the other nearly cower away in the face of his stoicism. "I-I'll just leave you to it then."


That's probably in your best interest.


Taehyung smiles but there's nothing inviting about it whatsoever.


"I'm so glad you understand."


He observes the other literally stumble away and the grip around his beer loosens. There's something acrid lingering in his mouth but he chases it down with another swig, lips wrapped around the rim of the bottle.


Through his peripheral, he notices someone settle in beside him.


"Fending them off like flies, aren't you?"


Taehyung turns, setting the bottle down before getting a good look at the other. He's immediately swarmed with thoughts of attractive, but he discards them as quickly as they arise.


The other male is leaning casually against the counter, staring at him with eyes that are a little too probing and abyssal and a quirk to flushed lips that honestly throw him a bit out of kilter.


"That depends." He drawls, ignoring the strange twisting around his gut. "Am I going to have to add you to that list?"


A soft laugh, piercing eyes boring into his own and there's something about it that rattles Taehyung minutely. There's something almost barren within those sable orbs despite the misleading smile plaguing pretty lips and the juxtaposition unsettles him.


But that doesn't stop him from peering into vacant eyes, finding something strangely stimulating about the absence of warmth there.


Taehyung has always been slightly more partial to danger than he should be.


"Feisty," The word rolls off his tongue like smooth liquor. "I like it."


Taehyung scoffs quietly as he spins back around, unimpressed with the direction in which the conversation is heading.


"Fantastic." He deadpans, guiding the bottle to his lips. "Maybe you can philosophize on how much you like it from the other side of the room."


Another chuckle and Taehyung feels the irritation simmer beneath his veins.


He's really not in the mood to cater to egotistical pricks tonight. He came here to momentarily escape the clutches of intrusive thoughts and instead he's been deflecting shitty come-ons all evening.


"Is there something I can do for you?"


He swears he isn't usually this snippy.


His eyes settle upon the other's and he's graced with a nettling smirk and something foreign encompassing those dark irises. He dismisses the wave of discomfort that crests somewhere inside.


The other leans in, and Taehyung catches a whiff of something bordering intoxicating- potent and slightly overwhelming initially until it settles into a favorable kind of muskiness. He brushes the thought aside. This close, he steals a closer look at the other's alluring features and is ashamed to admit that his stomach possibly floods with a sensation he's currently unable to put a finger on.


"Well, I was going to ask if I could buy you a drink, but for some reason I get the feeling you're not exactly one for small talk or stalling."


How perceptive.


The other is grinning at him with something wicked dripping from the brim of his lips and it incites a faint efflux of discomfort. He can't quite fathom why.


That honeyed pitch dips into a husky timbre as he rhapsodizes his next words against his ear, and Taehyung startles because he didn't realize the extent of their proximity.


"So perhaps I should just cut to the chase instead and ask if I can take you out back and fuck you against one of the stalls?"


Taehyung does not nearly knock his drink over at that.


He turns stiffly, eyes narrowed as he regards the presumptuous asshole with a scathing look.


"Does that actually work for you, or are you just testing to see how much of a douchebag you can sound like?"


That devilish smirk widens and Taehyung's eye twitches.


"Care to find out?"


Yeah. He's definitely regretting his life decisions now.


He inhales deeply, reminding himself to keep his temper in check and not to do anything rash. His fingers itch to feel the cool press of the lighter against his palm, allaying his unease and providing him with a focal point of stability once more, but the last thing he needs is to draw unnecessary attention to himself.


He meets the other's gaze coldly.




That vexing grin doesn't falter in the slightest. If anything, it seems to stretch even deeper across the valleys of tantalizing tinted flesh and Taehyung is momentarily distracted but he's convinced it's the alcohol manipulating his voice of reason.




For some reason, that doesn't quite feel like the end of it.


"Alright, well nice chatting. But now that we've established this vital piece of information, why don't you move along now?"


The other props his weight fully against the counter, arms crossed and muscles straining against the material of his bomber as he regards him with an indulgent smile. Taehyung swallows a caustic remark at the air of condescension emanating from the other.


He really didn't anticipate that he'd ever be this aggressive with just a few trickles of alcohol inside his system. Or perhaps it's the presence of the other that's making him extra prickly.


"Oh, but why would I want to do that when I'm having such a delightful time right here with you?"


Taehyung buries his disgust skillfully.


"You know, I wish I could say the same thing but I'm pretty sure God would smite me on the spot at the level of such trickery."


The other's deep laugh caresses his ears and it's distracting in the most unwelcome way.


"You've certainly got a mouth on you, don't you?"


"You could always absolve yourself of such nuisances and skedaddle."


There's a dangerous glint suffusing within the other's eyes and it causes his fingers to clench subconsciously around his drink.


"Never said I didn't like it, did I?"


Midnight orbs pierce through layers of soft tissue and it's been such a long time since he's felt this discordant. Not even Hoseok's actions affect him to this magnitude, and he's been with him for years.


"Suppose not." He praises himself for maintaining a leveled cadence. "But then again, it doesn't really matter what you like or dislike now does it?"


Taehyung meets the other's penetrative stare and his breath falters at the way the other is looking at him- really looking at him- like he's the only visible entity within his line of sight. Those lips are parted and his pupils are blown as he stares at him so intensely, like he's dissecting him within his mind and Taehyung-


He hates being evaluated and picked apart, but something about the way the other feasts his gaze upon him feels different.


He can't decide quite yet if it's a bad kind of different.


He swallows thickly, unaccustomed to such scrutiny directed his way. That gaze feels probing- intrusive- and it leaves a wake of disruption within his psyche.


"You're absolutely certain you don't want to take me up on that offer?"


Taehyung's pulse skitters rapidly beneath his veins and he gnaws the flesh of his cheek. His features are hardened with conviction as he eyes the other unflinchingly.






"God, I've missed you."


Taehyung clings to the belief that he's unaffected by the other's declaration.


"It's only been a little over a week." He supplements instead because he's never really learned how to properly respond to the younger's sentiments.


There are trickles of laughter from the other end and it disturbs the inert nature of his emotions, he surmises.


"This is the part where you say 'yeah babe, I missed you too.'"


Taehyung feels the corners of his mouth twitch. He knows the other is aware he'd never admit to something like that.


(Not out loud, at least).


"But darling, you know I'm terrible with lies."


Another gentle bout of laughter.


"Cheeky bastard."


He grins in spite of himself, gaze flitting towards the unresponsive male tied up against the chair. His smile blossoms.


"When will you be here?" His impatience seeps through his tone and edges into the speaker across the other line.


"Patience, love." Because Jeongguk has always been exceptionally gifted with sniffing out his anxiety and mollifying it with the soothing cadence of his voice. Taehyung tries not to frown because he's been patient all damn evening and he's starting to feel the toil in his bones, nerves jittery and scintillating with tension.


"I may or may not have gotten a slight head start." He admits somewhat repentantly, worrying his lower lip as he waits for the other's response.


He hears the other tut disapprovingly and tries not to wince at the reproachfulness emanating from the other end.


"You know you were supposed to wait, baby doll."


Taehyung whines softly, gnawing on supple flesh as his distress spikes at the discernible dissatisfaction plaguing the other's tone.


"I know, and I tried but it was so hard." He explains piteously, fingers furling and unfurling above silk sheets. "I had to do something Gukkie."


He's graced with silence from the other end and it merely amplifies his unease.


"We'll talk about this later."


It's not the ideal response but he supposes he'll take it.


He exhales into the line relievedly, reconstructing his thoughts but the other's deep drawl sabotages his efforts.


"Do you still feel them?"


Taehyung's breath catches. He doesn't need to ask to know what the other is referring to.


Because he's distinctly aware of the only thing the other could be alluding to, and it knocks him off center each time.


The mind-rattling sensation of a dull blade running teasingly across the span of his belly, the tip of the other's butterfly knife pressing shallowly against the exterior layer of his flesh-


It has his heart accelerating and a coil of lust curling in the pit of his belly.


He skims his fingers instinctively over the back of his clothed thighs, knowing that were he to apply just enough pressure, he'd once again feel the phantom sting of a sharp blade nicking his skin and pulling droplets of blood across the surface.


His mouth runs dry.




He thinks he detects a hum of approval from the other end, and it makes his chest distend with delectation.






Evidently, Taehyung is shit at sticking to his resolutions.


"Fuck- harder." He pants breathlessly against the width of the other's mouth, fingers weaving through ebony tresses and tugging viciously. "Shit."


His head thunks against the walls of the stall and he knows there's no way someone wouldn't have a clear grasp of what was currently transpiring between them if they were to step inside.


The other is fucking him so good- hard- against one of the enclosed stalls and it's making him absolutely disordered with every upward thrust. His nails pierce into perspired flesh, enticing a sharp hiss from the male currently buried so deep within him.


He groans roughly, tossing his head back as the other continues fucking into him tirelessly, the sharp movements causing him to slide up the sides of the stall and the sound of his back hitting the walls resounding loudly throughout the bathroom. He's distantly aware that they're making far too much noise and he should be ashamed really, but he can't afford to dedicate time to such inconsequentialities when the other's cock is constantly ramming against his prostate and making him see fucking stars every time he closes his eyes.


"Ungh," He wraps his legs tighter around the other's waist, feeling ripped arms grasping his thighs with bruising force and supporting his weight as he continues nailing him into the confined space of the stalls. "God."


"Jeongguk, actually, but I'll take that too." The other groans breathily against his ear, accompanying it with a harsh slam of his hips. Taehyung's vision swarms with specks of alabaster.


Christ, now is really not the time to be cracking shit jokes.


"Shut up," He grits, earning a light huff against the column of his throat as the other runs his tongue along the sweaty expanse of his flesh. His fingers tighten around tousled locks.


The other male answers with a violent thrust, instigating a raucous bang throughout the area and extracting a broken keen from his battered lips but it feels incredible and fuck, has he been missing out all this time.


Hoseok's pretty skilled with his dick, but he's also slightly vanilla when it comes to all things bedroom related, which had proved to be somewhat anticlimactic for him.


But he put up with it because he thought the other would be worth it.


Turns out he was mistaken, and now that he's getting a pretty fantastic dicking, he'd say he almost feels regretful that he stayed with Hoseok for as long as he did if this is what he was unknowingly cheated out of.


The doors of the stall shake as the raven-haired male continues drilling him into it, and he rolls his head back in his pleasure, gripping desperately onto the other in fear that he may actually combust and wither away into tiny particles. There's a particularly vigorous thrust and he gasps, clenching sporadically around the other and pulling strangled moans from the caverns of his chest.


"Shit baby, so good."


Taehyung's brows furrow in minor discomfort because fuck, does it hurt- but the other is wrecking him so thoroughly he can hardly weave coherent words together.


He supposes it doesn't really help that he'd practically growled at the other to slip inside him with only a lubricated rubber as prep, and fuck was that miserable. He should have known weeks without fucking Hoseok would have made everything more sensitive, but he'd been so eager to feel the other that he'd disregarded it and urged him to carry on.


He had felt the other's cock breach his walls and attempt to shove past constricting muscle but he'd been so strung out and tense that the other had to stop and wait for him to relax before resuming.


And now, here they are with the other slamming into him so callously it's making his mind go blank around the edges. He claws at the other's ridged back so harshly he'd be shocked if it was free of blood. His head knocks against the wall painfully, frame trembling as he senses his release creep around the corner.


"Mmph, Christ."


He feels something sticky running along his entrance and in his ecstasy, he can't fully decipher what it might be. He merely coaxes the other to fuck him deeper (rougher), thighs clenching around that lithe waist and heels digging harshly into the other's ass. The other spits out profanities against his lobe and Taehyung feels his eyes flutter shut, so close to hurtling off a cliff of euphoria.


"So close, fuck."


The door quakes violently behind them and there's a consistent thump against the wall as the other speeds up and hits his sweet spot with zeal. Taehyung's lids are painted charcoal and flickers of cerulean implode behind his corneas as the fire spreads along his back and disperses through clenched fingertips.


"Oh, shit."


His stomach tightens as he's blindsided by the ecstasy, body shaking uncontrollably as he comes hard between them, cock spurting with ropes of white and painting his abdomen and the other's chest with cum. He moans brokenly, tossing his head back without restraint and quivering violently in the other's hold as he continues to fuck him unceasingly, pinning his frame tightly against the wall and driving his cock inside with brutal force.


"Fuck baby, you're clenching so hard around me. Fucking gripping me, making it so hard to fuck you deep." The other mutters filthily against his ear, fingers tightening around his thighs as he continues to rut into him vigorously and Taehyung whimpers because it fucking aches and he's so sensitive. He can't decide if he wants more or nothing at all. "Feel so good."


He yanks hard at dripping locks, emitting a pained gasp when the other presses his hips flush against his own and shoves so deep inside there's an acute explosion of pain, but he fucking relishes it and seeks more-


And he can't rationalize why.


But the pain is addictive, and he didn't think it could ever be this titillating but right now he only craves more. He doesn't want the other to even think about stopping.


He gasps softly as his back continues to thud against the stall and his toes curl because it's so delectable and the heat is enveloping, flames licking at every inch of his body.


Taehyung feels the other swear hotly against his neck, slick muscle coming out to trace his blazing skin as his head lolls to the side in his delirium.


"Come for me." He pants heavily into the heated air between them, quivering with every propel of those hips and feeling the sweat trickling down his temple.


The other moans gutturally, moving with one last sturdy thrust of his hips before he spills all over soiled latex.




Taehyung feels the other's tense frame shuddering against his own and he thinks they might both be a little frazzled right now, but he doesn't know that he'd have it any other way. His head clunks against the hard surface and his breath comes out in tremulous patterns but he feels strangely sated and alleviated- of what he's not entirely sure but he doesn't bother to dwell too much upon it.


He breathes heavily, head still resting against the wall when he feels the other shift inside him and he winces at the sharp jolt of pain.


Fuck, he wasn't kidding when he said he'd make him ache.


He nudges the other roughly, that bruising grip still present along his thighs. The other male presses a messy kiss along his collarbones before gently lowering his frame, dick sliding out in the process and making Taehyung hiss at the startling pain.




His knees honest to God fucking wobble when his feet touch the ground and he has to press shaky arms against the wall to keep from collapsing. He gnaws at his lip, ignoring the throbbing pang from below and attempting to regulate his breathing as he watches the other pull off the used condom before tossing it into the toilet.


His breathing stops when he catches swirls of red disrupting clear liquid.


He feels dampness against his thighs and when he glances down, there are trails of sanguine trickling down the span of his legs. His heart fucking jerks and he stiffens, attempting to reconcile himself to the notion that the other had fucked him so hard he bled.


He waits for the repulsion to throttle him- a tidal wave of anger and something malevolent invading his senses.


It never comes.


He watches as the blood slowly travels down the expanse of his thighs and there's something indescribable surfacing within him.


He didn't think he'd ever feel this out of sorts by the sight of crimson painting his flesh.


A shiver dances up his spine and his fingers flex subconsciously against the wall.


When he finally glances up, he's taken aback to see the other watching him intently, pupils blown and ensconced in something predacious. It makes his knees quake.


That dark gaze shifts towards his thighs, where the specks of blood adorn his skin and he observes closely as the other's fists suddenly clench against his sides. He watches as the other expels a shuddering breath, frame rigid yet on the brink of succumbing to the gentle tremors migrating through his form and it makes him feel oddly unguarded.


He swallows past the lump in his throat before hastily reaching for the leather jeans pooled at his feet. He feels a tide of affliction as he bends over, emitting a soft hiss as the movement causes his insides to burn.


He pulls his pants back on with visible effort, joints aching everywhere. He can feel probing eyes searing his flesh but he pointedly ignores it, intent on getting dressed and slipping out as quickly as he can. He dismisses the other's offer of help, buttoning his jeans deftly before tugging his tee back on over sullied flesh and retrieving his discarded jacket. His undergarments feel damp, jeans sticking to his thighs, and he knows they're going to be stained scarlet by the time he gets home.




Speaking of which, getting home is going to be a bitch. A prickly, agonizing bitch.


He bites down on soft flesh to stifle the whimper threatening to arise as he moves, a single step enough to have his legs in danger of caving.


The other is pulling his own pants back up, slipping into a fitted v-neck and buckling his belt quickly before turning on him with rapaciousness coating his irises. The earlier glint has receded somewhat, but there's still something foreboding- parlous- lurking within those obsidian eyes and Taehyung suppresses a shudder.


"Do you need a ride back?"


That rough timbre penetrates the silence and Taehyung reminds himself that one time flings are meant to remain single occurrences for a reason.


"I'm good." He returns brusquely, straightening out his clothing as he slides his arms through his jacket. He feels a pang of regret at his callousness, however, realizing how hostile he sounds before muttering a quiet thanks.


He unlocks the door to the stall, feeling rather thankful there seems to be no one else currently occupying the toilets but God knows who may or may not have incidentally stepped in while the other was busy nailing him into the wall.


He steps out smoothly, grimacing when it delivers a ripple of pain through his system. He exhales harshly, doing his best to overlook the discomfort as he glances at his reflection through the dirtied bathroom mirrors. He swipes a finger below his lids when he notices the way his eyeliner smudged, running a hand through his ruffled tresses to make himself appear presentable and not like he was just fucked six ways to Sunday.


He senses the other step out right behind him and it makes the hairs on his arms bristle for a reason he can't explain but he pays it no heed, readjusting the lapels of his jacket before sparing the other a lingering glance. He's always fallen short with words and this time is no exception.


He doesn't think words are entirely necessary in this case, but something about the situation leaves an odd aftertaste in his mouth nonetheless. He nods tensely, severing their loaded stare-off before trudging out slowly, the heady pain intensifying with every step and he clenches his teeth forcefully.


"You know," The other's drawl reverberates through the empty facility and Taehyung hates how it makes him still on the spot. "I didn't actually get your name."


His lips quirk, and it shouldn't be amusing in the slightest but somehow it is. He cocks his head to the side, not quite peering behind but directing the words at the other all the same.


"I didn't give it."




Taehyung tosses his phone against the bed after the call ends, sighing as he splays out across the plush surface.


This entire week without seeing the other has put him on edge- has put them both on edge, he knows- but he had deemed it necessary.


Hoseok was beginning to foster his own suspicions and Taehyung just couldn't have that.


Especially not when he's so close to executing the final step of his plans.


It's intriguing how long it took the other to catch on- an entire year of fucking Jeongguk behind his back gone unnoticed- when his own infidelity had been picked up on much quicker. He supposes the discrepancies between them should be somewhat worrying, but to be quite honest, his efforts and ability to care fall flat.


He may have ceased caring a while ago.


He can't pinpoint the exact moment in time, but somehow, his concern had wafted like the very essence of their relationship.


He may have held his regrets long ago, but now it almost feels like a passing memory.


The only reason he's still with Hoseok is because on some subconscious level, there was always something tying him back to the other, anchoring him to a hopeless association and preventing him from breaking away completely.


He reaches into his pocket, retrieving his reliable source of comfort and admiring the soft glint of light reflecting off the surface of the lighter. He flicks the cap open, rubbing the pad of his thumb reverently across the dial before striking it. He stares, riveted, as a layer of cobalt tapers off into a soft marigold and heat pours in from the edges. He exhales shakily, shutting his eyes amidst the abrupt onslaught of pleasure. The ecstasy curls pleasantly within his core before slithering into his awareness and wrapping around the outskirts of his thoughts.


When his eyes flutter open, he finds himself entirely enraptured by the flickering flame and he runs a finger tantalizingly over dancing heat. A smile gradually lights up his face as he continues to skim his forefinger lightly across the tip of the flame.


His eyes momentarily flit towards his incapacitated partner, feeling the gratification blossom within his chest as he thinks about how pretty the other would look sitting in the midst of ravaging flames.


He titters, biting down on a finger to contain his glee.


Now he remembers why he kept the other around.





Taehyung had returned home that night, limping the entire journey up the stairs to his complex while attempting to overlook the persisting burn between his legs.


It was a pain he'd never quite experienced before.


By the time he had slipped through the doorway of his apartment, he had just about collapsed into a mess of sprawled limbs, the affliction so potent that he had started to see iridescent halos around a mass of objects within his living room.


He'd been stunned to discover he was half-hard within the restrictive material of his jeans, every agonizing sting sending another unprecedented thrill through his spine and it had shaken him. He had forced himself to swallow the rising bile in his throat.


He had arduously shucked his jeans off in his hysteria, wobbling unsteadily into the bathroom with caked blood peeling from his skin. His knees had nearly given out by the time he had disrobed and stepped into the stall, thighs quivering from the acute discomfort. The water had bled scarlet, pooling at his feet as he stood under the shower head catatonically.


It wasn't until a good twenty minutes had passed, when the water had finally begun to run cold, that it finally struck him that the urge to breed fire underneath his fingertips hadn't surfaced once within the past few hours.




Taehyung is approximately three seconds away from detaching the strands from his very head, probably destroying far too many follicles along the way but that seems trivial at this point.


He sucks at his teeth, practically burning holes through the digital clock, compelling it to fucking move.


It feels like he's been staring at the same sequence of numbers for the past hour and the vexation is slowly eating him from the inside. He's practically vibrating with the need to release this pent up energy, leg bouncing anxiously and throat constricting in his tenseness.


He toys with the lighter, fidgeting with the cap in a restless manner and striking it only to flick it back on. He forces himself to breathe otherwise he just might pass out, and that would foil his plans somewhat.


He moves himself from the bed because clearly, laying around is doing him no favors. He steals a glances at Hoseok through his peripheral, noting the slumped posture and the peaceful expression as he continues to rest.


His lips furl.






He hadn't meant for this to happen again.


He really hadn't.


Hoseok had blown him off once more, and Taehyung had tried not to think about what he'd be doing instead. Or who.


Regressive thoughts are detrimental. Alcohol, slightly less (or so he'll contend to his very grave).


At least, that's the excuse he proffers for the spontaneous trek to the same establishment he vacated last week- on the very same night.


Correlation does not imply causation.


His reasoning is muddled but well, so are most things in his clusterfuck of a life. He seeks the wicked burn of alcohol aggravating his throat, that's all. And if the other just so happens to be occupying the place as well-


That can only be a coincidence and something out of his control entirely.


Unfortunately, that doesn't quite explain how he ends up in the same bathroom stall with other pressed hotly against him. The raven-haired male- Jeongguk, he thinks his name was, or Jungho?- is currently making a mess out of his collarbones, sucking so hard he breaks skin and Taehyung hisses at the waves of pain barreling into him. Sharp teeth sink into damp flesh, and he gnarls, yanking at the other's tresses vindictively and delighting in the slight groan reverberated against his skin.


This time, the other pushes him face first against the stalls, cheek mashed against grimy walls as he sinks inside without a hiccup and Taehyung's groans are interspersed with pained grunts.


The other's cock is fucking ruinous and he bangs his fists against the surface of the stalls to diffuse the pain as the other gives no indication of stopping.


The agonizing stretch against spasming muscles causes him to press his forehead searchingly against cool material as the other drives his cock inside deliciously.


"Fuck, is that all you've got?" He snarls, unwilling to give the other the satisfaction of seeing how thoroughly he's wrecking him. He won't ever offer up his dignity that freely. "Thought you said you could give it to me good." He bites back a strangled moan, putting everything into ensuring his tone doesn't waver.


There's a strained chuckle against his ear and Taehyung desists admitting that it's slightly inebriating in nature, his mind a sloppy mess so he's certain there's bound to be some trickery involved there.


"Oh sugar, you're being terribly spiteful tonight," He accompanies it with a robust jerk of his hips and Taehyung is jostled forward, head clunking dully against the wall as his fingers scramble for purchase along the expanse of the bathroom stall.


"Shit," He chokes, berating himself for the slip up but caring less and less with every passing moment- with every rough nudge against that sensitive area inside him. His vision glimmers with patterned hues.


The pain seeps back into his bones and it's enthralling in the most disconcerting way- Taehyung can't put it into words, but it assuages the niggling voice in his head that consumes him with thoughts of fire and brimstone.


A strong hand suddenly wraps around the base of his throat as those thrusts escalate in fervor and speed and Taehyung nearly fucking loses it, clawing at thin air in an attempt to ground himself amidst the searing pain as the other continues jackhammering into him with no consideration for delicacy.


"How's that for good, baby doll?" He breathes sensually, the tips of his fingers pressing gently against the sides of his neck, not enough to obstruct his airways but enough for him to feel a titillating pressure against his throat and he shivers intensely at the raucous breaths he's forced to take.


"I don't know," He grits, pushing back to counter the other's violent thrusts and nearly tearing the flesh of his lips as he quells the garbled noises. "Might need some more convincing."


A guttural laugh envelops the space between them and Taehyung barely has time to compose himself when slim fingers tighten around his neck just as he feels a mind-numbing ram against his prostate. His breath stills.


"Breaking my heart, love."


Taehyung growls, clenching hard around the other in spite and reveling in the ragged grunt it provokes, the other's rhythm faltering minutely. He absolutely fucking preens.


When he finally comes apart, it's with the other buried to the hilt and those fingers gripping his throat with the ideal amount of force, black spots permeating his lids.


Jeongguk- or Jungho, whatever, doesn't matter- snarls when he spills his load, pressing his hips flush against the curve of his ass and gyrating his pelvis to remain deep inside.


Taehyung pants effortfully against the walls, fringe dripping with perspiration and the other's ragged exhales caressing his nape. His ass fucking stings again, yet there's something strangely appealing about the prospect of him feeling it for another week.


It's not quite as abhorrent a thought as he presumed.


Those digits gradually loosen around his throat and he inhales deeply, swallowing around the slight discomfort.


Taehyung vaguely wonders in just how many places the other can make him ache.


Not that he's going to take the opportunity to find out.


When the other pulls out, it's only with a slight trace of crimson this time around and Taehyung's knees tremble as he senses that thickness withdraw from his body. He sustains his weight against the pillars of the stalls, body still enduring the aftershocks of his release and eyes hooded in the plume of his ecstasy.


They dress in silence, an air of tension ensconcing them but it's slightly less severe than it was the week before.


It's still troublesome though.


For Taehyung, at least. This is the epitome of a misstep, and he surmises that the most frustrating component of it all is that he can't bring himself to detest it as much as he probably should.


He had never wanted to be anything like Hoseok, but the parallels are stomach churning.


He winces as he pulls up his jeans and the fleeting expression fails to escape the other's attention.


"Does it hurt?"


The raven haired male is suddenly much closer than he was mere seconds ago, crowding him against the wall as he gazes at him with dark, abyssal orbs. Taehyung resolves to not cower in the face of such invasiveness.


A scoff escapes him as he stares into the other's eyes defiantly.


"You wish you could fuck me that good."


The other- Jeongguk, Jungho, Junhong, one of the above- smirks, something knowing coalescing into the slits of his irises and it's fucking aggravating but it's also slightly attractive which only serves to piss him off further.


"Oh, baby, I don't wish- I know I fucked you that well, bet you're gonna go home and think about just how good I felt inside you, aren't you?"


Taehyung's pulse scatters beneath his veins. He tells himself not to get roped into the deep pull of the other's voice but resistance is proving to be somewhat futile as that hot breath caresses his lobe.


"And when you're aching for the next few days, the only thing you're going to think about is how good my cock fills you up, tearing you apart from the inside and how you wouldn't have it any other way."


Taehyung swallows past the mound in his throat.


That slick tongue traces the outline of his ear and he jars, spine tingling at the unexpected sensation. He barely censors a soft moan. He's not that pitiable.


"Truth is- you're drawn to the pain, aren't you baby?"


Taehyung's breath falters.


"Like when I make you ache- make you bleed. I noticed the way you couldn't stop staring at your thighs last week- God, you looked so fucking pretty, sweetheart. Wanted to shove my cock right back inside you and paint your legs red."


The other is spewing nonsense. His fists clench at his sides as he throws him a scathing look.


"You relish the pain, love being handled roughly and fucking desecrated. And that's exactly why you're going to be back here next week, just waiting for me to pound into your tight ass and make you hurt all over again."


Taehyung bristles, features hardening with his distaste as he eyes the other menacingly.


"Don't be so fucking sure of yourself." He seethes, tugging on his jeans roughly, miffed that the other assumes he can analyze him and jump to conclusions- unfounded ones, at that- with only a whopping two fucks between them.


The other is sorely misguided if he thinks he has even an inkling of an understanding.


"Any other dick could fulfill the same purpose."


The other suddenly seizes him by the chin, his grip just short of bruising and heated exhales fanning across his lips.


"Maybe," He whispers, but it sounds unconvincing even to his ears. "But they can't make you burn between your thighs like I can."


An unwelcome shiver possesses his form and he is loath to admit that that very well may be plausible. Not even Hoseok's ever fucked him that thoroughly, never quite left such a lasting impression.


"Are you sure about that?"


That doesn't mean he has to concede this piece of information.


That malevolent glint makes its reappearance, smile curving upwards into something positively diabolical.


"More than I've ever been."




Taehyung scrutinizes the sedated male with a vacant expression, brows creasing in his thoughtfulness.


The other really is a work of art, he concedes.


That was one of the first things which ensnared his attention, as shallow as that may sound.


Radiant, unblemished skin that Taehyung used to love mapping with his tongue. He hasn't done that in quite some time.


The thing with them, he thinks, is that they possibly could have been good together while concurrently being a disaster.


Taehyung supposes he'll never find out.


At one point in his life, he had entertained the thought of Hoseok being some kind of antidote to the ailment that he never could seem to find a solution for.


That was folly in its purest form.


Taehyung can't be fixed. He can't be saved.


The only thing he can do is embrace his anomalism- the never ending impulses which filter through his mind incessantly, only ever momentarily allayed when he feels the heat of ruins beneath his palms. Or when he's pinned underneath solid warmth and made to feel the debilitating sear of a blade carving incisions into his epidermis. His head whirls like the first time every time.


Hoseok never would have understood.


There's perhaps only one person who ever will.




Taehyung should really stop making a habit out of this.


But bad habits have always been hard to break.


Hiding the blotches of purple imprinted upon his skin had been somewhat of a task, and he'd resorted to hounding Jimin for his stage makeup to cover the disaster that had occurred along his collarbones and the base of his neck.


Tonight, it had been Taehyung who had canceled their plans, proffering some weak excuse about feeling under the weather, and there's something telling about that he thinks- something far too dangerous about prioritizing a stranger over his own lover (as shit of a lover as he may be).


It's strange to think about as well, when he considers that he hasn't actively sought out the ire of cerulean flames beneath his fingertips in quite some time.


(Ok, so maybe he had allowed himself a minor release but it had only been an abandoned vehicle at the local junkyard and it was one of those shoddy Volkswagens that he's never really taken a liking to, so that doesn't really count).


The battered restroom stalls are almost commonplace by now and that should be concerning but it's not.


The other rocks into him with intent and Taehyung's nails rake across the hard exterior of the door. His back is stiff like a plank and every shift inside is purely agonizing. He's pretty sure there are tears marring his cheeks but the only utterances that seem capable of leaving his mouth are harder, faster, fuck.


"Am I finally going to get your name tonight, pretty?"


A rough shove and Taehyung is fucking dying, the burn excruciating and like nothing he's endured before. It makes the previous trysts seem like child's play.


"That depends on whether or not your dick can do its fucking job." He spits between gritted teeth, mind rattling when another vigorous snap of those hips nearly causes him to tear through his fist. "Got some catching up to do, sweet pea."


He supposes he had brought this upon himself, begging the other to fuck him raw and snapping when he'd insisted upon warming him up with his fingers at the very least, but Taehyung would have none of that.


The other may have been onto something when he said he had a penchant for pain- something he still can't entirely reconcile with himself, but which has slowly been manifesting from the crevices of his mind these past couple of weeks.


It's as though the other had extracted something from the fissures of his mind that not even he had been made fully aware of before.


All he can admit is that he had secretly relished the flare between his legs every time he shifted, Hoseok shooting him curious glances and silent inquiries whenever his expression faltered as he sat down.


Taehyung's relieved he's always been particularly skilled with deflecting.


This time, he had wanted to see if he could extend the length and the severity of that delectable ache. He wanted the other to fuck him until he cried, until his rim was a graphic blend of blood and cum, and it's humiliating admitting that to himself but also liberating in the strangest way.


This rush is almost- almost- as satisfying as the sight of scrap metal and oak wood blazing before his very eyes.


It's an acceptable alternative for now.


"God," he grounds out gutturally, vocal chords straining as the other grips him by the hips with brutal force, pulling him back harshly against his cock just as he ruts forward and his upper torso slides down the planes of the stall in his delirium. "Holy fuck."


"You just love riling me up, don't you princess?"


Taehyung nearly screams against his fist when the other suddenly pins his pelvis in place as he speeds up, nailing his sweet spot with flawless accuracy and it makes his head fucking spin as he attempts to hold up to the crippling affliction.


His rim is dripping with a viscous substance and he doesn't need to glance down to know the insides of his thighs are daubed scarlet.


If anything, that seems to make his cock curl tighter against his belly and his eyes flutter shut amidst the heady pleasure. Jeongguk- he's pretty sure that's his name- groans against his neck when he subconsciously tightens around him, propelling his hips even harder and Taehyung moans lewdly within the dank space.


And then the shittiest of shit things occurs.


The door to the bathroom fucking opens, and it's no longer quite as unoccupied as it was.


Taehyung freezes, forcibly quashing a moan as the other drives into him brutishly while cursing the high heavens for his shit luck.


He glances behind him, panicked and eyes wild, but the bastard merely grins wickedly before pushing into him unapologetically and a stuttered moan leaves his lips.


Trifling piece of shit.


The stall a few doors down clicks shut and Taehyung bemoans this fucking stroke of luck. God, he wants to fucking kick the other's ass- maybe after he's done wrecking his own.


"Why so quiet all of a sudden, sweet cheeks?" The other whispers cruelly against his ears, and Taehyung wants to castrate him. "Sure had an awful lot to say earlier."


Taehyung snarls, mutilating the other in his head as he continues sinking into him agonizingly and it's fucking opprobrious- because there's a rhythmic thud within narrow stalls and there's no way the other occupant won't be able to put two and two together but he only hopes he's too fucking pissed out of his mind to dwell much on it.


"Come on baby, make some noise for me. Why don't you let that other person know just how good you're taking my cock?" The taunt coils around his cochlea and his breath hiccups as the other slows down only to grind his hips sensually, causing his eyes to roll into the back of his head at the torturous caress against his prostate. "Scream for me, pretty baby."


"Fuck you." He spits as silently as he can, nerves frayed around the edges and he can sense that ruinous heat amassing within his core and he knows he's so close to coming.


"Maybe next time," He chuckles darkly, gyrating his hips purposively and Taehyung's breath escapes him. "Right now, I'd rather ride your tight little ass."


The brunet hears the telltale flush a few stalls down and he nearly cries in relief because that means the other will be out of their fucking hair soon and he can go back to embracing his vociferousness.


But he should have known the other wouldn't have made it that easy for him.


Jeongguk abruptly delivers a robust thrust and Taehyung chokes on his shock, latching his teeth onto his arm to hinder the noises. He's going to fucking kill him.


Perhaps he should just absolve himself of all trivialities and make the other burn.


But then he'd be short of a good dicking and that'd be a goddamn tragedy.


Taehyung exhales with effort, vision going fuzzy as he feels the incessant pressure against his walls and the harsh strike against that collection of nerves as he quivers on the spot.


"Shit," he grits carnally, stomach constricting in his daze. The other is giving it to him so good, fucking the words right out of him and every push forward has him colliding with the door but he hardly has enough sense left to pay it much heed.


Taehyung vaguely hears the sound of a faucet running in the background and he's partially thankful that there's some noise to drown out the sounds of his muffled groans.


"Wanna hear you," The other utters lowly against his ear and there's something painting his tone that has his blood racing. It's befuddling. "Wanna know how loud you can get for me."


Fuck, is this demeaning but the other seems to give no shits as he slams into him fiercely, bodies pressed closely against the walls of the stall and it has him wailing, much to his horror.


"O-oh," he moans, spine arching as Jeongguk rolls his hips achingly slow, balls pressed right up against his ass and he trembles without reserve. "Jesus, please."


The other tuts, something rugged layering the edges of his inflection as he murmurs reprovingly into his ear.


"Baby, what did I say?" His tone is admonishing and Taehyung sinks his teeth into his lower lip to kill off a keen. A hand slithers between his locks, gripping painfully and eliciting tides of pain as he feels calloused tugs against his scalp.


"I told you to scream for me," He snarls jaggedly, tightening his fingers around soft strands just as he drives his cock so deep inside that there's an audible clatter against the lower end of the stall where Taehyung's hips bang into it.


"Oh shit-"


Well, so much for exercising restraint.


"Fuck," He feels the other male pound into him ruthlessly, hips snapping forward at an insane pace and he barely remembers to fucking breathe let alone keep quiet. "Ngh, harder, shit- right there, God" He practically cries out, reservations gone like the fucking wind as the other drills into him like he's been waiting all week to do so and perhaps he has, perhaps he hasn't. Taehyung doesn't really care, he just wants him to keep doing that thing that he's doing with his cock.


The other emits a strangled groan from behind and it spurs him on, shoving his ass back hard as he rams forward and they both choke on euphoric noises.


"S-shit," the raven haired male spits, latching his mouth onto the side of his neck and suctioning his lips hard. "Fuckin' incredible, baby."


Fuck, no bruises.


Looks like he'll have to make a pit stop at Jimin's place again.


Taehyung can't make out the sound of the water running anymore so it briefly crosses his mind that their uninvited guest might have literally bolted out of there after being made aware of their little indiscretions, but then Jeongguk is hitting his sweet spot with a surprising amount of force and that's suddenly the least of his concerns.


"Fu- oh shit, give it to me, fuck, give it to me."


Jeongguk's fingers dig into his hips so violently he's certain he can expect indigo imprints come tomorrow, the other hand wrenching his locks and making his neck arch as he thrusts with all his vigor. Taehyung's words dissipate and he starts to see glimmers of white around the corners of his eyes, his chest pressed flat against the biting wall as the other male fucks him into it.


"God, you fucker, harder,"


There's a breathless chuckle against his ear, long fingers tugging warningly at his hair and Taehyung just wants more- fuck, he's about to come apart at the seams and he wants the other to fucking defile him.


"Baby's got jokes."


"Mmm, talking a lot for someone- unh, who could do better with his cock."


Lithe fingers tighten around his locks and the throbbing against his scalp intensifies.


"What was that?"


Taehyung smirks, forehead smashed closely against the surface of brisk walls as he takes the other's cock greedily.


"What, did I hit a nerve, sweet thing?" The gibe tapers off into a strangled growl, the other suddenly burying himself all the way before pinning a hand against his pelvis to keep him in place and Taehyung can feel the ridge of the other's cock pressing along his walls, pulsing hotly inside him. "Guess you can't- shit, fuck me as good as you thought."


There's a tense silence, in which Taehyung fears the other might actually pull out altogether just to spite him, but the opposite happens and he's nearly rammed through the fucking wall with how fervidly the other is suddenly shoving his cock against clenching muscle.


Taehyung's smugness vanishes along with rest of his common sense.


"Ah, fucking shit."


"Don't test me, sweetheart." He hears the other relay dangerously against his lobe, nipping at the cartilage and making his thighs quake. The pain shooting up his tailbone is indescribable and possibly the most wondrous sensation simultaneously. "I'll ruin your pretty hole so bad you won't be able to walk for days."


If Taehyung were in any position to throttle the other, he would. He thinks Jeongguk's overestimating his abilities quite a bit, but then again, his ass is also burning like Dante's fucking Inferno up in here so he might not be the most reliable naysayer.


"Still waiting for you to live up to your promise, big boy." He grunts, words scathing but the effect somewhat mitigated when he's suddenly jostled forward, cornered against the wall and cock oozing with precum. The slide inside his ass is smoother now and Taehyung knows it's not lube or Jeongguk's slick that's making the friction more bearable.


"Oh, baby doll, you're just trying to piss me off now aren't you?"


A choked laugh. "Is it working?"


He runs his teeth along the shell of his ear enticingly, tongue peeking out to trace the outline of his lobe, and Taehyung squirms. Fuck, he wonders if Jeongguk can tell how sensitive he is there.


"To a fucking tee."


Taehyung expels a breathy chuckle, opening himself up to the other's ministrations as he wraps his fingers around his tresses and rocks his lower body with devotion.


"Good," he mumbles incoherently, dick throbbing as precum smears his abdomen. "Oh,"


"Mmm, like that baby?"


"Yeah, yeah- fuck, like it so much, keep g-going."


And Jeongguk has never been terribly fond of denying people their carnal pleasures so he fucks him harder at the new angle, pressing down on the other's spine lightly so he's slumped over before driving into him brutally.


Taehyung swears there are fucking stars collapsing into black holes behind his corneas and he shakes wildly in the other's hold.


"Mngh, close. Christ, you fucking prick, deeper."


Jeongguk yanks at his bed of hair reproachfully, hips still smashing viciously against the flesh of his cheeks and he's half expecting there to be bruises present tomorrow but well, all the better he supposes.


"Careful, love." He chides gently, but there's an undercurrent of a threat there- something foreboding- and it makes Taehyung worry his lip to suppress a shudder. "You know I don't appreciate when you get mouthy with me."


God, Taehyung is going to come so fucking hard, he knows.


"Then quit acting like a prissy little bitch and fuck me like you mean it." He spews mindlessly, grinding his hips back to meet the other's deep thrusts. "Make me fucking hurt- God. Want you to fucking nut in me, give me your fucking cum and make me bleed. Please."


"Shit," The other hisses, head craning to the side as he watches his cock slide in and out of the other's contracting entrance, specks of sanguine coating his member and the crippling lust seizes him promptly, making the muscles in his abdomen clench as he watches traces of blood seep out of his hole. He wants to make him hurt so bad. "The mouth on you."


Taehyung's other hand comes out to scratch at the stall before him, desperately seeking out anything that will ground him as his orgasm approaches, the oscillating sensations against his pulsing muscles sending his mind into overdrive.


"Jesus-" He whines, the rich tone to his cadence cracking as he succumbs to the escalating pleasure overtaking his form. His ass clenches painfully around the other, eliciting a sharp hiss before coarse fingers wrap around his locks, tugging his head back so he can trace his nose lightly against the other's pulse point and the abrupt shift causes him to tremble all over.


"You want my load inside you, pretty baby?"


Does he even need to fucking ask.


"Y-yeah, fucking hell," Taehyung curses roughly, gasping when the other yanks his ass against his hips coarsely and he suddenly feels him sink so fucking deep inside, his mind honestly reboots for a moment. "Want you to fill me up, make me fucking drip between my thighs."


Taehyung is going to roll off a fucking cliff when sensibility finally returns. His deplorable shamelessness will be the death of him.


"Fucking minx," The other mutters in a rugged voice and it shouldn't please him as much as it does, but oh does it.


"Oh, fuck," He tenses, muscles flexing and unflexing erratically as he draws quick, shallow breaths, feeling his climax creep up on him insidiously. "God, don't you dare stop, you shit."


Jeongguk buries his laughter against the juncture of the other's throat, snapping his hips callously as he leans in so he can feel the ridges of the other's strong back against his chest. He worries the flesh of his neck between his teeth, punching a coarse growl from the brunet as he continuously slides in without pause.


"Wouldn't dream of it, princess."


Taehyung's legs fucking quiver against the other's, body shaking so violently he's sure the vibrations are resounding loudly from the other side of the stall and he hasn't even fucking come yet.


Lord, Jesus.


"Fucking Christ-" He stutters raucously, back arching even as the other entwines his fingers in his chocolate tresses and holds him firmly in place, keeping him situated so he can stuff him with his cock at a convenient angle. Taehyung's eyes nearly cross at the decadent caresses against his prostate, his good reasoning receding somewhere within the distance. "Fuck, baby, c-close. Nngh, God."


"Come for me, sweet," Jeongguk entices, wrenching those damp strands violently as sweat trickles down his forehead and along his neck. "Wanna feel you coming around my cock, gripping me so fucking tight and making me lose my fucking mind. Fill you up while I keep your pretty ass in place, feel it sloshing inside you."


Christ, and the other fucking accused him of ingesting filth.


"Yes, God yes, fuckfuckfu-"


Taehyung nearly slides down the stall as he pitches forward, if not for those steady arms supporting his quavering frame.


His lips part in a silent scream as the influx of pleasure catapults into him and he feels every tendon inside lock up, cock throbbing painfully as he comes all over the walls in thick spurts, gobs of white trickling messily down the surface.


"Go- holy fuck."


His vision bursts into a backdrop of alabaster as he trembles violently within the other's hold, palms pressed weakly against the sides of the stall as the convulsions seize his form. His thighs are fucking shaking and he can barely hold himself up, but thankfully he's got the other to do that for him.


"Making me fucking lightheaded, baby," A strangled groan resounds in his ears, making him quake even more powerfully. "Sucking me in so good, can feel you clenching around me- God, I love the way you're shivering in my arms."


If Taehyung were coherent, he'd tell the other to eat shit, but he's nowhere near that at this point so it's a wasted opportunity.


Instead, he emits a garbled sound of approval, body hunched over as the other continues ramming into him with deliberate force, extending the longevity of his orgasm as he shakes from the hypersensitivity.


"Shit," Jeongguk swears as he tosses his head back, rhythm turning sloppier by the second as he grinds into the other's fluttering entrance thoroughly, balls smashed against the other's ass and making him growl in self-satisfaction. "Gonna come so hard inside you, baby, make your pretty rim leak even while you're fucking stuffed with my cock."


"God, shut u-up."


Jeongguk hums indulgently, one hand still gripping the other's hair harshly while another slides down towards his puckered rim, where his thick girth slides rapidly inside. He traces his thumb across that filled entrance, coating his digit with traces of vermilion and a violent tremor courses through his body when he sees how pretty the other's blood looks staining his fingers.


Jesus, he wants to make him fucking bleed out for him.


He presses down hard against the other's stuffed rim, educing strangled noises from them both before he rubs voraciously, creating a decadent friction that makes him press closer against the other's back as he nears.


"Fuck, getting close," He grits out, rutting his hips in jagged motions as he loses his sense of fluidity, merely fucking into the other hardily while he chases the tails of his orgasm. "Taking my cock so well- Christ, like you were fucking made for it. Gonna breed your sweet little ass, get you dripping all over the floor for me."


Taehyung releases a shuddery breath, feeling the other's hips stutter right before he slams into him with an excruciating amount of fervor and he keens because shit- it hurts so fucking good and he's aching everywhere but he wouldn't settle for anything less.


"Jesus fuck, baby sh-"


The other shoves his head down as he empties his load inside his ass, letting out feral sounds while he continues to snap his hips desperately. Taehyung shuts his eyes at the sensation of the other's hot seed flooding his hole, making him whinge quietly as he feels that wide shaft pulsing steadily inside him, the raven haired male buried to the fucking hilt and his balls crammed against his sensitive rim.


"Shit," Jeongguk swears hoarsely, frame shuddering as he pulls the brunet flush against him, the supple curve of his ass pressed right against his hipbones while he continues to fill the other's bruised and bleeding hole with cum.


He growls when he shifts and there's a soft squelching sound as his cock moves inside his stretched hole, viscous trails seeping from the entrance of that swollen rim and dribbling onto the base of his shaft.


"Fuck, baby," His husky tone vibrates with unrepressed desire, lids hooded with salacious intent and lips instinctively wetting dry lips as he pulls out gradually and watches gobs of white and russet fuse.


It's a sight that'll be seared into the back of his lids for some time to come.


Jeongguk pulls out with a deep grunt and revels in the afflictive groan resonating from the trembling male before him.


He can only imagine how much pain he must be in.


God, he hopes he's aching so bad.


His dick is decorated with splatters of crimson and ivory, hues of rose coating the line of his length and it sends a vivid rush of ecstasy spiraling through him as he considers just how much the other must have bled from the inside. His nostrils flare, pupils dilating as he inhales sharply.


He crowds the other, both hands coming up to palm the globes of that plush ass before he spreads him wide, holding those smooth cheeks in place as he takes in the compelling sight of that scarlet-specked entrance clenching around thin air.


His cock throbs when thick spurts of roseate start to seep out of that twitching hole, the other groaning softly when his fingers sink into his flesh with bruising force as he continues to gush with a blend of carmine and slick. It leaks from his ass in viscid trails and Jeongguk stares, absolutely riveted.


"God, baby, you look pretty- so fucking pretty like this."


Taehyung's cheeks flare because what the fuck- who even says shit like that while they're staring at someone's dripping asshole.


He says as much, inciting a gentle breath of laughter from the other before he smacks his cheeks lightly, fingers circling his drenched rim and probing gently at fluttering muscles.


Taehyung's legs wobble and he nearly stumbles if not for the other's hands holding him in place.


"S-shit," He grits, caught off guard when the other continues to gently massage his leaking entrance. "A little w-warning would have been- ah, nice."




Vainglorious prick.


Jeongguk smirks at the way the other is curled over, head pressed against the door as his fingers lightly trace over that oozing entrance. His fingers are slick with his cum and the other's blood and it's the most rousing experience. His head fucking spins.


He strokes his thumb carefully across that swollen rim, drinking up soft protests as he smears his bloodied cum around the other's puckered hole, making him look so much more bewitching as he watches some of it trickle down the span of his thighs.


He releases a shuddery exhale, attempting to remain unswayed but knowing he's entirely at his wit's end.


He lays a featherlight kiss against the other's shoulder blade, running a hand soothingly across the base of his spine as he traces butterfly kisses along perspired flesh.




The other hums, neither affirming nor dissenting but Jeongguk knows he's fucked him good- so good that he can still feel the aftershocks of his orgasm rippling through that solid frame.


It triggers a smug grin and his chest simmers with pride.


He rubs at the other's rim teasingly before finally pulling back, drawing a quiet sigh of relief.


Taehyung begins to straighten up when a sharp jolt of pain rips through him and he sinks his teeth into the flesh of his lip to muffle his cry. His fingers flex instinctively against brisk walls.


Fuck- he knows he asked for this, but shit.


The other fucking went to town on his ass and he knows it's going to be agonizing for the following week or so. The dampness between his thighs isn't helping any, traces of blood and cum sticking to his skin and serving as a reminder that he's going to feel it for days.


The thought elicits a barrage of lust and it's fairly unsettling to say the least.


He doesn't want to be a prisoner to the pain, never quite understanding how that could be an effective outlet for anything, but the other makes him ache so well-


It distracts his mind from the repressed desire to watch the world around him encapsulated in flames.


Strange how that works.


He ignores the flare along his backside as he slowly readjusts his posture so he's no longer bent over. He tries not to hiss at the harrowing burn originating from down below, sliding his jeans back on meticulously and wincing with every strained movement. Skintight material clings to his thighs closely, particularly where he knows it's besmirched with the proof of their misdeeds- of his affliction.


His ass throbs painfully as he dresses in silence and it's the most agonizing yet gratifying sensation and he's honestly bereft of words.


It isn't until clarity finally starts to drift back in after some time that he realizes the weight of his heedlessness and how fucking risky and irresponsible it was to have the other fuck him bare when he knows next to nothing about his current affairs.


He hopes to God he's clean- that they both are- otherwise Taehyung might have just fucked up big time.


But the thought is proving to be somewhat inconsequential, most especially when he's currently hurting so exquisitely that it's becoming a task to keep his eyes open, and he can't stop thinking about how he wants the other to make him ache next time.


Next time.


That really shouldn't be a recurrent thought.


Not when the other still doesn't know that he technically has someone waiting for him back home.


He's just as reprehensible as his lover.


A better person would know where to draw the line- when to fucking quit, because when has resorting to deceit ever been beneficial for any party involved. They'd acknowledge that pettiness should not beget pettiness and that seeing others as a means to an end is an incredible shortcoming.


Taehyung's never claimed to be the better person.





Taehyung runs his fingers almost wistfully across the edges of the tattered photograph.


It seems like almost a millennium ago when they last held each other like this.


Funny, he thinks.


Relationships really do carry expiration dates with them, eventually withering away like the creased pages of a novel.


It's inevitable.


He supposes he and Jeongguk are running on borrowed time as well.


Maybe, maybe not. Who knows.


He analyzes the stilled moment captured on paper- notes distantly how fitting the other's arms had looked encircled around his waist, the matching grins that were just shy of foolish.


He clicks his tongue in mild annoyance.


What a sham it was indeed.


Funny thing is-


Taehyung never went into this, arrangement, with Jeongguk with the intention to be vindictive. It hadn't really been on his mind to try and square off with him- like he said, he'd choose not to resort to all things disgraceful if he can avoid it.


Which is peculiar because it should have incentivized him enough to at least consider exacting revenge at the time. After all, the other had been absolutely awful with the way he tried to make a fool out of him, thinking he could continue relaying false declarations of devotion while unhesitatingly fucking Kihyun on the side.


That was a poor exhibit of consideration for his feelings.


Terrible, positively terrible.


However, he supposes he's in no position to castigate, fucking Jeongguk without so much as a second thought and becoming so practiced with deception that it's nearly habitual by now.


Perhaps they deserve each other.


He runs his thumb nimbly across their jovial faces, trying hard to recall the last time the other had looked at him like that- the last time he had looked at Hoseok like that.


It's been far too long.


The most perturbing part of it all is that Taehyung isn't entirely sure he ever really looked at Hoseok without an ulterior motive roiling somewhere beneath the surface. Because the truth is- Hoseok was, safe, when little else was.


He was a safety blanket for the nihilism that Taehyung had once been resistant to embrace. Hoseok, as much as he loathes giving him credit for, had been a point of normality in a world that was overshadowed with chaos.


He thought he had wanted that.


(Thought he could somehow find a piece of stability with him).


But even at his best, Taehyung had been too preoccupied detailing the many masks he selectively chose to don, trying so adamantly to uphold an image of soundness even as the flames of temptation were slowly devouring him from the inside.


Their entire relationship feels a bit like a charade, really.


He peeks at an image of lies, thumbing the corners placidly. His fingers twitch and, through instinct, search for the Zippo stowed nicely within the pockets of his jeans.


His breath disperses when slim digits wrap around the cool exterior of the lighter, retrieving it from the confines of his pants. He flicks the lid open, watching as an apricot tendril comes to life. The flame reflects off the wide span of his irises. His lips quirk.


He brings the photograph towards the tip of the flame, watching, enraptured, as the edges are suddenly illuminated with wisps of crimson and marigold. He watches as the film gradually begins to darken at the sides, slowly ravaged by the flares and he observes with utter delight as Hoseok's visage mars from the heat, crumbling and distorting into a faceless nothing before his own follows it.


He inhales shakily, body thrumming with arousal as the fire feeds itself. It consumes the rest of the photograph, wisps of charcoal dispersing at the edge of the flame and the ends of the picture dilapidating into fragile ruins on the floor. He holds the sides carefully, image pinched between his thumb and forefinger until he finally releases the inflamed sheet as the dying embers swallow the remaining corners.


He shudders at the adrenaline spiking through his veins, pupils blown and heat gathering from his core as he takes notice of the ashen remains occupying a small space on the floor. His fists furl at his sides and he forces himself to take a deep breath, the flux of dopamine making him woozy.


What a lovely image it makes.




Honestly, Taehyung wouldn't have accepted the other's offer for a lift back to his place, but his ass is currently aching like a motherfucker so he's slightly limited on options.


The car ride had been slightly discomfiting, a tense silence brewing between them as the drone of the radio and some odd ruckus had resonated in the background.


He may have begun rethinking his agreement somewhere halfway.


Taehyung had resolved to gaze steadfastly out the window rather than engage in any sad attempt at small talk, watching the blur of oaks and redwoods as they whizzed past.


They'd probably burn so pretty.


When he recognizes the familiar layout of his apartment complex, he can't undo his seat belt quick enough. Unfortunately, he moves a little too voraciously in his haste and winces at the pain which automatically shoots up his spine.


Jeongguk doesn't miss the falter in the other's expression and merely soaks in the spatter of pride spreading within his chest.


Taehyung forces himself to suck it up, because he's not fucking incompetent and also because he'd rather not give the other any more reason to gloat- that conceited sack of shit.


He mutters a quick thanks, because even amidst his umbrage, his parents raised him better than that.


(Or, so one could argue. Although his history of delinquency and incriminating behavior may disprove that argument somewhat).


"Does it help?"


Taehyung pauses, hand stilled against the door. He turns, frown etched in place.




There's something he can't quite discern settling across the other's features, obsidian orbs staring at him blankly and it unnerves him. His grip tightens reflexively against the door handle.


"The pain- does it take your mind off the other thing that consumes your thoughts the rest of the time?"


He stiffens.


"What the fuck are you talking about?"


There's a malignant gleam surfacing within those dark eyes and his hackles rise.


"Oh, baby, do you really take me for a fool?"


Do you really want me to answer that?


Almost as if the other can sense his inner monologue, he smirks before leaning in, their faces so close he can feel hot breaths fanning his cheek and Taehyung commends himself for not flinching away.


"Tell me," That rasp curls sensually around his ears and he suppresses a shudder. "When I make you wet between your thighs, do you still think about it?"


There's an obstruction in his throat.


"Did you really think I wouldn't notice?" His tone adopts a taunting lilt and Taehyung is tempted to pin the other down and make him hurt, but he forces himself to keep his cool. Impulsivity will get him nowhere. He should know.


He deigns not to answer, even as he detects that sickening smile woven into the threads of the other's tone.


"I was watching you that first night,"


Taehyung's stomach plummets.


"Saw how you couldn't take your pretty eyes off that Sambuca shot they set on fire, bet you thought no one was watching." That throaty drawl infiltrates his hearing and Taehyung grips the handle so tightly his knuckles fuse into white. "But I was."


"Is that your dirty little secret, you like when things burn?" He continues, tone flippant. "Or even better, you like playing the perpetrator? Is that it, hmm? You like feeling the heat beneath your fingertips, watching as everything you touch eventually goes up in flames?"


His blood runs cold.


Jeongguk reclines slightly, a knowing grin intact and eyes glimmering with something that's just a tad unhinged.


"Bet you'd watch the entire world burn before your very eyes if you could."


Taehyung forces himself to remain composed.


"For someone who doesn't even know my name, you sure are presumptive." He falters as the words bleed with astringency against his tongue.


Jeongguk's leer deepens, the quintessential vision of madness.


"Maybe." He murmurs thoughtfully, leaning back so he's situated once more against the cushion of his seat, fingers drumming along the edge of the steering wheel. "Aren't we all, though?"


Taehyung isn't quite sure how to address that, so he doesn't.


He thinks he's just about maximized the amount of time he's willing to spend within the other's presence so he opens the car door, willfully ignoring the crippling pain in his backside as he clambers out.


He's just about to shut the door behind him before he hesitates, actions apprehensive as he turns somewhat reluctantly, expression stoic as he peers over his shoulder. He sighs.




The dark haired male flits his gaze towards his own, brows arched as he regards him silently- expectantly.


"My name." He explains succinctly. "You asked for it earlier and I'm giving it to you now. It's Taehyung."


There's a prolonged moment of stillness before the other's soothing cadence severs the silence.


"Taehyung." He tests the name against his tongue, purposefully drawing out the syllables and making his gut wrench as a result but he quickly dismisses it, masking his discomfort with a deadpan stare.


"Yeah, well, don't fucking wear it out." He grouses, slamming the door shut and heading towards the mass of connected buildings, biting the insides of his cheek as each step causes him to tense in discomfort.


He hears the sound of a window being rolled down before the other's voice disturbs the tranquility of the night.




God, the other's only said one word and he still manages to grate on his fucking nerves. He's pretty sure not even Hoseok possessed the skill to piss him off to this degree, not even when he found him balls deep in someone else.


He thinks that's pretty telling.


"No one ever said it was something to be ashamed of."


Taehyung glances over his shoulder, gaze questioning and eyes vacant but his heart suddenly skids to a halt in his chest.


The other merely offers a cryptic smile before uttering a playful I'll see you around, and then he's off, leaving him perplexed in his wake.


He stands rooted to the spot, shivers roiling from his frame at the frigid breeze passing by. His mind is swarmed with scattered thoughts and his fingers go numb.


Suddenly, the debilitating pain from below is last thing on his mind.




He crushes the pile of ash with the balls of his feet, cheshire grin in place as he flicks the lid to his lighter shut.


He absentmindedly traces over the intricate detailing of the three letters, KTH, engraved into the bottom corner of silver varnish.


His breath hitches at the inexplicable wave of quietude it invites.


He thinks about the way the other had looked as he presented him with his gift- the swirl of emotions present within his eyes as he regarded him with the closest thing to nervousness that he's ever seen from the other.


He scoffs lightly, fingers tracing over his engraved initials almost gently.


It was probably the saddest attempt at courtship he's ever experienced, and Taehyung-


If given the opportunity, would relive it over and over again.


He can feel Jeongguk devolve into a shuddering mess above him, muscles spasming hard around his cock as he continues riding him without inhibition, guttural sounds escaping the other as his ass smacks repeatedly against his pelvis every time he sinks down roughly.


"Fuck, Guk," he growls, tugging harshly at the restraints and wishing so damn bad that he could reach out and pull the other down hard against his cock, reaching deep inside and holding him in place as that snug heat contracts around him.


"That good for you baby?" That breathy inquiry makes him tremble with delight.


"Y-yeah," he grounds out, features contorting in bliss when he feels his lover purposefully tighten around him, palms pressed flat against his contracting abdominal muscles while he raises his hips only to sink back down infinitesimally- so drawn out it's fucking torturous and Taehyung is so hard it hurts, but he knows that's exactly what Jeongguk wants.


It's what he wants.


"Offering yourself up like such a good boy," Jeongguk drawls, raspy syllables slurred. "Laying there so nicely for me while I take your thick cock."


Taehyung's breath skitters and he unwittingly yanks at his bound wrists, whimpering when he finds they're tied so tightly to the bedpost that his movements are completely restricted.


A knowing chuckle reverberates above him and he can feel the vibrations travel through his dick as those muscles tighten around him and he groans, thrusting his hips up helplessly only to have the other pin his lower torso down with a reproachful tut.


"Settle down, angel."


Taehyung snarls, impatience seeping into his bones and he just wants the other to make him feel good- wants to cut to the chase and have Jeongguk give him what he really wants, what he knows they both want.


Everything in between is a filler.


"Guk, c'mon, stop fucking around."


"Technically, that's your job right now, isn't it?" The other teases, playful lilt to his tone and Taehyung wants to fucking destroy him.


"I swear to G-"


"You're being awfully bellicose tonight, darling." He utters more seriously this time, and Taehyung's complaints die on his tongue. "You know I don't like that."


The elder does everything humanly possible to quell a bubbling whine.


He feels the other lift himself so only the tip of his cock is breaching that tight entrance and it makes him shiver all over, muscles tightening as he seeks that encompassing heat once more.


"Should I get off and just leave you here tonight, doll?"


A flash of panic spikes within him and he inadvertently pulls at his restraints in his distress.


"I could, you know-" That tight voice murmurs threateningly above him and Taehyung bucks his hips up to find reprieve but the other pushes him back down, eyeing him disapprovingly. "Take back that promise. Make you wait another week before I give you what you want, you've been so resistant today."


"N-no, Gukkie, no," He stammers pathetically, because he's been waiting all week for this and he wants it so bad and he can't possibly fathom why the other would do this to him.


There are tears beginning to pool in his eyes as pained noises erupt from the base of his throat and it's embarrassing, but he's so wound up right now that he can hardly register what's acceptable and what's not.


As if sensing his culminating anxiety, he feels a gentle hand card through his damp fringe, rubbing soothing circles against the base of his neck.


"Shhh, breathe sweetheart."


Taehyung does his best to comply, not wanting to give the other more reason to deny him.


"Good, that's good baby. You're my sweet little angel, aren't you?"


Any other time, Taehyung would probably cut his dick off for spewing such nonsense, but now- in this safe little haven within his mind, it sounds less revolting than it normally would.


"Yeah." He utters softly and it's fucking strange as hell, how they've only been doing this for a few months and yet the other can make him turn uncharacteristically docile with a few murmured promises and gentle praises.


"You want to be a good little boy and listen, don't you?"


Taehyung recognizes that the other is giving him an out- a second chance- and it briefly crosses his mind that perhaps he's not the only soft one in this arrangement.


He nods and the other smiles down at him approvingly before sinking back onto his cock, wrenching quiet moans from them both.


"Your cock, baby-" The other manages breathlessly, and Taehyung's head spins as those muscles gradually tighten around him. He can sense that the other is close with the way he's nearly tearing a hole through his lip and how his head lolls to the side as he bounces up and down his wide girth. "Could make me come without you touching me, reaches all the right places inside." He pants and Taehyung's spine sizzles with delectation.


There are obscene squelches coming from where the other had lubed himself up so well, the majority of his slick already dribbling onto Taehyung's hipbones but he continues riding his cock like he owns it.


And according to Jeongguk, he does.


"Shit," he stutters, rhythm faltering as he suddenly squeezes so excruciatingly around his member that his vision actually coruscates in the center. "God, love this cock, it's all mine isn't it baby?"


Taehyung's far too lost in his ecstasy to respond, which earns him a vicious tear of his locks and he hisses.


"Tell me," the other growls, something primal slithering into his tone, and Taehyung will never admit it but he absolutely loves when Jeongguk gets like this. Makes him feel so owned, so desired, and he lives for making the other remind him again and again of exactly who he should belong to. "Nobody else gets your dick like this, do they? Only I do, it's all mine."


It sounds like a proclamation.


Taehyung loves it.


He considers toying with the other a bit, reminding him that technically there's one other person who could get it from him if he ever wanted and oh- would that make Jeongguk absolutely livid, would fill his mind with obtrusive images of Hoseok splitting himself on Taehyung's cock if he ever so desired. It would drive him positively hysterical thinking about how Hoseok's hands look running across- inside- his body while making him writhe against the sheets.


He would make him pay so bad-


Fuck Hoseok's presence right out of him and make him fucking sob and bleed all over the sheets and while the prospect is a tempting one, so is getting his release at the moment so he decides it's best not to play with fire.


He titters at his own joke.


Well, at least not in this setting.


"Say it," The snarl wraps deliciously around his lobe and makes his body thrum with exaltation as he drops down so hard on his cock that it punches a surprised grunt from his chest. "Tell me it's mine."


Tell me you're mine, is what he hears.


"Fuck," Taehyung rasps, wrists tugging desperately at nylon rope as the other rides him so fucking good, leaving him discombobulated as the heat creeps into his system, pooling within his belly with every unexpected constriction around his weeping length. "Guk-"


A strong hand wraps around his throat delectably, compressing the sides with enough strength that it makes respiring a difficult feat but every rough inhale sends a jolt of pleasure through his cock and he silently urges the other to press harder.


Thankfully, Jeongguk has grown adept at reading him and acquiesces.


He shudders violently when his airways are temporarily obstructed before an influx of air surges back into his lungs, and the other continues this languorous pattern, alternating between cutting off oxygen and releasing so his next inhale comes in a powerful rush and it makes his cock fucking drip inside the other.


"I'm still waiting, Tae." The younger goads, inflection layered with something sharp and slightly lowering. "All fucking mine, say it." He gnarls, the sound of skin slapping against skin resounding deafeningly in the still air.


Shit, the other squeezes his neck so tight he jerks, cock throbbing painfully and he chokes.


"Y-yours," he struggles laboriously, voice scratchy and caked with toil. "F-fuck, Guk, all yours."


He can practically feel the way the other's body fucking unwinds, the tension seeping out like a broken dam only to be replaced with utter elation and approval. He sees the pleased quirk of his lips, eyes glinting malignantly as he coos at him.


"That's right, sweet baby," He mutters lowly in absolute satisfaction, voice dipping into something carnal and Taehyung wriggles desperately when the other's fingers flex around his throat. "Mine."


God, is he going to bruise tomorrow.


He hopes he bruises nicely.


He feels the other's walls clamp down around him sporadically, and knows he's just about to tip over the edge. He growls softly from his throat as the raven haired male shoves his hips down forcefully, hitched breaths leaving his lips with every slap against his ass.


"Ah, fuck."


Taehyung's toes curl when the other grips him achingly, muscles twitching around him and making him envision imploding constellations.


"Shit, baby, s-shit."


Jeongguk comes hard around him, cum splattering all over his belly and streaking Taehyung's cheeks with white while his walls quiver as he sits on his fucking cock, gyrating his hips libidinously and riding out the rush of his orgasm. His head is tipped over, sweat dripping onto Taehyung's chest as his locks stick to his face and his arms tremble violently on either sides of his head.


Taehyung swears gutturally, that slick hole gripping him so fucking beautifully and turning his brain to mush. He wants to run his hands all over the other, rock up into him and make him bleat nonsense because God, if he doesn't look utterly ravishing when he does.


Jeongguk is quaking intensely above him, soft whines leaving his chest as he rocks his ass back and forth to prolong the heady sensation of the other's cock filling him so wonderfully. Shudders roll off him in waves and his biceps are strained with exertion, veins protruding as he continues to fuck himself deliciously on the other's stiff cock, roping strangled groans from the elder's decadent lips.


It's so good, and he thinks he might brown out here and there but those are minor details.


"S'good, baby- so good" His words mesh together into a messy drawl and Taehyung grunts impatiently, feeling the other's rim still pulsing erratically around his leaking member.


"Guk-" He pleads, and struggles futilely against the sheets, eliciting a quavery moan from the younger as his restlessness causes him to sink further inside velvet heat.


The younger hums lazily, gazing down at him with hooded lids- pupils blown- and a knowing glint overshadowing his irises. His voice is hoarse when he speaks.


"What do you want, baby?"


Taehyung clenches his jaw, frame vibrating with heightened tension because the fucker knows what he wants.


"Guk," he tries again, staring up at the other beseechingly but still with an air of defiance and Jeongguk lets out an airy laugh because of course, he'd expect nothing less even when the other was rather out of sorts. "Please-"


"Need to hear you say it, kitten." He beckons, frame shaking lightly from his lingering apex. "I can't give you what you want if you don't use your words."


Taehyung's larynx constricts as he swallows his pride, knowing the other is going to make him literally beg for it. He would be furious but he's also so fucking needy for what he knows the other can give him that it completely overrides his frustration for the moment.


"P-please," he stutters, tripping over his words all of a sudden. "Please make me hurt, Daddy. Want you to use the scalpel today, scratch me up and make me bleed all over."


Jeongguk stiffens above him, letting out a groan so low and tortured that Taehyung would be slightly concerned if only he didn't know exactly what had gotten his lover so wound up.


He knows Jeongguk absolutely revels in hearing that name fall from his lips.


And Taehyung doesn't use it often, only ever pulling it out as a last resort or when he's so lost in the throes of passion that it just slips out as a result of his repressed desires.


Because he knows exactly what it does to Jeongguk- knows how it essentially serves as his kryptonite, and Taehyung loves that he can shake the other up so thoroughly with just one word.


"Daddy." He simpers, and ok- he's definitely milking it for what it's worth right now but it's fucking hilarious watching the other physically struggling to stay composed. He sees the tightening of that jaw, the undercurrent of something so dangerous and predatory rising within ebony eyes and it sends such a thrill up his spine.


He stretches out sensually, not dissimilar to a feline as he arches his neck to grant the other a clear view of damp, unblemished skin. He knows how much the other enjoys teething that area, creating bruises so vivid that he looks like the byproduct of a mauling.


The other's fingers come up to grip his chin painfully, and Taehyung emits a soft moan, knowing he's only further egging the younger on.


He can't always let Jeongguk have all the fun.


"Baby," The other whispers menacingly, tone husky with his apparent lust and sounding like he's only a few words away from unraveling completely. Taehyung basks in his glory. "You're being so bad tonight, so goddamn naughty. You know exactly what it does to Daddy when you say things like that, don't you?" He utters provocatively and Taehyung really does whimper this time, the grasp around his jaw turning painful.


"Please give it to me, Daddy, I want it so bad." He whines pathetically, ensconced in that wonderful little space of his as he arches his back in his neediness, shifting inside the other and making Jeongguk growl.


"S-shit," Jeongguk honest to God trembles, the other's words coupled with that wide girth still inside him making him dizzy. He breathes raggedly through flared nostrils, fingers flexing around the other's supple skin as he releases a shuddery exhale. "I'm gonna make you hurt so bad, baby doll."


Taehyung trembles with anticipation.




Jeongguk smirks, leaning down to plant a kiss that feels a little too tender- loaded- across his lips.


"Has Daddy ever broken his promise?"


Taehyung bites down on his lip to fight a small smile.


"No, Daddy's always so good to me."


Jeongguk tries not to preen too hard, knowing how well he can take care of the other and how well the other takes care of him in return. Nobody will ever understand his pretty little angel like he does- no one will ever be as good to him (for him) as he is.


Not even that pathetic little boy toy of his.


He tries not to snarl at the reminder, fingers pressing down on the other's jaw as he bites down on his plush lip, drawing blood before lapping it up with his tongue. He groans in delight.


Definitely not that expendable piece of shit.


Taehyung writhes beneath him and he holds him down, ignoring the pangs of pleasure as he feels that hard length move inside him.


"You want the blindfold tonight, princess?"


Taehyung pauses, contemplating, because the blindfold is good- it can be so good and it makes him all the more sensitive and receptive to all sensory play, makes the cuts that much more titillating (intense).


But he also wants to watch Jeongguk tonight- wants to see the blood gush around the incisions because he's been so distracted and he had held off on burning anything all week so he's incredibly on edge and he needs the other to make him ache real, real bad.


"No." He answers softly, words pushed into the crest of the other's lips. "Wanna watch you."


Jeongguk allows himself a tiny grin, crouching down to press a wet kiss behind the other's ear before trailing his nose along soft skin. "Alright, baby."


Then he's lifting his lower body and sliding off Taehyung's hard cock, stirring quiet groans from them both as he pulls away to retrieve one of the blades placed methodically atop his dresser, right beside a bottle of rubbing alcohol and cotton pads.


He quickly wipes down both edges of the blade with a soaked pad, the atrocious smell of alcohol invading his nose but he knows Taehyung loves it- loves the potent scent of it filling his senses because it's a precursor to what he really wants.


He knows how excited his baby gets when the waft of alcohol permeates the air, an indication that he'll be getting something even better right after.


He soaks another pad, shifting back so he's facing the other, scalpel in one hand and drenched cotton in the other. He sets the scalpel back down on the dresser before lifting the other's thigh gently, pressing featherlight kisses against the insides of his leg.


The elder hisses at the cool press of alcohol against his flushed skin. Jeongguk wipes down the upper front area of his left thigh meticulously, dragging the pad down slowly and relishing the soft keens resounding from the other. He presses his smirk against the insides of those golden thighs- the same ones he loves and could worship all night long. He feels his lover quiver beneath him.


"You want one or two tonight, sweetheart?"


The question is unnecessary, he thinks testily.


"Two, gimme two," he groans impatiently, squirming within the other's hold as the frigid touch against his flesh makes his hard cock twitch. "I'm ready, just give it to me."


The other squeezes his thigh warningly, tossing the cotton pad off to the side before he regards him impassively. "You're ready when I say you're ready."


Taehyung bites back a retort, knowing it'll only earn the other's reprove.


"Good, my pretty little angel. You're learning." He praises quietly and Taehyung's ribcage feels like it might splinter. "I need you to hold completely still for me, can you do that baby?"


Taehyung swallows.




A sharp pinch against his leg and he jars, hair tousled as he cranes his neck against the pillow.


"Yes, what?"


Taehyung's cheeks flush, feeling more than a little disheveled as he utters the next words quietly.


"Yes, daddy."


He feels a finger caress the flesh of his thighs with approbation and he breathes easy.


"So good for me, pretty."


His heart starts to pound unsteadily when he sees the other retrieve the sharpened blade from the dresser, frame trembling with excitement as the dopamine floods his brain and all he can think about is the brisk pressure of a blade against his skin, making shallow incisions before sinking in deeper and severing the exterior tissue of his flesh. The trickles of blood that make its way across the surface of his epidermis from his lacerations still make his stomach diffuse with desire.


"Stay still for me or it stops, ok?"


Taehyung gasps at the teasing caress of the blade's edge against his thigh.


"I will, Daddy."


"Hmm," the younger presses a wet kiss against the inner flesh of his thighs before scratching lightly- tantalizingly- across the surface of his thigh with the tip of the scalpel. Taehyung's stomach clenches but he forces himself to stay stagnant.


The next scratch along his thigh stings a little more, not enough to draw blood or break tissue, but enough to leave his skin irritated and with a light imprint of a slash. He inhales tremulously, dick aching with how hard he is but the twinge of pain along his exterior flesh is more than enough to compensate for it.


"More, please."


He nearly jumps out of his skin when the other sinks the tip inside and makes the first gash along the surface of his flesh, eyes stinging from the acute pain. The scalpel digs into the hard muscle of his front thigh and he whimpers, cock throbbing as he shakes minutely beneath the other.


"So impatient" The other reprimands softly, pressing a soothing kiss along his skin as he scrapes at the relatively shallow cut, droplets of sanguine spreading across the surface as the blade digs into him. "We'll have to work on that sometime, sweet thing."


"Oh God." Taehyung gasps, trembling with a flux of sensation as the other purposefully draws out the gash across his thigh, extending it a few inches and cutting into his flesh so delectably that he wants to stuff his face against the pillow to muffle his noises. His thighs begin to quiver and he feels Jeongguk trace patterns across them placatingly before gently removing the blade from his skin. Taehyung nearly cries at the loss of the searing burn across quivering muscle.


Taehyung glances at the tip of the scalpel and feels an overpowering rush of euphoria eclipse him as he notices a sheen of crimson staining the tip. And when he looks back down at his thigh, he's crippled with another wave of gratification at the stream of blood dotting the surface of his cut.


It burns like a budding campfire.


He wants a wildfire.


"God, you're doing so well baby." The other's voice is rough- worn down- and he knows he's just as wrecked as he is. Taehyung loves hurting and Jeongguk loves making him hurt- gets off on the knowledge that he would relinquish the reigns of control to him temporarily just to ensure that he makes him ache so good.


Jeongguk runs a finger across the other's bloody laceration and revels in the choked sounds of pain. He inhales shakily, shutting his eyes amidst the intoxicating rush and forcing himself to stay focused. His fingers are stained vermilion and he's tempted to bring it to his mouth, smearing his lips with blood before smashing them against the other's but he supposes that can wait until another time.


Right now, it's all about his baby boy, even if he can feel his cock hardening all over again.


"Color?" He asks, because even with his aptitude at reading and understanding the other, it's his responsibility to make sure his darling boy is taken care of always.


"Green, God. Daddy, please, I-" The other blubbers nonsensically and Jeongguk hushes him gently, watching the brunet intently and urging him to settle back down because Taehyung has always been slightly more susceptible to falling a little too far into that dark abysmal place in his mind, and Jeongguk has had to adapt and ensure that he always stays grounded.


"It's okay, baby," he whispers assuringly, cadence steady and bellying an assertiveness that he knows the other latches on to when he stumbles a little too far in his headspace. "Daddy just wants to make sure baby knows what he wants."


Taehyung feels saline obstructing his vision and he nearly sobs because there's too much yet not enough going on-


"Oh, I want it Daddy- want it so much, please." He pleads stuffily, throat clogged as he fights back impending tears at the sensory overload. "Please give me a-another one, want you to cover my legs with red." His tone is just short of delirious.


Jeongguk groans quietly, astounded that the other never seems to fully grasp the weight of his words and what kind of effect they have on him.


"Fuck, baby," he grits, teasing the surface of the other's tissue with his sharp blade, scalpel dancing across his thigh with intent and making the other sink his weight against the mattress, tremors wracking that strong frame. "You have no idea what you do to me."


Taehyung's chest heaves with exertion as he waits for the next slash across his thigh. He needs it so bad.


Jeongguk delivers, and he wants to cry at the onslaught of painpleasurelust.


The second incision is about an inch away from the first and a deeper nick. He's paralyzed by the sudden shock of affliction that grips him but it's quickly replaced by an outpour of endorphins and dopamine and he emits a pleased sigh at the stimulating rush.


"Harder, Daddy- fuck."


Jeongguk slices adeptly across soft tissue and Taehyung freezes, feeling the outer layer of his muscles pool with something viscid and he knows- oh, he knows so well what it is. There's a wicked burn climbing up his skin and settling beneath his thighs. It hurts so bad that he shakes on the spot, spine locked in place as he breathes shallowly to ride through the affliction of that debilitating sear across his flesh.


His cock is curled up so close against his belly and he trembles with the constant oscillation between ecstasy and agony as he feels the tears scatter messily across his cheeks.


He can't stop his legs from shaking, so fucking wet at his tip and when Jeongguk carves a lasting gash along his lower thigh, pressing the scalpel just a tidbit harder against his searing flesh and making him cry at the pain, his eyes roll back and he thrashes wildly against the sheets. His lips part as he shoots his load all over the other's chest, cum splashing over his pectorals and dripping filthily down the ridges of defined muscle.


He's shaking hard- so damn hard- and his vision is painted with a kaleidoscope of colors and it's nearly agonizing how incredible it all feels. The only sounds that leave him translate to a garbled mess and he shivers uncontrollably beneath the other.


"Oh, shit," he whimpers, so strung out and dangling by the strings of his release, a mere puppet to his unremitting desire. "Daddy," He sobs, unable to endure the force of his orgasm, this one hitting him particularly forcefully as he senses the trails of slick dripping down his thigh. He quivers so intensely it's nearly painful, but suddenly the other's steady warmth is encompassing him, acting as a safety blanket in his unease and he clings to him fiercely as he arches into that sturdy presence.


"I've got you, baby," The other utters tranquilly, the lull of his inflection easing the serrated edges of his disoriented mind and he floats between the vacant space within his psyche and the luring sanctity of the other's arms.


After an extended period of inactivity, with the younger continuously murmuring gentle assurances and praises against his ear while easing him back down from his high, Taehyung finally begins to come back down. The haziness surrounding his mind begins to clear with every raucous breath and tender coax from the other. He blinks repeatedly before he very slowly begins to register his surroundings, the plume around his state of mind fading into the harsh drop of reality and he can't tell if he likes it all that much. Now that the endorphins are flooding out of him, he feels a discomfiting itch beneath his skin that has nothing to do with the afflictive gashes marring his thigh.


He attempts to blink past the accumulating tears.


Tries to breathe past the sudden clump in his throat- the unbidden weight plaguing his chest.


Jeongguk feels the other tense in his arms, notices the slightly distant expression beginning to cloud over his eyes and he cups the other's face gently in his hands, whispering calmly and urging the other to stay with him- letting him know how proud he is of him and how there could be no one more perfect.


He reaches for the scalpel he had placed off to the side and unwraps his arms carefully around the other, wincing at the slightly distressed keen coming from the elder before it prompts him to move faster- to fucking get these fucking things off him so he can wrap him in his arms once more. He slices impatiently at the threads of nylon, paying extra attention not to bring the blade too close to his lover's wrists.


He huffs in part relief, part exasperation, when the rope finally comes apart and the other's arms flop at his sides. He slinks back down before pulling the other closely towards him, resting his chin against tufts of soaked hair and running a hand soothingly along the base of his spine.


"It's okay baby, I'm here. It's okay." He murmurs softly, running gentle fingers through chocolate strands and countering the other's subtle shivering with the steady rises of his chest. "You were so perfect- always perfect for me. You make me so proud."


It takes a while for the tremors to subside, before he feels the elder inch the slightest bit closer towards his chest and it makes the heaviness in his belly recede somewhat. His arms circle tighter around the other's frame and when those large hands come up to hesitantly press against his back, the torrent inside settles down.


A few more moments pass before he feels the other's muffled words against his chest.


"You're crushing me, Jeon Cena."


Jeongguk snorts, rolling his eyes before loosening his hold ever so slightly, arms still curled around the other securely as a source of warmth while he continues tracing patterns across warm skin.


"Ha." He utters drily, peering down at the older with an unimpressed look. "You're funny."


The other's lips twitch tiredly, a glazed look still varnishing his irises but with a certain clarity peeking through that appeases his conscience somewhat.


"Hmm, glad you think so too."


Jeongguk has to refrain from rolling his eyes a second time, because if he thinks the other is a snarky little shit while they're fucking, he's about twelve times more aggravating after he's come down. It's like snark on steroids.


"You know-" The elder pipes up and Jeongguk braces himself because he's pretty sure he's not going to be terribly fond of what the other has to say. "I really think you're enjoying this 'Daddy' thing a little too much."


Jeongguk tries to ignore the slight discomfort from below, because yes- he's fucking hard again but how could he help it when the other was making such sweet little noises for him?


He pinches the other's sides threateningly, throwing a stern look.


Taehyung chuckles, eyes glimmering with mischief as he adopts a smug look.


"It's okay. If you ever start to feel embarrassed about it, just remember the first time I called you that, you came so hard inside my ass I thought the Hoover Dam had fucking broken in there."


"Please stop talking."


Taehyung erupts into a fit of giggles- definitely a byproduct of his high- and Jeongguk tries to overlook the slight flush suffused in his cheeks.


"God, you're fucking aggravating after an orgasm."


The elder hums, curling close against him and Jeongguk has no choice but to allow him that. They're swathed in silence once more, something inherently comfortable about it, before his voice shatters the stillness.


"Are you ok?" He murmurs impassively, glancing down at the scarlet stains against his thigh, where the blood from the other's cuts had transferred onto his own flesh. "Let me clean those up."


The other shakes his head fervidly, eyes hooded as he regards him stoically.




"Tae, they're going to get in-"


"Don't care. Let them." He asserts stubbornly and Jeongguk stares back harshly. The other refuses to back down however and after a period of their stand off, he relents with a piqued sigh.


"You just always have to fight me on everything."


Taehyung rolls his eyes but Jeongguk sees the way the other's frame visibly relaxes, a small lilt to those lips.


"Of course, you think I'd make it easy on you?"


Jeongguk huffs lightly against the other's tresses, pads of his fingertips running absentmindedly along his back.


"Besides," He continues, voice turning strangely docile and it makes him perk up the slightest. "I like when you make me bleed." He whispers the last part almost inaudibly, as though he's second guessing his decision to relinquish that piece of information, but Jeongguk hears it loud and clear.


He tamps down on a torrent of lust, not needing anymore reason to sink back inside the other before resolving this pressing issue of his.


"You're a fucking menace." He mutters roughly instead.


Taehyung hides his grin against the other's perspired chest, feeling a thrum of satisfaction swirling inside him.


"Anyways," He presses, inflection encased with devilry. "I should be asking you that. How's your ass doing, babe?"


Jeongguk desists kneeing the other in the crotch because violence is never the answer.


(Unless it is).


"Fine." He answers monotonously, although his ass does sting a bit because it's not like Taehyung has a minuscule cock or anything like that. Nah, a lot of things about the elder are pretty big. "Mine's bigger anyways."


Taehyung pulls back, arching a brow at him incredulously.


"What are you, four?"


At this, Jeongguk smirks.


"I don't know. Can a four year old fuck you so good that you wake up all the neighbors with your screaming?"


Taehyung stares at him in mild repulsion.


"You really have no construct of modesty do you?"


"Why would I need that when I've got a cock like this?"


Taehyung shakes his head in disgust, brows creased and slight frown marring his features. Jeongguk laughs, pressing a ghost of a kiss against the other's sweaty temple before wrapping an arm closely around his waist. They bask in silence for a few minutes, the steady pattern of their breathing offsetting each other's as they remain molded together.


"Hey," Jeongguk suddenly utters into the quiet. "I have something for you."


There's something almost apprehensive coloring the other's words as he shifts towards the upper drawer of his dresser and it piques his curiosity.


The younger retrieves a small wooden box, cherry oak (his favorite, it looks so enthralling in the midst of a blaze), before handing it over hesitantly and it's such a strange phenomenon to Taehyung who's so accustomed to the innumerable vain and playful guises of the other.


Hardly does he witness him looking somewhat, unsettled, for lack of a better word.


"Open it." The younger orders gently when Taehyung merely stares at the box blankly. He's slightly thrown off by the apparent gift, but also strangely- flattered, he thinks?


So he does just that, flipping around the little switch attached to the bottom of the box before opening it.


It takes a moment for him to register exactly what it is he's looking at, but when he does, his heart just about skids to a halt in his chest.


He stares, immobilized, and this seems to make Jeongguk more restless because he suddenly clears his throat, spewing off some details about where he bought it and how he doesn't have to keep it if he doesn't want to but all Taehyung can fixate on is the silver, rectangular lighter resting in the midst of satin lining.


He plucks it from where it was situated, turning it around in his fingers and all the meanwhile, the other continues to stare at him intensely, awaiting his reaction.


It's... mesmerizing.


Suddenly, Taehyung catches the small engraving along the lower left corner of the Zippo and he's ashamed to admit that it quite possibly makes his heart stutter and then kickstart in his chest. Foolish thing, he thinks.


So easily led astray.


He eyes the three letters intently, feeling a strange kind of sensation suffusing within his chest and slowly overriding his good sense of reason and collectedness.




"Do you like it?"


The other's terse voice cuts through the silence, tone layered with uncertainty and his brows furrowed in the center and Taehyung-


He doesn't have a sufficient response for him besides Yeah, I do. I really do.


But he always strays from honesty, because that equates to vulnerability, two things that he's still not entirely comfortable with.


"Jeon Jeongguk," He deflects instead, plastering a rather lecherous grin as he wriggles his eyebrows suggestively. "Are you trying to woo me?"


The other's features lax and he hides a breath of relief over the fact that the other seems permissive of his cunning redirection. An equally smug smile surfaces along the canvas of the other's face as he returns his inquiry with one of his own.


"That depends, is it working?"


Taehyung smirks, fingers tightening instinctively around the cold exterior of the lighter and already feeling a strange sort of affinity for it.


It's because it looks expensive, he tells himself.


There's no ulterior motive behind it.


(At least- not one he'd readily admit to).


"Mmm," His lethargic drawl permeates the air as he gazes at the other with a playful glint lurking in his eyes. "Make me come again, and we'll talk about it."


Jeongguk's lips quirk, smile feral, before he's back on the other immediately, paying heed to the tender gash along his thighs as he pins him roughly against the bed.


Suffice to say, Taehyung voices no further objections after that.


Taehyung's lips twitch at the memory, before he reprimands himself for turning soft like a fucking spent dick. He's not fucking thirteen, he's past the starry-eyed, idealistic stage.


He traces over the engraving of his initials with a thoughtful gaze.


When he had asked the younger later on why he had decided to gift him this of all things, he had merely pulled him close and told him that if they were going to light the world up together, he might as well do it with something a little more luxurious than one of those cheap ass $2 lighters from the gas station because, standards.


Taehyung had glanced at him blankly but the other had merely looked on with a private smile and something wild whipping around in those midnight orbs.


It had sent a chill up his spine in the most pleasant way.


He flicks open the cap, watching a tangerine blaze come to life.


He smiles.


He and Jeongguk-


They could set the world on fire.




Jeongguk's apartment is, nice, he supposes.


His bedroom-


Also pretty nice, he thinks passingly, as he fucks the other doggy style against the edge of the bed, one hand entwined in soft raven strands and the other crammed in his mouth as a hot tongue curls around his fingers obscenely.


Yeah, pretty damn nice he'd say.


After Jeongguk had dropped him off that night and he'd finally settled back into his apartment- after an incredibly languorous and agonizing trek up- he'd practically collapsed against his bed, still dressed and covered in sweat, cum, and his blood.


He had lain awake, unable to attain sleep as he continued to replay Jeongguk's words in his mind. It wasn't until it had neared midnight when he heard a soft ping from his phone and glanced at the screen, only to stare curiously at the unknown sequence of digits.


He slid his phone open-


He really needed to put a lock on it again sometime soon.


When he read over the contents, he decided, yeah, he definitely needed to do that.


The message had consisted of an address, date and time.


(Saturday, 8pm)


Is he out of his fucking mind? That's two days away, is he trying to rip my asshole apart?


That actually wasn't too terrible of a thought, but-


He had known who the sender was right away, after scrolling towards the end of the text and reading the little blip at the bottom. He had scoffed at the self-serving excerpt.


-Jeongguk, most memorable fuck of your life ;)


How could one person be so incredibly annoying and conceited?


He stared at the text unblinkingly. The other must have gotten to it when he had offered to go back to the bathroom to fetch it for him after he realized it wasn't in the slits of his jeans. Taehyung would have gone, but well, he literally felt like there were thorns in his ass so that was a no-go.


In retrospect, he probably should have just gone back for it on his own anyways, fucking ass pain be damned.


That was why he needed a goddamn lock on his phone.


The sneaky bastard.


Regardless, that's currently how Taehyung ended up in this current predicament-


Although, that's a bit harsh. He supposes being buried inside the other's pretty ass isn't exactly what he'd call a predicament.


"Mmnph," The other moans lewdly around his fingers, whimpering when Taehyung suddenly grinds his hips harshly against his ass, jostling them both.


Taehyung bites back a growl of frustration before he fucks the other harder, fingers clenching around tufts of the other's hair and propelling his hips forward, drawing tortured noises from the male beneath him.


"Fuck." He grits, feeling Jeongguk tightening around him as he slides in vigorously, watching his cock slide in and out of that clenching hole and while it's still a heady experience, Taehyung-


He finds himself eagerly chasing something that he can't seem to put a face on, like he's trying to compensate for an omission of something else by pounding the other aggressively into the bed.


He slips his fingers out of the other's mouth, ignoring the soft mewls of protest as he shoves his head roughly against the mattress before sinking in at a new angle and the raven haired male stutters beneath him.


"Oh, fuck-" Jeongguk cries feebly, pressing his ass against the other's hips as he ruts into his prostate with every thrust. His nails sinks into the mattress as he bites down on the sheets to muffle his groans because while he may have let the other fuck him, he still has his ego to maintain. "Shit baby, go deeper-"


Well, for the most part.


Don't get him wrong though. While Taehyung's cock is nice- long and thick as hell, and damn did it fucking hurt going in- he knows he can fuck the other better, can make him tremble and hurt like no one else and it's only a matter of time before he arrives at this conclusion as well.


Jeongguk might enjoy his cock, but he knows Taehyung looks better taking his.


Doesn't mean he can't appreciate this minor experiment conducted as the other eventually comes to that realization by his own volition. Plus, the brunet really is getting in deep- hard- and the continuous friction against his sweet spot is nothing short of scrumptious.


Taehyung's hands move down to encircle those hips with bruising force, wrenching the other back and making him take his cock fully as his balls slap loudly against his ass and it makes him groan in both delight and peevishness because somehow it's still not enough.


There's a simmer beneath his veins that doesn't seem to be mitigating, merely setting him more on edge as he snaps his hips deliriously, causing the other to cry out before his back arches enticingly.


"Mmm- oh, Tae, harder." He hisses around a mouthful of sheets and he's sure he must look quite the sight now, face mashed against the bed as he takes the other's cock eagerly.


Taehyung complies, ramming his cock so voraciously inside his ass that Jeongguk's sturdy frame fucking slides up the bed, broken cries emitted as that tight heat grips him painfully, making the drive inside that much more laborious.


"Fuck, g-gonna come." He stammers around a handful of silk, frame wracked with tremors as he senses his oncoming climax. "Oh Go-" The rest of his words dissipate when he feels the other pull his ass flush against his pelvic bone, gyrating his hips so erotically that it makes him fucking tremble all over, fisting the sheets so violently he's afraid he might have actually torn through them.


"Baby, make me come," He cries, stiffening as the other nails him into his bed with renewed vigor, that large hand finding purchase within his locks once more as he presses his face down callously and Jeongguk moans around the plush surface of his mattress. "Fuck, c-coming." He wheezes, balls tightening and stomach flaring into an inferno before he abruptly jerks and spills all over ivory sheets.


"Fuck, oh fuck, shit." He gasps, body quivering as the other continues hammering into him without pause, making him wail at the sensitivity as his upper torso caves into the bed. He hears the other groan deeply behind him and fuck, if that isn't hot as the devil. That husky baritone does things to him and he briefly considers how raspy he can get the other's voice to sound while he defiles his mouth.


Taehyung can feel his climax sneaking up on him, abdomen tensing and movements turning jagged as he grips the other's flesh so hard he's sure it'll bruise. Guttural sounds are pushed from the depths of his chest and he yanks the other brutishly against his hips as he comes hard inside his ass, frame quivering as his orgasm crashes into him.


"Fuck," He swears, panting heavily as he pitches forward, pressing his forehead against the other's sweaty back while his hips jerk against the other's ass. He holds Jeongguk close, making sure to keep him in place as his cock twitches with the lingering pulses of his orgasm. He rolls his hips steadily, shuddering when the other inadvertently clenches around him and he groans against perspired skin.


Jeongguk whimpers at the sensation of the other's cock stuffed inside him and making him feel so full, feeling hot spurts of cum fill his ass as he emits breathy sighs against abused sheets.


Taehyung's shoulders heave with exertion as he cages the other with his frame, filling him to the brim and he can feel some of his seed dripping down the sides of his cock as he shifts, evoking a strangled groan from bruised lips. He traces a hand along the other's tailbone, grinning at the faint shivers rolling off his frame. He circles his hips once more, balls smashed tightly against the other's swollen rim before he finally pulls out, translucent trails of white gushing from his clenching hole before seeping down the span of his legs.


Jeongguk groans at the loss of the other's wide girth inside him, mind still muddled as he slowly comes down from his high. He feels the other flop onto the space besides him before he lets out a sated noise.


"So this is what it feels like," He drawls after an extended moment, shifting as he feels the other's slick slide down the length of his thighs before forming a sticky puddle amidst his sheets.


Taehyung turns to him, brow quirked in a silent inquiry.


"Didn't think it'd be this pleasant having someone blow their load in my ass."


Taehyung chokes.


"What the fuck-"


Jeongguk chortles, taking in the other's flustered expression.


"Bet I look pretty, don't I?" He ribs, because watching the other fumble for words is entertaining and he's all about that enriched life. "With your cum dripping down my thighs."


"Your mouth needs a fucking deadbolt." Taehyung gripes, ears tinged scarlet.


Jeongguk laughs, curling towards the other before slinging an arm around his lithe waist, disregarding the slight ache in his ass as he does so.


"Aww, getting shy on me, pretty baby?"


"Go fuck yourself."


"That- would not be nearly as enjoyable." Jeongguk deliberates seriously, turning a lazy smirk on him. "I'd rather fuck you to be honest."


Taehyung scowls, ignoring the warmth emanating from the other's fingertips.


"Yeah, well, we don't always get what we want, now do we?" He grumbles tersely, shifting in his restlessness because there's something still roiling beneath his skin- unsettling and making him that much more prone to snappish remarks.


The other's fingers pinch his sides harshly and his breath hitches at the slight jolt of discomfort.


"You're getting mouthy again." There's something about the other's cadence that rattles and situates him at the same time, the humor slipping out of his tone as piercing eyes stare into his own critically. He tries not to cow away, eyes flitting away by instinct.


He swallows effortfully, feeling the heat beneath his veins spread through his epidermis and it makes him so fucking edgy- disarrayed.


He's dissatisfied and maybe feeling more than a little unfulfilled, but he can't pinpoint why. It's like he's missing something, like he's still waiting for it to manifest and until it does, he'll continue to stew in his own discomfort.


Taehyung feels misplaced in his own skin and it makes him fidget uncomfortably, temper flaring up as he urges himself to breathe steadily through his nose.


"What's the matter, baby?" The other's rich timbre caresses his lobe and he attempts to hang onto that, but it's proving to be a task as he shifts beneath the other's arms. "You seem awfully restless."


There's something not quite right about the other's tone and Taehyung is immediately on high alert. There's something lurking underneath- far too knowing and insidious to be a mere coincidence and when he glances up to counter the other's heated stare, he concludes that Jeongguk perhaps understands something that he's only started to touch the surface of.


And judging by the flagitious gleam in those jet black irises, he's merely waiting for him to come to that revelation on his own terms.


Taehyung has an inkling, but it's not set in stone.


He thinks he might have an idea as to what has him wound up like this, the missing piece in this equation, but he's far too proud to admit it. And he refuses to give Jeongguk the satisfaction of hearing him ask for it.


Not tonight, at least.


But he has something else, something that just might reap the same results without him having to jeopardize his dignity at the moment.




He has a theory. He wants to test it out.


The seed was initially planted the second night they came together, when Taehyung had returned to the club with only half-hopes that the other would be there. He hadn't spotted him upon arrival and had made his way towards the bar in lieu of going through the effort of seeking him out, ordering another beer as he tried his best to ignore the niggling sensation in his gut at the other's evident absence.


He refused to admit it was anything akin to disappointment.


That would have been absurd.


He sips on his beer silently, features void of sentiment as his eyes involuntarily scan the dimly lit area of the bad. He berates himself immediately, directing his gaze towards the bottle in hand and avoiding glancing up altogether.


That is, until he senses someone plop into the seat beside him.


He braces himself for a recurrence of the other night, with some drunkard radiating with creeper-vibes but when he steals a glance reluctantly he's pleasantly surprised at what he finds instead.


His eyes trail appreciatively over the other's seemingly defined stature, donned in a leather jacket with his ebony hair slightly tousled and framing his features nicely. An attractive and slightly boyish smile complements large, playful orbs and Taehyung is perhaps slightly charmed.


Perhaps another distraction is all he needs to erase the memories from his mind.


(Even if the thought doesn't sit too well with him for some reason).


Taehyung soon learns the other's name- Minho- and is surprised to discover how easily conversation flows, the other even more charming in person and it's comfortable, if somewhat vapid.


He dismisses that minor detail however, along with the intrusive thoughts which continuously draw comparisons within his mind-


Thoughts like 'not presumptuous enough' and 'too safe, doesn't make your blood simmer like someone else you know.'


He swats them away, accepting Minho's offer for another drink before the other leans in just a little too close, posing some suggestion about whether he wants to get out of here and Taehyung has an answer crafted on the tip of the tongue- oh, he certainly does.


But before he can voice his thoughts aloud, he suddenly feels a looming presence to his right, a strong arm curling tightly around his waist and a vaguely familiar muskiness wafting beneath his nose. He doesn't need to look to know who it belongs to.


"He's gonna have to pass you up on that offer," That deep drawl fills in the sudden tension lingering in the air, something baleful ensconcing his tone as Taehyung feels those fingers dig fiercely into his sides. "Aren't you, babe?"


His mouth turns into cotton and he can only nod robotically, partially taken aback and partially dazed by the other's sudden appearance.


"Thanks for keeping him company though."




There's nothing about that sentence that sounds even remotely appreciative. But it's fascinating to witness nonetheless because while there might not be anything openly threatening to his words, there's an undercurrent of something almost minacious belying his tone and Taehyung is forthcoming enough with himself to admit that it certainly does something to him.


Does that make him bad?


If so, he doesn't think he cares to be good all that often.




Funny. Taehyung had nearly forgotten about his existence altogether, so lost in the murky veil of the other's gaze and the unusual duskiness clouding his stony features as he regards Minho with a cool smile.


Taehyung almost titters in his delectation, so enraptured by the scene unfolding before him and thoroughly entertained by the visible tenseness to the other's jaw, something vaguely aggressive within his stance as he continues to stare down the other. He takes it all in with deciphering eyes and a twinge of pride as the other maintains that bruising grip around his waist.


It's, gratifying.


"Ah," He hears Minho utter somewhat awkwardly and Taehyung would feel bad for him, truly, but it's just a little too rousing watching him squirm- witnessing the fire brimming beneath the other's eyes as he purposefully extends an arm out to dance across Minho's hard chest.


"I'm really sorry about this."


He doesn't think he sounds all that sorry.


"Maybe another time?"


Long fingers furl around his hips, sinking into his flesh cruelly and he swallows a moan at the sudden twinge.


"Yeah," Minho answers somewhat uneasily, easy grin faltering as he glances between them before offering a small smile in Taehyung's direction, seemingly avoiding the potent stare emanating from the other male. "Maybe next time."


Oh, I doubt it, Taehyung thinks but plasters a coy smile nonetheless.


"It was lovely talking to you, Minho-ah." He purposefully draws out the other's name with a teasing lilt, feeling the male (he can't for the life of him recall his name) besides him tense almost imperceptibly. "Thank you for the company." He utters with just a trickle of sensuality and he notices the way Minho's eyes darken a smidgen, right before that grip around his frame turns bruising.


"Same." The other male returns quietly, still eyeing Taehyung with hungry intent and it isn't until- Joonho? Jeonghan?- releases an almost inaudible growl by his side that the other seems to realize he may have overstayed his welcome.


Taehyung throws Minho a sly smile, wriggling his fingers playfully in a short wave as the other stands before leaving, shooting one final loaded gaze in his direction and Taehyung purposively worries his lower lip coyly, suspecting the reaction it'd instigate from the male beside him.


He tries not to let his contentment manifest, merely turning towards the other with a raised brow and indifferent expression even while he preens on the inside.


Oh, the other is simply too easy to toy with.


So simple minded and driven purely by instinct.


Those are always the most fun to watch as they come apart by their own doing.


There's something calamitous brewing within the other's features and Taehyung finds himself drawn to it- the unrestrained fury not unlike the expansive mass of his flames as they quickly consume all available oxygen within their surroundings.


The other reminds him a bit of a growing wildfire right now, and Taehyung-


He quite likes that.


"'Maybe another time?'" The other echoes lowly and Taehyung has to hide a smirk. "Oh darling, that was awful of you to string the poor guy along like that." Those fingers curl around his waist with pressure and his throat catches. "You and I both know there won't be a next time."


Taehyung frowns.


"You sound rather sure of yourself." He returns, slight bite to his tone because he's no one's possession and if there's one thing that grates on his nerves, it's being told what to do. "Besides, you were the one being positively awful towards Minho-ah, scaring him off like that when he and I were having such a lovely time."


Jeongguk's jaw ticks and Taehyung revels in it all.


"You know," Taehyung whispers sensuously against soft lips as he leans in, purposely antagonizing him because it's tickling watching the other struggle to rein in his temper. "His chest was so hard when I touched him. Would have felt so nice beneath my fingertips as I sat on top of him."


He tries not to let the surprise show on his face when he's suddenly yanked off the stool, nearly dropping his beer in the process as the other pulls him flush against his hips, fingers bruising and dark utterances coiling erotically around his ear as he suppresses a shudder.


"Looks like you'll never find out now, will you baby?" He mutters imposingly against his lobe and Taehyung isn't affected- he really isn't- but the way the other is holding onto him so closely while he traces his nose behind his ear is far too distracting. "He'll never know what you look like underneath or above him."


Taehyung hums, tilting his neck as he tries not to dwell upon his reasons for allowing someone he's only met twice to handle him like this.


"Are you sure about that?" He goads, hot breaths caressing the other's ear. "Maybe I want to find out. Wanna know what face he makes while I take his cock, wanna find out if he can make me scream."


Taehyung wants to laugh when something sinister flashes across the other's eyes and oh, isn't that grand.


"It's so hard to make me scream, you know. But Minho-ah, he looks like he could do it so, so well."


Taehyung really isn't this vitriolic normally, but something about the other seems to draw out the most unbecoming characteristics within him.


Or perhaps they were inherent qualities that he had just tried so hard to quash, wanting to be the picture perfect boyfriend for Hoseok that he nearly forgot who he was underneath all those imposed layers.


Jeongguk's eyes flicker with something malicious before his mien goes eerily blank and the stark contrast incites a shiver.


Isn't this swell.


"Yeah?" Pillowy lips brush lightly over his own and there's something provocative and so dangerous about it that he wants nothing more than to see how far he can push the other to his limits. And then maybe push a little more. "You think he can make you scream for him?" Nimble fingers find their way beneath his tee, tracing the lines of his abdomen gently and it makes his belly flare with heat.


Sharp nails suddenly pierce the ridges of his muscle and he jerks, biting back a groan because they're still in public and anyone could see them. Hell, they probably already have. The other's not exactly trying for subtle.


"Cause I know he can't." The other whispers loweringly against his ear, digging his nails further into his flesh and Taehyung has to fight back a gasp of pain. "Not like I can. No one can make you scream like me."


Taehyung gnaws at the insides of his cheeks when those fingers sink deeper and he's almost certain the other's broken skin.


"I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion." He forces out evenly, ignoring the steady burn below as he gazes into those eyes dispassionately.


A soft tut against his mouth before the other scratches at his tender flesh warningly.


"You're testing my patience, love."


Taehyung grins, bringing the bottle back his lips before taking a long sip, eyes never leaving the other's as he does so. He swirls his tongue around the rim before carefully bringing it back down, enjoying the way the other follows the movements with sharp eyes.


"Yeah?" He chuckles while peering up at the other knowingly, demeanor recalcitrant. "What are you gonna do about it?"


The other smiles, something wicked pulling at the edges, and perhaps this is Taehyung's cue to submit to the intimidation, but he misses it entirely.


"Oh, don't worry baby, you'll find out soon enough."


And that, he certainly does.


Taehyung grins at the memory, feeling more than a little pleased with himself as he feels the other's heavy gaze settle upon him.


Yes, he'd certainly like to test out that theory indeed.


A strange mix of weariness and anticipation coalesces within his stomach, and he meets the other's expectant gaze without err.


He mindfully adopts a somewhat docile demeanor, knowing he'd pull off the penitent façade much better this way.


"There's, something you should know." He bites down on his tongue to prevent a smile from forming. "I probably should have told you that first night."


Jeongguk gazes at him searchingly, eyes observant and brows pinched as he takes in the repentant air drifting from the other.


"What is it?"


Taehyung glances at the other through his lashes, and boy, is he playing this up a tad too much but he can't help it. It sets his blood aflame and he already knows he has such a weakness for all things fire.


"I might not be quite as... available as I initially made myself out to be."


Jeongguk stiffens beside him, arm curling just a fraction tighter around his midsection as his face darkens.


"And what exactly are you implying, babe?" He whispers, words bearing a hint of a threat and Taehyung can already envision the other curled around the width of his pretty little fingers.


"Do you really want to know?" He poses with feigned diffidence. "About how you're not the only one that gives it to me good in the middle of the night?"


The tension that promptly eclipses the other's frame is nearly tangible and Taehyung bathes in it.


"Why do you think I wanted to fuck you tonight?" He relays lightly, aiming to provoke and judging by the way Jeongguk intakes sharply, muscles of his jaw tightening and something malignant overshadowing his pupils, he thinks he just might have succeeded. The revelation is delightful.


"He fucked me open with his fingers before I came here. Made me come so hard all over the sheets- made me hurt so good, I almost couldn't make it to your place."


That's definitely an exaggeration- Hoseok's fingers might be phenomenal but his ass was aching long before his lover slipped them inside him.


He doesn't tell him that it was mainly a result of how hard Jeongguk had fucked him two nights ago. That would defeat the purpose of his little exploitation here, and there's no way he's going to beg the other to give him what he wants- not when he's already so goddamn bigheaded all the time- but he can hopefully mold the situation to his liking.


He crushes a self-satisfied leer, regarding the other with a contrite look and it's fucking golden how quickly he eats it all up.


Little boys with big egos are the best kinds to rile up.


"Can still feel him," The other's arms encircle his frame so tightly he's afraid he might actually crush him beneath that impressive strength. "The way his fingers felt crammed inside me and rubbing so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. It was so good."


There's a weighted silence before the other's controlled voice severs it.


"Is that so?" Jeongguk suddenly murmurs at a louring pitch, the vacancy to his expression frightening but it's the imminent threat beneath which has Taehyung's respirations skittering.


"Yeah." He edges out, trying to maintain that level of demureness.


"How good?" Jeongguk prompts impassively, but Taehyung isn't fooled. "Tell me how good he gives it to you."




"I said-" He enunciates, tone delving into something ominous as sable orbs reflect a deep seated ire. It causes a coil of lust to wrap around his spine. "Tell me how good he gives it to you, baby." A firm hand seizes his jaw and the clutch is uncomfortable but Taehyung secretly revels in the flux of pain. "I wanna hear it from your pretty lips."


He swallows, mouth opening and closing before he deigns to answer reticently. "Really good," He murmurs like he's treading on thin ice and there's something rousing about toeing the edge like this, caution thrown to the wind and dangling across the ledge of something unknown and potentially hazardous but persisting anyways because there's something inherently gratifying about dipping headfirst into danger.


Like he said, he's always liked danger a little too much.


"Knows just where to press to make me squirm." He continues shakily, feeling the other's fingers trace tantalizingly across his hard stomach before he brings his hand back and delivers a harsh smack. The contact creates a deafening sound and he tries not to cry at the wondrous conglomeration of pain and lust.


"Keep going."


He sounds angry- oh, he sounds so angry and it makes his cock stir because this is what he wanted, is it not? He just didn't have the will to ask for it.




"Don't make me fucking repeat myself, sweetheart." He seethes, tone descending into something baleful and he bites back a moan when the other lands another brutal strike against his skin. "Turn around."


Taehyung relents unthinkingly, body moving of its own accord as he rolls over so he's flat on his stomach, back arching as the other runs a misleadingly gentle hand down his spine before settling across the dip of his tailbone- along the plush curve of his cheeks- and bringing it down callously. He stifles a whimper at the sharp sting.


"Do you think about him when I'm inside you?" He presses coldly, words harsh and devoid of warmth. Taehyung swallows a husky groan.


That hand comes back to grip his jaw callously as he feels Jeongguk rub his cock along the crease of his ass and his fist clenches around the material of the other's sheets, body thrumming with anticipation.


"Think about his cock as you're taking mine?"




Not once, if he's being quite honest, but Taehyung will never allow himself to be that upfront aloud.


He hears the other bark out a laugh, but it's jarring and unnatural and it sends his nerves into a frenzy.


"No, you don't, do you sweet baby?" Jeongguk whispers assuredly, voice taking on a tinge of its usual smugness but this time it's loaded with something far more aggressive. "Because otherwise you wouldn't be back here, so willing and ready to take my cock each time."


Taehyung's mouth is absolutely parched.


"Because he can't give it to you like I can, can't make you writhe or ache like I do. I bet you think about me while he's inside you, wish I was the one fucking you so hard into the bed that you can only lay there and take it while you're sobbing all over the sheets for me."


The other sounds so sure- so fucking confident- and it pisses him off a great deal but it's not entirely inaccurate.


"He's nothing compared to me. Bet he can't even make you come the way you like, the way you deserve baby. Can't make you hurt- bleed- like I do, and now,"


Taehyung waits with bated breath, feeling the other tease the tip of his cock along his entrance and he holds back a whimper because everything around that area is still sensitive.


"I'm gonna fuck you so good- so much better than your little joke of a boyfriend ever will." He breathes, words layered with a dark promise. "You won't be able to take his cock without seeing me every time you close your eyes."


"You hold far too flattering an opinion of yourself." Taehyung's tone is dripping with hostility. "I'll believe it when I see it, sugar cakes." He adds mockingly, throwing a challenging glare over his shoulder and Jeongguk lets out a laugh that lingers on the side of daunting.


He's always loved a good challenge.


Jeongguk fucks him so hard, his fingers scramble for the sides of the bed in his delirium. Taehyung has to smash his face against the pillows to muffle his screams as he pounds into him and makes him hurt- God, he makes him hurt so thoroughly he can't move for a good 20 minutes afterwards, frame quivering incessantly above scarlet stained sheets.




Jeongguk gives it to him so good he bleeds all over the sheets, tears staining his cheeks as he shakes through the excruciating pain, the other's frame hovering over his own as he peppers reassuring kisses along his back.


When he finally drifts back down to the present, curling away from the pool of blood and cum underneath his skin, he slowly begins to realize that the itch that was prevalent beneath his veins earlier is no longer existent.




Taehyung returns to the other's bedroom, sparing a glance at his lover still bound and unconscious before approaching with subtle grace to his movements.


He perches himself on the edge of the other's bed, staring into the other's unperturbed features with interest. The other always did have some of the prettiest lips.


Almost as pretty as Jeongguk's.


He reaches a hand out, fingers brushing over those soft, tinted lips with something like veneration. He cups the other's face gently in his hands, brushing his fingers over the swell of his cheeks with care.


He almost feels regretful about what he has to do, but it's a necessary cause he tells himself.


The other enabled him.


Now he's only living up to the potential he made possible.




Taehyung first becomes suspect to Jeongguk's... inclinations, when the other has him bound to the bed and blindfolded, raucous breaths pouring from him as his heart pounds erratically within his ribcage.


He's ready to protest as he feels that steady presence recede before the other whispers soothingly against his lobe.


"Do you trust me?"


And it's an odd question, because trust is such a fickle thing and it's incongruent with physicality, but something about the way he poses the question is striking.


He doesn't know.


At least, that's what the rational part of him maintains because aside from sex, they haven't ever really had the means to delve into that aspect of their association.


The carnal part of him that's currently restricted and at the other's mercy whispers something different altogether and it's that piece which currently prevails because in this rather exposed state and even more vulnerable frame of mind, he finds that he only knows how to latch onto the comfort of the other, entrusting his body as well as his faith that he'll take care of him in every sense of the word.


Taehyung doesn't like to dwell on abstract concepts like trust and intimacy, but he finds an answer dangling on the tip of his tongue unbeknownst to him.


He breathes, swallows evenly.




Perhaps he can call it a leap of faith.


He's not certain, but he thinks he might hear the other release a sigh of relief above him.




The other's weight leaves the mattress, quickly followed by the familiar sound of a drawer opening and Taehyung's heart rate picks up, the enveloping darkness heightening his senses and making him even more alert (sensitive) to his surroundings.


He waits with trepidation.


He feels the mattress dip once more, that strangely comforting presence hovering above him again as the other's arms come to cage him on both sides.


"Want you to feel it baby, let your mind guide you." Jeongguk coos gently, swiping his tongue across his ear and inciting a shiver. "Color?"


Taehyung's throat is blocked with an influx of emotions.


"Green." He exhales in a rush, the anticipation seeping into his veins and making him antsy as he tugs inadvertently on his restraints. He's just aching for the other to touch him again, to make him ache in some way. Whether it's with his cock or his hands tonight, he has no preference.


"And if it's too much?" The other probes, stilling above him as he awaits his response.


Taehyung nearly groans because they've fucking been through this so many times before and he doesn't understand why the other still needs to be so goddamn aggravating and persistent with the interrogations. He's pretty sure they're both habituated with the routine by now and the other's purposefully trying to piss him off.


"Red." It's just short of a growl. "Fuck, Jeongguk, I know already just hurry up- c'mon."


That results in a harsh slap across his thigh and he unwittingly arches at the unexpected sting.


"What did I say about your tone, baby doll?" He admonishes, and Taehyung buries the caustic retort.


Something about the evident disapproval in his tone makes him cower and he tries to diminish the growing discomfort pervading his larynx. He knows the other hates when he gets audacious- nearly as much as Taehyung hates when he tries to exert his assertiveness over him, but there's a compromise to be had if he wishes to reap certain benefits and he's cognizant of this fact.


Doesn't make it any easier to withhold his fucking ego while relinquishing pieces of his control, however. It goes against everything in his nature and there's still a psychological component involved which prevents him from fully submitting, but he's convinced Jeongguk's dead set on drilling the resistance right out of him (quite literally).


Taehyung's seething on the inside, but he realizes that if he wants particular desires fulfilled, he needs to offer something in exchange.


His obedience.


And fuck, if that doesn't get under his skin and make him grit his teeth in fury- but he also knows the kinds of glorious results that can bring and he finds that tends to override his intransigence. So he consciously tamps down on the inclination to defy and answers in a subdued voice instead.


"That I need to watch it."


He hears the other make a sound of agreement, and his vision is still obscured by the obstruction around his eyes but he feels Jeongguk shift gracefully.


"That's right. But you're pushing your limits now, aren't you sweetheart?"


Taehyung consciously refrains from arguing.


"If you want me to give you what you want, I need you to be good and not fight me every step of the way. Can you do that for me, baby?"


Taehyung breathes harshly through his nose, fists clenched from where they're tightly bound.


"Yeah." He answers somewhat reluctantly, but it appears to be sufficient for the other if the quiet sound of approval is any indication.


"Wonderful." Breathes the other against his ear. "Want you to lay back and let me take care of you. I'm gonna work you up to three tiers."


Taehyung nods, feeling the expectation brewing.


"You'll tell me if it gets too much, won't you?"


It sounds rhetorical to his ears but he murmurs his assent regardless.


"Good. Knew you'd be perfect for me, baby."


Taehyung's breath suspends itself at the acknowledgment and he despises it.


"Stay still for me."


Taehyung complies, nerves combusting around the edges when the other scoots closer before leaning down so he can feel heated exhales fan his chest. It's distracting.


He nearly lurches out of his skin when he detects a gentle scrape along the valleys of pectoral muscle, not painful in any way, but the sensation is so foreign and unanticipated that he startles all the same.


Jeongguk continues tracing the edge of his credit card along the ridges of hard muscle and he grins at the sudden rise and fall of that chest.




Taehyung nods dumbly, stunned by his own reaction- by how viscerally he's reacting to this, the mapping of something rough along his sensitive flesh and it makes his body heat up in the most inexplicable way.


When Jeongguk drags the object with slightly more force across his breastbone and down the slopes of his tummy, he releases a strangled moan.


Mild laughter surrounds his ears.


"You sure are enjoying this, aren't you princess?"


Taehyung gnaws at his lip to inhibit himself from saying anything compromising- making admissions he knows he'll come to regret when he's in a more lucid state of mind. Jeongguk runs the object back and forth across his abdominal muscles, making him pull at his restraints before it drifts down towards the top of his thigh.


It scratches at his skin wondrously, turning supple flesh tender and he stomps on the noises threatening to surface.


He never fathomed that he would have enjoyed anything like this, but the licks of heat in the pits of his belly and the stirring in his groin tell him otherwise.


"Do you want the next one now?"


Taehyung nearly trips over his words trying to voice his assent.




"How do you ask?"


Taehyung grimaces, certain he'd be boring holes into the other if he still could.


"Please." He mutters tersely. "Please give me another one."


He feels Jeongguk stir above him, seemingly reaching for something as his bedside before he settles back in place.


"Since you asked so nicely."


Piece of horse shit.


The next touch throws him off guard, serrated edges scraping along his arm before caressing the area below his bound wrists. A tremor dances up his spine at the jarring sensation.




"How are you doing, angel?" The other's gravelly voice lulls him and he finds himself laxing despite the persisting traces along the sensitive areas of his arm.


"Good." He manages strenuously, ignoring the pleasurable shocks throughout his system at every bit of pressure applied, the edges running across his biceps and irritating the skin there as they dig into his flesh infinitesimally.


His back arches elegantly off the mattress, mind chaotic as he attempts to make sense of the grappling sensation.


It feels like a knife.


Not sharp enough to create incisions without a considerable amount of force but enough to inflame the areas of his epidermis it touches.


Something like a butter knife, he thinks.


The prospect should rattle him, fill him with a sense of dread as his mind shuffles through all the possible scenarios where something goes wrong. He knows blades are nothing to fucked with, for one nick in the wrong area could leave him bleeding out. He should be terrified.


For some reason, he feels the opposite.


It's a little too much but not at the same time. It's a strange experience-


The physical and psychological elements fusing together and rendering him a nearly unresponsive mess as the other continues teasing him with the tip of the knife. He doesn't realize that he's trembling on the spot, that he's suddenly aching for release.


He feels the blade move towards the outer lining of his stomach and he tenses, sparks of lust riding up his spine as the other traces patterns along his flesh, digging the serrated edges in periodically and making him gasp at the sting.


"Oh, Tae," The other's voice sounds ragged, hints of desire thickening his tone and it makes him feel strangely settled, knowing he's not the only one thrown out of kilter. "Wish you could see yourself like this. So fucking stunning."


Taehyung winces at a particularly harsh scrape along his sides, fingers forming crescents along his palms as the other proceeds to drag the knife past his hip bones and across the inner area of his thighs.


He quivers at the contact because his thighs have always been an area of sensitivity and Jeongguk knows that, going by the pleased noises coming from the other as that heady sensation along his flesh is prolonged.


"Jeongguk, please." He utters unthinkingly and he doesn't even know what he wants anymore but he does- of course he does- even if he's having difficulties articulating that at the present moment.


The ministrations cease and Taehyung can't tell if he's disappointed or not.


(He is).


"What is it, sweet?"


His ears are ringing and his mouth moves by its own volition, he swears.


"Please give me the last one."


He feels the other still and God, a part of him wishes that he could take this fucking blindfold off because he just wants to see, but the other part is reveling in this temporary obstruction merely because it heightens his senses and makes the experience far more intense.


He's at a standstill.


Jeongguk stares down at the other thoughtfully, considering whether or not he thinks the other can really handle it, because sometimes what Taehyung claims he wants juxtaposes with what he needs.


Thankfully he's here to help the other make that distinction.


He understands what the other needs when he says nothing at all, and he prides himself on the knowledge that no one else does. A wretched smile creeps into his lips.


No one.


He's the only one who can- the only one who could ever be good for him, giving him what he needs whenever he needs it. He understands Kim Taehyung in a way that no one will ever be able to.


Not even that pathetic excuse for his boyfriend.


How embarrassing it must be, sharing a bed with someone you know absolutely nothing about.


No, he's certain he's the only one who sees Taehyung for what he is-


So inherently flawed and sinister yet the most beautiful disaster this world has possibly known.


Underneath that misleading demeanor and veil of geniality is something far more twisted, an inclination towards madness and destruction that Jeongguk is all too familiar with. He lives through it each day and Taehyung-


If only he knew the things he'd like to do to him.


Tie him up and turn him into his personal little canvas, carving insignias and patterns into soft tissue and watching as trails of scarlet mar that beautiful skin. He shivers.


He would look absolutely otherworldly. His own fallen angel, cut up and soaked in his own blood.


His smile grows when he glances down at the other's quivering frame, coming to a decision.


"You sure you can handle it?" He teases, having already made up his mind to give the other what he wishes for. He knows exactly what Taehyung wants- knows exactly how he wants him to make him ache. "Perhaps we should just stop here, sweet baby. You've already been through quite a lot tonight."


This is true.


Because Taehyung-


The brazen little devil, had walked right into his apartment tonight still reeking of him and the other knows how much he absolutely despises that.


It's precisely because he knows that he does it, time and time again.


He was trying to piss him off, and Christ, had it worked. His vision had just about bled crimson when he tore the other's clothes off only to be met with hideous splotches of indigo lined across the jut of his hipbones, decorating the insides of strong tanned thighs. Marks he knows he hadn't left.


And the elder had merely gazed up at him with an incandescent light to his eyes and a cocky smirk in place, like he knew exactly what it was doing to Jeongguk and that had been it.


He'd tied the other up and pounded into him so thoroughly that the only sounds reverberating between them were the thuds of his frame slamming loudly against the wall along with the other's pained gasps against his ears.


Jeongguk had delighted in it all, covering those abhorrent mars with his own marks, sinking his teeth into the curve of those hips and replacing the specks of violet with even larger bruises of his own.




His mind had whispered the entire time.


And that he was. Even if he didn't know it yet.


The other's soft growl cuts through his thoughts and he refrains shaking his head. Taehyung could be such a little spitfire, constantly defying just to be difficult and because he knows how much it irritates him on a deeper level.


He's almost certain the other lives to piss him off.


But he wouldn't have it any other way.


Because the more they resist, the funner they are to break in the long run. Like a wild stallion just waiting to be tamed.


"Just give it to me." Some of that ire seeps through and Jeongguk's own patience teeters at the audaciousness. His thumbs come up to press forcefully against the other's windpipe, relishing the startled gasps wrenched from his throat.


"Baby," he whispers saccharinely, but it's so misleading. "You know that's not how you ask for things."


Taehyung's frame is sheathed in sweat, heart pounding restlessly against his chest as he attempts to regain some sense of control.




His mother would be sent to her fucking grave if she could witness the state of her son now, bound and ready to take whatever's given to him.


Thank goodness he's still her precious little boy in her eyes, as misguided as that may be.


"Give it to me, please." He stresses the last part, jaw clenched as he feels a slice of his dignity dissipate. "I can handle it."


Jeongguk smirks.


Of course you can.


Because you're so desperate for any kind of pain I can give you.


He deigns not to answer, suspecting it'd merely perpetuate the other's unease and he loves watching the other squirm in whatever fashion he can.


He reaches for his favorite-


His freshly sharpened Damascus blade encased in an authentic stag bone handle.


He runs the pad of his thumb carefully across the edge, feeling a swirl of lust grip him as he suddenly envisions how pretty it'd look slicing through the other's sun-kissed flesh. How ethereal he'd look with vermilion drenching his thighs.


He turns on the other.


"This is gonna hurt baby," he states tranquilly, tracing the bruises littering the other's thighs. "But you want that, don't you?"


The prospect of respiration is lost on him as the anticipation breaches his awareness. God, yes. He wants the other to make him hurt so thoroughly.


He will never admit to the other that he had willfully resisted the lure of lighter fluid and boxed matches in exchange for the inevitable buildup to this. On some level, he knew Jeongguk would make the wait worth it.


And he has.


"Yes, please, I-"


Jeongguk silences him with a gentle hush.


"Don't worry, pretty. I'll make you hurt just the way you like, only this time it'll be much better."


Taehyung's heart nearly malfunctions.


"I'll make you bleed out, leave my own little marks for your little boyfriend to find."


Yes please.


"Would you like that, sweetheart? Will you let me cut open your thighs? Scratch you up and paint your legs with red, will you let me make you ache the way you deserve?"


He whimpers, cock aching so hard against his belly as he attempts to buck up, only to be held down by the other's forearms.


"Words, darling."


Taehyung wants to bellow in his frustration, but that would probably earn him nothing but further disapprobation.


"Yeah, please." He utters evenly, blinking erratically in attempts to see past the encompassing darkness. "Make me bleed."


Jeongguk's irises glint with something pernicious as his chest soars with exultation. He's gonna take care of his pretty little baby so well.


"As you wish, sweet pea."


Taehyung's breath escapes him in a whoosh when he feels a gentle scratch along his thighs, but it's different from the previous one. He can sense how much sharper this feels, how much more reserved the other seems to be in his movements as he guides the knife along the slope of his thighs, not pressing hard enough yet to sever tissue. There's an impediment in his larynx that makes respiring a task.


"Are you ready, love?"


More than ready.


He nods eagerly, before realizing the other's waiting for a vocal affirmation. "Yes, I'm ready. Please."


The other hums appreciatively against his thighs, tracing his tense muscles with the tip of the blade and it makes him whinge quietly at the teasing.


His vision scintillates with a fusion of hues when he feels a searing burn against his thighs, the shock turning his mind blank for a moment as he swims through the haze of pleasure. Then the crippling pain kicks in and he gasps, body shaking violently when the other cuts a little deeper before dragging the knife down the length of his thigh.


"Oh my God." He whimpers helplessly, arms tugging at his restraints in his attempts to ease himself through the affliction.


Jeongguk watches with reverence as the other's thighs slowly ooze with russet and his cock hardens from where it's pressed harshly against the mattress. He groans.


God, he's so fucking beautiful.


"So good, baby. You're being so good for me." He appraises zealously, tone heavy with desire as he digs the tip of his blade a little deeper, nothing more than a flesh wound but it paints the edge of his knife scarlet and his thoughts suddenly turn hazy.


Taehyung shouts at the flaring pain, eyes stinging from the overwhelming stimulation as his thighs tremble unwillingly. He swallows the heaviness in his throat.


"Color?" Prompts Jeongguk, cadence rough with arousal but still surprisingly controlled.


Taehyung almost forgets how to connect two words together, so lost in his euphoria but he manages to collect some floating particles of reason.


"Green." He slurs, more sure than he's ever been of anything in his life.


He didn't think he could ever react this strongly to anything. The debilitating pain is so overwhelming, eradicating any lingering thoughts from his mind until the ache from his thigh becomes the epicenter of his focus.


It's almost as gratifying as the rush he gets while he watches objects incinerate before his very eyes.




"God- more. Green, I'm green. Jeongguk, just please. Keep going, shit."


Jeongguk nearly shudders at the sight- at the raw desperation dripping from the other's tone as he writhes so sensually against the bed it makes his thoughts scatter. He breathes in shakily, rocking the tip of his blade against the other's laceration, drawing a harrowing cry from the elder before he pulls off slowly.


Taehyung can't discern whether he wants to cry out of relief or distress at the loss, mind only registering the throbbing pain against his flesh as he feels the incision pool with something viscous.


He's so hard, it hurts and his mind is a disordered mess right now but he wants more. Wants the other to sink the blade back inside his thigh.


"Jeongguk, please." He chokes, baritone laden with emotion and he wishes he could undo it but he can't.


"I know, baby. I know," whispers Jeongguk reassuringly, rubbing circles into the supple flesh of the other's thigh as he feels the other shudder heavily below him, sensing the disquietude rolling off him in waves.


He's fully aware of what the other craves, but he's also wary of giving it to him, knowing this is the first time they've tried something like this and Taehyung isn't necessarily in the most lucid state of awareness. He's not willing to push the other too far tonight, risking his mental soundness this early on in the game.


They can get to that later on.


A distressed sound derails his train of thought and he stares down at the other's bleeding thigh before his gaze flits towards the blade gripped firmly in his palm. The tip is coated red and he inhales roughly, blinking through the mounting lust.


"Just one more, sweetheart." He affirms, leaving no room for argument in his tone even as the other begins to protest beneath him. "One more, and then we're done for tonight, alright?"


There's a period of silence, in which only the elders heavy breathing can be heard before a soft utterance drifts through the calm.




"Good boy." He presses a kiss along the inner corners of his thigh, evoking a sharp hiss as he gets awfully close to the other's leaking member. He grins.


Jeongguk grips the handle of the blade fiercely, pointing it downwards towards the other's leg before he scrapes the edges along the opposing side of his thigh.


Taehyung's legs tremble at the contact, soothed only by Jeongguk's warm hands as the younger runs his thumb gently along his skin.


He sinks the blade cautiously inside and the elder moans wantonly beneath him, wrists twisting against his constraints as his upper torso shifts restlessly against the bed.


"Fuck." His voice quavers.


Jeongguk moves the blade meticulously across his thigh, motions precise and filled with care as he creates a shallow slit along the surface of the other's tissue, riveted at the sight of carmine soon following in its wake.


His stomach pools with lust, exacerbated by the pitiful whines emanating from the other as he continues with the methodical slash across golden skin.


He applies slightly more pressure at the very end of the cut, tipping the blade forward before pushing it a tidbit harder against soft flesh. The other suddenly freezes beneath him, frame tensing considerably before he emits a strangled noise, releasing all over his chest as he shivers intensely.


Jeongguk watches, enraptured, as the other quakes so beautifully beneath him. Soft whimpers escape those raw lips and Jeongguk sets his blade aside before crawling towards the elder and pressing their mouths together fiercely.


Taehyung groans into his mouth and Jeongguk drinks up the sound greedily, slipping his tongue in swiftly as he feels the other tremble in his arms.


"Shit." He swears heatedly against the older's mouth, his own hard cock pressed against the other's stomach as he ruts against him. Seeing the other in such a disoriented state has such a potent effect on him, and he continues to rub himself against the other's torso, groaning softly at the delightful friction. "Gonna come all over you, baby. Paint your pretty skin white."


Taehyung moans softly at the feeling of the other pressed so intimately against him along with the aftershocks of his orgasm still pulsing steadily through his frame.


It doesn't take much for Jeongguk to feel the familiar tightening at the base of his shaft, growling gutturally against the other's lobe as he comes between them, shooting his load across his chest and marking him with splatters of ivory.


Taehyung groans at the sensation, skin flushed and sticky and his thigh still searing from the cuts. His heart sprints so fast within his ribcage he's sure it'll launch right out.


Jeongguk collapses against the other's desecrated chest, painting unevenly against the elder's skin before there's a grumbled noise of protest.


"Can you untie me now, you Neanderthal?"


Jeongguk snorts, entertaining the possibility of leaving the other restrained to his bed like this just for being a snappy little shit, but that probably wouldn't fly over too well with him.


"Good to know you haven't lost your delightful charm."


Taehyung attempts to knee him in the gut, only to hiss at the shooting pain bursting from his leg as he moves. His wounds are sensitive and he can feel his thighs trickling with something wet but there's also a blissful kind of high which comes from the affliction. Something intoxicating that fills his brain with endorphins and other good stuff.


"Just shut up and get this off of me. I feel like a fucking bat, poor bastards. How do they even function in the dark. Echolocation, my ass."


"You sure are chatty when you come down."


"And you're touchy as fuck, but do you hear me bitching? No."


Jeongguk jabs his side harshly, educing a rough hiss and a glare behind those blindfolds, he's sure.


"Mouthy, as well." He utters gruffly but works at the ropes around the elder's wrists, undoing the knot sluggishly, thoughts still jumbled from his high.


He eventually undoes them at both sides, the other's arms flopping harshly at his sides before he pulls off the blindfold with lazy movements.


His eyes are hazy, pupils wide as he peels the cloth away and Jeongguk suddenly finds a spot beside him, watching carefully as he respires with effort.


"Are you ok?" He murmurs cautiously, fingers finding purchase along his thighs before tracing tenderly over his gashes, staining them red.


Taehyung moans softly at the pain, wounds burning at the touch and the area more than a little sensitive altogether.


"M'fine." He grouses.


Jeongguk's hand finds it way around the other's waist, pulling him close as he traces bloodied fingers along his back in soothing motions.


"Are you sure?" He prods with a dose of something that could almost be interpreted as concern, if only he were capable of such folly.


Taehyung's gaze flicks towards the younger's, flitting away immediately when he's confronted with a strange whirl of emotions in that deep abyss that he can't quite make out- doesn't want to.


"You're being stupid." He whispers, maintaining a feigned bravado as he consciously avoids the other's piercing orbs.


Jeongguk wraps his arm more securely around the elder, squeezing his sides carefully as he persists.


"And I know you get defensive when you want me to believe you're better off than you really are."


Taehyung's nose crinkles in distaste, annoyed with how, accurate, that sounds. He didn't think the other would pick up on it- hell, not even he was fully aware of his tendencies but it makes sense.


"Ok, Freud, who died and made you a psychoanalyst?"


Jeongguk chuckles, shaking his head in amusement.


"See what I mean?"


Taehyung rolls his eyes, allowing the other to pull him closer. Only because he's fucking cold, that's all.


"Whatever, I'm fine. It's not like you're my mother." He furrows his brow, features scrunching up in disgust. "Actually, that'd be weird as fuck. I wouldn't let my mother fuck me like that."


Jeongguk arches a brow.


"I'd hope you wouldn't let your mother fuck you, period."


Taehyung cringes.




The younger's hands run along his spine comfortingly and he unwittingly arches into the warmth. He sighs, feeling strangely sated and relieved of something. At least for now.


He can find something else to burn another day.


"So," he chimes after an extended period of silence and Jeongguk can practically anticipate the oncoming headache. "Knives, huh? That's your kink?"


Jeongguk sighs in exasperation, reminding himself to grapple for patience, especially after Taehyung's just come down from an orgasm and clearly has no sense of a filter.


"It's not a kink." He states flatly.


The elder winks at him knowingly, something devious floating in those chocolate orbs and Jeongguk releases another sigh.


"Whatever you say, Edward Scissorhands."


"Don't call me that."


"Ooh, kitten's got claws tonight. But like, actually, because you know- you and your knives, and claws-"


"Yes, I get it."


Taehyung laughs, muffling the sound against his shoulder and Jeongguk has a difficult time remaining miffed.


Utter foul play.


"Let's get you cleaned up."


Taehyung turns a raised brow in his direction, silent question engraved in the slivers of his irises.


"Your cuts." His gaze flicks down towards the other's thighs, eyes turning a little unfocused as he fixates on the sight of sanguine looking so lovely brushed across his skin but he forces himself to snap out of it. He clears his throat. "I need to clean them up so they don't get infected."


Taehyung frowns slightly at this, the idea of the other removing all traces of blood from his flesh not sitting too well with him.


"I don't-"


"Don't argue with me on this."


His mouth closes, scowl forming as he regards the younger's cold expression with a heated one of his own.


"It's cute how you think you can boss me around." His tone is scathing, sharp eyes narrowed.


"It's cute how you think you're actually in any position to desist."


Taehyung glowers at him but relents eventually, allowing the other to clean him up without too much resistance. As the other swipes the soaked cotton pad along his thighs, provoking a pained grunt at the fierce sting, he takes a moment to consider the implications of their actions.


Fortunately, they're both clean and continue to get tested regularly, given their circumstances. It makes their sometimes reckless practices sit a little easier on both their shoulders and for Taehyung especially, who still has to maintain pretenses and allow Hoseok to fuck him occasionally.


Although, he's been adamant about the other wrapping it up each time, knowing he's fucking someone else on the side.


Precautions, he supposes.


Only Jeongguk fucks him bare, and he knows the other isn't seeing anyone else. To the best of his knowledge, at least.




He knows the younger is more than satisfied with him, and him alone.


Taehyung smirks.


He doesn't blame him, he would be too. He's a pretty stellar lay, if he may say so himself.


When Jeongguk is finished cleaning and bandaging him up, tossing all materials off into a heap, he resettles himself by the brunet's side. He curls an arm around the other's waist, tracing his fingertips mindlessly across that sweaty back.


Taehyung just about purrs at the contact and his lips twitch in response.


They lay there in silence, the unsteady dip of their chests assuaged before Taehyung turns to glance at him pensively.


"Why knives?" The question sinks in heavily, weighing them down in tense silence.


That's- a loaded question.


And one that he isn't sure he's willing to delve into tonight.


So he settles for rubbing his thumb along the curve of the other's spine instead, countering the other's searching gaze with an offish one of his own.


"Ask me another night, and maybe I'll tell you."


Taehyung continues studying him with something discerning ingrained into his mien before he eventually acquiesces and backs down, because he gets it.




Perhaps he's not the only one with skeletons in his closet.




It's interesting, ponders Taehyung, as he sits across from his restrained lover, drawing comparisons between the two people currently in his life.


(Even if that number is soon to decrease by 1).


Hoseok was a constant in his life for such a long time that it feels surreal when he reflects upon it. Over 5 years together, even if he is starting to think that most of their relationship was a lie.


And Jeongguk, who he's really only known for a little over a year.


But while he understands Jeongguk and his nuances like the back of his hand, he finds that he knows next to nothing about Hoseok.


That's such a daunting revelation to come to-


Dedicating so much of your life to one person only to realize that you really don't know them at all.


Hoseok could be as good as a stranger, if he thinks about it and the sad thing is.


The exact thing could be said for himself. Hoseok doesn't know him- not really. He may know the pieces Taehyung's edited and allowed him to view but he doesn't really know who he is.


Because the Taehyung that he thinks he knows has been buried somewhere deep- consciously hidden- for a long time, only just beginning to surface now.


But it's too late for that.




At least, Hoseok can comfort himself with the knowledge that the last impression he'll ever have of him will be a glimpse of the real Kim Taehyung he thought he had all along.





The thing with them is-


As much as he enjoys when Jeongguk makes him hurt (and hurts him real bad, he does), he also likes returning the favor every once in awhile.


They're a bit of an oddity, he supposes, but it works for them.


Sometimes, Taehyung likes to tie Jeongguk up, binding the ropes so tightly around his wrists that they leave indents which linger for days. He'll whisper saccharine assurances into the other's ears as he slides inside, holding him down and fucking into him so brutally that he has to sink his teeth against the sides of his neck to contain his screams.


Sometimes, when the other is feeling up to it, he'll let Taehyung heat up one of his knives with the very same lighter he gifted him before pressing it along the insides of his biceps- and even better, his thighs.


The other always cries so pretty each time.


Jeongguk might like carving him up but Taehyung loves branding him.


The best times are when he keeps the knives so long underneath the tip of the flame that the blade starts to blacken around the edges before he lays it firmly against the other's unmarred flesh, leaving a blossoming mark that Taehyung will then lave his tongue over soothingly.


The other can get so loud for him then, and it always delivers a pang of lust as he feels the other squirm desperately beneath him.


Other times, the other will claw at his back so fiercely as he rams his cock inside him that it tears through his skin and he bleeds all over.


He grins.


Even then, Jeongguk somehow understands what he wants without saying anything and will deliver.


Like now-


With the other pinned beneath him as Taehyung lights the wick of a paraffin candle with his Zippo. He can't discern which he finds more captivating-


The sight of the other splayed out so beautifully for him in all his glory or the enticing wisps of the flame as it flickers to life.


Jeongguk is nothing short of exquisite, arching lasciviously beneath him and it incites a shudder from the base of his spine as he takes in the extensive canvas of flawless skin.


He can't wait to mark it all up, turning alluring golden flesh into a pretty roseate.


"You sure you want this, babe?"


It feels somewhat strange to be on this side of the equation, so accustomed to the other posing that question, but it's strangely liberating- empowering.


Having the other completely at his mercy, oh, he thinks he could get punch drunk off this sensation.


"Yeah, yeah, I want it- fuck, just give it to me."


"Now, now, sweetheart." He teases, injecting just a bit of Jeongguk into his tone because that's always fun. "You know that's not how you ask for things." His inflection drips with mockery and he laughs at the pure irritation settling across the other's features because at least now the fucker knows how it feels.


"Tae-" growls Jeongguk before he cuts him off.


"How do you ask for what you want, baby?"


The look of murder that appears within the other's face is priceless.


He watches as the younger's eyes flicker with something positively insidious before settling into that familiar impassivity that never fails to make his insides quiver.


"Please." He whispers calmly- too calmly- and Taehyung just knows he's going to get it later. He's going to get it so good.


Later can't come soon enough.


He's aware that's the best he's going to get out of the younger for now so he makes do, quashing his laughter at the permanent scowl etched into the other's visage.


Such an angry little child.


"Color?" He drawls, because he can't resist giving the other a taste of his own medicine.


Perhaps he is slightly petty, after all.


He notices the other's nostrils flare, chest expanding as he audibly takes a deep breath and Taehyung finds it uproarious.


"Green." You fucking bastard, is what Taehyung's brain fills in.


He grins, cherubic and absolutely misleading but he's getting such a kick out of this so why not.


"Aw, my pretty baby, that wasn't so hard now was it?"


Jeongguk stares up at him with steely eyes, jaw clenching and he knows the other is probably gritting his teeth so hard he's going to mess up some of that A-grade dental work in there.


Tsk. So impulsive, this one is.


He glances at the lit candle, delighting in the pool of wax that's liquidized in the center and his gut wrenches with anticipation.


Fuck, the other is going to look so amazing with his skin flared up and decked with pink splotches.


Luckily they've already gotten through the first part, Taehyung rubbing his entire body down and giving him a pretty fantastic rimjob while he was at it. The other's flesh is slicked in warm lavender oil and it makes his chest scintillate with exaltation now that they've passed the preliminary stage.


Taehyung tilts the candle, pouring a few drops onto his own wrist first to gauge the temperature and wincing when the heat causes his epidermis to flare upon contact.




"You ready, babe?"


"Since yesterday." The other grates out and Taehyung tuts at the other's testiness.


So goddamn sensitive.


"I'm gonna do your arm first," he hums, scooting up along the bed so he's level with the other's forearms. "Stay still, pretty. Wouldn't want to hurt you." He murmurs the last part with a coy smile and Jeongguk knows he's lying through his teeth, the conniving little shit.


Before he can retaliate, he feels a harrowing scorch flourish across his biceps, the pain wiping away all traces of rationality for a millisecond before he's slung back only to register the throbbing along his flesh.


His bicep is spattered with wax and he inhales unevenly at the singe.




"Y-yeah," stutters the younger, voice cracking as he gazes up at his lover pleadingly. "More."


The grin that lights up Taehyung's face is spell-binding.


"Whatever you want, sweetheart."


Jeongguk nearly rips a hole through his lip when the other drips more hot wax onto the length of his arm, movements languid as he spreads out the burning liquid, painting messy specks against his skin. He whines involuntarily at the sensation, the discomfort overtaking his consciousness and making him tremble. Inflamed tissue continues to pulse uncomfortably.


Taehyung groans softly, stomach clenching tightly at the sight of the other's arm coated with cooling wax. His heart jumps erratically in his chest at the blobs of rose forming around the white spots.


"God, you look so good like this, Guk." He shivers. "So fucking good."


Jeongguk's breath hitches at the praise.




"Yes, please." He mutters, uncannily mellow.


Taehyung obliges, moving down the other's frame and pressing a soft kiss against the other's abdomen. He smiles up at the younger coquettishly before trailing his tongue down his happy trail, paving a slick line with his tongue at a tortuous pace and inciting a deep groan from above.


Taehyung pulls away mindfully, grimacing somewhat at the unfavorable tang of scented oil battering his senses but he overlooks it in favor of drizzling hot wax along the sensitive area of the other's abdominal muscles where his tongue had just been.


Jeongguk jerks harshly in place and Taehyung has to push a hand against his stomach to keep him down.


"F-fuck," he stutters, a whine warping his tone as he struggles restlessly under the other's hold. His skin burns and it's such an intense kind of affliction mingling with the ecstasy, but it's not altogether unpleasant. "Baby."


"You're taking it so well, doing so good angel."


Taehyung splashes a bit more liquid along the other's stomach, reveling in the sharp cry evoked and the alluring sight before him. The younger looks breathtaking covered in white.


"Turn over for me, baby." He rasps against the other's coated flesh, a hoarseness to his tone that's entirely a consequence of the other writhing beneath him.


Jeongguk accedes, slowly flipping onto his stomach and flinching when his tender flesh aches at the press of the sheets against his sensitive belly. He hisses when a particular shift causes his irritated skin to tingle.


Taehyung waits for the center of the candle to pool with more melted wax before pouring it down the curve of the other's spine, cock aching as the other jars and emits a pained bleat. His pupils are dilated with lust as he watches the younger shake beneath him, an extended line of wax layering his back and he can't get over how ravishing the other looks like this.


"God, Tae-" whimpers the other, and said male runs a hand gently along his sides, pressing comforting circles into his skin as he sings soft praises against his ears.


"You're perfect, baby. So fucking perfect, no one like you."


Jeongguk's eyes prickle at the sides and he would detest the very prospect of it, but he's so wrapped up in the elder's warmth and his gracious words that it's convoluting his thoughts and all he can do is lean into that familiar touch.


"So good, feels so good."


Taehyung's chest illuminates with pride at the admission, lips tattooing kisses along the slope of the other's shoulder blades, feeling heated skin quake beneath him as he cages the other's frame securely.


"Can you handle one more, Gukkie?"


He nods without a moment's hesitation, forehead leant against the cushion of his pillow as his fingers grip the sides tensely. His front and, now, his back flares with an inferno but it's the luxurious kind, if that even makes sense and it has his thoughts jumbled and his cock straining painfully against the bed. He shifts, intent on creating friction but the elder suddenly grasps his hips harshly with rough hands.


"Stop that."


Jesus, the other's husky gnarl wraps around his lobe and he legitimately shivers on the spot, so taken with that guttural pitch whenever it descends into something even lower than its usual baritone and he swears he could come just from Taehyung whispering sweet nothings into his ear alone.


Not that he'd ever let the other in on that secret, but it's a comforting notion.


"Tae-" he whinges, curling his spine purposefully because he knows the other has a weakness for the way the muscles in his back flex when he does that and he's all about playing up his best features and making the other discomposed.


The elder swears roughly behind him and he hides his grin against the curve of his elbow, paying heed to the sensitive areas surrounding his arm.


"Fuck- get on your back, Guk."


He feels a bit like a rag doll, ordered around and flipped back and forth tirelessly but he honestly can't complain too much. If it's Taehyung, perhaps he can tolerate being thrown around a little more often.


"God, this is gonna hurt baby. This is gonna hurt real bad." He hears the elder mutter passively as he lazily turns over but it sounds like a promise, and Jeongguk vibrates with expectation.


"Yeah?" He utters kittenishly, brow arched and the sides of his lips twitching.


Taehyung leans down carefully, suckling softly on the juncture of the other's neck and luring a soft moan from crimson-tinted lips before slick muscle comes out to lap up the saline coating his skin.




Jeongguk smirks before leaning up to cant seductively into the other's ears.


"It better."


Profanities are spewed from the elder's lips before he crushes their mouths together and Jeongguk captures the other's bottom lip between his teeth, dragging it along with his incisors as he draws blood before swiping his tongue over the cut and reveling in the metallic tang obliterating his senses.


Taehyung groans against his lips and Jeongguk impresses a smirk against the other's supple flesh.


"Fuck," growls Taehyung as he pulls away, hair mussed and pupils blown. "Stop distracting me."


Jeongguk grins. "Whatever do you mean, darling?"


Taehyung nips at his neck harshly, eliciting a sharp hiss.


"You shit." Jeongguk complains, but there's no real heat involved. Taehyung grins up at him smugly, candle still in hand as he watches it slowly drip and harden at the sides. Taehyung's got a pretty steady grip, he muses, surprised that the other has yet to spill any onto his skin.


(Not that he would be entirely opposed to that).


"Are you certain you want this?" The elder murmurs seriously, regarding him with a loaded gaze. "Because if you say yes, I'm gonna spill it all over your pretty cock, make you fucking swell and burn for me."


Jeongguk gulps, taken aback by the fervor propelling the other's words but finds himself nodding firmly, knowing the last thing he wants is for him to stop.


"Yeah, want it Tae." He chokes on his plea, heart pounding within his chest. "Make it good."


Taehyung grins, something self-assured in the tilt of his lips.


"Oh, baby, you know I always do."


The other situates himself between his legs, heated breaths fanning his stiff cock and he fidgets instinctually as the caresses make his spine tingle.




Jeongguk nearly whines in agreement, on edge and desperate for the other to give it to him just right.


"Yeah, c'mon."


Taehyung makes a soft noise in acknowledgment as he brings the candle up high and away from his cock before tilting the heated wax and letting it dribble onto the skin surrounding the base of his shaft.


Jeongguk gasps raggedly, back arching from the mattress at the wicked burn- the fire that permeates exterior tissue as he convulses at the sharp pain surrounding his cock. The scald is superficial and relatively endurable but it still sends shocks of affliction throughout his system and his mind reacts heavily.


"Shit, baby- God."


Taehyung runs his free hand across the other's wax-covered stomach, rubbing his thumb soothingly across the muscles lining the area as he mutters his approval gently.


"So sweet for me, baby. You're handling it all so well."


Jeongguk's eyes sting and he urges himself to remain collected at all costs, even despite the scorching heat traversing his epidermis.


When the other drips hot wax directly onto his cock, painting his hard girth with flecks of translucent white, the jarring sensation takes him so abruptly by surprise that his joints lock up and his vision bursts with patterns of fuchsia and azure. He seizes up as the pain renders him useless and he doesn't mean to- he really doesn't- but he feels his cock throb excruciatingly before it jerks and he comes prematurely all over his stomach, accompanying the dots of white with puddles of his own seed.


He presses his head harshly against his pillow as his eyes flutter shut amidst the painpleasure, and the other continues dripping scorching liquid onto his sensitive member.


He sobs so incoherently he has a hard time recognizing his own voice as he begs the other to stop, frame shuddering hard against the mattress. His head is fucking whirling and he can't put two and two together but it's the most inebriating kind of experience and he doesn't want to come down from this high.


"Tae- shit, baby stop. Oh God,"


He wants to claw off his own skin at the debilitating sensation, wants the wondrous itch to stop. He's still writhing wantonly against the sheets and Taehyung releases a tortured groan at the sight, fingers gripping the other's thighs harshly.


"Fuck," he growls shakily, forehead pressed against the insides of the other's thighs, dribbling the remainder of the wax near the tip of the other's cock and wrangling distressed moans from the male beneath him as he squirms in place.


Taehyung forces himself to pull away, his own length aching so badly for release but he ignores it as he sets the candle aside, returning to the other and pulling that quivering frame into his arms.


He presses a kiss against the other's forehead, guiding his hand placatingly along that trembling back and whispering his appreciation into tufts of soft hair.


"Did so good, baby." His tone is roughened around the edges. "So, so good."


Jeongguk can barely register right from left but he allows himself to surrender to the cadence of that tranquil baritone, allaying his nerves and easing the tremors coming off his frame. He burrows his face into that firm chest, feeling those arms tighten around him in response and some of the weight lifts from his chest.


Pieces of his surrounding eventually return to him and he blinks as he comes to, staring at the elder's slick flesh and watching the gentle rise and fall of that sturdy chest. He exhales, inching closer.


"You okay?" The gravelly bass resounds from above and Jeongguk nods tiredly against his chest, skin throbbing in certain areas and cock feeling painfully sensitive and raw but he relishes it.




They lay there in silence for some time, those large hands still running gently across his painted back and his own lips tracing patterns along the elder's pectorals. His thoughts threaten to consume him.


In the elder's arms, he's never felt more settled.


"My dad."


Taehyung's brows furrow as he glances down at the other, noting the distant look pervading his eyes as his fingers trace circles along his hipbone.


"You asked me a while back, why knives."


That, he did.


He just didn't think the younger would actually tell him and he didn't want to press, because he understands more than anyone else the need to keep some parts of your life hidden.


"My dad was a hunter. Game, fish- you name it, he did it." The younger explains evenly, tone detached from warmth or emotion and it would be unsettling if Taehyung weren't already somewhat mindful of the other's nonchalance. "He used to have this wicked collection of knives for when he'd gut them open. Used to make me watch. Told me if I wanted to be a real man, I'd know how to handle a knife the right way."


He laughs, but it's dry (grating).


Taehyung listens with bated breath, hand stilling along the other's spine where wax has hardened.


"Didn't really care for the disassembling of animal carcass but for some reason, I could never take my eyes off the way the tip of his blades tore into bloody flesh."


Taehyung says nothing.


"I didn't understand it back then, you know." He mutters apathetically, eyes glazing over at the recollection. "Why watching him slice open these catches somehow turned out to be the highlight of my week. Didn't know why I thought the sight of blood dripping from his knives was the most breathtaking thing I'd ever seen."


He steals a glance at the elder, lips morphing into a devious smile.


"Well," he amends, playful spark in his eyes. "It was the most breathtaking thing."


Taehyung scoffs, incredulous, because the other is fucking incorrigible and because he's maybe, partially at a loss for a proper comeback.


"You think you're so fucking slick."


Jeongguk stifles his chuckle against the ridge of the other's breastbone.


"That, I am."


Taehyung deigns not to answer, allowing the other to continue.


"He was a real piece of shit, my dad." He details vacantly, and it's back to the blasé tone that he recognizes so well. "Never did handle my mom leaving well. Thought he could blame the entire world for his misfortunes without first taking a step back and recognizing what a sad, useless fuck he was. It's no wonder she left."


Taehyung swallows past the rising discomfort in his chest, because somehow the image doesn't sit terribly well with him.


"Would come home piss drunk every once in awhile, and those were the most inconvenient cause he'd turn even more idiotic and violent then. Fucking threw a beer bottle at my head once, left a gash and I had to clean up after his fucking mess. He'd somehow gotten into his tiny little brain that I was the catalyst for her departure." He scoffs and it's tinged with something acerbic.


"As if he wasn't pathetic enough for her to want to leave."


There's something undistinguishable brewing from the pits of his belly and it leaves him somewhat disconcerted because he's never quite experienced anything like it before, but it sits potently inside and makes his skin crawl.


"Gave me this, you know." He states quietly as he indicates to the tiny scar on his left cheek. The same one Taehyung's traced over with careful fingertips dozens of times before, too unwilling to ask about its origins.


"Thought it'd be hilarious to wield a knife around while he was drunk out of his mind- thought he could teach me a lesson."


He thinks he can taste bile in his throat.


"Knocked me down and pinned me to the ground, told me that only prissy boys have skin that unblemished. Real men bear scars."


His arms inadvertently tighten around the other's frame, fingers digging callously into his sides and heart rate escalating.


"That was my first taste of a blade pressed so close to human flesh. I didn't even fully register the cut until the floor was splattered with red."


It's surreal. Feeling simultaneously disheveled and clearheaded at the same time, like he's an outsider looking in and completely detached from his physical body.


Jeongguk laughs but it's an eery thing.


"It wasn't all bad though. Because while he was a waste of space most of the time, he also gave me something invaluable."


Taehyung stills.


"And what was that?"


A smile.


"The satisfaction of having someone pinned under you as you tear a knife through their heart."


Taehyung's breath halts.


"It was such a shame that someone who was so proficient at handling knives most of his life had to trip and fall on one."


He stares blankly at the younger, bereft of speech as the realization gradually sinks in. Words feel far out of reach now.


"Are you scared?" utters Jeongguk after a period of silence, gazing intently into his eyes, face closed off but frame rigid beneath his fingertips. Taehyung swallows.


"Should I be?"


The younger stares at him, expression withheld but something flickering beneath onyx orbs before it recedes as quickly as it came.


"Very." And it's rattling how honest of an admission that is.


He knows he should be.


"Well then," returns Taehyung, voice lowered but possessing a clarity that carries through the stilted silence. "I guess it's a good thing you were able to hone your knife wielding skills over the years. Wouldn't want something like that to happen to you, would we?" His eyes glimmer with mirth while something in the other's expression softens almost imperceptibly, and it's such an odd phenomenon.


For two people who aren't meant for things like tenderness or authenticity.


He should be scared, he knows.


But in the most inexplicable and paradoxical way, under the press of the other's cool knife as it runs through layers of his skin, he's never felt safer.




As he reflects upon his past with Hoseok, all he can think about is how the other really didn't have even an inkling of an understanding when it came to what he liked.


Although, to be fair, it's not like he can lay all the blame on the other. Taehyung excelled in feigning excitement.


It was as though the other had convinced himself that opulent gifts somehow equated to the quality of a relationship.


In retrospect, he's almost certain that was the case.


Because really-


What on earth was he supposed to do with something as inutile as a Rolex?


It's not like he could toss it into a pit of flames and derive satisfaction from watching it burn, most especially when the other had expected to see him donning it periodically. It was aggravating.


And the ineffectual items merely continued to pile up.


Silk suits, leather dress shoes, a car.


Sometime Taehyung felt less like his partner than he did a mistress that he was meant to appease and shower with superficial tangibles.


The gifts bore no sentimental value whatsoever and they were just as good as useless to him. Materialistic objects did little for him, and that's what Hoseok never could seem to grasp, so convinced that everything could be rectified with money and lavish gifts.


Too bad not even all the money in the world could buy him a clue when it came to understanding what Taehyung wanted.


He supposes the other had tried, but the efforts were lost on him.


He sighs, glancing at the state of his unresponsive lover.


Somewhere inside, he accepts that Hoseok never could have understood him in his entirety. He didn't understand that the things he wanted- needed- were much smaller and hit much closer to home. He never could have shared that part of himself with the other.


Not like he has with-


He cuts off that train of thought immediately.


Taehyung tries not to think about the other, tries not to put a label on what they are or aren't because not even he's entirely certain.


But then his mind- such an unfaithful little thing it is- goes back to the first time Jeongguk had gifted him with a stack of his father's old encyclopedias and even more bottles of torch fuel, telling him that if he was going to indulge in carnal fantasies, he might as well do it the right way.


Taehyung had pressed him harshly against the bedroom wall that night and eaten him out so thoroughly- an extension of his appreciation, if you will- until the younger had been reduced to a bumbling mess.


He recalls how the other had blindfolded him another night, guiding him into his car before driving for what felt like miles. Taehyung had grumbled the entire way there, but the other had leaned over to press a lingering kiss along his neck- what the fuck, are you trying to kill us, you dipshit- and the complaints had ceased. Somewhat.


When they finally stopped, he had peeled the blindfold off only to find himself at a spacious clearing and what looked to be the outline of a beat down, abandoned home.


Jeongguk had stood stock still, eyes surrounded in a strange haze and Taehyung just knew.


His hand somehow found its way around the other's, eclipsing that soft hand in his own as he felt the other lax besides him.


It's been years, the other had whispered distantly and Taehyung had given his hand a firm squeeze.


"Let's make it burn." He eventually said, voice leveled and devoid of feeling.


Taehyung had nearly forgotten how to breathe in that moment, heart collapsing as he attempted to swallow past the boulder in his throat.


That night, with his clothes still reeking of tiki oil and smoke, Taehyung had fucked the other over the hood of his car as he thrusted into him so roughly the vehicle had rocked back with their movements.


Every time his eyes slipped shut, he saw the ruins of deteriorating wood encompassed in flames as he and Jeongguk stood in the center of it all, lathering the insides of the dusty, broken home with more torch fuel and lighter fluid before setting the place up in frames. He had wanted to fuck the other in the midst of the hungry fire but supposed that would be just a tad risky so they'd driven off a few miles instead before Taehyung could wait no longer and begged the other to pull over, hand palming the younger's hard cock through his jeans.


Jeongguk had pulled into as secluded of a place as he could find before he'd jumped straight out, dragging the other along before bending him over the front of the car and sliding inside without a hitch.


He had still been riding off the adrenaline from the heat of the flames closing in on him, the potent smell of smoke attacking his senses as his mind had fucking spun from the rush.


The memory had fueled his movements as he fucked the other so hard he was gasping deliriously into clenched fists, harrowing cries escaping the younger's lips as he pummeled his cock into him at a furious pace.


He had filled the other so good that night, coming endlessly as he held the other's ass against his hips and made him take every last drop of his release. The younger had whined with such need as he continued to roll his hips languidly, stretching the other's bruised rim while he kept his cum inside that pretty hole until he started to drip from the sides.


Jeongguk had shivered for so long in his arms, his orgasm seeming to drag on forever as he kept his hips pinned against the vehicle, riding his ass with sensual movements but which continually pressed against his sensitive nerves all the same.


He had wanted to make the other so fucking wet, so plugged with his cum that he could feel it pooling inside his belly and the other had just taken it so well, like the pretty little angel that he was and it made him gasp for air against that convulsing frame.


That had been a night to remember and the first time the thought crossed his mind that perhaps Jeongguk, whom he had known for less than year, somehow read him better than his own boyfriend of nearly 5 years did.


The thought was, nettling.


But it stuck with him up until the very moment when he realized that maybe Jeongguk had been onto something all along.


Speaking of that shit, he thinks, as his phone vibrates quietly at his side, screen lighting up with that familiar sequence of numbers.


He answers the call with a hitched breath, heart galloping wildly out of place.


"I'm here."





Despite Taehyung's inclination towards pain, their fucks don't always consist of a ruthless pounding nor bloodied sheets as an aftermath.


Funnily enough, it's usually the times when Jeongguk fucks him real deep and slow that he comes the hardest.


Sometimes he'll take him from the side, scissoring him open and sinking inside slowly as he grips his leg closely. That position has always been oddly intimate and marginally uncomfortable for him, but he always pushes past the disquietude because the other fucks him so wonderfully that way. He'll keep one hand firmly pressed against his belly to keep him close as he guides his cock inside, making sure to rub thoroughly along his walls while making him shiver intensely at the feel of his member caressing restrictive muscle.


On other occasions, he'll insist that Taehyung faces him while he drives his cock between snug walls, keeping his eyes locked on his face as he attends to every fleeting micro-expression. Sometimes he'll drag it out- make him shake and plead mercifully for his release as he continuously presses deeper and deeper inside.


Will whisper the filthiest things against his lips, but within that suspended moment in time, they sound like the sweetest lullabies to his ears.


Like right now, with Taehyung's leg slung over his shoulder and frame bent in half as he sinks his cock inside at such a deliberate pace he can almost see bombs detonating behind closed lids.


Jeongguk's fringe is completely drenched in sweat, his temple trickling with perspiration as he stares rapturously into his eyes, expression unmoved even as his jaw ticks with strain.


Taehyung is shuddering so intensely in his arms, his delayed orgasm making him so wound up he can barely handle it. His eyes roll back when the other grinds into his prostate, caressing it with delectable pressure as his hips are pressed flush against his ass.


Jeongguk's fingers turn bruising around the other's thighs as he feels that wondrous heat spasm around him, an indication of his impending release.


"Can you feel me, baby?" He questions roughly as he skims a hand down to press hard against the other's lower abdomen, where his cock is buried deep inside. "Feel me right here?"


"Yeah," he chokes, tears pulling at the edges of his eyes as Jeongguk rolls his hips unhurriedly, cock nudging his sweet spot at such an easy and controlled pace that it makes his toes curl at the way the sensation is prolonged. "Feel you so deep."


Jeongguk's fingers flex around his thigh, drawing the elder closer as he pushes his cock further inside, relaying soft words of encouragement as he gives it to him.


"Taking my cock so well," he spews gutturally, abdomen clenching as the other's muscles contract around his length. He grips the other's face between his fingers, pulling him to face him and staring deeply into those clouded eyes. "Can you come for me, my pretty angel?"


Taehyung's insides tremble at the laud, gasping wetly into the other's mouth as he suddenly ceases with his thrusts, gyrating his hips torturously and making him feel every inch of him intimately. His body thrums with sensitivity.


"O-oh, fuck," he keens, back naturally arching as Jeongguk continues rocking his lower body steadily.


"Let me feel it, baby," the younger's gravelly pitch soothes his distress, timbre coiling around his ears headily. "Let Daddy feel you coming around his cock."


God, is that foul play.


Because the younger just whips that out spontaneously to throw him off guard, usually as he's teetering the edge, and it's so unexpected yet titillating that the only thing he can do is succumb to the heat right before toppling off.


Jeongguk circles his hips once more, mouth latching onto the other's as he feels him tense in his arms, body stiffening before shudders ripple through his frame and he groans at the way the other squeezes him so good.


"Shit, baby" He rasps against the other's mouth, swallowing his lover's rugged groans as he continues coming around his cock, his cum spurting messily between them and painting his chest with streaks of ivory. "So tight."


Taehyung can only pant discordantly against his lips, tremors roiling beneath the surface as he comes apart in the younger's arms. He feels the other grip his thighs fiercely before shoving his member inside and the oversensitivity makes him cry out.


The raven haired male comes inside him with a jarring thrust and heated expletives spat into his ear, feature contorted in his euphoria as he inhales shudderingly, resting his damp forehead against the elder's. He rolls his hips lazily as he rides out the waves of his release, drawing sated groans from the other in the process.


They stay like that for a while, both spent and limbs pliant as Jeongguk peppers kisses along the span of his thigh until Taehyung grouses about the position making his joints ache in which the younger responds by eventually lowering his leg with an indulgent grin.


"Hmm," he muses as he runs his fingers through the elder's chestnut strands. "I'm starting to think this 'Daddy' thing is growing on you."


Taehyung rolls his eyes, whacking the other half-heartedly with the back of his hand.


"Yeah, ok, says the guy who shoots off faster than an F-35 whenever I bring it up."


Jeongguk laughs, mouth splitting open and eyes crinkling around the edges and it's so terribly distracting, Taehyung thinks.


"I'm pretty sure we've already established how I feel about it." He says, humor embedded in his tone and irises twinkling. "But it looks like you're warming up to it as well, babe."


"You're getting ahead of yourself, big boy," he returns, elevating his hips and sliding off the other's cock with a wince before he slowly sits up, reaching for his pants and undergarments strewn across the floor.


He misses the displeasure that encompasses the other's features.


"What are you doing?"


Taehyung chooses not to glance back as he slides long legs inside his jeans, feeling his rim leak uncomfortably with the other's cum and making him grimace at the stickiness pooling around his entrance. God, his briefs are going to end up drenched again.


"Getting dressed, Einstein. What the fuck else does it look like I'm doing?" Returns Taehyung placidly, like he's speaking to a child which further serves to incense him.


"I get that," he grits between clenched teeth, refraining from yanking the other back and restraining him against the bed, keeping him close while he has his way with him. "Why?"


Taehyung braces himself because here comes the awkward part. Fun times.


"I have to get back," he manages to relay that tidbit neutrally and for that he's proud.


Jeongguk's expression darkens, a scowl making its way onto his face as he senses the irascibility fester inside.


"What," he laughs, the sound astringent and making the elder bristle. "Hot date with your little boyfriend?"


"Yeah, actually."


Jeongguk tries to hide a sneer but fails, and it doesn't help that the other refuses to meet his eyes- a vexing habit of his whenever he's feeling even remotely guilty about something, which is almost always centered around that disposable boyfriend of his.


His temper flares just thinking about it- about the other having any kind of association with Taehyung in any way.


Fuck, just the thought of the other still being an integral part of his life drives him mad.


He doesn't deserve him.


That deceitful, cheating filth.


And still, Taehyung goes back to him each time. The thoughts haunt him, seeping into his veins and rendering him incapable of achieving slumber as he lays awake at night, thinking obsessively about whether or not the other is currently giving it to him just right- if he's touching him the way he likes, making him hurt the way he craves.


It makes him ache to reach out for one of the daggers tucked safely away, imagining the ways he'd run his blade clean through him.


"Are you that desperate to run back and sit on his cock?" He bites and he's being spiteful he knows, but he can't help it. The thought of the other's hands on his lover makes his stomach burn with ire and he has to fight hard to remind himself that technically Taehyung was his first.


Even if he never really was.


Taehyung scoffs, feeling a twinge of irritation at the accusatory edge to the other's tone. And while he normally would revel in that hideous green-eyed monster tearing through, it's merely grating on his nerves right now.


"Watch it," he tosses coolly over his shoulder as he retrieves his shirt. "Your ugly is showing. That's not a good look on anyone, sweetheart."


Jeongguk snaps, grabbing the other by the wrist before yanking him down. It catches Taehyung off guard and he stumbles across the bed, the other flipping their positions easily as he towers over him.


He quells an irritated scowl because really? The most barbaric and overdone trick in the books?


"Wasn't aware I turned into your personal rag doll." The words are pleasant enough but there's a sliver of a warning in there, something menacing which indicates he doesn't appreciate being handled like that.


Jeongguk disregards it in lieu of tightening his grip around the other's wrists, tracing his nose along the column of the other's neck before he abruptly sinks his teeth in unforgivingly.


Taehyung growls at the stabbing pain, the other's incisors digging into his flesh harshly and everything about it screams vindictive, and he's such a petty little shit. He feels Jeongguk suck hard at the base of his neck and he tries not to groan at the flare beneath soft tissue.


"I told you no fucking marks." He seethes as he shoves the other hard, feeling his own temper spring to life at the childish antics. "What the fuck is Hoseok going to think?"


Jeongguk's eyes flash dangerously because he fucking hates that name coming from the other's lips- loathes everything about him.


"I don't give a shit what your useless little fuck toy thinks." He spits venomously, fingers pressing brutally against the other's wrists, earning a sound of discomfort from below. "He doesn't mean a goddamn thing- not to me, and not to you."


Taehyung glares. The other is getting too presumptuous for his own good.


"And yet he's the still the one I call boyfriend."


That was a low blow, but he supposes that's exactly what he was aiming for. And from the way the other's features harden, eyes turning icy, he knows Jeongguk recognizes this too.


"Say that again," he orders threateningly, hand coming up to grasp his jaw with force and the hold is almost painful but Taehyung ignores it. "What is he to you, baby? Your boyfriend?" He laughs but it's scathing and not reflective of humor in any form. "Is that supposed to mean something to me?"


"Boyfriend or not," spews the younger and Taehyung's fists clench underneath the other's hold. "You'll still come crawling back, begging me to give it to you the way only I can. Your boyfriend is insignificant, sweetheart."


Taehyung's expression reverts to something detached- bereft of sentiment and guarded, something he knows the other detests. Jeongguk's never been great at coping with his apathy but there's a fire simmering somewhere beneath his veins, continuously stoked with every entitled utterance coming out of the younger's mouth and Taehyung isn't having it.


"Let me go."


Jeongguk's jaw clenches and Taehyung feels his anger ignite, the fury projecting from the slits of his irises.


"Don't make me ask again." His voice deters like poison and the younger's eyes simmer with his acrimony.


"Or what?"


"Or I'll walk right out of here and I won't come back."


Jeongguk's fingers tighten reflexively around the other's wrists, heart stuttering but he sheathes his unease flawlessly.


"You seem to have this idea that I'm somehow tied down to you," he continues lowly and the words feel absolutely foreign on his tongue, not sitting right with him at all but he forces himself to get them out despite how wrong it all feels. "I'm not, sweetheart."


His lips quirk into a cruel little smile and it's malicious- it's misplaced, it's nothing he wants- but he wears it valiantly all the same.


"Push me hard enough, and I promise I'll leave and you won't see me again."


Jeongguk swallows, glowering at the other fiercely, eyes blazing with restrained fury even if his insides feel shaken up for a reason he can't explain.


"So-" the brunet whispers calmly, meeting his glare with a blasé look of his own. "Am I going to have to repeat myself, darling?"


The younger feels something repugnant settle inside his chest, clawing bloodily at the insides- at the prospect of the other fulfilling his promise, erasing all traces of him (of them) from his life while Jeongguk is left somewhere in the trails of dust. The discomfort magnifies.


He finds himself numbly releasing his hold around the other's wrists, body suddenly sapped of energy even as the embers of his fury continue to burn bright inside him.


"Good boy." The other whispers almost derisively, and that unease continues to spread as he watches the other sit back up before slipping his shirt on, tugging it upwards to hopefully cover the bruise Jeongguk had left so prominently.


For the first time in a long time, he finds himself at a loss as he sits stiffly, watching the other dress and feeling like the control has shifted from his hands into the other's entirely. As though he's the pathetic little puppet being strung along this time around and the knowledge weighs heavily in his stomach, because he doesn't think the other even cares to play with defective toys.


"Would you have stayed if he was out of the picture?"


Taehyung stills, fingers freezing over his jacket. He-


Can't answer that. He doesn't know.


"That's irrelevant because he is in the picture." He answers instead because he doesn't want to think about the implications behind what ifs.


There's a stagnant pause before the other's terse voice slices through the air.


"Then maybe he should be taken out of the picture."


Taehyung spares the other a critical gaze, slipping an arm inside his leather jacket.


"I'm not breaking up with him if that's what you're implying."


Because then he'll be forced to abandon the safety blanket of a dismal relationship and have to confront whatever unspoken thing lies between them. He isn't sure that he's ready to do that.


Jeongguk's fists clench at his sides because, why- why the fuck are you still with that no good, piece of shit. He fastidiously pushes it down however, gazing up at the other with a stony look instead.


"That's not the only way to remove someone from the picture." He proffers meaningfully and something underneath Taehyung's skin crawls. He stares at the other searchingly, only to be met with a carefully closed off look. He shakes his head in slight disbelief, appalled at what he thinks the other might be implying.


"You and I are way too sober to be having his conversation right now." He responds curtly, reaching for his keys and his phone, noting the missed call notification present on his lock screen.


Hoseok's probably wondering where he is right now and he has to somehow make himself look unfucked within the span of the next hour.




Just as he reaches the door, he hears the other's smooth cadence resound behind him and he instinctively stops.


"Think about it." He says without affect and Taehyung represses a shiver. "You and me, we could be so good baby. I know it, and you know it."


He resolves not to look back.


He attempts to bury the other's words somewhere deep within his consciousness but it lingers somewhere in the back of his mind all week.




Taehyung doesn't run down the stairs, per se, but there's a definitive bounce in his step as he reaches the bottom of the staircase, a devilish grin gradually unfolding as he reaches the gargantuan cherrywood doors.


He bites his lip to contain his glee as he buzzes the other in, waiting one-




Three heartbeats before he hears the telltale click of the front door opening and the other steps in, bag slung over his shoulder and a sated smirk in place.


Taehyung's breath hitches at the sight of the other, decked out in his favorite biker jacket that he fills up so well and his smugness deteriorates in the face of the other's presence and the predatory glint in sable eyes.


"Jeongguk." The name leaves him in a rush and the other is on him within seconds, abandoning his cross bag and cupping his face before he crushes their lips together urgently.


Taehyung moans wantonly, opening himself up to the other's fervor immediately and swiping his tongue across the roof of his mouth as he growls into the kiss before shoving the younger roughly against the front door. He licks into that hot mouth with urgency, feeling the other bite down on his lips before he registers a sharp sting and he groans quietly at the skin broken along with the taste of blood coating his tongue.


Jeongguk's back digs into the front door from the force with which the other pins him against it but he laps up the sanguine oozing from ravaged lips all he same. He groans at the distinct tang before intertwining their tongues fervidly.


It's nothing short of a task when he forces himself to pull away, breathing hotly against the other's mouth as he takes in his debauched state.


He grins.


And they haven't even gotten to the main event yet.


He presses a lingering kiss against the other's lips before his own twist into a smile at the sides. He runs his thumb carefully across the flesh of the other's cheek.




Taehyung glances up at him mischievously, eyes bright and pupils dilated and he knows the other is delighted by more than just his presence.




"Missed you." He murmurs, because he has. This week felt much longer than normal and only they know why.


Taehyung huffs, exhales fanning his lips but he feels the brunet curl closer nevertheless.


"You said that already."


Jeongguk pinches his cheek reproachfully and the elder scowls but the malice is lacking.


"Why can't you just say 'I missed you too.'"


A shit-eating grin.


"I missed your cock. Does that count?"


Jeongguk barks out a soft laugh, nudging the other's head playfully.


"You shit."


The elder's mouth twitches but he brushes his lips teasingly against flushed skin before laying a gentle kiss along the the column of his throat and Jeongguk makes a noise of contentment in return.


He supposes he's forgiven.


"Did you bring them?" urges Taehyung after a moment of silence, staring up at the younger with vivacity in his eyes- something wild and completely unrestrained, not unlike the fiery blazes he's so fond of.


Jeongguk's grin deepens, directing his gaze towards his sack littering the ground.


"What do you take me for?" He murmurs, laving his tongue sensuously along the dip of the other's collarbones, tugging his tee down so he can trace his fingers reverently over the smear of magenta painting his skin. His fingers tighten around the other, expelling a shuddery exhale as he presses his lips gently against fading bruises, tracing hot muscle over the fading marks. "Mine."


Taehyung forces out a disgruntled sound, although he can't tell if he's really annoyed or not- Jeongguk's tongue is fairly distracting.


"Down, boy." He grumbles, earning a sharp tweak of his nipples and he flinches because what the hell- when did his hand even get up there?


The other continues with his ministrations and while it's great, don't get him wrong, he knows they can't afford to fuck around at the moment so he reluctantly pushes the other away, resulting in a quiet growl and a peeved look.


He jabs a finger at the other's hard chest, regarding him with an unimpressed look.


"We're not fucking here right now." He declares plainly. "We have business to take care of."


The other swears softly underneath his breath but relents, hands flexing around the other's waist before he releases his grip. He kisses his lover one last time before muttering lowly against the curve of plush lips.


"Lead the way, babe."




Taehyung's always believed his pride was both a strong point and a shortcoming.


Although, right now he thinks it's currently leaning towards the latter.


It's been a week and he has still yet to contact the other.


(And not because he doesn't want to, exactly).


But it's not like Jeongguk's made the effort either, and he knows he's being childish and reverting to the psychological mindset of an asinine adolescent but he just-


Can't find it within himself to take the initiative. Can't take the first step towards admitting that he's partially at fault too, even if he feels like the other had pushed him into a corner- which never works because he hates feeling that way and knows he tends to lash out when cornered.


It was stupid. They were stupid.


The perturbing thing is, it's not like he's never entertained the thought before. He has.


The thought will surface occasionally but he's quick to extirpate it the moment the roots of an idea begin peeking through.


Thoughts regarding how pretty Hoseok's alabaster skin would look contrasted with hues of cerulean and tangerine flames.


Although it's been getting harder to silence the thoughts recently, especially after Kihyun had let slip that apparently he was coming up on 4 years with his (their) lover.


4 years.


4 years that Hoseok had lied to his face and played him like a goddamn fiddle.


Practically the entirety of their relationship.


He chuckles.


Looks like the bastard was a lot craftier than he initially thought.


No wonder the other always evaded topics of moving in together despite the longevity of their relationship, his shifty behavior that Taehyung had taken note of but had graciously overlooked for the time being.


Oh, how the pieces are falling into place now.


He may have ceased caring about what his lover does or doesn't do in his spare time but the one thing he won't stand for is being made out to look like a fool.


Taehyung caves after a week and a half, after the sweet fumes of smoke have yet to completely extinguish the perseverating rawness beneath epidermal tissue.


He had driven to one of the many isolated gas stations Jeongguk had taken him to, the ones that were completely unattended to by dusk, and given the lack of suburban neighborhoods around for miles- all the better.


(It's the perfect set-up, baby. No one to bear witness to your shenanigans).


He had taken in the heady scent of torch fuel as he doused the place in as surreptitious of a manner as he could, his car parked about a mile away. Had stood in the middle of the growing flames as he first tossed a match into the fringes of an oil path and then watched from a distance as the entire station inevitably caught fire, fuel stations and propane tanks blowing into smithereens.


He thought that'd be enough to eradicate the niggling sensation that has yet to leave him all week. It's always been enough.


Except it wasn't.


It had taken a chunk of the edge away certainly, but the aggravating itch lingered and he wanted to claw layers of his skin off.


In the midst of his stupor, he somehow finds himself at the other's complex, shirt covered with oil stains and reeking of it, he's sure, but that doesn't stop him from rapping his knuckles numbly against the other's door.


When Jeongguk answers, it's like the floodgates to something inside break apart and his reasoning escapes him with a shuddered breath.


The other looks scarcely better than he does, hair disheveled and severe scowl marring his face before he registers exactly who's standing at his door, icy expression morphing into something entirely unrecognizable.


Taehyung's mouth turns arid as words are suddenly lost upon him.




"For fuck's sake."


He doesn't fully process that he's been tugged inside until he feels his back slammed against the front door before the other slots their lips together, his hands immobile from where they're firmly pinned above his head.


His reaction is visceral, arching into the other as he moans lewdly into the caverns of that slick mouth.


Jeongguk tugs at his lip and Taehyung returns the favor, worrying pillowy flesh between sharp teeth and swallowing those rugged moans eagerly.


"Fuck-" the other stutters, rubbing his nose fervently behind his ear and enticing a shiver from his frame. "I've missed you. Didn't think you'd come back."


It baffles him, how honest the other can be when his own life has consisted of lies and fabricated niceties.


Taehyung doesn't reply, but the tentative kiss that he presses along the other's jaw as he undoes his belt buckle sounds a little bit like me too.


Jeongguk fucks him against the wall that night, alternating between vigorous thrusts which make his vision coruscate and languid gyrations which settle so deeply inside him that his breaths are broken into staccato rhythms.


The way the other nuzzles the side of his neck as he fucks into him, tracing the bridge of his nose along straining muscle, almost feels like a show of repentance.


When Taehyung presses the other against the bed and slides home, fingers entwined as the younger keens beneath him, the kisses he layers between unmarred shoulder blades are perhaps the closest thing to an apology he's ever exhibited.


He comes deep inside the younger, arms quivering in place as the other shakes silently beneath him and when he means to pull out, there's a quiet voice that thwarts his movements.




He doesn't think he's talking only about his place above him. The implications leave him at odds, and he briefly considers the plans he had ended up canceling with Hoseok tonight-


How he couldn't even let the other touch him all week for a reason beyond him, the thought sitting uncomfortably in his core and leaving him disconcerted.


Something about it just didn't feel right and he just, he couldn't go through with it. He doesn't want to think about what that might imply, what not wanting to touch the person he should want to touch indicates because that will only bring on a slew of intrusive thoughts and he's not ready to face them quite yet.


"Can you stay tonight."


Rarely does the younger pose a question with vulnerability woven so intricately between the lines, but this time, it's all he hears.


Taehyung shouldn't. He really shouldn't.




The mind is a fickle thing.




Jeongguk isn't certain what he was expecting as the elder led him up the marble staircase and into a room, but it certainly wasn't the image of someone tied to a chair in the center of the bedroom. And from the looks of it, with fairly decent binding work as well.


"When you said you got a head start, I wasn't exactly expecting this." He drawls quietly, regarding the restrained but unconscious male with sharp eyes. "Nice work, baby."


Taehyung preens, eyes scintillating with exaltation as he marvels at his own handiwork.


"I know."


Jeongguk snorts.


"Always so humble."


The elder kicks him in the ankle, drawing a wince.


"Look who's talking, Narcissus."


Jeongguk ignores him, slinking towards the bound male unhurriedly. He bends down, craning his neck to get a good look at the person Taehyung calls boyfriend. His lips furl and his fingers itch to reach for the knife in his sack, cutting that pretty face up.


"So this is your pathetic, little substitute." Whispers Jeongguk lethally.


Taehyung grins, devious smile unraveling as he can sense the acrimony radiating from the other, knowing he must be surrounding himself with thoughts of them together now that he has a face to put his longtime lover to.


"Well," Taehyung utters composedly, lilt to his voice. "I wouldn't exactly call him little. Nearly ripped me open with his cock a few times."


Jeongguk tenses and Taehyung's chest sings.


The younger turns slowly, something virulent varnishing his irises and Taehyung feels his insides quiver. God, the other is always the sexiest like this.


"What was that, baby?"


Taehyung dons an infuriating smirk and Jeongguk wants to cut it right off.


"Probably would have done it again tonight had we not already made these arrangements." He adds in lieu of answering. "Right on that bed behind you, Gukkie," he continues slyly. "Where he's fucked me sideways so many times before. Used to pin me down and give it to me so good until I was shaking all over."


There's something hideous clawing at his insides right now and he has to take a raucous breath to settle the calamity stirring within. He only sees red.


Taehyung feels an obstruction in his throat when the other suddenly rises, movements slow but purposeful (threatening) and he quells a needy whine as his lover stalks towards him with something viperous settling into his eyes.


The younger's features are set in stone, eyes narrowed into slits and veins protruding along his arms from how forcefully he's clenching his fists, and Taehyung-


He never learns (boo hoo) because he continues provoking the other each and every time. And he loves it each and every time.


"What were you saying, pretty baby?"


Jeongguk's arms find purchase around the elder's waist, fingers sinking into his sides brutally and eliciting a jagged groan before he pulls him close so their hips are pressed together.


Taehyung swallows effortfully.


Christ, he hopes the other fucks him so hard tonight, making an absolute gory mess out of Hoseok's sheets.


"Do you wanna know how he used to fuck me, Gukkie?" He cants into the other's lobe sweetly, feeling his chest sizzle with pride at the way the other's arms curl around his midsection so harshly his breathing is disrupted.


Jeongguk's eyes flare and his features darken in his fury. He slips a leg harshly in between the other's as his grip turns bruising.


"Tell me." He utters coolly into the other's ear and Taehyung's smile widens.


"He'd open me up with his fingers first and God- you know how much I love his fingers. They're so thick and feel incredible inside my ass," he presses a wet kiss below the other's ear, reveling in the slight shiver incited. "Sometimes he'd go straight in, made me ache so bad but I loved it. Loved it so much."


Taehyung, is enjoying this way too much.


But he can't help it.


Not when it evokes such a strong reaction from the other each time. It's almost like the younger invites his misbehavior and who is he to turn down such a golden opportunity?


"Would hold me down and keep making me come sometimes. Oh, those were the best times, baby." He latches his teeth onto the other's lobe, running his tongue lasciviously along the outline of his ear and Jeongguk emits a guttural sound, his fingers clasping onto the elder's waist with such strength it's painful. "Couldn't stop coming."


There's a blend of arousal and fury in his chest and he can't decide which is superseding the other as the elder continues tracing his gauged ears with that skillful tongue. He groans.


Fuck, the other never plays fair.


"You're trying to make me angry, aren't you baby?" He accuses sharply, because he's been with Taehyung long enough to understand that other loves winding him up like a goddamn toy before watching him snap.


"Why on Earth would you think that?" His tenor drips with something satirical, orbs gleaming underneath fluorescent lighting and Jeongguk hates how fucking beautiful the other looks even when he's driving him inane with rage.


He leans in then, his own tongue coming out to swipe along the other's cartilage and he relishes the faint jolt enticed. His words reverberate harshly in the elder's ears.


"Because even though you keep talking about him, all I can hear is how much you want- no, need me." He hides his smile when he feels the elder melt into his touch instinctively. "He can't satisfy you the way I can baby, nobody can."


"No matter how good anyone else's cock is, it'll never be as good as mine, isn't that right pretty darling?" He taunts, nibbling on the brunet's pierced ear sensually and causing a tremor to wrack his frame. "And you're just trying to craft all this nonsense to piss me off so I'll fuck you just the way you like- hard enough to make you bleed all over."


Taehyung cranes his neck, allowing the other access as he guides his tongue along the expanse of hot skin.


Guilty as charged.


He whimpers when the other withdraws, regarding him with an icy expression.


"You wanted this to happen, didn't you sweetheart? Wanted to provoke me, make my blood boil while I think about what he's done to you on those sheets so I can rectify that and show you that there's no one who fucks you better than me. No one who makes you hurt as bad as I do."


Taehyung glances up at the other through his lashes, wicked smile revealing itself as the demureness melts away completely.


"You know me so well, Daddy." He purrs, pressing his lips hotly against the jut of the other's collarbone, delivering a kittenish lick while staring up with smugness plaguing his features.


Jeongguk shivers, laying his forehead against the other's as his words caress sweet lips, because the other knows what that does to him- of course he does.


"Shit," his voice sounds wrecked and Taehyung is more than pleased. "You're the fucking devil."


The elder laughs, brushing his lips teasingly over the other's.


"Yeah?" He croons, dark orbs sparkling with anticipation. "You gonna do something about it?"


Jeongguk imprints his smirk against the slope of the other's decadent lips, chasing that mouth fervently as he drinks any further jibes away.


"You know it."


Their little moment is broken when a soft groan resounds throughout the room- one that they know didn't come from either of them. Taehyung is the first to pull away, body thrumming with capped energy as he perks up, eyes shining brightly with barely concealed glee.


He turns briefly before meeting the younger's indulgent gaze once more.


"Showtime, baby."




For some reason, Taehyung had presumed that after their disagreement that'd be the end of it for good.


He was wrong.


Because the other is crafty- so crafty and opportunistic and he really should have known better.


It doesn't help that the voices are getting harder to silence, the flicker of a thought budding and springing to life, ensnaring his reasoning and painting his mind with vivid illusions.


The kinds that involve brimstone and a raging inferno- flames that eat away at a luxurious mansion, the mirage of his lover splayed across bed sheets as his bedroom is consumed in angry flickers of red.


And Jeongguk-


He knows exactly how to work the situation in his favor.


Like when he has him bound and gagged, wrecking him from the inside as he murmurs sweet nothings into his ears. Things like you and me baby, imagine the things we could do.


He doesn't need to think too hard to decipher what he doesn't say.


(Think about what we could do without anyone else in the picture).


Which is completely iniquitous, because he knows how much more open to any possibility Taehyung is when he's nailing the shit out of him.


Or when the other is pressed closely against him, running the edge of a blade along scorching skin, slicing methodically into tender flesh and making a spectacle of his thighs while his pillow is drenched with tears.


That's when the lure is most insidious.


Because that's also when he's the most vulnerable and will cling to the other's every word as he beseeches him for more, begs him to cut deeper while his legs trickle with sanguine.


That's when the younger will lean in, lips brushing sensuously against his ear as he whispers haven't you ever wondered how human flesh would hold up under a blaze, imagine how pretty his skin would look encased in flames.


And that.


That's just utterly conniving because how could he not think about it then, when he's at the brink of release and his mind can only associate pain and pleasure with images of Hoseok burning alive.


Utterly conniving, indeed.


It's on a night when Jeongguk is hovering above him, butterfly knife in hand as he makes shallow criss-cross patterns along the length of his arm that he eventually hisses out amidst the searing sting.


"Let's do it."


The other freezes above him, fingers tightening around the handle of his knife as he gapes at the elder in bewilderment and with something like hope slithering into his orbs before he abruptly slams their lips together, mapping out the caverns of his mouth with his tongue.


He's thought about it pretty hard.


Ok, maybe not that hard but he's certainly considered it a fair amount and Hoseok had been so, so foolish thinking he could deceive him for so long.


That was wishful thinking on his part.


And maybe Jeongguk was right-


Perhaps he'd come to revel in the taste of revenge.


"Fuck, baby," he shudders above him. "You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear you say that."


The grin that stretches across his lips is nothing short of wily.


"Yeah?" He murmurs against the other's mouth, eyes glinting with something playful. "You wanna turn over then and show me how thankful you are?"


The younger returns his grin with a leer of his own, setting the blade aside before settling himself onto his stomach and peering at the brunet kittenishly.


"What are you waiting for then, cowboy?" The words flow between them smoothly as Jeongguk stares at the elder laying beside him with something coy inscribed in his mien. "Get over here and ride this ass."


Taehyung barely manages to suppress a grin, flipping over carefully before pressing closely against the younger, feeling his back arch against his chest as he impresses butterfly kisses along his spine.


Needless to say, Taehyung has very little trouble acquiescing.




The first thing Hoseok registers as bleary eyes flutter open is how fucking dry his mouth feels. The second thing is that his limbs ache and he's met with something harsh digging into his wrists as he attempts to move his arms.


And the final thing is the sight of his lover perched along the edge of the bed, staring up at him with something almost jovial in his expression and with a strange glint to his eyes, lips stretched out into that familiar boxed grin that he's normally so charmed by.


But it's different-


Because there's something about the other that seems a little too blithe and there are traces of recollections lingering in the back of his mind- flashes of the other whispering false niceties into his ear right before his vision faded into a myriad of hues around the corners.


He forces himself to keep his eyes open, still feeling groggy as he attempt to focus his unsteady line of vision.


He notices his lover's smile deepening.


"Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty."


Hoseok blinks amidst the heaviness in his lids, room spinning slightly as he tugs at his restraints but the efforts prove to be futile. This merely seems to provoke an amused laugh from the other, the spark in his eyes igniting.


"Oh, Seok-ah, I wouldn't struggle if I were you, darling." He drawls, tone unperturbed. "Probably wouldn't work too well in your favor."


"Taehyung, what are-"


"What am I doing?" finishes Taehyung, pleasant smile still intact. "Don't worry, baby, all will be revealed in due time."


Before Hoseok can further question him, a gruff voice (one he doesn't recognize in the slightest) cuts him off.


"Can you cool it with the pet names, babe?"


Hoseok glances over effortfully to his right, where that rich cadence came from. He notices a male with jet black hair in a leather jacket standing off to the side, brows furrowed as he wears a peeved expression.


He then notices Taehyung glancing towards the other with mischief ingrained into his visage before he slowly registers what the raven haired male had called him.




What the hell is going on.


"You're too sensitive, baby." He hears Taehyung's voice, deep and honeyed as it dances around his ears but for some reason, he doesn't think the words are meant for him this time around. "Live a little."


"Who are you?" Hoseok interrupts, syllables slurring together as he fights through his muddled thoughts.


The other male shifts his gaze towards him, orbs gleaming with something maleficent as he regards him stoically.


"Just someone who's been fucking your boyfriend's brains out for the past year." He answers detachedly even as the corners of his lips tilt upwards. The image sends something unpleasant shooting down his spine.




Taehyung's chortle severs his accumulating thoughts.


"Can you not say it like that," The brunet complains, directing a bland look at the raven haired male. "Sounds fucking tacky as hell."


Hoseok has no idea what's transpiring.


"Tae," he croaks out, attempting to mitigate the arid sensation in his throat. "What the fuck is he talking about?"


His lover turns back to look at him, sweet smile in place.


"How's Kihyunnie doing by the way?" He inquires instead, and he notices the moment it begins to click in the elder's mind, something panicked flitting through sable orbs and his smile grows.


He knew the other couldn't have been that daft.


"You see, Hoseok-ah," he feigns pleasantries, standing from the bed so he can crouch before him, fingers running teasingly along the span of muscular thighs. "I just figured, since you were seemingly having such a grand time fucking someone else behind my back, I might as well get in on some of the fun and see what it's like."


He turns towards the raven haired male, something secretive embedded in his tone as he divulges the next tidbit of information.


"And boy, am I glad that I did." Taehyung eyes the elder intently. "So I suppose I should be thanking you, babe."


Hoseok stills, staring at the other in bewilderment. Something unpleasant weighs down his stomach as he takes in the light in his lover's eyes, something that looks far too misplaced as his hand starts to move closer towards his crotch and he tenses reflexively.




That sharp tone cuts in once more, a gnarl tapering off around the edges.


"I think he gets the point," grinds out the other male that he still doesn't recognize. "Can we cut to the fucking chase now." He snaps and Hoseok hears his boyfriend release an aggravated huff.


"You're so fucking prickly tonight, Guk."


Guk, is that his name?


"Well, maybe if you'd stop fucking around and do what you're supposed to do instead of fondling him." He seethes, those ebony irises blazing with acrimony. "Stop trying to fucking piss me off."


Taehyung flaunts a coy smile, orbs shimmering with delight.


"But baby, you know I love when you get angry." His lover simpers and it's absolutely foreign to Hoseok, who's never witnessed this side of the other. His stomach stirs with discomfort.


"Taehyung." He growls warningly and said male emits an exasperated sigh before rising reluctantly from his place between Hoseok's thighs.


"Alright, alright, you pushy bastard." He drawls, nonchalant, before making his way towards the rigid male.


He sidles up to him, movements licentious as he feels those strong arms settle against either sides of his hips. He smiles beckoningly, eyes alight with felicity at the corporeal stiffness to the other's frame and he plants a placating kiss along the column of his throat.


"So goddamn touchy." He teases, voice soft enough for the other to hear only.


Hoseok stares on with enlarged eyes, noting their proximity and the apparent comfortability between them as he watches his lover curl a hand around the other's nape.


"You know I hate seeing you near him, let alone with your hands all over him." Jeongguk relays tightly, jaw tense even as the elder drags his lips soothingly against it.


"Don't worry baby," he whispers against his lobe, words loaded. "I'll let you cut me up the way you've been wanting to these past few months."


A breathy groan is punched out of him as the other continues, nipping gently at his ear.


"Make sure you get them real deep tonight, ok?" He coos, fingers twirling a strand of hair around the other's nape as he slips his tongue along the outline of his ear. "Make me feel them so good I'll have no choice but to think of you."


Jeongguk's fingers slither into smooth strands, tugging the elder close so he can pry those luring lips apart with his tongue, shoving it inside that parted mouth as it entangles with the other's.


Taehyung returns his kiss passionately, groaning wantonly into his mouth as his fingers furl around the back of his neck. He forces their lips together and nips at his bottom lip intermittently.


Taehyung decides they've prolonged this for a good amount of time so he pushes the younger harshly against the bed, watching as his face contorts with surprise as he bounces against the mattress.


He spares a jovial smile towards the eldest, winking playfully at his bound lover before he slinks down between Jeongguk's strong thighs- the same ones that are currently hugged so nicely by skintight leather jeans, and fuck, are they distracting.


He has an affinity for Jeongguk's thighs and would probably let the other choke him with them, but that's besides the point.


He makes quick work of the other's jeans, unbuttoning them before tugging at the hem impatiently.


Jeongguk smirks, lifting himself so the other has an easier time sliding his pants down the span of his thighs.


The elder growls in frustration when he's met with resistance, movements layered with haste as he applies more force.


"Struggling?" He jests, smugness overtaking his features.


Taehyung glowers at him, yanking harshly at those damn pants and exhaling in relief when they finally begin peeling off those golden thighs.


"Your dick is going to be fucking struggling if you don't shut the fuck up and help me."


"Oh, sweetheart, your mouth is obscene." The younger croons, eyes flicking upwards to meet Hoseok's straight on, a cruel smirk forming as he holds the other's gaze challengingly. "Do I need to fuck the crudeness right out of you again?" He questions passively, fingers carding through soft strands as he continues staring into the other male's wide eyes.


"Fuck your pretty little mouth, make your lips bleed as I shove my cock down your throat." He grips the elder's chin lightly, educing a soft keen from the male in between his legs. "You talk an awful lot, angel. Maybe if you had something rammed in there, you wouldn't be so disrespectful all the time."


The words have a tangible effect on the elder, shudder wracking his form as he absentmindedly runs his tongue across his dry lips, stealing the younger's focus as he witnesses supple pink flesh shine with spit. He groans internally.


The elder is such a little shit, even when he's not actively trying to be one.


"Fuck, hurry up and get your mouth around me baby." He rasps because he's fucking hard and he just wants to feel that wet heat encompassing him again.


Taehyung seems to snap out of his trance, lower lip caught between his teeth as his fingers find their way along the other's thighs once more, scrambling to get those trifling jeans off and that thick cock in his mouth.


He doesn't even bother removing the other's jeans completely, letting them pool at the other's ankles before he swiftly yanks his undergarments along with it and wraps his lips around the head of the other's weeping length.


Jeongguk jars, hips bucking into that warmth as he grips tousled strands violently, groaning loudly as the other swallows him fluently, his member sinking further into wet heat as the elder takes him in torturously.


"Holy fuck," He shudders, one hand reaching behind him to steady himself against the mattress, head lolling back as he feels his cock hit the back of the other's throat. "Shit, baby, your mouth."


Taehyung relaxes his throat with ease, accustomed to the stretch as his lips rub the base of the other's shaft, nose brushing against heated skin and he whimpers around that wide girth when the grip around his locks turn painful.


He gags when the other thrusts up slowly, keeping his head in place as he shoves his cock further down his larynx but he forces himself to open up, feeling the other rub against his throat and it's the most titillating experience.


"Jesus Christ."


Jeongguk's throat turns absolutely dry as he moans quietly at the sensation of the other taking him in so wonderfully, those walls constricting around his aching member and tongue curling around him teasingly. His mind is a mess and he nearly forgets about the unwanted presence in the room until he cranes his head to the side and catches a glimpse of the other, slack-jawed, those dark eyes fixated on the sight of the brunet in between his thighs, deepthroating him like a champ.


His fingers tighten around the other's tresses as he stares darkly at the bound male, pushing the elder further down onto his cock and growling softly as he feels those muscles tighten around him. He watches Hoseok carefully, gaze penetrative while he fucks the brunet's mouth, frame shivering the slightest as that heat turns his thoughts into a liquidized mess.


"Doing so well, baby," he whispers appraisingly, eyes never leaving the stunned male's even as his fingers rub soothingly against his lover's scalp, drawing a pleased moan that he feels to his very core. He exhales harshly as Taehyung bobs his head along his length, slowing down as he reaches the base of his cock and keeping his lips wrapped tightly around him while his throat contracts delectably.


God, the other has gotten so good at giving head, and the things he can do with his tongue are otherworldly.


Hoseok's throat tightens, stomach wrenching as the shock gradually settles in, rattled at the sight of his lover with someone else's cock rammed down his throat, making these content noises that he's rarely witnessed.


When he flicks his gaze upwards, he almost wishes he hadn't.


The other male- Guk?- is eying him closely, irises encased with something positively malignant as his lips are twisted into a smirk. There's something highly unsettling about the barrenness to those midnight orbs, something unhinged and threatening as he stares at him unblinkingly.


As though the other is trying to establish something- prove a point- in the most minacious way.


He doesn't know what he feels, but he never thought the day would come that he'd find his boyfriend with his head in between someone else's legs, emitting noises he thought were too obscene to ever leave his reserved lover's lips.


The thought is discomfiting.


"That's enough, baby doll."


Hoseok grows even more stunned when his lover complies without pause, pulling off the other's cock with a lewd pop that leaves him feeling strangely bothered.


"Get on the bed for me."


The way he responds to the raven haired male's demands so instinctually causes something unpleasant to unfurl within his belly.


Hoseok watches as the dark haired male kicks off his jeans before tugging his tee over his head, revealing defined biceps and a sturdy chest that could possibly rival his own. He doesn't know why it somehow feels like an unspoken competition is unraveling between them but he finds something acidic coating his tongue as the other regards him coolly, that self-satisfied grin intact as he settles behind his lover with an air of familiarity that intensifies his distaste.


Taehyung is situated on all fours, back curved and so receptive to the other's touch that Hoseok almost can't believe the same person he's looking at is his boyfriend. The Taehyung he knows would have never been this forthcoming with his desire, an air of diffidence always surrounding his form.


Who the fuck is this person before him.


Hoseok finds himself tugging at the binding, frustration roiling inside as it proves useless, wrists scraping against coarse rope and he can only watch helplessly as the other slowly undresses his lover, disposing of his shirt before moving towards tight jeans.


All the meanwhile, Taehyung just takes it like he knows nothing else, limbs turning pliant as the raven haired male undoes his zipper, shimmying his hips as they're slowly peeled away.


That's when Hoseok notices them, and he doesn't know how he never did before.


The field of magenta and violet painting his hips and collarbones vividly and his breath catches because that's not what arrests his focus-




He can't take his eyes off the lacerations marring the sides of those golden thighs. Multiple healing slashes strewn across the surface of his flesh, fading scratches that he can't believe he ever missed.


He knows he wouldn't have missed them.


It's starting to make sense now, the reason for the other's gradual distancing and evasion when it came to sex. Now he knows why Taehyung always insisted on them fucking in the dark, adamant about keeping the lights off and everything systematic- quick. Almost like some kind of business transaction, like it was a fucking task and Hoseok. He's starting to get it now.


The revelation sits heavily in his belly.


"Can you take it all in one go, pretty baby?" The other's husky cadence shatters his thoughts and Hoseok can only stare, wide-eyed, as Taehyung nods frantically, spine arching as the other encages his frame within his arms and the image makes his fists furl.


Hoseok witnesses a pleased grin spread across the other's features- wholly different from the ones he's been graced with- as he murmurs something inaudible into Taehyung's ears, too quiet for him to pick up but he observes as his lover stares up at him almost hesitantly before nodding. This causes the other's smile to widen and Hoseok feels slightly ill.


Jeongguk lines his cock with the other's entrance, running a soothing hand along his tense back as he rubs his tip against his rim. He leans in, lips brushing against the other's ear as he murmurs hotly.


"Show your little boyfriend how good you can take Daddy's cock, hmm?" His words make Taehyung's arms quiver in place, mind whirling with ecstasy as he settles into himself. "You take it so well baby, even when I give it to you raw."


Taehyung lets out a wavery breath, heart thudding wildly in his chest as the younger's tip presses shallowly against his hole, making his fingers clench around satin bedsheets.


"How badly do you want it?" queries Jeongguk, loud enough for the other to hear this time around because that's precisely what he wants. "Tell Daddy what you need." He presses just as his eyes meet Hoseok's coldly, a stark contrast to the saccharine lull of his pitch moments prior.


Hoseok feels his mind blank out for a moment because he isn't sure that he's heard right.


"I want you to fuck me."


Taehyung's voice resounds quietly between them, head bowed as his hands form into fists.




He exhales shakily when Jeongguk teases him with the tip of his cock, and he's so fucking desperate for the other to give it to him that he practically spews the first thing which comes to mind- something he knows the younger wants to hear.


"God- fuck me." He groans impatiently, tone elevated as he pushes his ass back. "I want you to fuck me, Daddy please."


Hoseok swallows. Perhaps he heard right after all.


A loud smack reverberates across the room and Hoseok's eyes widen further, watching his lover jolt forward from the contact.


"Watch your tone, baby."


What the fuck.


Jeongguk runs his palms placatingly across the other's reddening cheeks, prying them apart so he can get a better glimpse of that clenching hole and he groans heatedly in response.


God, he's going to wreck his pretty ass so thoroughly.


Something he knows that son of a bitch was never able to do- will never be able to.


"Are you sure you can take it, sweetheart?" He teases, something cruel dripping from his tone and provoking an aggravated growl from the male beneath him. "Wouldn't want to give you something you can't handle."


Taehyung is going to fucking kill him when this is over- add another body to the hit list. The fucking showy motherfucker.


He urges himself to keep his temper in check.


"Yes." He grits between his teeth. "Want it, just- please give me your cock."


The other's complex is both a blessing and a curse.


(Mostly a curse).


Jeongguk's smile turns daunting as his gaze settles on Hoseok, wanting the other to pay heed to every detail as he breaks apart his supposed boyfriend.


"If you insist," utters Jeongguk as he grasps those slim hips tightly, easing his saliva-coated member inside the other, reveling in the pained sounds resonating from below as he presses inside. He swears hotly at the tightness encasing him, gripping his cock fiercely as he suddenly slides all the way in, bottoming out and wresting strangled groans from them both. "Christ, baby."


Taehyung bites down on his fist, stifling the agonized sounds threatening to erupt as he literally shakes from the excruciating pain. He feels paralyzed from the crippling ache, spine stiff as waves of affliction surge through him.


"Oh-" his frame shudders, fingers gripping wrinkled sheets brutally. "S-shit, oh my God."


Jeongguk breathes heavily through his nose, forehead molded against the other's shoulder blade as he forces himself to remain stagnant and not fucking ruin the other right off the bat. The elder feels amazing around him- always does- and it throws him off center each time because he doesn't think he'll ever get over how perfect the other feels around his cock, like he was meant to take it.


"What do you want, sweet baby?" He growls against the elder's ear, hips pressed flush against his ass as he feels that heat constrict around him deliciously.


Taehyung feels his eyes burn and he lets out a quavering breath, the pain so intense he almost can't deal but with tinges of pleasure interfused as he feels the other brush right against his prostate.


"God, want you to fuck me numb Daddy, please- need you."


He's fucking shameless when he gets the other's cock inside him and he really should work on that, but well.




Hoseok watches, dumbfounded and slightly perturbed at the sight of his lover bent over, taking the other's cock raw and he recalls the rare instances he's done the same, but the reaction incited was nowhere near as intense as this.


The other male's eyes fall back on him and there's something almost taunting within, making him bristle as he tugs harder at his restraints, jaw clenched.


The other seems to derive amusement from this, his smirk deepening before he turns his attention back towards his lover.


"I got you, baby boy." His voice is encased with tension but still embodying something pacifying. "Gonna give you exactly what you want." He accompanies it with a sharp snap of his hips and Taehyung is suddenly pushed forward, features contorting from the unforgivable pain as he literally feels like he's being ripped apart.


"F-fuck," he stutters, raspy baritone cracking as the other continues to drive into him with increasing vigor. The pain is so severe- he doesn't want it to stop. "So good, keep going."


Jeongguk grunts at the stifling warmth, swearing underneath his breath as he attempts to push past restrictive muscle, those tight walls making it hard for him to maintain a steady rhythm. He pulls the other back against his cock, rocking forward as he does so and he hears the elder eject a choked moan, those muscles constricting around him.


"Fuck," he curses, temples beginning to trickle with perspiration as he drives harder into the other, making him cry out weakly. "So fucking tight, Jesus."


Taehyung trembles as he presses his face harshly against the bed, taking raucous breaths as the other ruts into him purposively, striking his sweet spot with a commendable amount of accuracy and he tries not to scream at the constant dry friction along his walls.


God, it hurts so bad but he knows he wouldn't have accepted anything less.


Jeongguk delivers a particularly robust thrust, hips slamming roughly against his ass and he stutters, emitting a strangled wail. He grasps the bedsheets harder in search of something to keep him sane even as he's slowly being driven inane with need.


In his delirium, his eyes flutter open only to come face to face with Hoseok's frozen expression. His breath hitches as he meets the elder's eyes, something disbelieving circling within, which is right when he feels Jeongguk slam into him brutally, forcing a pained keen from his chest as his features mar from discomfort.


Jeongguk stares up at Hoseok, only to notice the other male staring intently at his lover and it both fills him with a sense of satisfaction as well as a surge of irritation, because he might have wanted the other to witness him wrecking his boyfriend but that wars with the part of him that doesn't want him to see Taehyung like this at all.


He grips the elder's hips with greater force, keeping him in place as he begins to fuck into him faster, punching jagged growls from the other's throat which merely fuels his fervency.


He glances at Hoseok as he does so, noting the glazed look in the other's eyes that he doesn't think is entirely a result of the sedatives. He entwines his fingers in the elder's hair, gripping those locks fiercely as he drives inside him with sharp movements.


"Nngh-" Taehyung bites down on a fistful of sheets, walls burning as he tries to withstand the delectable pain. "H-harder, shit"


Jeongguk feels his chest swell when the incapacitated male finally looks back up at him, something wild swimming in his eyes as he stares unblinkingly. He leans down as his eyes remain fixed on the other's, whispering reassurances against the brunet's sweaty neck.


"Taking it like such a good boy," he praises, gyrating his hips as he sinks all the way inside, wanting the other to feel every inch of him inside. "Daddy's pretty little baby." Murmurs Jeongguk meaningfully as he meets Hoseok's withering gaze head on, his own orbs assuming a frigid air.


"Please-" Taehyung shakes, the pain gradually morphing into something wondrous but there's something that he wants more than anything else right now and he knows Jeongguk knows exactly what it is.


The younger wears a content smile as he feels the other grow restless beneath him before slowing his hips, resorting to gentle circulations that nudge against his prostate and it elicits a frustrated snarl from the elder.


"What's the matter, princess?"


"Guk- I"


The callous slap against his ass causes him jerk. He buries a startled moan against the mattress.


"Baby, you know that's not what I want to hear."


Fuck. The other is being such a prick, and Taehyung will make him pay later. He swears. But right now, he's playing a game that he's memorized all the rules to and he knows if he wants it to work in his favor he needs to evaluate his hand carefully.


He dusts his reservations away, stomping down on his pride even as it threatens to arise and ekes out quietly, "Daddy, please give it to me now. Make me bleed all over."


Hoseok's stomach jolts.




Jeongguk hums, pleased, before running his hand gently across the other's swelling cheeks, pulling them apart so he can watch his cock slide inside that stretched rim.


"Good boy." He mutters roughly, stilling his movements before pulling out slowly and he nearly groans at the lines of vermilion coating his member, some of it painting the other's entrance. "God, baby, always so pretty for me."


Taehyung tries not to let the words affect him but it proves to be somewhat of a feat and he shudders when the other slips out of him completely, feeling strangely empty and unfulfilled but he quashes a whine because he knows what to anticipate.


The thought causes heat to pool heavily in his stomach, his leaking cock aching even more.


"Which one do you want tonight, sweet?"


Taehyung stutters, mind shuffling through the many blades the other owns before his mind conjures up an image of the precise one he'd like.


"Butterfly," he answers docilely, knowing the other would appreciate that. "The one with the ridged handle."


Jeongguk plants a kiss along the span of the other's shoulder in acknowledgment.




The warmth recedes and Taehyung feels a spike of unease at that but forces himself not to reach out, keeping his forearms rested against the bed.


Jeongguk reaches for the knapsack he had thrown off to the side of the bed, extracting a leather pouch. He unzips it carefully, a display of knives lined in a row and Hoseok's breathing falters from where he's bound.


Something unpleasant sits inside his stomach as he watches the raven haired male pull out a small rectangular piece before he flicks it open, blade appearing between two ridged handles. He twirls it appreciatively between his fingers, the edge of the blade glinting underneath the lighting and he swallows uneasily.


Those piercing eyes lift to meet his own and his heart skitters in his chest. That sneer makes a reappearance as the other regards him with an almost indulgent expression.


He watches, strangely transfixed, as the other rips open a square package before pulling out what looks like an alcohol wipe. He runs it carefully along each side of his blade, movements drawn out as he eyes him uninterestedly.


Hoseok can only sit frozenly, eyes following the other's movements as he eventually slides back into place behind his lover.


Taehyung is still crouched on all fours, head resting along the crook of his elbows as shallow breaths escape him.


"Ready?" The younger's cadence cradles his ears and he thinks it's an unnecessary question because he already knows the answer.




"Want you to look at him the entire time, want him to see how much you enjoy when I make you hurt. Can you do that, angel?" he queries, inflection light as he traces the edge of the knife along the other's lower back.


A shiver tiptoes its way along his spine at the sensation and he finds himself nodding automatically, body turning malleable beneath the other's fingertips.


"Yes, Daddy."


Jeongguk's fingers clench around the handle so roughly his knuckles turn white.


"Always so good for me." whispers the younger with veneration. He scratches the tip of his blade along the lower right area of his back and Taehyung whimpers at the dull pain evoked.


Jeongguk doesn't waste time nicking the first layer of tissue, blade digging into sun-touched skin with minimal pressure as he guides the tip with quick yet precise motions.


Taehyung fights the tremors because he knows the other is currently around one of the more critical zones and Jeongguk's specifically ordered him before to remain as still as he can whenever he's working him there. But that doesn't mean he doesn't make these pathetic little noises to compensate for it, and while he would normally be mortified at the sounds leaving his mouth, he honestly can't give two shits right about now.


He feels the other sink the blade in a little deeper, trailing it down before curling it back up and he lets out a sharp gasp at the searing cut along his flesh.




The younger presses a consolatory kiss along his spine, causing him arch into it.


"Wish I could keep you like this forever- God, you're fucking sublime."


Taehyung sinks his teeth into his lip, eyes flitting open blearily so he can chance a glance at the elder positioned several feet away. Hoseok is watching him with disbelief etched into his corneas, as though he hardly recognizes the person in front of him and Taehyung extinguishes the tendril of satisfaction curling in his chest because he's finally starting to get it.


Jeongguk continues with the next incision, slashing unhurriedly even as the other trembles beneath him, afflictive wails reaching his ears. He feels the desire ignite within his core as he takes in the small pool of carmine surfacing from the laceration. His fingers quake and he berates himself for the fluctuation in control.


"Beautiful." He whispers shakily without fully processing it.


But that doesn't make it any less valid.


Taehyung's eyes sting at the shooting pain originating from his lower back. He remembers now why the other rarely carves him up around that area. It hurts like a bitch.


But isn't that what he relishes most?




The younger tuts behind him, drawing the knife away intentionally and provoking a soft whine from slick lips.


"You don't get to call the shots, baby."


Taehyung forcibly beats down a needy whine. He suddenly feels the other breathe sensually against the dip of his spine.


"Are you still watching him?" He interrogates, blade returning to his back but not pressing hard enough to inflict pain which makes him fidget restlessly as he aches for the debilitating burn once more. "Can he see how pretty you look like this, just waiting for Daddy to mark your back with scars? How desperate you are to bleed for me, and only me?"


"Yes, God, yeah- more, please."


The other hums placidly and Taehyung wants to wrench his locks out, his cock pressing harshly against the bed as he ruts subtly against it. The other's hands still his movements immediately and he blinks away impending tears.


Shit, he needs something so fucking bad.


"Daddy, please." he bleats involuntarily because he's so strung out that he just might disintegrate into a pile of wasted matter. His fingers curl into the sheets as he struggles to keep his eyes peeled and in Hoseok's general direction.


"Oh, baby," Jeongguk placates, tracing gentle circles along the elder's quivering back, fingers running lightly over the other's fresh, bleeding wound and making him jar. "Don't worry, I promise Daddy will take good care of you."


The words, strangely enough, have an alleviating effect and he finds some of the tension seeping from his body, mind pulled into the deep drawl of the other's cadence and he succumbs to it unwittingly.


"Need you to stay still for me, alright baby doll?"


Taehyung finds himself bobbing his head reactively, exhaling shakily as he anticipates the next cut. When Jeongguk finally presses his blade back into the sensitive area around his back, he just about shouts into the width of the mattress.


"Holy shit." He cries, eyes prickling with tears as the other scrapes at his flesh painstakingly, the edge of the blade carving into his skin deeply and he feels something sticky permeate the area.


His arms wobble and nearly cave when he feels the younger dig into his flesh and it's possibly the most intense and harrowing experience he's ever undergone.


He loves it.


He's finding it harder and harder to keep a focused gaze on Hoseok, mind muddled and overrun with endorphins as well as the distracting pain.


"Don't muffle your sounds." He goads, watching as the tip of his knife breaks untainted flesh before blood trickles out slowly and his dick throbs at the alluring image. He drags the blade at an excruciating pace, reveling in the tortured sounds coming from the elder as he deliberately moves it with care. "Let him hear how loud you can get for me, sweet thing."


And loud, he does get.


Hoseok's mouth feels like a bed of sand right now. He can't wrap his mind around the fact that the very same person he's lain with for the past few years is also the same person allowing someone to slice into his skin, marring his smooth skin with rivers of crimson.


And by the looks of it, he's enjoying it as well.


He doesn't understand one bit, and he's beginning to wonder whether he really knows his lover at all- if he ever did.


"Oh God," gnarls Taehyung, back stiffening as the younger slices particularly deep and his vision fuses into alabaster around the edges, heart palpitating wildly as the blood thrums sonorously in his ear. His cock pulses with his imminent release and he pants harshly against the bed. "Close- gonna come."


Jeongguk's knife tears through his skin just as he slinks up to whisper potently against the other's ear, "Hold it."


Taehyung keens, shaking his head furiously as he suppresses the violent shudders.


"Daddy, I can't," chokes the brunet, grappling for some semblance of control as his cock throbs painfully, doing everything in his power to push down his impending orgasm. "God, please let me come."


Taehyung's given up on keeping his eyes pinned on Hoseok at this point, so lost in his own numbing pleasure as he's receptive only to the younger's steady timbre, mind ensconced in a plume of ecstasy which deters his reasoning he's sure, but he finds himself dismissing his transgressions.


"You can do it, pretty angel, I know you can." Jeongguk encourages softly, impressing a lasting gash along the other's lower back before cautiously retrieving the knife. He groans when he notices it coated in specks of blood, scarlet dripping so stunningly along the curve of the blade.


His cock aches as he stares, riveted.


He brings the blade slowly towards his mouth and in a calculated decision, runs his tongue carefully along the edge of the bloodied knife, moaning filthily when the metallic tang floods his senses. His abdomen clenches in lust as he laps up the rest of the mess, tongue sliding sensually along the tip before he literally chucks the blade aside and sinks his fingers into the elder's hair, tilting his head before smashing their lips together.


Taehyung is shivering so hard at this point, completely at his wit's end as the other crams his tongue inside his mouth, grimacing at the offensive sapor swarming his tastebuds.


He tries to pull away but Jeongguk merely tugs his mouth closer, running his tongue messily against his mouth and smearing his lips with scarlet. When he finally retreats, he can still sense the faint traces of blood around his mouth.


"Need you to hold it a little longer, can you do that for me?"


Taehyung falters at the enquiry, cock laid flat against his abdomen but he forces out his pitiable assent, nodding unsteadily over his shoulder. He watches as the other's smile gleams with pride.


"Knew you could, baby. So sweet for me, aren't you?"


Taehyung feels his cheeks burn but finds himself nodding nonetheless.


Jeongguk grips his hips steadily, wasting no time before lining himself up and sliding back inside roughly, inciting a ragged gasp from the other as he buries his cock to the hilt. He groans, fingers flexing around his lover's flesh as he feels that familiar heat envelop him.


"Fucking perfect."


Taehyung tries not to preen but it's a meager effort.


Jeongguk watches as the other's newly incised wounds continue seeping with russet and it makes his throat seize up.


Fuck, the other is going to be the death of him one day.


He snaps his hips forward while keeping one hand sturdily along his sides, grinning when he hears garbled noises fall from the other's lips.


Hoseok feels the air punched right out of him as he watches the other male begin to fuck into his lover at a violent pace, making him cry out as his frame noticeably quakes all over. His throat is blocked because how much of the Taehyung he knows is real and how much is fabricated.


Even amidst the fog impairing his reasoning, this one idea has never seemed clearer.


This person that he's looking at now is someone he's never had the privilege of witnessing.


He wonders how often the other man has seen his lover like this, and the thought makes his stomach turn.


Taehyung can feel that telltale scorch amassing within his core and he bites down so fiercely on his lip when the other begins nailing his prostate with such ardency that he has to clasp the sheets to keep himself from tumbling off the bed.


"Don't stop, oh God."


Jeongguk snarls quietly behind him, slamming his hips harshly against the other's ass and forcing his cock inside clenching walls, watching as the base of his shaft gradually reddens with something viscid which only serves to propel his thrusts further.


"S-so close," Taehyung moans, aware that he can't hold off his release for much longer. His cock is so hard it aches and he shivers at the uncomfortable pressure accumulating. "God, I'm so close to coming."


Jeongguk suddenly wrenches the other forward by his locks, pulling him flush against his chest, the new angle causing him to slide deeper inside the elder and making him swear brokenly. He wraps one hand closely around his chin, tilting his face so he's looking directly at the male before them.


"Look at him, baby," whispers Jeongguk heatedly, disregarding the soft whinges of protest. "You're being awfully inconsiderate of our guest."


Taehyung forces his eyes open, gaze fixed directly on the bound male staring at them in mild horror.


"Let him see you, taking my cock so beautifully." He growls, punctuating his words with robust thrusts and making the elder emit strangled cries. "Only for Daddy, isn't that right?"


Taehyung is too disarrayed to respond, the pain along his walls nearly as excruciating as the sear along his lower back and the flux of pain makes him heady as its coupled with an otherworldly form of pleasure.


"I asked you a question, baby doll," reiterates the younger with a brutal thrust and his vision honest to god bleeds white for a moment as the other rams into his sweet spot. Those fingers tighten around his chin and he's forced to keep his eyes on Hoseok. "Has he ever made you feel this way?"


"N-no," he stutters, words splintering when Jeongguk suddenly rolls his hips so closely against his ass and he feels the other's member seated deeply inside him, making him feel so full and sated.


"Don't tell me," Jeongguk snarls, other hand coming down to press against his lower abdomen, pinning their bodies together as he continues rutting into him torturously. "Tell him, baby."


He quells a frustrated moan, patience running thin as he's forced to look the elder's way because he doesn't fucking care- he just needs Jeongguk to make him come.


"Never made me feel this way." He grits out, face crumpling when the other shoves his length roughly against his walls, the lack of lubrication making the friction wholly unpleasant but not at the same time. "Jesus, just fuck me please."


"What do you think I'm doing right now, kitten?" The other jibes, slowing down and making the older gasp with need. "Keep your eyes on him." The command slithers into his ears potently and he complies. "Has he ever seen you like this before?"


"No," his baritone sounds strangled.


Jeongguk murmurs in approval, speeding up slightly as the other writhes in his arms.


"Of course he hasn't." Fingers inch towards his throat and Taehyung's breath catches. "Because he doesn't know you like I do, doesn't know how to give it you the way you love."


Hoseok bristles at the comment obviously directed at him, lips furling.


Jeongguk challenges the other's glare with a lifted brow, something tickled woven into his midnight orbs as he continues rocking steadily into the other, palm splayed possessively across his lower stomach.


"Truth is, you were never his to begin with, isn't that right darling?"


Hoseok's eyes narrow, thoughts muddy as the effects of whatever Taehyung had slipped him linger but glare unfaltering.


Taehyung audibly breathes out a sigh of relief when the other finally- finally- starts to fuck him like he means it again.


About fucking time.


"He was just warming up my spot for me until I could give it to you the way you deserve." The raven haired male rumbles, nibbling heated skin enticingly and snagging a raspy noise from the base of the brunet's chest. "He never had you, not like I do."


Taehyung's growl dies in his throat when the other slams into him viciously, hand keeping him molded against him so he can't even begin to squirm away. "Fuck."


Jeongguk's spine tingles with ecstasy as the other tightens inadvertently around him, movements faltering before he tries to make up for it by driving his cock inside harder.


"You never belonged to him." Jeongguk mutters jaggedly against his neck, guiding his lips across damp flesh. "Not ever, because he was nothing to you. He can't make you feel as good as I can- nobody can. Don't you ever forget that, baby."


This time, when the other levels his gaze at him, Hoseok distinguishes something foreboding stitched into those irises and a chill runs up his spine.


"Tell him who you belong to. Go on, sweetheart," his tone turns hoarse, evidence of his mounting strain. "Tell him whose pretty little angel you are."


Taehyung curls over, held up only by firm arms as the other rubs against his prostate repeatedly, causing tears to spill over his cheeks.


"Yours," he cries, hardly coherent at this point as the words pour from his lips. "Fuck, Daddy, yours."


The younger swears, fingers tightening around the sides of the other's throat as he continues moving inside him with all the vigor he can muster. "That's right, baby. All mine, everyone else only wishes they had you." He snarls, snapping his hips hardily and making the other hinder a scream.


Jeongguk lifts the older by the chin before murmuring against his lobe, words unyielding. "Look at him. Want him to see your face when I make you come, so he'll know there's no one on this Earth who could ever make you feel as good as I do."


Taehyung raises lidded eyes to gaze into the older's, meeting that stony look with a blissed out one of his own and while he should probably be ashamed, though he had initially resisted when Jeongguk proposed the idea-


Now he can't help but to think about what a grand idea it was indeed, judging by the conglomeration of fury and shock pasted into large obsidian orbs.


He tries not to let his superciliousness show even as he knows he's seconds away from coming. Everything aches all at once that the pain has almost faded into the background, lingering somewhere nearby but not close enough for him to fully register it.


Taehyung is starting to see masses of black, moaning shamelessly in the other's arms as he shakes all over and he can't- he can't fucking hold out any longer. Just as he's about to beg the other to let him come, he feels him crowd in, that flushed chest molded against his back right as fingers press down on his exposed gash. "Come for me, pretty baby."


Taehyung sobs in his pain- relief- pulse skyrocketing as he's pummeled so abruptly by the crippling force of his orgasm, limbs locking together as the ecstasy throttles him. He collapses forward, back arching as he muffles his cries against the duvet.


"S-shit," wails the brunet mindlessly, fingers gripping onto the comforter with such recklessness as he feels his cock spurt with his release, gushing all over the bed and his frame but he can hardly concentrate on trifling matters when the other is still rolling his hips erotically against him. "Daddy, too much." He whines, toes curling when the other's cock rubs deliciously against pulsing muscles, causing him to jerk from the oversensitivity.


"Fuck, keep taking it baby," the other murmurs distractedly against his ear, words slurring together as he approaches the pinnacle of his own release. "Gonna make Daddy come with how good you're clenching around me."


Taehyung's thighs quiver as the other continues sinking his cock inside his ass, shifting before driving in at a new angle and it makes him gasp in pain at how deep the other's getting. He smashes his face against the mattress to quell the anguished noises.


Jeongguk swears, tone husky from exertion as he crouches over the elder's hunched form, tangling their fingers as he rams his dick inside with the intent to make him scream.


Send a little message to that useless piece of shit sitting across from them.


Taehyung growls, pain driving him hysterical as his mouth is crammed with the ends of the plush duvet.


"Christ," grits the younger, inching forward so he can tongue the line of his throat and Taehyung tilts his head responsively to grant the other access. "Always feel so incredible," he praises and it makes his chest kindle with pride. "Gonna fill you up so good."


"God- come inside me Daddy, please. Want it so bad." Taehyung blurts out deliriously. "Give me your fucking load, want to feel you leaking down my thighs."


Jeongguk groans, rocking harder into his lover as his insides start to burn from the weight of his oncoming climax. "Jesus Christ, your fucking mouth."


If Taehyung were any more lucid, he'd probably laugh his ass off because Jeongguk can be so fucking weak at times over the most insipid things. But he usually gets to reap the benefits so he can't complain too much.


The position makes the lacerations along his back flare and he hisses at the renewed pain, unintentionally clamping around the other and roping a strangled groan from pillowy lips.


Jeongguk emits a coarse growl, smashing his hips harshly against the other's ass as his climax is wrenched from him. He sinks his teeth into soft skin, burying his moans against that dripping neck as he stills, shivering hard against the other's heated back as he comes deep inside him. He groans when the other tightens around his shaft, milking him for all its worth and making his hips jolt at the intoxicating rush.




Taehyung releases a breathless laugh after several moments, frame still shuddering and aching just about everywhere but honestly feeling too high on his rush to care. He allows the other to lave at his throat, his eyes flitting up lethargically to stare into his boyfriend's weary eyes. He smirks, holding the elder's gaze as he feels Jeongguk suck harshly at his neck.


He'd say he's sorry for partaking in such a crude show, but he'd be lying.


He feels something dripping from his rim and coating the insides of his thighs, and he groans because it's a fucking bitch to clean up every time but he thinks he'll forgo the tedious wipe-down tonight.


They still have pressing matters to attend to.


"Are you done now?" He mutters tersely after some time because yes, this was nice but now that he's indulged the other it's time for them to tend to his needs.


"Why the rush, babe?"


Taehyung releases a peeved sigh because he's pretty fucking certain the other knows why.


"That's a fucking rhetorical question and you know it, you shit." He grouses, trying to push the other away from him and groaning when the shift causes a ripple effect of pain from his ass up to his fresh cuts.


"Jesus, you have no respect for the sanctity of my ass." He further complains, expression flattening when he feels the younger nuzzle the back of his ear placatingly. The bastard is so wily.


"Don't pull that on me, sweet cheeks." Jeongguk's chest rumbles with his words, hands finding purchase along his hips as he nips at his neck reproachfully. "You practically begged me to tear your ass apart and make you bleed."


This is true, but-


Well, nothing really. He doesn't exactly have a tenable explanation.


That doesn't make mitigate his irritation in the slightest, however.


"Whatever," grumbles Taehyung because like hell is he going to give the other the satisfaction of thinking he's one-upped him. "Just get your dick out of my ass now. It feels foul and we're not done."


"Back to that piss poor attitude, I see." Jeongguk comments offhandedly, tone even but belying some sliver of a warning. "We're gonna have to do something about that one day, baby."


Taehyung smiles because that, he can work with.


He glances at the other coyly, purposefully gazing at the other through hooded lids as he returns promisingly. "Maybe I'll let you try and fuck it out of me some other time, Daddy."


God- like he said. The actual fucking devil incarnate.


"But right now, we've got shit to do so kindly see yourself out the back door, princess."


Jeongguk utters a quiet brat underneath his breath but relents with a final swipe of his tongue across the other's lips, moaning softly when he tastes the remnants of blood lingering along the corners of his mouth. He laps it up greedily, pulling a content sound from the base of the elder's throat and making him grin into the kiss. He moves away with great reluctance, sighing before pulling out, cursing softly as the wondrous heat leaves his cock.


Taehyung's rim is seeping with cum and traces of claret and Jeongguk rubs his thumb across it instinctively but the other groans, slapping his hand away.


"Not now." Warns the elder, forcing himself off the bed with quivery arms, but Jeongguk can only keep his eyes fixated on the trails of sanguine painting those luscious golden thighs. The contrast is stunning.


They get dressed with efficiency- well, Taehyung slightly less so. Jeongguk throws the occasional self-serving grin in the restrained male's direction, making him feel even more unsettled as those cold eyes regard him dispassionately.


Taehyung's back burns as he bends down to reach for his shirt, and Hoseok finally gets a clear view of the bleeding lacerations, eyes widening when he makes out a set of three letters carved so intricately into the span of his lover's lower back.




He can't take his eyes away.


Jeongguk notices the way the other male stares intently at Taehyung's back, eyes lingering around the specific area he knows he had marked up so well. The tinge of pride flourishes in his chest and he revels in the knowledge that the other is able to see his mark on him- proof that Taehyung already belongs to someone else.


As though Taehyung can sense the little dick-measuring contest they've got going on, he turns only to find the two males staring each other down and he rolls his eyes, because that's a little too much testosterone going around at once and it's not really his priority at this moment.


He withholds an exasperated sigh when he feels the younger settle beside him, arm curling around his waist meaningfully and he winces when the motion applies pressure against his tender wound.


"They're in the bag."


Taehyung doesn't have to inquire to understand what the other's alluding to. His smile widens before he traces a delicate kiss along the other's neck in appreciation, earning a pleased hum in return.


Hoseok regards them with a bewildered gaze, baffled by the almost domestic air to their interactions and it throws him for a loop in addition to contributing to the culminating unease sitting heavily in his stomach.


He watches closely- uneasily- as his boyfriend (he's not sure, is he still his boyfriend? They're treading strange waters right now) retrieves a black bag, setting it atop his mattress.


Confusion hits him before he's suddenly encased with dread as he processes the materials the other pulled out.


Lighter fluid. A box of matches.


He stares at the younger with perplexed, unnerved eyes.


Taehyung chuckles in response at the apprehensive look coating his lover's pretty irises.


"Oh, don't look at me like that Hoseok-ah." He jeers, wicked smile climbing up the curve of plump lips. "What, did you think we were done?" He laughs, but the sound makes the elder's heart thud. A maleficent sheen wraps around the brunet's eyes. "No, we're just getting started." He coos, and everything about it is misleading.


The wild look in those alluring, feline eyes makes him quiver almost imperceptibly in place. He takes in the other male hovering closely behind him, an equally disconcerting vibe coming from him.


"Tae-" he tries, voice cracking from how dry his throat is.


"Is this the part where you fish aimlessly for an excuse as a last resort to get out of this little predicament of yours?" He accompanies the query with a soft, condescending laugh. "Admirable efforts, babe."


There's a clarity pervading the other's sharp gaze despite the fucked out look he's currently wearing, hair disheveled and lips swollen as he ambles towards him with an innate air of grace.


"It's not what you-"


"Not what I think? Is that it?" A derisive laugh as the other wields the box of matches and fluid can ominously. "Even now, you're lying to my face. How unbecoming of you, Seok-ah."


Taehyung uncaps the lid, stepping up to the younger with something menacing to his strides. He smiles but it's nothing remotely close to comforting.


"Oh baby," whispers the other gently, almost ruefully, as he leans in close and Hoseok feels his throat close up. "You thought you could play me."


He lets out a surprised shout when the other suddenly tips the contents of the can all over his suit, moving up along his chest before he drenches the top of his head with lighter fluid and he splutters as some of it reaches his lips.


"You should have known- play with fire and you're bound to get burned, sooner or later. Although, in your case I suppose it's taken on the slightly more literal sense."


He grins.


"Don't worry though," Taehyung assures, his tone saccharine as he glances back at the younger male standing behind him, eyes alight with amusement. "Pretty soon, you won't feel much at all. Well, unless you count the scorching heat eating at your skin as you burn alive, but those are minor details." He empties the remains of the can before tossing it back towards Jeongguk, the younger male catching it easily before stuffing it back inside the bag.


Taehyung feels a titter threaten to erupt when he notices the petrified look settling across the other's features.


"I feel bad for Kihyunnie, really. He's the innocent bystander in all this but rest assured, that other cute barista- Changkyun, I think it was?- seems to have taken a strong liking towards him. I'm sure he'll be more than willing to lend a shoulder to cry on when they find you. Or what's left."


Hoseok gazes up at him pleadingly, silently beckoning him not to do this as he fastidiously watches the other pull out a match. His heart ceases in his chest.


"Baby, please-" he chokes out, panic flitting across his features as he watches the younger approach him, an blithe glint to his eyes and that indulgent smile.


"Shh," hushes the younger, onyx orbs sparkling. "Let's not make this difficult, hmm?" He leans in then, lithe fingers stroking his wet cheek with a terrifying amount of gentleness. "I really wish I didn't have to do this, Seok."


Hoseok thinks his internal organs malfunction momentarily when his lover crouches down to plant an eerily soft kiss against his lips, palm cupping his cheek soothingly before he pulls away.


Jeongguk's eyes sharpen at the little display, muttering tersely before tugging forcefully at the ends of his lover's shirt.


"That's enough."


Taehyung throws an amused smile over his shoulder, taking in the sullen expression spreading across his mien. He tries not to laugh.


He's such a petulant child sometimes.


Taehyung stands, wrapping an arm around his lover's waist as he relays assurances against his ear which causes some of the stiffness to trickle out of his frame. He smirks.


Just like putty.


Taehyung turns back towards the tied up male staring up at them, face blanched. He twirls the match in hand, grin widening as his heart rate starts to speed up while his body buzzes with an addictive kind of adrenaline, knowing exactly what to anticipate. He feel like he just might jump out of his skin in his excitement.


He strikes the match, watching as a tiny wisp comes to life.


His belly suffuses with heat.


"Do you need the gag, baby?" Jeongguk's soothing cadence resounds behind him but he's too preoccupied watching the fire spread across the wood of the match, myriads of apricot and russet warring with each other.


Taehyung shakes his head, eyes lifting to meet the elder's terror-stricken expression. His lips quirk.


"No," he breathes softly, irises alight with rapture. "I want to hear him scream."


He drops the match.




Taehyung's body vibrates with restrained energy as he and Jeongguk rush out of the house in a blur, clothes reeking of fuel and soot. His fingers tremble with how wound up he is, cock throbbing within the confines of his jeans.


He feels the phantom twinges everywhere but the adrenaline currently overrides his conception of pain and he pulls the younger flush against his chest, pinning him against a nearby tree as he ruts desperately against him.


"Shit, Guk," he rasps, sounding absolutely wrecked as the images are seared delightfully into the back of his mind. "Let me fuck you in the back seat." He growls, grinding his erection harshly against the other's ass and educing a hitched breath from his throat.


Recollections of the other's screams as the flames gradually consumed him are stitched into the fabrics of his mind, a delightful symphony to his ears.


"Yeah," Jeongguk nods frantically, highly receptive to the idea of the elder getting his cock inside him, especially when he's strung out and high off his rush like this. The elder always fucks him so good then. "Fuck, baby, yeah."


Taehyung had watched, fascinated, as the elder incinerated before his very eyes, the smell of charred flesh offensive to his delicate palate but the image of the other encapsulated in hues of orange and crimson had made up for it.


He was right. Hoseok really does burn pretty after all.


They had quickly doused the remaining areas the house with fuel, covering the place with fluid until the cans had run dry. Taehyung had pulled the younger close then, mashing their lips together as the ecstasy had clouded his reasoning but Jeongguk had merely returned his fervor, drawing him close before tracing his fingers over the fresh cuts along his back, eliciting pained grunts which made him preen.


They had set the place on fire, standing in the midst of the growing flames as they momentarily found reprieve within each other.


It had only lasted for so long, however, before the younger had indicated for them to get out as the flames slowly eclipsed everything around them. Taehyung had relented with only slight disappointment as the younger dragged him out of there, knapsack slung over his bag and hand entangled firmly with his.


And now, here they are, both bathing in the rush of dopamine as they're pressed close against each other.


Jeongguk turns to face him, a strange expression overshadowing his features as he suddenly runs a hand through his tresses and if Taehyung had lived a different life, he would almost assume this would be the closest thing to affection he's ever witnessed. The younger meets his eyes boldly, something flickering to life as he whispers sensually against his lips.




It sounds like a promise and it's the strangest thing to Taehyung, but he rolls his eyes, returning the other's sentiments with an exasperated huff yet they both know there's no heat behind it.


Maybe one day they'll end up ruining each other-


He curls a hand around the back of the other's neck, the other resting against his hip as he tattoos his response against succulent lips.


But oh, the loveliest downfall that would be.