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Open My Eyes

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It was a wonderful day. Clear skies and warm weather. Everyone coming back onto campus after a short summer. Some coming to the University for the first time. The setting looked peaceful and calm, exactly what everyone needed before the start of a life where instant noodles were your dinner every night and sleep was nonexistent. Except it wasn't enough.

At least not for the notorious Bill Cipher, the God of the University and the town of Gravity Falls.

Bill was a senior at the University, and he was well known by all. One reason would be for his gorgeous looks. He had beautiful golden hair that practically glowed, especially on this particular occasion of the setting sun. His face was angular, but still was round and young. His cat-like eyes pierced the souls of everyone around him, making even the most headstrong people falter. Bill's body was tall and lean, a perfect mix with his tan skin. All in all, Bill Cipher was downright attractive, and he knew that with his looks he could get anything.

The other reason why Bill was so well known was his cocky personality and sharp tongue. One wrong move and he would tear you apart, whether it be emotionally or physically. He was a master of the mind, and he always used it to his advantage. Bill's confidence could make others feel like trash, and that gave him pleasure. Though he may look like a God, his personality was that of a demon.

Today, however, Bill's usual confidence was replaced with anxiety. As he walked through the park to get to his dorm, he did not walk with his head held high like usual. Instead, he felt small, like the world would crash down on him at any second.

And Bill had no idea why.

The thought unnerved him. It was rare for him to be this anxious in the first place. He needed some way to fix it. Some help.

Bill pulled out his phone, going through his contact list. Sex. He needed to bang someone to get rid of this stress.

Mumbling to himself Bill continued to walk through the park. "Cindy? No, too talkative. Caitlyn? Uhg no."

After a while of digging through his phone he came to Pyronica, immediately clicking on her. She was an old friend of his, and she knew more about him than anyone else. If anyone could comfort him in this moment, it would be her.

Before Bill could type a word into his phone he slammed into someone, and immediately shoved them to the ground. He was in a piss poor mood. It was like the whole world stopped then. He could feel the stares of the people who passed by. Everyone stared when he shoved someone, but this time it was more than usual.

His eyes trailed up and down the boy on the ground. He was small, obviously a freshmen, with brown curly and unkempt hair. His skin was a sickly pale and his body was thin. The kid didn't even look like he should be outside from the start.

The boy then looked up at him, and Bill was blown away by his eyes, which were a deep chocolate brown. When Bill noticed a thin film that covered his eyes, however, it all made sense.

The kid was blind.

Bill didn't know how to react to this situation, and he finally knew why he was so anxious.

"Uh.." The brunet spoke, moving his right hand around on the ground. "Sorry about that.."

He watched as the boy felt around, seemingly looking for a pair of black shades that laid in the grass next to the sidewalk. Bill walked over and picked the shades up, bringing them back to the brunet, who was confused.

"Kid, what are you doing on campus? This is for college students. Besides, you're fucking blind." Bill finally spoke up as he placed the shades in the kids lap.

The brunette frowned, fumbling as he grabbed the shades and put them on, "I'm not a kid. And who cares if I'm blind."

"I do." Bill said, hovering over the boy. "I don't need a stupid runt like you bumping into me all the time."

The brunette slowly stood up, pulling his walking stick up off the ground and brushing himself of,. "Sorry if I'm such a nuisance to you, but I'm here to learn. So to be honest, I don't really care about what you think. Bye now." The boy moved around Bill and started to walk away.

Bill couldn't help but stand there in awe. No one ever talked to him like that, and although it gave him an odd sort of excitement, he was still furious. Interest and anger gnawed at his insides, an unusual mix indeed, even for him. Other students gawked at the scene that unfolded, some trying to hold in their laughter and others not even trying, snickering loudly. The brunette didn't even bother to turn around, just kept on walking.

Bill started to wonder if the kid even knew where he was going. I mean, the kid was blind. He couldn't possibly know where he was going. Not like it mattered to him though. Like the asshole Bill was, he didn't bother to try and help the kid. He was too stressed out to think about helping anyone.

After the incident he finally sent a text to Pyronica, but she immediately declined the offer, busy with cheerleading junk that Bill did not care about whatsoever. He wasn't in the mood to see anyone else. Instead, he power walked back to the dorms, anger and frustration pouring out of him.

It didn't take long to get back to his room, about five minutes to be exact. Everything was pretty lively inside the dorms, specifically the boy’s dorms. People ran around, bringing their stuff in and setting up their rooms. Bill remember his freshmen year, how he only brought a few things compared to other freshmen. It just reflected his home life. It wasn't that his home was small or his family was poor, quite the opposite actually, his home was huge and his family was rich. People tend to bring memories and things that are special with them, and Bill just didn't have anything like that. Not that he minded though.

Walking up the stairs to the third floor Bill turned right, heading for his room. Once he made it to his door Bill pulled out his keys, jingling them around a bit before sticking them in the door knob and twisting his wrist. He pulled out his keys and shoved them back into his pocket, opening the door and stepping inside.

Right when he was about to shut the door, however, his name was called. With a sigh Bill stepped back outside, looking next to his door to find the superintendent standing there, messing with his bright green tie, a very ugly color in Bill's opinion.

Once the superintendent noticed him he jumped, straightening his suit and looking up at the tall blonde.

"M-Mr. Cipher, may I have a word?" He asked.

Bill couldn't help but smirk at the superintendent, seeing as the large man was obviously uncomfortable in his presence, "Of course Darel, how may I help you?"

The superintendent flinched at his name, but ignored it, not attempting to argue with Bill. "Well, as you know, more freshmen are coming this year, and it's going to be quite packed in the boys dormitory. I know that you've requested from the very beginning that you want a dorm to yourself, and we have stuck by that, but this year we just can't do that." Bill frowned, but let him continue.

"There's been a certain situation that has come up here at Tall Pines, one that has never come up before. A freshmen has applied to this school, but they have a disability, one that would make things a bit difficult." Bill froze, knowing exactly who he was talking about. "However, the student has magnificent grades, and has shown that they are capable of taking care of them self. The thing is, I'd rather such a great student be watched carefully, in case they need help. Mr. Cipher, I trust you to take good care of this student and show them around."

Bill glared at the superintendent, taking pleasure in watching him squirm. "I'd rather not."

"I'm sorry Mr. Cipher, but you have no choice in this matter. Now," The superintendent turned, revealing the small brunette that stood behind him. "Meet Dipper Pines, your new roommate."