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good morning

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 Blinking her eyes slowly, her line of vision was met with subtle rays of sunlight from the small spaces in between the curtains. If she squinted well enough, she’d be able to make out the small droplets of water flowing down the glass of their window; sure enough, the rain had stopped.

She rubs her eyes wide awake as she shifts her gaze from the window to the clock beside the bed, which currently read 08:00.

Just a bit over an hour…? She wondered to herself. But it felt like a really long time…

The pink-haired girl remained motionless on the bed, trying to process everything that she could. As she tried to move, she found herself feeling the slightest bit uneasy as she felt a dull ache between her legs. Quick recollections of what happened earlier came raining down on her, and despite the difficulty, she quietly turns her body over to see the other side of the bed. She has no regrets doing this, however, for the first thing she sees is Iroha’s sleeping face, the boy almost fully covered by blankets. She smiles as she observes him carefully; his face looked completely at peace, his body taking quiet breaths as his hands gripped the pillow he was using. The girl is almost surprised at how he wasn’t embracing any pillow as a sort of replacement for her, and she giggles softly at the thought of it.

Her hand reaches out to touch his hair, stroking it gently, and by this point she’s realized that that was something she enjoyed doing for him; his pale, almost-white hair felt so soft to the touch, so she wasn’t surprised that this relaxed him, somehow.

She stops for a bit, taking a bit more time to look at him, and it didn’t take long until he makes waking movements of his own, rubbing his eyes with a sleeve-covered hand. His eyes meet hers, and he smiles sleepily at her, acknowledging her presence. She shoots back a sincere smile, and he motions for her to come closer in response, one arm stretching out slightly as if inviting her in. Giggling softly, she complies, her body relaxing easily in his frame. As she does so, his arms wrap lazily around her lithe body, holding her close as he places his chin atop her head.

“…did you even sleep…?” He utters teasingly, to which she hummed in response, burying her face in his sweater.

“…somehow,” she whispers, her voice slightly muffled, but he understood it nevertheless. He lets out a content sigh just before he places a chaste kiss on her head.

“Good morning.”