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Seven Years Later

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Two years later, Lyanna Mormont had become one of Jon Snow's most trusted advisors and friends, not only to him but to his sisters Sansa and Arya. The ravens flew swift and often between Winterfell and Mormont Keep and Jon Snow's face was as recognised amongst the inhabitants of Bear Island as he was around Winterfell.

Four years later and the kingdoms were in a state of great flux and uncertainty. Queen Cersei was no more and Daenerys Targaryen, had sailed across the Narrow Sea on the ships of the Iron Born to arrive in Westeros with her dragons. She had been prevailed upon … persuaded by those she trusted to also trust in the bastard Jon Snow in his fight against the dead who were amassing North of the Wall.

Fifteen year old Lady Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island had started to receive proposals of marriage, extended on behalf of young scions from various Houses of the North. Although providing a source of great amusement to Jon Snow and embarrassment to the Lady of Bear Island, these were little more than momentary distractions as Lyanna's mind was on other matters - like the army of the dead amassing North of the Wall.

She, too insisted on fighting in the battle against the Night King and his army and there were none who could could dissuade her from her intention. Jon Snow as her liege lord could technically have commanded her to stand down and started to try.

His vassal had other ideas. "It's also my fight for my people. If the Night King wins, then all of us will die. Not just you and I - but all of our people. It is my right and my duty to fight."

Thus she had ridden to battle by his side despite his many, many reservations, the details of which can be read in the accounts of the maesters. Suffice to say that she was one of his most loyal and brave lieutenants in the battle.

Five years later and the Night King's army had finally been defeated, albeit at great cost. The armies of man were diminished and yet they had continued to fight, even the Horn of Winter bringing down the Wall not stemming their resolve.

Other battles were also fought as Euron Greyjoy's discovery of the dragon horn led to the death of Rhaegal and Viserion with Drogon being grievously injured. Euron Greyjoy had escaped with his life, fleeing back onto the oceans with his fleet …