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Cats Out The Bag

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Chapter 1 – What the Hell?


Gibbs sat back in his chair. It had been a very long fortnight; it started with a bit of embezzling and ended with three dead men, eight men in custody and a container full of kidnapped Shifter’s all ready to be shipped off to Asia and sold off as exotic sex slaves.

It had taken days to get all the Shifter’s back to their respective Shifter Dormitories, most of them coming from military Dorms, only some were from public ones around DC.

In a week they had just busted a huge slavers ring before it really got off the ground.

So now all the reports were typed up and sent off, he could finally relax, there was nothing more satisfying than a job well done, and even better from stopping something before it really got started.

The only thing that had really thrown him off was DiNozzo’s reaction to the case.

The moment Gibbs’s senior field agent had found out they were dealing with Shifter, he had gone after the kidnappers with a vengeance that was unusually out of character, but on the other hand DiNozzo had avoided the Shifter’s themselves, like they were diseased. Always giving over any dealing with them personally to McGee or Kate.

Gibbs had noted down Tony’s aversion, and would talk to him about it later, once they all got some well earned rest.

Gibbs had to admit, Shifter’s always made him a little uneasy. They were rare for a start, some freak of evolution where feline DNA had been mixed with north European ancestry. No one could agree when or why it had happened, nor why it was lions or tigers, or other breeds. Normally they looked like everyone else, but could fully transform into a feline form at will. They would be registered as small children, and then shipped off to Shifter dormitories the instant they reached puberty. Gibbs had visited one once, and he shivered at the memory, they were prisoners in a gilded cages, estranged from family and friends as they waited to be given to practically the highest bidder, even if the law said it was for their own protection, to keep them safe from abuse, and that they were given a choice to who they would be Bonded too.

Gibbs rubbed a hand over his face, it was three pm and he would call it a day. As he looked around at his team, McGee was staring blankly at his computer screen but not doing anything. Kate had her head on one fist as she idly checked her e-mail’s, Tony on the other hand was leaned back in his chair fast asleep.

With a sigh Gibbs stood. “McGee, Todd, why don’t you guys go home?, take tomorrow off and I’ll see you back here on Thursday.”

“Thanks Boss!” McGee rapped out as he slowly got to his feet.

“Ugg, I’m gonna have a nice long bath when I get home.” Kate smiled as she stood and stretched. “That was a bummer of a case.”

Gibbs just nodded as he made his way over to Tony who still hadn’t stirred. Gibbs couldn’t help but smile a little as he creped up on DiNozzo, there was always something fun about spooking Tony, or smacking him upside the head.

Gibbs reached out a hand just behind Tony’s head, aware that his other two agent eyes were on him keenly.

“DiNozzo!” he barked as he cuffed the back of the other man’s head.

Just as predicted Tony flinched upright giving a guttural grunt of surprise as he looked up at Gibbs.

Then time stood still.

Gibbs felt the grin he had been wearing, ever so slowly fade as he looked into the other man’s eyes.

Instead of Tony’s normal brilliant green eyes looking up at him, Gibbs found himself staring into green orbs, all white gone. The pupil had been wide in DiNozzo’s shock but had constricted down to a slit in the mid afternoon glare from the sky light above. Then Tony blinked and they went back to normal.

It had only taken an instant, but Gibbs now knew why Tony had avoided the Shifter’s.

DiNozzo looked away, blinking as he scrabbled out of his chair, almost sending it flying to the floor in his haste. “I…I…” Tony stuttered, no doubt trying to find some excuse to get away.

Gibbs’s surprise turned to anger as he narrowed his eyes at his senior agent. Without thinking he reached out, gripping Tony’s left wrist, digging his fingers into the soft flesh above the wrist so it would hurt. If his suspicions were right, the other man would calm down without a fight.

Tony froze instantly.

Gibbs knew he shouldn’t be doing this; he should approach this calmly and with care. But he was so irrationally angry; this was something he should not have been kept in the dark about.

Grabbing someone by the wrist in such a way was a social taboo at the best of times, but doing it to a Shifter was seen as a criminal act. It put the Shifter into instant submission. And Tony was that right now as he stood still, his broad shoulders slumped, his head down, all the fight had left him.

Gibbs was still aware of other eyes on him, all humour from the room gone now. He had to go somewhere, somewhere where prying eyes didn’t exist.

Gibbs turned, dragging DiNozzo in his wake; he passed McGee who was all but gawping at them, his brows drawn in confusion. Gibbs had no time for explanation as he went to the elevator that would take him to the basement.

When the doors opened he all but threw DiNozzo inside, shooting a glare at McGee and Todd, who were peeking around the wall at him, he stepped into the elevator and pushed the ‘close doors’ button before stabbing the level button.

When he was sure the elevator had gone far enough he flicked the emergency switch and spun on his Senior Field Agent.

“What the hell!” he barked out angrily.

DiNozzo just stood there shaking violently. “Please.” He uttered. “Please let me go.”

“Like hell I will!” Gibbs growled shaking his hand that still held DiNozzo’s wrist.


+ + + + + + + +


Tony couldn’t fight the panic that was welling up through his body, up through his stomach, into his chest and all but choking him.

He desperately wanted to pull away from Gibbs, but with the hold the man had on him his body refused to have any will of its own. He wanted to run. Run so fast and so far that no one would ever find him again.

He wanted to go back to his apartment, pack up what he could into his car, drain all his accounts then leave. He wasn’t sure where, but he knew this time he ran it would involve a long flight.

He should have gone sooner, he knew it was only a matter of time before someone found out what he was.

But when Gibbs had hired him, and Abby and Ducky had become his friends. Then all three his faux family he just couldn’t bring himself to leave, whenever he thought about it, Abby would suggest a night out, or Ducky a lunch, or Gibbs would be there with a case to crack. There had always been excuses and he had accepted every single one shamelessly.

Now as the panic and fear ate at him, he knew he was wrong.

He could smell the anger rolling off Gibbs in sickening waves.

He had always thought he would tell Gibbs his secret eventually, and the older man would understand, would offer him protection, would even claim him as his own. But the latter had been Tony’s wildest dreams.

Now all his dreams lay in tatters as he stood in a small metal box with the object of his desire projecting nothing but anger at him.

Suddenly the air was too thick to breathe, it was too warm even though he was shivering with dread, he had to get out, leave, be anywhere but here as his world collapsed about him.

He had already lost everything, so he had nothing left to lose.


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs took a step back when he saw the tears falling from DiNozzo’s face onto the floor.

DiNozzo was shaking violently now, what skin Gibbs could see had gone deathly white. Then DiNozzo began to hyperventilate. It was obvious that the younger man was going into a full blown panic attack. What Gibbs did not expect, was the speed in which DiNozzo tried to push past him towards the controls.

Gibbs found himself flung to the back of the elevator as DiNozzo flicked the emergency switch and began throwing himself at the door.

Without thinking, Gibbs let his training take over. He once again grabbed DiNozzo’s left wrist, his other hand going to the base of DiNozzo’s neck, pushing the taller man up against the doors with his own body.

DiNozzo yowled in fear and frustration, then tried to buck Gibbs off.

In that instant Gibbs felt his hand slip up DiNozzo’s neck until his index finger and thumb ended up either side of DiNozzo’s spine just below his skull where they squeezed automatically.

DiNozzo gave another guttural cry, but this time it was filled with despair before he went completely limp.

Gibbs just stood where he was, more in shock than anything else now. His original anger being replaced with disbelief for the moment at what he had just done.

He looked at his hand, still on the back of DiNozzo’s neck with a cold dread.

This was something like a scene out of some trashy chick flick, where some dashing annoying guy would claim his reluctant Shifter by grabbing her neck in this way and they would Bond and live happily ever after.

Gibbs never gave it much thought, Shannon had loved those kinds of movies, he had even played at it with her by biting her neck during sex, it would make her wild… but it had never been something he ascribed too, it was just an old wives tale. Or so he had always thought.

DiNozzo was just sobbing openly now as he stood against the elevator doors, but all the fight had left him.

Gibbs felt the elevator hit its level and the doors began to open. Without much thinking he forced DiNozzo to start walking, almost bending the other man double as he pushed him forward towards the doors to Autopsy.


+ + + + + + + +


Ducky was busy waiting for Palmer to get back, he had just finished on the last body of the Shifter kidnappers, and needed to get him into one of the lockers and he couldn’t do it alone.

He heard the automatic doors open behind him. “Ah, About time, come on help me get this man…”


Ducky winced at the tone of Gibbs’s voice, he didn’t sound pleased. Then he heard someone crying.

“Jeth… ro….” He said as he turned and he took in the sight before him.

Gibbs looked agitated as he held Anthony’s wrist with one hand, the other at the younger mans neck forcing his head down.

“Oh my.” He uttered as he saw the tears leaking from Anthony’s eyes.

“I take it you knew about this?” Gibbs barked, pushing Anthony’s head down a little more, bending the poor boy almost to the floor.

Ducky sighed deeply. It had been almost eighteen months ago that young Anthony had come to him, confessing he was an unregistered Shifter, and that Anthony would like him to be his medical contact.

Ducky had been deeply moved by the young mans hesitant trust in him, and had readily promised to keep his secret as long as he could. He asked Anthony to confide in Jethro, but he had refused with a sad smile. Ducky didn’t pry into the younger mans history, or why he was unregistered. With Anthony’s job history, he could understand why he may not want his boss’s to know, especially as he was in a high risk job where Shifter’s were highly discouraged from working in the first place.

Now it looked like it had all gone to hell in a hand basket.

“Jethro… you must calm down.” He tried. Anthony’s distress made his chest tighten in sympathy.

“You knew!” Gibbs growled. “You knew I had a Shifter on my team and you never said anything!”

Ducky waved his hands in a placating motion. “Anthony asked me to keep his secret, and I didn’t see any reason to break that trust… until now.”

“I take it he’s also unregistered?”

Ducky sighed deeply as he nodded his affirmation. “I don’t know the whole story Jethro. I thought Anthony would tell me in time… but I assume it’s up to you now to ask him.” He looked down at Anthony, he desperately wanted to comfort the young man, but right now he knew he couldn’t touch him. “Anthony?” He addressed him. “Has Jethro started your Bonding ritual?”

Anthony gave a deeper sob as he nodded his head slightly.

“That’s just a myth!” Gibbs snapped as he suddenly released Anthony all together, letting the younger man collapse to the floor.

Ducky watched with a heavy heart as Anthony pulled himself across the ground towards Gibbs, who stepped away from Anthony’s outstretched hand.

Ducky got mad then, Gibbs may not have been aware of what he had started, but it was too late now for him to back out! Anthony’s soft cries of misery and anguish were enough to melt even the hardest of hearts, even Jethro’s.

Ducky stepped around the younger man and grabbed Jethro’s hand, pulled him towards Anthony. He then pushed Jethro’s hand into the Shifter outstretched one, and instantly Anthony calmed down, even if his tears kept flowing.

Ducky felt Jethro try to pull away, but he kept a hold of his arm.

“Tell Anthony Bonding is just a myth!” Ducky spoke directly into Jethro’s face. “Now this may have started as an accident, but it would not have happened if this young man did not already have feeling for you.”

“Love isn’t a one way thing Duck.” Jethro said, his voice more calm now, but it had acquired a distasteful mocking tone Ducky didn’t like.

Ducky just smiled at his old friend knowingly. “I think you will figure it out.” He said cryptically, Ducky had seen the way Jethro interacted with Anthony when he though no one was watching, Jethro’s affections went deeper than just friendship. “Now you take your boy home and you make him yours.”

“And if I don’t?” Jethro growled.

Ducky knew Jethro hated to be told what to do, but this was important, he had researched deeply into Shifter’s when Anthony had confessed to him. “Then be prepared to loose your senior special agent… and I will mourn the loss of another dear friend.” He said softly, letting Jethro know he didn’t mean just from the job. Shifter’s could pine themselves to death if a Bonding was rejected.

He watched as Jethro looked down at the sobbing man at their feet, realisation filling his usually stony blue eyes.

Ducky patted his shoulder reassuringly. “Take him home Jethro, I’ll sort out the director, you have a few day’s leave anyway?”

Jethro nodded, his eyes not lifting from Anthony.

“Take him straight home, let no one else touch him before you’ve Bonded, it will hurt him mentally and physically. Now go, use the autopsy garage to get out.”

Ducky watched as Jethro reached down and pulled Anthony to his feet where the younger man pushed his whole body against Jethro’s. Tears were still coursing down Anthony’s cheeks as he all but hyperventilated, but he followed Jethro as he put an arm around his waist and helped him towards the exit.

They didn’t say anything as they left and Ducky just hoped they would work it out, they would be good for each other, well, if Jethro could thaw himself out enough and not drive poor Anthony mad.

“What’s wrong with Tony?” Palmer asked as he came into the room. “Was he crying?”

Ducky just waved a hand at him. “He’ll be fine, he just got some bad news… now, did I ever tell you about a Shifter and her Mate I met in Peru?”


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs felt a little numb as he drove home. Tony’s hand was clamped to his thigh in a death grip, but at least he wasn’t sobbing openly anymore.

It disturbed Gibbs how much Tony was out of character. His senior agent had always seemed so self-assured and confident; to see him reduced to a shivering wreck was unnerving.

To also have him so silent was eerie.

Just getting into the car had been a feat in patience. Tony refused to let him go, so finally Gibbs had pushed him over the driver’s seat onto the passenger side.

The tears had stopped just before they got to the navy yards exit, but Tony still had fits of tremors.

Gibbs glanced at him as they sat waiting for some lights to change. Tony was pale, and as Gibbs really looked, putting his own emotions aside, he realised that Tony looked like he was in shock.

Without thinking, he reached down and squeezed the hand on his leg. “We’ll work this out.” He whispered to the other man, feeling a sense of protectiveness wash over his soul as he looked into red rimmed eyes.

Gibbs jumped when there was a barrage of car horns behind them, breaking eye contact to look up and see the lights were at green.

It took another fifteen minuets to get to the house, he hadn’t let go of Tony’s hand the whole way, aware of the way Tony seemed to be calming down, which in turn helped himself get onto more steady ground.

Slowly he opened his door and got out; not letting go of the other mans hand, then carefully pulled him out the drivers side. Once Tony was on his feet, he plastered himself to Gibbs’s side, his head averted to one side, refusing to look Gibbs in the eyes.

Gibbs just put his arm around the younger man as they went into the house. He walked straight into the kitchen retrieving two beers from the fridge, he pulled his other arm from around Tony so he could open them.

“Here…” he said handing one over into a trembling hand. Gibbs really just wanted to go into the basement and drink whatever he had down there, bourbon, whisky, turps… maybe it would make this easier to deal with. But right now his beer would have to do.

He moved into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Tony at his side constantly.

When it became apparent Tony was being a mute, he turned to look at the other man.

Tony’s eyes were wide as he looked at him, but Gibbs couldn’t fathom the emotion in them.

“So…” Gibbs said taking a swig of beer, “What am I supposed to do?” he watched as Tony blushed and looked away.

Gibbs almost found it funny, the playboy being embarrassed? Then it hit him and he couldn’t help but gasp. “You’re a virgin!?”

Tony ducked his head lower and pulled away a little, but his hands were still fisted in Gibbs’s shirt.

“Christ.” Gibbs exclaimed. Well that would explain why Tony had been so focused and angry on their last case, especially when all those Un-Bonded Shifter’s were being shipped off to China to be raped. He remembered Kate saying something about the depravity of it all. He had though it was despicable, after all, who wanted to be raped by the highest bidder?... but now he thought about it, in all those trashy romance flicks, the Shifter had always been virginal.

He had a good idea that he and Tony would be having sex in the foreseeable future, what he hadn’t known was that he would also be taking an innocent… an innocent in the form of a thirty something man who was slightly larger than himself.

He sat back feeling a little winded at the realization.

You couldn’t look at Tony without recognising his good looks, or spend ten minuets in his company without falling to his charm and the smile that, even Gibbs had to admit, you had to return.

But Tony was a man, and Gibbs had been in the Marines, where that kind of thinking was never good.

He’d never even given a guy a second look before, and now he was supposed to be Bonded to one for the rest of his life? 

He felt the anger in the pit of his stomach begin to swell again. He hated being backed into a corner. But as he looked at the man sitting next to him, his pale face averted, another wave of protectiveness came over him as he put his arm around Tony, pulling him closer, until Tony’s head was resting against his chest.

“Tony.” He said softly as he put his beer aside and began stroking Tony’s hair. “You have to help me out here… Tell me what we have to do…”

Another tremor ran through Tony, but it was short lived before Tony finally spoke. “I… I just want to be close… just, this isn’t close enough…”

“I figured that part out already DiNozzo.” Gibbs growled softly. “Is there anything else we have to do other than have sex?”

Tony shrugged and seemed to shrink in on himself.

“Is there any way we can reverse this now?” Gibbs couldn’t help but ask.

Tony shook his head, burying his face into Gibbs’s shoulder.

Gibbs just took a deep breath; he wasn’t one to sit around, rather getting things out of the way sooner rather than later. And Ducky had been right, he had flirted with Tony before now, he was a good looking man in an old classical kind of way, the moment Gibbs had seen that smile on the younger mans face, he had been lost. He never imagined anything would come from it… Now he had it all full on.

Draining the last of his beer he pulled Tony to his feet and began leading him up stairs.


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs lay with Tony’s head resting on his chest, the younger man had fallen asleep not so long ago in exhaustion. Gibbs pulled him a little closers, wishing Tony was at his other side, away from the door.

The last two hours had been a cathartic and almost religious experience, leaving Gibbs with a need he had no words for. He just knew right now he would kill anyone with his bare hands if they came anywhere near Tony.

At first it had taken Gibbs all his will power not to run away from the whole thing, Tony had been terrified. And Gibbs felt like a proper bastard as he stripped him of his clothes and laid Tony out on the bed. But Tony was as good looking naked as he was dressed and Gibbs couldn’t deny his own desire.

It had taken an hour of stroking and kissing to get Tony to relax to a point where he was flushed from head to toe and mewling with pleasure.

When Gibbs had first entered Tony with lube he still had in a bedside table drawer, Tony had tensed up again making it painful for them both, Soft reassurances and more caressing and Tony had gotten with the program and when Gibbs made him come, Tony was screaming and growling out his wordless release.

Gibbs hadn’t been far behind, and when he came inside the younger man, he had blacked out. Just before he did, something inside him seemed to collapse, letting forth a gush of emotions and all directed at the man beneath him, as well a sense of Tony flooding his senses, sight, smell and the feel of the younger man washed back on him.

He had woken a few moments later, still deep inside Tony body, who still laid breathing heavily beneath him. Tony whimpered when he pulled out. Gibbs would normally be up to get something to clean up the sticky mess and sweat, but he couldn’t pull away, needing to be in physical contact with the other man, for reasons he couldn’t explain.

So here they still lay in their own mess, and Gibbs couldn’t find the will to care. He had a stupid notion that maybe Bonding wasn’t just one sided. Because right now, he knew he couldn’t let Tony out of his sight.

He had never been like this with anyone else. Not even Shannon. Which caused a moment of guilt before Tony stirred in his arms muttering something that had a note of worry in it.

Gibbs instinctively smoothed his hand through Tony’s hair, calming him.


+ + + + + + + +


Tony woke slowly. He felt warm and comfortable. It took him a few moments before he remembered what had happened.

He had been sleeping with his head on Gibbs’s chest, the wiry hair against his cheek felt wonderful and he moved his head so he could look up at Gibbs who was still fast asleep, his arms wrapped firmly about him, holding him close.

Tony smiled.

The panic and despair from earlier, seemed like they belonged to someone else now. A look at the clock on the bedside table told him it was still the same day were he had felt his whole world falling down around him.

Now they were just distant memories along with the anxiety he had lived with ever since he could remember seemed too have lifted from his shoulders as he slept. He no longer had to worry about anyone finding out he was a Shifter.

He now had a Bond Mate, and nothing else seemed to matter at this moment in time. Everything was perfect, or as perfect as he’d ever wanted it to be.

As he thought about it, he still couldn’t quite believe this wasn’t some twisted dream, where he would wake up to find himself in some Shifter Dormitories, where all his freedom and privacy had been taken away.

A stab of fear shot through his chest when he thought about his job. He loved working at NCIS, he was really good at it, but Shifters were practically forbidden from working in a field that was construed dangerous or life threatening.

He would be forced to quite.

But as he looked back up at his Bond Mate, all his worries once again disappeared, like mist, this was Gibbs after all. And what Gibbs wanted he took.

Tony chuckled at that, and taken Tony he had.

He had been terrified when Gibbs had laid him out on the bed, but by the end Tony knew this was something he would want to repeat, and as soon as possible, or maybe when he wasn’t so sore.

His stomach rumbled loudly.

But first he needed something to eat, not remembering the last time he actually had.

The noise made Gibbs blink open his eyes and Tony grinned up at him.


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs opened his eyes, something had woken him. He looked down to see if Tony was all right.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as he pushed himself up in the bed.

Two large green eyes looked at him from the grinning face of a black panther.

The panther cocked its head to one side as it growled something like a question, then it looked down at it’s self with a familiar grunt.

Gibbs watched as the panther swiftly Shifted back into a human form, black fur melted into smooth toned skin as muscles and bone rippled beneath the surface to reveal the man he knew.

“Sorry.” Tony said blushing furiously. “I usually sleep like that, force of habit, wont happen again.”

Gibbs took a moment to slow his heart rate as he put a hand on Tony’s shoulder, needing to reassure himself he was still there. “I’m sure I’ll get used to it,” he said, he couldn’t stop the smile. “Can you change back?”

Tony nodded with a grin as he did so.

Gibbs had seen Shifters change form before on the television, but it was another matter up close and personal in his own bed.

His hand, that still rested on Tony’s shoulder, felt the shifting muscle as his palm felt the tickle of stubble as it grew into thick fur. He was amazed at how warm and soft it was until his hand rested on the silky black shoulder of a panther.

Gibbs ran his hand down the panther’s foreleg, then he reached out and stroked his hand over the panthers large silky head, he reached his other hand out to stroke along black whiskers to a fluffy ear.

The low rumbling soon turned into a full on purr emanating deep from within Tony’s chest as the cat closed his eyes, relishing the petting.

“Amazing.” Gibbs uttered as he explored the huge head.

Tony opened his eyes and grinned, his teeth as white as they were when he was human. Then Tony leaned forwards and licked his chin with a sandpaper tongue.

Gibbs winced at the harsh feel of it. “Turn back again.” He said, pulling away as Tony once again became human. “That’s more like it.” He said as he took Tony’s face in his hands, pulling him forward into a kiss.

Tony was hesitant at first before Gibbs licked his way into the younger mans mouth, licking across his wonderful teeth before delving deeper for more exploring.

There hadn’t been much time before for Gibbs to actually revel in this small act, but now he was guiding Tony in the finer points. And as always Tony was a quick learner as he pushed back with his tongue.

Gibbs was just about to settle back with Tony in his arms against the headboard, when the sound that had woken him happened again. He pulled away a little looking down at Tony’s stomach.

“I haven’t eaten since that quick breakfast we had yesterday morning.” Tony confessed with embarrassment. “And it is now past nine.”

Gibbs sighed as he tried to remember if he actually had anything in the house to eat. Without thinking he moved away from Tony and started to get up. Before he was even on his feet properly, Tony gave a strangled whine then was suddenly across the bed and pulling Gibbs back down.

“Don’t” Tony breathed in a desperate pant as his grip on Gibbs got tighter.

Gibbs took one look at the younger man and sat back down taking him in his arms again. Tony had lost all colour again, his eyes wide with panic.

“What happened?” Gibbs asked in a little shock.

Tony shook his head, “When you let go…” Tony uttered softly as a shiver passed through him. “Please don’t let go.”

Gibbs didn’t like the hint of fear in Tony’s voice.

Once again it twisted the view he had of the other man for the past three years. But it also made him tighten his grip on the Shifter, as once again he wanted to smother Tony and keep him safe.

For a few moments they just sat silently till Tony’s stomach rumbled again.

“I have to get dressed.” Gibbs said looking over the side of the bed to see yesterday’s clothes still on the floor close by. “Come here.” Gibbs pulled until Tony was sitting with his legs over the bed with him. “Keep your hand on me, then we can find your stuff.” Tony nodded a slight embarrassed blush on his cheeks.

It took about ten minutes to actually get them both dressed and Gibbs found he actually liked helping the other man dress. It was strange and almost comical as they kept in physical contact the whole time. When they finished they were both sporting grins.

Taking Tony’s hand they finally went down stairs to the kitchen, a look in the fridge and he knew they would have to go shopping; all he could find was a single can of tomato soup in the cupboard.

He opened in and sloped it into a pan, shoving it on the stove to warm up.

“You can eat this, then we have to go shopping,” Gibbs said as he found a wooden spoon. Tony had put a hand on Gibbs’s back under his shirt so he could move around the kitchen easier. “There is a big all nighter a few blocks away. Shouldn’t take us too long.”

“No…” Tony whispered quickly behind Gibbs’s left shoulder.

Gibbs turned to look at the younger man, his eyes were wide and they had gone back to looking like a cats. For a moment he couldn’t understand why Tony was looking so fearful. Then he remembered Ducky’s words and he turned to take Tony’s face in his hands. “Ok, I’ll phone Ducky, see if he can get us some things in… Think you can cope with that tonight?”

Tony inched forward plastering himself to Gibbs’s side, moving his head to rest on Gibbs’s shoulder, he was trembling a little.

Reaching out Gibbs turned off the heat, he guessed pizza would do tonight and Ducky could come around in the morning with groceries.


+ + + + + + + +


Tony lay on his back next to Gibbs. Using Gibbs’s arm as a pillow.

He was exhausted, but he couldn’t sleep.

The pizza they had eaten earlier lay heavy in his belly as his mind kept spinning away with him.

Not even twelve hours ago, his precarious life had at least been familiar. Hiding had been easy, so long as he kept all his walls up he could stay safe.

The stories of Shifter dormitories had always been enough to scare the crap out of him. Especially the ones his mother used to tell him as he sat on her knee. But she had wanted to keep her only son to herself.

He had hated her for dying; she was his protection against the world and all its cruelties. It was just a shame she had left him in his fathers care. Who always seemed to have better things to do, than look after a Shifter son, especially one he could get sent to jail for, for not registering. So his father had just gently pushed him away as he went on his business trips. Shoving him into boarding school. But they had taught him a very good lesson, hiding in plain sight, and when things got to close, he ran.

Now all his meticulously hiding had been blown to hell.

He was used to change, to starting anew wherever he ended up.

But this totally rocked his world off its axis.

And it scared the shit out of him.

For gods sake, he had almost thrown up when the pizza guy had gotten there and Gibbs had answered the door.

Right now, even the thought of anyone getting close to him, made his stomach turn in unpleasant knots. He felt so insecure and vulnerable like an open wound and he wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it.

The shame of shivering like a nerves wreck was almost too much to take, and his pride had been dented considerably.

He knew Ducky would be over sometime in the morning, and he wasn’t sure how he would cope.

He knew he was freaking Gibbs out, acting like a clingy child, and not at all like his well worn brash, confident mask.

He was also sure all the touching would soon get on the other man’s nerves. Gibbs just never seemed the type who put up with other people around all the time, without getting sick of it. And right now, Tony didn’t, couldn’t, let the other man go.

He moved onto his side, trying not to jostle the other man. The only physical contact he would allow himself was his head on Gibbs’s arm as he stared at the older man’s profile.

He wanted to reach out and snuggle, knowing it would make him feel better about this whole fucked up mess. But again, he didn’t figure Gibbs for a snuggler, despite what they had done earlier. But then Tony didn’t even know if he was a snuggler himself.

The last person he had shared a bed with, had been his mother, and that had been a very long time ago.

Suddenly he found bright blue eyes looking back at him.

“You think too much.” Gibbs said softly at him, then Tony found himself being pulled closer to the other man, and he went willingly.

“Is this ok?” Gibbs asked.

At first Tony didn’t know what he was on about.

“You said you normally sleep in your Shifter form?”

“Oh.” Tony cursed the blush that came to his cheeks; it still felt a little odd that Gibbs actually knew. “It’s ok… this is good.” He said honestly, that and he really needed to get a lock fitted to the front door.

“Ok, go to sleep then.”

He felt Gibbs lay a kiss on the top of his head, and Tony went to sleep with a smile on his face.


+ + + + + + + +


Ducky had ignored all the phone calls and text’s he had gotten from Timothy and Caitlin. They were much the same, asking what Gibbs had done to Anthony.

From the text’s he had fathomed Gibbs had used an almost illegal hold on Anthony’s wrist as he dragged him from the bullpen.

He wasn’t surprised when Gibbs had phoned him, asking if he could bring them some shopping. He had obliged instantly, to intrigued not too.

Now he was pulling the shopping bags from the boot of his car, then made his way up to Gibbs’s front door.

He went to open the door, then thought better of it and knocked loudly. At first he could hear nothing and was about to knock again when he heard Gibbs call out.

“Come in now Duck!”

Ducky opened the door then edged his way inside, closing the door with his foot as he stepped into the living room, then stopped.

Gibbs was stood in the kitchen door way with his back to him, Anthony was in his arms, and looked like he was shaking badly.

“I’ll just leave the shopping here.” Ducky said putting the bags down as he then took a step back.

“No… Just give him a moment.” Gibbs said, then turned his attention back to Anthony.

“Jethro… He might need a little more time.” He said softly. From what he had researched, some Shifters Bonded as soon as they had sex, but some could take weeks. then he had another insight, maybe they hadn’t consummated yet, it had only been a night.

“No, just sit down.” Gibbs said, then he was lifting his hands to Anthony’s face, pulling it away from his chest. “What’s wrong? It’s just Ducky.”

Ducky saw Anthony look over Gibbs’s shoulder at him, and his green eyes just seemed unsure and a little too wide. Then he was looking back at Gibbs.

“If you don’t tell me what’s going on, I cant help.” Gibbs said softly.

“I… I just feel… Scared?” Anthony answered in an unsure whisper.

“Of what?”


Ducky’s heart went out to the boy as he whispered the last word brokenly. “Jethro.” He said softly. “We and his parents are probably the only people who have ever known about this... It’s going to take some adjusting.”

“Is that true?” Gibbs asked the young man.

Anthony nodded then tried to sink against Gibbs’s chest again, like he was trying to hide.

Ducky stood with a sigh. “I’m going to go.” He said softly as not to spook Anthony. “You young men need more time to process this, you have lots of decisions to make. I’ll stall the others from rushing over here, or call if they are coming over.”

“Thanks.” He heard Gibbs say as he left.


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs pulled Tony over to the sofa when Ducky left.

“I’m sorry.” Tony said, sounding unsure of himself. Which disturbed Gibbs, he wanted the confident Tony back.

“Ok… you need to talk to me Tony.” He said, his head wanted to push Tony to arms length so they could talk, but his heart kept his arms around the younger man, one hand reaching up to stroke his hair.

“You hate talking boss.” Tony tried to joke, but it came out all wrong.

Gibbs gently swatted this head. “I didn’t say I needed to do the talking.”

Tony was quiet for a moment. “So what do you want me to say?” he asked softly.

Gibbs truly didn’t know, but he had to start somewhere. “What is the largest thing that is scaring you right now?”

Again, Tony took some time to answer and when he did it was quiet. “Of you rejecting me…”

Gibbs had to chuckle at that. “It’s a bit late for that now.”

“Not for you…” Tony shot back as he trembled a little and Gibbs just tightened his hold instinctively. Then he actually thought about what he was doing. Despite what his staff thought, he actually had a soft spot for kids, or anyone who couldn’t protect themselves from the big bad world. It was part of his core personality. And right now, he knew Tony needed him and it was kind of scary for him too.

He still grieved the loss of his beloved wife and daughter. He looked at their picture sat on the mantelpiece, but the crushing guilt and pain didn’t come, or not as crippling as it always did.

“I wont let you go.” He whispered into Tony’s ear as he looked at the photo of his family, he was sure Shannon would understand, and Kelly would have loved Tony.

It also helped that he had liked Tony from the first time he had laid eyes on him as the younger man towered over him. His smile was infectious and there was something about Tony that made him want him, even back then. So he guessed there was no point fighting it. After all, making love to the guy was actually quiet thrilling, and he was sure it would only get better once Tony got used to it.

“But…” Tony tried to say, Gibbs just tapped the top of his head again.

“I mean what I say Tony.” He said firmly, letting his hand drift to the top of Tony’s spine, where he squeezed slightly. It was another little thrill feeling Tony melted against him, he had already figured out the gesture also calmed the younger man.

“I know.” Tony did sound calmer now. Gibbs just hoped he wouldn’t shamelessly use it too much.

“So, what is the next thing on the list?” he said kissing the top of Tony’s head again, then resting his cheek there.

“I… I don’t know what going to happen to me…” Tony was starting to tense up again, so Gibbs just massaged the base of Tony’s skull. “I mean… I’m unregistered. Shifters who hide get thrown into Dorm’s and never let out… or at least not old ones like me…”

Gibbs snorted, that was an easy one, if the TV was anything to go by. “They were also all un-Bonded. You have me, they cant legally throw you into a dorm, or arrest you. You’re my responsibility now.”

Tony made a little surprised noise of realization.

“So what’s next?”

Tony stiffened up again before he whispered. “I don’t want to loose my job… I… I like it, I love everyone there…” he slumped a little. “It’s the first place I ever felt I could relax.” He chuckled weakly. “We get shot at every other month… But I love the chase, finding the bad guys… Being with you…”

Gibbs huffed as he smiled, he had guessed that much. “I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you keep your job, Tony. If not, I’m sure we can find something else to keep us busy.”

Tony stiffened again, all the tension in the young man returned with force.

“We?” he asked and Gibbs heard the insecurities in it.

“Don’t think I’m gonna leave you home alone and go to work without you watching my six do you?”

“Oh…” Tony uttered, relaxing. “Thanks Boss.”

“Jethro.” It actually felt a little strange being called Boss, especially when he had just fucked Tony to a quivering mess that morning.

Tony squirmed a little in his hold. “Thanks Jethro…” he said, and at least this time Gibbs heard the smile in it.

“So… I’m guessing there is more.”

Tony snorted, “I hate this interrogation.” He said huffily.

“Tough. Answer the question.”

Tony was silent for a while before he gave a large sigh. When he talked Gibbs had to strain to hear.

“I’ve not lived with someone… for a long time. I don’t know how to do it… I might fuck it all up…” he pulled away then, so he could look at Gibbs. His eyes huge. “And I know you haven’t…”

“Oh?” Gibbs couldn’t help but be vague. Force of habit.

“McGeek isn’t the only one who knows how to hack into files.” He grinned, but it was a little unsure. Then he looked away. “I know this is the home you shared with… with your family…” he trailed off.

Gibbs closed his eyes as he tried to quell his stab of grief, before he opened them again. “Well, I’m not moving into your apartment.” He clarified with a smile of his own. “Let’s get you sorted first before we start thinking about this… But we will have to get some of your clothes soon.” He looked Tony up and down, the man was still wearing the shirt and pants he had had on for days. “Sooner rather than later.”

Tony looked down at himself and winced.

Gibbs guessed for someone who was normally so fastidious with his looks, it might be another little stress Tony could do without. “I might have some sweats that aren’t too short.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “How many embarrassing logos will I have to put up with?”

Gibbs laughed as the old Tony was with him. “Not too many.” He said as he got to his feet, pulling the larger man with him. “Lets see what Ducky brought us and put away.”


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs had forgotten in all the revelations, that Tony knew where everything went in the kitchen. When Tony had crashed at his place before, they hadn’t really spent much time together. It was mostly getting up, downing a coffee then straight to the office in their own cars. And at night, they had sometimes shared a pizza or steak, then Gibbs had gone to bed, leaving Tony with the sofa.

He actually hadn’t minded the younger man crowding his space. For the short time it had felt more like home than a house.

“Good Job Ducky remembered I can cook.” Tony was saying as he put some fresh salad things in the fridge. “That’s a thing bo… Jethro… can you cook?”

Gibbs gave him ‘A’ look.

“I guess that’s a yes then?... So what can you cook?” he asked before carrying on, not waiting for an answered. “I can cook Italian, and our cook taught me how to make some simple Mexican things. I also cook some Chinese things, and Japanese noodle dishes. I’m not too good at baking though, or making pie’s.” he frowned at himself as he looked at his hands. “I’m useless at making pastry, I think my hands are to hot or something.”

Gibbs smiled as he just let Tony’s ranting wash over him in a reassuring wave. Just because people thought he didn’t like talking, didn’t mean he didn’t like to listen. And Tony’s little rants were usually interesting, well, some of the time.

Tony was just talking about what he could make with the fresh tomato’s Ducky had brought when Gibbs heard his land line phone start ringing. He looked over to Tony who had instantly stopped talking. The younger man was staring at nothing, his complexion had gone white.

Instinctively he reached out and took Tony’s wrist in his hand, feeling the slight tremble.

“It’s ok.” He said softly. “It’s only the phone.”

Tony glanced as him sideways, his brows drawn together in an unhappy line. “I’m sorry.” He grimaced.

“Don’t apologise.” Gibbs said back automatically, giving Tony a stern look. “Give yourself a break, we’ll get you through this, it’s not even been a day.”

Tony nodded. Then Gibbs let go of his wrist, putting an arm around his waist as he reached with his other hand for the phone on the kitchen wall.

“Gibbs.” He barked into the receiver.

/“GIBBS!”/ Abby’s voice shouted down the line, a mix of anger and worry. /“I’ve been trying to ring Tony all day! But Ducky just told me he’s with you!”/

Gibbs gave Tony a smiled. Knowing he could hear Abby. Tony had a hand over his mouth, then whispered through his fingers. “I was meant to go out with her today.”

“Is he okay?” she was asking. “He would never ditch me without saying… and when I asked Timmy he just said I had to phone you!”

“He’s fine Abby.”

/“Then why is he over at yours?”/ she demanded. /“Can I come round?”/

Gibbs sighed, “One second.” then he put the handset against his shoulder as he looked into Tony’s eyes. Tony looked unsure, then he nodded. “Want her to get you a change of clothes from the yard?” he asked.

Tony shook his head. “They are all mucky.” He whispered.

Gibbs put the receiver back against his ear. “You can come by about six… Bring doughnut’s and beer.”

/“SIX!”/ she shouted. /“But that’s hours away!”/ She ended with a whine.

“Six or don’t come by at all.” He said.

He heard her sigh. /“Fine… I guess I’m getting all Tony’s favourites?”/

“Yeah.” He said, then hung up the phone before she could ask anything else. “See… how was that?”

Tony shrugged a little. “I guess it’s because it’s just Abby…”

Gibbs gave him a smile as he laid a kiss on his cheek. “You do realize, she’s only gonna love you more once we tell her.” what he said seemed to work, as Tony gave him one of his winning smiles.


Once they finished with sorting out the kitchen, Gibbs dragged Tony upstairs.

He couldn’t help but pause outside the main bedroom, a room he hadn’t used for years. But he carried on to the main bathroom.

He really didn’t want to face that room, or the other bedroom at the end of the hall just yet. It was way too soon to contemplate.

“Ok,” he said turning to Tony. “Get yourself in the shower.”

Tony stared at him wide eyed as his cheeks flushed. “Err.”

Gibbs couldn’t help but snort out a laugh. “To get clean, Tony.” He clarified, knowing the younger man would be sore at the moment to have another tumbles so soon, however much Gibbs might be willing. “Think you can cope while I see if I have something clean you can wear?” he saw the unsure look in Tony’s eyes. “Ok, just get in, then we can see how it goes.”

Without thinking he helped Tony out of his shirt, draping it over his arm as he let Tony blush his way through removing his pants and boxers.

Tony handed them over then stood as if he was unsure about what to do.

“Get in… It’s not like you haven’t used it before.” He nodded his head towards the shower.

Tony gave a chuckle as he got it and got the thing going, then he was letting out little grunts of pleasure that were sending jolts of lust straight to Gibbs’s cock. He fought it down with an iron will.

“Tony…” he called over the sound of the shower. “I’m gonna leave all the doors open, just holler if you need me back in here!”

“Fine.” Tony practically sang, obviously enjoying himself.

Gibbs shook his head as he went into what used to be the guest room, but was now where he slept.

He let DiNozzo’s clothes slip onto the bed as he looked around the small space. Apart from the bed, there was a chest of drawers and a slim wardrobe.

He slowly sat on the bed, putting his head in his hands as he breathed out, slow and even.

Now he had a moment alone, he actually realized how life could sometimes throw you such a curve ball it left you feeling breathless. And this one had hit him right in the chest.

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, not really thinking of anything, just letting his mind wander wherever it wanted to go.

He knew he had to make room in his life and home for Tony.

He would have to clear out the main bedroom with it’s on suite bathroom, he guessed he could move anything relevant into the other small bedroom. He would also have to make room in the basement so he could make a new bed, that thought actually made him a little more steady as he thought about the style, he would get Tony to help. He didn’t think about what he would do with the old one.

“Err… Jethro?”

He heard Tony call.

“Yeah!?” he called back as he went to the drawer, opening the bottom one.

“Um, I’m almost done…”

Gibbs couldn’t help the smile as his heart seemed to warm up in his chest. “I’m coming!” he grabbed some sweat pants, and an over washed shirt that was to big for him.

When he got back in the bathroom, Tony was still under the shower, his head tilted back slightly enjoying the spray.

“I thought cat’s hated water.” He chuckled.

Tony looked over his shoulder at him and grinned. “I’m a jaguar bo… Jethro.” He turned his head back into the spray. “I love water.”

Gibbs threw Tony’s cloths onto the hamper by the sink as he watched Tony. He couldn’t help admiring the play of muscles under the slightly tanned skin, then he saw patterned smudges, only slightly darker than Tony’s skin tone, just above Tony’s well toned ass, at the base of his spine. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch one vague circular pattern, running his fingers over it, then out to where they faded away all together.

Tony looked over his shoulder again, reaching back with his right hand to touch the marks on his own body. “They always show up more when I’m warm.” He sounded almost apologetic.

Gibbs couldn’t help but lean forwards as he laid his lips again the marks, he felt Tony start a little at the contact. Gibbs couldn’t help himself as he licked over the soft skin. Tony gave out a little startled grunt, but this time, the tremor was more pleasure than shock, or maybe just a little bit of both.

Gibbs found himself removing his own clothes as he kissed slowly up Tony’s spine. He kicked off his pants as he stepped into the cubical, pushing Tony forward and against the tiles as his lips wandered up the back of Tony’s neck.

Tony was whimpering and squirming, but he stilled completely when Gibbs scraped his teeth over the base of his skull.

It accrued to Gibbs, that though he might have played at this particular game with others, it was totally real now, especially for Tony.

He pressed his whole body up against Tony as he whispered into his ear. “This ok.”

Tony let out a breath then nodded once.

Gibbs nibbled his way from Tony’s ear, back to his neck as he reached around the younger man, running a hand over one of Tony’s nipples as the other palmed its way down into a thatch of hair, to finally wrap his fingers around Tony’s thick cock that was already hard.

“Boss…” Tony whimpered. “I… I can’t… again.”

Gibbs made shushing noises as he pushed his hips forward, catching his own erection between their bodies as he slowly squeezed and pulled on Tony’s cock.

It didn’t take long before Tony was once again whimpering and grunting in a way that sent lightening jolts through Gibbs’s body as he humped himself against Tony’s ass. The little noises seemed more of a turn on than he was willing to think about, as he began to pump Tony’s cock with his own thrusts.

He tried to draw their tryst out, but he just sped up the pace. It was like he had no control as he got closer to coming.

As he felt his own release coming, he found his teeth sinking into the flesh at Tony’s neck.

Tony gave out a little growl then his body seemed to unwind as he relaxed into the hold Gibbs had on him.

It was a whole other kind of turn on as his jaw tightened a little on Tony’s neck.

He stroked Tony hard and fast to his release as he came over the younger man’s back. Both men gasping as they recovered from a mind blowing orgasms, Gibbs kept stoking Tony till he was completely flaccid. Then finally pulled his teeth from Tony’s neck and began kissing the red marks he had left. As he looked, he could see it was going to bruise. But he couldn’t help the smug smiled; he always was a possessive bastard when he wanted to be, and he was ‘so’ falling into it with Tony.

Carefully he reached for the sponge and soap on the shower shelf and began washing Tony’s back, taking his time and he mapped out his firm ass. He quickly cleaned himself, before pulling Tony’s back against his chest, then washed down Tony’s chest.

The whole time, Tony just let him pull him about, only moving to rest his hands lightly on Gibbs’s forearms as he cleaned him up.

Finally he pulled Tony from the shower, shoving him down carefully onto the toilet seat. When he looked into Tony’s eyes, they were green orbs, the pupils blown wide.

Gibbs smiled at him, “Hey.” He said softly, watching as Tony moved his eyes slowly to look at him, then he smiled too.

Gibbs couldn’t help but chuckle, it would seem the trashy movies were at least vaguely right, Tony was total gone, in some kind of happy Shifter Haze, or whatever they called it. But if the rest of it had an inkling of truth, then he knew Tony would have to come out of it slowly.

He saw Tony start to frown.

“Shh, shhh…” He said running his hand through Tony’s wet hair. “You just stay there.”

Tony gave him another slow smile, as he moved his hand so his knuckles brushed against Gibbs’s thigh.

Gibbs kept physical contact with Tony as he towelled him down. Tony watched him the whole time, slowly moving his limbs to make it easier. It was like he was in a drunken haze, or in Tony’s case painkiller haze. But seeing as the man had taken neither, it was a little amusing.

It took a little more effort to get Tony into his borrowed clothes, before he pulled him into the bedroom, this time, he walked Tony around to the far side of the bed and helped him sit down, then helped lift his legs up. He was about to let go and go around the bed, when he saw the look in Tony’s eyes. So with a sigh, he climbed over the younger man then pulled him into his arms.

Tony snuggled up and promptly went to sleep.


+ + + + + + + +


Tony woke with a start. For a moment, he didn’t know where he was.

“Shh… I think it’s just Abby.” Gibbs said in his ear.

Then Gibbs was pulling away from him, he gave a groan, then found Gibbs pulling him to the other side of the bed.

“Come on.” Gibbs sighed with a smile.

“GIIIIIBBS!!!” Abby scream up the stairs.

Tony closed his eyes, trying not to freeze up, but he couldn’t help the damn tremor that seemed to come from inside his chest. He hated to admit it, but it always felt like fear, the fear he felt whenever someone was about to find out his secret, forcing him to run… Only this time, the only place he could run was pulling him onto his feet.

“GIIIBBS! You up there?” Abby called again.

“Give us a moment Abby! Put the beer in the fridge!” Gibbs called back.

Tony was just happy to stay where he was, in Gibbs’s arms.

“OK!” Abby called back.

They must have stood together for about five minutes before Tony felt ready. He didn’t even have to say anything, as always, Gibbs just knew as he took Tony’s wrist, squeezing ever so slightly. Tony didn’t know why, but it seemed to calm his nerves even more. It was stupid, but he felt safe. He didn’t have to think to hard if Gibbs’s hand was on his wrist.

He was also sure that Gibbs would get a kick out of that little fact, on so many levels.

“Ok, you ready to go? It’s just Abby.”

Tony nodded, but he still felt unsure.

The only person he had ever actually told, about being a Shifter, had been Ducky. And that was only because the NCIS paper pushers needed an emergency contact a little closer, and more permanent, than his fathers cell number. At least Ducky knew how to keep his mouth shut, at least about the more important things. Also Ducky was easy to trust, and reminded him a little of his mother, in a strange way.

But the thought of having to tell someone else, was giving him stupid strange panic attacks.

Gibbs gave him a few more minutes before he finally nodded. He wasn’t ready, but if he waited anymore, Abby would be coming to find them anyway.

“Ok.” Gibbs smiled at him. “I’ll keep her from jumping you, if I can.”

“Thanks.” Tony wanted to smile at the joke, but he just couldn’t bring it.


+ + + + + + + +


Abby couldn’t help but start peeling the label from her bottle of beer.

Gibbs said he would just be a moment, but he had been almost ten! She couldn’t help but let her mind spin at what they could be doing up there.

She grinned as her mind threw all kinds of dirty things at her. The only thing that gave her pause was that Tony flirted with anything that could wear a skirt, then she grinned at the thought of Gibbs in a kilt.

She finally heard footsteps on the stairs and stood up nervously. She knew something was up, but had no clue as to what it could be, and it was making her jumpy.

Gibbs finally appeared in the hall, then she gasped as Tony followed him. Gibbs had his hand clamped around Tony’s left wrist.

She rushed forward, only to have Tony back into the wall as Gibbs stepped hastily between them. “Calm down Abby.” Gibbs said a little harshly. A tone he’d never used with her before.

“But GIBBS!” she said desperately pointing at where his hand still held Tony. “You can’t DO that! I know you have this huge alpha dog thing going on, but you can’t just go around grabbing people’s wrist like that! It’s wrong! I don’t even play at that kind of stuff!”

“It’s ok Abby.” Tony whispered from behind Gibbs. His green eyes looked like he was scared… scared of her.

She took a hasty step back. “Tony…?” she pleaded. This was all to hinky.

“Oh, for…” Gibbs said in exasperation. “Abby, sit down.”

Abby quickly complied as she squished herself at the end of the sofa. Gibbs pulled Tony over as he sat down next to her in the middle then pulled Tony down at the other side.

“Ok guys… what’s going on?” she asked softly, then watched Tony pail some more. “Tony! What is it?”

“Mind if I tell her?” Gibbs asked, and Tony seemed to relax considerably as he nodded. Gibbs turned to her. “Ab’s… Tony is a Shifter.”

She blinked at Gibbs as she eventually grinned at the joke. “Nice one Gibbs… but I would know if he was!”

Tony leaned forwards a bit to look at her. She felt a squirming in her belly, he looked so young with his big eyes, all she wanted to do was hug him.

“He’s not joking Ab’s.” He whispered softly.

She gawped at Tony, then looked at Gibbs. “But… But you would have to be registered.” She said slowly as she looked at Tony again who looked like he was ready to pass out. “And… and you would be in a Dorm… not… Oh my god Tony!” she gasped in realization. “You were hiding?” She desperately wanted to reach out to him as he began trembling ever so slightly.

Instead Gibbs turned, pulling Tony against his side.

“Oh, Tony…” At least now she knew why, sometimes, Tony seemed evasive about the silliest things and over the top about others. The moment she met him, she knew he was hiding something. But she had ignored it because Tony could be so much fun, and Gibbs and Ducky liked him a lot, so she thought that was good enough for her. She normally hated people who weren’t themselves.

She couldn’t help herself as she moved to press up against Gibbs’s other side and was happy when he sighed and put his arm around her too.

She now looked at Tony directly as they rested their cheeks against Gibbs’s shoulders.

“So.” She said to him. She had read up a lot on Shifters because of the case they had just done. It would seem TV and the films about Shifters were mostly true, if sometimes sickeningly romantic trash. “Umm… What are you? Tiger? I see you more as a tiger.” Grinning a little as Tony actually smiled, but he shook his head. “You’re a lion then?” she gasped. Not quite seeing it. He shook his head again. Her heart did a little kind of flip flop. “You’re a Rare?” she gasped out, “Should have known you would be something exclusive.” She winked at him.

Tony gave her a little wider smile as he shrugged one shoulder.

“No fair! Tell me!” she begged.

“He’s a Jaguar.” Gibbs said, getting frustrated with them both.

“No way! Really? There wasn’t even a Jaguar in those we saved!” she gasped. “Ducky was telling me that Jaguar’s and leopard are the rarest of Shifters. Something about their spotty yellow coats or something.”

Gibbs was chuckling as she gushed and Tony’s smile showed a little glimmer of teeth.

“What?” she ask, suspecting something.

“He’s a black Jaguar.” Gibbs said softly.

Abby felt her hands fly up over her mouth. “wow… That’s so cool… Can I see it?” She knew it was the wrong question to ask as Tony lost his smile and sank back against Gibbs.

“Maybe at some point.” Gibbs said as he hugged Tony a little tighter. “I think you are only the fifth person to ever know.”

“Sixth.” Tony whispered, “My grandpa knew.”

“But I’m guessing Ducky is the only person you ever told?” Gibbs asked him.

Tony nodded.

“Guess that explains a lot then.” Gibbs said cryptically, but Tony seemed to know what he meant.

“I think so.” Tony answered.

“You guys are so mean!” she pouted as once again realization hit her, then she laughed. “You’re his Bond Mate!” she said, poking Gibbs in his side. “How did I not see this coming!”

“He violated me.” Tony said as his grin reappeared.

“Gibbs! How could you!” then she smirked at her boss. “Still… nice catch boss.”


They talked for about an hour, before Abby knew she should leave the two alone, it was quite obvious they were still Bonding, if all the touching and hugging was anything to go by. Which was a little frustrating, because all she wanted to do was hug Tony too, like she always did. But Tony shied away every time she moved.

“Well, guys. I’m gonna go and leave you two love birds.” She bounded to her feet. “I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.”

Tony looked unsure and Gibbs just shrugged. Neither man got up.

“We’ll see.” Gibbs said. “I don’t want you telling Kate or McGee about this.” He gave her a look.

She rolled her eyes. “I know! But spill soon, the family needs to know!” she sing songed as she ran out the door.

When she got in her car she took a deep breath as she looked back at Gibbs’s house. She was still a little shocked. But she couldn’t help but feel happy for Tony, he needed someone like Gibbs in his life.

She grinned, she knew something had happened at the office, she was going to have to hack into security and see what actually happened, seeing as Gibbs was being so weird about how they got together.


+ + + + + + + +


When Gibbs woke the next morning, he knew instantly that Tony still wasn’t ready to go back to the office. Seeing as the younger man was wide awake and sitting up in bed.

He reached up and pulled Tony down.

Even though it was only Abby who came round last night, Tony had worn himself out with stress.

“Get some more sleep, we’ll have today off.”

Tony didn’t make any protest as he settled down against his side.

He would have to phone the office, talk to Morrow, then later they would have to see about getting some stuff from Tony’s apartment as well as going to the Shifter registration offices.

He wasn’t looking forwards to any of it. Especially when he knew how much it would affect Tony.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes and relaxed.


+ + + + + + + +


Abby sat back in her chair after watching the security footage of the bull pen, she lost them in the elevator, finally ending up in autopsy.

Her heart had almost broke when she saw them come out of the elevator, Gibbs was almost forcing Tony double, then in autopsy when he had pushed Tony to the floor. Her heart had broken.

“Poor Tony.” She whimpered softly.

She felt a little sick. If she had seen this before she had gone over last night, she might have been calling the cops.

She jumped out of her chair and ran out of her lab.


+ + + + + + + +



Ducky sighed as Abigail ran into autopsy. “Yes dear?” he asked as he poured himself his morning tea. Then reached for another cup and poured her one too.

“Is Jimmy in yet?” she asked looking around. She looked jumpy, but not her normal Caf-Pow wired.

“He’s not due in till lunchtime,” he said gesturing her to sit down. “Now what can I help you with? Or was it Mr Palmer you were wanting?”

Abigail bounced down into a chair, inching it closer so their knees were almost touching. Then she leaned into him, here eyes wide. “I saw the security footage,” she hissed.

Ducky felt his stomach sink. “Oh?”

“My god, Ducky!” she hissed. “Gibbs raped Tony!”

Then his stomach dropped out. “I’m sure…” he began to say.

“I don’t mean… well… I’m sure the sex bit was mutual. I mean last night, Tony seemed totally strange, but he wouldn’t let go of the boss-man. They were rather cute to be honest.” She took a breath. “But Gibbs did rape Tony in a Shifter sense. I have no idea what happened in the elevator, but he grabbed Tony’s wrist in the bull pen, in front of everyone, then when he came out he had his hand on Tony’s neck! I mean that’s totally wrong! How could Gibbs be so cruel?”

Ducky reached out and patted her hand. “How did they seem when you met them last night?”

She blinked at him. “Tony wouldn’t let me hug him… and he seemed really clingy to Gibbs.” She seemed truly upset. “I’ve never seen Tony like that before… he’s normally so sure of himself.”

He couldn’t help but smile. “I have to agree, Anthony is acting out of character. But Anthony’s been hiding for a long time, and he is going to be a little unsure of himself seeing as he doesn’t have to hide anymore, it might take some adjusting for him. And no matter how they got together. Even if it was a little suspicious.” He said a little ticked off, but yesterday morning Gibbs seemed to have it together. Then he smiled at Abigail. “I think that Jethro will take care of our Anthony. In fact, I think he’s just the man for the job. Don’t you?”

Abigail blinked as she slowly smiled. “Yeah…” she drawled out.

“And let’s face it.” He smiled knwingly. “This is one relationship that Jethro can not get out of.”

Abigail actually laughed. “If he does.” She said with a vicious smile as her eyes narrowed. “I’ll bury him with no evidence.”

Ducky raised his cup to her. “And I’ll help my dear!”

They sipped their tea in a toast.

“So.” Abigail smiled some more. “Should we throw them a party?”

Ducky laughed. “Lets wait till they get over the shock of being a couple. Two day’s is a little soon I should think… But… did I ever tell you about the time I met a Lion in Africa? I didn’t realise she was a Shifter at first, and I thought she wanted to eat me!”


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs had phoned in the rest of the week for him and Tony, it was just a day, but it would include the weekend at least.

Then he had pushed Tony on to the mattress and made love to him till he was all floppy and happy.

They had eaten breakfast, then he convinced Tony to leave the house.

His partner seemed tense, but as Tony kept reaching for the bruise at the back of his neck, it seemed to calm him down.

When they got to Tony’s apartment, Gibbs was a little confused when Tony pushed his keys into his hands.

He gave Tony a look, waiting for him to explain.

Tony shrugged, looking a little confused himself. “I don’t know…” he said, bouncing on his feet a little.

Frowning Gibbs remembered something he had seen in a movie once. “Is this something to do with dominance?”

Tony got a little bit more fidgety. “No… Yes… It just feels right.” He winced in embarrassment.

Gibbs shook his head as he opened the door and walked inside Tony’s apartment. Then realized Tony was still in the hall, so he reached out, grabbed his wrist and pulled him inside, closing the door as he did so.

“Ok… So you just wanna grab some clothes, or try and fill up the car?” he asked looking around.

The apartment was skimpily furnished with comfortable but cheep furnisher, the only things of any worth was the huge flat screen TV and dvd player and one wall that was covered in shelves almost at breaking point with DVD’s and books.

There were a few movie posters stuck to the wall. But very little else. Before he had just seen it as a bachelor flat. Now he saw it for what it was. A place that could be packed up and left in a hurry, with nothing that couldn’t be replaced.

When he didn’t get a response from Tony he turned to look at him. “Do you want me to mark my territory by pissing on it?”

Tony grinned at him. “I would say yes, but I don’t think it would help.”

“So what do you want me to do?” he asked calmly.

Tony shrugged one shoulder. “It just doesn’t feel like home… Not like it ever really was, just another place to sleep where I could lock the door, and no one could see in the windows…” his eyes swept the room. “It’s like I don’t own it anymore. I don’t belong here.”

“Where do you belong?” Gibbs asked softly.

Tony fixed his beautiful green eyes on him. “With you.”


+ + + + + + + +


Tony still couldn’t believe he had said something so needy.

‘With you.’

He rolled his eyes at himself as he carried on putting his most expensive and favourite shoes into their original boxes. He always did like expensive designer shoes. At least when he had to run, he ran in style.

He placed them in a larger box, that he always had on stand by, then filled it with his sneakers and other shoes.

When he was finished there, he pulled a few more suitcases off the wardrobe, opened them on his bed and began putting the rest of his clothes inside. Thankful that he had at least done his laundry before his world got turned around.

“How many suitcases do you have?” Gibbs suddenly asked from the doorway.

Tony looked at the two he had already filled and the three on the bed, along with the box of shoes. “Err… I can leave some…” he fretted, wondering what he could leave, he used to only have what he could put in a car, but he had collected more since working at NCIS. Maybe it was too much now? There also might not be room at Gibbs’s house. “I have too much I know….” He desperately wanted to apologise, but knew how that would go.

“I was asking a question, not accusing, Tony.” Gibbs chuckled as he came over and started closing one of the filled cases on the bed. “We will have to make a return trip for your other stuff.”

“Umm… Yeah.” It was still freaking him out, this was actually real, he was going to move in with Gibbs.

“I’m going to have to make some more furniture. I should have the lumber.” Gibbs carried on as he stood straight.

“Thanks.” Tony felt a little warm ball form in his belly as it fought away the cold worry and uncertainty that kept wanting to settled there.

“We will have to schedule a holiday soon, so I can get it all done.”

Tony blinked. Gibbs never took vacations. And once again the cold dread made him squirm. “Don’t have to do that for me, Boss. I can just pay for it all and…” he was stopped mid rant by warm dry hands on his face, then he was staring into clear blue eyes. “I don’t want to intrude…” Tony whispered, feeling a little sick with apprehension.

Gibbs’s eyes crinkled a little and warmed as he smiled. “To late for that.” He said as he moved a little closer. “You’re mine now.” He said huskily, making Tony’s knees weak. “And I always take care of what’s mine.”

Gibbs grabbed and moved him to sit on the bed as his knees did give way completely, he grinned up at his Mate.

Giving in to Gibbs’s authority and dominance at work had always been easy for him, but now there was this new sexual element to it, it just made it all that more thrilling. It was so easy just to let Gibbs have his way, so all Tony had to do was let go, to stop thinking, worrying that today would be the day someone found out. There was more to it that he didn’t have words for, or the experience. But deep down, he knew that Jethro would see him through all of it, easy or hard. Jethro wouldn’t let him fall.

“Get it now?” Jethro asked, a knowing smiled stretching his soft lips.

Tony nodded as he felt Jethro’s hand going to the back of his neck and squeezing ever so lightly, so the bruising wouldn’t hurt. “Yeah…” he managed as he felt himself relaxing as other parts of his body began hardening at the touch.

Gibbs looked down, and his smile got a predatorily gleam. “I guess it’s time for a little break.” He said looking back up into Tony’s eyes.


+ + + + + + + +


Gibbs played with Tony’s soft hair, as the other man dozed, exhausted, at his side.

They had pushed the suitcases, clothes and all, unceremoniously onto the floor. Then he had stripped them both bare, and taking both their erections in his hand, had stroked them both to a quick and messy orgasm.

He was well aware at how, having the larger, younger, stronger man pinned beneath him was thrilling in some strange new way. Especially when Tony gave in to him, mewling and crying out his name like a lament.

He’s never had a man before, and was surprised at how easy it was, also at how willing he was. It helped that Tony was a good looking guy, he wasn’t soft like a woman but his skin was just as subtle and sensitive to his touch.

He shook his head, if anyone had told him last week, or even on Monday, that he would be sleeping with his male subordinate, he would have laughed, or tried to shoot who ever said it. Yet here he was, three day’s in, his life turned upside down and much less empty. And he couldn’t imagine having it any other way.

He guessed Ducky had been right, maybe there was a two way element to this Bonding, mating, whatever it was.

He had always been a possessive twat over his team, hated it when one of them lasted long enough for him to give a crap about, suddenly upped and left like Steve had.

But then he couldn’t imagine being in this position with Steve. Steve had just been another hirer and it took Gibbs a while to get to like and trust him.

Whereas with Tony, he had been interested the moment he had punched Tony in the jaw as he sat on top of him, then had wanted Tony as they sat in the police station. The trust had almost been instantaneous, which had concerned him a little, even at the time, but he could tell Tony was smart and loyal. And had not been proved wrong. He had also got a selfish thrill out of the way Tony idolised him, always seeking his approval. As the bastard he was, he had withheld it, making it all that much sweeter when he handed it out, anything to get that dazzling smile directed his way.

He snorted in amusement at himself. Maybe this wasn’t as sudden as it seemed. If he really looked at it, they had been flirting with each other for years.

Slowly he got up and started throwing Tony’s clothes into the suitcases that now lay on the floor.

He had expected Tony to have more stuff, truth be told. But the clothes could fit in a car, everything else was replaceable. Enough to make a quick getaway.

It was kind of sad, to think that Tony could have left his life so easily.

He cast a look at the sleeping man, making a silent promise, that he would build a true home for him, where Tony felt he didn’t have to run anymore.


+ + + + + + + +