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Two Lucky Heros

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“My Darlings! I’m home!”                                                                                  

Aizawa was more than accustomed to the booming voice. Hizashi, Present Mic, was always at the peak of excitement. It was probably one of the things Aizawa admired about him, that and that he never minded that Aizawa was content to be just the opposite. Even though Aizawa was more of an underbelly hero, staying out of the media and fighting alone, he harbored an admiration for celebrity heroes too. Symbols of peace kept crime rates lower and left the public with a feeling of security.

Hizashi trotted into the house; when they moved in together Aizawa insisted an apartment would be a bad idea as Mic constantly bothered his neighbors with his loud mouth. Anyways, hero salaries were generous and living outside of the city gave them a little more privacy. Mic surveyed the surroundings, all the while babbling on about the previous night’s radio show. He was always away on Friday nights for his show, only getting back in the early morning. He loved being on the radio, it was one of his top priorities to make every Friday night a wonderful, beat pumping, music extravaganza. His fans would beg him for more frequent programming and he would respond by making the next Friday even better than the last.

“-Of course you were listening the whole time weren’t you, my dear listener! My number one fan! The love of my life!” Hizashi beamed at Aizawa, knowing the comments were sure to irritate him. He knew that Aizawa hadn’t missed a single one of his radio shows as long as he had been on air, even beforen they were together, unless of course hero duty called. Even then, Aizawa was sure to record the show.

Aizawa scratched at his stomach, and emerged from his nest on the couch, a cat appeared from the blankets, and trotted off. On the coffee table was one of Mic’s many sound systems, a small radio. 

“C’mon, off with it,” Aizawa approached Mic and tugged at the speaker system that encircled his neck. “None of this shit on in the house.” Aizawa’s own hero gear, his steel alloy and carbon fiber scarf was draped carelessly over the couch, his goggles and other odds and ends were probably around somewhere, hell if he knew. It was too early in the morning to care about that shit.

“Hey! Hey, hey!” Hizashi palmed his boyfriend’s hands that were scratching at his gear impatiently. “I just walked in, hey!” Mic tapped at Aizawa’s forehead, brushing some hair away from his eyes. Aizawa has evidently been up all night listening, his dry eye was kicking in. Those poor bloodshot eyes were far from attractive if Mic was being honest. “Take some drops, hun.” Hizashi darted in and peppered the scar under Aizawa’s eye with kisses as Aizawa scowled at him. 

Mic released the mechanism holding his speaker around his neck and rubbed at his hot itchy skin. He hated being without his speaker, it made him feel positively vulnerable, he only took it off at home. Without it his power wasn’t something he could direct at a particular target, everyone in a radius around him would suffer by his voice, therefore, he never used his power without his stereo, at least not at damaging decibels.

“You had a rough week didn’t you Shouta-Sensei?” Hiazashi asked, his headphones and speaker now discarded on the kitchen table, along with his jacket on the back of a chair. He climbed onto the couch, laying his body over Aizawa, who was blinking away the extra eye drops that pooled out of his eyes. Mic brought up a gentle thumb and wiped the drops off of his cheek.

“You’re disgusting, calling me that,” Aizawa mumbled. It was normal for Hizashi to call him by his given name but not sensei.

Mic’s tower of hair loomed over them. Aizawa threaded his hands around the back of Mic’s neck. Their touches were tender, gentle reminders of I miss you’s and don’t work so hard. Mic recalled kissing Aizawa all over when he emerged in a suit earlier in the week, then pulling away to straighten his boyfriend’s tie and beam at him for a solid minute. But Aizawa tidying up wasn’t a good sign, it meant things were getting serious at work. Of course, Mic felt it too, but he wasn’t in the same position as Aizawa, he wasn’t a homeroom teacher for class 1-A, he wasn’t involved with all the recent troubling villain attacks, he wasn’t under the same kind of scrutiny from the upper ranks. 

Hizashi cuddled into his boyfriend’s neck, relishing in the bareness of it, glad that it was all his. He peppered kisses up and down Aizawa’s neck before Aizawa grew tired of it and yanked his boyfriend’s head up to meet his lips. Their mouths worked against each other’s gently at first, then with more urgency.

Hizashi pulled away excitedly howling, “Hawoo! My beautiful, sexy darling!” Unlike most announcers, he didn’t have a radio voice and a daytime voice; he was all radio host all the time. Aizawa didn’t find that over-expressive voice fake and sappy rather he found it to be Hizashi’s truest expression of himself. Basically Present Mic thought out loud in the loudest way possible.

“Mic you smell bad,” Aizawa commented, still pulling him in for another deep kiss. Mic was riled up now, no longer placidly laying across Aizawa, but crouching over him, nudging his knee in between strong thighs to rub against Aizawa’s crotch.

“You smell something awful too Eraser, honey.”

Neither had slept since Thursday night, nor showered. Their banter wasn’t out of line, rather a gradual prodding towards getting up and moving their heated bodies to the shower.

They made it to the shower eventually, Mic trailing behind Aizawa, pinching his ass, delighted when he could get a response out of the grumpy man. Aizawa gently pushed Mic into the warm stream of water, still removing his own pants. The shower was too small for the both of them to fit comfortably to be honest, but neither really cared. Aizawa came in after a moment of sneaking looks at Mic, who showed his bony body off proudly to his boyfriend, relishing in the water streaming down his trim figure. He was being a tease. Aizawa pushed him against the wall as punishment, yanking the curtain behind him. He grabbed the showerhead and dowsed Mic. Some would call their playfulness a mood killer, but that’s just how they were around each other. Constantly harassing and picking on the other, only to follow up with gentle kisses and caresses.

Mic’s hair required a lot of work, Aizawa loathed it. And after all, he much preferred the look of it when it was down.

“Stay still Mic, honey,” Aizawa’s words were threatening as he continued drowning his boyfriend under the stream of water, his swoop hair barley effected by it all. Aizawa’s muscular physique was downplayed by his poor standing posture. His hair, just as long as that which was still sticking up vertically from his boyfriend’s head. 

Aizawa released his gurgling boyfriend who responded by hitting against his chest yelling profanities at him. Aizawa silenced him with a sloppy kiss. He knew Mic wasn’t really mad if he was yelling at him while still calling him by his given name. 

“Hizashi…” Aizawa called softly, loud enough to hear under the sound of the shower; Gifting Mic with the more rare present of being called by his given name, as Mic trailed kisses down Aizawa’s chest. Mic caught a nipple in his mouth and began working his tongue around it in earnest as his thumbs drew circles by Aizawa’s stomach.

Aizawa took the opportunity to attack Mic’s hair. Mic would just rinse it most days if not for Aizawa persisting that he wash it out properly. Even though Aizawa sometimes helped him tease it into it’s trademark shape, he much preferred the look of it down, silky blond, straight as anything, pooling down Hizashi’s shoulders.

Aizawa leaned back against the shower wall, feeling sure now that Mic wasn’t about to stop at kissing his chest and nipples. He let his mind wander into pleasure as he carefully tugged at Mic’s hair. He reached across to a shelf, earning an irritated groan from Mic, probably because he was shoving his balls into his face as he attempted to retrieve a bottle of shampoo. Aizawa was glad Mic was sponsored by so many companies selling hair products. If only his fans knew how much shampoo he used to get all the gel out. 

Aizawa shivered as Mic licked a stripe down his lower stomach and at the same time reached between his legs him to thumb his hole.

“Damn you,” Aizawa muttered through gritted teeth. His grimace shielded a small smile. He didn’t mean it, if any thing, it pissed him off how easily Mic got to him. 

Mic worked his mouth over Aizawa’s tender thighs, rubbing into his nest of pubic hair. They were total opposites in that way too, but that much could be guessed by how they kept their facial hair. Mic breathed in the deep scent of Aizawa that was filling the humid bathroomroom. He kissed and nipped at his thighs until Aizawa’s hard on was twitching against his cheek. He smiled and happily attended to it, still absent-mindedly rubbing his thumb just outside of Aizawa’s entrance.

Aizawa meanwhile was pouring shampoo into Mic’s hair, careful to scoop it up before it got near his eyes. Mic’s mess of hair was irritating him so he was glad for the distraction Hizashi was providing. This fucking guy and his fucking rat’s nest for a hairdo. Why can’t he just change his “image.”

“Oh Yeahhhhh!” Present Mic pulled away from lapping at Aizawa’s dick, pleased and enjoying the attention Aizawa was giving to him.

He rose, getting a growl from Aizawa who was still elbow deep in untangling Hizashi’s hair. He wrapped his arms around Aizawa, and being a man who was incapable of lowering his voice to anything reasonable he exclaimed “I Love You”s while pressing his lips into Aizawa’s. Aizawa’s deep flush was hid by the warm water. This man was a torment, and he loved him. Mic did everything for him, he would sacrifice nearly anything for him.

Anyone else wouldn’t see how a relationship between these two people could work. But they both genuinely loved the nature of the other, while not abandoning their own ways of going about things. And they shared in common this great goal of helping people and spent their days putting the public’s concerns ahead of their own. They came home late at night to find comfort and reassurance in the other’s arms.

Mic was taking too long kissing so Aizawa repositioned them, pining Mic up against the other wall, holding him firmly and moving down to suck him. Some how it was just as good to wrap his mouth around Hizashi’s cock and feel him slide deep into his throat as it was to be satisfied by him. Before taking him in Aizawa firmly muttered something along the lines of, “-When we’re done here I’ll fuck your brains out so you can’t yell any more, Hizashi.” Eliciting a giddy cry of delight from his partner.

Aizawa was coming on to him hard and fast, he was eager and wasted no time. He groped at Hizashi’s legs pulling him close around him and moving up against his now open thigh to get a new angle. Hizashi cried out in delight and Aizawa loved that goddamn loud mouth and his goddamn sexy voice. He grabbed Hizashi’s hips, pulling and sucking his length in fully, quicker than maybe he should have. But he didn’t gag and he didn’t gasp for air, he just relished in the weird fucked up, hot, feeling of having his boyfriend’s cock shoved down his throat before quickly moving to give him some friction and get him off. 

He couldn’t wait to shove Hizashi down onto the bed after this and let him have it and watch him face to face with his beautiful silky hair resting on his chest and his nails grabbing into Aizawa.

Hizashi was trembling, begging for release. Hot water poured down on them both, enveloping them in even more heat than they were already putting off. It was soothing though, like this, under the hot water, forced together in this space. Aizawa licked a hot stripe down Hizashi’s member and gently massaged his balls. He looked up, loving the face Hizashi made when he was like this. Hizashi glanced down at him, smirking through his pleasure, knowing that Aizawa was thinking how much he liked doing this to him. God, Hizashi couldn’t believe how luck he was to have this man.

Aizawa didn’t waste time teasing him and got back to sucking him off, soon picking up his speed, guiding Hizashi’s hips movement, and becoming wet and sloppy, making a myriad of lewd noises. Hizashi finally reached his climax and Aizawa reached down to take care of his own neglected hard on, while doing so, naughtily lapping kisses on Hizashi’s sensitive dick and catching his gaze, staring into his eyes just as he reached his own orgasm.

Aizawa leaned back now, feeling the buzz of energy dissipate from his body. He had long since reached his max sleep deprivation and adrenaline had been keeping him going.

Mic took note of Aizawa’s sudden exhaustion with a smile, that was so like him.

“Thank you Shouta honey, now it’s time to actually bathe.” Hizashi hoisted Aizawa up, who was acting like a rag doll and forced soap and a cloth into his hand. He let his attention fall to his own hair, which Aizawa had left half destroyed. Aizawa grumbled as he washed himself, the whole time, his eyes trailing along Hizashi’s body instead of what he was doing. Hizashi gave him a peck of a kiss, smug look on his face.

When they were finished Mic turned the water off and guided Aizawa out of the shower, wrapping him up in their newest, softest towel. Aizawa’s mess of hair covered most of his face. Their actions mirrored their entrance to the shower, when Aizawa took charge. After being up for so long it was very typical for him to burn off all of his energy so quickly.

Still dripping, Hizashi grabbed his own towel and threw it over Aizawa’s head, scrubbing the moisture out of his hair. He then wrapped it around the back of Aizawa’s head and pulled him closer with it to his lips.

“I’m so glad I have you, Shouta honey. Don’t you think I might be the luckiest man out there?!” Hizashi beamed at him.

That silly bastard. 

“No,” Aizawa mumbled, their faces just inches apart, “I think I might be.” He scowled at his partner, but his words said something far different.

Eeee!” Hizashi squeeled, relenting and kissing Aizawa’s face all over like an excited puppy, scooping handfuls of hair out of the way as he did so.