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Only the Beginning

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Yoongi took one last look at himself in the mirror before he left his apartment. Honestly, he didn’t exactly like what he saw. His hair was too bright. He was too short. His clothes were too simple. He knew that his date wasn’t going to be impressed by anything he had to offer. However, at the same time, he knew that these weren’t his own thoughts. They were Hoseok’s.

It’ll be different this time. This time Hoseok wouldn’t be there criticizing his every movement. Yoongi was going to prove him wrong, hopefully. He was going to pretend to have the confidence that was just out of his reach. Yoongi turned away from the mirror and left his apartment. He put on his headphones as he walked down the street.

That was another thing Hoseok didn’t like about him. His music. Music was Yoongi’s life. Almost quite literally. He worked at a record company as an intern while making writing raps in his free time. Music surrounded him like crazy. Yoongi figured that with Hoseok being a dance instructor he’d be able to understand. And he did. For a short while. However, after a few months, it seemed like everything Yoongi liked paled in comparison to anything Hoseok himself liked. You can’t dance the same way to rap music apparently. Yoongi should have known that they weren’t compatible from the beginning. Yoongi hates dancing.

Stop, Yoongi thought to himself. Hoseok is gone now.

And he was. Three months earlier, Yoongi had finally had enough with his subtle comments and left. It didn’t feel as if Yoongi had ended it though. He could hear his comments in his head every time he went to do something. His writing had suffered far more than he expected it to and his social life was almost nonexistent.

His roommate, Jin, finally had enough of his moping around decided to set him up on a couple of blind dates. Jin was actually more excited about this than Yoongi was. He’d been preparing Yoongi for this date for the last week. This would be his first blind date. It was with one of Namjoon’s, Jin’s boyfriend, friends.

“I hope this works out. Jungkook’s just perfect, you’re going to love him. I met him a few months ago at Namjoon’s,” Jin had told him earlier this morning, as he picked out Yoongi’s outfit. “You’ve just…you’ve been through so much and I want you to be happy. These last few months have been killing me because I haven’t known how to help.”

Yoongi wanted this date to go well. Not just for Jin’s sake, but for his own as well. He needed to replace the thoughts of Hoseok.

Yoongi walked into the small café, hearing the bell over the door signal his arrival. It was a Wednesday afternoon and the café was practically dead. A boy in the back looked up at the ding and waved at him.

That must be Jungkook. Yoongi wasn’t expecting him to actually show up on time, let alone early. Yoongi was never late. He made that rule in his life. So, the idea of someone actually arriving before him was impressive.

All Jin had told him about him was that he was “the most adorable creature he had ever seen.” And studying him as he walked towards the table, Yoongi could admit that Jin wasn’t exactly wrong.

Jungkook had black hair that was covered in a red beanie. His red sweater was deliberately distressed in the latest fashion. Yoongi was amazed at how good red looked on the younger boy. Granted that boy had a face that could make anything look cute, because that’s what the boy was. Cute. He had big eyes and an adorable smile. It was such a contrast to what Yoongi was used that he found it extremely attractive.

Jungkook stood up as Yoongi neared the table and pulled out his chair for him. “You must be Yoongi hyung. Jin showed me your picture, though you had pink hair in it.”

Yoongi was dazed for a minute at Jungkook’s gesture, but took the seat that Jungkook offered. Never had anyone ever pulled his chair out for him. Sure he’s done it for Hoseok occasionally, but it’s never been done for him. Jungkook took the seat opposite him, fidgeting slightly with the end of his sweater.

Yoongi cleared his throat. “Um. Yeah. You must be Jungkook.” He knew that the nervousness was obvious in his voice. Did Jungkook mean that he liked the pink hair better? Yoongi had just dyed it blonde a few days ago after his roots had started showing. “Jin managed to get me drunk a month or so ago and convinced me to dye it.”

“It was cute. Though, I think the blonde suits you a bit more.” Jungkook’s face turned a slight pink that Yoongi knew had to be lighter than the red that his face now was.

“Thanks.” Yoongi said, ducking his head slightly. When he looked back up, Jungkook was smiling. Yoongi realized that he had a slight overbite that made him even cuter. Sort of like a bunny. “Um, did you want something to drink? I’ll go up and order.”


“And ink went everywhere. Covered him in head to toe,” Yoongi said, almost unable to get the words out from laughing too hard.

Jungkook was laughing in his seat, his hand covering his mouth and his head thrown back slightly. His mirth made Yoongi stop in his tracks. Yoongi couldn’t remember the last time a date had thought he was funny. Anytime he tried to make a joke to Hoseok, he’d just give him a look and a pity laugh. Jungkook legitimately thought his story was funny though. There was no way he could fake that kind of reaction.

“What?” Jungkook asked when he noticed Yoongi had stopped.

Yoongi shook his head slightly. “It’s nothing. It’s just…no one has ever laughed at that joke before.”

“I can’t see why not. Your friend Jimin seems like a riot. How does anyone get into that kind of situation?” Jungkook asked, still letting out slight chuckles at the thought.

Yoongi thought his face would break with smile on his face, the biggest one he’s had in weeks.


“I have every one of his albums at home.” Jungkook said proudly.

“So do I,” Yoongi informed him, taking a sip of his now lukewarm coffee. “They’re always on repeat too. It drives Jin insane.”

“Are you serious? I’ve never met anyone other than my friend Taehyung who even knew who he was. And even Taehyung only knows like two songs,” Jungkook said excitedly, his hand slapping down on the table. “Did you see him in concert in last month?”

“No, I couldn’t make it. I went home to Daegu to visit my parents instead,” Yoongi said quietly, still clutching the coffee in his hands.

“My friend Tae’s from Daegu. You missed a killer concert though,” Jungkook commented. Then as if he couldn’t help himself, he launched into a detailed description of the entire concert for Yoongi’s benefit.

Yoongi couldn’t stop staring at him. He was something he’d never thought that’d he’d meet. He was much more than a blind date to Yoongi at this point.


“You know, when Jin described you he never mentioned that you were this quiet,” Jungkook mentioned, after he finished telling him the story of how he met Namjoon.

Yoongi went to open his mouth to say something. He didn’t exactly know how to explain what was going on his head at the moment. However, Jungkook cut him off.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being quiet. I just feel like I’m talking way more than is proper,” Jungkook quickly explained. He rushed through his words as if he was afraid that he had offended Yoongi.

“No. You’re fine. I like listening to you talk.” Shit. Yoongi hadn’t exactly meant to say that. However, he couldn’t regret it after seeing how flustered Jungkook got afterwards.

They had finally left the café, their coffees left only half finished despite being there for almost two hours. Yoongi paid for the coffee while Jungkook made a small fuss over it. Just enough that Yoongi see how touched Jungkook was at the gesture. The look on Jungkook’s face sent a wave of warmth through Yoongi’s body.


As they walked down the street to his car, Jungkook had finally quieted down. The silence gave Yoongi more time to think. He felt as if he should say something now but he didn’t know exactly what to say. Did he thank him for the date? Was it too presumptuous to ask him out again? Did Jungkook even like him?

Don’t do this to yourself, Yoongi thought. Hoseok was wrong about you. Jungkook looked like he genuinely enjoyed the date. Just ask him out on another one. It won’t hurt anything.

“Ju-“ Yoongi started before Jungkook interrupted.

“Did I tell you-“ Jungkook started before he stopped. “I’m so sorry, hyung! I didn’t mean to interrupt you!”

“It was nothing. What were you going to say?” Yoongi had decided. He was going to let Jungkook decided where to take this. He was done trying to force relationships that weren’t meant to be. It was apparent that Hoseok wasn’t meant for him, yet he still stayed with him. He wasn’t going to let that happen again.

“I was just going to tell you that we were having a movie marathon at Namjoon’s next week. I wanted to know if you were going.” Yoongi tried to hide the relief he was feeling. It didn’t matter what he had decided to do because Jungkook wanted a second date.

They had reached Jungkook’s car by this time and were facing each other on the sidewalk. Jungkook’s hand was on Yoongi’s arm and honestly it was more than a little distracting.

“Are you allowed to invite someone to someone else’s event?” Yoongi asked, sarcastically. Jungkook’s answer was a blush and a shrug.

“Namjoon won’t mind. Plus you’re not exactly a stranger are you?” Jungkook’s hand was still on his arm and Yoongi realized how nice it felt to be casually touched like this again.

“Yeah. I’d love to go.”

The smile Yoongi’s answer got him was what made him truly realized what was so different about this. It gave him hope. Hope that maybe love didn’t have to be the way it was with Hoseok. And honestly, love was exactly the road this relationship was going to lead to.