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Tendencies of the Dark

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Ah yes, here's his heart.

Mika swiftly snatched up the beating organ from the corpse in his hands.

Lifting it to eye level, Mika turned it gently to the side. There was so much anger and hate buried inside it. So much pain and suffering.

It would make it all the more delicious.

Just as he elongated his fangs to bite a chunk out of the organ, a booming voice broke out over the high arched ceilings, forcing him to pause in his meal.

"Mikaela! What have I told you about eating in the hall?! There's blood all over the stone now!" Said boy rolled his eyes and stood, tossing the heart back onto the shredded body. His appetite was lost now.

Rubbing his blood soaked hands on his slacks, he turned towards the forefront of the hall where is his mother now resided on her throne.

"Honestly, sometimes I wonder what I am ever going to do with you..." His mother twirled a strand of her pink hair around her finger disinterestedly while fiddling with her edge of her dress.

"Is there a reason for you disturbing me mother? I just finished torturing dinner, I'm rather hungry." As if on cue, Mika's stomach rumbled.

Krul rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Other than reminding you of your manners? Yes, there is a reason." At the snap of her fingers a chalice of crimson blood materialized on the arm of her throne. Raising the glass to her lips she asked, "Mikaela, how old are you?"

She knew quite exactly how old her son was, but Mika decided to humor her and replied, "Three thousand, two hundred and one years old. Why are you asking me such a rhetorical question?"

There was a quite groan from the corpse behind him. Huh, it's still alive. Shouldn't it be dead by now? Without looking back Mika raised his leg and swiftly brought it down on the mass of carnage. A squelching sound accompanied with a whine followed a spray of blood on the back of his shirt. Damn, and that was his favorite one...

Krul's dark glare bore holes into his own. "And what does your age mean?"

Mika shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me. It could mean a lot of things. Why don't you just get to the point already?"

The pinkette set down her chalice and crossed her legs. "Mikaela, you need a mate." She raised her hand to prevent interruption from her son. "And before you dismiss me again as usual, I need to make a point. You are well over three thousand years old and have yet to take a mate. You can not stick with your harems forever."

Mika rolled his eyes. "There is no reason for me to tie myself down to one measly individual when I can have a multitude of partners in my bed." It was true, he could literally have anyone he wanted. It would be such a waste of his charm to spend it only on one person.

"As the prince and a demon of this realm you need a mate! You can not rule after me without one. There will be mass consequences if you do not obey." Krul warned.

Mika scoffed. "Oh ya? Like what?"

There was a venomous gleam in his mother's eyes. "You may be my son, but I am not beyond banishing you to the Forgotten Lands."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh yes I would! If you have not taken a mate by the next twelve cycles of the moon, I will banish you." To further prove her statement, she crushed the chalice in her hand, heedless of the broken glass and blood.

Mika bared his teeth and his eyes flashed a sinful red. "Fine mother, I will seek one if you so desire it."

She grinned. "That's more like it."

Without responding Mika spun on his heel and exited the hall, the torches' flames flickering as he went. He would search for a mate (there were many enchanting demonesses at his disposal), but now he needed a drink, preferably one that could buzz up even a demon like him.

The ebony horns on his head vanished and his ruby eyes faded into a soft blue. There was a particular bar in the Mundane world that held a brand of vodka he had become quite fond of. Perhaps he could even find a charming human to fuck before being forced to settle down.




Yuu let his head bang onto the library table in front of him with a groan.

"It's ok Yuu-kun! You'll get it eventually!" Beside him Yoichi patted him on the back in an effort to comfort the dark haired boy.

"Let's face it, the idiot is too dumb to understand anything, much less Calculus."

Yuu's head shot up from the table with a snarl. "Shut it Cherry Head!"

Kimizuki glared from over his book. "Like as if it would make a difference asshole. I'm only stating the obvious."

Just before Yuu could jump over the table to smack the four-yes in the face, a magazine slapped down onto the table.

"Now now everyone, quite arguing! Yes I mean you too Yuu-san." Said boy only pouted and crossed his arms at the lavender haired girl. "I think everyone has been a little too high strung lately. How about tonight instead of holing up in our dorms trying in vain to masturbate to our porn stashes we go out clubbing and get drunk off our asses?"

There was a groan from Mitsuba as she flung her head back against her chair. "Shinoa, you know I have a test tomorrow."

"But Mitsu-chan, you don't have that class until the afternoon!" Shinoa sashayed over to the blond and flung her arms around her. "You'll feel marvelous by then! Clubbing won't be the same without you to flaunt!"

"I uh, think going out would be a good way for everyone to calm down a bit..." Yoichi chimed in timidly.

"See?! Even Yoichi agrees with me! What do you say guys? Are you all in or out?" Shinoa's eyes cast around the table and dared anyone to defy her. There was a groan from the group but everyone nodded their heads in assent.

"I could use a drink actually." Yuu rolled his arm and popped the joints., "It's been a while since I got hammered."

"More like a week and a half idiot."

"No one was talking to you Cherry Head!"

Shinoa clapped her hands together to distill the commotion. "It's settled then, we're all going to go clubbing at the Moon Demon Bar! I expect all of you to be wearing your most revealing clothing, we're each getting laid tonight!"




The Moon Demon Bar was owned by Shinya Hiiragi, the fiancé of Yuu's uncle Guren. Because of his affiliation, Yuu and his friends often got free drinks and VIP passes inside.

The whole dance floor was crowded with wasted party goers and cigarette smoke. Neon strobe lights flickered from all corners of the room to illuminate both the dance floor and stage for performances.

Yuu ignored both areas of bodily accumulation and stood off to the side of the club with his hands in his pockets. The rest of his friends had long since ditched him after soon upon entering the club.

While he liked drinking, he wasn't a total fan of crowded parties and clubs. Apparently this night the Moon Demon Bar was hosting a birthday party for some wealthy patron which caused a greater amount of attendees. Yuu was sure Shinya would be quite pleased.

His attention was drawn from the dance floor when Shinoa stumbled up to him, drink in hand.

"Yuu-sssssaaaaaan, why are you standing off to the side like some lonely virgin? Get out of that corner and grab a drink!" The slur was obvious in her voice. They had been in the club for only approximately ten minutes and she was already wasted. Shinoa had always, and always be, a light weight.

"How are you already wasted? It's been like ten minutes." Yuu smirked and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Is it because you're a shorty?"

While the slap to the face may have been painful, it was still completely worth it.

"Be glad I'm too drunk to see clearly or I would have kicked your Yuu Junior so hard you would never get the chance to feel what its like to nut while being penetrated." Shinoa handed him the drink in her hand and twisted away to walk back into the crowd of dancers, her hips swaying in her little black dress as she went.

"I'm going to go look for Mitsuba. Get wasted and try to pick someone up at the bar for once Cherry Boy!" With those parting words she vanished into the sea of sweaty bodies and drunkards.

As much as Yuu would have liked to ignore her and remain the awkward wallflower he was, the boy was in desperate need of something to relieve his day long headache. Sucking up his pride, he downed the drink in his hand and made his way to the bar for a tequila.




There was little resistance for Mika to quickly enter the club. All he had to do was flash the bouncer one of his signature smirks and he was immediately let inside. All humans were such idiotic creatures that only thought through their genitals.

The club was busier than usual that night. The only up side was there were more possibilities of who to bed. Mika's ice blue eyes trailed along the sweaty writhing bodies of both men and women alike. Any and all of them were perfect candidates.

The blond circled the dance floor and chose to watch the crowd from afar. He could see one particular pair of boys who appeared to be in their early adult years slow dancing in the center of the room. The shorter brunette giggled and nuzzled the taller pink-haired boy guiding him. What an odd place to be slow dancing of all things.

Mika's thoughts were interrupted when a deep masculine voice vibrated in his ear.

"Those thigh highs look amazing on you baby. I wonder how you would look bent over for my cock."

He glanced over to see a tall built man standing beside him. The man was clearly drunk and swayed heavily on his feet. Mika swore he could also see a wedding ring on his left hand.

"Oh, trust me baby...." Mika purred. One of his delicate hands ran along the man's chest while he leaned up to whisper lustfully in the man's ear, "YOU would be the one bent over and begging for my cock." His eyes flashed red for less than a moment before turning on his heal and walking away, leaving the man with a straining erection. Playing with humans was so entertaining.

Mikaela decided to start off with a drink before catching this night's prey. Sidling up to the bar counter, he waved down the bartender.

"So boy, what's your poison?" the dark haired man asked.

"Pineapple Orange Guava vodka please." The man nodded and left to fetch the drink.

Mika's eyes were once again drawn to the crowd. Who to take, who to take... He spied a blond drunkenly trying to run away from a lavender haired girl.

The bartender brought back out his vodka and poured him a glass. "So boy, come around here often?"

"Every once in a while when I need a hard drink." The orange taste of his vodka effectively washed away the remnants of blood from earlier.

Just then a man stumbled up to the bar and slammed his hands down onto the counter. "Guren! Get me more tequila!"

The bartender glared and bit out, "This will be your fourth one Yuu. You're more of a lightweight than you think." Nevertheless he turned around to pour "Yuu" another glass.

Mika's eyes travelled up and down the boy's body. He wore a plaid green and black button up shirt rolled at the sleeves with black jeans and beat up converse. Come to think of it, those jeans hugged his ass just right...

Guren handed Yuu his fourth tequila and left to tend to other customers while muttering something about rambunctious kids.

The demon continued to observe the human from further down the counter. He wondered how those tempting emerald eyes would look when they were hazed over with his venom and squeezed tight as he fucked him hard into the bed. Mika imagined those plush thighs would fit deliciously around his waist.

With a smirk Mika moved down the counter to sit directly next to this "Yuu".

"So, do you come here often?"