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Best drink I ever had!

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Best drink I ever had!
Author: Bane Huntress (Sarah B)


- Chapter 1 -


Woolsey watched John all but fall through the Stargate, Ronon and Teyla on either side, all but holding him upright.

His chest went cold as he made his way down the stairs, they were early, and it was only a trade mission so he had no idea what could have possibly gone wrong… again.

“Sheppard?” he questioned as he hurried closer.

Sheppard was being held up by his arms, the expression on his supporters faces made him slow his pace. They both looked angry. Ronon was all but growling and Teyla’s lips were pressed into a thin line of annoyance.

Then he heard giggling, and with shock realised it was coming from Sheppard. It wasn’t a pleasant sound.

“What’s going on here?” He looked at Teyla for answers.

Teyla moved her chin in such a way that Woolsey knew she was beyond irritated. “The Renori were having a wedding celebration when we arrived, I asked John not to partake in the local celebratory beverage.”

“But he did anyway.” Ronon growled out as he tightened his hold on Sheppard’s arm.

Teyla also tightened her hold, “He was then taken away by the village shaman, we were asked politely not to interfere.”

Woolsey could see her bristle at the word ‘politely’, so it obviously involved weapons.

Sheppard muttered something unintelligible.

“It is a most powerful substance.” Teyla continued in a clipped manner. “It is only meant for the youth of marriageable age in the tribe.”

Woolsey sighed. “I guess not for aging Lieutenant Colonels?”

“Not at all.” Teyla sighed and seemed to sag a little. “And we can not ascertain what actually happened to him once he left our side, but he seems not to be harmed.”

“I guess it’s a visit to the infirmary anyway” Woolsey said as he looked down at Sheppard. “Do you think the beverage it’s self is harmful?”

“I believe not.” Teyla said. “We returned earlier than expected because Sheppard insisted upon it most adamantly… and we thought it best.”

Woolsey didn’t miss the look Teyla cast at Ronon, it was a mix of annoyance, humour and something he couldn’t decipher, and it made him slightly uneasy. “Okay, well lets get him to the infirmary.”

“Don’t wanna!” Sheppard growled from his slumped position between his team mates.

“Ronon.” She smiled at the large man. “If you would.” She gestured at John.

Ronon smiled back at her. “I thought he wanted to go see McKay.” He said, putting more emphasis on the doctor’s name.

“Ronon!” Teyla snapped, the disbelieve and anger in her voice made even Woolsey take a step back.

But before they could say anything else, Sheppard was on his feet, twisting himself out of his captors hold with ease.

Woolsey took a breath in surprise. The look on Sheppard’s face was intense, then he was running out of the gate room like he had a Wraith on his tail towards the labs.

“What…?” Woolsey was just about to look at Teyla, but she was already running after Sheppard, calling his name.

Then Woolsey heard Teyla over his communicator as he ran after her and Ronon.

‘McKay! Where are you?’ Teyla shouted into her radio.

There was a pause before he answered. ‘In my lab… why?’ he sounded worried.

‘Lock your door!’ Teyla panted.

‘What? Why!’ His voice went up in panic.

‘Just do it!’ Teyla growled. ‘Security to McKay’s lab now! Weapons to stun and if you see Sheppard… stun him!’

Woolsey picked up his pace wondering what the hell was going on.


+ + + [O o 0 o O] + + +


Rodney felt his blood pressure sky rocket at Teyla’s first warning, he fumbled for his crutches, knocking them both to the floor, then hitting one with his cast foot that sent it skittering across the lab well out of reach.

“Why are you stunning Sheppard?!” he demanded as he struggled to reach down for the last remaining crutch. But his shoulder protested viciously making him gasp in pain. “What the hell has he done now?” He bit out in frustration, more at his current situation than something stupid Sheppard was doing.

‘Rodney, you need to secure yourself!’ Teyla sounded pissed. ‘Sheppard is not in his right mind.’

“When is he ever?” Rodney muttered to himself as he hooked the crutch with his good foot and managed to lift it up enough to get a hold of.

‘I’m near McKay’s lab now!’ Rodney heard Lorne over the radio as he heard his boots running down the corridor.

‘Get inside and lock the door.’ Teyla ordered.

“McKay!” Lorne called as he came barrelling into the lab. “Are you okay?”

Rodney rolled his eyes. “Yes, I’m as fine as I can be with a broken leg, dislocated shoulder and burns!” he snapped sarcastically.

Lorne just nodded as he closed the door and Rodney heard it lock.

“Is this really necessary?” He asked over the radio.

“I don’t know.” Lorne answered nervously as he turned his weapon on the door. “I have Doctor McKay secured in his lab.”

‘Good.’ Teyla said relived. ‘Keep him there.’

“It’s not like I can go anywhere!” Rodney snapped. His concern for his own safety as well as John’s was making him jittery, god, he needed more coffee but the pot in his office was empty. And just to make things worse his leg was beginning to throb along with his shoulder.

He jumped when something slammed into the lab door.

“Rodney!” Sheppard shouted through the door. “You in there?”

Rodney frowned, John didn’t sound like he was angry, if anything, he sounded rather jovial.

“Colonel Sheppard is here.” Lorne said into his radio.

‘We are on our way.’ Teyla sounded relived.

“Lorne?” Ok so maybe Sheppard didn’t sound so happy anymore. “Unlock the door Major!”

Rodney shared a look with Lorne. Something wasn’t right and he was damned if he knew what.

“Can’t do that sir.” Lorne answered.

They heard John sigh as the door unlocked it’s self then opened and Lorne was suddenly in front of him, blocking him from John’s sight.

“Move.” John growled out at Lorne menacingly.

Rodney hurriedly moved the crutch under his good shoulder and stood on his good foot. Now he could appreciate Teyla’s warning, John’s quick silver mood was putting Rodney more on edge and he had his ‘I’m Colonel you WILL do my bidding or I’ll shoot you’ voice on.

“I can’t do that si…” Lorne didn’t get to finish as he collapsed to the floor after being stunned.

Rodney looked at Lorne on the floor in horror, then looked back up at John who was grinning at him happily.

“Hey.” John said is a soft growl, it was a tone Rodney had never heard before and it was as unnerving as his ‘power’ voice, if not more so because it was so unfamiliar.

“Hey yourself.” He answered cautiously, He could hear more booted feet coming up the corridor and he tried to take a step back but his ankle screamed in pain and he felt himself toppling backwards.

Then John was there, holding him upright and close to his chest.

Rodney was just about to protest when he found John’s tongue down his throat, and all thought of imminent danger left his mind as it went totally blank as John held him up.


Rodney jumped when he heard Woolsey’s surprised, and probably horrified, exclamation.

Suddenly John was pulling away, one arm still around Rodney’s waist holding him on his feet and close to John’s side. His other arm was outstretched with Ronon’s gun in his hand pointing at Woolsey, while everyone behind him took a step back.

“John…” Rodney watched as Woolsey schooled his face to be more calming. “You need to let Doctor McKay go and come with us to the infirmary.”

“No.” John said decisively.

A chill ran down Rodney’s spine, he didn’t mind John facing down the bad guys with that tone, it made Rodney feel safe, it was a tone that said John would kill everything in his way, with his bare hands if need be. But when it was aimed at his colleagues, never mind friends it made him feel queasy.

“The guns not on stun.” Rodney heard Ronon growl and everyone by the door took a step back.

“Get out.” John grumbled low. There was no need to raise his voice.

Rodney saw what looked like the end of a Wraith stunner behind the many figures blocking the door and he knew this wasn’t going to end pretty.

He also knew there was something wrong with John, something that even had Teyla worried so it couldn’t be good. John needed help and despite the mind blowing kiss, Rodney had to remember John was his friend, and he needed help first. If he even remembers this.

He took a very deep breath then let his crutch slip away from him, till he was supporting his own weight on his good leg, then he grimaced as he looked for Ronon in the crowed. He gave the big Satedan a nod as he shifted his weight to his broken ankle.

Pain shot up his leg through his hip making his gasp in pain as he lost his balance completely.

He was aware of Ronon’s gun slipping from John’s grip as he turned and tried to keep them both upright.

Rodney heard the Wraith stunner fire, then he was consumed by agony before the world went dark.


+ + + [O o 0 o O] + + +


John became aware of someone talking quietly near him. They sounded angry and confused all at the same time.

He tried to make sense of the words but his body felt like he had been on a week bender while his head felt like it was stuffed with wire wool filled with glass shards, so he daren’t move.

He tried to remember where he was, he figured the infirmary because it smelled like it, but he couldn’t fathom why. He had been on some boring off world trading thing with Ronon and Teyla, he remembered their warnings about the local hooch, but he didn’t see how one cup could hurt, and the little old lady who had given it to him seemed so nice. He guessed it was potent because everything after that was a little bit hazy.

Some of the village women had dragged him off to a little clearing, the little old lady had seemed nice enough before she started chanting something and tutting at him disapprovingly. He recalled something about ignoring his heart, and that she said her spirits would see him right if he just drank some thing that smelled a lot like beer, only sweeter.

He could still taste it in his mouth.

He could also remember wanting to get back home, he wanted something there, something he had forgotten or left behind? But that was as far as he got, after that it was just a jumble of feelings, of need and warmth, there had been relief and shear joy at one point, but he didn’t know why, he had obviously found whatever it was that had been so pressing when he got back to Atlantic.

He opened his eyes to the dim light, it confirmed he was in the infirmary and he needed something to drink.

“He’s awake.” Teyla sounded relived as she came around the bed he was in. “How are you feeling John?” she ask softly.

“Ugg.” He answered as the head of the bed was lifted a little. “Like I been run over.” He groused running a hand over his face. “Can I get a drink?”

“Sure.” She handed him a glass of tepid water that he gulped down with only a slight grimace.

“Apart from run over, what other symptoms do you have?” Carson asked from his other side.

“Hey Doc.” John said handing the glass back. “Head feels like it’s about to explode, thirsty… hungry… what happened?”

He didn’t miss the look the two shot each other.

“What?” he demanded.

“The beverage you drank on Renori has some kind of chemical we can’t identify.” Carson said calmly. “It made you run about the city causing a bit of mischief, we had to stun you to let...“

“You stole Ronon’s gun and stunned Even, then pointed it at Woolsey.” Teyla cut in over Carson. “We were all rather worried, you were not yourself.”

“Oh… everyone’s okay right?”

“Everyone is fine; we do not blame you for your little escapade.” Teyla smiled at him. “I have to go now, why don’t you get some more rest?”

John nodded at her as she left then he turned to Carson. “Could you give me anything for my head?” he asked, he didn’t normally like asking for pain meds, but he liked his head not exploding.

Carson looked grim, “Sorry Lad, I don’t know how it will react to what’s already in your blood stream.”

John slouched down on the bed feeling a little sorry for himself. “How long have I been out?” he asked.

“About nineteen hours give or take.” Carson said as he checked the monitors at the side of the bed. “Teyla’s right, you get some more rest, I need to keep you in for a few days till this chemical is out of your system.”

“Right.” John replied sullenly as he closed his eyes.


+ + + [O o 0 o O] + + +


John was official bored and very pissed off. Becket was being a stubborn bastard and wasn’t letting him leave the infirmary, something about the chemical in his blood not dissipating, if anything it was becoming stronger. So a gallon or two of blood had been siphoned off to go to Carson’s vampiric experiments.

And John couldn’t say that he was feeling alright, his skin was all but itching to get up and go somewhere, it was like he was being pulled from the inside to somewhere specific, he just didn’t know what that specific thing was or where.

During the day he had nearly everyone on Atlantis paying him a visit, Even Lorne turned up to tease him about shooting him. John had apologised but couldn’t really remember the incident.

Woolsey had seemed a little edgy around him and he was sure he was keeping something back from what he had done.

Ronon had also been by to bitch about him being a sneaky bastard and taking his gun, then had started to say something before Teyla had cut him off and moved the topic onto something else.

The only person who hadn’t been was McKay, and that pissed him off even more and he wasn’t entirely sure why it irked him so much.

He would never really admit it out loud, but McKay was the closest thing he had ever really had as a best friend. Sure he had lots of friends; he had always found that easy. But no one had ever got him as McKay did so easily, McKay just accepted him for who he was, which for John was something big, he could actually be himself around the man without having to wear another mask. He had an inkling that it might just be because McKay was so bad with people that he just didn’t see or care. Which again was a haven for John.

When he had first met the Astrophysicist he hadn’t thought much of him other than loud, obnoxious, arrogant and blindingly intelligent, just another facet to the mission. But all too quickly he learned the hard way never to underestimate Rodney, when someone saves your life a few times, you appreciate it. But with that also came his understanding of how Rodney worked. Under all his bluff and buster was an insecure man filled with contradictions who just wanted to help. Even if he would cover it up with self confidence that was only skin deep.

He couldn’t help a little grin when he thought about the amount of times he had cajoled, ordered and shamelessly guilt tripped McKay into working miracles on short order. He had always apologised with chocolate, a bit of real coffee or letting him steal his pudding.

He move around a little in his bed, trying to get comfortable as he mused over his friend and why he hadn’t been. Thinking maybe it also had something to do with Rodney’s broken ankle and mobility, he just hoped someone had remembered to feed him and drag him out of his lab for a bit, he would question Teyla when he saw her next.

He was just thinking of calling her, it was late and only the duty nurse was about in her office, he was alone in the infirmary so she was probably asleep or catching up on research.

As he tried to find his communicator he became aware of the fact he was being watched. Slowly he turned to see Rodney peeking at him from around the curtain to his right. His stormy blue eyes filled with uncertainty and worry.

John suddenly wanted to do anything to make that look disappear; he made to throw the covers off his legs when Rodney hobbled from behind the curtain.

“Don’t get up!” Rodney whispered casting a look in the way of the office. “Carson say’s you’re still sick.” He moved a little closer on his crutches.

That was when John saw the cast now on Rodney’s forearm and something inside him began a slow burn, he needed to touch Rodney, make sure he was alright in every other way, it was almost a physical pain. Biting back on his emotions he patted the bed by his hip, motioning Rodney closer.

“What happened to your arm?” he asked as calmly as he could manage, then patted the bed again.

Obediently Rodney inched forwards. “Hairline fracture from where I fell.” Rodney looked sheepish. “By all accounts I hit it on the table when Ronon stunned us.”

“Us?” John asked as he made grabbing motions with his hands for the fibreglass cast that now covered Rodney’s left arm.

Rodney leaned his hip against the bed as he held out his arm.

John instantly took the bulky cast in his hands, he felt angry and relived in equal measures and he couldn’t explain why. Without thinking he pulled Rodney closer, moving one hand to his elbow as his other hand stroked, then held, the fingers sticking out the end of the cast.

It felt so good just to touch the other mans warm flesh, something eased inside his chest.

Finally he looked up into confused blue eyes and he couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face.

He knew something wasn’t right, he felt like he was high. The world around him seamed to dull as his focus was captured on the man before him.

“Umm…” Rodney muttered. “You weren’t yourself earlier….” He trailed off.

John couldn’t take his eyes off Rodney’s mouth, he just wanted him closer, needed to feel his warmth, reassure himself of the life thrumming through Rodney. He moved over a little as he tried to pull Rodney onto the bed with him.

Rodney gave a worried look towards the office again as he raised his free hand to his own lips. “Maybe I should go…”

A bolt of burning cold ran through John as he tightened his grip. “No.” he growled out as he surged up, captured the back of Rodney’s neck then brought their mouths sharply together. Rodney gave a grunt of surprise and pain but John wasn’t letting go, he physically couldn’t. He needed this even though in the back of his mind he knew he shouldn’t be doing it, that the consequences could be devastating. But right here, right now, he needed this like he needed air.

As much as Rodney had tried to pull away he suddenly melted, letting John take what he wanted as he licked Rodney’s lips open and delved into the coffee tasting soft warmth.

John heard something clatter to the floor as he pulled Rodney up onto the bed. It was awkward and clumsy but finally Rodney grunted and gasped his way against John’s side without once breaking their kiss.

He felt Rodney flinch when his hands started exploring and John moved his hand down Rodney’s arm, remembering that the other man was still injured from a few days ago when one of the control panels exploded, the panel breaking Rodney’s ankle and dislocating his shoulder, John had been there and had seen the bruising and slight burns. Now he needed to see them and he began tugging on the shirt Rodney was wearing.

With a feat of strength he pulled away from Rodney’s wonderful mouth, John untangled his legs from the sheets. It was made frustrating by the fact he found he had to keep a hand on the other man at all times. It also seemed like Rodney was as much affected. Rodney also fixed his good hand into John’s because he felt like if he let go of John the spell would be broken.

Finally John pulled and pushed Rodney flat on the bed and began tugging at his shirt again as John kneeled with one knee either side of Rodney’s hips.

Rodney tried to stop him with his cast hand. “John?” the worry in his voice made John pause. “Not here…” Rodney bit his lip as he once again looked towards the office.

“I need to see,” John swallowed. He had forgotten that the nurse or anyone could just walk in on them. But he couldn’t let go. “I just need to see.” He clarified again as he tugged the shirt up.

The skin on the right side of Rodney’s chest looked sore and sensitive, there was also a large dressing just below his arm pit covering his right breast, John remembered it covered a wound where a burning crystal had hit him. Slowly he moved the fingers of his free hand over the white dressing.

Rodney winced and gasped, but he made no move to stop John exploring.

John just smiled reassuringly as he moved his hand to the other side to massage Rodney’s left nipple with his palm. He watched as more colour flushed over Rodney’s cheeks and he closed his eyes making very pleasing noises at the back of his throat.

John felt the desire become a burning need inside him, going from his chest and descending into his groin. With a growl of almost animal lust he leaned down to capture those twisted lips as he shoved one knee between Rodney’s legs. Forcing the other man to open up beneath him.

Rodney’s complete submission was proving to be more of a turn on than John ever thought possible, it was a heady experience and he wanted more, he wanted it all.

He pinned their clasped hands into the mattress above Rodney’s head as his other hand roamed down Rodney’s chest, over his soft stomach until John let his fingers slip under the waist band of Rodney’s pants.

He growled into Rodney’s mouth as his fingers grazed through short wiry hair to finally brush up against Rodney’s erection.

He delved deeper into Rodney’s mouth as his fingers encircled the other mans cock.

Rodney made desperate little noises as the fingers of his cast hand fisted into John’s T-shirt.

John tightened his hold a little making Rodney squirm, which only made John’s own erection even harder.

He broke the kiss to let them breathe as he bit and nibbled on Rodney’s wonderful mouth.

“What in gods name!”

John stilled as Rodney stiffened beneath him but not in a good way, and John slowly removed his hand from Rodney’s pants.


John felt anger replace his previous lust as he swung his head round to growl at Becket as he came into John’s space. “Get out!” he growled as he moved to put himself between the Doctor and Rodney, he needed to protect his mate.

That thought made him pause for a moment as he looked back down at McKay.

Rodney was looking up at him in horror before he moved, pushing his face into John’s chest, which only made John burn to protect him more.

“Who the hell have you got there… Oh my god!” Becket was close enough now to see who else was on the bed. “Rodney!” he exclaimed.

John lashed out when Becket took a step too close. “Get back.” John warned as he pulled Rodney up with him as he sat up. He freed his hand from Rodney’s using it instead to keep Rodney’s face against his shoulder.

“Carson, Is he awake?”

John closed his eyes as Doctor Keller came around the curtain. He heard Rodney gasp and reality tried to shatter its way into John’s consciousness.

His days were off as he remembered she was due off vacation soon after visiting her farther. He had meant to be helping Rodney find a new apartment for them both before the panel exploded on them.

He tightened his hold painfully on Rodney as he tried to fight off his sudden hatred of her that was almost consuming him at that moment.

All that kept skimming through his mind was that she was a threat, and all threats needed to be as far away from Rodney as they could be.

“Get away.” He snarled at her, making her take a step back, but she wasn’t smart enough to stay there, instead she tried to smile bravely as she began moving forwards again, hands out stretched as if to calm him.

“It’s ok.” She said softly. “Carson just told me about the chemical in your blood stream and I’ve just come to take a sample and see how you are doing.”

Without thinking John let his instincts take over as he threw a punch at her face.

It only grazed her cheek as Carson just managed to pull her back in time as he hit his communicator and called for security.

John just managed to get off the bed, pulling Rodney with him when four marines appeared, weapons at the ready.

“Rodney?” John heard Keller gasp as Carson began talking to the marines.

“Restrain Sheppard and get him back in bed, make sure he stays there.”

John backed up all but pulling Rodney with him, he needed to run, get Rodney somewhere where he could protect him.

He felt Rodney’s arms tighten around him and John was momentarily distracted as the marines jumped them.


+ + + [O o 0 o O] + + +


Carson sighed as he collapsed in the chair between his two patients.

The last two hours had been an unfathomable nightmare.

When the marines had pulled John and Rodney apart it hadn’t been easy, the two men had clung to each other fiercely, but when their hands had been forced apart both men collapsed screaming as if they were on fire.

Carson hadn’t hesitated in sedating both of them as they writhed in obvious agony, but they hadn’t gone under easy. He still wasn’t happy with the amount of sedative he had had to use.

Even then Rodney was still making little whimpering noises to his left and John was still growling to his right, both filled with enough sedative to take down a Wraith.

The hurried blood test he and Keller had performed now showed that the chemical in John’s blood work had doubled its intensity, and Rodney was also infected now. So they had moved both men into quarantine.

He had then got his staff to test everyone who had had contact with the two men in the last few days. Everyone had come back clean, but Carson wasn’t taking any chances.

He had already got Teyla and Ronon along with Lorne and his men to go back to the planet John had been infected on, to get samples and anymore information they could because right now, Carson was completely baffled and a lot tired.

It had been a long day, then to find his two friends groping and kissing on the bed, had been enough of a shock, but the murderous look in John’s eyes when he had swung for Jennifer had been very unexpected. He was sure if he hadn’t pulled her away in time he would be trying to fix her broken jaw.

He had always expected there was or would be something between the two men. But after Katie and now Jennifer, he figured Rodney just wasn’t into that kind of thing. But he always suspected John of swinging that way, well, as far as Rodney was concerned.

After all, the amount of time John would put in sitting at Rodney’s bedside was unusual for ‘just friends’. It had been a gradual thing, and more noticeable after Carson had come back to Atlantis and found out he was a clone. When he had come to check on Rodney late one night to find John sat there playing his DS, he had chuckled to himself, then ask why John was there so late? John had just rolled his eyes, nodding his head in Rodney’s direction, claiming someone had to be there when he woke up and wanted feeding. Carson had just left him to it.

Then he had watched the video diaries Jennifer had made of when Rodney was infected with a parasite. Apart from wishing he had been there, because he was sure he would have seen the change in Rodney. He had taken a mental note about the way Rodney had called out for John, ignoring Jennifer as she tried to reassure him.

He actually felt sorry for the lass, even more so now.

He had thought they were a bad match from the start if he was honest. He knew Rodney was the kind of man to try and please her, but in the end his core personality would reassert itself and she would just be deceiving herself if she thought he would ever change.

“Here…” Jennifer’s voice broke him from his musing as he looked up to see her holding out a cup of coffee for him.

“Oh, thank you love.” He said gratefully taking the beverage. “I thought I had gotten over missing real coffee.” He said taking a sip.

She chuckled a little weakly. “I think everyone’s stolen a supply from stores and hidden it somewhere.”

Carson gave her a wink, “Are you implying we haven’t?” he asked.

She gave him a watery smile as she looked at Rodney’s prone form, then she reached out and touched the fingers sticking out of his cast hand.

Even though Rodney should be incapable of moving he flinched away from her touch and John’s growling intensified for a moment.

Jennifer held her hand to her chest like she had been burned and Carson watched with unease as a tear fell down her cheek. “Is this what I think it is?”

Carson really didn’t feel like having this conversation this early in the morning. “What do you think it is?” he tried to sound innocent.

She gave him a sharp look. “Teyla said she believed it’s the aphrodisiac Sheppard drank that’s making him act this way…” she cast a look of distaste at John. “And the first thing he did was hunt down Rodney. Everyone’s being tight lipped about what happened when Rodney broke his arm and they got stunned, but I’m not blind.” She took a deep breath before she looked back at Carson. “I saw the way Rodney clung to him... and… and that scream.” She closed her large eyes. “Am I fooling myself Carson?” she whispered.

Carson put his cup down as he stood and took her into his arms. “I don’t know lass.” He said honestly. “Let’s just see on getting them better?”

She gave a little dry chuckle. “You’re right, I haven’t slept in almost two days.” She said as she pulled away wiping her eyes. “I’m just being silly.”

Carson just smiled at her. Keeping his opinions behind his teeth.

“Doctor Becket, can you come to the conference room.”

Carson gave Jennifer an apologetic smile. “Can you look after them while I go see what they have found out?”

She nodded but remained silent.


+ + + [O o 0 o O] + + +


Carson looked up as Lorne finally entered the conference room.

“Sorry I took so long.” He said as he sat down next to Carson.

“Ok, now we may begin… Teyla can you tell us what you found out?” Woolsey said, his hands folded neetly in front of himself on the large table.

Teyla didn’t look to happy as she nodded. “The drink that John took was a powerful aphrodisiac, they call it Bronila. I brought you back a sample Doctor Becket.” She said inclining her head towards him.

“Thank.” He acknowledged as she carried on.

“It took some talking but I got to have an audience with the high priestess who took John away, she informed me that she could see a pain in him, that he was incomplete and that she had seen the other part of his soul in the magic drawing that John had shown her earlier. And that her spirits had adamantly insisted on giving him the Bronila.”

“He was playing about with his… digital camera… he bought back from Earth.” Ronon added as he leaned back in his chair. “He was taking pictures of the bonding ceremony.”

“Yes.” Teyla continued. “The priestess said that she had asked the Ancestors to see John on his way to finding his other half and to make him complete. I asked her if she had given John anything else to eat or drink, she just smiled at me and said she could give him nothing but his heart and that they should be left to complete their bonding.”

The room fell silent for a moment before Woolsey cleared his throat. “Do you have anything else to add Major Lorne?”

“Only that Chuck and Ronon just won the pool that’s been going for the past three years.” Evan said with a wry grin in Ronon’s direction.

“About time.” Ronon grinned back.

“Yes well.” Woolsey turned to Carson. “Doctor Becket, I can only leave this in your hands. Please keep me informed of any changes or anything you discover.”

“Okay.” He sighed. “I’ll get right on it.”

“Umm.” Teyla stopped them all from moving from their seats. “The old Priestess said that we should not interfere with the bond… that it could damage them, if separated.”

Carson swallowed as he nodded. “I’ll run tests on the sample then see where we go from there.”


+ + + [O o 0 o O] + + +


Rodney awoke and instantly started shivering; he opened his eyes expecting to see ice surrounding him as he tried to sit up. He felt disorientated as he blinked and the isolation room came into focus, then Carson was leaning over him trying to get him to lie back down.

“Turn up the heating!” Rodney barked angrily as he fought the Doctor off. “It’s freezing in here!”

Carson finally backed off a little. “It’s not cool.” He said placing a hand on Rodney’s forehead.

Rodney batted it away, then pulled the thin sheet up to his chin. “Can I get some more covers!”

“You’re not cold Rodney…” then Carson was shoving a thermometer into his ear. Rodney gritted his teeth as he put up with it. “Your temperatures just fine.” Carson frowned.

Rodney finally felt something other than the cold seep into his chest, it was like being hollow and it was starting to hurt more than the cold that seemed to be making his bones into ice. Absently he rubbed his chest.

He knew something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Then he looked right at Carson who was looking intently back at him. “What the hell happened?” he snapped. “Why am I in here?!”

Carson shifted on his feet uneasily and Rodney could almost hear the cogs working in his brain. “Well.” He began. “It seems you now have the same chemical that Colonel Sheppard has in his system.”

“Wh…” Rodney exclaimed before he remembered something.

He had tried to stay away from the Colonel. The kiss had been enough to make him feel awkward, and it made him question everything they had ever shared that he thought was friendship. But it had made his head ache with it, so finally he had gone to see the man, but Teyla had stopped him, suggesting maybe he should stay away until the Colonel was on his feet. And he had let her lead him away to get something to eat. Then making him go rest after his more resent injury.

Rodney didn’t have the heart to tell her his arm didn’t really hurt, he had been unconscious when he broke it, and when he woke up, it was already in an air cast.

That’s why he had waited till late at night before he crept back to the infirmary, he had had to see John, just to make sure he was alright, or so he told himself.

But when he was looking at John, he couldn’t turn away, and when John had touched him everything had felt so right like nothing had felt at all in his whole life. After that he couldn’t remember anything much at all other than feelings and he could feel his face blush, or try too, but he was so damn cold, he shivered again.

He tried to ask again for more sheets but instead he asked. “Where’s John.” He watched as once again Carson looked shifty. “Carson!” he demanded.

“Sorry.” Carson said as he put something into the IV line that was going into Rodney’s elbow.

Rodney yelped and tried to stop the Doctor but he could feel the sedative already seeping into his system. He didn’t want to sleep, he needed to find John.

As his eyes slipped closed he heard a growl from the divider besides his bed, then he fell asleep.


+ + + [O o 0 o O] + + +