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Time Has Come

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>John: Get acquainted with your new home.

The rest of the day you spent walking around campus. You found out there was a lake near the forest. You found the mess hall,it was also pretty huge. You met the gym teacher and the arts teacher. Later you wandered around some sort of courtyard that had a fountain that had the weird angle spitting out water. Finally you ironed out the maze known as the main building.
After you did all of that you were a bit tired so you decided to head back to the student dorm building. You bumped into a couple of kids and there parents. There was a very angry kid that wore a turtle neck, you nicknamed him Chip because it seemed like he had a HUGE chip on his shoulder. He had moved into the room right across from yours, and coming out of the same room was a weird looking kid that probably only looked weird because he had an pretty annoyed look on his face, you nicknamed him flippy because he kinda had a weird lisp that if you tried to do it your tong would flip around in your mouth. There was also this other kid who was in a wheelchair, you nicknamed him stud because he had a stutter that was kind of adorable, he reminded you of a small child in a don't really know why. With him came a really tall kid who’s eyes where bloodshot, you nicknamed him stone. Stone and stud looked like really good friends already. they were sharing a room right next to yours. After making nicknames up for people you got really tired and closed the door to keep the noise of people throwing tantrums, crying, moving around, or laughing away from you as you let yourself close your eyes and drift off to dreamland. Everything went silent.
Soon after you heard people moving around in your room. You thought it was probably your dad trying to prank you for taking a nap. and then you realized you weren’t at home and jumped awake. You were met by a pair of shades, a red shirt and a short man.
“shh Mr.Egbert! it’s a little too late at night to be screaming.”
“Oh…sorry…but what exactly is happening?…”
“well Mr.Egbert as promised you where to have a roommate so here he is! his parents was a very late on bringing him here so once he’s comfortable would you be able to give him quick tour of this building?”
You looked at him with confusion. he wore sunglasses at night? ok….his name should be vamp, because you kinda thought he was a vampire even though that made no sense what so ever.
“u-umm…y-y-yeah i’ll do my best, um, h-hello there my name is John,whats yours?..”
you stretched your hand to him to give him a handshakein your attempt to be as polite and friendly as posable so he wouldn't have a reason to hate you.
He gave you a high five.
“uh..ok..not much of a talker?”
“oh! no i dont think so i tried making conversation with him earlier but he didn’t say anything. maybe he’s just nervous.”
“whats your name?”
you tried asking again but were retured with ellipsis.
“OH! I think I have his name”
he pulls another paper out of this coat pocket and put on his reading glasses.
“This is Dave Strider. He doesn’t talk much…thats all it says….well anyway i must return to the office before Mr. Noir blows a gasket. I’ll check up on you guys tomorrow alright. if you need anything your floor councilors are down the hall, good night boys!”
“good night Mr.Droll.”
you where now alone with Dave. you trued to him and he looked like he smiled a little.
“so um, just tell me when your r-ready and I’ll take you to the rest of the building…”
He nodded and turned to his luggage. he started putting things away and soon you realized you hadn’t put things away yourself, so as he put things away so did you. He didn’t have many bags, but in the bags that he did have they were overloaded with weird selfies, jars, clothes, and what seemed to be music equipment. He had a smaller bag that had a laptop and a charger. He hung everything up and placed things together, soon it started to shape out and look like a room. Your things were up too. Although they were a bit more neat than Dave’s things, his things had more of his personality. He wasn’t afraid to put his collection of (looking at the jars closer) dead animals and embarrassing photos up, but you didn’t have the guts to take your stuffed bunny out of your luggage. You had a pretty big debate on bringing it here anyway and now that you did and after learning that you had to have a roommate you dont really feel conferrable taking the bunny out of the box. spacing out and thinking about how weird it would be to sleep without your bunny. Then there was a light tap on your shoulder.
You Dropped the box that held your bunny with a thud,and with it your bunny rolled out. Dave saw,it bent over,and picked it up. He handed it back to you and curved one corner of his lip up.
“oh! Uh thank you Dave...h-how about we head to the showers now?”
In your attempt to change the subject you even tossed your bunny, you'll apologize to her thoroughly later. You picked up your towel that was on your bed ,your clothes, and your other toiletries. Dave was already at the door way when you looked back up. He motioned his hand to move out and you followed.