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More than partners

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Chapter 1 – Bonding & Marriage


Something had woken Yusuke, he couldn’t feel anything but still the sound had disturbed him enough he couldn’t fall back to sleep. He was sure it had a moan of pain, a short gasp that had been chocked off.

Quietly he left Keiko still asleep as he sneaked into the corridor. They were all currently staying at Genkai’s temple and nothing seemed out of place in the darkness.

He was just about to go back to bed when he heard it again, coming from the room at the end of the hallway where most of the guest rooms were.

He quickly stealthed to the end of the hall.


Yusuke plastered himself against the wall in shock as Kuwabara came out of his own room that he shared with his wife, Yukina.

“God damn it Kuwabara! You almost gave me a heart attack!” he hissed quietly at his huge friend. “I heard something coming from Kurama’s room… did you hear anything?” he asked quickly.

“Err, no.” Kuwabara answered as he moved to stand against the wall besides him. “Is there trouble? I can’t sense anything.”

“Me either but…”

There was a rustle from the room in front of them, then a low throaty growl.

As one, Yusuke and Kuwabara jumped forwards and threw open the door, weapons at the ready.

Then they stopped dead.

Kurama was on his back on his futon, one fist clenched between his teeth, his eyes tightly closed. He looked to be in considerable pain. His other arm was out stretched above him, as if trying to push away his attacker.

His attacker just happened to be Hiei, who was holding himself above Kurama by his arms, his hips rhythmically moving between Kurama’s legs below a thin sheet barely covering Hiei’s backside.

Yusuke heard Kuwabara make a strangled cry then run away.

Yusuke couldn’t seem to move, the shock was just too much. Two of his best friends were having sex in front of him.

He took a step forwards as anger began to take over the shock as Kurama gave another bitten off sob. Hiei was hurting the Kitsune and he needed to stop this now.

Suddenly Hiei turned his head to glair at him over his shoulder, then the fire youkai gave a smug smile before he mouthed ‘Get out’.

Yusuke clenched his fists.

“Hi… Hiei…?” Kurama  questioned in a soft groan.

“Shut up Fox” Hiei growled as he moved his glair away from Yusuke to the Kitsune beneath him. “What did I say about keeping quiet!” then Hiei was kissing a very willing Kurama, who wrapped his arms and legs around him, making the sheet over Hiei’s ass slip a bit more.

Yusuke quickly stepped back and out of the room. Closing the door as quietly as he could, then with a deep exhalation of breath he wandered towards the kitchen, and hopefully some beers with something stronger for chasers.


+ + + + +


Kurama snuggled against his warm lover, it wasn’t like he ever had much of a choice, Hiei always had to keep some kind of physical contact with him for a few hours after they made love, usually taking the forum of possessive, dominant, manly snuggling, as Kurama liked to think of it, Hiei would pull him close like an octopus, making sure he was between any window or door and Kurama, like he needed protecting.

Kurama had tried being annoyed about it. In his Youko day’s he had always had a love um and leave um attitude. But with Hiei he didn’t have much of a choice. Kurama could brake free if he wanted too, but the Shuichi part of his soul actually liked it, it gave Kurama a kind of peace he had never really known. Being protected by someone else sometimes was actually quite nice.

Hiei was currently nuzzling into his hair, his hands creeping down to Kurama’s backside where they were destined to start exploring Kurama’s abused flesh, slipping inside the stretched ring for more exploration that would inevitably lead to more mind blowing sex.

On any other night, Kurama would encourage his lover.

“Hiei…?” he questioned softly, knowing his stoic lover would heed the warning in his tone.

Hiei sighed and stopped his nuzzling and moved his hands to a more appropriate place on his back.

“I really should go talk to them.” Kurama said softly.

“Hn…” Hiei grunted and hugged him a little tighter. “They are both married, if they don’t know what we were doing by now, you need to have a talk with Keiko and my sister… actually, no, I’ll just castrati Kuwabara.”

Kurama couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped at the absurd thought. He felt Hiei tremble beneath him as he uncharacteristically joined in.

“Anyhow, I told them ages ago that we were Partners.” Hiei stated.

Kurama moved and blinked up at his lover, resting his chin on Hiei’s well defined chest. “When?”

“On our first mission as Spirit Detective, they thought you wouldn’t be able to defeat Genbu, I told them I chose you as my partner…” Hiei paused as a wicked smile appeared on his lips. “To avoid fighting you myself.”

Kurama smiled happily, trying not to let his smugness show.

Hiei bumped their foreheads together a little painfully. “I might be rash, I’m not stupid.” Then he took Kurama’s face in his hands and licked the sore on Kurama’s head, then kissed it better.

Kurama couldn’t help feeling a little mushy at the affection, or that little affirmation that Hiei had been impressed with him even back then, when he was stuck in his human body, bereft of the energy Youko held.

“I should still go talk to them.” Kurama sighed as he reached up and began pulling on stranded of Hiei’s white hair.

“Hn, I’m not prepared to let you out of my sight just yet Fox.” Hiei growled making his hold painfully tight.

Kurama just sighed as he made himself comfortable, another half hour wouldn’t hurt.


+ + + + +


Yusuke chugged some more beer as he sat on the porch looking up at the stars. Kuwabara had run away ages ago, screaming he didn’t want to talk about it as he ran back to his wife.

He still couldn’t believe what he had seen.

He just thought Kurama was a little strange never having a girlfriend, eventually just putting it down to what the hell would an ancient fox want with some giggly human girl? It would be like literally robbing the cradle. Yusuke shivered at that. And as far as Hiei went, Yusuke couldn’t imagine any woman putting up with Hiei’s crappy superior attitude for long.

But this?

He tipped his head back and drank the last of his beer as he felt Kurama sit down besides him softly, but Yusuke didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t even look at the guy.

“I expect you would like an explanation?” Kurama said quietly.

Yusuke grit his teeth letting the anger flow for a moment. “Why didn’t you tell me?” somehow, it seemed like a huge betrayal. He wasn’t a bastard, he would have accepted them being an item… Gay… God it was so fucked up. He thought they were team mates, partners… friends. You told this kinda crap to friends.

He heard Kurama take a deep breath. “Sometimes I forget you were not brought up in the Makai and that things can be lost in translation.”

Yusuke felt Kurama shift at his side on the bench but he still didn’t look at the Kitsune. “Hiei just told me he told you we were Partners from the very first time we worked together.”

“Partners don’t fuck each other!” Yusuke snapped spinning on his friend. But Kurama just gave him a knowing smile but his eyes looked sad.

“Hiei’s understanding of ‘Partners’ is in the sexual sense.” Kurama said, his large green eyes searching.

“Oh…” Yusuke said awkwardly. “You still could have told me! If you guys, err, love each other it’s fine!”

Kurama closed his eyes as he shook his head. “We didn’t love each other back then… When Hiei wanted me as a partner, yes we were kind of friends already… but he wanted true partnership, He had to take me by force.”

Yusuke blinked as he took that in. “So… So Hiei raped you?” he gasped out in horror.

Kurama smiled again giving a little shrug of his shoulders. He was about to say something when suddenly Hiei had Yusuke by the front of his shirt pulling him half off the bench.

“I did not rape him.” Hiei growled into his face with deadly calm, his other fist clenched to punch him.

“Hiei.” Kurama said calmly. “He doesn’t understand.”

“Then explain it to him before I kill him.” Hiei snarled but didn’t move or let go.

Yusuke chuckled nervously as crimson eyes burned into his own.

“Sometimes, when Youkai need to work together, or trust one another to a degree, one will dominate the other. Usually it’s through fighting, the winner taking claim on the others life. But on rare occasions, when neither want to fight, one will submit to the other… Sexually.” Yusuke heard Kurama give a little cough. “At the time, I thought it would save time and effort to submit.”

Yusuke watched as Hiei’s eyes softened around the edges, then they moved from Yusuke to look at Kurama. “You like it that way Fox.”

Yusuke moved his eyes so he could see the redhead actually blush.

“I don’t think he needs to know all the in’s and out’s Hiei.” Then Kurama was looking at Yusuke again. “We just never got around to breaking our contract.”

Yusuke’s eye widened at the slight resignation in his friends voice. “Maybe you guys should just get married then?” Yusuke chucked apprehensively, trying to lighten the mood, and hopefully stop Hiei knocking his block off.

He watched as Kurama glanced at Hiei, then looked away. “I’m not in the position to ask.” Kurama whispered.

Yusuke frowned. He had meant it as a joke, or at least to lessen the death grip Hiei had on him. But Kurama looked almost regretful, if not sad. Then he got mad at Hiei again. The little snot might be stubborn. But even Yusuke knew the two were the best of friends. And that even just a little think about it, they were meant for each other.

“Hiei! You little punk! Why don’t you be a man and…” Yusuke suddenly found himself being flung from the bench, over the railing of the porch to the grass in front, landing painfully on his ass. “HIEI!” he screamed as he got to his feet rubbing his behind.

“You want that Fox?” Hiei was asked as he now stood in front of Kurama. “You want to Bond with me or Mate?”

Yusuke could see Kurama’s eyes had gone huge, then he looked almost bashful as he looked away and down as he gave a little nod. “Bond” he uttered.

“All of you?” Hiei persisted.

Even in the dim light of breaking dawn, Yusuke saw a flash of gold enter Kurama’s eyes as he nodded again.

Yusuke watched as Hiei took both of Kurama’s hands in his own.

“Then I give you my Bond promise.” Hiei whispered lifting Kurama’s right wrist to his mouth turning it just so, then bit down hard enough to make Kurama wince. When Hiei brought the wrist away, Kurama was bleeding where Hiei had bitten him. Perfect little teeth marks from the back to the underside of Kurama’s wrist on the inside. “And I stake my claim.” Hiei then did the same to Kurama’s left wrist. Finaly he began to lick the wounds alternately.

Through the whole ordeal, their eyes were locked on each other.

Kurama looked a little shell shocked, but there was a smile on his lips.

Yusuke didn’t know what to do, he was still mad at Hiei, he had just watched the little punk hurt one of his friends. But Kurama seemed happy about it, then there was the embarrassment at seeing something that was so intimate between the two, making him feel like an interloper on a private moment.

Then Hiei was plastered to Kurama as the two began kissing, and that’s when Yusuke sighed and walked back inside, leaving the two to do what ever the hell they wanted.

He had seen way too much tonight. And all he wanted to do was curled up around Keiko and maybe wake her up for some of their own kinda fun.


+ + + + +


Kurama couldn’t seem to loose the smile that threatened to make his cheeks ache, as he walked into the kitchen for breakfast with everyone else already there. Hiei’s hand still clutching his own.

He still couldn’t believe it was happening, after Hiei had marked his Bond claim on his flesh, the forbidden child had not let go of him physically since, nor would he until he had fully marked Kurama, which would be in another six or nine day’s.

Hiei had made it quite clear he was going to be very traditional about the Mate Bonding. It wasn’t like it was something simple like hand binding or marriage. This was something so much deeper. This would take them both beyond words and promises.

“We take this slow Fox.” Hiei had growled into his ear as he thrust into him that morning for the second time. “I’m sure you want your human mother to know you’re going to be mine totally. Especially the way she goes on at you.”

Kurama had been a little shocked at Hiei’s thoughtfulness, but it had warmed him inside non the less.

Now, Kurama took the spare seat next to Yukina at the kitchen table as Hiei pulled his own chair closer and sat down, his thigh plastered to Kurama’s own so he could free their hands to eat.

Kurama was just about to reach for some toast, when there was a low grumble from his side and he pulled his hand back with a sigh. Letting Hiei fill his plate for him.

To cover the act of Hiei deciding what he would be eating, he turned to Yukina. “How are you this morning?” he asked.

The little koorime looked up at him. “I’m doing fine.” She smiled softly. “The babies actually let me sleep last night, not one kick.”

Kurama looked down at her baby bump, she was almost ready to give birth to her and Kuwabara’s children and she glowed with it.

“Until this morning.” She carried on, putting one hand on her belly. “Now I think the little ones are hungry, they won’t stop moving.”

“Can I feel?” he asked, something he had done before. It felt odd, but pleasant to feeling the life inside her body move.

She nodded and mover her own hand away to let him.

“No.” Hiei growled and Kurama felt a hand grip his other arm.

Kurama smiled at Yukina, “Maybe later.” He said as he moved to begin eating the toast and fried egg’s Hiei had put on his plat, But Yukina gasped at his other side.

“Kurama! Your wrist, what happened?” She then grabbed his wrist and began healing the bite mark. Before Kurama could even think of pulling his hand away, Hiei was between them, pushing Yukina’s hands away.

Yukina cried out in pain as Hiei almost threw her off her chair.

Kuwabara was shouting as he grabbed his wife and held her safe in his arms.

Everyone else also get to their feet in the sudden turn of events, no doubt shocked at his almost violence towards his beloved sister.

Hiei ignored all the shouting as he spun on Kurama, lifting his hand to his mouth and sank his teeth once again into the half healed wounds.

Kurama bit back his groan of pain, knowing at this moment it would be very bad to pull away.

Then Hiei was licking the little puncture marks, laid perfectly in their original marks, Kurama felt the burning heat that would deepen the scaring with every lap of Hiei’s tong.

“What the hell are you doing you little vampire brat!” Kuwabara was closing in on them. “How dare you try and shove Yukina like that, and what the hell are you doing to Kurama?”

Kurama found himself being yanked off his chair and shoved behind Hiei as he turned on the larger man. “Stay away from him.” Hiei growled menacingly. “No one get’s to touch him!”

The room went silent as all eyes looked to Kurama for an explanation.

Kurama chuckled nervously as he held up his wrists to show them the marks on both. “It’s an old Youkai costume,” he explained hurriedly, Hiei still trying to push him away from everyone else. “It’s kind of like an engagement ring, only a little more permanent.”

“You’ve started a Mating Ritual?” Boton blurted out.

“What the hells a mating ritual?” Kuwabara asked as he retreated to put an arm around his wife’s shoulders.

“It’s a lot like human marriage, or hand binding.” Boton answered.

“You’re wrong!” Hiei snapped angrily. “I wouldn’t disgrace Kurama with something so common and meaningless!”

The room blinked at them.

“We have started a Mate Bonding.” Kurama whispered softly.

“A what?” Yusuke asked.

“Oh…” Boton said in surprised before she smiles. “I haven’t seen that in years.”

“So what is that?” Kuwabara growled, giving Hiei another glair.

“It’s when two Youkai enter into a contract to mate for life.” Boton started to explain in her teachers tone, one finger in the air. “Unlike marriages in the human world, or any world really, there is no such thing as infidelity or divorce in a Mate Bonded pair. So it’s no light thing to enter into, once the ritual is completed the two will live their entire lives together, they will also be bound together to their very soul, so if one dies, so will the other… It’s never easy taking away mates to the other side.” She sighed deeply. “But they are usually quite nice about it.” She mused.

Silence descended on the room again. As all eyes once again turned to Kurama.

Then finally Keiko spoke up. “So you guys are getting married?”

“Kind of.” Kurama answered. “This part of the Mate Bonding normally takes six to nine day’s. Depending on...”

“So we have… nine day’s to prepare for a wedding?” Keiko asked. “I didn’t even know you guys were together… But still… Wedding!” She grinned.

All the woman in the room looked at one another and Kurama knew that it wasn’t going to be a quiet affair were Hiei would claim him and mark him again on either side of his neck.

He could see the woman already plotting a big celebration.

“Hey guys!” Yusuke finally spoke up. “Might help if you ask them IF they want some big assed wedding BEFORE you go and plan it all out already!” He got glared at from all sides. “Erk.” He squeaked, before he looked over to Kurama. “Sorry man, I tried to help.”

“There wont be any stupid human wedding!” Hiei barked. “This has nothing to do with you idiots! But if any of you dare to touch what’s mine again I’ll not hesitate to kill you all!”

“Yukina’s not an idiot!” Kuwabara raged.

“I’m sorry, But Hiei is quite series.” Kurama said with a wry smile, as he ignored Kuwabars. “As for a wedding? I’m not sure it’s such a good idea, it’s usually a privet thi...”

“But what about your Mother, Kurama?” Yukina looked at him with her large red eyes, so much like Hiei’s. “I thought she always wanted to see you get married and be happy.”

Kurama felt a stab of guilt. Yukina was right. His mother would never forgive him if he didn’t tell her this. When he had finally told her about his life and who he was before she gave birth to him. She had been more disappointed that he hadn’t told her sooner, she had been more upset that she didn’t understood him more growing up, to help him.

That had all been Hiei’s fault as he stuffed his mouth full of Shiori’s homemade cookies. ‘Good job Kurama saved you’re life years ago when you were dying, now make more of these, I like them.’ Hiei had said in his usually tactful manner. Kurama had tried to gloss over the comments. But his mother had been persistent that day and with Hiei answering almost all his mother’s questions as she began making more cookies. Kurama finally shut up and let Hiei carry on until Kurama had just apologised to her profusely, trying to explain himself as much as he could. At the end of the night, Kurama was sat on the sofa in his mother’s arms as she hugged him, promising him that she would always love him, no matter what. At the same time Hiei was eating cookies directly from the oven with relish.

Kurama sighed as he closed his eyes trying to collect his thoughts. He knew Yukina was right, but he really didn’t think he could convince Hiei to do anything so public as a wedding, especially when it didn’t involve a fight.

“Fox?” Hiei said softly, trying to capture his attention.

Kurama opened his eyes to see Hiei looking at him over his shoulder, his eyes intense.

“Do you want this?” Hiei persisted.

Kurama smiles as he moved a little closer to Hiei’s back, touched by the fire youkais concern. “Can we ask my Mother?” Kurama knew he was pushing their bonding by even asking, He was meant to be submissive, to let Hiei do everything for him.

“Will it make you happy?” Hiei whispered as he reached back to take one of Kurama’s hands.

Kurama nodded, even if their Bonding worked, his mother would still be a huge part of his life.

“Hn.” Hiei grunted.

Then Kurama found himself being pulled towards the table again. This time Hiei pushed him into the chair Hiei had been in earlier at the end of the table away, from everyone else. Then he picked up the plate he had made for Kurama and put it down in front of him. “Eat.”

Kurama just complied without another word.

“Phone your mother after we have eaten.” Hiei said sitting down, their legs plastered together again. “Make sure she’s baking before we get their.”

Kurama smiled to himself as everyone else causally got back to eating, even if the atmosphere was a little more subdued.


+ + + + + +


Yusuke yawned loudly, he was still tired after the little sleep he got that night. And now he sat with the others as they talked excitedly about Kurama and Hiei.

The topic of the conversation had left only a few minutes ago to go to Kurama’s mother house, where Kurama still lived when he wasn’t at the temple, she was alone today, her new husband and his son had gone out for the day somewhere or other.

“Why did Hiei insist on making Kurama a fresh pot of tea?” Keiko was saying, she sounded annoyed. “There was nothing wrong with the one already on the table.”

Yusuke could tell Boton was trembling with excitement to fill them in on something she knew as she fidgeted about in her chair. “It was because until they… err… fully consummate their Mate Bondin Hiei will not want Kurama to consume or drink anything he hasn’t tasted first, or prepared. It actually shows great trust that he let Kurama eat the food you prepared, which shows he at least trust you with that.”

“But he doesn’t trust me to make tea?” Keiko seethed, crossing her arms over her chest.

Boton waved her hands at Keiko, trying to calm her.

“My brother used Kurama’s favourite tea, it’s his special blend.” Yukina said softly.

“Oh.” Keiko deflated, but only a little bit. “Okay, so I still don’t understand how this works… I never thought Kurama was the kind of person to ever let someone, umm, dominate him completely. I always thought he would be too proud for that.”

Yusuke rolled his eyes. “That’s the whole point.” He piped in. “I imagine Kurama’s finding it very hard to let Hiei be completely in control. After all he’s practically an old geezer who’s used to doing everything for himself and always being in control. So letting the little squirt be in control is some kind of weird trust thing. As for Hiei, that bastard just does what he likes so long as it gets him power. So actually being analy protective over Kurama, again is some kind of trust thing, cos Hiei has to think about something other than himself for once.” Yusuke sipped at his tea as he looked at all the eyes riveted on him with mouths open.

“Surprisingly astute.” Boton sounded impressed.

“What?” he asked the room at large. “Look, I had a lot of time this morning to think about it.” He grumbled sullenly into his teacup.

“Yusuke is right as far as our friends go.” Boton carried on. “But on a general note, the Dominant has to prove they can care, protect and provide for the Submissive, to make sure they want for nothing and that they are kept happy and content is their highest priority. Where as the Submissive has to give their complete faith to the Dominant, letting the Dominant take control of ever aspect of their life in a show of trust that the Dominant will not abuse them.” Boton smiled. “Any break in trust from either side at this point and the Mate Bonding will not work.”

“Nine day’s seems a bit short for them to work that out.” Keiko said sceptically. “I mean, I didn’t even know they were an item… Well, I suspected, but still.”

Boton waved her hand again, “Now I actually think about it, Hiei and Kurama have been skipping around each other ever since I can remember, to be perfectly honest I think they have been together before they stole the artefacts from the spirit world.”

“No way!” Kuwabara finally yelled. “We would have known!”

“I think she’s right.” Yusuke said as he remembered all the times Kurama would look to Hiei before doing something, like he was asking for permission, or the way Hiei got emotional if Kurama was in series danger, or couldn’t defend himself. “After all, I think Kurama is the only being Hiei has never attacked and still gives a crap about… I just need to scrub my eyes or something after last night.” He shivered.

Kuwabara was making strangled noises, so no doubt he was wishing the same.

“Why?” Keiko asked at his side.

Yusuke sighed as he began to explain what he had witnessed that night, in as little detail as he could manage.


+ + + + + +


Kurama couldn’t help but be amused as Hiei dragged him through the door of his mothers home.

“We’re Home! Where are the cookies!” Hiei called as he led Kurama into the kitchen where his mother was just getting the first batch out of the over.

“Oh, my! Welcome home” Shiori laughed as she saw them. “I didn’t think you would be over so quick! Let me get the next batch in.” she quickly did as she said before walking over to them both. “Hello Hiei.” She greeted the fire youkai with a smile, then held her hands out to give Kurama a hug. “It’s been to long Shuichi!”

Kurama was just about to take a step back when Hiei grabbed one of Shiori’s hands and pushed Kurama’s into to it. “Don’t let go.” Hiei growled at Kurama before he went over to the tray full of hot cookies.

“Umm, Hello Mother. But it’s not even been a month.” Kurama said as she gave him a hug, then pulled him into the sitting room.

Kurama gave Hiei a look over his shoulder, not understanding how or why Hiei was able to give him over to Shiori so easily, especially with the way he reacted to his own pregnant sister this morning. He got nothing from his lover as he was pulled out of sight.

“So I take it you have something to tell me?” His mother said as she poured some tea already on the table. “It’s a little cool, but it should be alright.” She said as she handed him a cup.

Kurama took a sip, his mother always made good tea.

“So, what is it that you wanted to tell me?” she asked, her kind eyes looking at him with encouragement.

Kurama paused, taking a deep breath he thought it best just to get it over with.

“Well… It would seem I’m getting married in nine days…”

His mother blinked in shock at him. “So quick?”

Kurama saw the look of disappointment in her eyes and it hurt him all over again, like he was lying to her.  “It was only decided last night.” He tried to reassure her as he took both her hands in his own. “The ritual for Mating takes six to nine day’s and our friends are planning a wedding nine day’s from now… I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, but there was no sooner.”

His mother looked away and Kurama’s heart missed a beat. He still wasn’t ready for his mothers rejection of him.

“Who’s the lucky woman?” His mother asked softly.

Kurama’s hopes sank lower as he looked away too.

“She’s playing with you Fox.” Hiei suddenly said from his other side. Kurama looked up to see Hiei holding out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk towards him. “Eat.” He said.

Kurama took the offered food numbly as he watched his lover sit crossed legged on the chair opposite.

Hiei snorted as a half smile appeared on his face, “For a greatest tactician who can think rings around anyone and an old geezer to boot, you sure are dumb sometimes.”

Kurama gorped at the amused fire youkai.

“I’m sorry Shuichi.” His mother said as she put her arm around him. “I couldn’t resist, you looked like you were about to faint.”

“Mother!” He couldn’t believe she would do such a thing.

“I’m not innocent, Shuichi.” She smiled at him.

“That and she’s seen me in your bed a few times. Eat.”

Automatically Kurama lifted a cookie to his mouth and nibbled at it.

“You really should shut your door at night when you have guests.” His mother said softly. “Also when Hiei stayed over, the guest room was never used, I stopped going in to change the sheets eventually.” She hugged him a little tighter. Her free hand moving his hair away from his eyes lovingly. “Also, you’ve always been a pretty boy but you never brought even a friend home, never mind a girlfriend. So when Hiei began hanging out here now and again, and once I realised he wasn’t a child.” She grinned at the fire youkai who snorted and looked away. “I was happy for you, you always seemed more content when he was about.” She cupped his cheek with the hand that had been playing with his hair, so he would look at her. “And as I’ve told you always, I love you no matter what.”

Kurama felt tears sting his eyes as he smiled at her. Loving her all over again.

Once again she proved what a wonderful woman she truly was, after all she had even melted Youko’s hardened soul.

“Mother…” he whispered as she pulled him in for a tight hug that he returned as tightly as he dared.

Eventually she pulled away a little. “So I take it you wont be wanting my wedding dress?” she grinned.

Hiei snorted and began to laugh from the other side of the room and Kurama tried not to blush.

Shiori laughed along with Hiei until she calmed a little. “So, a white suit or one of your other pretty Chinese outfits?”


+ + + + + +


Kurama was still a little stunned as Hiei all but dragged him at top speed towards Genkai’s temple and grounds.

They had talked a little more with his mother, before she promised to be over the following day to help the other women with the preparation for the wedding in nine day’s.

Kurama had just supposed it would be a small affair with close friends and relatives, but as his mother was speaking he knew that the others would be planning something big as well. He still wasn’t sure on how Hiei was going to feel about that, or if he had any idea at all about the enormity of what they were letting themselves into.

He half wanted to get back to the temple to try and do some damage control, this was out of his experience and it left him feeling a little edgy.

But as always Hiei had different plans for the rest of the day.

“That den you made? Is it still habitable?” Hiei asked as he ran into Genkia’s forest.

“Should be.” Kurama answered as Hiei took them into the thickest and darkest part of the forest where Kurama had found a little cave and grown enough vines and trees around to make the snug little hole big enough for the both of them.

Hiei found it easily and all but threw Kurama inside.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.” Hiei growled as he began tugging at Kurama’s coat.

Kurama sighed as he helped, while Hiei used some of his power to warm the cosy little space up.

Kurama’s questions could wait as he grinned at his lover.


A few hours later the questions couldn’t wait.

“Hiei?” he asked softly as Hiei was gently licking at the marks on his left wrist, burning the marks deeper.

“Hn?” Hiei answered distractedly.

“Why did you let me go, into my mother care?” It still puzzled him. He knew he really didn’t want Hiei to let go of him, and knew Hiei was being over possessive right now. So why Hiei would just let him go to his mother was baffling.

“Did you mind?” Hiei asked as he took Kurama’s right wrist and began licking the marks there.

“No…” Kurama answered thoughtfully. “But still…”

Hiei made an annoyed sound as he paused in what he was doing. “She makes you happy, and I’ll have you to myself soon enough.”

Kurama lay his head down on the fire youkais bare chest again with a sigh, he really didn’t want to think of loosing her again, and Hiei was right, even though she was promised to have a long life, it would still be too short for him.

“She’s no threat to me Fox.” Hiei sighed as he pulled him closer. “She gave you life and she loves you, I know I can trust her with your care.”

Kurama was shocked by Hiei’s honestly. “Thank you.” He whispered truly touched.

“Will you shut up about it now?” Hiei asked once again licking at his wrist.

Kurama chuckled. “Maybe.” He uttered as he began licking at his lovers belly.


+ + + + + +


Six day’s later, Kurama was beginning to think this whole wedding idea was just an exercise in endurance and stress.

All the woman at the temple thought it was all great fun, he was ready to scream and kick them all out, or run away somewhere.

Only Hiei had been his saving grace.

The fire youkai seem to know just when Kurama had had enough and without a word would drag him away to a quiet place where they would have sex until Kurama couldn’t give a damn about anything other than snuggling or sleeping.

“Your mother wanted an hour alone with you later.” Hiei yawned sleepily. “What for?”

Kurama stretched loving the feel of Hiei spooned up behind him, they didn’t really fit, but Hiei had a death grip on him. “It’s bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dre… Outfit before the wedding day… She wants me to try it on.”

“Hn, more stupid superstitions.” Hiei growled.

Kurama was just about to agree when he was suddenly on his back, Hiei looming over him, his crimson eyes narrowed with amusement and a danger that sent a thrilling shiver down Kurama’s spin.

“Maybe I should just claim you now, and put a stop to all this.” Hiei’s voice was all but a hiss as he leaned closer.

Kurama sighed contentedly as he moved his head back and to the side, exposing his throat to his lover. It had been six day’s and Kurama was more than ready. “As you wish.” He uttered closing his eyes in anticipation.

He could feel Hiei’s warm breath on his throat, felt the lap of his tong as it swept the place he would be marked, then the sharp drag of teeth, teasing over his sensitive flesh.

“HEY!” Came Yusuke’s voice from the other side of the door. “If you guys can get OUT of each other for a sec, Kurama your mum is asking for you!”

Kurama froze in shock, then he felt Hiei suddenly move away and Kurama’s world seemed to crumble apart.

He sat up, clutching the forgotten sheets to him like an innocent virgin as his whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

Hiei had let him go…

And the world turned to ice, cutting and sharp edged.

He tried to speak but his teeth were chattering too much as stabs of fear kept taking his breath away.

In all his years he had never experience such panic, something was wrong, very wrong and he couldn’t think, couldn’t figure out how to make it stop. All his logic and reasoning were being ripped to shreds as his mind delved into a maelstrom of confusion.

He could feel his Youko self trying to brake free and take control, but in the turbulence of horror even the Kitsune had no power.

The world was going dark as he tried to get up, he had always faced danger on his feet, but he couldn’t breath, couldn’t find his strength.

He could hear someone, someone calling his name, but it seemed so far away.

There was a sharp pain on the side of his face and the world seemed to focuses a little.

“Kurama! Breath damn it!”

“Hie… H…” he tried to make his mouth work; the paralysing panic was easing slowly.

“I’m sorry.”

Hiei apologising? Kurama blinked, the absurdity of it pulling him back to reality.

“What the fuck Hiei!” Yusuke sounded pissed. “Is he all right?”

“Come any closer and I’ll kill you.” Hiei snarled menacingly, meaning every word.

Kurama managed to focus on two concerned red eyes burning into his own.

“You there Fox?” Hiei asked, demanding an answere.

Kurama could feel one of Hiei’s hands on his arm, his warmth seeping into him and taking the freezing agony away. Kurama nodded to the question as Hiei’s other hand began running through his hair, soothing him even more. Then Hiei was pulling him against his chest and began rocking him a little.

Kurama felt himself relax as the embrace began to seep the cold pain out of him and he found he couldn’t let go of his Mate.

“Don’t do that again.” He managed to gasp out as he calmed down. He felt like he had gone ten rounds in a tournament.

“Kurama, what’s happening?” He hared Yukina as she ran into their room. “All the plants and trees are dyeing around the temple… Oh my.” She finished on a shocked gasp.

“Stay BACK!” Hiei roared at his sister.

Kurama heard her squeak as he could feel more people running towards them down the hall. He buried his face into Hiei shoulder, not ready right now to face everyone in his moment of weakness. He had to trust Hiei to deal with this, he still felt to shaken and unsure of what had just happened to him.

Then he gasped, blinked in a sudden understanding. That was the whole point of this Mate Bonding, he had to trust his mate unconditionally, that maybe sometimes it was all right to let someone else take control, to protect him… To let go and just trust… This had never been a joke… but now it had become very serious.

“Shuichi!” His mother had obviously arrived, then he felt her hands on him, one soothing his back the other stroking his hair with Hiei’s. He felt his Mate tense, but didn’t force his mother away.

He felt tears curse down his cheeks, something he hadn’t experienced in a very long time.

To have the two people he loved the most surrounding him let him relax so he could let go and slipped into unconsciousness, knowing he would be safe.


+ + + + + +


Yusuke held his arm up, trying to prevent anyone else coming into the room Kurama and Hiei shared.

It had been quite obvious that Hiei actually meant his threats to kill them all if they got any closer. The little basted had made that quite clear over the last week as he dragged Kurama around like a doll, never once leaving his side and growling at anyone that got closer than the range of one of Hiei’s kicks.

The only person allowed to get close had been Shiori-san, but Yusuke never missed the way Hiei would tense a little before backing off, letting Mother and son be together.

He had practicly crapped himself when the blade of Hiei’s katana had come through the door in front of him, almost taking his ear off.

He had flung open the door in anger, it could have been anyone on the other side, Keiko had offered to go check on them originally.

But as he had entered he could feel the spirit energy coming off Kurama like sharp confused waves as it seemed to leach the heat out of the room.

When he had laid eyes on Kurama he took a step back in surprise. The red head was sat up, clutching the sheets to himself and shaking like he was freezing.

Kurama was pale on a good day, but he had been deathly white, his green eyes wide and unseeing.

Hiei had Kurama’s face in his hand’s shouting at him, then the little fire youkai slapped the kitsune across the check with almost vicious force.

Even though Yusuke had protested, it seemed to do the trick as Kurama’s spirit energy seemed to reseed and he began breathing again.

Now Shiori was with Hiei, easing an unconscious Kurama down onto the futon.

“Is he all right?” Shiori was asking Hiei, her hand still carding though her son’s hair.

Hiei gave a short nod, before he looked up to glare accusingly  at Yusuke. “I let go of him, he’s just in shock.” Hiei growled in reply to Shiori. “It will take him a while to recover.”

“All right. Oh, what are these…” Yusuke saw her reach out to pick something small and round off the sheet covering Kurama’s modesty. Before she could touch them Hiei had scooped up three small deep red stones.

“Something I dropped.” Hiei said more calmly as he hid the stones away. Which Yusuke thought was a rather neat trick seen as the fire youkai was completely naked.

“All right guys, panic over, let’s go back to the kitchen, I could do with some tea,” Yusuke actually thought cracking out the whisky might be a better idea. He had seen Hiei half naked a lot, but seeing him in all his compact glory was enough to make him want to scrub his eyes out again.

“But Kurama…” Yukina sounded upset as she waddled back out the room.

“Hiei’s with him, he’ll be fine I’m sure.” He said as he managed to push them all back and close the door.

“But all that Spirit Energy…?” Kuwabara said in awe, “I’ve never felt anything like that before. It was so cold.”

“I know.” Yusuke muttered. It had been disturbing. “Still, I need some tea… let’s go.”


+ + + + + +


Hiei sat with Kurama’s head on his lap, the Kitsune was sleeping peacefully now, much to his own relief.

He had been rash, going after Yusuke to give him a warning.

Being disturbed as he was about to claim Kurama, had pushed him past his control. But soon as Kurama’s stress and despair had slammed into him he had almost collapsed with the force of it.

There had been something so painful and miserable in Kurama energy that it had almost made Hiei loose his own control and flatten the whole damn temple, anything to take that depression and rejection away, especially when the Youko side tried to take over and failed.

Kurama’s sudden vulnerability had been shocking, like a bucket of ice water it had brought Hiei back to his wits.

Hiei was playing this whole mating thing by instinct alone, trusting his own senses as what to do and when.

He had been so ready to mark his lover a few hours ago, but now he had had time to relax, as much as he could. He was glad that he hadn’t. Kurama had been holding back on him a little, still not letting go fully of his control. Hiei didn’t mind so much, the kitsune was much older than him, had to live centuries on his own wit, one faultier, one laps in concentration and he would have been killed a thousand times over.

Hiei understood that his lover would be having trouble totally submitting to him. If their roles were reversed Hiei doubted he would have found it so easy.

As he thought about it he was still humbled by Kurama’s sacrifice and trust in him.

He found himself looking once again at the three tear gems he held in his hand. They were the size of his mothers and sisters, but instead of being a cool ice blue, they were different shades of red, swirling just under the surface. Two were very similar with an equal amount of red and black; the third was almost all black.

He had no idea when he had made them, he had never cried before. But here they were.

He closed his hand around them as he reached under the side of the futon mattress, where he had stashed a little box Keiko had given him, inside where two plain silver rings. Another human custom he didn’t agree with. But there would be just enough metal there to work with later, once he gave Kurama into his mothers keeping for a short time.


+ + + + + +


Kurama was still feeling a little uncharacteristic shaky as he let Hiei feed him his supper that night by hand.

His own hands were latched onto Hiei’s black shirt like his life depended on it. At the  moments, he thought it just might.

Once he had woken up Hiei had been surprisingly gentle. Dressing him slowly like he was made of glass, every movement sure and easy, not like previously in the last six day’s where the fire youkai seemed a little impatient while performing the same act.

Then Hiei had pulled him to his feet and waited, like Kurama might topple over at any second. And to be truthful Kurama thought it might be a possibility.

When Hiei had led him from their room, everyone kept looking at him with concern, it was Keiko who finally asked him if he was okay.

She had gotten a glair from Hiei and Kurama had just been able to give her a smile.

From then on the conversation had been muted and quiet, something that his fragile state appreciated, even if it was a little uncomfortable.

It wasn’t often he felt this vulnerable, it wasn’t pleasant, but he knew that so long as he kept his hands on Hiei that his Mate would keep him safe.

Hiei held up the last of his tea to drink, and Kurama accepted it willingly. “Your mother still wants a moment with you….” Hiei said looking directly into his eyes, letting Kurama know he could refuse if he wanted to. “Do you think you can do that?”

Kurama looked at his mother who flanked his other side, she smiled at him. “It wont take long.” She reassured him.

Kurama looked back at his Mate.

“You will be alone with her in my old room, it should still smell of me.” Hiei said as he got up, pulling Kurama with him. “There is something I need to do, it shouldn’t take to long, then I’ll be back.” Hiei was smiling, his eyes warm.

Kurama just followed as Hiei led him back down the hall to his old room, then pulled him inside. His mother closed the door behind them.

Hiei took Shiori’s hand then placed Kurama’s into it.

Kurama didn’t want Hiei to let go, but the Koorime pulled him down and kissed him deeply. “Don’t leave this room.” Hiei whispered before he was gone.

Kurama couldn’t help but gasp at the pain of separation, and for a few moments he folded himself against his mother’s chest, the first place he had ever felt truly safe. She always smelled of comfort and home, her smell mixed with Hiei’s warm musk helped him calm a little.

His mother didn’t say anything as she held him tightly, just running her hands down his back and through his hair that she loved so much.

“I’m sorry mother.” He said as he finally pulled away a little. He hated to make her so worried.

“Don’t worry.” She smiled up at him. “Boton told me what it would be like for you both, this is no little thing for you. But I’m sure you know what you’re doing.”

Kurama smiled back as he nodded. “Shell we try on my outfit?” he asked, feeling more at ease. Being alone with his mother was helping his nerves, especially when the room they were in still smelled of Hiei and more recently his mother.

Taking his hand she went to the wardrobe and opened it up, pulling out two hangers. Then she helped him into soft white silk pants and a shirt. They fit perfectly as she buttoned up the bottom of the trousers so they fit snugly against his ankles.

“You always did suit white.” She said as she stood, “Now for the tunic… I hope you like it.” She produced a white tunic, with a silver border, down one side from hip to hem was the outline of a black dragon intertwined around it were vines and leaves in a vivid green.

Kurama gasped as he took it into his free hand, feeling the hand stitching.

“Everyone helped with the design and Yukina helped with the embroidery.” His mother smiled happily as he ran his hand over it. “Let’s try it on.” She said as they awkwardly put it on, fastening it at the shoulder, letting it fall loosely to above his calves. Then his mother wound a sash of silver around his waist, knotting it to the right. Then pulling the tunic into a more fitted position as he kept his hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s look at you.” She said, moving him to stand in front of the full length mirror inside the wardrobe door, as she stood just behind him. “You look stunning.” She said and Kurama could see the tears in her eyes. “I cant believe my little Shuichi is all grown up and getting married.”

“Don’t cry mother.” Kurama said a little alarmed. “You know I will always love you.”

His mother grinned then slapped the back of his head lightly. “I know that.” She assured him. “I’m just happy for you.” She smoothed down his hair. “And I’ve always like Hiei, he’s good for you.”

Kurama felt himself blush as his mother laughed softly. “Come on, let’s get you changed before Hiei get’s back.”


+ + + + + +


“There’s nothing for it.” Yusuke told Kuwabara and Genkai as they stood looking at the mess of dead plants and tree’s that still surrounded the temple in a perfect circle.

“Kurama made this bloody mess, he can clean it up.” Genkai growled, as ever her cheery self.

“Keiko also wants him to sort out the flowers for the decorations.” Kuwabara said with a sigh, “You really think he’s up to it?... he and Hiei have been acting weird these last few days.”

Genkai snorted, “If they want to keep living here, mooching off me, then he better do it fast… I go away for two weeks and you damn kids turn my temple and home into a bloody wedding venue!”

Yusuke tried not to laugh.

“Hey, Genkai… you ever been to a Mate Bonding before?” Kuwabara asked.

The old hag snorted again as she produced a cup of tea from nowhere and started sipping it. “You don’t GO to a Mate Bonding, they are private, what you idiots are doing is getting the two morons married while they are at it.” She said. “But I have only ever encountered two Bonded Mate couples before…”

Yusuke noticed the pause and the dark look that crossed her eyes. “Something bad?” he questioned.

She shrugged. “The second pair I met were nice enough, as far as youkai’s go… The first, well I didn’t know… I wandered into their territory and was attacked, I couldn’t even get a hit in he was so fast. Then a youkai woman appeared shouting that he or I should stop or something, but in my youth I thought her just a weak target and I struck her down without thinking, when I turned to face the male, he dropped out of the air dead at my feet, not a scratch on him.”

“Wow…” Kuwabara uttered a little shocked.

“You couldn’t have known.” Yusuke said trying to reassure her.

She just glared at him. “You can tell.” She said, “You can feel it, you will feel it when those two fools have finished this.” An amused smile twisted her wrinkles. “That’s IF they finish it…” she said cryptically.

“How do you mean?” Kuwabara asked. “Boton said they had started it already.”

“Started but not finished… Why the hell do you think my garden is such a bloody mess… I assume they already tried, but failed.”

Yusuke scratched the back of his head. “Err… Think that was my fault, I disturbed them.”

Genkai blinked up at him a little surprised. “And you’re still alive?”

Yusuke rubbed his ear, “Only barely, Hiei stuck his sword through the door right where my head was.” He indicated the garden. “Hiei had let go of Kurama to kill me, and this is the result.”

“Ah…” she said, once again looking at the dead plants. “Maybe they might actually succeed in this then.”

“Hu… What will happen if they don’t?” Kuwabara questioned as he kicked some dead grass.

“Then we will be preparing for a funeral or two.” She took another sip of her tea at their stunned silence. “And if you lover birds would get down here and fix my damn lawn!” she called over her shoulder.

“Shut up hag, we were just coming to do it.” Hiei growled as Kurama looked amused.

“My apologise Genkai, it shouldn’t take long.” Kurama said as Hiei led him to join them.

“Can you do it from here, or do you need to move.” Hiei asked Kurama.

Kurama crouched down, “Here is fine.” He said and he reached out with his free hand to touch the brittle yellow dried grass.

Yusuke watched as he felt Kurama use his spirit energy as the grass slowly began to fill out and turn green around Kurama’s hand, at first it was slow then the ring of green sped up and out in a circle around them until it touched the dead trees bringing them back to full green life.

Yusuke was always impressed with the way Kurama could so easily bring life as much as he could ruthlessly take it away.

As they watched suddenly the trees began to turn pink as the sakura tree’s suddenly bloomed into flower turning their surrounding’s soft pink.

“Stop showing off Fox.” Hiei sighed.

“I thought it would be nice for the wedding tomorrow.” Kurama said as he stood. “The tree’s said they wouldn’t mind.”

Hiei snorted. “You shouldn’t give your power away needlessly.”

Kurama chuckled before he addressed Genkai. “Welcome home Genkai, sorry we seem to have taken over a little, was your trip nice?”

“As well as a hot spring can be.” She answered, but her tone was less harsh as she actually smiled up at Kurama. “I see congratulations are in order.”

Kurama’s smile got wider as he looked at Hiei.

“Thanks.” Hiei answered. Before turning away, “Come, lets get the rest of the stupid flowers sorted before they start crying.”

They watched as the couple wandered to the side of the temple where the chairs for tomorrows ceremony where already arranged.

“Watch it grandma.” Yusuke grinned, “You almost looked pleased for them.” The next thing Yusuke knew he was on his back.

“Ah nice to see something’s don’t change.” Koenma suddenly said as he and Boton came up the temple steps. “Are we early?”

“By a day.” Yusuke said getting up, rubbing his backside. “But I don’t think it matters, Shizuru is in the kitchen if you want to get a drink, she’s also sorting out rooms.”

“Yes, well, I hope there is enough room for everyone, Boton saw to most of the invites herself.” Koenma said, “Even George is coming tomorrow, thought he wont be staying, he’s got work to do.”

“How many damn people DID you invite?” Genkai barked.

“Oh, everyone that I could think of!” Boton said happily, “I’m not sure how many will come, I didn’t have time to wait for RSVP’s”

“God damn it.” Genkai bit out as she went towards the temple.

“Thanks Boton.” Yusuke grinned. He had personal seen to everyone on earth getting an invite too. So no doubt it was going to be a blast!


+ + + + + +


Kurama couldn’t sleep as he lay next to his mother on Hiei’s old futon.

That night had been an experience… a lot of their friends from the Makai and spirit world had shown up. Even Yomi and his son, Shura.

All the youkai seemed to know to keep their distance while also being very curios. Parents and human friends were told at the door not, under any circumstance, to touch Kurama, as well as some of the visitors from the spirit world.

Hiei had been a ball of fury and agitation the whole evening as everyone celebrated. And Kurama couldn’t blame him. It was all proving rather stressful.

Then Keiko had cornered them as they tried to at least get some peace and go to their room. But she had stood her ground, demanding that Hiei couldn’t see Kurama for the rest of the night, and they would see each other soon enough tomorrow.

Even Yusuke had tried to dissuade her, but she was having non of it as the rest of the women piled in and worriedly Shiori had stepped in and taken Kurama into her room.

Hiei had been pissed. But with a quick snarl of ‘I’ll see you later.’ He had flitted out the temple.

Kurama could feel the temple start to quieten down as people started to seek their own beds, tired from travailing or needing to be up early the next morning.

Kurama sighed as he turned onto his side away from his mother, when he saw the door open slowly, and Hiei was in front of him, his hand outstretched.

Kurama didn’t hesitate as he took it. “But mother?” he whispered.

“Go.” Shiori said from behind him. “Just get him back before the rest wake up.” She told Hiei.

Kurama didn’t have time to answer before Hiei had pulled him from the room and out of the temple.

After about ten minutes Kurama could see a soft glow coming through the trees ahead.

Then they were standing in a small clearing surrounded by trees making a small grove of seclusion half way up a mountain.

There were candle lamps everywhere, lighting up a small hot springs pool, at the side were blankets set on soft loam.

“Hiei…” Kurama gasped as the plants around him burst into bloom, adding a soft floral sent to the air. “This is…” he was speechless at the beauty.

“Hn… thought you might like it.” Hiei grinned up at him, then the fire youkai began to pull his pyjamas off impatiently. “I need to get everyone’s stink off you.” He growled as Kurama lost his shirt, then his pants.

Kurama chuckled as Hiei quickly took his own clothes off, then was pushing Kurama towards the hot   springs.

Kurama sank down into the warm water with a sigh; it was just the right temperature to start relaxing him. He felt Hiei move in behind him as the fire youkai rested his chin on Kurama’s shoulder. They stayed like that for some time, just enjoying the peace and quiet in each others company.

Kurama could feel himself slipping into sleep as he rested against his mate.

“Not right now Fox.” Hiei whispered into his ear and when Kurama turned his head he found Hiei’s lips on his own, then a tong demanding access and with a contented sigh he allowed it, letting Hiei take all he wanted.

He let Hiei move him as he chose as they floated in the water, the fire youkai hand’s roamed all over him, moving him this way and that as his mouth followed the line of Kurama’s jaw.

Kurama knew this wasn’t his game to lead as he submitted to anything his mate wanted, all he could do was anchor his hand’s in Hiei’s black spiky hair and enjoy the ride.

Kurama was moaning with need as Hiei mapped out his whole body, there wasn’t a bit of Kurama that Hiei hadn’t touched, licked, caressed or kissed, and it was driving the kitsune crazy.

“Hiei…” He begged, he was so hard it was growing painful as he tried to find some friction and was denied.

Hiei grinned wolfishly as he pushed Kurama half out of the water so he was sitting on the side of the pool, without a word he was between Kurama’s thigh’s, his mouth engulfed Kurama’s erection from head to root with one powerful suck.

Kurama cried out at the sudden sensation as lightening shot up his spine then pooled in his belly.

Hiei’s fingers were around him, in him, stretching and pinching.

Kurama could feel his release coming on all too quick as he mewled Hiei’s name like a lament. The pressure building up in his groin was so intense it was almost like pain.

Suddenly the powerful sucking pressure was gone and he sobbed at its loss.

Then Hiei was there, kissing his tears of frustration away, Kurama was just about to say something when Hiei moved his limbs about and Kurama cried out as Hiei entered him forcefully with his compact thick cock.

Kurama’s world descended into a maelstrom of colour and sensation, all the time Hiei had his head in his hands, their eyes locked as Hiei moved above him, each thrust sharp and deep, each stroke hitting Kurama’s sweet spot, making him gasp out with each accurately aimed hit.

Kurama desperately wanted to reach for his own erection, but he knew Hiei would never allow it. So he fisted his hands more firmly into the soft loam. Finally he relaxed into the sensation, letting Hiei do what he liked as he just road the waves of sensation and pleasure as they swept through him mercilessly.

The world seemed to disappear until there was nothing but the two of them.

Hiei smiled slowly and Kurama knew it was time; he once again tilted his head back and to the side, exposing his throat.

There was no teasing this time as Hiei bit down on the junction between his left shoulder and neck.

He cried out as his spirit energy suddenly flared up, to surround them both, then Hiei’s was encircling them, their energies began to swirl, colliding in a rainbow of colour and sparks as they fought and danced with each other, the black dragon flying through it all screaming out it’s anger as a deafening roar.

Kurama grit his teeth as burning heat kept lapping at his skin. He felt his Youko side trying to surface, to fight the danger and protect his more fragile human side, but Kurama fought that too. In his panic he looked to the one thing that could help him.

“Hiei….” He breathed, looking up into intense crimson eyes above him, a tickle of his own blood falling down Hiei’s chin. “I… Cant…” he begged.

“Accept it.” Hiei whispered with a wince of his own.

“Too much.” Kurama sobbed as he reached up to his Mate, as Hiei held him close in return.

“We have to accept this… Control it.” Hiei growled into his ear.

Kurama bit his lip as he understood Hiei’s words.

He first fought to control his own raging spirit energy, feeling Hiei inside his head, watching and learning how it was done, until they both mastered Kurama’s spirit energy, then Kurama was inside Hiei’s mind doing the same with his fire energy until only the black dragon was free.

Kurama felt the ruthless mastery his Mate had over the dragon and joined his will with Hiei’s to subdue it.

The dragon screached with resentment as they fought it back into submission as it wound it’s self around Hiei’s arm once again, burning and fighting as it did so. He could feel Hiei’s reassurance that this was normal.

Finally they both lay together panting, drenched in sweat from their efforts.

Kurama couldn’t help chuckling, he felt totally exhausted.

“What’s so funny?” Hiei asked, but Kurama could hear the amusement in it.

“It feels like we just had our very first real battle.” Kurama panted with a grin. “Also, All that…” He sighed deeply as  he looked down his Mate’s body. “And we didn’t come yet.”

Hiei looked down between their bodies. “You’re still hard Fox.” Hiei leered. Then thrust his hip forwards.

Kurama tightened his thighs around the fire youkai as he arched back, groaning feeling his passion instantly ignite.

He felt Hiei’s mouth on the right side of his neck, then with one powerful thrust of Hiei’s hips Kurama felt himself come with a cry of Hiei’s name as his Mate once again bit his mark into Kurama’s flesh on the right side of his neck, sealing their Mating Bond.

Kurama wasn’t really sure what happened after that, he was sure he must have blacked out. Because when he could see again Hiei was grinning down at him, while stroking his hair.

Kurama smiled up at him, feeling very smug with himself.

“Mine.” Hiei growled out contentedly as he leaned down to capture Kurama’s lips.

“Mine too.” Kurama answered breathlessly when they parted.

“Possessive Fox, think everything is your.” Hiei said playfully as he pulled a lock of Kurama’s hair before lifting it to his mouth and running it across his lips still stained with a little blood.

“That’s because it is.” Kurama grinned back. “It’s not my fault if people just don’t know that yet.”

Hiei laughed out loud as he pulled them both back into the water of the hot springs.


+ + + + + +


“What the hell is that!” Yusuke shouted at they all felt and watched the huge battle going off in the distance.

“Kurama and Hiei are fighting!” Kuwabara said in confusion at his side. “We should stop them!”

Yusuke was hesitant, even since the tournament for the control of the Makai, he had not felt such powerful energy. This went beyond anything that he had ever experienced. But these were his friends, he couldn’t just leave them to try and kill each other. “Let’s go.” He said.

“Stay where you are!” Genkai was suddenly in front of them on the temple porch.

“But…” Yusuke protested.

“You can go if you want to see your friends fucking each others brains out… and you want to die!” she growled out as she turned to watch the light show. They could hear Hiei’s black dragon’s roar from where they stood. “This is part of the stupid bonding they entered into. I’m glad you disturbed them when you did, or I would have come home to find my home flattened and everybody dead.” She groused.

“I don’t get it!” Yusaka growled.

“At the moment they have to learn to control each others energy, so they never recognise each other as a threat.” Yomi was suddenly behind them with his son, Yusuke turned to see everyone else that could sense this was also there, even Mukuro who must have turned up during the night. “If they don’t manage it, then they will both be consumed by it.”

“He’s right.” Mukuro said, her eyes fixed on the distant battle. “It’s why bonding in such a way is rare; those few foolish enough to even attempt it are usually killed by its conclusion.”

“I’m sorry Mukuro.” Yomi said with a smile on his face. “I know you had your eye on that rare fire koorime, looks like you will be looking for another successor.”

She snorted, “And you will be loosing your greatest tactician. You think Hiei will let you anywhere need Kurama now?”

“Look.”  Koenma said, stepping forwards. “It’s only the dragon left.”

They all turned to watch as the dragon swirled around in a tight ball of black fire.

“Is Kurama strong enough to actually do this?” Boton asked softly as she clutched Koenma’s arm.

They all watched in pensive silence.

As suddenly as it started, the black dragon dissipated and was gone as the forest returned to darkness.

“Well.” Gankai said as she began to walk back inside her home. “Guess we still have a wedding tomorrow.”

They all parted to let her pass.

“That it?” Yusuke asked, his whole body still battle ready.

“For tonight.” Yomi answered, “But I don’t know about you Mukuro, but I wont be entering any tournament if those two get it into their heads to enter.”

Mukuro actually grunted her agreement. “But I can imagine some fools will want to copy them, which will cut down on our competition.”

Both youkai laughed cruelly at their shared joke.

“I can take them on!” Shura spoke up enthusiastically. “Oof! What was that for!” he rubbed the back of his head where Yomi had just slapped him.

“Kurama and Hiei were formidable alone, together they will be unstoppable.” Yomi growled at his son.

“He’s right kid.” Mukuro grinned. “I’ve seen footage of the way they have fought together in the past, always in synch. A little training and they WILL be unstoppable.”

“What are you two muttering about!” Yusuke demanded angrily. “I thought this was just some strange kind of youkai marriage thing!”

Yomi smiled at him, then patted him on the head like he was a child. “Ah the ignorance of youth.” He said patronisingly. “Your two friends just entered into a bond stronger than death. I must admit, even I never thought Kurama would trust anyone enough to even consider a Mating Ritual, never mind a Mate Bonding…”

“That’s because you have always underestimating him.” Koenma said past his pacifier. “But I think we all underestimated their friendship… They have hidden it very well.”

“Probably they did not want anyone to know they had such blinding weakness?” Yomi mused.

Mukuro scoffed, “I knew… Hiei’s attachment to that half human Kitsune was always obverse to me. You just have to know what to look for.”

“Because Hiei didn’t jump into your bed?” Yomi asked softly.

“And Kurama wouldn’t get into yours.” Mukuro bit back. “Leaving you to make that.” She gestured at Shura.

Shura was about to snap something back, but Yomi put his hand on his son’s shoulder.

“Well played madam.” He smiled at her, “But it’s late, so I think we will go back to our room. Come Shura”

That seemed the queue for everyone to start going back inside.

But Yusuke collared Boton.

“Why didn’t you tell us at the start of all this that Kurama and Hiei could have killed each other?” he demanded.

She looked him directly in the eyes, “Because it made no difference, there was no stopping it once they started it.”

“You could have warned us.” Kuwabara growled, “Yukina could have been hurt if they did that here.”

She looked away helplessly. “I thought Kurama would have known what he was doing. I guess I was wrong… Still.” She grinned up at him. “No harm done and we get a wedding to go to in the morning!” she said brightly as she skipped back inside the temple after Koenma.

“Well… Shit.” Yusuke said to the world in general.

“To right.” Kuwabara sighed. “Mukuro’s right thought… They’ve always fought well together; I wouldn’t want to face them, ever.”

“Yeah.” Yusuke agreed, “And I always thought Hiei was a little over protective over Kurama in the first place, he always gave me this creepy feeling when Kurama got hurt.”

Kuwabara shivered. “Me too… but I’m not gonna think about anymore of this, I’m gonna go back to bed.”

Yusuke looked once more off into the forest before he followed his friend.


+ + + + + +


Hiei found himself playing with the fingers of one of Kurama’s hands as his Kitsune still slept at his side.

He had fucked his Mate into exhaustion and couldn’t help but feel smug about it.

When Hiei had first met this mysteries creature, he couldn’t help but be captivated by him. He peeked Hiei’s interest and curiosity like nothing before or since.

He had never asked for someone’s name before, but he had wanted to know Kurama’s.

The Kitsune was much older than himself, even if this body was younger, Kurama’s soul was ancient. And at first Hiei had wanted to capture that knowledge and power,  but when they had fought together at each others side, at first, it had been so natural as they moved together to defeat their foe that it hadn’t even crossed his mind it was something exceptional.

But as time passed, and Kurama would leave his window open on cold and wet nights, accepting him into his home, where Kurama’s mother also resided. It had taken him a while to realise this was a huge trust on Kurama’s part. And Hiei found he never wanted to break that trust.

There was something deep and painful inside Kurama that captivated him, some darkness that Hiei couldn’t understand but spoke to his own tortured soul.

When he had first taken Kurama, Hiei had been surprised his partner had given in so easily to his dominance and had been even more shocked he had been Kurama’s first in his human form.

He grinned at the memory, Kurama had been so tight and unashamed it was hard not to want to go back for more.

And from that moment on, Kurama had belonged to him, even if at the time he had had no notion of what that would come to mean.

At first he just knew he didn’t want to fight this creature who smiled at him and made him felt a little happy inside, he just wanted to possess him.

So when Kurama had battered his eyelashes at Hiei’s suggestion of a partnership, it had been the headiest thrill he had ever experienced.

Hiei the tamer of the legendary thief Youko Kurama.

After all, no one had ever managed that before, though he was sure many tried. Youko was a stunning creature after all.

At that thought though he sobered. Kurama hadn’t let his Youko side out for years now, and Hiei couldn’t help but wonder how this bonding affected Youko, whether the bond would extend that far.

“Why the frown?” Kurama asked sleepily, his fingers flexing in Hiei’s.

“I was just thinking…” he admitted, then paused. He knew Kurama didn’t want to depend on his Youko side anymore. But…

Kurama made some sleepy noise as he stretched a little. “You want to know if Youko is in on this too?” he smiled.

Hiei just nodded, not surprised anymore by Kurama’s ability to read his mind without actually doing it.

Kurama’s hair began to bleed white as his eyes turned from green to yellow and his ears moved and lengthened, his body also changing shape a little, getting taller and broader at the shoulders.

“Will this satisfy you my little forbidden Koorime?” Youko purred, then reached up to his own pale throat. “Your mark is soul deep after all. Youko, Shuichi… Who ever I will be in the future…” He touched the identical bite marks that were still raw on either side of his neck, and Hiei could see the one’s on his wrists as well. Then Youko was sitting up a bit, so their faces were an inch apart. “Maybe I should mark you too.” He uttered in a deep sultry tone. “Or would you just like the powerful thrill of taking me in this form too?” He started to nibble along Hiei’s jaw. “I’ll lift my tail just for you… You can hold on to it as you take me. Would you like that?”

Hiei watched as Youko’s other hand slid down his own body to disappear under the silver hair of his tail that was protruding from between his pale thighs to cover his not-so modesty.

Hiei found himself swallowing hard as he watched Youko’s tail twitch, the hand beneath obviously stroking his erection languidly.

“You know something else?” Youko’s purr low as he whispered in his deeper tone.

Hiei nodded his head. “What?” he managed not to sound so shaken.

Youko got closer to his ear, “If you take me now…” he nibbled at Hiei’s ear lobe. “You will also be my first.”

Hiei grunted and almost chocked as Youko chuckled low into his ear as he lay back down again, his gold eyes sparkling as he wet his lips like an invitation.

“You think I would let just anyone mount me?” Youko questioned.

Hiei growled as he pushed the silver tail aside then pulled Youko’s hand from his erection. “Then let’s set some ground rules.” He grinned into stunned golden eyes as he griped Youko’s larger cock in his own fist, putting enough pressure around it to be almost painful. “This is mine, no touching.”

Youko grinned wolfishly as he squirmed a little. “Yes master.” He purred throatily.

Hiei felt his chest swell as he mirrored Youko’s grin. “Get on you your knees Fox.” Hiei growled with lust.


+ + + + + +


Yusuke stood at the entrance to the temple, directing the newest guests where to go, he still couldn’t believe the amount of people and youkai that had shown up.

But finally he saw the people he had been specifically waiting for. Kurama’s step farther and brother were coming up the temple steps.

He greeted them then led them towards the temple and inside.

“There are a lot of people here.” Kazuya Hatanaka said looking around.

Yusuke thought there were too many, but he just nodded. “We weren’t really expecting this many.” Sure the invites had been plentiful, but he was starting to suspect word had got out and no one wanted to miss this.

“Shuichi is very popular.” Suichi said adamantly.

“Yeah.” Yusuke smiled at the kid who idolised his older step brother.

“Farther! Suichi!”

Yusuke turned to see Kurama enter the room. He hadn’t seen his friend since the night before, and he could tell something had changed, even if it wasn’t something obvious, there seemed a lightness to his step and shadows gone from his eyes.

Yusuke wasn’t fast enough to grab Suichi’s arm as he ran towards his brother and threw his arms around him.

Kurama hugged his brother tightly. “I’m glad you made it. Mother was getting worried.”

“Dad said you were getting married today?” Suichi said, his eyes wide.

Yusuke figured that if Hiei let Kurama’s mother touch him, maybe it applied to all his family, even if they weren’t blood.

“Yes, I am… Sorry it’s such short notice.” Kurama said as he kept his arm around his brother and went to meet his step farther. “Did you have a safe trip?”

Kurama’s farther reached out and laid his hand on Kurama’s shoulder. “There was a bit of a traffic jam, but nothing more… You’re looking good.”

Yusuke actually saw Kurama blush, which was a shock in it’s self.

Kurama was about to reply when Shiori came running in. “Oh, thank heavens you’re here!” she said, giving her husband a hug and a kiss, before doing the same to her step son.

Yusuke sidled over to Kurama while the rest of his family were caught in conversation. “What’s going on?” he asked to Kurama’s look of confusion. “How come you’re wandering around alone?”

Kurama blinked at him, then smiled in recognition. He reached up to move the high collar of his shirt aside. Yusuke could see red raw bite marks before Kurama covered them again. “Because of this I no longer need a chaperone.” He smiled. “And as best man, shouldn’t you be with Hiei?”

Yusuke cringed as he patted his friend on the shoulder. “See you later!” he said as he rushed off to find the groom.

He found him in Kurama’s room. Luckily the door was slightly ajar, so there was not going to a repeat of last time when he had a sword flying through the door.

“Hey man, how’s it going?”

Hiei was stood in front of a mirror, adjusting the navy blue scarf around his neck. He was already fully dressed in what Yukina and Keiko had made for him. He had watched as they embroidered the tunic, much like Kurama’s only black with red trim, down the left side were green vies and leaves with the dragon picked out in red instead of black. Beneath he was wearing a loose fitting navy blue shirt and pants, a red sash around his waist, even his typical bandana over his Jagan was deep red.

Yusuke couldn’t believe it, but it actually made the little guy look taller, not like he hadn’t gained a few inches since they first met, but he was still the shortest in the group.

“When will this idiocy start?” Hiei groused out.

“I don’t know.” He grinned. “I guess when they come to collect us.”


+ + + + + +


Kurama felt a little awkward as the women fussed about him, making sure his clothes were not creased, his hair brushed for the hundredth time.

“Kurama… Can you make some flowers for your hair?” Yukina asked softly, “White ones would look pretty.”

Kurama resisted sighing as he picked up one of the white roses he had bloomed earlier, with a little flex of his energy a vine creped up his arm, he let it thread through his hair before making them bloom in a loose garland of white.

There were gasps of wonder all round as his mother, Yukina, Keiko and Shizuru descended on him again.

He had given in earlier that morning, resigned to the fact that this wedding was for everyone’s else’s enjoyment.

“Now you need a bouquet.” Shiori clapped her hands together excitedly, she loved seeing him use his powers to make things grow. He never had the heart to tell her that the same hands that brought life to her garden were stained with blood.

Kurama let the rose he still held to flourish and grow, mixing in his favourite red one’s too. Until his hand was covered in them, a few hanging down. “Will that do?” he asked. “It’s not normally something I’m accustomed to making.” He apolagised.

There was silence, when he looked up, all the woman, including Boton who had come in, had tears in their eyes as they looked at him.

“So pretty…” Boton whispered and all the other women nodded in agreement.

“Umm… Thank you.” He said awkwardly. “Boton? Is everyone ready?”

She shook herself. “Yes, I came to collect you! Everyone is waiting!”

“Oh my!” Yukina said as she turned to pick up a basket of petals.

Yukina, Keiko, Shizuru and Boton were acting as his brides maids. They were dressed in their best white clothes, not having time to get matching ones.

“Ok, Lets go!” Boton skipped out the room with Yukina and Keiko following her Shizuru Bringing up the rear.

“You look nerves.” His mother said, taking his free hand in her own.

Kurama smiled. “It’s all been a bit sudden.” He admitted.

She reached up smoothing a strand of hair behind his ear. “You’ve known Hiei for years, and he makes you happy… Will this change anything? You can always back out now.”

“It already has.” He smiled, “We finished our bonding last night… So there is no backing out now.”

She patted his check. “I mean from the wedding… I can go tell Hiei you need to see him, then you can go hide somewhere for a bit.” She grinned up at him a cheeky sparkle in her kind brown eyes.

“I’m tempted.” He smiled back; if it was possible he loved her even more at that moment. “But I don’t think I would ever be forgiven if I didn’t do this.”

His mother nodded decisively, then once again he found himself being pulled about by his hand.


Kurama blinked at the bright day as he went outside following his mother.

There was a quick bout of conversation around the side of the temple when the wedding march music began to play.

Kurama rolled his eyes at the absurdity of it all. Then he turned the corner and gasped.

All the seat’s where full, then past that stood what looked like hundreds of people, spirits, humans and youkai. And all eyes turned on him.

The crowed parted a little as he followed his mother slowly to the music, letting her pick their pace.

He had the urge to just run away until he laid eyes on Hiei, who stood at the front of the crowd with Yusuke and Kuwabara at his back and Koenma ready to perform the ceremony.

Kurama found he couldn’t take his eyes off his Mate. Hiei looked so fine dressed in navy blue, black and red that it took his breath away and he couldn’t help but smile, proud that Hiei was his Mate.

Hiei gave off the feeling he wanted to run too, but his eyes were intense and fixed on his own.

It seemed to take forever till Hiei was within reaching distance.

He was momentarily distracted by Keiko jumping forwards to take his bouquet, then his mother was taking his right hand and holding it out for Hiei to take.

When Hiei took his hand he felt slightly more comfortable and reassured.

“My baby.” His mother said in his ear as she stepped away and Kurama saw the tears in her eyes. He looked after her as she went to stand with his step farther and brother, he never liked seeing her cry.

Then Hiei was squeezing his hand and he turned back to his Mate.

“You ok?” Hiei rumbled out.

Kurama nodded with a smile, returning the squeeze. “I am now.”

Hiei gave him a rare half cocked grin before turning to Koenma. “You going to get this started?”

“Ah… Yes.” Koenma said as he looked down at a book he held in his hand. “We are gathered here today…”

Kurama tuned Koenma out as he just looked at his proud Mate.

He had always thought he would be alone, as Youko he had thought he never needed anyone like this, he considered it a flaw, relying on anyone was a weakness he could never afford. He used others as he saw fit, yes he had had friends, but life went on if they left or died.

He couldn’t remember his Kitsune mother, but the blind love his human mother had always shown him, had invaded his jaded soul. He knew she was a weakness, but for some reason he couldn’t just let her go.

So here he stood.

A Bond Mate at his side, a mother who loved him unconditionally at his back with friends who would fight to the death for him all around them both.

He felt a little unsteady on his feet for a moment at the realization.

Another squeeze from Hiei’s hand then a warmth seeped into him from their hands and bond, Hiei was giving him his energy.

‘Don’t pass out and shame us Fox.’ Hiei’s voice came into his head through their bond, and he could feel the smirk in it.

‘I love you.’ Kurama blurted out, realizing he couldn’t lie or hide his thoughts from the fire youkai.

Hiei rolled his large crimson eyes. ‘I know that.’ Then with a hint of shyness. ‘I love you too.’

Kurama grinned a happy doting smile.

“Err guys?” Koenma suddenly said crossly.

“What?” Hiei growled at the god.

“You have to repeat what I just said to each other.” Koemna said looking at his book again.

“Go on.” Kurama encouraged.

“Do you Hiei take Shuichi Minamino, Youko Kurama, to be your lawfully wedded… err… husband, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shell live?” Koenma asked.

“I already have.” Hiei growled as he looked at Kurama intensely.

“I guess that will do… ow damn… you were meant to put a ring on his finger at this point!” Koenma said as he looked into his book.

“I gave you rings!” Keiko hissed at Hiei, much to Kurama’s surprise. “What have you done with them?”

Hiei bared his teeth at her. “Rings are useless.” Then he was pulling something from around his neck that had been under his clothes.

Kurama blinked as he saw three black and red tear gems, one slightly darker then the others, secured with small silver hoops to a silver necklace, much like the one Hiei wore with his mother tear gem on it.

Hiei unclasped it form around his own neck then held it out to Kurama. “These are the first and only ones in existence.” He said.

Without a word Kurama bent down, holding up his hair as Hiei fastened the necklace and their rare precious gems around his neck.

As Hiei took his hand again, Kurama couldn’t help but put his free hand over the gems on his chest, feeling the strange warmth they gave off.

“Ok, well.” Koenma seemed flustered as he carried on. “Do you Shuichi Minamino, Youko Kurama, take Hiei to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shell live?” Koenma said loudly.

Kurama smiled at his Bond Mate. “Forever.” Then he had to let go of Hiei to reach into his breast pocket to pull out another silver chain, this time it held a tiny silver cadge, inside was a small dull green seed.

Hiei frowned at him as Kurama fastened the chain around the fire youko’s neck.

“It’s a life seed.” Kurama explained in a whisper, so only Hiei could here. “It’s unbelievably rare… I found it a long time ago, but never thought I would have use for it…” then more loudly. “With this I give you my body.” He smiled. Then right into Hiei’s mind. ‘I’ll tell you later.’

Hiei gave him a curt nod. ‘You will…’

“Right… now…” Koenma looked in his book again. “I now pronounce you man and, err… Kitsune!... you may now kiss the bride!” Koenma grinned passed his pacifier.

“Bout time.” Hiei grumbled as he reached up, one hand going around the back of Kurama’s neck, the other around his waist, then Kurama was being pulled down to meet Hiei’s lips.

Kurama hardly even heard the roar of cheers and clapping going on behind them as Hiei tried to lick the back of his throat and Kurama could do nothing but hold on to his Mate and take it with pleasure.

He felt Hiei fumbling with his collar as they pulled apart and grinned at each other. Then he felt Hiei undo the top few buttons of his shirt and realized what he was doing, with a bit of help he folded his collar down exposing the marks on his throat, then Hiei was also folding the cuffs of his shirt up to expose his wrists as well for all to see.

Finally Hiei was turning him to face the crowd.

The clapping ran into sporadic silence as everyone saw the still raw symmetrical bite marks on Kurama’s neck.

Half the crowd were shocked to see such new wounds, the other half actually knew what it meant and were in more shock.

Kurama closed his eyes as he felt Hiei’s hand on his shoulder, exerting a little pressure and Kurama sank to his knees besides his Mate. He felt Hiei press his thigh into his side as he stood over him. It was a very primitive form of dominance, but Kurama was happy to let everyone know how their dynamic worked.

He couldn’t help but wonder how those who had known him as Youko were taking this, it was so out of character.

“Change.” Hiei ordered, so everyone could hear.

Kurama wanted to refuse for a second before the Kitsune side of himself took his form and changed it into his older Youko self.

He heard his step farther and brother gasp in shock; he had never shown them this part of himself before. He was just about to open his eyes and look at them when Hiei’s hand was fisted into his hair.

‘Don’t… They are shocked but not afraid.’ Hiei whispered into his mind. ‘Just a little longer.’ He promised.

Kurama instantly settled as he moved to rest against Hiei’s side as his Mate pulled his head back gently but firmly, showing off the mark’s even more.

“We are successful Bond Mates.” Hiei growled out to the crowd. “You treat us as one from this day forth… Threaten us or ours at you own death!”

Kurama groaned silently, but couldn’t help but be amused, trust Hiei to make their mating as a threat to the three worlds.

‘Hn… some of the idiots are bowing down to us.’ Hiei gloated into his mind.

‘Nice to know you mated with me just to gain power.’ Kurama chuckled into the bond that was proving rather addictive.

‘I would have mated with you even if it meant loosing it all…’ Hiei said gravely and Kurama could feel the bare honesty in every word.

He opened his eyes to look directly up into Hiei’s who was staring down at him seriously.

‘I did it to find my sister with the Jagan… Just think of what I would do for you…’

Kurama didn’t have too, he could feel it all and it humbled him. He never even thought about it, but he would give up everything for the being stood at his side… even his Mo…

‘DON’T even think that Fox!’ Hiei hissed angrily. ‘I will keep her as safe as I will keep you until the day she is gone.’ He suddenly smiled. ‘She is my mother now too after all.’

Kurama felt his heart swell in his chest as tears stung his eyes.

Hiei stepped in front of him, leaning down. At first Kurama though they were going to kiss again, but the Koorime rested their check’s together instead while holding him tight.

‘I never would have guessed you were such a romantic.’ Kurama closed his eyes as he held desperately to his Mate.

‘Shut up.’ Hiei said in embarrassment. ‘Dry your tears then get to your feet.’

Kurama dried his damp eyes on Hiei’s shoulder before pulling away a little to stand.

‘Change back too, you prefer it that way.’

Kurama couldn’t keep the smile off his face; Hiei had always liked his stronger Youko form, so even this was a little show of affection, letting him be in his now preferred human guise.

So he changed as he stood with Hiei’s help.

He finally looked at the crowd in front of him. Some youkai were still on their knees, others with their heads bowed to them, all surprised apart from Mukuro and Yomi who looked disappointed.

He finally looked over at his human family. His mother still had tears in her eyes but a smile on her lips as she looked at him. His farther looked shocked, but not discussed. When he looked at Suichi he was surprised to see his brother’s eyes wide but curios. No doubt Youko would have some ear tugging and tail pulling in his immediate future.

He gave them all a big smile as he followed Hiei towards the temple and food.


+ + + + + +


Kurama was exhausted.

He was laying against Hiei’s side; the fire youkai had one arm around him as he talked softly with his sister.

The rest of the day had gone smoothly, the food had been plentiful with Yusuke and Kuwabara manning the barbeques, Keiko and her family sorting out the Raman stand, Boton had sorting out the salads and other cold platters. Even his mother had baked a wedding cake big enough for everyone to have a slice.

A lot of the initial crowd had finally gone home as the night drew in, shaking both his and Hiei’s hands wishing them all the happiness as they departed.

The only people really left where those who were still staying at the temple for the night.

“Hiei,” Shiori suddenly appeared at their side. “Can I borrow Shuichi for a bit?”

“Don’t tier him.” Hiei said, removing his arm and pushing Kurama away a little.

Kurama gave his Mate a peck on the cheek then followed his mother a little way away to where his step family sat.

“I told them about you.” Shiori said as they sat down together.

“Ah.” Kurama said a little anxious as he looked at the man his mother loved and his son. “As you can imagine, it’s not something one just goes around telling people.”

“No.” Kazuya said softly. “I never would have guessed you had such an interesting double life.” He was smiling, so at least that was a good sign.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Suichi asked, sounding a little hurt.

Kurama sighed, but it was his mother who answered. “He didn’t tell me until he was seventeen.” She squeezed Kurama’s hand. “He thinks that if the people he love know, they won’t love him anymore.”

Kurama looked down at the hand his mother held, a little ashamed.

‘Fox?’ Hiei questioned.

‘It’s all right’ he answered to Hiei’s concern.

This new telepathic ability was a little invasive, but comforting all the same.

“Well that’s just stupid.” Kazuya said adamantly. “You’re still the same man we know… right?”

Kurama nodded, “Yes, always.” He felt guilty for the little lie, he had always been more Jaded as Youko.

“So…” Suichi said suddenly, sitting forwards eagerly. “Can you change again?”

Kurama sighed softly as he nodded. With a thought he changed into Youko. He saw his younger brothers hands twitch in his lap. So slowly as not to spook them, he slid from his chair to kneel before his brother, angling his head down and twitching his ears. “You can touch if you like.” He said in his deeper voice.

Suichi reached out nervously till his fingers touched the soft hair that covered his ear, then his brother got bold and before too long he was petting Kurama like a cat. Then he felt another hand on his ear.

“Oh my.” His mother gushed, “So soft, and your hair…” she started running her fingers through his thick silver hair. “It’s as soft as fur.”

Kurama grinned up at his mother’s pleasure, realising that she had never touched him as Youko before. And it felt surprisingly natural for her to do so now.

“I’ll let you groom him one day at home.” Hiei was suddenly in the chair Kurama had been in, his arms crossed as he looked smugly at Kurama.

Shiori laughed, “I would love that.” She admitted. “I always loved your hair, but this is even softer.”

They stayed like that, talking a little more before Hiei got up and stretched. “It’s been a long day, we should go to sleep.”

‘Not so long.’ Kurama said, knowing that they both could go day’s and weeks without sleep if need be.

‘Long enough…’ Hiei answered back with a subtle undertone that he wanted to be alone together.

“You’re right.” Shiori said also standing.

Kurama blinked up at his step farther as he stood too, then held his hand out to help him up. Kurama took it, then found himself in his fathers arms as he hugged him.

“We love you.” Kazuya said in his ear. “So come home soon, I don’t like your mother to worry.”

Kurama hugged his step farther a little tighter for a moment. “We will.” He promised.

Then his brother was hugging him. “Will you be home soon?” He asked.

“I will be home in a few weeks.” He also promised his little brother.

Finally he turned to see his mother hugging Hiei, who looked a little awkward, but he was returning the hug.

Kurama found it strange when he could hear what his mother was whispering into Hiei’s ear. ‘You’re my son too now’ she said. ‘And your welcome home any time.’

Hiei nodded and Kurama could feel how happy he was.

When she hugged Kurama he thanked her as he kissed her goodnight.


+ + + + + +


Kurama was a little relieved when Hiei undressed them both then put them both to bed, pulling up the covers and just snuggling together.

“You’re tired.” Hiei snorted at him. “There is enough time for sex later.”

“The rest of our lives.” Kurama grinned as he reached up to play with the tear gem’s around his throat.

“So what seed is this?” Hiei asked as he looked down at his own necklace. “It isn’t going to burst out and eat me is it?”

“No, but I’m sure I could find something like that if you liked?” Kurama chuckled before he sobered up and looked up at his Mate. “It’s a Life seed.” He said again, but Hiei just looked at him blankly.

“When I said I give you my body I actually meant it literally.” Kurama carried on seriously. “I’ll leave it for you to use as and when you wish. If you wish of course…”

“Get on with it Fox.” Hiei grumbled good naturedly.

“You have to plant that seed inside me.” Kurama gestured to his nether regions. “Then fertilise it with your seed and I should hopefully bare us a child.”

Kurama was expecting to feel horror from his Mate, or revulsion. What he was not expecting was the disbelief tinged with a spattering of a strange hope, that made his guts tighten.

“You would do that?” Hiei whispered in awe. “For me?”

Kurama relaxed a little more into the futon as he stared up at his Mate. “It’s a little selfish of me too.” He admitted softly. “But it doesn’t come without its risk’s… It could possibly harm me enough to not be able to try again, that’s if I can even find another seed.”

Hiei’s eyed burned into his own. “It could hurt you?” the feeling of hope dyeing instantly.

Kurama made a dismissive gesture with his hand. “For you, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

Hiei looked back at the seed in its little silver cadge. “Could I not do it?” he asked.

“No.” Kurama answered. “At least not with that seed, it took me fifty years of gently feeding my spirit energy into it to get it to the state where it can be used. There are also no records of it being successfully used by anything other than a spirit kitsune.”

“Where did you get it? Or more importantly, why?” Hiei asked sceptically.

Kurama didn’t really want to say, but he knew Hiei wouldn’t be satisfied unless he knew. “One of the first books I stole was about rare seeds, I found a lot of those seeds and still use a lot of them, but at the back was this one. The Life Seed, it intrigued me because even the author had only seen one once. They said that a small red flower only blooms on the grave of a kitsune mother who never gave birth to her kits. It only grows once, a year from the day the mother died, then blooms the day she was buried, the next day a seed will form and you have to catch it before it hits the ground. Then you have to spend fifty years gently feeding it spirit energy, once it turns that green colour, it’s ready to use.”

“How long has it been ready?” Hiei squinted at the seed.

“About ninety years.” Kurama poked the seed as it lay in Hiei’s hand. “I left it in one of my dens once it was finished; it was still there when I went back when Yomi summoned me to the Makai.”

Hiei looked down at him. “So why? Just because it was rare?”

Kurama smiled as he reached up and put his hand on his Mates check. “At first.” He said honestly. “When I found I still had it a few years ago… Well… I thought I might find a use for it eventual.”

“You were going to try and trick me?” Hiei growled annoyed.

Kurama tugged painfully on a lock of Hiei’s hair, enough to make him wince. “No!... I just wasn’t planning on bringing it up so soon.” He grinned playfully. “And it’s the best gift I could give you.” He purred.

Hiei smiled down at him, “I’m guessing you want to give your mother a grand-kit?”

“I’m sure Suichi will do that one day… but I leave it up to you if you want to use it at all.”

“Do you want a kit?” Hiei asked quietly, his eyes and thoughts strangely dark and silent.

“I never wanted children before… But with you?...” Kurama settled down, opening himself up to his Mate, letting him feel his emotions on the subject. “Yes…” Then waited for a response.

He didn’t have to wait long before Hiei grinned at him, then leaned down and kissed him, the fire youkai fisting his hands into Kurama’s hair.

When they parted both of them were chuckling.

“I guess I’m not so tired…” Kurama purred as Hiei began licking at the Mate Marks on his neck.


+ + + + + +