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Time Has Come

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>Hey kid where are you?


Your name is John Egbert and you are waiting out by the school gates for your dads old Toyota. Today is the day Alternia Boarding school becomes Co-ed! you can't wait until Jade gets here. You've missed her very much. You hadn't seen her since around the 5th grade when you moved away. The day before you moved away you two skipped school and ran around town trying to do as many things together as possible. Before it was time to go you both went in to see Con-Air at an old movie theater. When the movie ended both of you were in tears.

“Yo, Egderp. Where’s the fire?”

You heard Dave’s voice coming from behind you. You turn to see your shade wearing pal.

“What do you mean?- Oh! sorry that I didn't wake you up where you planning on doing anything this morning? I just thought,since we stayed up so last night you wouldn't want me to wake you up at the ass-crack of dawn.”

He smiled a little.

“Nah no problem there, it was just a little weird to wake on my own fairly early.”

“What do you mean fairly early? It’s like noon.”

“Well excuse me princess, but its fairly early to me. Anyway what were you doing up so early? Jade wouldn't come till around, well, now.”

“I dunno. I woke up around 6 am and I thought eh, sleep is for losers and was screwing around till everyone else woke up and I could get breakfast.”

“That must have been really stupid.”

You shrugged and turned around just in time to see an old Toyota pull up to the schools drive way and coming ever so slightly to the schools gate.

“Holy shit, they’re here.”

you said in a very excited voice.

“wait whoa whoa whoa wait….’They’? who is this they?”

The tone of Dave’s voice gave away how confused he was. You hadn't told him that Jade wasn't the only girl coming, the Lalond twins would be accompanying her. Why? you don't really know. Jade hadn't specified why nor did she ever feel like talking about it so you never asked.

“Oh oops i guess it slipped my mind, the Lalonds are coming with her aha funny story-”

“oh oh funny story? NO john NO you have no, I, you, Why didn't you tell me?!”

Dave was Freaking out and you felt even worse about not telling him about them. You were only half lying about forgetting to tell him, when ever you would remember it was always really bad timing, but now its time for a flash back to when you first got here.