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The Wrong Side of the Tracks

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Whisper didn’t speak much as they combed the tunnels. Jet knew he was looking for Cannon’s body, and knew he was relieved when he didn’t find it. His shoulders slackened just the tiniest bit, then tensed back up with resolve.

“We have some time before the meeting,” he said plainly. “Which means we have time to plan.”

“Well, we can’t stay here,” Jet pointed out. The water soaked into her boots and made them squishy. She wasn’t looking forward to the wrinkly mess she would have when she took them off. “I might have a place to stay, but I’m not sure she’ll let you stay.”

“I’m fully capable of finding a safe spot, but if it is closer to you, then we may as well seek this woman out. If luck wills it, we will have refuge together.”

“Going soft on me?”

“We can’t plan if we are apart.”

“Shut up, you’re right.” Jet stepped out of the filthy sewer water and shook her boots free of water. She hoped the squish inside was her sock. “Best not discuss it until we are close to her. Just follow me.”


The Commonwealth was a cruel place. Spots of beauty were rare to find, and Jet found Alayna’s home such a spot. The dark-skinned woman had cultivated a garden on top of the old skyscraper, blocking the front and rigging a secret entrance. Of course, each time she left, she risked having someone find her pulley that she used. So she rarely left.

There was no room for flowers, a luxury that no longer existed in this tattered world, but the crops she grew were carefully stored and used for flours and stews that would go long ways. She dried meats and stored disgustingly preserved pre-war food for emergencies, eating the sullied meats and cereals with disdain. Jet thought she was the smartest woman in the world.

Whisper, not so much, which irked Jet to no end. He kept pointing out defense flaws, and chastised her for no robots to help her ward off enemies. She snorted.

“And draw attention to myself with a small army?”

“It wouldn’t need to be an army,” he argued. “Just one or two. And you really shouldn’t live by yourself.”

“And you want me to let him stay, why?” Alayna asked Jet, who was massaging her temples.

“Because, our friends were taken, or scattered after the attack. I’m not sure yet. But we need to come up with a plan before this meeting happens.”

“That I agree with.” She sat at a table that was wiped clean. The entire floor she was on was cleaned to the best of her ability. Trash had been tossed out the window, broken furniture had been repurposed into kindling or used to block entrances. Old lamps were stripped for parts, and any picture frames that had clear pictures were set up on small tables. She had an area in her kitchen for grinding and cutting vegetables. Jet remembered that she never killed anything larger than what she could carry back already field-dressed.

“I think,” Alayna said, resting her chin on her fist and her elbow on the table, “That it’s best to ask the Minutemen for help. They have a new General, who seems very capable.”

“Yeah, but she’s always on the move,” Jet reminded her. “And we’ve only seen her once.”

“But having the place so close to her original settlement will surely piss her off,” Alayna said. Jet shrugged.


“We ask them for help, then we stop the meeting,” Whisper said. “Strike from the shadows.”

“That might work too,” Jet said.

“That would scare them off, though,” Alayna shook her head, leaning back.

“Isn’t that the point?” Jet raised a brow. Alayna shook her head

“No, we want to stop them completely. They would just find a new meeting place, and probably not even make it as well known. That would make our jobs harder.”

“Our, hmm?” Jet let herself smirk. “So you’re in on this, too?”

“Of course. You’ll just fuck it up.”

“Shut up, bitch.”

“Can we stop fighting?” Whisper suggested calmly. Alayna and Jet burst into laughter.

“You’re not one for teasing, are you?” Alayna snickered. Whisper let out a small sigh and looked out the window. His brow creased when he saw one of Alayna’s birds at the window, listening and watching intently. He said nothing and stood up.

“I would like a room, preferably one with no windows.”

“Go find one. We should probably eat and get to bed.”

Jet’s stomach growled when she heard Alayna mention eating. When they lived together, they rarely went hungry, and the few times they did, the two of them had had a hard time finding anything worth eating for a few days. Jet learned from Alayna to always be prepared. Jet wasn’t the best at being prepared.

Whisper departed without saying a word, the bird following his movements with jerky motions. Alayna stood up and opened a cabinet in the small kitchen. She pulled a bread box out and grabbed a handful of dried meat, and sat back down with Jet.

“You stink.” She handed Jet a few large pieces. Jet devoured them quickly, chewing with her mouth open.

“Fwu you.” She swallowed. “Fuck you.”

Alayna tore a piece off with her hand and popped it into her mouth. “Not with that smell. You know where the washing station is.”

Jet kicked off her boots(thankfully the only thing in her boot was her still-soaked sock) and tossed her socks next to them. Barefoot, she walked to the bathroom, shedding clothes along the way. She arrived nude at the small room, finally feeling the air on her bare skin. Her clothes were filthy and caked with blood and dirt and ash. Her hair was grimy and pressed against her scalp. Smears of dirt were spread across her arms and face.

There was a bucket that Aayna used to clean herself with. The wash rag was in the same spot as before, on the sink. Jet kneeled after grabbing a small carton of clean water and a bar of soap and washed herself from head to toe, scrubbing until the only spots on her were the light dusting of freckles on her cheeks. The tattoos that resembled circular fingerprints, usually covered by her clothing, dotted her spine. As clean as she could manage, she stood up and dried herself off. Alayna watched her from the doorway.

“I’ve missed you,” she said softly. Jet turned around and half-smiled.

“I missed you too. She crossed the tiny room and ran her fingers up Alayna’s arm. The woman pulled Jet to her, closing the distance abruptly with a kiss. Jet returned with equal fervor, wrapping her arms around Alayna’s waist. Alayna gasped when Jet began kissing her neck.

“You don’t stink anymore,” she panted. “Let’s go to bed.”

“I don’t think I can wait,” Jet growled. “Let him hear.” She sunk to her knees as the two of them fumbled with Alayna’s buttons. Alayna got one pant leg off before Jet began kissing her stomach, one hand gripping her hip, and the other teasing the fleshy folds. Alayna’s mouth opened, her head leaning back.

“Please, let me do you too.”

“Not yet.” Jet parted Alayna with her tongue and found her clit. Alayna let out a small squeak of pleasure before biting her knuckles.

“Fuck! It’s been way too long.” She opened her legs to allow Jet in more. Jet slid her fingers inside and curled her fingers, angling them in a way she knew Alayna loved. In and out, feeling Alayna’s muscles contract as Jet brought her closer to climax.

“Fuck,” Alayna whimpered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She leaned down and tried to kiss Jet, who met her halfway. Jet pulled her down to her knees, and scooted closer.

“Do me,” She breathed heavily. “I want to cum with you.”

Alayna slid her fingers into Jet, wiggling them rapidly. The two of them leaned against each other, kissing each others necks and mouths until their mouths were dry. Jet fet herself nearing the end.

“I’m…” she tensed up.

“Me too!” Alayna whimpered. They came nearly at the same time. Jet’s hand cramped, and she pulled it out, but Alayna wasn’t finished with her. She pushed the redhead on her back and continued, sliding her fingers in and out with urgency.

“Cum again,” sweat beaded her forehead. Jet let out a moan louder than what was safe.

“I’m cumming! Fuck!” She cried out as her muscles spasmed. Her arms and legs went limp as she laid there, spread eagle on the bathroom floor. Alayna laid next to her, resting her head on her arm. The two women laid there for a while, gently stroking each others stomachs and shoulders as they talked.