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Make A Move (Before I Make A Move)

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Yoongi killed his motorbike in the very end of the lot, pulled up inside one of the rectangle boxes of white paint that covered the stretch of tarmac. As he eyed the building in front of them he felt Jimin’s arms loosening from their tight hug around his waist for the first time in what must have been hours. A quick glance to their right showed that the main road was still very much packed with a constant flow of traffic: cars, lorries and motorbikes travelling along the wide road like a trickling stream of chrome and rubber. In the current night dark everything seemed to be lit up and glowing, beacons all over the skyline in a myriad of colours and shapes. The sight was enough to have him sighing heavily, tired just thinking about the nightlife buzz that would currently be occurring all over the city. Yoongi couldn’t think of anything less appealing right now than bars and clubs, karaoke and noise. The alcohol would be appealing, it always was, just not the noise.


“Shit,” he muttered as he reached up to unbuckle his helmet strap, pulling it free a moment later with a sigh of relief. He reached up to ruffle at his hair, attempting to flatten the messy black locks even though it was rather pointless. He placed the helmet on clutch handle so that he could stretch his arms up and then rub at his eyes, finding that they were dry and sore like they always were after most of a day spent on the road. From behind him he could hear the sound of his boyfriend also removing his helmet, fingers scrabbling with the plastic buckle until he managed to slip it free. Yoongi shifted to look back over his shoulder at him, watching him fastening the helmet again so that he could slip it into the crook of his elbow like a handbag rather than hold the bulky object.


“What are we stopping for?” Jimin asked him curiously, running his eyes over the lot without rest, so he told him that he was taking a quick smoke break. “Oh, hang on.” The younger man reached into his hoodie pocket to collect the now battered packet of cigarettes, thumbing it open to pull one free for him. Yoongi opened his mouth in preparation, letting him slip the stick between his lips, and he bit down on it whilst he put the packet away to collect the lighter. It was a metal click lighter, engraved with his grandfather’s initials, and his boyfriend was currently carrying it for him in his expansive pockets because he had none in his leather jacket. Whilst he sparked the light Yoongi looked over the lot again to eye the closest car parked nect to them, and after a few seconds there was a flickering flame dancing right in front of his nose.


“Thanks,” Yoongi said around the stick before taking a quick inhale to get the cigarette smouldering. Jimin flicked the lighter shut, the metal clicking loudly on the still air, and then it disappeared back into his hoodie pockets. He heard his boyfriend shifting to get comfortable on the back, making a series of noises as he stretched his stiff back.


“Are we gonna stay here for the night?” Jimin asked him, also looking across the lot with interest.


“Mmm, not sure,” Yoongi replied around the cigarette in a low mumble.


“I think we should…”


The love motel was a large U-shaped building with three floors to it, staircases and landings running here and there to connect them all together. There were no windows on display but there were a lot of doors, covered in red glossy paint with golden room number plates screwed onto the fronts. The exterior stone was a nice tan shade, pleasing and warm-looking in the bright lot streetlights and the glow from the motel sign. In the lot there was already a dozen or so vehicles, all of them cars of varying models that he didn’t really recognise nor care for. His motorbike seemed to be the only one present, the cherry red and black Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark with the gleaming chrome standing out instantly. It usually did, just like it did in the lot facing the university campus: Sparky, as Jimin had affectionately named it when he had first seen the vehicle parked on the curb outside the campus café. It might not be the most grandest of names but he liked it anyway.


Yoongi ran his eyes along the front of the building to look up at the motel sign as he put the stick back between his lips, the bright pink neon tube shaped like a heart that rotated lazily round and round like a wheel. The vacancy sign underneath it grabbed his eye, particularly the price for the rooms, and he studied it for a moment before turning to look back over his shoulder. Jimin was lounged back on the seat, hands holding onto the back and legs cocked up on the jutting sides. His thighs were spread open, ripped faded jeans showcasing the rounded balls of his knees and some of his thighs; tanned skin that glowed in the bright lighting of the lot. He had his pulled his hood up, the massive hoodie swimming on his slim frame so that the lengths reached his thighs and the cuffs hid his hands, and his matching black vest was also slightly loose. One of the sleeves might have slipped down but it was hard to tell underneath the hoodie.


Jimin raised an eyebrow at him languidly, disturbing a loose lock of his black hair as he did, and Yoongi turned to look back at the motel again. After a minute of silence his boyfriend decided to break it.


“Are we gonna sit here all night?” Jimin asked, his voice rather light and teasing.


“Nah, I’m thinking we should find another place,” Yoongi retorted as he stared at the vehicles in the lot, breathing a lungful of smoke out his nose as he did.


“What? Why?” Jimin moved to sit forward at this, clothing rustling from the movement. Yoongi had to twist to glance at him and he saw that he looked shocked by this, lips slightly parted that usually had a lollipop or the occasional joint between them. His boyfriend glanced across the lot before looking back at him. “What’s wrong with the place?”


“It’s a love motel,” Yoongi retorted without missing a beat, “that’s what’s wrong with the place.”


“No, that’s what’s good about the place,” his boyfriend argued as he swept an arm out across the lot. “Yoongi, everyone knows that these places are the cheapest option available, other than a bus shelter bench.” This statement made him snort laughter even when he was trying to look serious. “We’ll save cash, you keep saying we have to save cash to make the trip last longer so why not try saving a little, huh?”


Technically, Jimin was correct in that regard. The price listed on the sign that the rooms started at was rather low considering what they had came across on the last two days on the road. Already over the weekend before the break had even started they had covered decent ground, getting out of Seoul and down into Gyeonggi-do, passing through several districts to end up in Yongin-si. The plan was to continue east and curve on a soft northern gradient, passing through even more districts until they ended up in Guri-si and were entering Seoul again on the following weekend. They had spent quite a chunk of money so far into the trip, of which Yoongi had mostly covered discreetly. He was waiting on the latest installment of money from his parents to slide into his bank account after the break and though he wasn’t exactly running low on savings at the moment he didn’t want Jimin to know this. The trip would be a lot more fun if they tried 'slumming’ it in his opinion, a lot more authentic for sure. Any money saved at this point was just a bonus.


Jimin wanted a trip like something out of a film; crashing in motels and eating shitty instant food, worn and torn jeans, messy hair and the constant sight of glowing neon signs on the horizon so that it was hard to differentiate between morning and evening. That meant that Yoongi had to try and act frugal for the sake of it. As he thought this over he heard his boyfriend shifting on the back of the bike, moving to pull his phone free and unlock it. Yoongi turned to look back over his shoulder at him and he saw that he was snapping several photographs of the place, leaning back to try and get a good shot of the rotating heart sign. That would go straight onto Instagram of course, or even onto KakaoTalk to show his friends. To show their friends, the thought making Yoongi bite down on his cigarette stick for a moment. Jimin moved to lower his phone, hastily typing away with his thumbs and a hint of a smile on his face as he did so.


Their friends had likely already been bombarded with a bunch of photographs from Jimin already, who didn’t seem to ever not be taking snaps of something. Buildings, signs, food, there wasn’t a single thing that Jimin didn’t document on their spring break road trip. Maybe it was to brag about when he posted them online or sent them to their friends, bragging about how they were having fun whilst they were all busy working in the workshop. Maybe it was because Jimin wanted to preserve every single aspect of the trip, a digital scrapbook of images and quick videos of the time that they spent together. Just thinking about it brought a soft smile to Yoongi’s face and it definitely helped win him over to the thought of staying at this motel for the night, if only to make him happy.


“…It is cheap ,” Yoongi remarked after a moment, eyeing his moving thumbs as he dabbed ash off the end of the cigarette. At this Jimin made a rather excited noise and he wriggled on the back of the bike, knees knocking against his. “Probably looks as cheap as a strip club inside.” This earned him a hard punch to his bicep from the young man, even though he could hear him laughing under his breath at the remark. “But there’s probably a real motel not far from here and-”


“This is a real motel,” Jimin argued over him. “It’s a real motel with a bed and hot water, and there’s a store right over there!” He shifted to gesture across the main road at the unmistakable sight of a convenience store, a large glowing white and glass building with a day-glow orange and yellow sign right above the entrance. Yoongi moved to look at it, finding that it looked very similar to the campus store. “Are you seriously gonna turn down a cheap night here because it’s a love motel?”


“Ehh…” Yoongi cocked his head, more teasing than being serious at this point. He was having quite a lot of fun teasing him because Jimin was starting to get annoyed at him, he could sense it. His boyfriend was going to break out the pouting soon and that would be pretty amusing, he might just start stomping his foot on the tarmac in annoyance. “I’ve heard all kinda shady stories about love motels and-”


“No you haven’t, you’re making that up,” Jimin disagreed, seeing through his attempt at making a joke spectacularly. Ah yes, Yoongi kept forgetting about the fact he was smart. Very smart in fact. “You really think I’ll fall for that? Everyone knows that it’s taxis that have shady stories, not love motels. Nice try though.”


“I stopped here for a smoke break,” Yoongi explained as he lifted his hand, drawing attention to the smouldering stick between his fingers. “I never once said “hey guess what, angel, we’re staying here”; so why’re you getting so pouty with me, huh?”


“Don’t 'angel’ me,” Jimin said in a rather sassy tone, expression playful even when he must have known that he was trying to wind him up. “You didn’t stop here for just a cigarette and we both know it.”


“Huh?” Yoongi held the stick back up in front of his lips, not taking a drag but studying him through the hazy plume that floated from the end. “What does that mean?” But his boyfriend didn’t reply beyond giving him a rather secretive smile, eyes lifting to look up at the rotating motel sign. His expression made a rather warm flush of heat spread across his cheeks and Yoongi turned back to eye the lot so he didn’t have to look at him, cigarette stick slipping into the corner of his mouth as he did.


“Yoongi, come on ,” Jimin whined, dragging his words out in a rather childishly sweet way as he hooked his arms under his armpits to pull himself closer. Yoongi felt his chin settling on his shoulder, rubbing against his leather jacket, and then soft little puffs of his breath against his neck. He could almost picture the smile on his face, eyes crinkled at the corners. “It’ll be funny, yes? It’s just one night, it’s just a joke.”


“A joke, huh?”


“Yes, staying in a love motel is a pretty funny joke,” Jimin stated as he kept a tight hold of him, not freeing him from his back hug. “I’ve never been to one before and I know you haven’t either, so let’s just buy a room. It’ll be funny.” He didn’t reply to this for a moment, pretending to be thinking it over intently, and he could sense that Jimin was getting impatient with him. “I won’t tell the others, I’ll keep it a secret.”




“OK?” Jimin repeated, tone showcasing that he was actually surprised by his agreement. When he turned his head to get a glance at Jimin’s face he saw that he had opened his eyes wider, the lot lights reflecting off the surface of his eyes so that they almost sparkled at him.


“Yeah, OK,” Yoongi repeated with a nod, and that was when Jimin practically dived off the back of the bike. His hands grabbed at his arm, trying to pull him off the seat too, so Yoongi had to swing his leg over the side before he ended up getting dragged off by his boyfriend. He shrugged his arm free to pull the keys out of the ignition and unlock the underseat storage for the helmets, more than aware that there were waves of impatience coming off him. He had to pull his smaller bag out from the storage section and shrug it up onto his shoulder because Jimin was already wearing his heavy backpack for him, shoving the helmets inside. They just about fit, barely an inch of room left as he dropped the seat and locked it again. “Shit, Jimin, chill a little.”


Yet Jimin was decidedly unchill as he reached down to take hold of his hand instead, entwining their fingers together so that he could guide him across the lot to step up onto the concrete walkway that stretched out in front of all of the rooms. Yoongi eyed the ice machine and vending machines without really looking at the contents as they passed them, seeing milky pink tall boxes with colourful things inside that didn’t grab his interest in the slightest. Jimin pulled him along the walkway at a rather quick pace, clearly wanting to get him inside so that he wouldn’t change his mind. His boyfriend glanced back at him and he could see a smile on his face, fingers loosely locked around his.


“What’re you smiling about, huh?” Yoongi asked with his own soft smile.


“I don’t know,” Jimin replied with a shrug. “It’s just kinda funny, I guess, that's why I’m smiling.”


As they got to the entrance area Yoongi tossed the cigarette butt aside without a care as he was pulled through the door. He saw that the inside was dimly lit with warm orange lights, a check-in desk directly opposite the door. There was a hospitable feeling coming from the area, the blooming leafy potted plants in the corner and a rather pleasant scent in the air that seemed to be coming from candles placed here and there. His nose detected vanilla mostly and he was dragged over to the counter by Jimin without even a hint of hesitation. Yoongi ran his eyes across the area to see that there was framed art on the walls, the kind that would be labelled as erotic by most even though it was mostly just impressionistic female nudes. He dragged his eyes away to look at the counter and what he saw was rather strange.


The counter was much closer to a booth than a check-in desk, and the front was actually covered in dark glass so that they couldn’t see anything more than the person inside save for their hands and a hint of a pink uniform blouse through a slot at the bottom. Judging from the long and perfectly manicured nails and delicate fingers it was a woman inside the booth. It was for privacy of course, meaning that no one had to look at each other during the actual transaction, and that actually made Yoongi feel a surge of relief. Even if the tinted glass made the transaction seem like they were doing something nefarious.


“Welcome to Touch,” she said, voice coming through the dark glass. “Is this your first time here?”


“Uh, it-”


“Yes,” Jimin replied over his rather stupid bumbling, doing so in a rather enthusiastic manner. There was a smile on his face even though the woman wouldn’t be able to see it. Yoongi studied him for a moment before turning to stare at the glass again, wondering if it really was thick enough to block them out from her view. Did it really matter if she did see them? After all, the receptionists likely saw several dozen people over the duration of the day and they were no different. It wasn’t like they were going to see each other again after this evening anyway, so why did he care so much? “It’s our first time.”


“I see. We charge rates for the rooms on a per hour basis, but you can rent a room for the evening if you wish. For a single hour we charge-”


“The evening,” Yoongi interrupted, all the while mentally cursing Jimin for putting him in this awkward situation. “We wanna rent a room for the evening.” His boyfriend reached over to grab a brochure from a rack on the side of the counter, opening it up and reading it rather than pay attention to what was going on. He was doing it on purpose of course, so that he had to talk to the woman. Yoongi had to resist the urge to kick him, curbing himself at the last second because the receptionist would hear the loud thumping sound. He looked at the side of the booth to see that there was a selection of rooms in front of them on an interactive screen. “It’s a joke,” Yoongi explained even though he had no need to do so. “The whole thing’s just a joke, y’know?”


“That’s usually what our first time clients say,” she replied in a rather knowing voice. Yoongi practically hopped from foot to foot as he spared a glance over at Jimin. He was very much reading the brochure with what looked like great interest, the corners of his lips pulled up at the corners in a smirk.


First time? Why was she saying that like they might just come back for a second stay?


“Jimin?” Yoongi elbowed him in the side rather hard, trying to drag him out of his reading. His boyfriend made a soft noise but didn’t look at him. “Help me pick a room?”


“You pick, it doesn’t matter,” Jimin replied without hesitation, leaving him staring at his profile as he did. He was pretending to be engrossed with the contents and Yoongi spared a quick glance at it to see photographs of various rooms and lots of colourful text, and then he turned to look at the interactive screen.


“You can browse the selection on the screen,” the receptionist explained for him. “Once you've picked you can order using money or your card.”


So Yoongi turned his attention to the screen, reaching up to hit a few buttons. The choices loaded up on the screen, the available vacancies appearing in bubbles asking him to pick them, and so he clicked on each one to check what the prices were. As he scanned the choices he noted that there were amenities on offer that he had been unaware of, things that varied from computers and flatscreen TVs to Jacuzzis. It was enough to make him shake his head in confusion, going from room to room as he eyed the prices. He knew that he was taking more time than needed and he felt rather awkward.




“Take your time,” the receptionist said in a friendly manner. “It’s your first time, so please take your your time and find the right one for you. Your satisfaction is the most important aspect.” Yoongi wondered if she meant satisfaction at the service and rooms or whether she meant a whole other kind of satisfaction. The mere thought was enough to make his cheeks heat up again and Yoongi wished that they would stop doing so. If Jimin looked over he wouldn’t be able to miss the fact that he was blushing.


After another minute of browsing he located the best room of choice, one with an en-suite bathroom and no jacuzzi or strange amenities. It cost 48,000₩ and he was actually surprised by the price, considering a hotel they had crashed it with half of the commodities last night had been more expensive. So he selected the room and slipped his wallet free, collecting his card to slot it into the machine. He followed the on-screen guidance and the transaction went through without a single hitch. From the other side of the dark glass he heard the receptionist moving, clothing rustling, and after a moment her hands appeared again. She placed the key down on the counter along with a milky pink drawstring bag with the motel logo in the bottom corner. Yoongi eyed the white heart and characters, wondering what the hell it was, before looking at the room key.


The golden key was attached to a plastic fob to keep it secure and just like the bag it was milky pink and shaped like a heart. On one side there was the room number and he picked it up to turn it over and check the other side, seeing a message printed on it. ‘E njoy your stay ’ it read. Beside him Jimin finally seemed to have lost interest in the brochure and he looked at the room key before glancing down at the back on the counter. He studied it with a great amount of confusion and Yoongi poked at it, feeling something rather squishy against his forefinger.


“What’s that?” he asked as Jimin reached down to collect the pouch.


“Courtesy of the motel,” the receptionist replied with her usual friendly tone. That didn’t exactly answer the question. “Please enjoy your stay at Touch.” Yoongi glanced Jimin for a second, seeing that he was also squeezing the bag between his hands in a discreet attempt at checking the contents.


“Thanks,” he muttered as he reached over to tug on his arm. Jimin also returned the affection to the woman, letting him pull him in the direction of the entrance doors, and then he shoved the pouch into his hoodie pockets. When they stepped outside he let go of him, listening to the door shut behind them with a soft thumping sound.


They crossed the exterior of the motel building together and Yoongi lifted his head to eye the first and second-floors above them, seeing landings and stairs that led up to the other rooms. When he studied the room key he saw that the number was rather low, a sign that they were perhaps on the ground-floor. Or so he hoped. He wondered how many of the rooms were actually taken right now, how many people were hidden away out of sight behind the glossy red doors that were up to no good and hopefully having a great time. The thought was enough to make him shudder and he saw that Jimin was looking at him out of the corner of his eyes.


“What?” his boyfriend asked curiously.


“Nothing,” Yoongi muttered as he stopped looking at the key and lifted his gaze again. “You see the room number?”


“Uh, not yet I think it’s at the far end,” Jimin said, picking up his pace to lightly jog along the walkway ahead of him. He turned at the sharp corner to carry on across the perpendicular wing of the motel and Yoongi followed after him wearily, dragging his feet as he did. The key seemed to weigh too much in his palm, a veritable anchor that he didn’t really want to carry. “Found it!” Jimin called and he saw that he was indeed standing in front of the very far end room that was closest to the sidewalk. It was almost directly across from where his motorbike was parked, just to be inconvenient. Yoongi strongly considered moving Sparky to park it in front of the room but before he could do so Jimin was reaching down to grab hold of his hand.


“Someone’s a little eager,” Yoongi joked as he pulled the keys out of his hand. Jimin lifted his gaze up to look at him and he muttered something under his breath that he didn’t catch, something that was likely just nonsense. He fumbled with the keys to get them in hand, the plastic fob dangling from his grip. “A little too eager, if you ask me…”


“I’m checking out the room,” Jimin retorted as he slipped the keys into the lock. “What are you thinking of, huh?” Yoongi held his gaze for a moment before turning his attention to the door. His boyfriend was twisting the keys and yet they didn’t seem to want to budge, even when he was pulling at the handle and wrenching down hard. The mechanism made a series of raspy metallic noises and yet it wasn’t budging. “Thinking dirty thoughts again?”


“Ain’t I always,” Yoongi joked. “Stop pulling at the handle, just turn the keys and-”


“After all, you did choose this suite so-”


“Jimin, let go of the handle,” he scolded as the young man started tugging at it rather hard. Jimin was never going to get it open at this rate and he had to move to knock his hand away from the handle, seizing hold of his other hand so that he could keep the key steady. “You’re gonna break the fucking lock.” Yoongi held onto his hand tightly and lightly twisted his wrist clockwise. The key met some resistance, which was probably why Jimin had started fumbling with the handle, but with a little added pressure it managed to turn and unlock with a crisp clicking sound. At the sound he turned his head to smile at his boyfriend. “What’d you do without me, huh?”


“Hmm?” Jimin cocked his own head at this and Yoongi realised that he hadn’t let go of his hand yet but he didn’t seem to care at all. The key was still inside the lock, just waiting to be slipped free. “I would be sober more often, I would have so much free time to do shit and I would probably have less headaches too so-”


“Fuck you, Park Jimin,” Yoongi spat, the corners of his lips turning up in a wide grin. “Less headaches? Says the guy that blasts that shitty electronic music all day everyday.”


“That’s for practice,” Jimin argued as he finally pulled the keys free, causing him to let go of his hand as he did. “I’m not that much of a fan either.”


For a moment they both just stayed in front of the room door, studying the glossy red paint and listening to the droning traffic coming from the main road. It seemed like neither one of them wanted to open the door and Yoongi found it strangely funny. Was it because they were embarrassed, or was it something like nervous anticipation? Was it even maybe fear? Eventually Yoongi reached up to grab the handle, tugging down on it hard and pushing the door open. It swung inward without making a sound, no creaking hinges, and that was when his eyes were affronted by the sight inside.


“Jesus H. Christ!” he exclaimed, unable to help himself. Beside him Jimin burst out into laughter, reaching up to clap a hand over his mouth to try and mute the sound. “The fuck is this?”


When Yoongi had opened the door he had expected that he would need to reach inside to turn on a light, but there was no need to do so. The entire room was already lit up in a bright pink neon glow that was enough to leave him speechless. To the right of the room there was a bed, a large circular shaped bed covered in throw cushions and milky pink sheets, and there was a rounded gilded gold frame running over the top, diaphanous curtains hanging down to graze against the flooring. Beyond the bed set into the corner of the room there was an actual podium on which there was a pole and to the side there was a padded pink loveseat. The lighting in that section was blue and it mingled with the pink ceiling and wall lights to cast purple hues over the walls. Yoongi tried to not stare at the rather peculiar-shaped furniture of choice, the settees nothing more than double humps with no cushions or armrests. It took him a moment of study to figure out why they were shaped like that and that was when a rather indignant squeak escaped him.




“What?” Jimin turned his head to look at him, expression surprisingly not that fazed by the sight in front of them. Yoongi felt like his eyes were going to roll right out of his head at the sight of sex seats and a stripper pole inside the room that they had just paid for.


“What the fuck?” he said in a rather soft whisper, eyes roaming over the interior. The walls were plain because the lights gave them colour, and the flooring was nice maple wood. If it wasn’t for the other aspects of the room it would actually be rather nice…but the fucking mounted pole was making it hard to think about that fact. “Jimin.”


“What?” Jimin repeated, laughing at his state of dazed horror and the fact he kept whispering his name. “What’s with the face?”


“What the-”


“Fuck, I know you’ve said that already,” Jimin remarked as he moved to step inside the room and look at the interior. He ran his eyes over the place rather calmly, at complete odds to the internal freakout that Yoongi was having right now. “What? I think it’s kinda funny; don’t you?” Funny was not the word that came to his mind. “I like it.”


“Of course you like it,” Yoongi muttered as he stepped inside the room, getting immersed in the pink lighting as he did. Jimin ignored him as he moved to get closer to the bed, eyeing the throw cushions with a soft smile on his face. “It’s cheap and offensive.”


“Just like us,” his boyfriend retorted without missing a beat, turning his head to grin at him. Yoongi ignored him as he looked across the room to locate the bathroom, finding that it was enclosed in glass and on clear display to the rest of the room. Of course it was, that wasn’t even a surprise to him and he just sighed heavily.


“Look, you can watch me take a shit,” he said as he gestured at the bathroom. “Talk about sexy.”


“Well, I’m used to hearing you talk shit,” Jimin replied pulled the small pouch out of his pocket that the receptionist had given them, eyeing the pink cloth with great interest as his fingers squeezed at the contents, “so what’s the difference?” Yoongi tossed his bag onto the floor by his feet just as he started tugging on the drawstring to open it, and his boyfriend looked up sharply at the thumping sound.


“I’m going to that convenience store,” he explained as he started crossing the room to get to the door.


“What for?”


“What’d you think I’m going there for?” Yoongi asked as he cocked his head at him. “Booze, duh.”


“Oh…” Jimin hovered by the bed for a moment, thinking this obvious reply over as he played with the pouch. So he stepped out of the room and started crossing the lot and that was when he spoke up again. “Wait, I’m coming too.” Yoongi glanced back over his shoulder to see Jimin tossing the bag onto the bed and shrugging off his heavy backpack. Then he was racing out of the room after him like an eager puppy. The sound of the door being pulled shut and then him fumbling with the keys was loud in the quiet of the lot, and Yoongi rolled his eyes. This was the exact scenario that he had been trying to avoid.


“Jimin, I’ll be gone for five minutes.”


“I’m coming ,” his boyfriend intoned in a stern voice and so turned his head to see that he was still fumbling with the keys. He managed to lock the door and then shove the keys inside his expansive hoodie pockets, which were so filled with shit Yoongi wouldn’t be surprised if The Holy Grail was inside of them. He sighed heavily and then started walking again, Jimin jogging to catch up with him.


To get to the convenience store they had to cross the main road, awkwardly waiting for breaks in traffic so that they could dart across it. Talk about inconvenient for a goddamn convenience store. But inconvenient or not, Yoongi wasn’t going to let that stand in his way of getting alcohol tonight. If he was going to be stuck in a room that looked like a nightclub from hell, complete with a stripper pole in the corner, then he wanted to be as drunk as possible. So after some waiting they finally managed to race across and walk up the annoying tarmac slope in front of the store. The first thing that Yoongi did when he stepped inside was grab a blue plastic basket from beside the automatic doors and study the layout.


The interior was filled with blinding white linoleum flooring and walls, rows and rows of grey shelves and glass doors filling the inside. To the left of the store was the till, and to the right there was a stretch of counter with stools and various machines: to charge devices at, toy machines, hot water dispensers and even stoves. It was almost an exact replica of the campus store and he wondered if they belonged to the same chain or something. He even glanced at the till just to make sure that Hyeja wasn’t standing behind it, finding a male worker instead. There were so many things packed inside but he was here for one thing only and so he dragged his eyes away without a single care.


The alcohol aisle was where it always was, as far from the door as possible so that they had to walk past rows and rows of packed and colourful shelves and get blasted in the face by the strong air-conditioning to reach it. In the current warmth it was rather appreciated for once but Yoongi usually hated it. So he just reached behind himself to fumble for his boyfriend’s hand, fingers brushing against the cuff of his hoodie sleeve awkwardly until he managed to mostly grab hold. He didn’t want him wandering off like last time to find shit they didn’t need. Jimin didn’t even try to pull his hand free, letting him escort him across the store instead. Yoongi was more than certain that his head was swivelling around to locate things however. It took a minute of walking to reach the correct aisle, passing a couple of other customers as they did. Yoongi couldn’t help but notice that they were being looked at but he ignored the quick sidelong glances in favour of staring down the aisle in front of them.


“Ohhh, bungeoppang!” Jimin announced suddenly as he tried to pull his hand free. Yoongi held on for a few seconds before letting go, knowing that he couldn’t possibly stop him when the dessert was concerned. His boyfriend actually didn’t wander off, rather just grabbed a single packet in which there were two of the pastries. 6,000₩…it would be cheap enough, he supposed, so Yoongi decided to let it slide as he cut into the next aisle to get to the booze. He heard Jimin following after him, right on his heel.


The alcohol aisle was like heaven on earth to Yoongi’s eyes; rows and rows of green, brown and clear bottles filled with countless liquids and flavours. There were different shapes and labels, brands and sizes, and he ran his eyes over the products until he found the beer selection.


“What are you grabbing?” Jimin asked, as if he didn’t already know by now.


“The usual,” he replied as he reached over to grab the six-pack of Cass beer and dumped it inside the basket. “Get the soju too.” Jimin eyed the stretch of green bottles just to the side, trying to find the exact brand. Then he moved to pick up a bottle of the HITE-Jinro soju, placing it down with the pack of beer with the bungeoppang. Yoongi reached down to try and sort the products out, making sure that the dessert treat wasn’t crushed against the side of the basket by the pack of beer. He had just managed to neaten it up when he heard a familiar sound coming from a few feet away.


It was Jimin spotting something with those hawk-like eyes and greedy little fingers of his.


“What?” Yoongi called as he turned to look down the aisle, seeing Jimin grabbing hold of something. The item in question was a bottle of alcohol from what he could see, a brown glass bottle with a rather colourful label stuck on the front. The label was black with gold trim around it, and in the centre there was a series of colourful fruits and the brand label in sweeping golden letters. It was in English characters and he studied it for a second before glancing at the shelf to check the pricing label.


“It’s cider, imported,” Jimin explained, as if he couldn’t read the shelf label. “Coh…puh-”


Kopparberg, ” Yoongi spoke over him, knowing that it would take his boyfriend a minute to say the name. It was rather complex he supposed, a funny-looking word. “Shit, Jimin, look at the price, it’s 22,000₩.”


“I told you, it’s imported,” Jimin reiterated as he turned his head to look at him, lips pouted out in a fashion that Yoongi recognised instantly…and also dreaded. He was giving him the first part of the puppy dog look, a look that he was certain he should have had patented at some point. First would come the pout, that lovely little quiver of his full lips that was impossible to ignore, and then his eyes would take on a strange glint. Yoongi didn’t know how he did that and it terrified him. But the worst part, the part that came after the slightly cocked tilt, was the voice. “ Yoongi, ” he would almost whine at him, the tone enough to make his knees feel rather pathetically weak. It was almost like witchcraft how easily he would cave in to that voice and Yoongi could only mentally scold himself for being so damn weak even as he muttered something in humble agreement.


“Yeah, it’s imported but have you ever tasted this shit before?” he asked as moved closer to eye the bottle again, the black and gold label. It seemed to be a mixed fruit flavour and the idea was enough to make him grimace slightly. Fruity? It brought back thoughts of Chum Churum Citron shots with Namjoon after passing his entrance exams and he almost shuddered at the thought.


“Yes, I’ve tasted it before,” Jimin explained. “Tae brought it to the apartment one time, I tried it and liked it a lot. It’s nice, you might like it too.”


“Nah, I don’t think so,” he muttered as he looked at the shelf label again.


The soju cost less than 3,500₩ and the six-pack of beer was 10,000₩, and yet single bottle of Jimin’s fancy imported cider cost more than them both, and that was including the bungeoppang on top. It was enough to make Yoongi speechless and yet he could see that Jimin really wanted it. A single bottle for such an extortionate amount was rather shocking, but Yoongi found himself reaching over to pull it out of his hand and place it in the basket. At this sudden development Jimin made an excited little noise and he actually clapped his hands together, the sound muted by his hoodie cuffs.


“Don’t be fucking clapping when you don’t even get drunk from this,” Yoongi muttered under his breath as he headed off across the store in the direction of the till just so his boyfriend couldn’t grab any more expensive shit and give him puppy dog eyes so he would buy it for him.


“Ah, ramyun-”


“No,” Yoongi argued without even looking back. “No ramyun, I wanna get drunk first.”


“But…food?” Jimin said as he stopped following him across the store, eyeing the massive Nongshim bowls with eager eyes.


“Ramyun or cider, your choice,” Yoongi stated as he twisted to look over his shoulder. “Pick one.” Jimin thought this over intently for a moment, looking between him and the shelf as if the decision was ground-breaking. Several seconds passed and then he let out a heavy sigh as he decided to choose the cider instead, following him over to the till.


Whilst the items were rang up Yoongi eyed his wallet, staring at the notes and card in turn before deciding to pay by card in case they ever desperately needed paper money for anything. The cashier slid the items over the counter, the beeps rather loud in the quiet of the store that was filled only by tinny muzak coming from the ceiling speakers and soft voices of customers in the other aisles. He couldn’t help but wonder if the middle-aged man was judging them from their purchases; lots of booze and junk food snacks. Probably was the conclusion he came to, after all they were wearing worn and torn clothing from the road and Jimin had eyeliner smeared around his eyes that could have been three days old for all he knew because it never seemed to budge when he showered. Yes, they were being judged but weren’t they always being judged?


Yoongi slipped the card into the machine whilst Jimin packed the bag, hastily typing the PIN in and pulling it out again as soon as the transaction went through. He was handed a receipt and the cashier said something to them in a low voice, something that sounded like 'good evening’ to his ears. So he wished him it back in his own mumble as shoved the receipt into his jeans pocket and grabbed the bag from the counter.


They stepped out the store a few seconds later with a plastic bag filled with various bottles and packets. Yoongi eyed the sight of the love motel across the road before reaching out to snag hold of Jimin’s forearm and stop him from walking away, pulling him back rather firmly. There were white plastic tables and chairs set up outside the store, clearly for use during the day so that kids could crash outside with food and drinks, and they were currently empty so he dragged his boyfriend over to one of them.


“What? Are we staying out here?” Jimin asked as they stepped off the rubberised mat, the doors swishing shut behind them.


“Just for a couple of minutes,” Yoongi replied as he let go of his arm and pulled a chair out for him, gesturing for him to sit down. Then he moved around the table to grab one of the others, pulling it out and dropping into it with a weary sigh. “I think I need to be be drunk before I enter that room again…” Jimin laughed at this remark as he also sat down in his chair, sinking down in the hard plastic to try and get comfortable. Yoongi glanced at the table to see black marks left behind from stubbed out cigarettes and the butts shoved down the cracks in the slats along with plastic food wrappers, which had been folded up to slot inside. He grimaced at the sight and then moved forward to start rooting through the store bag.


“It’s not that bad ,” Jimin retorted. “It’s like sleeping in a bar.”


“How many bars have you been in with stripper poles?” Yoongi argued as he pulled a bottle free from the pack of beer and placed it on the table. He heard Jimin fiddling with something as he collected the cider too, retrieving his cigarettes and lighter from his hoodie pockets.


“You don’t know where I’ve been,” Jimin joked as Yoongi stuck his teeth into the metal cap on his beer bottle, biting down hard to dent it and pull it free. He was right, he didn’t know where he had been but considering the fact that he had been his first kiss Yoongi thought that the answer was: nowhere exciting. He tossed the cap aside without a care and put the bottle down whilst Jimin thumbed the cigarette packet open to pull a stick free and shove it into his mouth.


“Who said you could smoke my smokes, huh?” Yoongi asked as he picked up his cider bottle, beads of condensation collecting on the glass smearing on his palms and fingers.


“I’m lighting it for you.”


Jimin sparked the lighter with his usual funny way, flicking the wheel hard with his middle finger and thumb, and the flame burst to life. He dipped the end of the cigarette into it and took a quick inhale to light it, breathing the hint of smoke out his nose without a care. Just a week or so ago he would have coughed on the lungful but he was starting to get used to the one or two puffs that he shared. Then he shoved the lighter back inside his hoodie pocket and took a deep pull before pulling the stick free and holding it out to him. Yoongi snapped the cap off his cider for him and then he leaned forward to grab hold of the stick, snagging it between his teeth.


“I can’t believe you’d drink that shit,” he remarked as Jimin accepted the bottle from him. “It’s more fruit juice than alcohol, y’know that, right?”


“Yes,” Jimin said as he blew the smoke out his mouth at him. “That’s why I like it.” Yoongi blinked at the smoke and he took his own drag on the stick and held it in his lungs. “Not all of us liked getting shitfaced, Yoongi, some of us actually drink for the taste .”


“Huh,” he reached up to pull the cigarette free so that he could lift the beer and take a deep swig. As he swallowed Jimin lifted his own bottle and took a sip too, letting the cider settle on his tongue before swallowing it. “That sounds boring. You gonna be one of those weirdos that go to wine-sampling evenings and spit in a bucket?”


“No,” Jimin said with a head shake as he leaned forward to try and take a drag on his cigarette. Yoongi lifted his hand up for him to make it easier, watching Jimin wrap his lips around the filter and take a quick puff before stealing another deep inhale. “I don’t drink wine,” he finished, voice strained as held the smoke in his lungs, “it’s for old people.” Jimin breathed it out his nose, two plumes of dragon smoke dissipating into hazy clouds around his head as he lifted his bottle to take another sip at his cider.


“Kinda like cider,” he joked, getting another rather hard punch to the bicep from his boyfriend. Yoongi settled back in his seat so that he could roll his head back and stare up at the sky, sticking his cigarette in his mouth so that he could smoke away contently. In the heart of the city centre there were no stars out at all because the light pollution blocked it all out in a layer of smog and day-glow building signs. He wondered if they would actually get to see stars at all over the duration of this road trip and decided that the only time that they would see them would be if they camped out in the long stretches of dirt roads between the cities. He was mulling over the pros and cons of sleeping in a field when he felt something inches from his face and that was when Jimin nabbed the cigarette from between his lips.


“Jesus fuck,” Yoongi cursed as he lifted his head in a hard jerk. The younger man grinned at him as he dabbed a chunk of ash off the end of the stick and then took a drag, holding it between his fore and middle finger. “Gimme a warning next time, yeah?”


“Sure thing, old man,” Jimin said as he blew the smoke out of his pouted lips and reached over to stub the cigarette out on the table and left the crumpled butt on the surface rather than toss it away. Yoongi lifted his beer bottle to drain another couple of mouthfuls, leaving it half-empty, and then he placed it down on the table. After some rooting around in the store bag he located the soju bottle and he pulled it free. “What are you doing?”


“Making somaek,” he retorted without missing a beat.


“Uh, have you ever made somaek like this before?” Jimin asked him as he watched him carefully, his own bottle of cider carefully clasped between his fingers by the thin neck. Yoongi snorted laughter at the question before telling him that he hadn’t. “So, maybe it’s not a good idea to mix it then?”


“Pft, it’s just mixing, Jimin,” Yoongi argued as he snapped the soju bottle cap up using his teeth and dropped it on the table. The metal cap skittered across the surface but didn’t roll off. “Can’t be that fucking hard, right?”


“Hmm, I guess not?” Jimin said with a soft shrug, clearly not following his train of thought at all. His boyfriend shifted back so he could balance his chair on the back legs, lifting his own legs up to plant his boots firmly on the edge of the table. He rocked back and forth rather gently, still holding his cider by the neck rather than drink it.


“Watch and learn, angel,” Yoongi said before giving him a wink, pulling the beer bottle closer as he did. Jimin made an amused noise at this, like he always did when he called him that. He held it firmly in place and tipped the soju bottle to pour a liberal splash inside, hearing the liquid splashing musically inside and seeing the frothy mixture through the brown glass. “Watch and learn.” He stopped tipping the soju and then eyed the contents before adding another splash into the beer bottle.


“I think that’s too much,” Jimin remarked in a quiet voice.


“Nah, that was just a splash,” Yoongi disagreed as he tipped the bottle harder and added another liberal amount of soju. “One shot’s not enough, gotta make it like what…three?”


“Yoongi, I think that was like six shots…”


Yoongi blew air out the corner of his mouth hard as he stopped pouring the soju out, and when he eyed the bottle he saw that it was actually missing quite the amount. Huh, that wasn’t exactly what he had been planning on adding but did it really matter? He was going to drink it all anyway, so it was nothing really. He put the bottle down and Jimin shifted to grab it, chair still balancing on the back legs. His boyfriend lifted it to knock back a swallow, face scrunching up just like always when he drank something strong. Yoongi smirked at him as he put the bottle down again with a hiss.


“Can’t even handle a single shot, ha,” Yoongi lifted the beer bottle and held it in front of his smirking lips. The mingled scent of the yeasty beer and sharp tang of soju wafted from it. He pressed it against his lips and knocked back it back hard to take a deep swallow and-


Yoongi choked and dropped his head, the somaek coming out of his mouth in a hard spray of frothy liquid. It flew everywhere, landing on the table and even managing to cover the hood of the car parked just in front of them, fanning out all over the front window. Jimin burst out laughing at this but this quickly turned into a yelp of shock, and then a loud thumping sound. Yoongi turned his head to stare at a rather amazing sight at his feet.


Jimin was no longer sitting in his chair because it was on the floor, having toppled backward on him when he had started laughing at him. His boyfriend was still kind of sitting in it, except his knees were almost touching his ears and he was flailing about rather pathetically, trying to wriggle free. Yoongi laughed even though he was still choking on the somaek, the last pitiful dribbles spilling onto his jeans and pattering down to land on the floor with liquid splashing sounds. His mouth and nose felt like they had been doused in napalm, a stinging and burning sensation that was so strong that his eyes were watering too. It turned out that Jimin was right, he had most certainly added too much soju to the beer and his burning throat and nose lining was proof. But it wasn’t just the strength of the mixture that had caused him to spit it out, for it had just tasted foul on his tongue and he had been unable to swallow it.


After one more rather spasmodic wriggle Jimin freed himself from the chair, dragging himself onto the rubberised mat in front of the entrance as he did. The doors opened suddenly and made him jump in surprise and Yoongi saw him glancing inside with a rather sheepish expression, cheeks flushed from embarrassment because everyone inside could see him. He considered that karma for him laughing at him a moment ago.


“Shit,” Yoongi cursed as he eyed the car, the frothy mixture clinging to the window and dripping down the cherry red hood to run down the grills. Beside him he heard Jimin struggling to right himself, fixing the chair first so he could drag himself up using the seat. The younger man sat in it and then leaned close to him, rubbing at his chin and nose with his hoodie sleeve to clean the alcohol free from his face. It was dripping down his chin and also running down his neck to soak into his tee like it was running down the car.


“What did I say, huh? Too much,” Jimin muttered, rubbing at his face roughly. The scent of cigarette smoke and faded cologne was clinging to the black material. “Six fucking shots and half a bottle of beer, what a great first attempt at making somaek…”


“Uh, let’s uh-” Yoongi sniffed hard and glanced across the lot, eyes scanning for something, “let’s go over there, yeah?”


Over there meaning a table just two feet away from where they were sitting.


“I think the owner would still know it was us,” Jimin muttered as he stopped wiping his face dry. “Don’t ever try and become a bartender, Yoongi, please for the love of humanity.”


“I’ll do what I want,” Yoongi argued as he sniffed hard again, finding that his nose felt like it was running even when it wasn’t. “Don’t crush my dreams.”


“What dreams?” Jimin asked with a sudden laugh, shifting in his seat to look over the side of the armrest. “I thought you said you gave up on those back in high school?” Yoongi made a noise in agreement as he rubbed at his nose roughly. “I dropped my cider,” his boyfriend muttered as he retrieved the bottle. Yoongi glanced down to see that there was a spreading puddle of alcohol all over the ground because of them, a mixture of somaek and cider that had turned the the paving slabs all black in the current light from the convenience store. There was still a little left inside, splashing against the glass musically until he lifted it and knocked it back with a deep swallow.


“Well, there’s always beer,” Yoongi explained, as he hit the bag with his foot, the plastic crinkling rather loudly. Jimin swallowed the alcohol hard and that was when he decided to get up out of the seat, grabbing the soju bottle. “Which we can drink in the room or something, c’mon, we should blow this joint.”


“You sure?” Jimin asked as he shifted, moving to the edge of the chair but not getting out of it. Yoongi glanced through the store windows to see that the man at the till was glaring at them and quite a few customers were sparing quick glances too. It was probably just because of the noise that they had been making, the loud laughing and falling out of chairs, but it might also be the fact that they were drinking and might just cause trouble.


“Yeah I’m sure, angel,” he said as he bent down to grab the bag and cocked his head at the road. Jimin left his empty bottle beside the somaek disaster and got to his feet, respectfully pushing the chair in before he went around the table to follow him across the slight sloping lot to get to the sidewalk. “You give 'em cash and they look at you like you’re fucking animals for having fun.”


“We did kind of make a scene, Yoongi,” Jimin pointed out in a rather pedantic fashion.


“Yeah, we made a scene with the booze we just paid 'em for,” he agreed, the store bag biting into his wrist and the soju bottle tight in his grip. “I think that balances out.”


They cut across the lot to get stop on the curb and Jimin reached down to grab hold of his hand without a hint of hesitation, somaek-soaked cuff against his palm as he took hold tightly. Yoongi couldn’t entwine their fingers together because the material was in the way, but considering his boyfriend’s slight hand he was able to envelop it mostly in his own. The road was packed with traffic, a constant roll of vehicles that didn’t seem to stop because there were no lights in sight to wait at. There was a slight island in the middle of the lanes however, and so Yoongi waited for a break to drag Jimin across the first lane to reach it. A series of loud car horns started honking at them even though they were completely out of the way and not disrupting the flow at all. A man even leaned out his window to shout at them, waving his arm as if they could possibly miss him.


“Literally fuck you!” Yoongi hollered back as the car shot past, wishing he could flash his middle finger at him and yet he was unable to because his other hand had the convenience store bag in it. Jimin did so for him, lifting his hand up so that he could be seen in the rear-view mirror. “Atta boy,” he said with an affectionate smile.


They had to stand in the middle of the road for a moment, eyeing the constant stream of cars and motorbikes until they were able to dart across the second lane and get onto the sidewalk. As they crossed the lot to get back to the motel Jimin decided to let go, gently tugging his hand free and shoving it into his pocket to grab the keys. He held them out to him this time, clearly not wanting to fumble with the lock like earlier. Yoongi accepted them, holding the plastic fob between his his thumb and forefinger so that the key jangled melodically. When he opened the door his eyes were assaulted by the bright lights inside, the constant pink glow coming from the wall and ceiling lights, and the blue and purple hues coming from the pole mounted in the far corner of the room. It was enough to make him instantly regret paying for the room because it was so fucking stupid and he couldn’t believe that Jimin had suggested that they stay in the place for the night.


“Nah, I changed my mind,” Yoongi muttered as he stepped away from the doorway. “I ain’t drinking in that room, those stupid lights hurt my head too much.”


“You’ll have fun sleeping in there tonight,” Jimin stated with a grin as he shifted to lean against the wall and watch him. “I don’t think there’s a light switch inside.”


“Then I'll have pass out, won’t I?” Yoongi retorted as he sat down on the slight curb of the walkway. “Which is cool, 'cos that was the plan anyway.”


“You were gonna pass out from half of pack of beer and some soju?” Jimin asked as he raised an eyebrow at him, the languid movement disturbing that stray lock of hair on his brow just like always. “Yeah, sure you were…”


“Half a pack?” Yoongi asked as he took a sip from the soju bottle, watching his boyfriend move to sit beside him. The room door was still open, the glowing lights from inside casting strong highlights and shadows across his face in vivid pink.


“Yes,” Jimin said as he reached inside to bag to collect his own beer. “Just like you said, plenty enough to go around. Open this, please?”


Yoongi switched bottles with him so that he could pop the metal cap free with his teeth because Jimin couldn’t do the trick himself. The one time that he had tried it he had almost chipped a tooth and had sliced his tongue on the sharp edge of the cap, so he was banned from attempting it again. Jimin decided to take another few swallows of the soju whilst he did it for him, even when he managed to look in pain the entire time. It was rather funny, but Yoongi supposed that he would pull the exact same face if he had sampled the cider too. After he had popped the cap off for him they traded bottles again and Jimin started drinking the beer instead. At least he didn’t look in pain whilst doing so, rather he swallowed the smooth liquid rather eagerly.


“I’m hungry, I should have picked the ramyun instead,” Jimin said as he reached into the store bag to grab the packet of bungeoppang.


“Yeah, you’d have saved us some cash,” Yoongi retorted as he ripped the plastic packet open, biting at the corner to tear it free. Jimin pulled one of the pastries free and dropped the packet on his knee. “Could’ve bought like…twenty bowls of ramyun for the price of that cider.”


“Mmm,” Jimin mumbled around his first bite of bungeoppang. “But the cider was nice, well, what I got to drink was nice.” His boyfriend fell silent for a moment as he chewed the mixture of sweet and fluffy batter and bean paste, the pair of them looking across the lot at the rotating heart sign. Yoongi didn’t feel the need to break the silence and so he held his tongue, taking another sip of soju. His stomach felt rather warm at this point, warm and light, but he still wasn’t close to being drunk yet. With the alcohol on offer he would likely only get tipsy, but that was still better than being sober. With the alcohol came warmth and it numbed his sore lower back and thighs from riding on the motorbike for most of the day. He was so busy mindlessly musing that it took him a moment to realise that Jimin was waving the chunk of dessert in front of his face.


“No thanks,” he muttered, and yet Jimin kept the chunk of food in front of his face as if he might just change his mind. “I don’t want it,” Yoongi explained and that was when Jimin decided to start prodding at his mouth. “Jimin, I don’t want it.”


“Come on,” Jimin said, prodding the fish head against his lips. “He wants you to eat him.” Yoongi kept his lips firmly closed rather than open them to appease him, having way too much fun teasing him like this. “ Yoongi, eat me ,” he said in a rather strange voice. It was supposed to sound cute but it was mildly terrifying instead, a lisping voice that made him snort and reach up to knock his hand away.


Perhaps sensing that his attempts weren’t working Jimin pulled the snack away and studied it for a moment. Yoongi could see that he was thinking of a new attack however, it was just taking him some time to do so. Whilst he did that Yoongi decided to open the last two beers to save the trouble of doing so later, tossing the metal caps away without even looking to see where they landed. He placed the bottles down in the slight gap between their thighs and when he looked at his boyfriend again he saw that Jimin had figured out his new plan. It was obvious because he was grinning at the chunk of pastry and he lifted his gaze to hold his eyes.




Jimin put the snack into his mouth and then he leaned over the slight space between them. Yoongi was taken aback by the sudden closeness of his face and yet he didn’t jerk away from him, rather just felt his shoulders tensing. That stupid bungeoppang fish head was prodding at his lips again, the other end now held in Jimin’s mouth rather than his fingers.


Shit, this was a plan of evil genius proportions.


Yoongi could feel his breath on his face, soft little puffs of warm air, and he turned his face so that he could take a bite of the treat just to get him to move his head away. Did his lips actually brush against his, or was he just imagining things as he sank his teeth into the snack and then pulled away from him? Jimin’s lips curled up around the snack and then pulled the final bite into his mouth with his tongue to chew on it. There was a blob of bean paste on his lower lip and he couldn’t help but stare at it, at the red blob much like rouge on his skin. Yoongi moved his own head so that he could press his lips against it and suck it free for him, hearing Jimin giggling softly at the contact as he pulled his face away and turned to look across the lot.


“I should have bought Pepero instead,” Jimin said, face still pretty close to his so that he could study his profile. “You can play so many games with those and there’s a lot more in the box.”


“Yeah,” Yoongi agreed as he put the soju bottle down and grabbed hold of the beer instead. “You probably should’ve. We’ll go back later and get some, yeah?” Jimin thought this over for a moment before turning his head to look at the store across the road, probably weighing up thoughts about running back inside to buy some now instead. He finally settled on not doing so, instead lifting up his own bottle and clinking it against the neck of his.


Jimin didn’t take much alcohol at all to get drunk. This was a fact that Yoongi had learnt over the last month of university before the break, but he still amazed by how quickly succumbed to the substance. He had consumed perhaps half of a bottle of cider, two beers and a couple of swallows of soju, and yet his cheeks were ruddy from the alcohol; flushed pink in a rather dewy and sweet way. It was amusing and strangely endearing in its own way, and Yoongi was starting to feel some tipsiness after what he had consumed: two beers and quite a bit of the soju. Oh well, he guessed that he would just need to wait until tomorrow evening to get wasted instead, hitting the soju hard and leaving the beer behind. Hopefully Jimin wouldn’t want to go after more imported cider too.


“…I need to piss,” Yoongi declared as he got upright, making sure to not trip over the slight curb as he did. He knocked one of the empty beer bottles over by accident but didn’t right it, watching a dribble spill free. Jimin just made a noise under his breath at this, not even looking at him.


He had to enter the motel room again to use the bathroom, that weird enclosed cube of glass in the corner of the room. When he flushed he expected the water to shoot up in a swirl of lights like a fountain but it didn’t, and as he washed his hands he found that the bathroom might just the most normal part of the room. Maybe he could sleep in here instead? He could just grab a cushion and settle down on the cool flooring, problem solved. The thought was enough to make him actually snort laughter as he dried his hands and then left the bathroom.


“That’s a good one, I should tell him that it’s-”


Yoongi stepped out of the room to see that Jimin was not sitting on the curb where he had been a moment ago. The store bag and empty bottles were still there, he just wasn’t. He stared at the spot for a moment and then turned his head to lock across the lot, seeing a bunch of vending machines and the motel ice machine and-


Jimin was sitting on top of the goddamn ice machine as if it was completely normal, as if it was one of the tables outside the convenience store.


How he had even gotten up there he didn’t have a clue but that was the least important thing right now. Yoongi could only stare at him in dumb confusion for a moment, watching him swing his legs back and forth so that the backs of his battered Timberlands bounced off the machine, and the sound of the ice rattling around inside it was rather loud in the current quiet air. In fact, it was louder than the sound of his boots hitting the metal exterior, and that was when Yoongi stepped out of the doorway.


“Hey, stop that,” he muttered as he walked over to the machine, waving a hand at him to tell him to jump down. Yet Jimin didn’t do so, he just stayed seated up on the top and carried on swinging his legs with that same rather giddy grin on his face. He had his legs spread open so he could rest his hands between his thighs, and upon him telling him to stop he actually started drumming his hands on the machine too. Now he was making a lot of noise and being a general menace. “I told you, stop that.”




“‘Cos we’ll get kicked out, angel,” Yoongi retorted, making him snort. “We ain’t even been here for half an hour, I ain’t getting kicked out after paying for the room. C’mon.”




“Jimin, get down,” Yoongi said in a weary voice as he reached up to rub at his brow.


“Make me,” Jimin challenged him, tone low and surging with mischief. Yoongi lowered his hand to look at him, actually surprised by his challenge, and this just excited his boyfriend even more. Jimin’s grin had reached such a width that he was almost certain that he could count every single tooth, and his eyes had nearly disappeared into the laughter creases at the corners. Oh, he looked so fucking pleased with himself and Yoongi was struggling to stop his own smirk from appearing.


“What’d you just say?” he asked him, attempting to sound rather intimidating and likely failing terribly. Shit, he had had a little too much to drink to be playing around like this.


“I said, make me,” Jimin repeated, leaning forward as he did to look down at him. Yoongi felt his shadow falling over him and so he looked up to hold his gaze for a few seconds; trying to formulate a plan in his head. Jimin was quite high up, but he could reach him if he stood on tiptoe, snagging his hands around his waist so he could tug him down. Yet he knew that his attempts to do so would result in the younger man fighting back, pushing him away and kicking at him just to cause even more trouble for him. But his boyfriend couldn’t sit up there in case they got in trouble and were forced to leave, so he had to get him down somehow.


“Fine,” Yoongi said as he moved to get closer to him, lifting his arms to try out his first attempt. When he tried to grab hold of his waist Jimin did exactly what he thought that he would do, hands going to grab onto the backs of his to knock them free with hard tugs. But he was drunk and his actions were rather weak so Yoongi managed to get his hands around him, pulling him forward slightly. Jimin’s ass scooted along the smooth metal and he started laughing again.


“No, not gonna get me down!” Jimin stopped trying to knock his hands free and he instead leaned back to grab hold of the back of the machine. He snagged hold and pulled, making it harder for Yoongi to get him off the machine. He had to get onto tiptoe and try hugging his waist this time, dragging on him with all of his weight. “ Yoongi!


Yoongi felt his knee brushing against his cheek, bare smooth skin against skin, and before he could stop himself he turned his head to bite his knee. He didn’t bite down hard, just firmly enough to dimple his skin, and at the sudden contact Jimin made a series of surprised noises that rapidly turned into full-blown laughter, throwing his head back as his shoulders shook from the force.


“Why did you do that?” Jimin managed to ask between rather squeaky giggles, letting go of the machine with one hand to press it against his mouth to try and muffle himself. Yoongi could see his fingertips peeking out from the black hoodie cuffs, the still lingering remains of chipped varnish on them. Black and glittery, kind of like his hair and his eyes…when he was being troublesome, just like he was right now.


“Mmm dunno, angel,” Yoongi mumbled in reply before pressing a soft kiss on his kneecap, right where he had bitten him. He felt Jimin’s hand settling down on the top of his head to pat at his hair affectionately. “Why’d you climb up there in the first fucking place, huh?”


“I don’t know either,” he replied, the occasional soft giggle still escaping that made his stomach rise and fall. “I wanted to see if I could and so I tried it and I could.”


“But the ice machine?” Yoongi asked him, still planning slight kisses on his kneecap because his boyfriend hadn’t knocked his head free yet. “It’s not like climbing fucking Hallasan, Jimin, it’s an ice machine.”


“Bet you couldn’t climb up,” he taunted as he shifted to sit up, clothing rustling loudly. He held his arms up, fingers twitching at him invitingly. “Help me down, I think I’m stuck.” Yoongi sighed at this, looking up at his Jimin to see that he was smiling at him, cheeks still that lovely ruddy shade of pink. “Please?”


Yoongi grabbed hold of his waist again, hands slipping through his open hoodie and brushing against his vest as he took hold. Just like a moment ago he had to pull him to the edge of the machine first and as he did Jimin dropped his head to bury his face in his hair. Yoongi felt his lower face against the crown of his head, nose poking and lips pressing little kisses against his hair, and as he tried to help him down his fingers tangled in his hair too. Yoongi had to take a step back to lower him down and for a moment, just a moment, it seemed like Jimin might just wrap his thighs around his waist. He heard his boots thumping down on the concrete and he waited for him to let go of his head, fingers tangled in the lengths and warm cuffs against his ears.


“You’re not stuck anymore,” Yoongi said as he looked at Jimin. His boyfriend’s face was just inches from his and he held his gaze until Jimin leaned that little bit closer to him, lips hovering in front of his.


“Thank you,” Jimin said as he pressed a quick and chaste kiss against his mouth. Yoongi felt his lips brushing against his and then he let go of his head to cross the walkway like nothing had just happened. He stared at the ice machine for a few seconds before turning his head to watch him, eyeing his slightly drunken gait as he moved over to where the bottles were. Jimin bent down to grab the packet of bungeoppang, luckily not falling flat on his face as he did, and then he moved to go into the motel room.


Yoongi decided to collect the trash together, grabbing the empty bottles and plastic bag and crossing the lot to find a trash can. There was one along the street and so he shoved the shit in it and proceeded to go back into the lot to get to the room. He found that Jimin was sitting on the bed inside, boots cast off on the floor so that he was barefoot and his hoodie shrugged down to his elbows to reveal the curved balls of his shoulders and toned upper arms. He was in the act of opening the pouch that the receptionist had given them, emptying the contents out onto the bed in front of him. Yoongi decided to close the door and then hunkered down to remove his own boots, stepping out of them a moment later. When that was done he shrugged his leather jacket off and tossed it onto one of the weird-shaped seats.


“What’s in the bag?” Yoongi asked as he crossed the room to get closer to the bed, shifting to sit at what he guessed was the top. It was hard to tell with it being a circle, and he just grabbed a couple of the throw cushions to go behind his back so he could lean back against the wall.


“A sex kit,” Jimin replied without a hint of hesitation, voice and expression completely serious.


“A what?”


“A sex kit,” his boyfriend repeated before holding up things to show him. “A couple of packets of lube, some of them are flavoured, this one is strawberry.” Yoongi eyed the thin packet in his hand, a little foil strip in which there was apparently strawberry lube. So that was what had felt squishy earlier when he had poked the bag. “Two condoms.” Jimin held up the double strip, the little blue squares bumped from the condoms inside and Yoongi suddenly found it hard to swallow looking at them. “Massage gels and a few bottles of toiletries, which is nice of them.”


“Why…why’d we have a sex kit?” Yoongi asked him dumbly, eyes still on the strip of condoms because Jimin hadn’t put them back down on the bed.


“Yoongi, we're staying in a love motel,” Jimin stated as he turned his head to look at him, expression showing amusement as he proceeded to pull one of the condoms free and drop the other onto the bed. “I thought it was pretty obvious why they gave us them.”


“What’re you doing with that?”


“What do you think?” His boyfriend smirked at him and Yoongi swallowed hard. “I’m gonna blow it up like a balloon.”




“We’re not gonna use them for anything else,” Jimin said as he tore the foil packet open, raising an eyebrow at him mischievously as he pulled the condom free. Yoongi saw that it was clear and his boyfriend tugged on the slightly raised bump to start stretching it, the latex making a funny sound as he did. “Why not?”


Yoongi didn’t bother arguing with him and instead he watched Jimin stretching the condom to a nice long length before he lifted it to his mouth. He pressed it against his lips, using his thumb and the curve of his forefinger to hold it in place as he started blowing it up. He didn’t expect much at all but when Jimin gave a hard blow the condom actually did start inflating and he couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of it. This made Jimin snort and accidentally move his lips, letting the air escape in a rather amusing sound that had them both cracking up.


“Shit, wait I can do this,” Jimin said as he pressed the condom against his lips and gave it another attempt. Yoongi watched him and after a few seconds he had inflated it to a rather impressive size so he pinched it shut and then tried knotting it. “This is the hard part,” he muttered with a grin as he pulled on the ribbed end and started trying to knot it like a balloon. “But a little help would be appreciated.”


“It was your idea, you do it,” Yoongi retorted as he struggled. It took Jimin a moment but he finally managed to do it, tugging a hard knot in the latex so that he could stop pinching it. The condom stayed inflated, rather like a balloon animal before its transformation, and he saw that his boyfriend was very pleased with himself. “Well done, angel, that's a great party trick.” Jimin giggled and tossed the makeshift balloon into the air.


“Oh…” He watched it fall to hit the mattress rather pitifully. “They don’t float.”


“Y'know, you’re not supposed to fill 'em with air,” Yoongi explained as he kicked the pitiful attempt of a condom balloon off the bed and onto the floor. “You fill 'em with something else, something…wet.” His boyfriend thought this over for a moment, brow furrowed slightly and Yoongi found that he wasn’t at all certain if he was doing so as a joke or if he was seriously thinking his words over. Then he made a soft noise, a little “oh” as his eyes and shoulders lifted, eyes widening and lips pouting out.




“No, Jimin, no condom water balloons,” Yoongi said wearily, holding up a hand in placatingly. “Please.” Jimin made a grumbling noise at this and he searched his brain for something to say to him, anything at all. “Hey, you said that you were hungry, right?”


“Yes,” Jimin replied, stopping in his attempt to retrieve the condom balloon from over the side of the bed.


“I saw vending machines outside in the lot,” he explained the young man shifted to sit upright. “Go and check what’s in 'em, there might be something good. Maybe Pepero , yeah?”


“OK!” Jimin said in a very enthusiastic voice, shifting to get off the bed and knocking a throw cushion into the floor as he did. He didn’t bother getting into his boots again but he did fix his hoodie back up onto his shoulders. “Be right back.”


Yoongi turned his head to watch him go, opening the door but not closing it fully behind him as he stepped out of the room. Through the slight gap in the doorway he could see the bright sodium lights of the lot and after a few seconds he turned his head to look at the other side of the room. The blue lit podium and pole drew his attention instantly, they were impossible to miss in the room. Yoongi eyed it for a moment before shifting to sit upright to look at the products on the bed. He saw the little bottles of toiletries like Jimin had said, and the packets of lube and massage gel, and his eyes fell on the single condom that his boyfriend hadn’t turned into a balloon. For some reason he decided to reach down and nab it, shoving it into his jeans pocket.


Just to stop Jimin from wasting it of course.






Jimin crossed the walkway at a rather leisurely pace, heading off across the lot to get to where the vending machines were. They were placed across from their room, closer to where Yoongi’s bike was parked, and so he just shoved his hands into his hoodie pockets as he walked the length of concrete that fringed the motel. The paving slabs were warm and gritty against his bare soles and he hoped that there was no broken glass anywhere that he might just stand in. He had already stepped in the puddle of beer and soju in front of their door and he would rather not repeat the experience by ending up with a shard an inch into the heel of his foot.


Jimin was at the level that he thought was ‘comfortably drunk’ rather than anything stronger. It was a nice level to be at, for though he felt a little lighter and warm he was still aware of his surroundings and walking in a straight line. But he knew for the fact that Yoongi still wasn’t drunk but was rather just tipsy, the kind of tipsy that was nice too. Sometimes he wished that Yoongi would stay at a tipsy level rather than get wasted. When he was wasted he fell over and couldn’t get up, or he fell asleep in the middle of a film or even a conversation.


When he was tipsy he bit his knee as a joke and called him ‘angel’ much more frequently. Jimin knew which one he preferred by far.


“Mmm,” Jimin purred softly under his breath, reaching up to press at his cheeks with his hoodie cuffs. He didn’t know why but he just felt the urge to do so.


On one of the landings he saw that a couple were coming out of a room on the first floor, and he gave them a quick glance before looking away again. Judging from the grey business suit on the older-looking man and the purple satin dress that the woman was wearing it had been an hourly deal; the kind that involved more money being exchanged once inside. Whatever, Jimin just carried on walking until he reached the corner and carried on along the perpendicular walkway. Within seconds the couple had slipped right out of his mind in favour of Yoongi.


Yoongi: who had bought him that cider with the funny name even though it was expensive as hell, and had a great aversion to the idea of water balloon condoms.


Jimin walked the last stretch of the walkway to get to the vending machines, patting the ice machine affectionately as he passed it. It clunked at him and he couldn’t help but laugh at the sound. When he reached the vending machine he scanned it quickly, seeing colourful items inside, and then he moved his gaze to study the button panel. It was black and the display above it had a big red zero on display. Jimin ran his eyes over the milky pink exterior and then he saw that there was a logo at the bottom. Love machine it boldly declared with a rather fluffy-looking white heart underneath.


“Love machine?” Jimin said in a quiet voice. That was a strange name for a vending machine, why was it called that? He dragged his gaze away from the button panel to look through the glass front and that was when it hit him. “Oh wow…”


What would Yoongi think if he knew that he had sent him to go get snacks from a vending machines that sold condoms, lube, and other assorted sex items? Like a dildo, there was an actual purple glossy dildo inside. Considering the price it was only rather small and that was made him start laughing. There were other things too, things that he didn’t even have a clue about for they looked to be machines of some kind. Jimin had to muffle his mouth as he tried to get himself under control.


Oh god, there was some strange replica vagina toy placed in the bottom corner and Jimin pretty much lost it right there. He had to hunker down in front of the machine, one hand against the glass and the other covering his mouth. He couldn’t help himself, it was just too much. The little bag of lube and condoms had been slightly amusing to him, but the sight of a purple dildo and a vagina contraption just crossed the line from pretty funny to fucking hilarious. The couple from earlier passed him on their way to the entrance area and he saw that the man was glaring at him, but the woman had a rather amused smile on her face; laughing because he was laughing and it was quite simply contagious.


It took him a minute to recover and he was more than certain that Yoongi must have heard him from across the lot. As soon as he felt like he could breathe without tears streaming down his cheeks he straightened up and eyed the vending machine again.


Pepero ?” Jimin said to himself, the occasional giggle still escaping. “Yes, let’s go with that.”


He actually studied the contents more seriously this time, ignoring the more hilarious items in favour of seeing what was actually inside the machine. He was pretty certain that there was a tube of chocolate inside it, apparently labelled body paint according to the yellow characters on it. Interesting. It was edible, and chocolate, and Jimin pretty much wanted it. He could just squeeze it out the tube into his mouth like whipped cream. How could he not want that? He ran his eyes over the lubes, ignoring them because they already had some, and eyed the second row to see a bunch of vibrator devices. Most of them looked like wands or had long necks with rounded heads covered in bristles, but there was one thing that caught his eye.


There were little plastic capsules inside the machine, in which there were finger vibrators. The most strongest mental image came to mind and Jimin couldn’t possibly push it away.


He should buy the vibrator and buzz Yoongi with it scare him.


Before Jimin could talk himself out of it he actually typed in the code for the vibrator toy, watching the capsule roll forward and then drop into the bottom of the machine. He eyed the spot that it had been in and then typed in the code for the body chocolate, still feeling a rather giddy rush of excitement in the pit of his stomach. Yoongi was going to be in for a real shock, literally. Maybe it was because he was kind of drunk, but the idea of pressing it against Yoongi’s neck so that he could scare him was fucking hilarious. Jimin had to get his wallet out, slipping a note into the machine to pay and unlock the partition at the bottom. He heard change rattling out and so he collected that first, shoving it into the interior compartment with the rest of the coins. Then he hunkered down to collect the item from the bottom.


Jimin opened the capsule to get the finger vibrator free. It was glossy lilac rubber and he slipped it onto his forefinger before hitting the button on the side. It came to life with a low buzz that was barely detectable; perfect for pranking. He left the empty capsule container by the machine without a care, straightening up to head back to their room. On the walk he flipped the tube cap up to sample some of the chocolate, squeezing it and licking it free with his tongue.


“Ooh,” he muttered as he ran his tongue around his mouth, tasting the spread. It was actually very nice, not at all like the cheap shit he had been dreading it might have tasted like. It would actually be nice with ice cream, he was sure of it. When he got to their room Jimin kept his other hand in his pocket to hide the finger vibrator from sight and then he pushed the room door open to step inside.


“What took you so long?” Yoongi asked him, glancing over and eyeing the tube in his hand. “I thought you’d went to the store instead…”


“Probably should have,” Jimin replied as he kicked the door shut behind him and heard the lock clicking. “All they had was body paint.”


“…Body paint?” He crossed the room to get to the bed, shifting to climb on it by his feet. He tossed the bottle to his boyfriend and then proceeded to shuffle across it on his knees to sit up beside him. “Once again, the fuck is this?”


“Sexy chocolate spread?” Jimin suggested, moving one of the throw cushions behind his back as he did. Yoongi turned the tube over to study it and then popped the cap up.


“I can’t believe you actually spent cash on this and- oh.” Yoongi stopped ranting as soon as the scent wafted up from the slight tube, brow twitching. “Shit, that actually smells nice.”


“It is nice,” Jimin agreed as he watched Yoongi squeezing the tube so that more scent wafted out.


“You tried some of it?” Yoongi asked him, and so he nodded and told him that he had tried it out in the lot. “Does it taste nice though? That’s the important question.”


“Really nice, try some.” Yet his boyfriend eyed the tube with a rather uncertain expression that said that he really didn’t know if he wanted to do that. “Yoongi, it’s just chocolate spread for fuck’s sake. Stop making it weird.”


“OK, trying some,” Yoongi muttered as he tipped the tube and squeezed it. A small blob of chocolate landed on his finger and so he lifted it to his mouth to sample it. Jimin saw that his expression looked rather cautious but when he actually tasted the chocolate he made a noise under his breath. “That’s actually nice, like really nice. What the fuck?”


“Told you so,” Jimin said with a smile.


“Yeah, I mean it’s nice but we can’t just eat a whole tube of chocolate spread,” Yoongi said as he moved on the bed, turning away from him slightly. Jimin decided that this was his best shot and so he slipped his hand free from his pocket and quickly fumbled with the button to turn it on. “That’s not exactly a meal, angel, and-”


Jimin darted forward to press the finger vibrator against the back of his neck, right at the very nape where he knew he was his most sensitive. The result was instantaneous for his boyfriend let out a yelp and almost rolled straight off the bed to get away from him, arms flailing around so that he dropped the tube of chocolate onto the mattress.


“What the fuck?!” Yoongi cried out in shock, shoulders going up so high that they almost touched his ears. When he whirled around and looked at him, eyes so wide that his irises looked to be swimming in a sea of white, Jimin couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “What was that? The fuck did you do?”


Jimin was laughing so hard that he struggled to even reply, nothing more than squeaky sounds coming out as he doubled up and dropped onto the mattress, hands against his stomach. His boyfriend was staring at him with that same shocked expression but after a moment or two he let out a laugh as he reached up to touch his neck where he had touched him with the vibrator.


“The muh-machine,” he explained between his giggles, wheezing as he breathed it, “there wuh-was toys in the muh-machine so I bought a vuh-vibrator. A fuh-finger-”


“…You bought a finger vibrator?” Yoongi finished for him, staring at the lilac device still in his finger. Jimin nodded at the question, holding his hand up to him to show him it more clearly whilst he carried on laughing. He took hold of his wrist and turned his hand this was and that, eyeing the nodules in complete wonder before he turned his attention back to him. “Jimin?”


“Yuh-yes?” he hiccuped as he held his gaze, trying to get himself under control.


“You’re the biggest fucking idiot I know,” Yoongi said in a soft voice. “And I love you for it.”


“Mmm, love you too.” Jimin agreed as his laughing fit finally subsided. He couldn’t help but lie down on the bed, head dropping onto the throw cushion with a soft thumping sound.


“How much did you spend on that, huh?”


“8,000₩,” Jimin explained. “But it’s worth so much more in terms of comedy value; don’t you think?”


“That’s the kinda shit that was inside the vending machine, huh?” Yoongi asked as he reached down to grab his wrist again, studying the toy with interest. “Here I was thinking that it was a snack machine and instead it’s stocked with sex toys. Should’ve expected that, right?” Jimin made a noise in agreement as Yoongi flicked the button on the side and it started vibrating again with a soft whirring sound. “It looks like a torture device.”


“There’s more shit in there, Yoongi, some of it did look like torture devices. Also there was a dildo in there, it was purple.”


“Jimin, if you’d have touched me with that thing I’d have beaten you to death with it,” Yoongi said in a deadly serious tone as he switched it off again. Jimin was pretty certain that he was telling him the truth, so that ruled that particular prank out for the night.


“It was pretty small, would make it hard to do that…” he muttered as he pulled the device free from his finger and moved to shove it into his pocket. After some rooting around inside his hoodie he found the other bungeoppang, still wrapped up in the plastic packet, so he pulled it free and proceeded to unwrap it. Jimin collected the tube off the mattress, finding that the cap was still popped up, and he proceeded to squeeze out a rather ample amount onto the snack. He took a bite to try it, finding that it was a little strange but otherwise palatable. He offered the other half to his boyfriend and Yoongi accepted it, chewing it slowly before pulling a rather disgusted face. “Now there’s no more food left…”


“Shit,” Yoongi said around the bungeoppang, pulling his phone free from his jeans pocket as he did.


“I could always run to the store? There might be some dosiraks left?” he suggested, turning his head to look at him as he squeezed more chocolate onto his fingertip.


“Nah, fuck it, I’m ordering a pizza,” Yoongi muttered as he started typing things on his phone screen, both thumbs dancing along the surface.


“Pizza?!” Jimin said, realising that he had sounded a little too enthusiastic at this. But it was too late to curb his enthusiasm now. “What kinda pizza?”


“Give me like five minutes, angel, I’m looking for a place first,” Yoongi explained. “Then we can talk about pizza.” Jimin licked the spread free from his finger and then added another blob, reaching over to offer it to his boyfriend. When Yoongi didn’t open his mouth he ended up smearing it on his lower lip just to annoy him. He grumbled at this before sticking his tongue out to try and lick it free. “There’s a Pizza Etang place not far from here, that seems like the best choice.” Jimin carried on eating the chocolate spread as he waited for him to explain. “Free drink with every purchase, ooh…but what to order? Shit, there’s so many sizes, uh-”


“They do sweet pizza!” Jimin declared as he pulled his finger free from his mouth.


“No, not sweet pizza,” Yoongi retorted with a head shake. “Don’t you think you’ve had enough sweet stuff today already, angel?”




“Jimin, it might taste disgusting,” his boyfriend argued, a rather good point. But Jimin doubted that anything pizza related could possibly taste bad, that just didn’t make any sense to him at all. “We should go for an actual pizza instead, at least then we know that’ll taste nice.” Yoongi lowered his phone to look at him and Jimin just held his gaze unwaveringly, refusing to back down. “Don’t give me that look…”


“What look?”


“That exact look you’re giving me right now,” Yoongi said as he lifted a hand to point at him. “You’re doing the puppy dog look right now.” Jimin cocked his head at him and he let out a deep groan, the sound making him smile widely. “Y’know what that look does to me; why’d you always use it against me like this?”


“Because I know that it works,” Jimin retorted.


“Well, we did save a lot of cash on this motel room,” Yoongi mumbled as he eyed his screen. “And we haven’t eaten all day so…”


“Sweet pizza~” Jimin almost sang at him. “Come on, let’s order some and try it. I’ll cover the costs for the motel tomorrow, all food is on me too. You can have whatever you want: lamb skewers, japchae, samgyeopsal, I’ll buy it. Booze too, I’ll buy you lots of that.”


“You’re lucky that there’s a special on,” Yoongi said as he turned back to his phone, thumbs once again tapping on the screen musically.


“A special?”


“Buy one premium and get a regular free, ha, you thought that your puppy dog look worked on me,” Yoongi snorted laughter and Jimin made an indignant noise at this. “Nice try, angel, maybe next time. But thanks for promising to buy me lamb skewers and booze though, that was-”


Jimin tossed the tube of chocolate away and it bounced down to the bottom of the mattress. That freed up his hands and allowed him to dive on his boyfriend, catching him by complete surprise. Yoongi actually dropped his phone onto his stomach as he slung an arm around his neck and got him into an attempt at a headlock. Jimin rolled his fingers up and aggressively started rubbing them against his head, creating a horrible friction that he just knew he hated.


“Ah, ah, wait,” Yoongi cried out, trying to push him away with one hand as he grabbed his phone in the other, “the order’s processing, it’s processing!” Jimin stopped in the act of tussling with him and he moved his arm to hold his phone up in front of his face, eyes scanning the screen. “Processing, processing - done! And it’s gonna take like twenty minutes.”


“Plenty enough time to kick your ass!” Jimin declared as he grabbed his phone and tossed it onto the bed. That done he dragged Yoongi down onto the mattress, arm still around his neck so that his head bounced off his ribs. “The puppy look worked! Say “the puppy look worked” and I’ll let go!” His boyfriend loudly argued against this, telling him that it really hadn’t for once as he kicked his legs hard and tried to wriggle free. “Then I’ll have to kick your ass!”


“If you kill me, who’s gonna pay for the pizza?!”


“…Huh,” Jimin stopped tugging on his hair for a moment as he thought this over, arm still wrapped around his neck rather tightly. Yoongi stopped wriggling, fingers snagged on his hoodie sleeves and feet dangling over the side of the mattress, and when he looked down he saw that he was staring up at him with a rather hopeful expression. So he relented and let go of him, letting Yoongi shift to sit back up against his throw cushion mountain. “I'll let it slide this one time,” Jimin said as he moved to place his head on his stomach, settling down comfortably, “but next time I’ll really do it.”


“You say that all the time, angel,” Yoongi remarked as he started stroking his hair, fingers brushing through the black lengths slowly. “You’re yet to kick my ass.” Jimin smiled softly at this, closing his eyes so that he could track his fingers by touch alone. “I should probably stop baiting you into kicking said ass though, 'cos one day you’re really gonna kick it.”


When Yoongi inhaled Jimin could feel his stomach softly swelling under his head, his skin warm through the thin white logo tee he was wearing. With every exhale his stomach would deflate and as a result his head would lift and drop as if he was floating on a gentle wave, a wonderfully calming sensation. His boyfriend had a rather slow and regular breathing rhythm and Jimin tried to pace himself to match him, finding that the rhythm might just lull him to sleep if he wasn’t careful. Yoongi’s fingers ran through his hair gently, pulling it back from his brow, and then his palm pressed it down before he repeated the motion; going between dragging and then smoothing his hair down.


“Twenty minutes?” Jimin asked in a sleepy mumble. “What are we supposed to do until then?”


“Dunno,” Yoongi said, the soft shuffling sound of him shrugging detectable to his ears.


“I’m bored and hungry.”


“…Guess who’s still got an eighth inside his boot?” Yoongi remarked, fingers still lightly threading through his hair. At this Jimin opened his eyes, staring up at the pink ceiling, and then he shifting to roll onto his side. He propped himself up on one elbow and studied his boyfriend and Yoongi just stared right back, head propped up under his folded arm and a throw cushion.


“How long were you gonna keep that a secret?” he asked him. “Were you gonna wait for me to fall asleep and get fucking stoned without me?”


“Uh, yeah pretty much,” Yoongi joked with a lazy smile. “Nah, I actually just remembered. It completely escaped my mind until now. I’m too lazy to get it, you go get it.”


So Jimin moved to get off the bed, scooting along on his ass until he could stand up and go around the rounded bottom. He located Yoongi’s boots beside the door, the battered black Doc Martens with the scuffs on the leather and white threading that ran along the upper sole. He hunkered down to pull the left boot closer, sticking his fingers inside to feel for something only to find it empty. The insole was rather loose and so he pulled his hand free and checked the right boot, prodding around until he felt the familiar sensation of cool plastic against his fingertips. Jimin snagged hold of it and pulled it free, eyeing the rolled up plastic baggie to see that there was a single rolled up joint left inside it. So he straightened up and crossed the room again to climb onto the bed, tossing the baggie at him.


“Looks like this is the last one for awhile, so let’s light up and savour it,” Yoongi said, lifting it up to study the white joint.


“Shit, does Hoseok know anyone else that’s selling?” Jimin asked him as Yoongi slipped the joint out of the bag. He unzipped the last section of his hoodie to shrug it off, wanting to get comfortable. It slumped onto the mattress in a puddle and he checked one of the pockets to pull the lighter free.


“Not outside of Seoul,” he replied with a head shake. “That’s as far as he knows sadly, but I mean there’s ways for finding it. Just find the areas popular with the foreigners,” Yoongi explained. “Sellers are always hanging ‘round those areas so they can rip off tourists, Itaewon is swimming with pot and all kinda shit, so the same’ll go for outside of Seoul, yeah?”


“I don’t wanna get arrested looking for cheap-ass pot,” Jimin stated, “and I don’t want you getting arrested either, so let’s just savour the last one.” Yoongi made a noise around the end of the joint, leaning forward so that he would light it for him. He flicked the lighter open and sparked the wheel with a hard flick, watching it burst to life and start smouldering the rather fat end of the stick. Yoongi took a deep toke to set it alight and then he pulled his head away, holding the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds before exhaling it. He took another deep toke and then pulled it out of his lips, offering him a hit. Jimin placed his hands on the mattress either side of his knees, leaning closer so that he could get the joint between his lips. He took a drag on the end, the acrid smoke filling his lungs, and he held it in for a moment before breathing it out again.


“Mmm, getting stoned in a love motel,” Yoongi said as he breathed his own lungful free, wetting his lips and taking another toke. His lips turned up in a smirk as Jimin moved on the mattress to sit on his lap, snaking his arms around his ribs. He shifted to lean back against the throw cushions, offering him another hit. “It’s not how I thought I’d spend the night, y’know?”


“But it’s fun, right?” Jimin said, getting the joint between his lips and taking a toke. He held it and breathed it out the corner of his mouth, already starting to feel a little lightheaded from it. It was a rather pleasant sensation, a soft buzz that made his head feel fuzzy and was much nicer than alcohol. Yoongi nodded in agreement as he wet his lips again, a habit that he usually did when he got stoned because he got dry mouth. But with the dry mouth came talkativeness and the occasional fit of giggles. “And you didn’t even want to stay here.”


“OK, it’s not so bad when you look past the stupid lights,” Yoongi said with a smile, leaning over so that he could knock a dab of ash off the end onto the flooring rather than onto the mattress. “The bed is comfortable, even when it’s fucking weird shaped.”


“The cushions are nice,” Jimin added, slipping an arm free to stroke one of the cushions beside him. His boyfriend made a noise in agreement at this, no doubt liking the cushions a lot seen as he had them stacked behind his back. “I could sleep on this tonight, couldn’t you?”


“Oh!” At this Yoongi’s eyes widened widely, taking on a round look that he had long learnt to associate with him having a sudden thought, much like a light bulb going on above his head, or because he was remembering something. He took a fast toke on the joint and then breathed it out again. “I, uh, I had a funny thought before.”


“Oh yes? What about?”


“About sleeping in the bathroom,” he explained, lips lifting up into a rather pleased smile. Jimin twisted to look across the room, seeing a glass box in the corner by the door, and when he turned to look back at his boyfriend his shoulders were shaking with silent laughter. Yoongi reached up with his free hand to rub at his brow, a rather wheezy guffaw escaping as he did. “I thought it was fucking hilarious…” Jimin forced a laugh just for the sake of it, unmistakably fake. “No pity laughs, please. I’m not Hoseok, don’t give me pity laughs.”


“Hoseok is actually funny ,” he stated as he cocked his head at him.


Yoongi paused in the act of taking a toke, the joint pursed between his lips, and his lifted his gaze to stare at him. Jimin held his gaze with a smile, deciding that it was now his moment to bait his boyfriend in revenge for the pizza incident. He watched the other man take a slow and deep pull, lowering the joint from his mouth. Then Yoongi breathed the smoke out of his pursed lips in a hard huff, the thick and pungent smoke streaming out to hit him in the face. Jimin breathed it in, holding it into his own lungs before he breathed it out again. When he tried to move his head and take another toke he moved his hand away.


“No,” Yoongi muttered in faüx annoyance, “friends that make fun of my comedy skills don’t get to share my pot. That’s rule number six, it’s an important rule.”


“Then why isn’t it rule one?” Jimin asked as he tried chasing the joint to get it between his lips. Yoongi just kept moving it away from him. “ Yoongi.


“Oh, here come the puppy dog eyes,” he said with that same lazy grin, eyes glinting in the pink lighting. “Mmm, maybe you can’t share my pot exactly but there’s always this…”


Jimin stopped trying to chase after his hand because his words had piqued his curiosity. So he settled back onto his lap rather comfortably, feeling his boyfriend’s rather sharp knees digging into his ass and after a moment of study Yoongi took another toke on the joint. It was now almost half burnt up, another dab of ash on the end that would need to be knocked free to save the sheets, and as soon as he had filled his lungs with the smoke he shifted under him. Yoongi settled his hand against the back of his neck and leaned closer to him, almost as if he was going in for a kiss. He twisted his head as he pressed their lips together, breathing the smoke into his mouth. Jimin inhaled the smoke and before Yoongi broke the contact he felt him pressing a little kiss against his lower lip.


“I want to share it like that,” Jimin said as he breathed the smoke out of his nose, gaze moving to locate the joint again. He saw that it was held between his thumb and fingers, all of them curled up to make a tunnel. “Do that again.”


So Yoongi did so, filling his lungs with smoke only to press his lips against his and fill him up too. With every shared intake of smoke Jimin could feel him getting more adventurous, going from little kisses against his lower lip to more braver attempts; lazy open kisses that ended in soft moans. Jimin didn’t even care about the actual drug, which was starting to make him feel a little funny, but just the sensation of his mouth clamping over his and the wet sounds of lips and tongues connecting. As the joint started to get smaller and smaller Jimin ended up shifting to apply his weight against him, gently forcing Yoongi down onto the mattress until his head bounced off the throw cushions and he started laughing, that same rather wheezy guffaw from earlier escaping between quick kisses and messy attempts at shotgunning smoke until there was nothing left to share beyond a rather pitiful stub.


“I broke my rule,” Yoongi said as he tossed the smoked up joint aside without a care. Jimin planted his chin firmly on his shoulder so that he could study his face, seeing a rather faded expression on his face. “Sharing pot with friends that make fun of me. Pft, I’m weak.”


“Mmm, but we’re not just friends, right?” Jimin said in a soft voice, forefinger tracing along Yoongi’s lower lip tenderly so that he could lightly pull down on it and reveal a flash of his teeth. He didn’t reply at this because he didn’t really have to, instead staring up at the pink ceiling with half-lidded eyes. Jimin could see the light reflecting off the rather glossy surface, making them gleam like onyx, and his lips were rather flushed, deep pink against his black nail. From the other half of the room the blue light was cast off the side of his face, creating a strange series of shadows and highlights that made Jimin’s eyes feel rather strange. Yoongi almost seemed to glow, the lights shifting over his nose and cheekbones and he moved his finger away from his mouth to trace the line between the pink and blue, running his finger down his nose so that Yoongi went almost cross-eyed tracking it. “Next time you want a cigarette…”


“You wanna share like that, huh?” Yoongi asked him, eyes still following his finger along its rather grand adventure across his cheekbones. “Can’t really do that shit in public.”


“Then don’t do it in public,” Jimin retorted with a grin, running his finger back down to his lips. Yoongi opened his mouth to nip at his fingertip, lightly biting down and then releasing him. “Do it inside, open a window.”


Yoongi fell silent at this, feeling no need to reply to him. Instead he was too busy staring up at the ceiling, eyes moving every few seconds as if he was tracking something. Probably fuzzy dots of colour, Jimin assumed. He wasn’t seeing shit like that, but rather just that rather neon cast over his boyfriend’s face so that he glowed like the rotating sign outside. Jimin lifted his gaze to his hair, seeing that it was spread out across the throw cushions like tendrils of ink, or maybe even smoke. The longer he stared at it the longer he was convinced that it was moving, even when he knew that it wasn’t. Yoongi had one hand resting somewhere close to between his shoulder blades, comfortably settled, and the other was dangling over the curved side of the bed, and Jimin almost wished that he would lift it up to stroke his hair or something. Maybe his cheek. He could cup it in his warm palm and just keep it there for awhile, or maybe place it under his chin to stroke it along his lip too, yet he didn’t. Yoongi just stayed still and silent as he tracked things across the glowing ceiling.


There was a loud series of knocks on the door and Jimin looked up sharply at the sound, Yoongi rolling his head on the cushion to stare across the room. It appeared that the food was here and it was only then that Jimin realised just how hungry he actually was, stomach rumbling so hard that his boyfriend might just have felt it before he moved to stop lying on him.


“You pay,” Yoongi said as he reached down to slip his wallet free from his pocket and hold it out to him. Jimin eyed the wallet for a few seconds before collecting it off him and shifting to climb off the bed. Of course he was going to have to pay the delivery person now, seen as he had left Yoongi to deal with the receptionist earlier in the evening. At least he hadn’t had to look at her, but he was going to have to look at whoever was on the other side of the door right now. Direct eye-contact in fact: nice.


When he opened the door he made a point of swinging open rather widely, just so the young man on the other side could see right inside to where Yoongi was lying sprawled out on the bed. Jimin thought that the transaction would be pretty damn awkward, all things considered, but it really wasn’t. No, the delivery guy just stated the price without so much as blink, clearly used to delivering food to random establishments. After all, a lot of people crashed in love motels for the cheap charge rather than anything else; just like what they were doing. It made perfect sense that he wouldn’t find it weird. So Jimin opened his boyfriend’s wallet to slip several notes out and they exchanged items, the plastic bag with the drink in and the two large boxes that he had to balance on his forearm and hug against his chest.


“The change is the tip,” Jimin explained, knowing that it was rather well above the expected amount but not really caring. The slight smile that he got in return was worth it, and as the young man turned to walk away he glanced into the lot before closing the door, seeing a bright yellow Yamaha scooter parked just by their door, the massive box on the back loaded with orders. “Yoongi, he had a ride to rival yours.”


“Ha-ha,” Yoongi forced out, the sound rather flat and creaky to his ears. “I’ll kick your ass before you finally get to kick mine if you make another joke about my bike.” Jimin heard the door clicking shut and he smiled as he turned back around to cross the room and get to the bed. “No, no, not on the bed,” he stated as he sat up and wriggled off it. “If we get food on the sheets we have to sleep on 'em so, uh, let’s sit on the floor.”


“Grab the cushions,” Jimin suggested as he dropped to get onto his knees, putting the boxes and plastic bag down to free up his hands. Yoongi grabbed two of them, handing him on that he could use as a floor cushion, and then he sat down beside him and riffled through the bag. There was a bottle of coke, several plastic party cups and a rather decent bundle of napkins inside it, and so he unscrewed the cap and poured some of the drink out.


“Shame we ain’t got anything to mix with,” he joked as the frothy black liquid fizzed up to the brim of the plastic cup. Jimin lifted the top pizza box off the stack so that he could place them side by side, lifting the card lids up to reveal the contents. Hot and fragrant steam wafted out to hit him in the face and Jimin made a series of dramatic moans that had Yoongi laughing, almost spilling coke all over the flooring as he did.


The main order was one of the premium choices, covered in smoked bacon, chicken, mushrooms and lots and lots of cheese. Unsurprisingly they tore into it eagerly, sating their hunger after an entire day spent on the motorbike without stopping for much more than water and gas station bathroom breaks. Jimin devoured his first slice without even really tasting it, burning his tongue on the hot cheese and chunks of bacon whilst his boyfriend watched him in amusement, slowly chewing his own mouthful. When he moved onto the second he actually ended up dribbling with a lot of spicy sauce and cheese down his chin, doing exactly what Yoongi had said would happen as a large blob dropped to land on the floor. The sheets really had been saved from him.


“You’re such a messy eater, angel,” Yoongi scolded as he cupped his cheek in one hand, the other roughly wiping at his chin. Jimin licked his lips clean of sauce, letting him wipe the grease free, and then he balled the napkin up and turned his head to look across the room. There was a lamp not far from where they were, a tall one with a rounded shade. Yoongi got onto his knees and tossed it at the shade, trying to get it inside as if scoring a hoop. It hit the brim but bounced off, skittering across the floor.


“At least I’m eating,” Jimin retorted, eyeing his first slice to see that he had eaten half of it. “I wanna see you eat at least four slices tonight, and some for breakfast.”


“Breakfast pizza?” Yoongi asked him as he picked up his slice again, taking a large bite this time. Jimin nodded around his mouthful of pizza. “Well, it’s better than cold jajangmyeon, that’s for sure.” He was telling the truth and Jimin moved onto the crust, happily gnawing away as his boyfriend slowly worked his way through his slice. Before sampling some of the sweet pizza Jimin made sure to wipe his fingers free from grease and sauce, balling up his own napkin and tossing it at the lampshade too. Jimin tracked it, seeing that it almost seemed to move much too slow through the air. He missed by a considerable amount, the napkin bouncing off the wall to disappear out of sight. “Nice try.”


“Let’s see you do better,” he retorted as he grabbed a slice of the sweet pizza and pulled it free from the box.


He discovered that it was almost sickly sweet on his palate, a rich slathering of mascarpone cheese drizzled with honey and little shavings of chocolate. It was softer than he had expected, and he cheeked a mouthful to look over at Yoongi. Like he expected Yoongi reached over to wipe a blob of the cream cheese out of the corner of his mouth, licking it off his thumb.


“It’s good,” Jimin said around the mouthful.


“Are you just saying that or?”


“Nope,” he disagreed as he ripped a chunk of pizza free and reached over to offer him it. Yoongi leaned forward to accept it, taking the mouthful from his fingers and slowly chewing it. After a few seconds he pulled a rather disgusted expression at him and he started laughing. “Don’t pull that face, I know you like it.” Jimin took another bite and then he shifted to grab the tube of chocolate spread.


“Don’t add that too,” Yoongi said as he collected another slice, the cheese stretching and then snapping like elastic. But Jimin ignored him and squeezed some out on the slice before sampling it to find that it was even better with the added chocolate. “You’re gonna puke if you keep eating that shit.”


“Then I’ll puke and eat the rest,” Jimin said with a grin, honey and chocolate spread coated on his lips.


Breakfast pizza would consist of a slice of premium and two slices of sweet pizza each, which could be rather filling Jimin supposed. Yoongi did eat a few slices, eating at a rather slow pace but eating nonetheless. When Jimin was stuffed full of food and coke he shifted to lean back on his wrists, watching him intently. They ended up with several balled up napkins to toss at the lamp shade, missing with a few and scoring with the others. Yoongi had a much better aim than him and so he racked up more points by far, though they weren’t keeping score. So as soon as they were finished eating his boyfriend closed the boxes over, fastened the mostly empty bottle of coke, and he left the stack of napkins on top. Jimin got to his feet to wander across the room to use the bathroom, wondering if Yoongi was watching him the whole time through the glass walls.


When he stepped back into the room again he saw that Yoongi was lying sprawled out on the mattress, phone in hand and one leg cocked up. His other bare foot was bobbing in a restless rhythm and so Jimin moved to get onto the mattress, crawling towards him so that he could slot himself between his thighs and twisting so that he could lie down and use his chest as a pillow. His body felt rather heavy now that he was filled with warm food and yet despite the added weight he didn’t really feel that tired at all. The food and pot had just made him feel light and relaxed, in a rather blissful state.


“You sleepy, huh?” Yoongi asked, moving to place his phone down so that he could play with his hair again. Jimin felt his fingers stroking and teasing, wrapping it around and then letting go so that it sprang into a tight curl.


“Mmm, not tired,” Jimin replied as shifted, the back of his head rubbing against his chest. “It’s not that late, I’m kinda bored.” He could see a flatscreen TV placed not too far from the bathroom, mounted on the wall. “Do you think there’s channels on that or does it just play pornos?” At this Yoongi’s stomach jerked hard as a result of him laughing. “I bet it just plays pornos.”


“I can’t see the remote,” Yoongi said as he reached down to slip his arms around his neck. “But I wouldn’t want to touch it, you dunno where that shit’s been.”


“Yoongi,” Jimin whined as he reached up to run his fingers over his bare forearm, locking his hand around his wrist loosely. “That’s disgusting, don’t.” His boyfriend laughed as he moved to nuzzle against his hair, mouth and chin rubbing against him. “Why use the remote when there’s the love machine?”


“Love machine?” Yoongi asked, breath warm against his ear. He explained that it was the name of the vending machine and this made him laugh again. Jimin ran his thumb along his inner wrist slowly, almost tenderly, as he stared at the black square on the wall. “If you’re so bored you should do something.”


“Like what?”


“Games?” Yoongi suggested. “The store might have, uh, playing cards or whatever. Y’know, or those stupid kids games?”


Jimin thought this over for a moment, weighing the options at hand up. There really was nothing to do save for turning on the TV, which he doubted actually played porn but probably just had a few cable networks on it. That was the current choice of entertainment on offer…except it wasn’t really. There was another form, one that involved them making fun themselves, and yet Jimin wasn’t at all sure that Yoongi was ready for that. They were still at a rather timid stage in their relationship; holding hands, quick kisses and touches, and it was almost like that apartment room fumble from a week back hadn’t even happened.


Yoongi seemed to want to take it slow, to savour the little moments and not rush, and though Jimin loved those little moments too he was starting to get somewhat impatient. He had been waiting for Yoongi to make a move for quite some time now, and it was rapidly becoming apparent that he might just need to make the move first.


“You wanna go check it out?” Yoongi asked in a quiet voice, and so he turned his head to study his face. His boyfriend looked at him intently, languidly blinking his half-lidded eyes as he waited for a reply. Jimin wondered what was going through his mind right now, if he was thinking about what he was thinking about, or had he just missed the mark completely.


“…OK,” Jimin said after a moment of thought, letting go of his wrist so that he could sit up. He slipped into his hoodie and Timberlands whilst Yoongi lazily knotted up his Docs, and then they both left the motel together. He made sure that the keys were in his pocket of course, along with all kinds of shit.


As they crossed the lot Jimin looked up at the heart sign. In his current stoned state it was quite the sight, rotating round and round leaving trails of neon light like tentacles in its wake. Yoongi reached over to grab his hand, palm against hoodie cuff, and he guided him to the main road and then across to the store. The store sign was just as weird to his eyes, as was the fluorescent buzzing lights inside. Jimin just squinted to lessen the weird brightness and let his boyfriend guide him across the aisles again.


“Uh, not really sure where we should look,” Yoongi muttered as he pulled him down an aisle filled with snack food. “So just keep an eye out, yeah?”


Jimin made a noise in agreement as they both scanned the aisles, seeing lots of food items on display that no longer caught his interest because his hunger had been sated. Despite this fact it was hard to ignore the enticing colourful packets and boxes in his currently lightly stoned and buzzed state and so Jimin really had to concentrate to try and locate something game related. He didn’t really know what he meant by the word 'game’ because that could apply to a great many things. He was running his eyes along one of the shelves when he felt his boyfriend’s hands loosening around his to let go of him and so he took a few more steps forward before looking back over his shoulder. Yoongi had stopped in the middle of the aisle, staring off at nothing in particular with his brow furrowed in confusion. After a few seconds he lifted his hand to scratch at the back of his head and so Jimin moved to stand beside him, asking him if he was alright.


“Uh, what’re we here for again?” Yoongi asked as he turned his head to look at him. Jimin could see that his mind had completely blanked out on him and he could have said absolutely anything to him and his boyfriend would believe him. He could have lied about coming for food but he wasn’t hungry so that was rather pointless. But he could have said something funny instead, like that they were coming to buy more condoms seen as the motel had only given them two and that wasn’t enough by far. Would Yoongi really believe him if he said that, or would he figure out that it was a joke? He was even considering adding something about extra sensitive into the mix when Yoongi made a soft noise. “Ah, games!”


“Yes, games,” Jimin agreed with a nod, biting down on his lower lip to stop himself from laughing. Yoongi grabbed hold of his hand again and started walking down the aisle to turn the corner and go onto the next, blissfully unaware of what he had just been thinking of.


It took them another minute or two of scanning and crossing the store before they found something useful. He was pretty certain that this was an aisle dedicated to last minute birthday party buying seen as it was filled with the kind of cheap and tacky shit he expected to see at one. Maybe an elementary school party if they still had those. He could see plastic packets with bunting and streamers inside, party hats stacked together in groupings of tens that were red with yellow stars on them and even balloons. The sight of the packet made him start laughing and he lifted a hand to gesture at them, making Yoongi sigh heavily. Well, at least it was wasn’t condom water balloons. Yoongi managed to locate a packet of cards, which were presumably for father magicians to showcase their skills with.


“Do you know how to play cards?” Jimin asked him as Yoongi picked the packet up and eyed it. He made a noise in agreement and then he was pulling him back down the aisle in the opposite direction to the till. “What kind of games?”


“Uh, poker,” Yoongi replied without looking back at him. That could have been a lie, likely was, but Jimin decided to not question it as he followed him across the store and into another aisle. He wasn’t at all surprised by the fact he was taking him into the alcohol aisle so that he could grab hold of another bottle of soju. Considering how cheap the alcohol was it made perfect sense but hopefully that would be the last of it for the night just so Yoongi didn’t end up knocked out like the last time that he had hit the alcohol so hard. He hadn’t done so since they had started the trip and it would be so much better if he didn’t.


When they got to the counter he decided to cover the costs seen as Yoongi had paid for quite a lot already and hadn’t complained once when he had every right to do so. Jimin found it rather fun trying to enter his PIN into the machine seen as the numbers were pretty blurry to his eyes and he felt the cashier staring at him as he tried to hit the right digits, taking longer than he should have before he hit enter and the charge processed. Yoongi just stood to the side whilst he did so, staring at the front windows with a rather blank expression until he reached down to grab his hand and bring him back to reality. He made a soft noise and then grabbed the soju bottle to carry it, so Jimin shoved the receipt and playing cards into his hoodie pockets instead. On the way out he spared a glance back at the man behind the counter to see that he was staring at them, not even being discreet about it.


“Um, no more trips here, OK?” Jimin said in a quiet voice. “That guy looks like he’ll call the cops on us if we do.”


“'K, angel.”


On the walk back across the lot he wasn’t at all by the fact that Yoongi popped the lid off with his teeth so that he could knock back a deep swallow of the soju. Jimin could only grimace at the sight of it as he guided him to the curb. Crossing the road again was rather fun and he had to reach over and grab the bottle from his hand for a moment to stop him from trying to take another swig of the alcohol. When they finished crossing his boyfriend got the bottle off him again, moving in the opposite direction to their room to get to his bike instead.


“Smoke break,” Yoongi said as he shifted to place the bottle of soju on the back of the bike and hold his hands out to him. So Jimin reached inside and pulled the almost empty packet out to toss it at him and whilst he got a cigarette free he collected the lighter and moved closer to spark the light for him, flicking the wheel and holding it the little flame to the end of the stick. Yoongi took a quick intake of breath to get it to start smouldering before reaching up to pull the cigarette free and breath the slight amount out the corner of his mouth. “Thanks, angel.” He moved to press a quick kiss against the corner of his mouth as Jimin flicked the lighter shut again and shoved it into his pocket. “Hey?”




“You should get back up on the ice machine,” Yoongi remarked as took a deep pull on the stick and breathed the smoke out. “It’d be funny, go get my camera from the backpack. I can take a photo.”


“I thought that it was bad, that we’d get kicked out for bad behaviour?” Jimin retorted with a sharp eyebrow twitch. This made Yoongi smile around the cigarette stick for a moment, clearly thinking of a reply.


“Sometimes being bad can be pretty fun,” he said in a quiet voice. He watched him running his tongue around the inside of his mouth, the tip poking at his cheek. “But you’re right, don’t do that shit again. You might fall and I don’t wanna take you hospital whilst we’re both stoned.” Jimin could only roll his eyes at this, at this rather lame remark. The ice machine was just a little taller than they were, hardly the kind of fall that would require a trip to the hospital, but of course his boyfriend was back to his usual overprotective nature. “Still get the camera though.”




“Wanna take a few shots,” Yoongi said as he dabbed ash of the end of the cigarette, and so Jimin moved to cross the lot and go back into their room. It took him a moment of rifling through his backpack to find said camera in its case, having to pull out rolled up socks, folded tees and the one spare pair of jeans that he had managed to force inside the inner compartment. He opened the case and slipped the camera around his neck, scared that he might just drop it, and then he left the room again.


Jimin saw Yoongi was still standing beside his bike in the act of smoking, scuffing his boot on the tarmac with his head held low so that the cigarette smoke hanged in a cloud around his head. The sight of him standing there under the neon lighting, shadows falling across his face and his motorbike glowing from the spinning overhead light made him stop on the walkway. He grabbed the camera, holding it up so that he could turn it on and then lift the device up. It had been some time since he had last used a camera and even then that had been a Polaroid one rather than a professional camera. He had no clue what setting it was on, if it would even take a nice focused shot or just a blurry mess, but he still held it up in front of himself and took a moment before hitting the shutter. The flash came on automatically and the shutter closed with a harsh sound, making Yoongi look up sharply at him in surprise.


“What’re you doing?”


“Nothing!” Jimin replied with a grin as he checked the camera screen and then lifted it again, squinting through the viewfinder. “Smile, babe~”


“Jimin…” Yoongi said before the sound of him laughing echoed across the dark and empty lot. “C’mon, gimme my camera, angel.”


“Gotta get a few shots of you first,” Jimin argued as he hit the shutter again. “You’re always hiding behind it so there’s never any of you so-”


“Jimin!” Yoongi called out suddenly, the volume of his voice catching him by surprise. It wasn’t a yell, rather he had just raised his voice so that he could hear him across the distance.


“What?” Jimin asked, looking up at him rather than at the camera screen.


“Holy shit,” Yoongi said as he reached up to wipe at his lips, wiping any dribbles of soju free. “Holy shit, Jimin.”


“What?” he repeated with a soft laugh, once again amused by his boyfriend’s habit of repeating things when he was excited or confused.


“I love you, I fucking love you!” Yoongi hollered, cupping a hand around his mouth so that he could amplify his voice. It echoed off the empty lot at a loud volume and made him jump. “That might be the soju speaking but-”


“Yoongi,” Jimin said as he moved to get cross the lot and stand in front of him, “keep your voice down, you’re yelling.”


“but I do, I love you and-”


“Shush, shush,” Jimin hissed at him, unable to stop himself from laughing as he pressed his finger against his mouth. “You’re making too much noise, you’ll get us in trouble!”


“OK, OK I’ll shush, I’ll shush,” Yoongi muttered, lips shifting under his finger. “I just wanted you to know that I fucking love you.”


“I know, you’ve said it like a dozen times already,” he said as he held his finger in place. Yoongi pouted his lips out to press a kiss against them, eyes glossy from the mixture of pot and alcohol and his eyelids rather heavy. The contact was soft and sweet, caused a little jolt to shoot down Jimin’s arm. Yoongi had never said the word 'love’ explicitly to him, but they had both said the word 'like’ often. Maybe it was just the alcohol speaking that had caused him to blurt it out like that, but Jimin so desperately hoped that it wasn’t. After a moment Yoongi opened his mouth, murmuring something against his finger that he didn't catch, so Jimin moved his hand away to cup his cheek instead. “What?”


“D’you love me too?” Yoongi repeated, voice still that soft mumble that showed him that maybe it wasn’t the alcohol at all. Maybe it was just overwhelming nervousness that was making him act like that, that was making him want to get drunk so that they could spend the night in the motel together? Jimin didn’t find it hard at all to believe considering the fact that he more than not needed be drunk to do something like dance because it was the only time that he really loosened up and let his inhibitions take over. That was why Yoongi had knocked back all of that soju a moment ago, was why he was still struggling to meet his eyes right now.




“Say it,” Yoongi said as he lightly stroked his thumb along his cheek.


“I love you, Yoongi,” Jimin said before leaning forward to kiss him softly in the corner of his mouth. Yoongi turned his head at the contact, turning it into a proper kiss as he did. Jimin felt his open mouth against his lips, almost imploring him to deepen the kiss but he decided not to, moving his head away instead. No, he was still going to give Yoongi that little bit longer to make a move first, just in case. If not then he would be the one to do it. “You didn’t yell all of that to make me stop taking photos of you, did you?”


“No, I-”


“Good,” Jimin said before lifting the camera and taking a quick snap of his face. When he checked the screen he saw the most hilarious sight, for he had caught Yoongi right in the middle of speaking; one of his eyes almost closed and his mouth twisted to the side somewhat. “Oh my god!” he cried out before he started laughing. “That’s a good one, that’s a keeper I-” he twisted away before Yoongi could grab the camera out of his hands, “I want it framed and hanging over my bed.”


“Lemme see it, c’mon,” Yoongi said around his cigarette as he forced his arms around him, locking him in place in a bear hug.


“Promise you won’t delete it?” Jimin asked, struggling to free himself from his grip. His boyfriend promised that he wouldn’t so he relented and handed him the camera. Yoongi checked the photograph and then snorted before lifting the camera up. Jimin grabbed the soju bottle off the seat and placed it down on the ground before shifting to get on it instead.


“What’re you doing?” Yoongi asked, squinting at him through the camera.


“What do you think? Posing,” he retorted as he lounged on the motorbike seat and cocked his head at him. “What? Don’t you do sexy shots?”


“You think that’s sexy?” Yoongi asked, as if he didn’t see the way that the camera dipped slightly as his boyfriend studied his spread open thighs and then lifted again. “It ain’t sexy…”


“You’re right, I’m wearing clothes so it’s not sexy at all,” Jimin agreed. Yoongi took a sharp inhale on the cigarette at this, almost choking on the smoke at the mere mental image. He listened to him spluttering for a moment and couldn’t help but grin at him. “Ooh, so you think that’s sexy.”


“Yeah yeah,” Yoongi muttered as he lowered the camera. “Where’s the soju? Where’s the-”


“Yoongi, don’t drink all of that shit, OK?” Jimin spoke over him, dropping his gaze to eye the bottle by his feet. In the current darkness it was hard to see the contents but he was certain that there was a noticeable amount missing.


“Huh?” Yoongi asked around the cigarette, smoke pluming out his nose.


“You’re more fun when you’re sober,” he explained as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “I don’t want you getting sick either, that would really ruin the night, right?” Yoongi dropped his head to look at the bottle for a few seconds before reaching up to pull the stick free and wet his lips.


“Sure thing,” he said before flicking the used-up butt away. “No more booze 'k, angel?” Jimin sighed in relief at this, shifting on the bike seat as his boyfriend lifted the camera. “Now, about those shots.”


Maybe it wasn’t very sexy sitting on his motorbike in the parking lot of some shitty love motel, but regardless of what Yoongi said Jimin noted that he still took several snaps of him. He changed the angle a few times, even reached out to fix his hair one time by lightly fluffing the front lengths for him, and Jimin found it rather funny. It wasn't like there was anything else of great interest in the lot save for the rotating heart sign, which Yoongi made sure to also get a few shots of. He watched his boyfriend moving around the lot on his not so steady legs, fiddling with the machine and cocking his head this way and that as he tried to get the perfect shot. He probably should have done so before getting drunk and stoned but it was a little late for that now. When they left tomorrow morning the sign wouldn’t be lit up so it wouldn’t be the same.


“Ehh, good enough…” Yoongi muttered as he studied what must have been his twentieth shot of the motel sign. He made his way back across the lot to get closer to him, boots scuffing on the tarmac loudly as he dragged his feet. “You wanna get an ice machine one, huh?”


“Forget about the ice machine,” Jimin said as he climbed off the bike. “Let’s just go inside, yes?”


“…'K,” Yoongi agreed after a moment of thought. “It’s kinda cold out here now, should’ve brought my jacket with me.”


When Jimin reached over to take hold of his hand Yoongi didn't stop him, didn’t move to collect the still almost full bottle of soju from by his motorbike. He just let him gently guide him across the lot to get back inside their motel room. The lights were as bright and obnoxious as they had been since they had first laid eyes on them, but this time around even Jimin found them a little bit annoying. Not enough to regret talking Yoongi into staying here for the night, not enough to actually hate the place, but it did make him squint for a few seconds. Yoongi stepped inside first, the camera still hanging around his neck on its lanyard, and he saw that the skin on his lower arms was actually covered in goosebumps.


“Yoongi, you know…I’ll warm you up,” Jimin said as he slipped an arm around his upper ribs and pulled him back hard. Yoongi stumbled slightly, back hitting his chest and he pressed his chin down on the ball of his shoulder.


“Um, Jimin, I-”


“Mmm, you are cold,” Jimin spoke over him, his hand on his stomach so that he could feel the softest curve of his stomach underneath his rather worn tee.


“The, uh, the poker game,” Yoongi stammered as he nuzzled his face against the side of his neck. Jimin pressed the most softest of kisses against the back of his ear, moving down the curve of his neck, and his fingers lightly snagged a handful of his cotton tee.


“The game can wait,” Jimin said in a quiet voice as he fumbled behind himself to close the door. His fingers found the latch and he managed to slip it across, the metal rasping in the silence of the room. Then he shifted to get even closer to him, chest and stomach pressed against his back as he moved to kiss the soft curve of his jaw. He heard Yoongi taking a sharp intake of breath at the contact, reaching down to grab his forearm with his hands.


“But I was gonna teach you how to play,” his boyfriend continued, his body still feeling incredibly stiff in his arms in a way that Jimin greatly disliked. He should be relaxed, limp almost, yet he was all sharp elbows and raised shoulders: a sign that he wasn’t enjoying this as much as he was. So Jimin relinquished his hold around his ribs regretfully, seeing Yoongi relaxing instantly as he did. “As soon as I teach you how to play, uh, then you can…do that.”


Yoongi glanced at him quickly before hastily crossing the room to get to the bed, barely even holding eye-contact for longer than a second. Jimin watched him collecting the cushions together, shoving them around the floor with his booted foot until he had made something close to a settee from the mass of funnily shaped cushions. Jimin dropped to get out of his own boots, trying to not sigh too heavily as he did. Maybe Yoongi should know that he was a little bit disappointed? Or was that a bit mean? Should he be disappointed in his boyfriend for turning down a rather sweet moment because he might have been uncomfortable? The more than he thought about it the more that he thought he sounded rather inconsiderate, and only after a minute did he realise that he hadn’t even unknotted his first boot.


Jimin came back around from his musings to see that Yoongi had already taken his boots off and tossed them aside, seated on the floor with a slice of pizza in hand that he had pilfered from the box. The sight of him sitting there, happily munching away on the pizza brought a smile to his face as he unknotted his boot to slipped it free, moving onto the second to get out of that too. When both boots were free he moved to drop to his knees on the mound of cushions beside him. Yoongi looked at him for a second, a slight dribble of cheese hanging from the corner of his mouth before he licked his lips clean.


“…Shit, the cards,” he muttered as he started patting at his jeans pocket with his free hand. “Shit, don’t tell me I left 'em at the till. I’ve done that before.” Jimin shifted to reach inside his hoodie pockets, locating the packet after a momentary fumbling. “One time I went to a convenience store, bought lunch, was so distracted talking to Seokseok that I left the fucking dosirak at the till and-”


Jimin held the little cardboard box out, seeing Yoongi’s eyes locking onto it. He stared at the blue and white packet for a few seconds before sighing in relief and accepting them from him, placing the packet down on his thigh.


“Thanks, angel,” he said as he took another large bite of the pizza and then put the slice on the top of the stack of boxes. Yoongi hastily wiped his hands on the front of his tee, as if he had completely forgotten the fact that he had a limited wardrobe available right now, and then he collected the packet to pop it open. He tipped it to get the cards to slide out into his hand and Jimin saw that the backs were also that same shade of deep blue like the packet. “Now I’m gonna teach you how to play poker like a pro, yeah?”


“Like a pro? Since when were you a pro, huh?” Jimin asked, unable to keep a smile off his face as he watched him toss the box aside without a single care. Rather than shuffle the cards his boyfriend put the pile down for a moment.


“Look,” Yoongi unknotted and pulled his bandanna free from the loop on his jeans, bunching it up so that he could reach up and press it against his brow. “Fuck, hold my hair, hold my-”


Jimin shifted to brush his hair off his face for him, holding the messy black lengths back so Yoongi could stick the bandanna against his brow and then knot it at the back. He tugged on the ends hard, cinching it against his skin tightly before doubling the knot to keep it secure. As soon as Yoongi was done he shifted to get onto his knees, assuming a stance that Jimin associated with wizened Go players. He even placed his hands on his thighs as he rolled his shoulders. Jimin stared at the red and white patterned bandanna in complete amazement, unable to do much more than blink. There wasn’t even any joking remarks to be made.


“See this?” Yoongi lifted his hand to gesture at the bandanna. “This’ my black belt, my black belt in poker playing and- don’t laugh,” he spoke over him, waving his hand to try and get him to stop sniggering. “You notice something? You don’t have a belt.”


“Mmm,” Jimin nodded and attempted to look solemn. “I don’t but I guess that I could just strip one of the throw cushions and use the case as a belt.” Yoongi turned his head to eye the bed, looking at the scattered cushions for a moment. “Surely a gold belt is better than a black belt? Well, red belt.”


“OK, but no,” Yoongi retorted, probably one of his most convincing arguments to date. “You can’t have a belt if you’ve never played poker before that’s like…that time that Namjoonie bought a patch for his scout sash 'cos he couldn’t get one.”


“What badge was it?”


“The, uh, the circus one,” Yoongi explained as he reached up to secure his bandanna, tugging it down again. “He couldn’t juggle; can you believe it? Fucking genius and he couldn’t juggle.” He grabbed the card deck and proceeded to start slowly shuffling them, his fingers fumbling for a moment as he got used to the sensation. “Gonna teach you pro poker 'cos I’m a fucking pro.”


Jimin thought that the only thing Yoongi was technically a pro at was bullshitting his way through every possible situation but he decided to hold his tongue. His boyfriend looked far too pleased with himself right now, cutting and shuffling the cards like he was a teller at a Las Vegas casino. There was always a chance that he didn’t even know how to play poker but that really didn’t matter. Jimin didn’t know how to play either and so whatever he told him was the rules was the rules. They could invent their own game of poker if needed. He watched Yoongi happily shuffling away and then he asked him what they were playing.


“Uh, I think it’s called 'stud poker’,” Yoongi explained as he stopped shuffling the cards and placed the deck down on the flooring between their legs. “Namjoonie said the name but I can’t remember it, uh, anyway, you get seven cards, you gotta make the best five card hand you can with 'em.”


“That doesn’t sound so hard…” Jimin remarked as Yoongi started placing cards down, taking it in turns to deal a card between them both.


“D’you know poker hands?” Yoongi retorted as he placed the third card face down for them both and starting dealing face up instead. Jimin dropped his eyes to look down at the cards, seeing the black and red colourful fronts, and he made a soft noise under his breath as he did. “Then, angel, I suggest you do a little Googling .”


Five minutes and lots of confused questions later Jimin was kind of sure that he understood some of the possible ways to win at a game of stud poker, though he wasn’t confident enough to want to bet anything on it. He supposed that card games were just really a strange game of probabilities and considering the fact that he was much better at maths than his boyfriend he supposed that his odds might just have been slightly better. He saw that he had a two of hearts, a seven of spades, a three of spades and a five of diamonds. Yoongi’s exposed cards consisted of an ace of diamonds, a ten of spades, a king of clubs and a two of diamonds. Well, with one of the other two cards at play then he had two possible chances of drawing another in his three hidden cards, which would give him a single pair. That was a victory, but not a very good one as it could easily be beaten.


“We should, uh…” Yoongi stored talking for a moment to stick his tongue out, wetting his lips. Jimin eyed the eight exposed cards for a second before looking up at him, lifting an eyebrow curiously. “We should make this game more exciting, y’know like-”


“Like strip poker?” Jimin asked, seeing how his boyfriend’s cheeks reddened somewhat. “Yoongi, do you wanna play strip poker?”


“Um, well I mean, if you wanna play then I’d play, y’know, it could be pretty funny so like-”


“We’ll play strip poker,” Jimin spoke over him, knowing that if he didn’t then his boyfriend would go on and on for several minutes; awkwardly muttering and avoiding eye-contact as he did. “What’s the cut-off? Are we talking down to underwear or completely naked?” At the question Yoongi hummed and reached up to pull at his bandanna, his cheeks almost matching the exact shade of red. “If it is completely naked, is there an alternative? Like is there something we can do instead that’s equally as embarrassing?”


“Nah, just to underwear,” Yoongi said with a head shake, shifting to grab his hand of cards and hold them up in front of himself. “Not, uh, not naked. Not yet this’ just the first game so…” To underwear? That wasn’t strip poker, not even remotely.


Jimin collected his own cards, being careful to not show him his secret three cards. He turned them around and studied them for a moment, trying to figure out if he had anything. To his knowledge and the various hands he had studied online he had nothing, nothing at all. The secret cards consisted of a queen of hearts, the ace of spades and a one of clubs. He lifted his eyes to study Yoongi and then he placed his seven cards down on the floor.


“Pretty sure I got nothing,” he said with a soft shrug. Yoongi actually moved to check for him, running his eyes over his spread before confirming that he had a dead hand. “What do you have?”


“Two pair,” Yoongi said as he placed his hand down. The sight it revealed was another king, that of spades, and another two, that of diamonds. He eyed the matching pairs for a moment before realising that better maths really didn’t mean jack shit when it came to this kind of poker. “Take something off, angel.” He looked up to see a rather obnoxious grin on Yoongi’s face at this, that bumbling embarrassment strangely not present right now.


“My vest,” Jimin said as he pulled his arms free from his hoodie sleeves, the rest of it still bunched around his waist. He reached up to grab the back and tug on it, pulling the black material free and bunching it up in his hands. He saw that Yoongi was staring at him, eyes running down his exposed chest to his stomach as he threw the vest aside. It landed somewhere close to one of the funny sex seats. “Because I can still do this,” he explained as he shrugged the hoodie back up in place, covering most of his upper half again and pulling the zipper up to his ribs. At this his boyfriend made a shocked noise and he grinned at him.


“Shit, my jacket-”


“No, you can’t add clothing on!” Jimin stated as he held a hand up at him, palm up and flat to stop him from bumbling. “That’s cheating.”


“But you had a one item advantage!” his boyfriend almost whined at him.


“And you have a ‘more experience at playing’ advantage!” he argued, and at this Yoongi stopped grumbling angrily and turned back to the cards. “Come on, babe, shuffle up and deal.”


Jimin watched him collect the cards together again and start shuffling them, still clearly annoyed that he hadn’t thought to put his jacket on before they started playing. He caught Yoongi stealing quick glances over at him however, eyeing his revealed chest as he hastily shuffled cards and then started placing them down again. First came the three face-down secret cards, the sound of them being placed down on the floor kindling a rather funny rush of excitement through Jimin. Then Yoongi started placing the four face-up cards down and that was when Jimin saw something rather interesting. His exposed cards already contained a pair: a six of hearts and a six of diamonds. When he looked over at Yoongi’s cards he saw no matches and also no sixes, and as soon as he was done dealing he put the deck aside and they both collected their cards.


Nestled inside his secret card hand there was another six. Jimin stared at the six of clubs for a moment before looking up at his boyfriend. Was that a winning combination? Could three sixes make him win this hand or would that not count? Whatever the case his two other cards were useless so he cast them aside and kept hold of his five. Yoongi watched him put the two useless cards down and a few seconds later he did so too.


“You go first,” Jimin stated and so Yoongi put down his hand, showing a single matching pair of nines. Nines…if he had matched a higher pair would that beat his six pair? Or was the three sixes really good enough to win with? He didn’t know and so he shifted on the cushions for a moment.


“What about…three of the same card?” Jimin asked as he showed him his hand. “Does that count?” Judging from the way that Yoongi’s lips twitched down at the corners it did, and the sight was enough to make him gasp. “Wait, seriously? Does that count?”


“Yeah, it counts,” he explained in a low voice.


“Off!” Jimin argued as he threw his hand down onto the flooring. “You lost so off! Take something off, babe.”


Yoongi shifted to reach up and grab the back of his tee, pulling on the neck so that he could remove it. Jimin took advantage of the moment that his face was obscured by the material to look down at his bare stomach. He knew that his boyfriend was rather slim, oftentimes giving off a rather weak appearance even when he lugged around his massive satchel bag and camera case like a turtle. Though they had been on the road for a few nights already he had never really gotten much more than a quick flash of his body through the bathroom doorway but now he got a proper look at him, seeing that he was indeed very slim. Despite this fact he wasn’t scrawny, rather just thin. There was a soft hint of muscle perhaps, hidden away under his lightly tanned skin, or underneath the curve of his stomach. Jimin stared at the little curve, wondering if it would be soft and yielding under his fingers, and that was when he noticed that Yoongi had tossed his tee aside.


“Please don’t stare at my nipples,” Yoongi said, lifting both hands to jokingly cover his chest for a moment.


Jimin snorted and dropped his eyes to the cards on the floor, but he was looking back up again a second later. When his boyfriend moved forward to gathered the cards together he saw how the waistband of his jeans lightly dug into his stomach and that answered his question. Yes, it would be soft and yielding, would dimple if he dug his fingers down. Jimin stuck his tongue out to wet his lips at this, slowly moving his eyes upward as Yoongi started shuffling for the third hand of the game. He spared a quick glance at said nipples, suppressing a snort as he did.


“Y’know, I complained about it being cold and look at me now,” his boyfriend declared as he started placing the secret cards down. “It’s like I’m at Haeundae Beach or some shit…”


It took Yoongi a moment to set all the cards down and there was no obvious wins from what was on display, rather just an even mix of numbers and suits. Neither of them had a match at all and so they played several more games in the hopes of one them finally pulling something that would win them a hand. After Yoongi dealt the fourth of such hands Jimin checked his three cards to find he had another dead hand and so he didn’t bothered teasing or playing around, he just placed the seven down on the floor.


“I got nothing,” he sighed. Yoongi examined the cards and then put two of his aside to place his own five cards down.


“I got a one pair,” he stated, the five cards having a three of diamonds and spades in it. “You lose, take something off, angel.”


“OK, I’ll take off…” Jimin thought this over for a moment before getting up onto his knees and then his feet. “My jeans.”


“Your juh…your jeans?” Yoongi repeated in surprise and Jimin gave him a wide grin.


“Yup, my jeans.”


Jimin reached up to pop the button of his jeans open and he noted that his boyfriend stared at him openly, not even a hint of embarrassment on his face as he did. When he slowly pulled down the zipper Yoongi swallowed hard enough to almost audibly gulp and then Jimin tugged down on his jeans, slipping out of them in two steps to kick them aside. The length of the hoodie still reached his mid-thighs, hiding most of his body from view. All that Yoongi could see was his lower thighs and legs and a hint of his chest; it was rather genius. Technically he was wearing the same amount of items as Yoongi but it seemed like Yoongi was wearing less with his entirely exposed upper body.


“This hand is the deciding hand,” Jimin said as he dropped to his knees on the cushions. “Whoever loses is down to their underwear and the loser.”


“Uh yeah,” Yoongi muttered as he collected the cards together, staring at his bare knees as he did. Jimin felt a rather mischievous streak course through him and so he moved to spread his legs open wider, the hoodie slowly slipping up his thighs until he could feel himself sitting on the cushions rather than on the heels of his feet. Yoongi actually slowed down his shuffling so much that he almost stopped doing so, mouth hanging open rather slack.


“I get to see what colour underwear you’re wearing,” Jimin said with a slight smile, moving his hands to slowly run them up his legs and then place them between his thighs. Yoongi tracked them eagerly and after a moment he managed to tear his gaze away and carry on shuffling the cards. “I’ll bet…white because you’re so predictable.” His boyfriend snorted at this. “What colour do you think mine are?”


“Angel, you’re probably wearing a pair that Taehyung made for you,” Yoongi retorted as he stopped shuffling the cards. “So I’ll expect a cape, Lycra and quite possibly an entire bag of sequins.”


This actually made Jimin burst out laughing at the thought because it sounded like something that was entirely plausible. Of course, Jimin wasn’t going to tell him the part about how Taehyung actually had picked his underwear for him because that…that was a rather awkward conversation to have with him. Maybe he would get to see what that meant if he lost this next hand? Or maybe he would get to see Yoongi’s likely boring as fuck white boxer briefs?


Yoongi started putting the cards down again, the routine the exact same as it had been for the last series of hands and when he was done Jimin collected his cards together. After a quick scan he saw a single pair already but that wasn’t good, was one of the weakest hands possible. But he could see nothing else that he could make that was stronger than that so he just discarded the two weaker cards and left his matching ace of diamonds and spades.


“One pair,” Jimin replied as he placed his hand down on the floor, already certain that he was going to lose now. Yoongi would beat it so easily he was sure of it. Yet when he looked up he saw his boyfriend staring at his hand silently, not moving to place his hand down on the floor. His expression was incredibly hard to read and Jimin waited to see what he would do, yet after a moment he lowered his hand from his face.


“I don’t wanna play this game anymore,” Yoongi remarked with a shrug, trying to look unaffected and like he didn’t care. He still had his cards in hand and he hadn’t placed them down yet so Jimin told him to do so. “Nah, this game’s boring so we should just-”


“Show me your hand,” he argued, holding his hand out for the cards. Yoongi didn’t do so and it was clear then, in that very moment, that he had lost the hand. Jimin dived on him and tussled him down to the floor and Yoongi made a series of indignant noises as he started tugging at the cards to check them. He eyed the seven cards and then he burst out laughing as he threw them on the floor. “Dead hand! Ha, take off the jeans, babe! You lost!”


“No, no seriously I don't wanna play this anymore,” Yoongi said, wriggling underneath him as he tried to push him off. Jimin just shifted to straddle him, sitting down on his thighs to pin them down on the flooring. His boyfriend dropped his hands to cover the front of them, stopping him from possibly popping the button open or going for the zipper. “Seriously, angel, no.”


“Hey, this was your idea,” Jimin argued as he reached out to stroke his hand down from his chest to his ribs, then down to his stomach. His fingers skittered across his skin and Yoongi took a sharp intake of breath at his touch and gulped hard. “You said down to underwear so take off the jeans, babe.”


“Well, I changed my mind so-”


Jimin moved to try and knock his hands away from the front of his jeans and Yoongi nearly squawked at him. His reaction was so extreme that he actually stopped in the act of trying for a moment to look down at him. Was…oh god, did Yoongi have a boner right now? Was that why he was trying to keep his jeans on? The thought brought a wide grin to Jimin’s face and so he once again started wrestling with his hands, ignoring his stammered complaints. He had just got his hands on the waistband and he was in the act of trying to unbutton the top when his boyfriend shouted at him.


“I’m not wearing underwear!” Yoongi declared, before his shout turned into a burst of laughter. Jimin made a shocked noise at this and that just made him start laughing harder, every intake a snort as his body shook underneath him. “I can’t take my juh-jeans off! I’ve got no underwear on, I swear!”


“Holy shit, Yoongi!” Jimin breathed out as he let go of the waistband in surprise. His boyfriend was laughing so hard underneath him that he was shaking, one hand pressed over his mouth as he guffawed. “I can’t believe you…why the fuck did you suggest we play strip poker when you’re not wearing underwear ?!”


“'Cos I thought that I’d win, you dumbass,” Yoongi replied as he moved his hand away, his lips still turned up at the corners in a wide smile. Jimin looked down at him for a moment, seeing how radiant he looked lying on the flooring with that stupid bandanna knotted around his head and his bare skin on display, his chest rising and falling from soft giggles. Then he decided to make a dive for his jeans again to scare him as a joke. “Oh fuck!” he cried out in shock, moving so fast that he caught Jimin by surprise.


Yoongi somehow managed to almost dislodge him off his thighs and he fell forward on top of him, the impact jarring enough to make his breath leave his lungs in a hard gush of air. His boyfriend carried on wriggling away underneath him, torn between laughing hysterically and yelling at him to stop but when he kissed him Yoongi stopped trying to fight back. No, he actually fell rather limp underneath him, hands dropping down to the flooring so that Jimin could shift his weight onto his elbows and grab hold of his wrists, holding them down against the floor.


Jimin pressed his lips against his, turning his face into the kiss as he opened his mouth to lick at his lower lip. Just like earlier Yoongi parted his own lips, opening up like a flower and just waiting for him to deepen the kiss. He had a choice to make, to take the plunge and do so, or try and bait him out, but when he felt the tip of his tongue curling out to lightly lick his upper lip Jimin couldn’t stop himself. He took a quick breath and then deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue out and feeling it brushing against his. The contact was almost electric, caused a shiver to run down his spine and made the other man shudder underneath him as he started exploring his mouth.


This wasn’t the first time that they had kissed so intimately before, for there had been several such instances over the past month and a half of dating. Mostly these instances had happened with the company of friends however, at apartment rooms over drinks or films - usually whilst tipsy or completely drunk in Yoongi’s case. Right now Jimin was aware of the fact that weren’t sober but it was different because they were alone . There were no friends to worry about, forcing all kisses to last a few brief seconds before someone yelled about getting a room or started declaring they would record them just to make them stop. Jimin liked his friends, liked their friends, but sometimes he had to admit that they really were a bunch of inconsiderate fucking losers.


That was why this was so important, regardless of the questionable sobriety, regardless of the ridiculous setting. Jimin could make this kiss last as long as he wanted, could follow it up with as many more as he pleased. Hell, Yoongi could even breathe a moan into his mouth that made his stomach almost twist as he broke the contact and took a quick intake of air before kissing him again…and again…and again until his very head felt like it was spinning and he had to lift his head and stop.


“Mmm, angel,” Yoongi almost gasped, breath hitching as he lifted his head off the floor, chasing after the kisses to try and steal a few more. So Jimin lowered his head and let him do so. His boyfriend was much more forward than he was, admittedly from drunken kisses with his friends rather than past lovers, and Jimin found himself trying to learn from him as much as he could. When Yoongi snagged his lower lip between his teeth, lightly sucking before biting down and releasing him, Jimin made a mental note to try that at some point as he dropped his head down to floor again.


“Are you really not wearing any underwear?” Jimin asked against his lips, hearing him making a soft breathless noise in agreement. “Why?”


“I’m running low on clean ones ‘cos I didn’t pack enough, probably gonna need to some laundromat place tomorrow and clean 'em all, so I thought it’d be a good idea to not wear any,” Yoongi explained in a rather matter of fact voice, as if they weren’t both catching their breaths after a rather intense series of kisses. “Of all of the days I do that it’s the day we decide to play strip poker…”


“Mmm, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Jimin joked as he shifted his weight onto one elbow so that could slowly run his fingers back down his stomach again. Just like a moment ago he felt him breathing in sharply, stomach jerking under his touch. Yoongi muttered something about using his psychic skills to perfectly time this exact moment whilst he moved his hand away. “I knew it.”


“No, I actually did wanna stop playing,” he explained as Jimin tugged on his bandanna again, righting it on his brow for him and knocking his hair free from his eyes. “There’s only so many items of clothing until we’re both naked and we’re kinda halfway there…”


“So why stop now?” Jimin joked as he looked down at him, seeing the way that Yoongi stuck his tongue out to wet his lips. The air in the motel room fell silent for a moment and he realised that he was going to have to break it. “But you still lost so…” he shifted to sit upright, straddling his stomach as he looked down at him. “You still need to do something, that’s only fair.”


“Can that punishment be sleeping?” Yoongi asked, rolling his head so that he could hold his gaze on a cocked angle. Jimin reached down to knock a lock of hair off his brow again, the bandanna headband not holding it secure enough.


“No, that’s a reward at this point,” he argued as he slowly brushed his fingers through his hair and then pulled his hand away. “No sleeping, it’s too early for sleeping and we haven’t had any fun yet.”


Jimin didn’t feel the need to specify what he was hinting at with this remark because he could see that Yoongi knew exactly what he was saying. Fun, like a continuation from that recent accommodation room fumble, the one that had resulted in Yoongi sliding his hands under his dance tee and roaming them all over his back, scratching and sinking his nails into his skin whilst he had pinned him down against the busted settee and ground hard little circles until he had been shuddering underneath him and bumbling embarrassed apologies for getting too excited.


“Um, gimme a couple of minutes to think of something…” Yoongi muttered as he turned his head to eye the mess of cards a few feet away. Jimin followed his gaze over to them, seeing his winning hand still spread across the floor and the toppled over deck that one of them must have kicked over by accident during their tussling. His boyfriend’s losing hand was beside his elbow, the cards scattered so that some of them were revealing their suits and the others just the plain blue backs.


“OK well, whilst you figure that out I’m gonna shower,” Jimin said as he climbed off him and got upright, tugging down on the ends of his hoodie as he did and wondering if the angle gave him a hint of his underwear or not. Whatever the case he noted that Yoongi still stared and tried his very hardest to get a flash. “Because it’s hot and I feel gross.”


“I’ll shower after you,” Yoongi said as he shifted to sit upright and then rubbed at his eyelids roughly. “Let’s hope the shower even works good…”


“Don’t jinx us,” he retorted as he shifted to go collect his bag and carried it over to the bathroom just beside the door. The walls were glass, literally the entire interior visible and that was when Jimin felt a rather naughty idea hatching in his mind as he slid the door open and stepped inside.






Yoongi watched Jimin entering the bathroom from his position on the floor, his bare feet softly padding on the smooth wooden flooring. Then he got onto his knees and attempted to collect the cards together because they were a mess, hastily pulling them close to him and then adding them into his left hand to try and rebuild the deck. As he did so he felt the most pressing urge to hum under his breath and so he did so, sparing a quick glance up at the bathroom to see that Jimin was sliding the door shut behind himself and dropping his bag onto the floor. Yoongi had to crawl a few feet across the floor to collect some of them, ones that had been scattered from their play fighting a moment ago.


As he moved to get them he glanced up to see that Jimin was rooting through the bag, hunkered down with his knees almost pressed against his chest. The position showed an amazing flash of skin, the hoodie hanging down to his very upper thighs to show nearly all of his legs. Yoongi studied him for a moment before turning back to the cards, not wanting to be caught staring in case it made Jimin feel uncomfortable. Considering the glass walls of the shower it might be for the best that he turned away and gave him some privacy and so he grabbed the last of the cards and got to his feet, wandering over to the bed to sit down on it. Yoongi saw that a few of the cards had been crumpled slightly and so he tried to straighten them out even though it was rather pointless. The cards were only cheap, were hardly worth trying to salvage but he still wanted to do so. After all, they could use these cards often over the rest of the break. Maybe they would both need to learn new games other than stud poker but stud poker sufficed for now. It was easy, fun and it could be used for bets or games of sporadic and rather silly strip poker. Of course, next time he suggested it he would be sure to wear underwear, his jacket and a pair of socks so that he had the maximum amount of clothing needed to secure victory against his boyfriend; his boyfriend who should have lost the game and yet had somehow managed to win him.


“Pft, beginner’s luck,” Yoongi muttered with a soft smile as he placed the deck down on the bed. From the bathroom came the sudden sound of the shower turning on, a hard burst of water hitting the flooring. He glanced up to see that Jimin was in the act of stepping out of his underwear, the shower water heating up whilst he did so. He still had his hoodie on of course, wearing it whilst he waited. Yoongi stared at the puddle of clothing, trying to tell the colour from their distance. They seemed to be black, black with a white band of elastic at the top that hinted that they might be a designer brand.


Okay, so they weren’t that boring but hardly exciting. Jimin had made fun of his underwear like he had a surprise in stock yet he seemed to have normal underwear too.


Yoongi watched him for a moment before shifting on the bed, swinging his legs over the rounded side so that he wasn’t facing the bathroom cubicle. There, that was nice and respectful and Jimin could shower in peace rather than feel like an animal at the zoo. He studied the flooring for a moment to see his cast-off tee lying in a puddle and that was when he realised that he wasn’t wearing it. It was funny, for a few minutes there Yoongi had actually forgotten about the fact he was only wearing a pair of jeans for he hadn’t felt even the slightest twinge of self-consciousness like usual. No, in Jimin’s presence he had felt so strangely at ease that he had felt no need to cover his body and avoid his gaze in embarrassment. It was nice, it was nice that he felt so at ease with him and also a good sign. If Yoongi could handle that then maybe just maybe…


Maybe he could handle taking all of his clothes off?


The thought was enough to make him roll his fingers up against his palms, unable to stop the rather impulsive nervous reaction. The temptation to look over at the bathroom was so great but he forced himself to not do so, instead staring at his hands on his thighs. Nope, he was just going to just sit there and think about what he could do as a result of losing the game of stud poker. Maybe something stupid like like letting Jimin record him singing along to some song on TV really out of tune so that he could send it to their friends. Maybe he could win Jimin over with something cute instead, appeal to his angelic side and get away with this? Suddenly the sound of the shower seemed to increase and he heard a strange scraping sound.


“The sex kit,” Jimin called. At this Yoongi looked up sharply in surprise and he saw that Jimin was still dressed - well, in the same state of undress he had been a minute ago, standing in the open doorway of the bathroom to look at him. The shower was making a rather loud sound, hopefully a sign that it was powerful and in perfect working order. “There’s washes in it, I wanna use them.”


“Oh…” he muttered as he dragged his eyes away and searched to try and find that weird pink pouch of goods. He located it on the small dresser beside the bed and so he leaned over to grab it and dump it on the bed. He opened the soft pouch and reached inside, fingers knocking against the foil packets of lube until he managed to find the bottles. There was three: a bottle of shampoo, body wash and lotion, all complimentary-sized like something they would find in a hotel. Yoongi knew that Jimin had his own toiletries but clearly he wanted to take advantage of the free goods and so he collected the three bottles and carried them across the room to hand him them.


“Thank you,” Jimin said as he accepted the bottles and moved out of the doorway. Yoongi reached down to slid the door shut for him, lessening the soft roar of the shower, and then he moved to sit down on the bed again. He was in the act of shifting to pull his legs up on the mattress and lie down when he saw sudden movement coming from inside the cubicle and he couldn’t help but look over.


Jimin had just dropped his hoodie onto the floor and he was standing naked inside the cubicle, the glass cubicle so that he could see him. Whatever blush his cheeks managed to muster at the sight lasted only momentarily before all of that heat rushed downward to settle in the pit of his stomach. Well, less settled more painfully dropped hard enough to cause a throb that made him suck his lower lip in and bite down hard. Before Jimin stepped under the shower stream he made sure to glance over his shoulder at him, something close to a smirk on his face as he did.


Jimin had done that on purpose, had wanted him to look at him and Yoongi managed to drag his eyes away after a moment of staring.


“Shit…” he muttered as he closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the shower water hitting the flooring, dulled by the closed door but still not quiet. It had only been his bare behind, nothing at all really. Just his tanned and toned back, the soft dimples of muscle underneath his skin and the planes that ran down to his ass and- “Shit…” he reiterated as he actually shook his head to try and force the mental image away. He doubted that it would work, he had a feeling that that image would burn itself into his memory so that he would recall it even on his fucking death bed. From the bathroom he heard a low and deep moan and when he spared another quick glance at the bathroom he saw that Jimin was in the act of slicking his soaked hair back off his brow.


The shower works great, ” Jimin called out, an audible smile in his voice.


“Oh, good,” Yoongi replied, hoping that his voice didn’t sound awkward or strange or like he was trying to not choke on his own heart as he did. “That’s great, angel.” He shifted to lie down and stare up at the ceiling for a moment before reaching inside his jeans pocket to pull his phone free and unlock it with his thumb, opening KakaoTalk and staring at the yellow logo screen for a moment before opening his private chat with Hoseok.






hows the workshop?

Is pls murder me a proper answer or do i need to be more specific????

more specific would be cool

Hell on earth there ya go




Yoongi stared at the message for a moment, the simple words somehow managing to evoke in him a slight level of discomfort. What about you? Well, he supposed that he could just tell him something normal, something about how they had travelled most of the day down to Yongin-si and how they were thinking of staying for the day to see the sights before moving on because the city seemed pretty nice. He could tell him that they had settled down for the evening and were probably going to sleep soon and that everything was going pretty good so far. Maybe he could even send him a few random photos just to make it all sound authentic? Or…or he could just tell him the truth about what was going on right now.


Something like: “hey, Hoseok, I’m in a love motel right now and I think Jimin wants to fuck and I’m mildly terrified by the mere thought lol doing great :)”


Yoongi stared at the screen for a moment and then he moved his thumbs, hastily typing a message to his friend whilst Jimin carried on making noises in the bathroom. Was that singing? Was he humming under his breath right now or was the occasional breathless sound he could hear more of those deep moans of his. Before hitting send he turned his head to spare another quick glance over at the bathroom. Jimin was in the act of washing his hair, massaging his fingers against his scalp so that the shampoo lathered in a thick white foam that he proceeded to wash away when he stood under the stream. Yoongi watched it running down between his shoulder blades to his lower back and then he looked back at his phone and hit the send button.


uh seokseok i need advice kinda

Good hit me my god I was made for this I give great advice honestly :)

were in a love motel

Love motel? Ur in a love motel? ????the duck




What kinda advice u looking 4 here yoongz??? Anal or a blow??? Cos imma go with anal cos its could be pretty funny js

yeah a love motel


also fuck u seokseok thats not what im asking

No need for the fucking language u little shit

seokseok seriously im messaging you cos i trust u a lot and i think u do actually give good advice so can u just listen a sec?

K, fine but only cos u asked nicely

do u think that its too soon to move forward? Cos i think its 2 fast and i dont wanna mess things up

Shit, yoongz, messing up is like the entire point of relationships like who actually gets past the weird sex hurdle thing without messing it up? Pretty sure everyone fucks that up so no sweat, fuck it up ;)

i dont want him thinking i only took him on a break to fuck him seokseok


like seriously thats not what this is i wanted to do this with him cos i like him so like if i move 2 fast i might look shitty


i dont wanna look like a shitty boyfriend im the best boyfriend ever k


Yoongi stared at his screen before lowering it and placing the device on his chest, sighing heavily. He closed his eyes rather than stare at the glowing ceiling, waiting for his friend to maybe actually think his words over rather than send him a stupid message. He felt like he might have messed up already by sending him all of these messages because surely he should know himself if he was moving too fast, should be able to gauge it all from Jimin. But the trouble was…Yoongi had been worrying about the entire thing for a week now, ever since Jimin had initiated more intimate contact with him in his accommodation room. Yoongi was worried that things might just be moving too fast and yet Jimin seemed to be the one edging them forward. After a minute or two of mental debating his phone vibrated softly on his chest and Yoongi lifted it, unlocking it without much care to read the message from Hoseok.


K but what if he wants 2 fuck




Yoongi furrowed his brow as he stared at the message, so taken aback that he wasn’t even able to type a reply to him.


Whyre u assuming that he just wants to hold hands and be all cutesy like maybe he wants to get laid!


Fucks sake yoongz what am I? A matchmaker? First I gotta get u to kiss now I gotta get u to fuck. R u gonna pay me for this or what?


Before Yoongi could even think of something to reply with the shower cut off suddenly, plunging the motel room into silence. He stared at his phone rather than look across the room and after a minute or so there came the scraping sound of the door being shoved open. Only then did he turn his head to look and he saw that Jimin was carrying his hoodie and bag into the room, a towel wrapped lowly around his hips and his toothbrush stuck into his mouth. Yoongi moved to put his phone onto the dresser as if he had just been browsing it out of boredom and then shifted to sit upright on the bed. Jimin dumped his bag on the flooring and then tossed his hoodie on the end of the mattress, reaching up to carry on brushing his teeth. Yoongi could see that the smeared remains of eyeliner were still present and he watched his boyfriend brush his damp hair back off his brow with his free hand, a bead of water rolling down his jawline to then travel down his neck.


“I, uh, I’ll shower in a moment,” Yoongi said in a quiet voice, tracking the bead of water past his collarbones and then down the soft swell of his breath muscles. “As soon as you’re finished.” Jimin made a soft sound around the toothbrush and then went back into the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth.


Yoongi shifted to get upright, dragging his feet over to grab his own backpack off the floor. He didn’t shrug it up onto his bare shoulder but just lugged it over to the bathroom, stepping inside just as Jimin finished cleaning up. He eyed the soaked flooring and spare towel, feeling the heat from the water hanging heavy in the air.


“Have fun,” Jimin said as he gave him a soft smile and then left the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door behind him. Yoongi turned his head to watch him go and then he turned back to the shower, staring at the dripping head and stubbing his toes on the flooring.


Rather than let his jeans puddle on the flooring like Jimin’s used underwear he left them aside so that he could slip back into them after his shower because he had no underwear to change into. When he got out of them he wondered if that prickling feeling between his shoulder blades was actually Jimin looking at him or if he was just imagining that he was. He just shuffled over to the shower and turned it on, leaving the water to heat up for a moment before stepping under the stream.


He wasn’t going to think of the sight of the sudsy water running down Jimin’s back or the way that he moaned from the heat of the water; wasn’t going to think about the scent of the lotion wafting off Jimin’s skin when he had entered the other room a moment ago with his slicked back hair and flushed cheeks, toothbrush stuck in the corner of his mouth. No, Yoongi was just going to shower as fast as he could and then go back into the other room and pretend that his mind wasn’t a mess right now.


What if Jimin wanted to have sex with him?


Such a thought hadn’t even crossed his mind this entire time and yet Hoseok had been the one to finally address it. His friend could be pretty annoying when he wanted to be, could act like a complete asshole most of the time, but Yoongi had to admit that Hoseok also had his good points. Like pointing out the fucking obvious that he was always too unable to notice because he was too busy focusing on something else instead. Yes, Hoseok had raised a fantastic point but Yoongi still felt confused and anxious by the entire ordeal.


After he had finished showering Yoongi also brushed his teeth and splashed his face with cold water, stepping back into the other section as he patted his face dry with the towel. Jimin was sitting on the bed in his hoodie again, maybe wearing underwear under it, maybe not. Yoongi left the towel hanging around his shoulders for a moment to catch any stray droplets of water from his damp hair and he crossed the room to climb onto the bed too.


“Did you think of a punishment for losing?” Jimin asked, the corners of his lips lifting in a soft smile as he lounged back on his wrists. Yoongi roughly towel-dried his hair and then tossed the towel aside without a care, settling down on the bed beside him.


“I thought of a few things but they kinda sucked,” he explained. “But then I had a great idea; wanna hear it?” His boyfriend nodded and Yoongi reached up to rub at his nose. “'K, so, I thought about how we were kinda betting whilst we were playing strip poker, right? Well, when you bet there’s always the double or nothing option, y’know, when you’re on a winning streak and you get that chance to bet it all and win big or pussy out and walk away with what you earned?” Jimin made a soft noise under his breath to let him know that he understood. “Let’s play one last hand,” Yoongi suggested as he moved to grab the deck and shuffled it sloppily. At his words Jimin shifted on the bed, lifting his head to study him. “There’s a big stake if you lose though, double or nothing; yeah?”


“What kind of stake?”


“The loser,” he explained as he carried on shuffling, cutting the cards and mixing them between his fingers, “has to perform a dance on that stage over there.” He nodded his head over at the podium across the room and he saw Jimin turning to look over his shoulder at it. “Pole included.”


“Pole included?” Jimin repeated as he turned to look back at him, eyes wide with surprise. “Are you being serious or just joking?”


“Completely serious,” Yoongi replied with a nod, still shuffling the cards. “No backing out if you agree, you gotta do it.”


“You can’t back out either,” Jimin argued and he laughed under his breath because he had caught him out just like always. “Not like earlier, you have to do it if you lose. No backing out, yes?” Yoongi nodded as he put the deck down on the bed and eyed the deep blue backing. His boyfriend seemed to contemplate this deeply, no doubt trying to find a loophole of some kind that he would try and exploit so that he could get out of it. The lack of trust was absolutely fantastic and Yoongi felt a rush of fondness for him just simply knowing that Jimin knew that he was a crafty bastard. “But, Yoongi…you can’t dance,” Jimin finally stated to break the silence of the room.


“I’ll dance for you, angel,” Yoongi said as he looked up from the deck and gave him a soft smile. His words made Jimin stare at him openly, mind likely racing with vivid images as he thought the implications of his words over. After a few seconds he saw him moving his hands from his bare knees, once again slipping them between his thighs as he pulled down on the end of his hoodie. Or maybe he wasn’t pulling down on it, maybe he was using that as an excuse to grind his heel against himself rather discreetly? “Just for you, yeah?”


“OK, but what do I get if I walk away, huh? If I pussy out? What’s my winnings?” Jimin asked, hands still shoved between his open thighs as he ran his eyes across the room to look at the mounted podium.


“Oh, uh, I dunno,” Yoongi replied as he reached up to brush a tangle of damp hair off his brow. “I’ll do something stupid or something…I didn’t really think that part over 'cos I thought you wouldn’t pussy out on me.”


He saw Jimin rolling his eyes at this, his taunt no doubt working on him even though Jimin would pretend that it hadn’t. It didn’t matter what the situation was, no friend Yoongi had ever had accepted being called a coward. No, they would all puff their chests up and argue against it, accepting dares even when they were stupid or downright dangerous and might just result in broken noses (which Hoseok could attest to). Yoongi knew that by calling him a pussy Jimin would just have to agree to playing one final hand against him and after a moment of studying the pole he turned back to him with a grin on his lips.


“Looks like I’m doubling up, babe.”


“Alright, good to see that my angel has balls,” Yoongi joked as he grabbed the deck and started dealing cards out for them both. Rather than set out three hidden cards and four displayed ones he decided to go for the ultimate game and deal completely blind hands so neither of them had a clue what was were going to happen. At the sight of the fourteen secret cards Jimin made an exaggerated noise of excitement that had them both laughing as he put the deck down on the mattress and then looked at him. “You ready?”


“Ready to regret my decision most likely,” his boyfriend said before collecting his cards and holding them up in front of himself. Yoongi moved to get his own, eyeing him for a moment before looking down at the ones in his hand.


Holy shit.


He couldn't believe this.


Yoongi looked up at Jimin again, noting that he had furrowed his brow softly as he studied his cards, no doubt trying to make a good hand with his selection. He glanced back down at his own hand again and then closed his mouth because he realised that it had been hanging open rather dumbly. He couldn’t believe this. No, no there was no way that this was happening to him. He refused to accept that this was reality and yet…when he slowly moved the cards around just to be sure that he wasn’t hallucinating on his comedown from the pot, he found that he was most certainly looking at the cards he thought that he was.


Usually when playing stud poker the hands played were rather fast because one could either make a good hand or get nothing. Rarely over the many times that he, Namjoon and Seokjin had played the game had Yoongi ever seen someone draw a hand with more than one possible combination to pore over and so hands were dealt and played fast so that the game remained fun and easy. But not this particular hand. He and Jimin stared at the seven cards that they had as if they might just magically morph if they stared hard enough, as if it would somehow help them win even when that was impossible. It was Jimin that discarded his two cards first to make his five, doing so without giving away a single hint of emotion on his face. So Yoongi followed his actions, selecting the two cards he wished to get rid of and then looking at his five.


“You wanna go at the same time or?”


“I got one match,” Jimin said as he moved to drop his hand on the bed, revealing two matching four of spades and clubs. Yoongi eyed them both and then swallowed hard, moving his tongue around his mouth as he did so. “What about you? You gonna show me them this time?”


“I…uh…” He paused for a moment to look up at his boyfriend and then he started laughing softly, nothing more than the slightest shaking of his shoulders. By the time he put his hand down on the bed however he was fully laughing, head thrown back from the force of his guffaws.


His hand consisted of a king, queen, jack, a ten and a nine of varying suits.


Yoongi had just dealt himself a fucking straight.


When he dropped his head and reached up to cover his smirk with his hand he saw that Jimin was staring at the five cards with a blank expression. He knew that his boyfriend was still new to the whole poker hands thing but even he must have been able to see how good his hand was because it was rather obvious. Yoongi had drawn the second highest possible hand, one with odds so low that he couldn’t even attempt to calculate them though Jimin likely could if he gave him a moment.


“I don’t believe this…” his boyfriend muttered as he looked at the spread of cards. The hint of incredibility in his tone just made him start laughing again and Jimin reached up to run his fingers along his mouth as he studied the hand again. There was nothing he could do but stare at them right now until it sank in that he had just lost his double or nothing bet and there was a punishment awaiting him. “Fuck me, literally fuck me, Yoongi.”


“Maybe after the dance,” Yoongi joked as collected the cards together again and then moved to place the deck down on the floor.


“I should have pussied out,” Jimin said as he slowly climbed off the bed and shook his head in disbelief.


Before he could walk away Yoongi reached out to grab his wrist, pulling him back a step and asking for his cigarettes. His boyfriend pulled them free from his hoodie pocket along with the lighter, thumbing the top up and holding it in front of his mouth for him. There was just six sticks left and Yoongi grabbed one between his teeth to pull it free. Jimin tossed the box onto the pillow without a care and he flicked the lighter to life to him, holding it to the end so that he could take a quick inhale and get it to smoulder. Yoongi breathed the intake out of his nose and rolled the stick into the corner of his mouth so that he could speak.


“Thanks, angel,” he said as he reached up to pull the stick free and wet his lips. Jimin ruffled at the messy mop of hair that his bandanna headband had forced on the top of his head and then he reached down to grab his phone from his pocket. “What’re you doing, huh?”


“What do you think? Finding a song,” Jimin said and this made Yoongi freeze in the act of slipping his cigarette in his lips.


A song? He was finding a song?


A sudden thought hit him and Yoongi realised that they were both thinking of this in completely different ways. Had he lost then Yoongi had been planning on doing a rather funny dance on the podium, one that would no doubt get recorded by his boyfriend and be uploaded on their KakaoTalk chatroom for their friends to watch and never let him live down because there was no way that he could have possibly have done something sexy. To do something remotely sexy Yoongi truly believed that one had to be sexy and he also believed himself very far from that mark. That was why he would have done a funny dance to make Jimin laugh, perhaps making him get to his feet to wander over and help him. There would be awkward laughter and touches, maybe Jimin slipping his arms around his waist and…yet Jimin had lost the double or nothing bet and now he was searching for a song to play.


A song to dance to rather than do an embarrassing stint on the podium for some cheap laughs. Jimin was actually going to dance and that was enough to make him stick his tongue out and wet his lips, finding that his tongue was actually rather dry. Jimin found what he was looking for and he moved to place his phone in his hand so Yoongi looked down at the screen to study the song before looking up at him again.


Jimin had picked a fucking Beyoncé song.


Holy shit.


“Play it when I tell you to,” his boyfriend ordered as he crossed the room to go over to the podium. He watched him step up onto it, bare feet padding along the polished glass flooring as he stopped beside the pole and proceeded to run his eyes up and down it. “You know, I didn’t tell you this earlier but I actually pole dance.”


Yoongi inhaled on the end of his cigarette so fast that he actually coughed on the smoke, reaching down to thump his fist against his chest hard. The sound of him choking brought a rather wicked smile to his boyfriend’s lips and he managed to stop coughing after a few seconds.


“Well, correction,” Jimin said as he reached out to touch the pole. “I train with a pole, as do most of the dancers. Jungkookie uses it to do push-ups and work his core, I use it to keep…flexible.” He ran his hand down the pole slowly and even from across the motel room he saw his lightly squeezing his fist around the metal. “You know, like how they have mounted poles in rehearsal rooms to stretch with?”


“Uhuh,” Yoongi replied, voice slightly husky from his coughing.


“Well, these ones work just as good, if not better,” Jimin said as he moved to lift one of his legs and hook his knee around it almost experimentally. This made his hoodie shift and revealed far too much thigh. “Oh, it’s cold,” Jimin said before laughing with a little shudder. Yoongi felt a shudder of his own running down his spine as he bit down on the stick, teeth digging into the filter. He dropped his leg again and then he looked back over at him. “I can stretch everything with this, really feel that…burn.”


“I bet you can,” Yoongi muttered as he tightened his hold around Jimin’s phone. This was supposed to be punishment for losing and yet Jimin looked to be enjoying this far too much for that. Had he really lost that hand a minute or go, or had he actually won? And to prove his point Jimin proceeded to start loosely stretching in front of him. Luckily he decided to not to use the pole and rather just did a few quick rolls and stretches instead and Yoongi could have sighed in relief.


“OK,” Jimin said with a nod as he dropped his shoulders. “I’m ready, you can play the song.”


Yoongi hit play and then moved to place the phone on the dresser, the music blaring out as he did and bouncing off the plain walls to echo in the room. The song started off slow and so Jimin didn’t really dance, just slowly moved his body as he closed his eyes and started feeling it, feeling the music and waiting for it to be just right. Yoongi pulled his cigarette free to dab ash off the end without looking at the stick, far too busy looking at his boyfriend gently swaying to the song. He shifted to settle back on the bed and get more comfortable, leaning his weight back onto one wrist. When the beat started to pick up, drums kicking in, Jimin changed his rhythm from that soft sashaying to grab hold of the pole and start really dancing.


At first he was rather soft and somewhat nervous, standing close to the pole and opening his thighs so that he could rock his hips from side to side in a pendulum-like motion. Yoongi tracked his hips intently, stealing quick glances up at his face as Jimin rolled his head back and started lowering himself down. He didn’t reach the floor, rather just dropped low and lightly bounced his hips before bringing his thighs together hard and getting upright, being sure to lift his ass first. The sound of his thighs connecting together, that slap of skin against skin, made Yoongi swallow hard and hope that his erection wasn’t tenting at his jeans. He risked a quick touch just to be sure, also hoping that Jimin didn’t see him doing so.


By the time that the bridge came on Jimin was softly rolling his hips as he turned around to face the pole. He watched him stand with his legs apart, leaning forward as he curved his ass out at him. The hoodie lifted up but not far enough to give more than a hint of what was underneath as he rocked his hips in circular motions and then straightened up again, turning to look at him and holding his hand out. Jimin curled his finger at him with a smile on his face. Yoongi shook his head staunchly at this, politely turning down his offer.


“Come on, babe, just come over.”


“Uh, no I’m good here, thanks.”


Yoongi .”


“OK, fine,” Yoongi said as he got off the bed and moved to go right over to the padded loveseat beside the pole, dropping onto it as fast as he could and folding one leg over the other. Jimin stared at him, head slightly cocked as he raised his eyebrows at him and showed that he was unamused by his antics. Yoongi just breathed cigarette smoke out of his nose and refused to be guilt-tripped into dancing with him because he had just won the game. After a moment his boyfriend moved to get closer to him, ignoring the pole and the dancing.


Jimin plucked the cigarette out of his lips and lifted it to his own, the stick held between his index and middle finger almost daintily as he lifted the stick and took a deep drag. He held it in his lungs and then shifted to climb onto his lap, straddling him as he grabbed a handful of hair and tipped his head back. Yoongi let him tug until his neck was curved back severely and then Jimin moved to blow the lungful of smoke into his face. Because it was a cigarette rather than a joint the smoke was much thinner, dissipated almost instantly as he breathed it out but he managed to pull a little into his lungs.


“The dance would be so much more fun if you joined in, you know?” Jimin said as he moved his hand from his hair to the back of his neck, fingers lightly caressing his skin. He reached over with his other hand to dab ash off the end of the stick onto the flooring.


“You said so earlier, I can’t dance; remember?” Yoongi retorted with a smirk and Jimin took another drag off the cigarette and proceeded to dip his head forward and kiss him, shotgunning the smoke. Yoongi breathed it out of his nose as Jimin caught his lower lip between his teeth and lightly pulled, teasing him almost expertly. “And you lost the bet too so you’ve gotta dance, yeah?”


Jimin placed the stick back between his teeth and shifted to climb off his leg with a head shake, the song now reaching some point in the middle, or so Yoongi thought. It was a rather long song and he wondered if Jimin had picked it for that very purpose. Whatever the case he moved to get back by the pole, licking at his lips which likely tasted like nicotine, and then he glanced back over his shoulder at him.


“Sure, babe, I’ll dance for you,” he said, and Yoongi saw the way that he grinned at him. Suddenly he felt like he might just have made a mistake by suggesting that the loser dance on this podium because Jimin was going to destroy him, he was certain of it.


Yoongi could hear a sound coming from him, something that sounded like a zipper being ran. Jimin shrugged his shoulders hard and then hoodie slipped right down his straight arms from the movement. He tracked the black material as it dropped to pool around his wrists and thighs and that was when Yoongi saw that he was no longer wearing his plain underwear. No, after getting out of the shower Jimin had slipped into a new pair and he saw a hint of dark red lace around the waistband before the sight of his bare behind was revealed.


Jimin was wearing a thong right now.


“Shit…” Yoongi cursed under his breath, pretty damn certain that Jimin had heard him because he was sitting just a few feet away. Maybe he was grinning to himself as he carried on shrugging his shoulders and rolling his back from the motion, the hoodie rising and falling to cover and then reveal his ass like a strip tease. Yoongi stared at the way that the lighting played across his skin, the soft blue glow creating deep shadows in his lower back and the dips of his spine when he flexed, the shine falling onto his ass perfectly to highlight it and make the full curves look even stronger.


The beat changed suddenly, hard thumps of the drums kicking in as Jimin turned and dropped low, thighs spread wide open. Yoongi watched every single hard bounce until he was once again twisted around to face him and placed his back against the pole. Jimin grabbed hold of it above his head to balance himself, his hips still lifting and falling in popping motions. His boyfriend reached up to run his hand down his chest to his stomach and Yoongi actually held his breath, waiting to see if he would touch the silken front of the thong. Sadly he didn’t do so and instead he smoothly got back upright again and hooked his knees around the pole, pulling himself up with one hand just a little off the podium so that he could lift his hips and start rocking upward into the air.


“Just for you right, babe?” Jimin asked in a simpering tone, his other arm hanging down so that the hoodie didn’t obscure the fluid movement of his hips. He was gripping the pole with his thighs so tight that his muscle were taut under his skin, hard with exertion as he worked the pole. The dark red silk of his underwear reflected the podium lights and Yoongi saw the way that it was bulging at the front, a sign that Jimin was aroused. It was that combined with the sight of his stomach muscles clenching hard under his skin that made him pull his cigarette free and stub it out on the wall without a single care, his other hand moving to the front of his jeans so that he could palm at himself; far too excited to even care at this point.


This time when Jimin curled his finger at him Yoongi didn’t refuse, he almost dived off the loveseat to get to him. He didn’t even know what was he was doing, just that he needed to slip his arms around his waist and press himself against him. Yoongi did so purely on instinct, feeling Jimin dropping to stand on the podium again as he leaned back and slowly rocked into him. He placed his chin into his shoulder, his bare skin rubbing against his chin, and Yoongi curled one arm around his waist just like he had done to him earlier. His other hand roamed down his stomach to his hip, grabbing hold so that his fingers dug into his skin. Jimin reached down to wrap his own hand around his forearm, holding him in place as he carried on grinding back onto him.


“Yoongi,” he breathed out as he moved to roll his head back against his other shoulder. “I’m so glad you pussied out on that strip poker hand.”


“Shit, me too,” Yoongi muttered as he felt Jimin reaching around to place his other hand on his behind, pushing him that little bit closer to him. When his rocked back against him again he felt the movement perfectly even through his jeans.


“And you said that you couldn’t dance,” Jimin said with a soft laugh. Yoongi felt his lips curling up into a smirk at this as he turned his head to press his face against his hair. His fingers stroked along his hip and then down to his thigh, just touching his bare skin because he knew that he could do so right now without any need to worry.


The song stopped playing from across the room, plunging the motel room into silence for a moment. Yoongi pulled his face away from his neck to look at the device, sitting on the dresser too far away from them. It took a few seconds until it started playing on repeat, filling the silence once more. Yoongi turned his head to look at Jimin and that was when he shrugged his arm off from around his waist and grabbed hold of his wrist, pulling him off the podium as the opening notes once again started playing.






Jimin dragged him over to the bed, pushing him down onto the mattress so that he could shift to sit back down on his lap, grinding down even as he struggled to get onto his knees to carry on dancing. He managed to do so so that he could lift and drop his hips over his crotch, feeling Yoongi’s hands reaching out to grab hold of his buttocks to knead at them roughly. At this point Jimin was no longer sure if he was still dancing for him or if he was just dry humping him, but whatever the case he just carried on doing so, unable to stop a low moan from escaping at his boyfriend’s rather needy groping.


After several more teasing rocks above his crotch Jimin dropped, tossing his head back as he ground down hard, hearing Yoongi breathing in sharply as he completed three hard rotations and then lifted himself up again. Jimin turned to face him, hands running up his bare stomach as he lifted himself up again, wanting to tease him even when the hard throbbing in the pit of his stomach told him to carry on grinding and feel that wonderful friction between their two bodies. Yoongi had closed his eyes and after a moment he opened them again, reaching over to try and find somewhere to grab hold of his: his thighs, his hips, his behind. After a momentary fumbling he settled on his ass, sinking his fingers in deeply as Jimin started popping his hips at him and then dropped to grind on him again.


“I, uh, I dunno if this’ dancing,” Yoongi managed to stammer as Jimin lifted himself up again, placing his hands behind his head and sinking his finger into his hair as he swayed his hips from side to side above his crotch. “'Cos if you danced like this in university I think you might get kicked outta class, y’know?”


“I know,” Jimin agreed, feeling a bead of sweat running down from his hairline to go down his neck. “But that doesn’t matter, remember? This is only for you, babe.” He shifted to smoothly lie over him, sweat-slick chest running against his as he settled down on top of him. “Yoongi, do you want to-”


“Nuh-no sex,” Yoongi managed to stammer, opening his eyes to look up at him. “Um, not that it’s too much it’s, uh, it’s a rush and you’re probably not ready for that and I, um, I-”


“Yoongi,” Jimin said in a quiet voice, reaching over to press a finger over his lips and mute his mumbling. “If you’re not ready for that then you’re not ready, I understand. I just want you to know that I am, whenever you’re ready I’ll be ready too. OK?”


“OK,” he replied around his finger.


Jimin studied him for a moment before pulling his hand away from his mouth, finally feeling at peace for the first time in well over a week now. He now knew why Yoongi had been refusing to make the first move in their relationship and it was the most simplest of all reasons. It wasn’t that Yoongi was starting to doubt their relationship before it got too serious, or because he was doing something wrong and putting him off. No, Yoongi had been delaying it because he was scared of moving forward. It might be because this was his first relationship ( their first, he mentally corrected) or because he was a little frightened of sexual intimacy, but whatever the case it was just a perfectly normal and simple reason.


Yoongi wanted this too, he was just scared and waiting for him to take control so he wouldn’t make a mistake and ruin the moment. Yoongi had just told him that he probably wasn’t ready to have sex with him and that he might just be rushing him whilst he had been been grinding down on his crotch.


His boyfriend was the biggest loser on the planet and Jimin could only smile down at him because he was the biggest and most perfect loser on the planet.


“You don’t need to rush anything if you’re not comfortable,” Jimin continued as he moved his hand to touch his cheek instead, cupping it and running his thumb along his cheekbone. “I just thought that maybe you were teasing or something, so that’s why I wanted to stay here for the night. Because it might make you…you know, take the plunge or something.”


“Um, not sex but, well we could…” Yoongi paused for a moment and so he stopped stroking his cheek and waited for him to continue. “We could, y’know, like do other things…”




“Yeah, angel?”


“Do you want me to touch you?” Jimin asked in a soft voice, looking down at his face from his propped up height. At the question Yoongi rolled his eyes to look up at the ceiling, avoiding his gaze. “No sex, just touching. We can just touch each other, yes? Like this.” He moved his hand to his stomach again and lightly caressed the soft curve with his fingers. “Our clothes can stay on, we don’t have to get naked or anything. Hmm?”


“Oh…OK,” Yoongi said in a quiet voice, even going as far as to nod at him. “Yeah, just other things like…touching. That’s what I was talking about: touching.”


Jimin smirked at his rather awkward bumbling and then he moved so that he could lower his head and kiss him again. His boyfriend slipped his arms around his neck to pull him closer, opening the kiss up without needing any teasing this time. Jimin felt his bare skin against his, chest against chest and stomachs softly brushing together at the end of each exhale. After several soft kisses he moved his face to press it against his neck again, knowing that there was that sweet little sensitive spot behind his ear that he could play with. He breathed warm breath against him, taking great pleasure in the way that Yoongi shifted underneath him, and when he stuck his tongue out to lick a wet stripe up from the curve of his jaw up to the edge of his hairline Yoongi let out a soft gasp.


Whilst he pressed little kisses there his boyfriend moved one hand up to tangle his fingers in his hair, his other hand slowly moving down so that he could tug at his hoodie and try and pull it down a little. Jimin relented, shrugging the material down to his elbows to expose his upper back so that Yoongi could trace concentric circles into his skin and tap his fingers on the soft juts of his spine like skipping stones. When he moved his head down to the side of his neck and he started kissing his throat Yoongi sighed at the contact, curving his neck ever so slightly because of the ticklish sensation; his ear brushing his hair. When he bit down hard Yoongi’s fingers stopped tapping away and instead dug down into his skin to scratch, blunt nails scraping enough to leave a soft burn between his shoulder blades. Jimin sucked and bit down on his throat, ensuring that there would be a red blemish left behind when he was finished, one he so greatly hoped would bruise by tomorrow morning so that it would make up for the scratches all over his shoulders.


Jimin shifted to get onto his hands and knees, open hoodie hanging from his frame as he checked his pockets to locate the vibrator toy. He pulled it from his pocket and slipped the toy onto the index finger of his left hand and then clicked the switch with his thumb, bringing it to buzzing life as he settled down on him again. Yoongi eyed the toy for a moment, taken by surprise by its sudden introduction but he didn’t tell him to turn it off.


“Do you wanna see if this is any good?” he asked as he lifted his hand and pressed it against his lips, seeing how Yoongi jumped at the contact and then laughed. Jimin smiled at him as he slowly moved the vibrating head along his lower lip to his cheek, then along the curve of his jaw to his neck. As he traced it down the slope to his chest his boyfriend squirmed at the contact, no doubt because it was ticklish, and then he moved to press the backs of his fingers against his mouth as if he was trying to mute himself. He continued his exploration with the toy down the softest hint of the valley between his breasts until he moved it over to his nipple. When Jimin lightly moved the toy over it he saw the way that Yoongi’s fingers twitched to curl inward towards his palm.


“Does it feel nice? Do you like it?” Jimin asked, gently rubbing the toy around his nipple first in a whorl as Yoongi decided to start nibbling at his thumb. His boyfriend nodded and made a soft sound around his thumb and so Jimin decided to start teasing the hardened nub until he felt Yoongi straining underneath him, lifting his hips up involuntarily to rub against him. “Do you want me to stop?”


“Nuh-no,” he stuttered, closing his eyes and furrowing his brow. “I like it, it’s OK.”


“What about this?” Jimin asked as he lowered his head and planted soft kisses along his chest until his lips brushed against his other nipple and he flicked his tongue out hard. Just like with the vibrator it took just a few flicks of the tongue until his nipple hardened and so Jimin lightly bit down on the nub.


“Oh, fuck,” Yoongi grunted in a rather strained voice, pulling his thumb out of his mouth to actually sink his fingers into his hair. He once again wriggled underneath him, his thighs knocking against the insides of his. Jimin clamped his mouth over his nipple and he ran his tongue over it, swirling and rapidly flicking until he started sucking. “ Fuck , angel,” he gasped as his hips gave another hard buck. This time Jimin actually felt him rubbing against his crotch. Yoongi’s erection was tenting his jeans so much that he was straining against the zipper, the head of his cock actually rubbing against him through the thin denim every single time that he lifted his hips up. So Jimin reached down to force his hips back onto the bed, fingers digging into his stomach as he did and teeth not loosening their hold on his nipple.


When Jimin relinquished his teasing and lifted his head he saw that his nipple was flushed almost red from his teeth and tongue, a slight dribble of saliva still clinging to his skin. Yoongi looked up at him with half-lidded eyes, a light sheen of sweat started to break out of his brow that the bandanna headband had fully revealed. He was breathing through his mouth rather than his nose, lips slack and quivering as he carried on teasing him with the toy.


“Yoongi, do you want me to touch you?”


“Yeah,” he replied without even a hint of embarrassment. “Shit, yeah, please touch me.”


“Get the lube, it’ll be much better with that,” Jimin said, cocking his head over at the pouch that was still lying close to the pillows as he moved to sit up on his knees. So Yoongi wriggled to snatch hold of the pouch, tipping it without a care to spill the contents all over the bed. Jimin eyed the colourful packets and after a moment Yoongi grabbed one of them and he tore it open so raggedly that the packet was pretty much ruined, dribbling out awkwardly as he squeezed the mixture into his hand. Jimin felt the cool liquid pooling in his palm, runny and rather watery without any detectable scent.


“Jeans off, babe,” Jimin said with a smile as he tapped his thigh with his other hand. “See, you ended up losing the strip poker after all.”


Yoongi fumbled his jeans open after a momentary struggle, having to forcibly tuck his erection aside so that he could battle the zipper down. When he pulled the flaps of denim aside and lifted his hip up however he saw it slipping free from the material again. Jimin watched his cock flop free to land on his stomach, testicles pulled taut and hard underneath as he forced his jeans down to his upper thighs and then gave up as he dropped himself back down onto the bed. He eyed the thatch of his pubic hair and the slight curve as his cock lay flush against his stomach and then Jimin lifted his eyes to look at his face. Yoongi was still propped up on his elbows but he had rolled his head back, eyes closed and chest rising and falling rapidly because he was breathing quick and shallow.


“Where do you like it, hmm?” Jimin asked him. “Here?” He moved to rub the vibrator toy over the head of his cock, running it over his slit and down his underside in soft little rubs. Yoongi’s breath left his lungs in a wheeze as he sank his fingers into the silken bed sheets. “Or here?” Jimin moved the toy down to base and he pressed it against him hard. The vibrations were enough to make Yoongi’s thighs shake and he hadn’t even touched him yet. “Here, yes?”


“Yuh-yeah, angel,” Yoongi agreed with a nod as he dropped his head to look at him again. “Right there, shit.”


Jimin held the toy in place as he moved to take hold of him with his other hand, the now warm lube transferring from his palm and fingers into his cock as he slowly and experimentally pumped his wrist. The wetness and the sensation of him wrapping his hands around him made Yoongi’s breath hitch.


Jimin could have teased him had he the knowledge how to do so, but considering that this was the first time he had ever touched another man intimately he was rather unsure how to. He might just have known exactly how to tease himself, how to draw out the pleasure through light teasing here and there and then bring the waves crashing down hard exactly when he wanted to, but Yoongi wasn’t him and he was yet to learn the things that would make him tick just right. He didn’t even know if he was any good at just jerking him off like this, for even the simple act suddenly seemed much more daunting to him. Jimin supposed that he could ask him what he liked, but was it better to ask or try and discover? Discovering sounded like a much better idea to him.


So Jimin set himself a slower pace at his, slowly working his way up and carefully watching Yoongi to try and pick up any hints. He noted that he seemed to like it when he touched his head a lot, when he rubbed his slick thumb against him, but also when he thumped his fist down hard against his base and then pressed the vibrator against him.


“Jimin, the toy,” Yoongi said as his fingers sank into the bed sheets. Jimin didn't need him to continue speaking for he moved it from his base back up to his head and as he pressed it against him he jerked him off harder. “Fuck, oh fuck,” Yoongi groaned as he threw his head back, elbows shaking so much that he was likely going to spill back onto the mattress in a moment.


Jimin carried on pumping his fist around him in that hard and fast rhythm, alternating between pressing the vibrator against his base to earn a shudder of pleasure from Yoongi, or bringing his palm and fingers up to knead at his head and make his hips stutter with every vibrating buzz of the toy. He could hear his ragged breathing and Yoongi actually started lifting his hips off the mattress to rock with him, signalling that he was starting to near his climax. The sight of him licking his lips and trying to thrust upward in a rather sloppy rhythm was enough to make Jimin feel a hard throb in the pit of his stomach, a casual reminder to let him know that he was very much enjoying this too.


“Jimin, I think I’m cuh-cuming, fuck,” Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut as his hips gave several more hard bucks and he let out a series of broken groans. When his climax hit him Yoongi snapped his hips up off the bed and Jimin guided him through his orgasm with a few final pumps of his fist as he ejaculated all over his stomach. His boyfriend moaned deeply as he opened his eyes, eyelids fluttering as he dropped his hips back down on the mattress.


Jimin stared down at him for a moment, watching the rapid rise and fall of his chest and eyeing the mess of cum on his stomach. He wiped his hand on the sheets without even looking, much too distracted by the sight of his boyfriend coming down from his climax. After several seconds Yoongi reached up to wipe at his brow with the back of his hand and he swallowed, sticking his tongue out to wet his lips. He met his eyes and then he cocked his head to smile at him, offering him the most laziest and blissed out smile that Jimin had ever been blessed to witness.


“Jimin?” he asked him, voice deep and mellow from pleasure.


“Yes, babe?”


“Do you want me to touch you?”






Yoongi could feel his heart still pounding away in his chest hard and fast but despite this fact he found that his entire body seemed rather weightless. It was a funny sensation, one that seemed to be trapped between a rush of pure adrenaline and a longing to drift off into sleep and it was one that he had never truly felt before. Of course he had touched himself before, had had a rather mundane twice a week routine that he had stuck to before meeting Jimin and he had found his boyfriend fucking up his schedule with his habit of sending far too many photos of himself and flirtatious messages that never quite descended into filth; but still had Yoongi finding an excuse to lock himself in his accommodation bathroom even when he knew that Namjoon knew what he was doing.


Yes, Yoongi had thought himself rather used to the sensation of orgasms by now and yet he had just found his assumption to be completely incorrect. No amount of masturbation could even come close to what that had felt like. It was almost laughable trying to compare the two things. Touching himself was almost like eating because he felt a little peckish, a pleasurable sensation but nothing special. Having Jimin bring him to an orgasm like that…it was like finally getting to eat after being starved, every single bite and swallow savoured until he was finally full. All that his boyfriend had done was touch him yet Yoongi had experienced the best orgasm of his life.


If he wasn’t already certain that he was in love with the other man then that most certainly would have cinched the deal.


At his rather lazy question Jimin’s lips lifted at the corners in a rather mischievous way as he shifted to straddle his thighs. He placed his hands on either side of his head so that he could move to lean over him. Yoongi eyed the softly dangling strings of his hoodie, the rest still hanging off his body rather annoyingly.


“What do you think, hmm?” he asked, making fun of his rather stupid question. “I can’t enjoy all of that foreplay and then not get the real deal.”


“Foreplay…that was…” Yoongi furrowed his brow at this, squinting at his boyfriend. “I mean, it kinda was but I think that-”


Jimin lowered himself to lie on top of him and kiss him, cutting off his bumbling once more in a way that was starting to become a bit of a habit. Yoongi could feel his bare stomach against his, smearing his cum between them in a rather unpleasant way but he quickly found himself ignoring the sensation when the other man’s tongue brushed against his and he ground his crotch against his lower stomach.  He could feel Jimin was turned on because he had been since he had started dancing for him, that soft raise in the front of the material that was a sign of kindling arousal, but now he was more than slightly excited. Jimin was fully hard, his erection barely contained by the silken front of his thong. He could feel his head digging into the softness of his stomach, the silk rubbing between their skin exquisitely.


“I mean, if you wanna do that every time,” Yoongi managed to quickly breathe out as Jimin stopped kissing him and shifted positions, spreading his thighs open to settle better on his stomach. “I ain’t gonna stop you, yeah?”


This made him laugh breathlessly as he reached up to rake his black hair off his brow and look down at him. The pink and blue lights from the wall cast over the light sheen of sweat on his skin to make a mingled hue of purples and Yoongi thought that he looked unreal; like something out of some fantasy, a daydream rather than reality. How could something so perfect possibly be real? He could only stare at him for a moment, eyes taking in the sight and trying so very hard to burn it into his memory.


Yoongi ran a hand up his stomach slowly, palm rubbing along the dimpled sections until he lowered it down and lightly pressed his palm down against his crotch. The weight and pressure of his hand made Jimin move to lightly rub against him as he shrugged his hoodie back down to his elbows again, the heavy material pooling and creasing as he slowly rolled his head back and carried on rubbing against his palm. Jimin let out a heavy sigh as he let him clasp him through the silken front of his thong and lightly tug. Yet after several touches he moved to knock his hand free, shifting to once again lie down on top of him, his back curving so perfectly like a cat as he settled his weight onto his elbows and gave his stomach another soft grind.


“And if I get this afterwards,” Jimin said as he held his gaze, eyes almost burning as he lazily ground his erection against him. “Then I’d be more than happy to play with you.”


Jimin was so hot to the touch that Yoongi could barely believe it. When he smoothed his palm down his back, feeling the hard bumps of his shoulder blades and muscles until he reached the dip of his lower spine, he almost imagined that there was a sun trapped inside of his chest rather than a heart. In his blissed out state it made perfect sense to him; there was a sun inside of him and that was when his skin felt baking hot against his. Yoongi was distantly aware of the fact that he wasn’t even stoned and he was thinking such ridiculous thoughts but it might just have been the post-orgasm comedown making his head foggy.


“Angel, you’re so hot, ” he managed to say between kisses, feeling Jimin’s equally warm breath against his mouth and cheek as he carried on dry humping his stomach. “Like literally, I mean not figuratively I-”


“Babe, you’re not really good with dirty talk; are you?” Jimin spoke over him, cupping his cheek between his hands as he did. He could only hum something in response before Jimin kissed him again and cut him off.


Yoongi realised that his thick woollen hoodie might just have been the reason why he was hot as he carried on moving his hand down past his lower back to the full curve of his ass, rather than an imaginary sun. He dug his fingers into the curve of his buttocks, feeling the hard press of his hipbones against his thumbs, and then he trailed his fingers along to find the soft lace back of the thong. It took him a moment of fumbling to find the top of the waistband and he followed it downward, slipping his thumb under it so that he could pull the material taut and then let go again. When the material twanged back to hit him Jimin gasped into his kiss and broke the contact to look down at him.


“Yoongi,” he said in a rather surprised tone.


“What?” he asked in breathless confusion, wondering if he had done something wrong. Yet Jimin just ground himself down against his stomach as he bit down on his lip.


“Do that again.”


It was after the second hard twanging of the back of his thong that Yoongi realised something, a sudden thought coming to mind as Jimin carried on grinding against his stomach. Jimin liked the feeling of the elastic snapping back snug against his skin, the unexpected contact likely causing a little jolt of surprise to course through him. Did that mean that Jimin might like being…spanked? Should he ask him if he wanted him to do that? Should he-


Jimin lifted himself up so suddenly that Yoongi was taken by surprise and dragged out of his musings. His boyfriend balanced his weight onto one elbow so that he could reach down and he lifted his head to see a rather interesting sight.


His boyfriend was leaking all over his stomach as he fumbled himself out of the front of the thong. He could see that the silken front was wet because he must have gotten a little excited at some point and Jimin slipped just his cock free from the material. Just like the rest of his body he saw that he had shaved - or waxed - his pubic hair free for his dance class and for some reason Yoongi found a strong mental image flitting through his mind; a mental image of just burying his head between his thighs and kissing that smooth and soft plain of skin over and over. Jimin moved to grab hold of his forearm and pull his hand off his ass. Yoongi figured out what he wanted, taking him in hand even though the angle wasn’t exactly ideal. But Jimin actually ended up doing most of the work rather than him, for his boyfriend carried on rocking his hips so that he almost seemed to thrust into his hand instead. Yoongi just kept his fingers curled around his cock, occasionally twisting his wrist at the end of rocking so that he would take a sharp intake of breath at the friction.


Yoongi found that Jimin fit into his palm almost perfectly, his length rather small but thick and just like a moment ago he found himself once again being hit by a mental image, or rather a mental sensation. Yoongi wondered what it would feel like to have Jimin inside of him, stretching him open with that thickness. Had Jimin thought these things when he had been touching him too? Had he wondered what it would feel like to have him inside of him or had he thought of something else instead?


Jimin balanced his weight back onto both elbows, still mostly lying on top of him so that the weight of his lower body was pressing down on him. He grabbed his head in both of his hands and carried on kissing him as he moved his hips in a fluid tempo, the kisses rather hard and fast. Yoongi could feel his hunger in every single one, from the way that he bit at his lips hard enough to make them almost feel swollen, to the way that he softly sighed into his mouth as his pleasure started peaking.


“Yuh-Yoongi,” he moaned as he dropped his head onto his chest, still weakly rocking his hips forward so that he could pump into his hand. He knew that he was approaching his climax because he could feel him quivering, his breath hot and hard against his bare skin and his fingernails scratching at the bed sheets. Yoongi sank his fingers into his hair and lightly tugged, getting him to lift his head up so that he could look at his face. For a few seconds Jimin avoided his eyes, looking off across the motel room instead as a series of breathless moans escaped his slack lips, so Yoongi moved his hand to cup his chin instead.


“Does that feel good, angel?” he asked as he ran his thumb along his lower lip, feeling the slick and soft bump against his fingertip. Jimin didn’t reply with words but rather gave him a weak whine as his rocking got more frantic. “Want me to use the toy?”




The finger vibrator was on the bed within reach, just lying on the wrinkled sheets begging to be used again and so Yoongi moved to grab hold of it. Getting it onto his thumb proved rather hard with one hand but he managed to do so, sliding it on so that it vibrated to life with a series of hard buzzes. He reached down and managed to fit his hand in the tight press between their bodies. Yoongi could feel his sweat-slick stomach rubbing against his hand and he managed to press the vibrator down hard against the head of his cock. Unsurprisingly it only took a few hard circular rubs until Jimin was almost keening between his teeth, the combined sensation of his palm kneading his cock and the toy sending jolts of pleasure up into his stomach.


“That feels good, right?” Yoongi asked as he carried on teasing him with the vibrator.


“Yes, it feels guh-good, it feels…” Jimin took a sharp intake of breath. “Yuh-Yoongi, scratch me again.”


Yoongi slipped his hand free the slight crush between their bodies, unable to tease him with the toy. He reached around to settle his palm on one of his buttocks, kneading at the perfect curve and then lifting his hand to move it under his hoodie. He dug his nails into the skin right at the top of his neck and then scratched his fingers all the way down the curve in his spine, nails dragging along his skin hard enough to maybe draw blood at some point. Jimin snapped his hips forward into his hand, a series of deep grunts escaping his mouth until he orgasmed with a breathy moan. Yoongi felt him ejaculating into his palm, shooting through his fingers to land on his stomach with a splash, and he froze, his muscles almost hardening until he shifted to drop onto the mattress beside him with a heavy sigh.


Yoongi stared up at the glowing ceiling for a minute, just listening to their mingled heavy breathing and the faint sound of music still coming from his phone on the dresser. Then he lifted his head and eyed the pool of cum on his stomach, slowly spreading out to run down his side to soak into the bed sheets like it had earlier. His palm and fingers were still covered in the liquid and so he dropped his hand to wipe it on the sheets without a single care for whoever would have to clean the room tomorrow. He turned his head to look at his boyfriend and he saw that Jimin was lying on the mattress in a mess; his hoodie still hanging off him in a wrinkled mess around his lower back and forearms. His back was rising and falling rapidly as he caught his breath, a sheen of sweat on his skin that was also soaking into the covers, and his face was pressed into the mattress as the last vestiges of his orgasm ebbed and flowed.


“I think I need another shower…” Yoongi said with a soft smile. Jimin cracked an eye open to look at him and after a moment of staring he let out a breathless laugh. The sight of him lying on the bed beside him, coated in sweat with his flushed cheeks, was enough to make him snort too. “No seriously, angel, I do but I don’t wanna move…”


After another minute of heavy breathing Jimin finally moved from his rather graceless mess on the bed, shifting to grab hold of the covers that had been carelessly tossed onto the floor. He pulled them up onto the mattress and then wriggled closer to him so that he could start wiping at his sticky stomach with the material.


“Shit, Jimin, the covers’ll be ruined and-”


“Shush, they probably bleach the rooms after every customer anyway,” Jimin muttered as he wiped at his stomach with the silk covers. “Or I hope that they do.” Yoongi just fell silent and let him clean his stomach for him, almost tenderly wiping the mess of sweat and cum away. When he was done with that he even moved to wipe at the slightly slick patches of lube still clinging to his inner thighs. After cleaning him up Jimin threw the covers onto the floor without a care and he was about to settle down on the mattress beside him when he seemed to remember something and he lifted his head off the bed.


“Wait, hang on.”


Jimin reached over to start tugging at the bandanna headband, which was still knotted around his brow and head rather tightly. He was unable to unknot it and so he just pulled until it came free with a series of tugs. He squinted as a messy fall of hair fell onto his forehead and then Jimin settled down against his side. Yoongi shifted to tug his jeans up again, tucking himself in and lazily fastening the zipper for the sake of it. This seemed to make Jimin recall that he was still wearing the rather soaked thong and he heard him sighing in annoyance as he also moved to remove it, fumbling free of the red lace and wet silk. He balled it up and tossed it over by the mess of clothes and cushions.


“There, now we can sleep, right?” Jimin joked with a smile as he slowly curled up against his side. Yoongi felt one of his arms slipping over his ribs as he folded the other up into an impromptu pillow under his head, and then Jimin tucked his thighs up against his to tangle their lower legs together. His face found the crook between his neck and shoulder and he settled down on the mattress with a series of satisfied noises. Yoongi stayed still on the bed as he looked up at the ceiling again, wondering if the lights ever would ever go off in this joint or if they were strictly a twenty-four hour job kind of thing. He was musing about the kind of electric bill a place like this would rack up when he heard his boyfriend speaking. “Yoongi?”


“Huh- yeah?” he asked in a rather sleepy mumble. Yoongi turned his head to look at him, seeing that Jimin’s face was just mere inches from his.


“Goodnight…I love you,” Jimin said in a quiet voice, his eyes shifting from his down to his lips a few times. Yoongi took the hint and he leaned closer to him, giving him a chaste kiss that made his lips curl up at the corners.


“Goodnight, angel, I love you too.”






A loud series of buzzes woke him up first, followed by the shrieking and unmistakable sound of his phone ringtone blaring. Yoongi had been rather blissfully dead to the world, floating in the deep blackness of sleep, but now he had been jerked awake and he hated it. He hated it because he made the mistake of opening his eyes first, the blinding glowing lights of the motel room entering his eyes much too suddenly and causing sharp stabbing pains to erupt inside his skull. Oh god, it felt like someone had driven an ice pick right into his brain through his eye socket, an unbelievably acute and agonising pain that made him cry out and twist to bury his face against his upper arm.


“Huh, wuh-” Yoongi ran his fingers along the bed for a moment, fumbling for his phone only to find that he couldn’t find it. It should have been under his pillow but it wasn’t, shit, he couldn’t even find his pillow right now because he was so disoriented and he had to force his eyes open to try and locate it. “Shit,” he groaned as he squinted from under his heavy eyelids, the light still far too bright for his aching head.


His phone wasn’t under his pillow because there was no pillow. Yoongi wasn’t lying on a normal bed with his head on a nice soft stack of pillows but rather he was sprawled out messily across the side of a weird circular bed in a state of undress with no sheets in sight at all. That was very strange but Yoongi pushed it all aside for the moment to grab his phone off the dresser beside Jimin’s and check the screen. He saw that Hoseok was calling him, followed by the sight of the time at the top of the screen. 8:22am. Yoongi slid his finger along the screen and pressed his phone against his ear.


“Yeah?” he groaned as he dropped back down on the mattress, his head bouncing off the soft material so that a lock of hair fell across his brow. His voice was husky and strained, made him sound a little dead.


Hello, ” Hoseok said in a way too chipper tone. Just hearing his voice, so full of morning energy, was enough to make Yoongi grimace. “ How’s the butt?


“Seriously, Seokseok, you called me to ask that? The fuck…” he moaned as he reached up to pinch at the bridge of his nose. Beside him Jimin shifted on the bed with a series of soft whimpers, knees knocking against his thighs.


Whoa, sorry was I disturbing something? ” Hoseok asked, a smugness in his tone that made Yoongi dropped his head to his chest to stare up at the glowing ceiling.


“Yeah, my sleep,” he retorted, hearing his friend snorting down the line.


Hey, I was just checking up on you, OK? You never replied to my great advice last night so I was thinking one of two things happened. One, you went wild and fucked shit up, or two, some guy broke into the motel and murdered you. Now, seen as you’re talking to me right now I’m gonna assume that you went with option one. Yeah?


“No, I went with option three: ignore Jung Hoseok forever,” Yoongi said in an acerbic note. Down the line Hoseok almost cackled gleefully, clearly enjoying this far too much. “I’ll, uh, I’ll message you about it all later, yeah? Just not right now, I kinda wanna sleep for twelve solid hours.”


Oh, you went wild, ” Hoseok said and Yoongi listened to the sound of something rustling down the line, faint voices sounding out. “ Wait, hold on a sec, Yoongz - yeah, it’s the…uhuh, that’s the exact one.


“What’re you doing?” Yoongi asked, no really interested at all but doing so so that he could draw the attention away from himself.


Regretting my life choices in agreeing to do this workshop and waiting for the kids to get here. That means looking through Taehyung’s old designs and picking out your new wardrobe. Tell me, Yoongz, how do you feel about…spandex?


“I love it.”


Good good, look I should probably go and leave you to, you know, eh eh, yeah? ” Yoongi didn’t have a clue what that even meant by that but he could picture Hoseok lifting his elbow to nudge it at the air because he couldn’t nudge his ribs, giving him a sideways wink as he did. “ I expect an essay by tonight as to why you ignored me, dick, so get to it.”


“Yeah bye, asshole,” Yoongi said before ending the call and dropping his phone onto the mattress with another sigh. He couldn’t reach up to rub at his eyes again with his left hand on account of it being around Jimin’s neck so he just lifted his right hand and balled it up into a fist, rubbing at his eyes as roughly as he could. He rubbed hard enough to make galaxies appear, colourful little specks floating under the lids. His eyes were dry and tight, a result of the stupid joint that they had decided to share, his mouth felt like a carpet and his head was aching.


What a great start to the day.


Yoongi dropped his hand onto the mattress again, his palm brushing against the silken sheets as he opened his eyes again. He stared at the mingled purple, pink and blue lighting for a moment and then his boyfriend made another soft sound in his sleep so he turned his head to look at him. Jimin shifted ever so slightly, wriggling on the mattress as he nuzzled his face against his bare shoulder and let his breath out in a grunt. After some more sleepy stretching he turned his head and Yoongi watched him forcing his heavy eyelids open to look at him. In his current sleepy state it took Jimin a moment to react, his full lips lifting up into a lazy smile that made his cheeks lift and crinkle his eyes at the corners.


Never mind, that was a great start to the day.


“Good morning,” Jimin said as he pulled himself closer to him, planting a soft kiss on the curved ball of his shoulder. Yoongi hummed a greeting in reply and slowly ran his fingers through his hair. “Mmm, what time’s it?”


“Uh, something like 8:30am,” Yoongi replied as Jimin moved to snake an arm over his chest and stroke his fingers along the dip of his collar bones. “That was Hoseok calling, just shooting the shit.”


“At 8:30? Hmmm, he must have had his morning coffee,” Jimin mumbled sleepily as he carried on slowly tracing the hard jut of his collar bones with his fingertips. “Why not…10:30? That’s a nice time to wake up.”


“You wanna sleep a little more?” Yoongi offered as he turned his head and buried his lower face in Jimin’s hair. It smelled like the complimentary shampoo and sweat, the ends feather-soft against his lips. “No need to move outta this weird bed until 10:30 if you don’t wanna.”


“Mmm, no, think I’ll get up and shower,” Jimin replied as he shifted to loosen his hold from around his ribs and sat upright. Yoongi watched him folding his legs to the side, thighs rubbing together with a soft noise as he rolled his head back in a lazy attempt at stretching it. His hoodie was hanging off his frame, unzipped and mostly off one shoulder, the other side still shrugged up messily, and this meant that Yoongi got to study him for a moment.


Jimin was completely naked under the hoodie, bare skin on perfect display that Yoongi almost greedily stared at whilst he still had the chance. Just like last night the neon room lights cast over his body, highlighting and creating deep shadows here and there so perfectly. Because of how he was sitting he had a modicum of modesty but Yoongi could still see that smooth curve of his pubis bone, the urge to kiss it still incredibly overwhelming. Jimin yawned loudly and covered his mouth with his hand, hoodie cuffs covering his fingers like a paw which he then lifted to rub at his eyes as he sniffed hard a few times.




“Yeah, angel?”


“I’m so glad that there’s no pot left,” Jimin said as he dropped his hands back down to his thighs. “My brain feels like it’s melted or something.” Yoongi laughed softly in agreement and his boyfriend clambered off the bed to cross the room and go into the bathroom. He rolled onto his side to watch him go, eyes keenly following the gentle natural swing of his hips as he walked and greatly enjoying the sight of his behind that his hoodie didn’t exactly cover.


Yoongi waited for him to finish showering before he followed him into the bathroom to get cleaned up. He was far too lazy to search his bag for his toiletries and so he just settled for using the complimentary ones that still had a slight amount left in the small bottles. It was cheap and it meant that he didn’t have a lot of use but it was good enough for him and he just hastily lathered his hair and washed himself free from sweat and the slight residual remains of cum still clinging to his skin. When he was done he stepped out of the shower with a series of deep grumbling noises, reaching up to rub at his eyes roughly. Unsurprisingly they were very heavy and hard to keep open, but the worst part of it all was the dull ache in his thighs and stomach muscles. He knew that it was likely a result of riding his motorbike for so long yesterday but a little voice at the back of his mind told him that his rather impromptu dancing might have just been a reason too.


Yoongi snorted around his toothpaste and out of the corner of his eye he saw Jimin studying him curiously as he dabbed his face dry with the towel. There was really no need to explain and so he didn’t do so, instead just focusing on getting cleaned up for the day. In the clear mounted mirror above the sink he could see a blossoming bruise that most certainly hasn't been present last night, right on the side of his throat from where Jimin had sucked and nibbled at his skin. Yoongi studied it with a great interest as he borrowed a dab of Jimin’s facial cleanser and started lathering the foam all over his face, damp hair slicked back off his brow. He was in the act of patting his face dry when Jimin left the bathroom and he turned his head to watch him go, eyes tracking the deep scratches down his spine that ran all the way down to the waistband of his rather boring black briefs.


Well, he had left his mark too. Just not with his teeth.


“What’s the plan for today, hmm?” Jimin asked as he shifted to sit on one of the sex seats and start knotting his Timberlands, breaking the silence that had been hanging in the air whilst they had been dressing.


Yoongi watched him doing so for a moment, finding himself completely mesmerised by how…normal everything felt this morning. Despite what had happened between them last night there was nothing hanging in the air between them that felt heavy or awkward. No, the air was calm and rather serene and after a moment Jimin glanced up to look at him as he finished knotting the first boot tight. He held his gaze and then gave him a soft smile as he moved onto the second.


“We’ve gotta return the keys first,” Yoongi explained as he reached up to rub at his nose. “We only bought an evening deal so, uh, we can go out for awhile like you wanted, see some sights and then…pay for another room here again. Yeah?”


“Sure,” Jimin agreed as he finished knotting his boot up and then proceeded to hug his thigh against his chest, chin balanced on his knee. “That sounds like a good idea.”


“OK but, uh, we gotta sort the clothes out before we hand in the keys,” Yoongi said as he reached up to start scratching at his damp hair. “I saw a laundromat like, right at the end of the lot so let’s pack it all up and grab a machine. If there’s any available ones, that is.”


“I’m on it,” his boyfriend said as he shifted to get off the sex seat and started collecting the cast-off clothing from both the main area flooring and the bathroom.


Whilst he did so Yoongi attempted to clean up a little, shoving the rubbish into one of the convenience store bags and knotting it tight to go into the trash can down the street. He made sure to collect the cards together and shove them into it the packet because they were the luckiest pack of cards he had ever found and he was keeping them forever. The condom balloon might not have floated but he was impressed to find that it had stayed inflated overnight and he decided to leave it in the room, give the room service cleaner a good laugh when they saw it.


After a quick sweep to make sure that they had everything packed away safely Yoongi took hold of Jimin’s hand and they left the motel room together, the lights still glowing inside as Yoongi locked the door for what might just have been the last time, if they picked another room tonight that was. On the walk to the laundromat he tossed the bag of rubbish into the trash can, listening to the glass bottles clinking together as it disappeared inside. Jimin probably had no need to bring the pizza with them, both the sweet and savoury options shoved into the same box with a bunch of napkins, but he did so anyway because he was clearly hungry. He would get to eat his breakfast sitting in the laundromat whilst everyone inside stared at them, hopefully not eating as sloppily as he had last night and dribbling hot and cheese sauce all over himself to make his current clothing filthy.


When they entered the establishment Yoongi saw that it luckily wasn’t packed full but there was a considerable amount of older women present and gathered together. They were clearly all having a nice gossip whilst they waited for their wash and tumble dry cycles to finish and when he shoved the door open they all turned their heads to stare at them both. Yoongi felt a little like they were prey in that moment, being sized up by so many sharp pairs of eyes. Jimin pushed past him without much care at all, going over to the benches that were placed in the middle of the laundromat and dropping the pizza box and his bag onto it with a heavy sigh. Then he moved to drop onto it and looked over at him, expression blank as he waited for him to grab two of the small plastic baskets and move to stand beside him.


Yoongi pulled his clothing out of his backpack with little care, tossing it all into one of the baskets. He had to hang his camera case around his neck for the time being, knowing that he would struggle to fit it inside with the freshly cleaned clothing. His boyfriend made a noise under his breath and gave him a look, one that showed that he was judging him.


“You gotta separate whites from the dark colours,” Jimin said, moving the various items around in the two baskets. “Otherwise it’ll get all messy and you’ll stain everything.”


After his boyfriend had sorted the two baskets out Yoongi shoved the items into the washing machines. Jimin’s wallet was packed full of coins and so he ended up buying the detergents and softener from the dispensers across the store, also feeding coins into the machines so that they could use them.


“Hoodie,” Yoongi instructed as he held out his hand to him, the dark wash still not ready to be cleaned without it.


Jimin had to empty his pockets out for him to clean the hoodie, placing the variety of items down between his thighs on the bench for safekeeping. Yoongi watched him curiously to see what he unearthed, a small mountain starting to grow. First there was his mostly empty packet of cigarettes and lighter (which made him make a mental note to buy more as soon as possible) and then the love motel keys with the milky pink fob. Then came two matchbooks from the last two hotels that they had crashed in over the weekend, followed by a compact mirror and the pack of cards. Finally Jimin pulled the actual sex kit pouch out from inside his hoodie to place on the bench, the milky pink cotton bag folded up because it only contained several foil packets of plain and flavoured lube. Yoongi stared at it in confusion and then looked up at Jimin.


“What?” his boyfriend asked him, lifting his eyes curiously as he shrugged the hoodie off. “There was no matchbook inside the room, I searched for one and couldn’t find any so I thought I’d take the pouch.” Yoongi just accepted the item from him and tossed it into the machine, closing the door and turning to study the buttons in front of them.


Whilst the two washes ran their cycle Yoongi moved to sit down beside his boyfriend, feeling incredibly out of place inside the large building. The fact that they were both males and young seemed to be a sign that they might have just encroached into the wrong territory, for the old women made no qualms about staring at them the entire duration of the wash cycle.


Maybe it was because they were dressed in dark clothing with even darker bags under their eyes, telltale signs of a drunken night and possible hints to them being troublesome young men. The kind that might just have hidden tattoos and gang connections. Well, Yoongi had just over the amount of friends needed to count of two hands and they most certainly weren’t petty gangsters. Sure Seokjin could throw a hard punch when he wanted to but that was nothing; barely elevated them above high school delinquent level. No, no gangster friends and no tattoos either. Just plenty of bruises on his knees and lower legs from riding his motorbike all day long and one on his throat perfectly shaped like the ring of Jimin’s teeth.


Maybe they were staring because Jimin was sitting on the wooden bench, swinging his legs back and forth as he happily chewed on a slice of freezing cold sweet pizza like a child? Right now his boyfriend had a blob of honey all over the sharp little pointed tip and he still had smeared eyeliner present that matched his chipped nail varnish. He probably looked like a mess to them but to Yoongi he looked like an angel.


Maybe it was just because they were old? Yes, that was probably it.


When the wash cycle was finished Yoongi had to collect the wet clothing into the laundromat baskets, moving to go over to the row of dryers on the other side of the benches. The only ones that were currently empty were stacked on top of the others, something that he thought looked like an accident waiting to happen. He had to reach up and shove the different washes inside the two machines, literally not even caring what the options were as he hit several buttons and then moved to sit back down on the bench.


“Want a slice?” Jimin asked him as he moved to pick up the box and offer him some of the pizza. Yoongi studied the rather sloppy-looking slices and then looked up to study Jimin. His boyfriend looked so strange without his hoodie on, his toned arms and neck exposed completely along with some of his chest and back. That was when Yoongi realised that the deep scratches all over his upper back were just visible over the neckline of his vest.


No wonder they were being stared at.


“No thanks, angel,” he replied in a quiet voice. “You eat it all.”


It took the machines several minutes to dry their clothing and save them from this strange aged hell. As soon as they were done Yoongi almost dived off the bench to empty the machines into one of the baskets and lug it back over to the bench. The warmth of the clothing wafted up to hit him, fragrant with softener and lovely to the touch as he started pulling items free and folding them to go into his backpack, Jimin copying his actions. Yoongi was in the act of balling socks up and shoving them down the side of the bag when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye and when he turned his head he saw it.


The red lace and silk thong was on the floor, lying there like some offending item: a crime scene corpse almost judging from the way that the old women stared at it.


Yoongi stopped in the act of hastily packing the clothing into his backpack to stare at it, too shocked to even blush with embarrassment. It must have slipped free whilst he had been packing the basket and he hadn’t noticed it falling but now everyone in the establishment had noticed it. His brain kept telling him to just go over, to pick it up and act like nothing had just happened and yet his legs didn’t seem to want to do so. After a moment Jimin finished packing his smaller bag and studied him before turning his head to locate what he was staring at.


“Oh, Yoongi,” Jimin said as he moved to collect the fallen thong. “You dropped this.”


Yoongi eyed his bag to see that it was full, no way of it possibly slipping inside because his boyfriend had already managed to shut it even with the seams looking rather dangerously close to bursting. That meant that he would just need to get it inside his one instead, he was sure that there was enough room. He was about to reach out and grab it when he realised that the old women were all staring at him and that was when he figured out why.


The women thought that it was his thong.


“Thanks,” Yoongi muttered as he accepted the thong from him and shoved it into the backpack, fumbling the clasp shut whilst Jimin grinned wickedly at him. Now his cheeks were flushed with heat and likely bright pink. As soon as it was secure he shrugged it up onto his shoulder and reached over to grab Jimin’s wrist. “C’mon, let’s blow this joint.”


Yoongi guided Jimin out of the laundromat, leaving the empty pizza box and used napkins inside it without a single care. It wasn’t like they were going back there ever again so why should he care? His boyfriend let him escort him back to the motel, moving to pull his wrist free so that he could hold his hand instead. The warmth and softness of his hoodie cuff rubbing against his palm was absolutely wonderful but when they reached the lot he sadly had to relinquish his hold and ask for the keys, which Jimin pulled free to toss at him.


“Be right back, yeah?” Yoongi said as he moved to go towards the check-in area, lifting the keys up to show him; the metal dangling from the plastic fob musically. Jimin made a soft noise and as he crossed the lot he heard the sound of his boots crunching on the tarmac as he wandered off across the walkway.


The check-in area didn’t actually look that bad this morning upon entering, which was something that Yoongi would never have thought possible. It wasn’t that he liked this place at all but he had to admit that the scented candles and soft lighting was actually rather pleasing for his aching head as he walked over to the tinted glass desk. Yoongi placed the keys down on the counter and pushed them towards the gap in the glass partition.


“Returning keys,” he said as he moved his hand away and proceeded to reach up and fix his backpack straps up onto his shoulder. He watched a hand move to collect them, seeing a different set of manicured golden nails this morning instead of the sleek French-tipped ones of last night.


“Thank you, I hope that you enjoyed your stay at Touch,” she said in a customer-friendly tone. Yoongi hummed something in agreement under his breath. “Please come back again.”


“Sure thing,” he said as he turned to leave the area, making sure to grab a brochure first just for the sake of it. As he crossed the room he folded it up and shoved it down the backs of his jeans, the glossy paper rubbing against his tucked in tee with a soft rustling sound. Yoongi shoved the door open and after glancing across the lot he located his boyfriend.


Jimin was sitting up on the ice machine again, legs dangling over the front and his hands shoved into his hoodie pockets whilst he waited for him. He was once again curious as to how the hell that he had gotten up there but considering the fact last night had revealed many things about his boyfriend he had been unaware of he guessed that this was rather mundane. Like how Jimin could pole dance, like how he liked having nails scratching down his back and a hidden cache of thongs that he had actually packed with him for this road trip. Yoongi smiled to himself as he reached up and fiddled with his camera case, slipping his camera free from inside the vinyl casing and turning it on. The battery was pretty low and so he would need to charge it in a convenience store at some point but for now it would suffice. He lifted the camera and hit a few buttons, fixing the focus so that he could snap a candid shot of his boyfriend staring off across the lot.


“Smile, angel,” he said as he moved to get closer to him. Jimin turned his head to look at him and because of the angle that Yoongi was on he has to look down at him. His hood was pulled up but it couldn’t fully hide his messy hair. “Mmm, that’s not a smile.” Yoongi cocked his head ever so slightly and Jimin leaned forward, hands going between this thighs to settle on the cold metal top of the machine as he refused to smile at him. “C’mon, angel, this’ like an award-winning shot right here. Forget photos of wild animals or whatever shit wins, you look a million times better.” At his rather lame attempt at a compliment Jimin actually did smile, doing so rather unconsciously until the sound of the shutter closing made him realise.


“Ah, Yoongi, I look a mess don’t-”


“Yeah, a hot mess,” Yoongi agreed and when his boyfriend started laughing at his quip he snapped another couple of shots.


“These aren’t the sexy shots I promised,” Jimin said as he reached up to tug on his hood, chipped black nails matching the material perfectly. “They were far from sexy but you’ll get some soon.”


“Oh yeah? Like tonight?” Yoongi asked without looking up at him, flicking through his photographs instead. “Like a couple of shots of you dancing, pole included?”


“Only if I lose another double or nothing bet,” Jimin stated as he turned his camera off and slipped it back into the case. Yoongi eyed the front of the vending machine just a few feet away and he saw that the vibrator toys were on the top shelf. It looked rather empty and he stared at the sight of the capsules before turning to look back at Jimin.


“Looks like other people were having fun too,” he joked as he reached up and offered his boyfriend a helping hand getting down. Jimin slipped his arms around his neck as he grabbed hold of his waist, sliding him along the top and then lifting him up. His boots thumped off the ground and yet Jimin kept his arms wrapped around his neck a moment longer.


“Oh? That was me,” he said as he traced his fingers along the back of his neck.


“What?” Yoongi asked in surprise, hands squeezing into his sides.


“Well, the toys are disposable,” Jimin explained. “You use them up and throw them away, so I thought that I’d buy a couple more. Just in case, you know?” He skipped his arms free from around his neck and then gave him a mischievous smile, one that would have been perfect for the impromptu photography session from a moment ago. “Oh, and also some lube.”


“Jimin they, uh, they give you the packets…” he explained rather dumbly as he turned to watch Jimin moving across the lot to his bike. After a few seconds he managed to follow after him, dragging his boots as he did. Yoongi wrestled his keys out of his jeans pocket and he unlocked the seat storage so that they could pull their helmets out.


“Yes but,” Jimin argued as he shoved his smaller bag into the compartment and reached over to grab his backpack from him. “They only give you one or two and we use them up so I was thinking about the rest of the road trip.” Jimin shrugged his backpack up onto both of his shoulders and Yoongi couldn’t help but tighten his hold on his helmet, staring at him dumbly. His boyfriend made a noise under his breath that showed he was proud of his smart-thinking, rolling back on his heels as he did. “What?”


“…Nothing,” Yoongi replied with a soft head shake. He was about to slip the helmet on when Jimin moved suddenly and grabbed hold of his elbow.


“Wait.” he fumbled inside his jeans pocket and then he pulled his bandanna free, unfolding the crumpled red material so that he could refold it and then reach over and start knotting it around his brow. Yoongi snorted as he pulled it taut and then started knotting the lengths into a bow, hair shoved off his face messily. “OK, there. Let’s go, I wanna see the folk village and Hoam art museum and-”


“Alright alright,” Yoongi said, reaching over to pat the side of his helmet as Jimin buckled the chin strap up. “Wherever you wanna go, we’ll go.”


“Promise?” Jimin asked, voice muffled from the helmet. Yoongi slipped his own one on and secured it tight, moving to close and lock the seat storage. He climbed on his bike first, his boyfriend getting on behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist. Yoongi got the keys in the ignition and he twisted them hard, pulling out the clutch lever as he brought his foot down and slowly reversed out of the parking space. As he steered the bike out of the lot he replied to him, not even knowing if he heard his voice over the rumbling engine.


“I promise, angel.”