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When Scott texts a sad face emoticon, Stiles sighs and replies that he’ll be over soon. He knows he shouldn’t try to avoid his best friend — and in his defense Scott hasn’t even been home twenty-four hours — but school starts again in the morning and yeah, this isn’t a conversation they should have between chemistry and econ.

He can smell the cookies before Mrs. McCall even opens the front door. It’s homey and familiar, and makes him yearn for the days when the most serious thing he had to tell Scott was that his new bike got stolen when Stiles borrowed it and forgot to lock it up.

Scott bounds down the stairs, grinning. “Hey!” He’s about to hug Stiles, but gets distracted by the plate of cookies his mom brings out.

Stiles takes two, even though the thought of eating makes his stomach churn, and Scott leads him upstairs, munching happily. But once he closes the bedroom door, Scott looks at Stiles for a beat and then frowns.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You’re all…” He waves his hand around. “Worked up. Your heart’s pounding.”

“Um, yeah. There’s something I have to tell you.” The cookies crumble in Stiles’s hand as he tries to summon the words he’s rehearsed. “So there’s that alpha pack in town and—”

“Why do you smell like…” Scott’s nose wrinkles. “Derek?”

“Oh, right. Make that two things I have to tell you. Why don’t you…” He waves at the bed, and Scott sits down, brow furrowed.

After a minute of babbling the story out using a lot of hand gestures, Stiles stops and takes a breath. It was pretty much one big run-on sentence starting with the attack and ending with the fact that he’s kinda dating Derek, but he did it. He said it all out loud.

Scott sits perfectly still, gripping his thighs. “I…” He takes a deep breath. “You’re sure you’re okay?”

Stiles continues pacing back and forth across the room, but his body unclenches because Scott is staring at him with so much concern. “Yeah. Getting there. It was…” he swallows hard. “It was scary.”

“And they were going to…” Scott’s jaw clenches.

Stiles nods, shoulders tensing up. “But they didn’t. I’m fine.”

Jumping to his feet, Scott joins in the pacing. “But they hurt you. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for me. You wouldn’t be involved in any of this.”

“Yeah, well, I am. And you’re my best friend, so I’m glad I am, okay? I mean I’m not glad that they were going to…” He swallows hard and forces the word out. “Rape me.”

Eyes flashing, Scott growls. “I’m going to kill them, Stiles.”

“No, you’re not. I mean, you might in the end, but don’t go doing something stupid. They’re dangerous and we have to be smart about this. Because it really won’t help me if you go off and get hurt.”

Scott’s fangs retract, his shoulders sagging. “Yeah. Okay.” He exhales and rubs a hand through his hair. “Stiles, I probably don’t say it enough, but…you’re an amazing friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Well, I think you’re forgetting that one time in fifth grade when I—”

“I’m not forgetting anything.” Scott grasps Stiles’s shoulders, his expression serious. “You’re the best friend anyone could ever have. I don’t know what I’d do without you, and I’m not going to let you get hurt ever again.” He yanks Stiles into a hug.

Stiles feels nice and warm, and he smiles as he pats Scott’s back. “Thanks. But you know, I’m probably going to get hurt, like, tomorrow. You and Derek can only do so much.”

Brow furrowing, Scott steps back. He opens his mouth, and then closes it again. He tries a couple more times before the words come out. “So, Derek. You and Derek…I mean…you really…really? Derek? You and Derek?”

Stiles has to laugh, because he can hardly believe it himself. “I know, it’s kinda crazy. But I’ve been feeling these things for a while.”

“About Derek?” Scott appears completely befuddled. “You never said.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t exactly admitting it to myself even. And you know, there’s that whole gay thing. Which I think I am. Gay, I mean. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“It’s okay. There’s been a lot going on.”

“Always the master of the understatement.”

Scott smiles softly. “I always kind of thought…maybe? But you never said and there was the whole Lydia obsession. I just…Stiles, you know Derek can be dangerous. He’s involved in dangerous things.”

“Aren’t we all at this point?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Scott’s face suddenly brightens. “Hey, what about Danny? Danny’s awesome! And he broke up with his boyfriend, remember? You guys should totally go on a date.”

Chuckling, Stiles shakes his head. “Danny’s great, but I’m already with Derek.”

Scott frowns. “I didn’t even know he was into guys. I didn’t think he was into anyone, actually. Stiles, are you sure? I mean, you’ve never liked him.”

“That’s not true! Of course I like him.”

“What about trying to get him put in jail and wanting me to kill him that one time?”

Stiles waves his hand. “Bygones. I think most of the time I said I hated him because I didn’t want to think about how much I wanted him.”

“Wanted? As in…” Scott’s eyebrows shoot up. “So have you? With Derek? Like…” He whispers. “Sex stuff?”

“Yep.” Stiles can’t help but feel a rush of pride. “We’ve sex stuffed. Yesterday.”

“Okay.” Scott nods. “Okay. Was it…good and everything?”

Was it ever. “Definitely.”

“Good, good.” Scott’s still nodding. “Stiles, this is kind of freaking me out. Not because of the gay part, I swear. Just…thinking about you and Derek…” His face scrunches.

“Oh lord, please stop thinking about it right now. I don’t want to think about you and Allison either.” Oops. “I mean…not anymore.” He sighs. “Sorry.”

Scott tries to smile. “It’s okay. I know everything will work out. We just need some time. She needs some time. It’ll be fine.”

“Yes, totally. It totally will.” Probably not, but Stiles hopes it will be. “And we agree to just not think about any of the details of either of our sex lives. Deal?” Stiles extends his hand.

“Deal.” Grinning, Scott yanks him into another hug, and Stiles breathes easier as they settle down on the floor to play a video game.

“Whoa, what’s your dad gonna say? Is Derek, like…your boyfriend now? He’s kind of old.”

“I still have to figure out the best way to broach it with Dad. And…I dunno. I guess so? Yeah.”

“All right.” Scott’s expression darkens. “For the record, if Derek ever hurts you—”

“Duly noted. I appreciate the concern.”

“Okay.” Scott tosses him a controller. “You wanna be the ninja again?”

They play like they always have, and Mrs. McCall brings them more cookies with milk to wash them down like she always does, and Stiles feels like maybe everything is going to be okay.


When Stiles walks back into his room after brushing his teeth, he’s only half surprised to find Derek there. For once Derek’s not lurking in the corner, and is perched on the end of Stiles’s bed. He looks as hot as ever — possibly even hotter — in his usual leather jacket and jeans ensemble. Stiles wishes he was wearing something sexier than his PJs and a t-shirt, and his pulse races already as he locks the door quietly behind him. “Hey. My dad’s home.”

“He’s asleep.” Derek still keeps his voice low.

“Oh. Good to know. Do you…is something wrong?”

Derek shakes his head. “Did you talk to Scott?”

“Yeah. He’s cool with everything. You and me, I mean. He was really mad about the alphas. I guess we should get the team together — well, the pack, I should use the right terminology. Anyway, we’ll get together and figure out how we’re going to handle that. And before you say what I know you’re going to say, you promised that I could help. So I’m helping. The end.”

Breathing deeply through his nose, Derek stares into the corner behind Stiles for so long that Stiles is about to turn around to see if there’s something back there when Derek speaks.

“Okay.” He stands up and then…keeps on standing there like he’s waiting for something. Finally he mumbles, “I guess I should go.”

Oh, right. Stomach flip-flopping, Stiles closes the distance between them, because he can do this now. He can reach out and touch Derek. He can tangle his fingers in Derek’s hair and pull his head down for a kiss, he can slide their tongues together, his other hand slipping beneath Derek’s henley, skimming over his firm stomach.

They stumble around, kissing and rubbing against each other, and then Stiles pushes Derek up against the desk. Already breathing hard, Stiles drops to his knees. Because he can. Derek’s eyes flash red, and Stiles can’t get enough of that, and he’s grinning as he gets Derek’s cock out, pushing Derek’s underwear and jeans down to his knees.

He licks around the head and along the pulsing vein under Derek’s hardening shaft. He mutters, knowing they have to stay quiet. “God, I love this. Love the way you taste. You feel so good in my mouth.”

Derek bites back a groan and runs his hand over Stiles’s head, his hips thrusting. Stiles wraps his palm around the base and takes in as much of as he can, Derek’s cock throbbing on his tongue. He pulls back, licking his lips, and Derek’s fingers dig into his scalp.

Stiles licks Derek’s balls slowly and then looks up beneath his lashes. “Bet you wish my hair was longer. Then you could really hang on and fuck my mouth.”

Derek’s groan is louder this time. “Stiles.” He looks utterly wrecked already, lips parted, cock leaking.

Stiles wants to soak in the moment, soak in the knowledge that he did that. He did that to Derek Hale. But he takes pity and begins sucking in earnest now, and Derek pumps his hips just a little bit, not too hard, but he’s filling Stiles’s mouth and it’s amazing. Stiles holds on to Derek’s hips, trying to bob his head in time with Derek’s hips, and he must be doing okay at it because Derek is panting and—

Whoa. Derek’s claws are coming out, and Stiles can feel them grazing his scalp Not hurting him, but they’re there. Derek must realize, because he jerks away and pushes Stiles back onto his heels.

“I’m sorry.” Derek looks at the ground, chest rising and falling. “That’s never…I’m sorry.” His hands are fists.

“Don’t. Don’t hurt yourself.” Stiles reaches for one of Derek’s hands and tugs on his fingers until Derek lets the claws out, leaving drops of blood on his palm. The cuts are already healing, but Stiles kisses them anyway.

“Better than hurting you.”

“You won’t. I know you won’t. That happened because…I mean, it’s good, right? It’s because you felt good?” They’re both whispering and Stiles wishes they didn’t have to worry about waking his dad.

Derek’s gaze is still on the floor. He nods jerkily. “It’s not just that. It’s because of you. Your scent, your…everything. It makes me…”

“So it’s like…the wolf part likes it. Likes me.” Stiles’s blood rushes in his ears, hot and thick, and he presses the heel of his hand against his aching dick.

Derek finally meets his gaze. “That doesn’t…why doesn’t it bother you?”

“I don’t know. But it doesn’t. I like it. Is that weird?” Stiles sits up on his knees again and shoves his PJs down so he can jerk himself, shuddering in relief as he strokes his cock.

Derek’s eyes are red, and the hair on his face gets thicker and maybe it’s wrong, but seriously, it’s so hot and Stiles sucks Derek’s cock again, and Derek growls low in his throat. He grips Stiles’s shoulder, careful with his claws, and Stiles stretches his lips, taking in as much as he can, and it’s all slick heat and his whole body is a live wire as he jerks himself, suddenly coming in spurts over his hand.

When Derek comes, Stiles chokes a little and pulls back, trying to swallow. Derek takes his cock and milks himself, splashing onto Stiles’s face, which Stiles never really got in porn, but now he totally, totally gets. It’s like Derek’s marking him and Stiles loves it. Then Derek pulls him up and they’re kissing, and Stiles leans against him, kissing him back until they both just stand there, breathing hard, arms wrapped around each other.

After a while, Derek presses his lips to Stiles’s neck. “I should go.”

“Yeah.” But Stiles doesn’t move, and the ridiculous question spills out before he can stop it. “Are you my boyfriend?”

But Derek doesn’t laugh at him. Instead he pulls back just enough and stares at Stiles intently. “Is that what you want?”

“Uh, yeah. Was that not obvious? Should I be more obvious? I’m usually pretty obvious.”

Derek does laugh now, and it’s soft and low and sweet, and Stiles knows they have that list of stuff to deal with tomorrow, but right now he just kisses his boyfriend, and lets himself be happy.


Running, running, running, but his legs won’t work. Looking for Derek, but he can’t find him, and it’s dark and he’s falling and screaming his throat raw, and then he’s at school, on the lacrosse field and he’s still screaming and—

Derek’s there, hands gentle, whispering that Stiles is okay and to wake up. Blinking his dark room into focus, Stiles pushes himself up and flops into Derek’s arms where Derek kneels beside the bed. Stiles holds on tight as his pulse slows, and Derek rubs his back, shushing him.

“My dad. I was screaming…”

“You barely made a sound. He’s still sleeping.” Derek rubs his palm over Stiles’s head.

Stiles blinks at the clock. “Have you been lurking in the bushes for like, four hours?”

Derek doesn’t answer right away, can’t meet Stiles’s eyes. “Didn’t feel like going back to the warehouse. Sorry.”

“We really have to find you a better place to live.” Stiles pulls back. “Like, an actual house. Apartment even. Not that I don’t appreciate the nightmare patrol, but...”

Of course Derek focuses on the last part. “The nightmare. Was it…because of before?”

Stiles shifts and tugs Derek up until they’re sitting side by side, leaning against the headboard. “Because of which before? There’s been plenty of nightmare material in the last year.”

Derek won’t look at him, and Stiles can feel the tension in Derek’s body where it presses into his side. “When I…changed. If it made you think of them—”

“Wait, what? No. No. I told you that didn’t bother me. At all. It’s you. The wolf part is part of you. And it likes me, right?”

Derek nods. “It…when you were like that…on your knees. It makes me want to…” He trails off and seems to be holding his breath.


Exhaling in a rush, Derek nods again. “But I’d never hurt you. Never.”

“I know.” Stiles takes Derek’s hand, threading their fingers together. It’s nice, this hand-holding business. “It was just a nightmare. My brain processing shit. What happened with the alphas is still…I’m dealing. It wasn’t because you scared me. I told you I liked it, so believe me, okay?”

“Okay.” He seems to have something else to say, so Stiles waits. “We’ve been going pretty fast, and we can slow down. We should slow down. After what happened with them…”

“No. What they did has nothing to do with us. With what we do together. Fuck them.” Stiles is thinking about it, the whole domination thing, and his dick stirs. “I don’t want to slow down. I want to do everything with you. Don’t you?”

Derek tears his gaze away from Stiles’s mouth. “Yes, but—”

“I want to touch you all over and kiss you all over and I want you to fuck me on my hands and knees and—”

With a groan, Derek rolls to his feet and is at the window in one graceful movement. “Go back to sleep, or we’re going to wake up your father.”

“I want to go to the cabin this weekend.”

Derek licks his lips. “Okay.” Then his face twitches, like he’s trying not to smile.

“You can be happy. You’re allowed.”

Derek blinks. “I know.”

“It’s like you fight against it on principle sometimes.” Stiles gets up far less gracefully than Derek did and kisses him softly. “Now go get some sleep. I’m fine.”

From his window, Stiles watches Derek disappear into the night. He decides Operation Get Derek a Home goes into full effect first thing in the morning.


“What?” Stiles glares at Jackson, who is watching him take his seat at the table with a smile — an evil smile. Stiles picks up his milk and shakes the carton.

Jackson blinks innocently. “Have a good vacation?”

“Uh, yeah. You guys have fun on the slopes?”

Lydia is watching Jackson warily. “We did.” She smiles at Stiles. “What did you do?”

“Aside from Derek.” Jackson adds.

To his eternal credit, Stiles manages not to spit milk all over his tray. He coughs, and Isaac thumps his back too hard while Stiles fixes Scott with a death glare. “Seriously? You told him?”

“I didn’t say a word! I didn’t!” Scott sputters.

“Please. Like I need McCall to tell me anything.” Jackson leans in from the end of the table. “I can smell him all over you from here.”

Isaac clears his throat. “I can, too.” He glares at Jackson. “I wasn’t going to say anything, though. But…yeah. He’s all over you. Scott didn’t tell us. Honest.”

Scott stares at Stiles with those puppy dog eyes. “You really thought I’d just tell everyone?”

Well, fuck. Stiles sighs and the guilt takes the edge off his appetite. “No. I know you wouldn’t. Sorry, man. I just…” Stiles motions at Jackson, munching away on his tater tots. “He makes me crazy. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

Jackson grins. “Apparently not.”

“Jackson!” Lydia gives him what Stiles dubbed “the full Martin” in sixth grade, eyes narrowed so intently it really is a surprise that fiery death lasers don’t shoot out and eviscerate Jackson on the spot. “Would you stop? It’s not cool.” Her expression softens as she turns to Stiles across the table. “Well, congratulations. I think it’s great. Impressive, really, bagging a hottie like that. Not that I’m surprised.”

Despite everything, Stiles can’t help but feel a flush of happiness. “Really? Thanks.”

Lydia’s about to reply when something catches her attention, her face clouding. Stiles glances over his shoulder to see Allison walking by a few tables away. They all watch her sit with some of the seniors on the other side of the cafeteria, and the awkward silence settles in as they turn back to their lunches.

Stiles clears his throat. “Has anyone…” He hasn’t seen her since she gave him the books he and Derek needed before Christmas.

“She said she needs some time,” Lydia answers, words brittle. “Anyway.” She forces a smile. “Back to you and Derek. Is he a good kisser? I bet he’s a good kisser.”

Before Stiles can shut down this line of questioning (at least until he and Lydia are alone and he doesn’t have to deal with Scott and Isaac looking like they might hurl), Jackson sits up straight. “Oh, shit. I owe Danny twenty bucks. He totally called it.”

“Wait, what?” Stiles thinks of the day in his bedroom with Danny and cousin Miguel. “Seriously? He thought me and Derek…”

Jackson fixes him with a withering stare. “No. But his gaydar picked up on you in junior high. I really should learn not to question it again.” He opens his wallet and pulls out a twenty dollar bill. Danny’s sitting with some of the other guys from the team a few tables over, and Jackson pushes his chair back.

“Wait! You can’t…you’re just going to tell him?” Stiles’s pulse races. He shouldn’t care if people know. Right?

“Not about you and Derek, moron. I’d really rather not have our alpha tossed in jail for screwing the sheriff’s underage son.” He shrugs, an eyebrow rising. “And I guess if you care about people knowing you dig dudes, I don’t have to tell him. Saves me twenty bucks.”

Stiles can feel everyone’s eyes on him. After what seems like a long time, he blows out a deep breath and calls out. “Hey, Danny! Can you come here for a second? Jackson has something to give you.”


When they walk back to school from the field after practice, Isaac and Stiles fall into step, letting Scott go on ahead. Stiles is going to make Scott talk about Allison later, but he knows Scott needs to mope for a while, and apparently Isaac knows too, as he slows down more, until all the other players are ahead of them.

“Any word on Boyd and Erica?” Isaac asks.

“No. Sorry. Derek says…” Stiles realizes he isn’t sure if he should be repeating it.

Isaac peers anxiously. “What? What did he say?”

“Why don’t you ask him? What happened with you guys? I asked him about it and he just got broodier than usual.”

Of course this makes Isaac brood in turn, a furrow appearing between his brows. “I don’t even know. I…I kind of felt like I was in the middle with Derek and Scott. I like them both. But a few days after Erica and Boyd took off, Derek stopped talking to me.”

Stiles sighs, because of course Derek pushed Isaac away. “He probably thinks he’s protecting you.”

Isaac snorts. “I don’t feel very protected. They finally figured out my dad’s will and the insurance, and I turned eighteen last week so I can live in my house again.”

“Wait, you’re eighteen already? Happy birthday, man.”

Isaac smiles sadly. “Thanks. I got held back the year my brother died.”

“Oh, right. Understandable. But you must be glad to be home?”

“I guess.” He looks anything but glad. “Better than the group home they stuck me in. At least Jackson’s back now. Not like we’re really friends, but it’s nice knowing he’s across the street.”

“Okay, when Jackson’s presence is comforting in any way, shape or form, you are seriously in trouble.”

At least Isaac chuckles. “Yeah, tell me about it. It’s weird, being back in my house after…everything. My dad’s stuff is everywhere. It’s like…living with a ghost or something.”

“Yeah, that must suck. After everything he did…I guess you have some mixed feelings. Which is probably the understatement of the year. It may only be early January but I’m going to go ahead and call it.”

“Yeah,” Isaac laughs. “Understatement.” He runs a hand through his hair. “Do you think you could talk to Derek? Maybe he’ll want me back? You could tell him—”

“Yes!” The light bulb goes off so brightly Stiles has to blink. “I know exactly what to tell him. Just leave it to me. I’ve got this covered. Two birds, one stone.”

Isaac grins. “Thanks. And sorry about being a dick before. When all that stuff was happening with Jackson and we were on different sides.”

“Bygones.” Stiles waves his hand. “Besides, Erica was way more of a dick than you.”

Their smiles fade, and Isaac pauses in front of the doors back into the school. His voice is barely a whisper. “Are they dead?”

“I don’t know. I really hope not.” Stiles isn’t sure what else to do, so he pats Isaac’s shoulder. “So like I said, I have an idea about Derek…”

At least this is one problem Stiles can actually do something about.