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And I fall

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And I fall…

By Kessie

Disclaimer - not mine, all characters belong to Hiromu Arakawa etc, Square Enix and funimition. I don’t make profit

Pairing - various combinations of Roy/Riza/Maes/Gracia, hints of Ed/Win

Rating - NC-17 to be safe

Warning: very angsty!!! ( which is nearly normal with my stories, but oh well, some day I´ll write a comedy … I swear! )

Summary - No matter how many people were saved, no matter how many wars were avoided, it still didn’t sound right in his head.

Author’s Note #1 -This is unbetaed so read on your own risk.

Author’s Note #2- lets just assume that Alphonse has his body back and that Hughes is alive ( cause I love him so much. Heh) Oh and of course Ed stayed in Amestris This is set a few months after the whole stuff with Bradley ( Maybe I´ll even write and finish the prequel to this. We'll see)


Osiusti, meditabitur, sapientiam,      The mouth of justice mediates wisdom,
Et lingua eius, loquetur indicium.      And his tongue shall speak judgement.
Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem,    Blessed is the man who endures 
Quoniam cum probatus fuerit,          temptation, For, once he has been tried,
Accipient coronam vitae.                    He shall receive the crown of life.
Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison.                 Oh Lord, oh Holy Fire, have mercy!
O quam sancta, quam serena,            Oh, how sacred, how serene, 
Quam benigma, quam amoena,          How benevolent, how lovely,
 O castitatis lilium.                                 Oh lily of chastity.

"Lillium" by Kayo Konishi

and Yukio Kondou.




"No its true, I really don’t get it." Edward Elric was shouting, not really caring if the whole of Amestris could hear him. "I don’t get how you can kiss him in the night and then give him to his murderers the next morning without even batting an eye."




But it was too late, the damage was already done. Winry saw how Riza at first wanted to respond something to this, but then didn’t and stormed out of the kitchen instead. She sighed. "Edward Elric, was this really…?"


"Don’t "Edward Elric" me. It's not like you would understand it either!" With that he ran off, in another direction than Riza, leaving Winry alone to her thoughts.

Closing her eyes for a second, Winry took a deep breath. Somehow he had been right. She really didn’t understand it either. She and Pinako had left Rizembool immediately after they got the message, just arriving the very second as the military had come to get Mustang. She remembered the incidents all too well, since they only happened a few hours ago, still bringing the tears to her eyes.


Colonel Mustang had been standing at the door when she and Pinako had arrived at the little gate the entry of the tiny front garden had, and only on second glance had Winry noticed Mustang´s bound hands and the uniformed men behind him. Obviously not noticing her, he had made a step forward, the men joining him as she heard a loud scream from behind.






"No you are not taking him. I won´t allow that."


Edward was outside now, standing in front of Mustang and the men, blocking their way. The men, obviously not amused, seemed already on the verge of drawing their weapons, but Mustang turned around and held up his hands.


"It´s okay. Give me a minute to deal with him."

A few grumbling murmurs followed but the guards seemed to be all right with it, so Mustang turned back, facing Edward. "Edward I…" He swallowed. "It´s okay. I deserve this."


Edward shook his head violently, taking the Colonel's arm. "No, nobody deserves this. Please, I...,"


"Edward, come with me." Winry hadn't even noticed when Pinako had stepped up from behind her, going to Ed and the Colonel, laying a hand on Ed´s shoulder to calm him.


"It's going to be all right, Ed - " Roy said once more and then Ed was led away by Pinako to the door where a red eyed Riza and Maes were already waiting for the boy. Both looked like they had cried, cried a lot actually, but now they radiated a calm that had made Winry shiver.


Winry remembered all too well the short glance Pinako had given Mustang, before leading Edward inside. There had been so much it in. Pain, anger, understanding, a tiny bit of admiration and forgiveness…




Why couldn't they…? Hell, she herself had lost a lot in this war as well, but Winry knew that more killing wouldn’t help anyone.


She had wanted to storm towards the colonel as he was led into the car just a few metres in front of her, but found she couldn’t move. He had only noticed her when he was already inside and gave her a short nod before the car had started, driving away into the morning. It was only then that she had felt the tears streaming down her cheeks.


It had taken Winry a few minutes until she had the courage to go into the house, afraid of what might greet her. Pinako was in the kitchen sipping a coffee, next to a sad Alphonse who was staring outside the window, not even noticing her, while Gracia and Elicia were sitting in the living room, crying silently. Riza and Maes were somewhere upstairs as she heard later and Ed had stormed off into the back garden, wanting to be alone.


It had took nearly an hour until anyone had spoke a word again and now everything had resulted in a huge quarrel once more, Ed, of course, being the catalyst. Nevertheless she still could understand him. Mustang was a friend, even to her now, despite their history together and she didn’t care if the new government thought that it was okay to give him to the Ishbalans. Winry didn’t really care that it would stablize relationships with a race they had been at war with for so long, she just wanted to live in peace and without fear, at least for a while. She knew Roy, Gracia, Maes and the others had come to this house here in East city to heal and get a little distance from all the happenings with the homunculi, but it seemed it just wasn’t to be. The people in this house had suffered so much already and it still wouldn’t stop.


It was like they were all cursed.


Shaking her head, Winry went into the living room, seeing Ed sitting on the bench in the garden, head on his knees. His red eyes told her he, as well, had been crying again, although he probably wouldn’t have admitted it, stubborn as he was. Just as she wanted to go outside she heard a knock at the front door, and turned around to get it.


Breda and Fury looked pretty shaken as well as they entered the house, nodding a welcome to her.


"Any news?" Winry asked but somehow didn’t really wanted to hear, afraid that they might tell her that he had been killed already.


"Yeah, we just come from Eastern headquarters. They said they arrived at New Ishbal safely." Fury spoke the last word like it was something he didn’t know the real meaning of and grimaced. "The execution is scheduled in 5 days."


Winry gasped. She hadn't thought it to be so quick. Taking a deep breath she lead the two military officers into the living room before getting the others.