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Realign the Stars

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Anakin swore as he dodged and repelled blaster bolts from the droids closing in on his position. When the Council had sent the 501st and 212th to investigate a powerful Force object in what appeared to be an ancient Sith temple, he had expected heavy Separatist resistance. And, predictably, no sooner had they begun to make their way into the main temple chamber than Ventress had sprung her trap. Blaster fire from both sides had rapidly taken it’s toll on the temple’s structure, causing half of the main room to collapse, cutting himself, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Cody, and Rex from the rest of their men and forcing the fight deeper into the rapidly destabilizing building.

He became so focused on dodging his way through the falling debris to help Obi-Wan fend off Ventress, that he barely managed to catch what happened.

A well placed Force Push from Obi-Wan sent Ventress crashing into one of the alter-like structures lining the room. Cody and Rex moved in closer behind them, even as Ahsoka fought to shield them all from the remaining droids. Ventress lashed out, fragments of the alter she had just hit flying towards Obi-Wan’s face – only among them was something larger, sleeker and with a blaring shriek of DANGER in the Force following it’s path. Obi-Wan instinctively ducked, only for it to catch Rex’s arm, sending him off balance and crashing to the ground with a sickening crack. The object itself shattered where it hit the ground, and both sides could only watch in growing horror as the fragments began to glow.

Anakin didn’t remember collapsing, didn’t feel the impact as his knees met the ground. He didn’t see Cody collapse at Rex’s side, still trying to defend his fallen brother despite the fact that he was struggling to stand. He didn’t hear Obi-Wan’s pained gasp or Ahsoka’s panicked cry as the Force fluctuated wildly, only to snap so harshly he felt it as a physical blow, stars exploding behind his eyes.

The last thing he knew was a blinding light, and the Force dragging him into oblivion.

**Twelve Years Previous…**

All around the galaxy, Force-sensitive’s of all training and capacity felt something in the Force – stop. As if it were still there, yet untouchable for a handful of terrible moments. Individuals felt as though a wall of transpera-steel stood between it and them, leaving the Force still visible, but unreachable. Masters and Padawans reaching across their bonds felt as though they were suddenly speaking across dead comm. channels. Those in meditation found themselves frozen, trapped in a limbo, unable to do anything other than wait for the Force to return.

And when it did, it left those attuned to it scrambling.

Mace Windu jolted out of his Council seat, his head whipping around as he searched for attackers, even though he logically knew that he was in the High Council Chamber, that nothing could conceivably attack him here. He barely stood for a moment before his legs gave out, the Force still fluctuating wildly as he fell to the floor.

Many of his fellow Councilors had joined him in staggering to their feet, only to find they could not support their own weight. The only one who managed to remain upright was Shaak Ti, and she had drawn her lightsaber in her panic.

Master Yoda swayed forward in his seat, black spots dancing across his vision as the sudden, volatile shift in the balance of the Force nearly forced the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order into unconsciousness.

Darth Sidious paused in his stride, closing his eyes and drawing in a deep breath before continuing on to his senatorial office, perfectly masking his reactions alongside everything else. He would have to seek out the source of this anomaly, even as his other plans moved forward, for if something strong enough to shatter the Force, even momentarily, existed, then he either needed it on his side, or destroyed.

Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, had been in meditation, communicating through their bond and strengthening it before they received their next assignment. Once he was finally able to pull free of the trance, Qui-Gon swayed, nausea clawing at his throat. He blinked drunkenly, trying to force his eyes to focus even as the Living Force continued to shift and scream inharmoniously. Something had drastically changed the Primal Nature of the Force, and it left him so out of order, it took Qui-Gon a full minute to notice his Padawan’s reaction.

Obi-Wan was lost in the feeling of a future imploding, thousands upon thousands of possibilities crushed and reborn in an instant. He unknowingly curled in on himself, fingers cinching in his short hair, and a spine chilling keen emitting from his throat. When Qui-Gon could finally focus enough to reach out to his Padawan, physically and through the Force, Obi-Wan flinched away, his cries graduating to a full fledged scream as the pain of the future crumbling to dust and scrambling to rebuild finally became too much and he passed out.

On the Outer Rim Planet of Tatooine, a little nine-year-old boy whimpered in pain, muffling his cries into his pillow while his mother tried to calm him down by carding her fingers through his hair. Neither of them would get much sleep this night.

On the planet Mortis, the only three inhabitants found themselves suddenly all but incorporeal, brought down to their most Primal Natures and attempting to reassert themselves in their respective domains of the Force. The being once known as the Father was the only one with enough sense of self to reach out to the Force for an answer, and when he had it, he settled back, realizing his reforming would be some time in coming.

The Force had lost its Chosen One in one timeline. Now, in this time, it had to adjust for two.