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Sword, Love and Vows: First Blade

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It’s morning and the sky is blue, the sun is shining and birds tweet in this atmosphere. And in a two story wooden house, a blue cat-like pokemon who is sporting a yellow tunic and brown pants stood upright and breathes a deep breath and this child simply looks further into the world he sees.

‘My name is Fortelux Thunderr, I am an eight year old Shinx. I live with a family of five, Mom who is a pretty fire fox named Mahoxy and my dad is Luxray. And to include two of my grandparents. And then I am the only child sadly. But luckily I do have the best grandparents in the world.’

‘My grandpa Rentorar is actually a former samurai. He trains me by the way of the sword while my grandmother Delphox teaches me magic. And my parents do not know this but I always wanted to be an adventurer. And my grandparents support me and I am happy for that.’

“You’re late!” shouted the older black-maned feline that was wearing a cobalt blue gi and a black belt to fasten it, was waiting for me nearby the dojo.

‘I did it again…’ then he tossed me a small blade. “Now show me a swing or two! And practice your stances, got it?” the old bearded Luxray started to swing his blade. I simply nod and get to my stances. One of them is the basic two handed stance where my right foot is facing forward and my hands are on the blade.

“Ha!” I swung it down. And again for a few minutes, then I moved to my next where my blade is handled with one hand and the other is supporting the hilt. “Ha!” then again and again for at least fifty times. And eventually I took a break, lying down and drenched in sweat. Then grandpa came over to me with a bucket of water.

“Get up!” I felt cold water poured unto me. If my sweat did not make me wet enough then this will. I shouted and felt my anger about to boil and suddenly, a familiar voice came in. “Oh why are you wet my dear?” I turned to see my grandma, an orange and red fox coming my way.

“Here let me help.” Then she heated me up with a warm stream of fire that instantaneously dried all the water away. From a smile to a frown she turned to grandpa and this will not end well. “My Arceus Rentorar! Do you want Lux to get sick!” then my grandpa simply bowed his head as the fox lectures him.

“Come along now! It’s time for your magic lessons anyway! Hmph!” as she takes my hand and draws me to her library. The cottage is filled with books and alchemy equipment that I do not even dare to touch. Eventually we reached the middle of the room.

“There! Now today we shall learn the heating spell I showed you.” As she takes a book from her sleeve and gave it to me. “It’s yours now!” and I gave her a hug as I thanked her for the book. She simply smiled and started to tell me how she cast it.

She started off with a small circle. Eventually fire came out and then a flick of her wrist going towards her then the fire surrounded her, after a while the flames disappeared. She told me how I am supposed to hold up my equipment. Spells that she teaches actually don’t need a wand to be used.

I took a deep breath and started off with a small circle. After I concentrated a small fire appeared, then after a while I flicked my finger towards me. The flames started to surround me but disappeared all of a sudden. Grandma told me to flick my wrist a bit more.

“Fire magic usually involves balance and controlled movement for it to work…” she pointed out. “The faster the movement the more unstable the fire becomes, the slower the weaker it becomes. So try finding the right mix.”

“I’ll try!” then out of nowhere the door opened. Granny out of reflex swirled her hand and produced a water ball that is aimed right at the door. *Splash! I heard and we came over to see Grandpa Rentorar wet and shivering on his gi. He started to go red with anger and I better do something before this gets ugly.

“Oh! Sorry Rentorar!” she started to tear up. My grandma seems to be where my fragile side came from, one mistake and she starts to ball out. Granpa seems to feel sorry for her too. I pray to Arceus that this will work and made another attempt for the warming spell.

I made a circle, a bit faster this time and flicked it to the old Luxray to see him surrounded by warm flames. He purrs as the warmth that enveloped him, eventually he became dry and the fire died out. Grandma seems to feel better now as she sees the old samurai dry as a cat would be.

“Yay!” I yelled out as the spell worked, they smiled and gave me a hug. “We are so proud of you, Lux! You got it down on your second try!” then the older cat started to look at me with vulnerability in his eyes. “Sorry I have wetted you Lux, will you forgive me?” I slowly walked up to him and gave him a hug.

I nodded and he asks Grandma if we are done for the day. “Yes. Well better get to training again, I will cook up something.” We nodded and left the cottage to do our activities. But this time my grandfather corrected my stance.

“Still doing this I see.” and I see a Luxray adorned with royal looking clothes, and beside him is a beautiful Delphox who is wearing an orange dress. “Dad!Mom!” as I came to my parents and they embraced me. “Dad…” as my father glares at Grandpa Rentorar, and the bigger cat simply nods.

“How’s the royal meeting Duke?” And my father simply replied “…fine.” And then my mother came up to me and asked why I am doing this still. A pokemon that loves to be friends with other commoners, not a dreamer, do not reach out to my potential, not acting like a noble. “I am not a noble. I am an adventurer!” I told them with a smile.

“You are not ment to be one of these unsophisticated fools. You are going to be the lord of Watershore. Understand.” He stared me down and I simply nodded out of fear, avoiding eye contact with father. “It’s for the best. Ok?” my mother told me and I simply nod to that as well. Trying to hold back tears as they went inside.

Tears started to fall from my eyes, I am still gripping my blade. Its sheath has a rope running to the armguard to make sure I do not hurt myself by unsheathing it. The cold air running thru my fur but something warm pressed itself on my back to see Grandpa with his red eyes filled with sympathy. I launched myself to him as I start crying.

Grandma Delphox POV

I hear the door open as I wave my wand around. Telekinetically moving things about as I cook a wonderful dinner for my grandson and the old cat. I felt a pang in my heart the moment the door closed. And it must involve my grandson.

I quickly finished up everything and let the rest cook out as I went outside. But sadly I just have to bump into Luxray. “Good evening.” The cat greeted me and my daughter simply said likewise with a bow. “Good evening. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, I will be outside if you need me.” I excused myself quickly as I reached out for the door.

And my heart fell as I saw my dear Lux crying with his blade and book by his arms and his grandfather hugging him closely. “Grandma!!” the teary eyed came to me with arms wide open and I also met up with him. “Wh-why are they so…” and he started to hiccup and sob. His yellow eyes that are always filled with joy and wonder are now slightly red from all that crying.

“Why do they have to do this!? I do not want to be lord!” He continues to sob as he continued to cry on my robe, I did not mind and absentmindedly I started to caress his messy fur. “Shhh… There there.” I said trying to calm him down. “*hic!” and he started to breath normally. I felt a hand on my shoulder to see the electric type now wrapped his arms around us.

After a while the little one seems to calm down and smiles at me and Rentorar. He told us that we are the best grandparents he could have asked for, he grabbed his blade and book that has been scattered on the ground and called us to go inside.

“Well let’s go my lady.” As the old warrior offers his hand to me. “Better not keep our grandson waiting.” And we went off to the house, trying to forget what the two have done to their own child. And they even are just power hungry! Trying to marry their way to the throne and what better way to do that is to use their son as a bargaining chip.

We ate at the table together with the other two arriving a little later after we started eating, our grandson excused himself to his room after dinner and I felt someone is enraged and boiling mad.


Grandpa Rentorar POV

I am breathing deeply and I felt sparks starting to fly as I attempt to hold my anger, I for one is not one who wants to sit idly at a bad deed. And some say for my age I have a short temper. But then I cannot condone what they have done earlier.

Then I slammed my fist on the wooden table.

“WHAT IN THE ARCEUS IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” I vented. “I DID NOT TEACH YOU TO BERATE CHILDREN AND THEIR DREAMS AND YET HERE YOU ARE! JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE IN THE ROYAL FAMILY!” and as I continue to yell at the two monsters in front of me a hand touched my back.

“That’s enough Rentorar.” Called out the old mage fox. I simply sighed and returned to my seat but my fist is still clenched hard. “Why do you try to do this to your child? We have not raised you to be like this…” told the fox as she continues the samurai’s point to the young parents.

“Well we want what was best for him.” As my son explains “I do not want my son to be just nobody, but a somebody that everyone respects.” And then the younger fox came in “Also it’s for his own good, I do not want him to risk his life.”

I took a deep breath and explained to them what are they doing. “I know that you want what’s best for you.” Then I pointed at Luxray as he looks at me with disgust. “But you out of all people have no right to hurt your child for their hopes and dreams. Am I understood!?”

Then the duke stood up as his look took a darker turn.

“I will do whatever it takes for my son to be a man. And no matter what you look at it I will push thru this conquest. Now will you excuse me I have a meeting to attend to tomorrow.” As they took off I sat back down. Knowing I cannot change his mind.


I am shaking as I heard that conversation. I was behind the door this entire time and I heard footsteps, quickly I scattered to my room as my parents went up to theirs. I locked myself up in that desolate room.

“I do not understand why they’re fighting…” and I looked at my window to see that the moon is full. After a while I heard a howl, then I see two figures coming out of the door and it was grandma and grandpa having a conversation. Then grandpa out of nowhere turned to my room and I ducked down as fast as possible to avoid getting caught.

The next morning…

I yawned and looked at the mirror to see my fur disheveled. I grabbed a brush to fix it and afterwards went on with my morning routine. I went out to see the star tailed lynx outside waiting for me.

“I am sorry for…” and then my grandpa smiled. “I am just early. Let’s get to work.” As he held his blade once more and demonstrated the next exercise.  I am glad that he is not mad at me and I continued my training, a swing and another and another until I did a hundred each.

Then I just sat on the ground and pant as my sweat drips from my fur. My grandpa came to me with a pair of pink berries that are of moderate size, I was drooling at those and he gave one to me.

“Thank you.” Then I started to consume the berry.

“Oh there you are!” as I saw my friend a Chespin wearing a blue tunic. “Hi Chespin!” and he asks if I want to play. I looked at grandpa who was facing the direction of grandma who simply smiles and gave me a nod.

“Oh Hi Mr. Rentorar and Mrs. Delphox!” the grass type greeted.

“Go and play children! Bring your friends and by the time you get back there is fresh apple pie for everyone!” my grandma yelled out and we grinned while affirming that we will. Then we took off to the forest where most of the children gather to play.

As we made our way to the entrance we saw a wagon pass by. It is black with hints of white and yellow at the corners and décor of the carriage. But that could only mean one thing…

“Dad.” I muttered to myself as the carriage came by and stopped in front of us to see my father looking at me. “Hello Lux.” And we greeted him with a hello of our own but his eyes are more focused on my friend. And that look is a look of hate if I try to look at it, then he nods at the coach and they continue to move along the path.

“Sorry…” I said and my friend simply smiles and told me that it’s ok. “Well better not keep the others waiting!” Chespin said as he grabbed my arm and we went towards the forest. I see an eevee with a yellow dress, a small blue crocodile… I mean alligator with a green tunic waving at us.

“Here you guys are!” as our blue friend went forward. “Sorry Totodile. I picked him up but we have bumped into Mr. Luxray again.” And the brown fox followed “You mean Duke?” as she corrects Chespin.

“Yui, I think that he just got there because of the king.” As luck can have it he is right. “Even so…” then I took a deep breath. “Come on guys! Let’s play, it has been a while since I got out of there.” And the three smiles and we head to the center of the forest where a meadow exists.

We arrived at the flower filled meadow. There is lush grass and colorful flowers everywhere and flat stones are scattered to build a landscape of sorts here. The most interesting thing however is the giant tree that stands in the center of it. The tree is bustling with pokemon as usual.

“Let’s play tag!” Totodile suggested and we agreed with the water pokemon. I yelled out that I will be first and the group started to run. “Alright! Here I go!” then we began the game of tag, I targeted Chespin and managed to tag him.

“You’re it!”

“Oh! It is soo on!”

Then suddenly…

A group of black hooded dark types that appeared. There was a Poochyena, Bisharp, Scrafty and a Houdoom surrounding us. “Hehe! You were right, the duke’s son is here.” My friends are looking at each other as the Bisharp spoke.

“Yes… Now if you want your friends to live then come with us… Fortelux of the Thunderr household.” Asked the humanoid pokemon as he offers a hand, the Poochyena seems to have second thoughts on this course of action. I believe he is around ten, and he avoids eye contact with me.

“You can’t do this!” yelled out Yui as she told the dark type, and the dark type replied with a hiss “You do not know what Luxray has done to us! He has tormented the working class and he gets to step on us without any consequences and I believe taking his only chance for the crown will make him suffer enough.”

“He has nothing to do with this!” yelled out Chespin as he stands with Yui. “I know Mr. Luxray has done bad things but my parents taught me that just because your parents are bad that does not mean that you are too!” and Totodile came along and stood with the rest while holding their hands, forming a barricade between me and the dark types.

“I am sorry.” Then most of dark types charged in front of them and just before they got to my friends I quickly went in front of them and swung my sword then the group backed off.

“Please! We can solve this peacefully.” I told them as I did the first stance my grandfather taught me. “You on the other hand I will not regret hurting you!” as Bisharp quickly charged right at me.

A thunderbolt suddenly shocked my opponent.

Everyone was shocked and we do not know where the thunderbolt came from. Then two figures came to show, one was an orange mouse sporting a brown jacket with a lightning bolt at the end of its tail and the other is a round bellied boar who is wearing a vest and armed with two gauntlets.

“Is everyone alright!?” as the two rush to me. We all nodded and the two newcomers looked at the three other assailants.

“Ok then punks who do you think that attacking little children was a good idea?” and then out of nowhere the mouse and boar started to charge at the other three and they clashed.

The mouse assaulted the hound pokemon and the boar quickly tackled the Scrafty.

Houndoom opened its maw and threw out a blaze of fire and quickly the electric mouse jumped high and above the hound and clapped his hands together to produce a ball of lightning that he threw at the hooded hound and made contact.

The Scrafty is busy fighting off the Pignite as the boar used Rollout. A sidestep after the other the hoodlum pokemon can’t help but continuously avoid the rolling boar and out of nowhere a jolt of lightning hit Scrafty from behind and made him stop moving.

“Gah!” as the now paralyzed pokemon attempts to move but no such luck and rollout hit him at full force.

“Your turn!” as they charged at the last pokemon.

“Poochyena!” I yelled as I went in front of him, quickly guarding him from the attacks of both the Raichu and Pignite. “Don’t hurt him!” and they tried to reason out why not. “He can’t hurt anyone! He is afraid and can even barely do a thing!”

I remember clearly as day. He did not move when the others attacked us. He simply stood still, afraid of what will happen and what will happen if he joined in. I turned around and asked him what is wrong.

“I… I-I don’t want to…” then he hugs me. “I do not want to fight!” then he started to shed tears as he continues to hug me.

“Uhhh….” I see Bisharp has recovered from the attack he received.

“Don’t move!” the fire type warned him and I told him to back off. And they gave me an odd look as I approached the three wounded pokemon.

“Hold still ok?” I requested as the other three simply nod.

“Ok. Please work.” And I first took a deep breath and started to move my hands in a circular motion.

“Nu Kal Cevbi Recuv!” then a pink pulse surrounded them. The three’s wounds are vanishing and everyone just gawks at me for healing the other three pokemon.

“But we tried to kidnap and hurt you. Why?” asked the Hound pokemon.

“I saw Poochyena over here.” And they looked at him. “He is lost and most of all afraid of what will happen. I know that the Duke has done bad things. And I can hardly blame you for what you tried to do just to get back at him.”

My friends and rescuers screamed as I told them I cannot blame the dark types for trying this ploy.

“But they tried to kidnap you!” Totodille told me and I nod. “Yes, but my father is worse. These good people lost their livelihood due to his arrogance. In fact I believe he is up to something big.” And I closed my eyes.

“I forgive you…” and they asked who my grandfather is. “He is Rentorar. A luxray and samurai.” They bowed to me and apologized. “Your grandfather is the advisor of the previous lord before he passed away.”

I did not know this. “He was?” I asked and the hound pokemon responded “He was responsible for helping the past king in his rule. He also doubles as the King’s bodyguard.” And I asked why my grandfather is not the advisor anymore.

“The king died of a strange sickness.” And Raichu jumped in. “You mean…” they nod. “The doctors and psychics cannot do anything and prince Arkun puts all the blame on your grandfather.”

“But most of all I have more news to share about the duke.” As we all sat down and looked at the steel type. “The duke is actually the prince’s best friend, and both of them plotted it all. The king was cursed and we don’t know who casted it. And in a faraway land the very same curse took away the life of a Nidoqueen who is a poison type.”

“A coincidence I think not. They are planning something big and this will cost the lives of countless innocent pokemon.” Then the Bisharp stood up. “May we come to see our dear Adviser before we leave?” asked Bisharp.

“Follow me.” I ordered everyone and we walked back to my house. Me, my friends, Raichu, Pignite and the other four dark type pokemon. I see the house up ahead and the two figures farther ahead is Grandpa and Grandma.

“Hello every….” And Grandpa Rentorar fell silent.

“Long time… Rar.” And my grandparents looked shocked to see the Bisharp and his friends. “Long time indeed. Come inside everyone, we have apple pie and tea.” His voice has a friendly tone but to me, Bisharp, Scraggy,Houndoom and Grandma.

It is serious…