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Stubborn Love

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Okay, so I've decided to rewrite this story from the beginning! I'm sorry for those who read the last 15 chapters, but I promise my writing has gotten a lot better and the plot will be easier to follow. The story will remain as I wrote it last time just with better writing and a more clear plot.


Clint awoke to the bright rays of sun blinding him. Damn Steve, always leaving the goddamn blinds open. He mumbled something into Steve’s chest as he rolled over, using the supersoldier's muscles to block out the sun. “It’s just a little bit of sun Clint, it won’t hurt you.”

“Then why does it hurt?” Clint retorted, rubbing at his ears, remembering that he had forgotten to take out his hearing aids the previous night.

“Because you’re nocturnal and you hate the sun,” Steve laughed, rising up and watching Clint roll off the bed. He watched the smaller man stand and glare at him with his bed hair sticking up in every angle.

“You’re rude,” Clint said turning around and pulling on a pair of loose purple sweatpants. Steve came over and wrapped his arms around Clint’s waist, kissing his neck gently.

“You love me.”

“A bit too much.”

Steve smiled and rubbed his soulmark on Clint’s body, tracing the shield’s shape before kissing Clint’s collarbone and leading him out of the room to go get some breakfast. “There had better be coffee left,” Clint basically screamed at Scott (who was surprisingly awake).

“Relax Birdy, I left an entire pot for you,” Scott grumbled into his toast. He looked horrible. A torn shirt barely hung onto his body and large circles encased his eyes. His usually glowing smile was dull, but then again he had just gotten back from a week-long mission.

“You should go rest up sweetheart,” Steve purred into Scott’s ear, only to be flipped off by the lithe man.

“I’m fine babe, the mission went well with only one weird occurrence,” Scott reassured his soulmate.

“If you broke your suit again, I’ll personally kill you,” Tony spoke as he walked past the three men in the kitchen to grab himself a cup of coffee before Clint drank it all.

“No no, the suit is fine. Thanks for that upgrade, by the way, it works really well. But while I was out, that soulmark burned a little,” Scott explained. The Avengers were unusual, with each of them being bound to one another. Bucky, Clint, Peter (Parker), Pietro, Sam, Scott, Steve, Thor, and Tony were all bound together. And of course Matt Murdock (the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen) was bound to them as well and they had a loose bond with T’Challa. T’Challa was soulbound to them but since he had his own kingdom to run he was almost never around and Matt didn’t live in New York City and had his own city to protect. Logan from the X-Men was also bound to each of them, but living in Canda made him a rare sight.  Each one of them, however, had one extra soulmark. One that hadn’t been activated yet, one that sent shivers down their spines.
It was a black soulmark in the shape of a large demon with a sniper rifle in its arms. It had a bullet streaming down their forearms to strike a white human skull. So far all they knew was that it belonged to an anthro which was a highly feared and highly aggressive species.

“Really? Did you see anything?” Clint asked, his coffee now taking full effect and brightening up the archer’s eyes.

“Nothing except some pawprints, I took a picture of them. Tony, do you think FRIDAY could analyze the photo to figure out the species?” Scott questioned the genius.

“Of course, just pull the photo up on your phone and place it on the counter.” Scott did as he was told and the four men all waited in silence for FRIDAY to finish.

Well, it was silent until Sam and Bucky entered the commons area with Natasha following them, shaking her head. Natasha and Bruce were bound together, with Bruce being her omega, so it was odd to see them apart unless they were on a mission.  Sam and Bucky were laughing their asses off at some unheard comment, causing Tony and Scott to glare at the two.

“It is too goddamn early to hear your annoying ass laugh,” Scott spat at the two (mostly at Bucky).

“Someone’s happy,” Bucky smiled and wrapped his metal arm around the beta, gently kissing his temple.

“I swear to god if you don’t stop talking that loud I will shrink down and ruin your life,” Scott threatened, although he did relax into Bucky’s strong grip.

“Sir, sorry to interrupt but I have the results from the pawprint. It appears to be a hybrid creature. While I am not 100% certain the two most likely species in this hybrid would be snow leopard and otter.” FRIDAY’s feminine AI voice told the group.

“What is this for?” Natasha asked, stealing Clint’s coffee from him and drinking the rest of it in one big gulp.

“While on my mission our little unknown soulmark was burning and I found pawprints at my locations,” Scott explained. “Not only that but when I arrived at the mission point there were already dead bodies. Forgot to mention that. But the bodies were laying there with their spines torn out and their jugular's shredded.”

“Odd,” Bucky said, “No anthro kills like that. Only the ferals ones do, but if you only saw two paw prints, then they were standing on two legs, which means they weren’t feral.”

“Since when are you an anthro expert?” Sam asked, biting into a green apple.

“I had some free time one evening,” Bucky shrugged and turned to the photo of the pawprints on Scott’s phone.

Steve let out a small huff of amusement before looking around, “Where’s Pietro? Or Wanda?”

“The twins are out on a mission,” Vision replied calmly as he appeared through the floor. Vision and Wanda didn’t have soulmates and were both betas, but they became a couple. Thor was out on Asgard and Peter still had to live with his Aunt May so that meant that the tower was oddly empty, even with the majority of the team remaining at the Stark Tower.

Tony yawned and sat down next to Scott, taking the phone away from Bucky’s view, “I’ll look over some files I have later today. I have to fix Sam’s wings first though and Natasha you had something for me?”

“My new gun you made keeps sparking at random moments, doesn’t hurt too much, but it sometimes causes the gun to lock up,” the female replied, handing Tony the gun from her belt.

“I’ll take a look at it after I’m finished with Sam’s wings.”

“You work too much,” Natasha gently told the man, “You should take a day and just relax.”

“He needs more like a week.” Steve was always very overprotective over everyone in the tower, so when Tony would just work and work for days on end it made the large man worry.

“Steve, he does this all the time. I’m sure he knows when to quit,” Bucky soothed his lover, kissing his cheek softly.

“Damn right, thank you Bucky,” Tony puffed out his chest like a bird and gave Steve a smug look, “I’ll be fine with one more day of intense labor.”

“Whatever you say,” Clint added, walking away in his low-riding sweatpants and disappearing into the elevator. Scott gave a large yawn before being picked up by Sam and carried away to probably go sleep.

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Phantom felt one of his soulmarks burning.  He quickly perked his ears and narrowed his eyes in the dim light.  In the complete silence, his advanced hearing could pick up the sound of something small hitting the ground.  The anthro turned himself invisible and turned the corner seeing none other than Scott Lang (Ant-Man) standing there in full battle gear.


The leopard breathed a sigh of annoyance but quickly left the building as fast as his paws could take him.  He knew Lang hadn’t seen him, but he didn’t want to activate, he was always told that soulmates would only hurt you in the end.  And, to some degree, he knew that was true.


The feline then descended onto all fours once he reached the thick forests of Brazil.  Even though it was winter which therefore made the temperature about 30° Fahrenheit, it still felt warm to the thick-coated cat.  His claws gently dug into the muddy ground beneath him and allowed himself a small smile as he reached a speed of 40mph, bouncing off trees and leaping over boulders.  Approaching a small cliff, he leaped off of it in true assassin format and landed gracefully into the river below.


Now his lithe but powerful otter tail came in handy, it propelled him through the water at a constant speed of about 30mph, although he could reach a top speed of about 55mph while in water and about 130mph (on all fours) on land.  Phantom’s smooth fur glided easily in the water and allowed for him to leap out of the water with ease.


Like a crocodile, he leaped out of the water and clamped his powerful jaws around the throat of a small marsh deer.  He pulled the now dead deer onto land and began to devour it.  Phantom was part otter, so the jungles of Brazil felt like home to that part, but to the snow leopard in him, it felt like an oddity.  The hybrid kept his claws unsheathed and his knife close as he dug into the intestines of the deer, ripping apart its liver and eating it in two bites.


He purred as the blood of his kill decorated his fur and face, reminding him of his other kills.  As a young cub, he was taken from the pack and raised by a man named Dylan.  At first, Dylan was a very nice man, until the anthro could walk on two legs.  At that point, the human began to train and beat the feline into the ultimate killing machine.

Phantom paused his meal and looked down at his metal paw.  He made a fist and then unclenched it, unsheathing metal claws.  

Dylan had been obsessed with The Winter Soldier and wanted to make a better version of him.  He succeeded in making The Phantom Soldier.  By removing Phantom’s right arm (with a very painful method) Dylan then created a metal arm similar to the one James had, but better.  It was an anthro’s hand and arm, so the hand wasn’t human, but it wasn’t a paw.  Dylan programmed it to have retractable claws like a snow leopard and made it out of a Pack material called Dragon's Lair, which was a metal five times stronger than vibranium.  It was waterproof, airproof, had electricity-resistance, had ice-resistance, it could withstand the pressures of the depths of the ocean (much like Phantom could), and could rip apart Captain America’s pathetic shield.


Phantom himself was a very powerful creature.  After years of torture and exercise and mastering many different skills, he became one of the most feared assassins in the world.  His jaws can bite through vibranium, his body can lift a semi-truck and throw it three blocks.  He can run (on two legs) at speeds of up to 80mph.  He has the ability to both turn invisible and phase through walls like a ghost, he can control all liquids in any manner he so wishes.  His agility is ten times that of someone like Spider-Man and his intelligence is greater than that of Reed Richards who has an IQ of around 270 (although most anthros do have extremely high intelligence).  His eyes can see in the darkest light, his ears can hear the heartbeat of a specific person in a large crowd from a mile away, he can smell a single drop of blood in a pool twice the size of an Olympic pool as well as being able to smell the gunpowder in a gun from a mile away and he can taste how many grains of salt are on a pretzel (much like Matt Murdock).  He can jump directly 25ft into the air and he can pounce forward 18ft.  His claws are solid black and reach lengths of 4in, while his white fangs are around 5in.  His normal arm can punch through 6in of steel and his metal arm can punch through a foot of steel.  He can kick a pickup truck hard enough to send it flying for two blocks and he has no problem scaling any building, mountain or hard terrain.  Phantom can withstand temperatures on land of up 160° Fahrenheit and down to -150° Fahrenheit.  In water he can withstand temperatures of up to 200° Fahrenheit and down to -100° Fahrenheit (only for about 30min though).  His thick fur is water resistant and his skin can take a handgun shot from two blocks away and barely bruise.  His healing factor can heal any wound almost instantly (unless from other creatures like werewolves, vampires, werewolves, etc.).


Now, while physically he is quite impressive, and the things he can and have done are also impressive, he hides a dark truth.  Phantom is an omega.  He loves to be dominated and to feel safety from others, but at the same time from all the emotional (and physical) abuse Dylan has done to him, he cannot feel safe around anyone.  While Phantom is apart of The Pack, he rarely goes on Pack territory and rarely interacts with other anthros or werewolves, only when the Alpha needs him does he return.  He is unsure of anyone who is around him and will lash out at the slightly of provocation.  Phantom has suffered a lot in his past, and still suffers from panic attacks (caused by PTSD and flashbacks) almost daily and self-harming whenever he feels too low.  Phantom does not talk often for fear of being disciplined in harmful ways.


Dylan and his team had raped Phantom so many times that Phantom does not allow anyone of strong sexual attraction (or his soulmates) to get close to him.  He has never had consensual anything, never a consensual kiss, blowjob, handjob and he’s never had consensual sex.  Despite seeing his soulmates—although they do not know Phantom is their soulmate—often, he has never activated with them or talked to them.  Phantom lives in New York City and unfortunately lives just a few blocks from Stark Tower.  He lives as a paid assassin for anyone who knows that he is The Phantom Soldier, although Howling Doom (The Pack’s Alpha) tells him that he is no longer the soldier, Phantom knows that he is.


Phantom turned around at the scent of a jaguar hoping to cash in on his kill, Phantom rolled his icy blue eyes and stalked away, leaving his now half-eaten kill behind.  Climbing into a tree the feline purred softly as the skies began to pour rain and he allowed himself to nap.



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Scott woke up from his nap and smiled once he saw a familiar pair of arms around his waist.  He carefully turned around to look at Sam, reaching a gentle hand up to stroke his cheek.  Although Scott was closest to Peter, the spider was almost never around, so Scott and Sam had formed another strong bond.


“What time is it?” Sam mumbled into the thin fabric of Scott’s dirty red shirt.


“It’s about two in the afternoon, I believe it is time to go get some lunch,” Scott said and without a moment's hesitation he up off the bed leaving a very dissatisfied Sam Wilson behind. “Come on lover boy,” Scott teased.


Upon arriving into the kitchen they saw that Bucky had not moved since the last time they were up here.  Or it looked like that to the untrained eye, but anyone who had lived in the tower long enough could see that Bucky had just gone down to the range.  “Hey Buck,” Sam yawned at the soldier.


Bucky turned around and looked at them, offering a small smile before sitting down and chugging the last of his water.  “Are you okay?”  Sam asked, gently shoving Scott when the latter tried to steal his muffin.


“Just tired, I haven’t slept much since our last Avengers mission,” Bucky confessed, looking down a bowl of fruit that had suddenly become really interesting.


Clint sat perched across from Bucky, the two snipers watching as the rest of the team below them took care of the Skrulls.  Clint fired off one arrow, killing several of the shapeshifting aliens, before being knocked sideways.  He groaned and looked up, seeing the Skrull’s leader Kl'rt.  Kl'rt laughed before kicking the archer off of the building, “Archer down...”


Bucky watched as his soulmate fell over twenty stories, seeing Rhodey fly towards him in an attempt to catch him.  Bucky was supposed to be watching Clint’s blind spots.  Bucky was supposed to warn Clint if someone was behind him.


“NO!” Tony’s distressed voice came over the comms unit, following by a loud crash on Clint’s end.  Steve ran over and tackled Kl'rt with Thor and Scott in close pursuit.  Bucky hopped off his perch and ran down the fire escape to try and reach their fallen archer.  He pulled his handgun shooting any goddamn Skrull that stood in his way.


Upon arriving at the scene, Bucky was sure that Clint was dead.  The blond wasn’t moving and had two ribs sticking out through his flesh, his left arm was twisted in a weird way and he had blood dripping out of his mouth.  “Tony is he....Gone?”


“FRIDAY detected a heartbeat, I’m going to fly him to Helen Cho immediately.” Iron Man replied, looking into Bucky’s watery eyes.

“This is all my fault,” Bucky cried out softly, turning his gun on an approaching Skrull and blowing its brains all over the ground. “I should’ve been watching his blind spots, like a good sniper.”


“It’s not your fault, not even close,” Natasha placed a hand on the soldier’s shoulder, although they weren’t soulmates the touch was still comforting.


“Pietro would’ve caught him,” Rhodey spoke softly, “It’s my fault. I couldn’t fly fast enough.”


“Pietro is still recovering from when he fell off of a building in a free running ‘at a normal speed’ attempt.  It’s not your fault he couldn’t be here,” Steve supplied honestly, with Thor and Scott behind him, the former gripping onto Kl’rt with his strong grip.


Thor dropped his hammer and handed Kl’rt—who was groaning in a very painful manner—over to Scott.  The god dropped to his knees and stroked Clint’s dusty hair softly until Tony told them he had to go fly the hawk to Helen or he wouldn’t make it.


“Hey, Clint’s tough, and he survived,” Scott reminded the burly man.


“He wouldn’t have gotten hurt if it weren’t for me, though,” Bucky said, looking at the two lithe men.


“What happened that day was not your fault and never will be,” Sam gently told Bucky, placing his own hand over Bucky’s flesh one.  Bucky sighed softly and gave a small nod.  He leaned over and kissed Sam and Scott gently and then disappeared out of the commons area.


Phantom rolled out of bed the next day and groaned when he hit the floor.  It was his first day back from Brazil and the first thing he did was take a nap.  The feline then stood and looked at himself in the mirror.  His gray fur was smoothed down from his descent off the bed and now had a glossy glow to it.


His metal arm whirred as he used it to reach up and grab his cologne ACQUA DI GIÒ.  The cat sprayed himself with the scent and then walked into his kitchen where he grabbed himself a banana and sat on his window ledge.  Phantom looked below and saw all the New York couples kissing and holding hands.  It almost made him want to throw up, after all, love only hurts you in the end.


The eighteen-year-old feline entered the room.  It was a rather small room, with one single chair that had a lot of wires attached to it as well as a small monitoring machine next to it.  The room was lit with a small greenish flickering light that gave Phantom a headache.


“Sit pet.”


Phantom did as he was told, sitting down in the old, faded chair and watched as a tall man with dirty blond hair strapped him to the chair by his wrists, ankles, and tail.  Phantom’s breathing sped up as the chair moved backward and a machine was placed over his skull.  “Relax, and open your jaws.”


Once again, the feline obeyed and felt a thick bite guard slide into his mouth.  He closed his jaws around the blue guard and then watched as the blond man inserted a large needle full of purplish liquid into his arm.  Once the liquid was inserted, Phantom’s entire body felt like it was on fire.  His fur burned his flesh and his claws ached to scratch at every inch of his body.  His tail went stiff as his heart rate increased as if he was running at top speed and the burning sensation inside of his chest became too much to bare.


Phantom screamed as loud as he could, thrashing in his bonds, but to no avail.  He only ended up tearing the flesh at his wrists and ankles.  The burning increased as the machine on his skull sent powerful electric shocks throughout his body.  He screamed and screamed until his throat couldn’t take it anymore and the feline began to cough up blood.  A lot of blood.  The burning didn’t stop, it only moved to his skull, to his core, to his feet.  He felt like he had just jumped into a pool of boiling water and then drank it.  He was sure he was dying.


When the machine turned off and the restraints on his body were removed, Phantom collapsed onto his knees as he stood.  He threw up, with blood littering the inside of his throat and mouth.  He threw up again, this time it was just pure blood.  Then again.  And then one more time.  When he was finished, the blond man kneeled down and looked into Phantom’s eyes.  Phantom’s eyes had changed and so had his brain chemistry, the feline just didn’t know because he didn’t have any feeling anywhere in his body.




“Armed and ready,” Phantom replied in a voice much deeper than his own.  Phantom didn’t understand, it was like he was himself, inside of his own body, but it wasn’t him.  He couldn’t sheathe his claws, couldn’t move a muscle.  It was like he was piggybacking his own body.


“Destroy Rushing Storm.”


Destroy Rushing Storm?  Phantom began to panic as his body moved without him telling it to.  It walked down the corridor until it arrived at a small door, to which he punched through with his metal fist.  A brown caracal looked up at Phantom.  His green eyes met with Phantom’s new ones, his new all solid black eyes, even the whites of his eyes were black.  The other anthro stood and approached Phantom.


“Baby, you okay?” The caracal, Rushing Storm, asked the hybrid.


Phantom couldn’t control his body as it lurched forward and tackled Rushing Storm.  To the dark brown caracal’s defense, he did put up a fight, but not a good one.  Phantom soon had Storm pinned to the ground with his hind claws shredding the man’s lower half.  He kneeled down to look into Storm’s green eyes before sinking his claws into his chest and his fangs into Storm’s throat.  Storm began to roar in pain and thrashed beneath the stronger male.


Phantom pulled away and watched as his first soulmate bled out.  Blood poured from his chest, thighs, and throat and Storm made a horrible gurgling noise as the blood filled his throat.  “Why Phantom?”  escaped from Storm’s torn throat.  It came out as a blood whisper, but Phantom’s advanced hearing picked up on it.  When Storm’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body went limp the blond human came back.


“Mission success das Trugbild.”


Phantom then snapped out of his trance and looked down, seeing blood spilling from his soulmate, he turned on his heels and looked at the man, “Why Dylan? Why did you activate me and tell me to kill him?”


“Love is weak and only makes you weaker.  I didn’t train you to be a pussy, I trained you to be a soldier.  A true soldier.”


Phantom fell to his knees and looked back at Rushing Storm, watching as the last drops of blood spilled from his wounds.  He carefully stalked over and looked down at the body.  Laying a gentle kiss on Storm’s head he hoped Dylan hadn’t seen.  


Wrong.  Dylan walked in and punched Phantom across the cheek as hard as he could, “Love equals weakness.  Repeat it.”


“Love equal weakness.”




“Love equals weakness,” Phantom’s voice was shaking.


Phantom shook his head clear of the memory and looked down to see his paws trembling and realized his heart was beating out of control.  The now twenty-six year spoke with a loud, clear voice to no one, “Love equals weakness.”


Here's what Phantom looks like, but he has a metal right arm:


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Phantom walked outside his apartment and into the snowy streets of New York.  In December, he was thankful it snowed so much.  Part of him knew that the snow was mostly because of the Pack using their frosty anthros to create snow but he honestly couldn’t care less. He gently pulled up the hood on his navy hoodie he had put on before exiting.


The navy hoodie used to be Rushing Storm’s and although he firmly believes that love does equal weakness he keeps the hoodie.  Phantom got lucky that Storm was also around 6’ 5” (same height as himself) because that meant that the navy blue Denver Broncos pullover hoodie fit him well.  Phantom wasn’t the biggest fan of football but as far as the sport does go he did rather enjoy the Broncos but he also enjoyed the Cincinnati Bengals.


Phantom entered a small local coffee shop and ordered his usual black coffee with one packet of sugar and one pump of caramel.  He tipped the barista two dollars as he always does and then exited the shop, going for his morning walk.  His tail gently waved in the cool breeze as he kept his head low and giving a fierce glare to anyone who came too close.


Phantom should’ve known his day was going too well.  He ran right into a very lithe but muscular man, luckily his coffee was okay, but his body wasn’t.  The feline felt a small but familiar burn on his right hip and looked up to see the bright blue eyes of Pietro Maximoff.  Dammit.


The speedster looked back at Phantom and then looked at his sister, Wanda, who was standing next to them, “It’s you, our unknown soulmate.” His thick accent came through Phantom’s ears with ease.


Phantom stood up straight and then when Pietro tried to extend his hand in greeting he roared in his face and snapping his jaws before turning tail and running into the nearest alley.


Pietro turned and looked at his sister, “That was odd, no?” Wanda nodded in agreement and the two kept walking towards Stark Tower.  Pietro’s clothes were torn and he reeked of sweat, but he was otherwise in a good mood.  Wanda looked much better than her brother, but her head pounded with each step they took.


Entering the Stark Tower, the two were greeted by Happy who was leaving the building.  They smiled back and then entered the elevator.  Pietro got off at the commons, while Wanda went up to her room to rest.  “Pietro you’re back!”  Pietro turned at the sound of Tony’s excited voice and then walked over to the genius, giving him a quick but passionate kiss.


“How’d the mission go?”

“Very well, a complete success,” Pietro answered before peeling a banana and sitting down to eat it.  “Wanda is resting.”


“Good, I’m...” Tony trailed off and Pietro looked up from his snack with a questioning gaze, “You smell like an omega.”


Pietro took his shirt and smelled it.  His mind wandered to the anthro he had soulbound with and came to the conclusion that the feline was an omega, “Must’ve been that anthro I soulbound with.”


Tony began to choke on his coffee and then looked at Pietro, “You what?!”


“I ran into an anthro outside and we soulbound, he is our unknown soulmate.  I tried to get his name, but he growled and tried to rip my hand off,” Pietro explained, mouth full of banana.


“What did he look like?” Tony questioned further.


“Gray spotted fur, tall, taller than Steve, blue eyes, very long tail, I didn’t get much more than that.  He had on a blue hoodie with some weird horse on it and he had on tight black joggers,” Pietro eyes Tony and then laughed as Tony’s eyes glowed with mischief.   “What are you planning on doing?”


“Nothing, I just think we should go find him, don’t you?”


“I don’t know, he seemed...Scared?  No no, he seemed more afraid but..of himself,” Pietro explained, running a hand through his grayish blond hair.


“Odd, maybe it was you?” Tony shrugged turning around and grabbing Pietro a bottle of water from the fridge.


“No no, it was like he knew I was his soulmate before we had bonded, but he seemed threatened,” Pietro was trying to explain the odd look in the creature’s eyes.  “He seemed troubled and when we activated his eyes turned black like the burning had triggered something.”


Tony pulled out his phone and texted Bucky and Clint to come upstairs if anyone would know about odd triggers it would be those two.  After Loki, Clint can’t look at the color blue alone or for long periods of time and Bucky had so many triggers it was had to remember them.


“You interrupted my dog time,” Clint groaned as he exited the elevator in Bucky’s arms, apparently the archer was too lazy to walk.


“Boo hoo,” Tony laughed, “Now Pietro here had activated his last soulmark and found some things to be odd about our little soulmate out there,” he pointed to the window, referring to the outside world.


“Yes.  We only looked at each other for a brief moment, so there’s not much I can say other than a few things.  When we activated his eyes turned black for a moment, like the soulmark burn made him remember something.  His expression turned blank like he was waiting for something, but then when I tried to greet him he snarled and almost ripped my hand off,” Pietro explained to the two, looking at them with expectant eyes. “He almost looked afraid, but more of himself than me.”


“It sounds like maybe the burn triggered something.  I honestly don’t know, if was like me, he would’ve waited for a command, but since he just attacked out of nowhere that sounds more like someone had like...Activated him,” Bucky replied, sitting on top of the black granite counter.


“Maybe you should go talk to The Pack?  Maybe someone there can help you?”  Clint suggested, placing himself in between Bucky’s muscular thighs.


“That’s a good idea.  Pietro, you should go, we don’t want to run into him and have him activate again, so maybe take Natasha with you,” Bucky added.


Pietro looked exhausted but he nodded his head and stood up, “But first, I go nap,” He yawned and then ran off.  Arriving at his room, he opened the door and asked FRIDAY to close his electronic curtains to block out the light.  He was hoping that The Pack would be able to help, but he honestly didn’t know, something seemed so off about that anthro.


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Chapter Text

Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Shit fuck.  Fuck my life.  Phantom thought grimly, pacing around his apartment.  He wasn’t supposed to bond with anyone, no matter how many stupid soulmarks he had.  The otter pulled down his joggers and looked at Pietro’s soulmark, a pair of gray shoes encased in a gray wisp.


The feline groaned and sat down on his black leather couch, anxiously tossing a knife up into the air and catching it with ease.   Oh shit... Phantom folded his ears back suddenly remembering that he was an omega.  Omegas are the last in line so-to-speak.  Alphas were first, then betas, and then omegas.  Omegas had a natural place as submissives or bottoms, depending who you are, and that was something Phantom was not content with.  Although his skills, stature, and demeanor made him look and act like an alpha, he had no doubt in his mind that Pietro could’ve smelled his omega scent.  He growled and stood up, kicking his oak coffee table as he did, sending in into the wall.


Natasha led Pietro into Pack territory, forcing the young man to get over his fear of the creatures that resided here.  They were quickly stopped by a large anthro wildebeest and a werewolf (in his wolf state).  “Can we help you?”  the wildebeest asked, crossing his bulky arms across his chest.


“We need to speak to someone about an anthro that Pietro here has bonded with,”  Natasha explained calmly, standing in a slightly defensive position.


The wildebeest huffed and whispered something to the snow white werewolf, prompting the wolf to let out a snarl before turning around, “Follow me,” he growled.


Pietro and Natasha walked behind the werewolf while taking great caution in their surroundings before they entered a small brick building.  The werewolf told them to stop and walked down a hallway.  “Natasha..This seems like a bad idea, no?”  Pietro looked at her, eyes full of regret.


“We’ll be fine, just relax okay?”


“Okay.”  Pietro’s legs were bouncing as they waited, but he said nothing else.  A few minutes later a very pissed off looking teenage girl walked around the corner.  Her eyes blazed and her body was decorated with battle scars.


“Come with me,” she spoke roughly and then entered a room on the right side of the hallway.  “Show me this soulmark.” She sounded disgusted and rather displeased.


Pietro looked at the young girl with surprise and blinked a few times before sitting down in one of the brown chairs and rolling up his sleeve.  Natasha sat down next to him and eyed the girl nervously.


She approached Pietro and looked down at the mark, her eyes dancing with both fear and annoyance, “That mark belongs to The Phantom Soldier, also known as Phantom.  He’s a pain in my ass, but he rarely comes around here so therefore I rarely have to deal with him.”


“The Phantom what?”  Natasha seemed confused, ticking her jaw.  


The teenager copied her movement and then leaned back against her black desk, “Phantom was taken from The Pack as a young cub and, long story short, he was raised to be like The Winter Soldier, but better.  He even has a metal arm like,” she paused, “James.”


“So what?  He’s an assassin?”  Natasha asked, looking over at Pietro who was oddly silent.


“Better than James, but yes.  He’s killed roughly around 34,000 people and those are just the confirmed kills.  He’s fucked up, keep that in mind, you bound to him too?”  the girl asked, looking at Natasha.


“No, just Pietro...Well some others too, but they couldn’t come,”  Natasha explained briefly.


“Alright well, like Barnes, Phantom has been through a lot of trauma.  He lives off of Pack territory for that reason, and while I—the Alpha—could force him to come live with us, I fear that would be dangerous both for him and the other members of this pack.  He has a lot of trust issues and issues with love, so be cautious, I’ll see if I can talk him into having coffee with you or something Pietro, but no promises,” she was standing now.  She opened the door and let them walk out, “Good luck.”


“Cool, another assassin,” Tony said sarcastically, rubbing his temple.  


“Thanks,” Bucky snorted, sitting down and playfully slapping Tony over the head.


“You know what I meant, and apparently, he’s even more fucked up,” Tony rested his head in his palms, leaving out long breaths.  Steve came up behind Tony and gently kissed his temple while rubbing his shoulders.  Sam and Scott were sitting at the bar next to Clint who was perched on the counter.  Bruce and Natasha were standing in the corner, with Bruce looking overly-submissive.


Pietro sat down next to Bucky, looking over at Wanda who just kept looking at Vision as if the android would have some wisdom.  “I’m sure once the Alpha, as you said, discusses this with Mr. Phantom then everything will alright,” Vision supplied, although he himself looked puzzled.


“Doubtful, she said that he had trust issues, and a lot of them,”  Natasha told them, turning away from Bruce to add to the conversation.


“So did I,” Bucky reminded them.

“You haven’t killed over 34,000 people, though,”  Clint added, looking at Sam and Scott as the two just listened in.


“Perhaps...” Sam began, looking around the room, “we are forgetting something.  He is a man who has killed many, that is true.  He may be The Winter Soldier but more advanced, no offense Bucky, but he is still an omega.  It’s in an omega’s DNA to obey an alpha so if one us alpha’s goes and talks to him-”


“And then gets our faces ripped off?  He almost ripped off Pietro’s arm,”  Scott reminded him, “We would need someone like Thor to go talk to him.  Or the Hulk but you know.”


Natasha and Bruce shot Scott a glare, but then Bruce spoke up, “Scott is right.  IF you were to send an alpha, it would need to be someone like Thor, or Logan since he can regenerate.”


“Any chance of Logan?”  Steve asked, looking hopefully.


“He’s MIA currently, off on some mission.”


“Thor?”  Pietro finally asked, his eyes gleaming with hope and fear.  Bucky reached over and grabbed his hand, stroking his knuckles.


“Maybe, if I could contact him.” Tony replied, “But maybe an alpha isn’t what we need, maybe another omega would seem less threatening.”


“You want to send Peter over to talk to The Phantom Soldier?”  Natasha raised her eyebrows, looking disapproving.


“Well, I mean...”


“No, Tony.  We can’t send Peter, he’s only nineteen,” Steve reprimanded the genius.


“Almost twenty,” Tony almost pleaded.


“No.  Just....Try to see if you can make contact with Thor.”  Sam said, looking at Tony with narrowed eyes.  The brunette held his hands up in surrender before standing up and leaving to go try and contact the god.


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Phantom snarled and turned around, glaring at the Alpha, “You want me to do what ?!”


“Talk to your soulmates,” she calmly replied, keeping her eyes focused on the distressed hybrid.


“I’d rather die!” He threatened, tail lashing, slicing through the air.


“Too bad, as the Alpha, I order you to.”


Phantom unsheathed his claws and then looked around the room spotting a small, yet heavy, glass lamp.  He picked it up and threw it at her, hitting her square in the face.  “Suck my dick.”


She looked back up and then shifted, her bones snapping into place, fangs extending from her jaws, tail streaming out of her back. In her werewolf form, she was much larger than Phantom, standing at about 9’ 4”, with 5in claws and 7in canines that hung out of her jaw.  Her jet black wings extended like a dragon’s, and were like a dragon, with spikes along the edges of them.  Her multicolored eyes (left one icy blue, right one a deep gold) glared at the cat before she opened her jaws and roared.  The male—she changed gender when she shifts—approached Phantom, but the anthro wasn’t backing down.


“Love equal weakness Howling Doom, you should know that!” Phantom hopped off the wall and punched him in the jaw.  The werewolf growled and grabbed Phantom by the tail, throwing him into the wall.


“One bad experience does not equate to having to destroy your love life Phantom!” He growled, ducking when the cat attempted to kick him.


“I don’t recall,” Phantom spat, raking his claws alongside Howling Doom’s thigh.  Doom then kicked out with that leg, sending Phantom through the nearest window.  Now outside, Phantom shook the glass from his fur and used his abilities to drag the water out of a nearby fire hydrant and send it towards Doom.


Doom felt the water constrict around him and then freeze.  He growled and then let out an ear-piercing howl, shattering glass and the ice around him.  The canine ran towards the smaller anthro and tackled him to the ground, raking his claws down Phantom’s stomach, and receiving a metal fist in the rib cage.  Phantom felt his blood spill from the claw marks on his stomach, painting his fur red.  Doom used his long tail (around three feet in length) and wrapped it around Phantom’s fist, pinning it to the ground.  Phantom struggled beneath Doom before phasing away out of the viselike grip and appearing behind the werewolf, kicking him in the ass.  Doom was sent flying through the air and crashed into a tree.


He stood up and shook out his pitch black fur, droplets of blood being shaken from his various wounds.  His drool was tainted red with blood, looking up at the tree he ripped off a thick branch from the tree and threw it at Phantom, striking the feline in the chest and sending him to the ground.  Howling Doom then jumped up and geared up a heavy punch, Phantom’s eyes widened and he rolled to the left, feeling the ground shake when Doom’s fist collided with the earth beneath them.


The two powerful creatures circled each other before Doom was sent into the nearest building by a metal fist and Phantom was launched into the opposite building by a powerful kick.  Phantom landed on the ground, spitting the dirt and rubble out his mouth.  Phantom then charged at Doom, turning invisible and hopping up into a tree.  The werewolf perked his ears in an attempt to locate the feline, but couldn’t detect him, there was a reason Phantom was called a phantom.


Phantom then leaped out of the tree and onto Doom’s muscular back, the latter howling in pain when powerful jaws clamped shut on his shoulder.  Phantom felt Doom’s blood spill in his mouth, he both purred and winced at the taste.  The werewolf then ran backward, smashing his back—and therefore Phantom—into the building.  Howling Doom then spun around and held Phantom by his neck, “STOP THIS AT ONCE!” He growled into the feline’s face.


Phantom spat in Doom’s eye but remained in his grip, “I’m not talking to them.”


“I’m not giving you a choice,” Doom spoke more calmly, but his eyes still held a threat.


“I’ll only hurt them!” Phantom said before he could stop himself.  His otter-like ears folded backward and his tail froze in place. “I’m a monster Doom, one that cannot be trusted, hell I can’t even trust myself.” Phantom then pointed to the scars that littered his thighs with his free arm.


“Then they can help you, you don’t need to hurt yourself anymore than you’ve already been hurt,” Doom replied, relaxing his grip but not quite letting go.


Phantom then lurched forward and clamped his jaws shut on Doom’s paw at 30% power, strong enough to crush steel.  Doom howled as his bones snapped and he released the anthro.  Phantom took this opportunity to climb up the partially smashed building and disappear into the city.


Time Skip: One Day


Thor had arrived at the Stark Tower when he received a message from Tony about their unknown (now known) soulmate.  After going over everything everyone knew about The Phantom Soldier and Tony reporting on anything he could find in secret government files, Thor was quite puzzled as to why he needed to be there.


“Why couldn’t the Captain go?  Or James?”  He asked a puzzled looked on his face.


“We fear that Phantom may be too strong and could seriously hurt them, or even kill them,” Clint explained lazily, lying on the couch.


“So my strength may be of assistance, but I do not believe I would be able to reason with such a creature,” Thor replied, his booming voice echoing off of the walls.  Clint grimaced and turned the power down on his purple hearing aids.


“So take Steve with you,” Clint suggested.

“I’d rather you little hawk, two alphas might make him feel even more threatened, you, on the other hand, are a beta.  He would feel less threatened by you,” Thor walked over to the couch to look at the archer.  Clint opened one eye and looked at the god before letting out a hefty sigh and standing up.  He walked over to Thor and leaned upwards, giving the man a soft kiss.


“Fine, I’ll go get my gear,” Clint mumbled against his lips.


“That won’t be necessary,” Thor quickly replied before returning Clint’s kiss.  Clint raised his eyebrow but didn’t question the Norse god. “Tony do you know where Phantom may be?”  Thor then turned to the genius, who had been sitting quietly at the counter, engaged in his work.


While Thor got the address Clint slipped out and grabbed his bow, while Thor could most likely handle any situation that came forth, Clint wanted to be sure.


Tony slid a paper that had two cross streets written on it: Lexington Ave. and E. 50th st.   Thor nodded and he and Clint exited the tower.


Phantom had arrived back at his apartment and was tending to his wounds one day after his fight with Howling Doom.  Stupid healing factor not being able to help much with goddamn werewolf attacks.  While tending to the small wounds on his legs caused by being thrown into a building and through a window, he noticed the thin but long cuts on his thighs and sighed.  Turning his head to look out the small window in his bathroom his head began to pound with another flashback.


August 27th, 2006:  Chicago, Illinois

Sixteen-year-old Phantom entered a small house with relative ease, being able to phase through objects was really helpful.  He had just gotten back from his forced service in the Iraq War (thanks, Dylan). After two years of military service in a gruesome war, his current mission was simple: enter a house and kill everyone inside of it, then retrieve blueprints for the underground tunnel system in Chicago.  He walked through the house, quickly snapping the neck of the humans' obnoxious dog.  He walked up the stairs on all fours, hoping anyone awake would think he was the stupid mutt.  It worked.  As he arrived upstairs he saw what looked to be the father figure sitting in an old brown leather chair, watching some tv show.  


Phantom snuck up behind the man and pulled out his katana, running it along with his paw before standing up and quickly slicing the man’s head off.  He caught the head before it hit the ground and then cleaned the blood off of his sword, leaving the now decapitated body to bleed in the chair.  Walking down the hallway he entered a small bedroom that had a young girl sleeping, she couldn’t have been older than seven.  Too bad Phantom didn’t care.  When he was the soldier he did as he was told and didn’t care who got hurt.


He approached her and sheathed his katana, instead, he pulled out a small four-inch knife and putting into the girl’s skull from the bottom.  No screaming, no noise, no sound.  A perfect mission so far.  He exited the room and walked down the hall about six feet and across the hall to the room where the mother was sleeping.  He crept in softly and then quickly slit her throat, letting her blood paint his normal paw and the tip of his muzzle.


Looking around the now-empty house he quickly found a safe in the bottom of the closet in the parent’s bedroom.  He hacked through the simple pin code security and retrieved his blueprints.  As he stood up he walked out of the house only to be frozen in his tracks by a young boy, no older than nine.  The boy looked at Phantom and then at the bleeding body of his mother.  He looked at Phantom with his bloody knife and paw and began to cry.  Phantom somehow hadn’t noticed or smelled the young boy.  He approached the boy with caution and got down on one knee, looking into the boy’s deep brown, glossy eyes.  Phantom felt the non-soldier part of him wretch at the sight, but the soldier in him just laughed as the boy continued to cry, tears streaming down his face.


Phantom sighed, more annoyed than saddened, and then pulled out his gun, placed the silencer over the muzzle and blew the kid’s brains all over the wall behind him painting it a nice reddish pink.  He rolled his eyes and left the house.


Phantom shook his head clear, but the trembling caused him to fall off of his bathtub and actually into the bathtub.  His breathing sped up and his mind became foggy.  Breathing became harder and harder until he reached for the razor he had underneath his shaving cream (used to shave off excess fur).  He took the razor into his metal hand and then placed it on his left thigh, pressing hard and dragging it across his tough flesh.  The feline felt immediate relief as his blood dripped into the cast iron tub.  He kept slicing open his thigh until he could no longer feel any cut or any mental pain.  His breathing was still rapid but was slowing until it became normal.

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Clint had been going around to each apartment and sneaking in through the windows, looking around to try and spot their anthro soulmate.  Thor was waiting patiently down below, his hammer gently gleaming in the low light from the streetlamp.  “I wish I was sleeping...” Clint muttered under his breath as he entered another apartment.  It was around 11:00 at night, so thankfully, most people were asleep.


Phantom was still lying in his bathtub when he heard his window slide open.  He opened his jaws to taste the air, only sweat came through.  He grumbled something unholy under his breath and stood up, wavering slightly from his blood loss.  Luckily, his cuts had healed by now.  The otter grabbed his dagger off of his sink and phased through his door, keeping invisible as he carefully stalked down the hall on all fours, with the dagger secured in his jaws.


Clint turned and looked around the apartment, this one was actually much nicer than the other ones.  The furniture was all shades of gray and black and looked brand new.  He kept his bow at the ready in case of attackers and attentively walked around the apartment.


Phantom’s feline eyesight could easily make out the shape of Clint Barton in his kitchen.  He growled silently in his mind, not wanting to activate with another soulmate, but wanting the man gone from his apartment.  Phantom took his knife and placed it in its sheath that was attached to his hip before coming up behind Clint.  He very warily climbed up onto the fridge, looking down at the Avenger.  He sighed, annoyed, and then leaped down onto Clint.


The burn was all too familiar but he tried not to think about it as he pinned Clint to the floor.  Phantom let himself be seen as he kicked Clint’s bow away from him and reared up his metal paw.  Clint couldn’t move under the cat’s sheer muscle mass and began struggling beneath him, looking at the sharp metal claws as they came towards his throat.


Phantom grunted as he smacked into his fridge.  He stood and looked over at his living area, seeing none other than Thor standing there.   Stupid bastard, throwing his hammer at me.  Phantom turned himself invisible and came up to the god, taking his knife and stabbing it into Thor’s abdomen.  Thor gasped with pain and fell to his knees, grabbing Phantom by the wrist and sending his muzzle into the brownish red hardwood floor.


Phantom easily lifted himself upwards, kicking Thor in the jaw as he did so, and assumed a defensive position.  “What do you want?”  He snarled, drool falling from his jaw.


“We just want to talk,” Clint groaned out as he stood.  Phantom placed his foot over Clint’s bow so he couldn’t grab it.


“No.” Phantom spoke with a threatening tone.  “Get out of my house before I turn you into cat food.”


Thor stood and removed the knife from his gut, gently placing it on the floor and he began fastidiously moving towards the hybrid, “Please relax, we only want to talk.”


Phantom’s tail lashed and he gave a warning snap of his jaws towards Thor, prompting the god to move backward, “What?” He spat.


“You are our soulmate,” Clint began, at the simple word Phantom’s icy gaze snapped on the archer, his eyes narrowing, “your Alpha told us that you had some trust issues-”


“So you broke into my house?”  Phantom asked, grabbing Thor’s arm and throwing him to the floor when he got too close.


“Maybe not our best move, but all we want to do is talk,” Clint was trying to reason with the hostile anthro, a bit nervous that Phantom’s weight would crush his bow.


“I don’t care, get out.”


“Please, try and see that we’re not a threat,”  Thor pleaded, looking up at Phantom.


“Yeah not a threat with your bow and your fucking hammer,” Phantom spat, kicking Thor in the jaw to keep him down.  Thor was more a threat than Clint in his mind.  Phantom ears then perked and his smile turned sinister.  He leaned down and picked up Clint’s bow, with the arrow still attached to it.  He aimed it at Clint and spat on the floor, “You have ten seconds to get the fuck out of my house or this,” he gestured to the arrow, “will be in your eye.”


Clint looked amazed, the archer had never seen someone who could hold his bow so steady.  Clint raised his arms up in surrender and then said something that maybe went a bit too far, “You wouldn't kill one of your soulmates, would you?”


Phantom dropped the bow and looked at Clint in surprise.  Not the archer’s fault he said something to trigger Phantom, he didn’t know.  Thor and Clint looked at the stationary cat and waited for him to say something.


“Why Phantom?” Storm’s blood pooled around Phantom’s hind paws, keeping the hybrid’s grin perverse.


Phantom looked at the hawk and then at the god as his eyes turned wide and his tail tucked between his legs.


“I raised you to be a soldier.”


“No...” Phantom whispered, taking a few steps backward, his claws still unsheathed but his stance more submissive.

“Love equal weakness,” Dylan’s gruff voice told the cat.


Phantom fell backward onto his couch and began curling in on himself, “Love equals weakness...” his voice was barely a whisper.


Phantom looked at his metal fist and punched the wall, “Harder.” Dylan commanded.


He gripped at his head and used his hind claws to rip apart the flesh on his ankles and calves.  Clint watched as the anthro began to tear himself apart and cautiously approached him, looking at Thor to keep the large alpha behind him.


“Phantom...” Clint lowered himself and then choked back a cry when he saw Phantom’s eyes.  They were red-rimmed, with thick tears falling down his cheeks.


“Go away,” Phantom barked at Clint, scooting himself backward until he hit the wall.  The otter began to rock back and forth, shaking uncontrollably.


Clint had taught everyone in the Avengers basic sign language and signed for Thor to go get Bucky.  The god nodded his head, grabbed his hammer and leaped out of the window.


Phantom felt the spiked whip dig into his lower back as he threw his head back and roared in pain, “Good soldiers don’t fail their missions,” Dylan spat in his face.  


“Phantom, I’m not gonna hurt you,” Clint spoke softly, keeping his body as small as he could make it.


“But I’ll hurt you...” Phantom whispered, trailing off and looked down at his metal fist.  He growled and then kept scratching at his flesh, watching his blood coat the floor.


Clint tried to approach him again, keeping one hand by his side and the other one reached for Phantom’s hand, “No you won’t,” Clint reassured the cat.


Phantom looked at the archer and slashed at his hand when it got too close, but the man wasn’t giving up.  He extended his hand once again and this time Phantom made direct eye contact with him and then gently took his hand.  Phantom’s hand (or paw, depending on how looked at it) was tough, clearly from climbing and killing, but his fur was softer than a freshly washed dog.


Phantom tensed when Clint took his hand.  Clint’s hand was tough and full of callouses, but oddly tender and caring.  Phantom’s blue eyes kept locked with Clint’s foggy blue ones.  When Clint tried to move closer to the panicking anthro, Phantom gave him a warning snarl.  Clint took what he got and sat far enough away from Phantom, but close enough so that their hands could remain interlocked.


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Thor entered the Stark Tower through the landing pad and ran inside, “Bucky?!” He called out into the commons area, seeing a small grouping of people playing cards.


The brunette looked over his shoulder at Thor from the couch and immediately became worried when he didn’t see Clint with him.  Out of everyone, including Steve, Bucky was closest to Clint. “Where’s Clint?” He knew that this mission would end poorly.


“He’s fine, maybe a few bruises, but right now he’s with our furry friend who’s having a meltdown.  Clint told me to come grab you,” Thor explained, calming the supersoldier.  Bucky looked at Thor and nodded.


“Where are they?”  Thor told the soldier the address and Bucky left as fast as he could.


Clint remained silent as the anthro shook back and forth since he didn’t know what memory or trigger had caused this, he didn’t know how to help.  Phantom’s blue eyes were now attached to the floor, but his fluffy paw kept connected to Clint’s right hand.  The hybrid has his ears folded backward, his tail tucked between his legs, and his eyes downcast.  A true submissive form.


Clint heard someone running up the stairs inside the apartment complex and looked over to watch Bucky enter the room.  Phantom looked up and snarled, his fur fluffing up to make himself looked bigger.   Three soulmates in one day...Dear god.   He thought to himself, watching Bucky enter the living area with caution.


Phantom raised his shoulders defensively, like a lion ready to pounce, as Bucky approached him.  Bucky lowered himself down to their height and looked into the piercing blue eyes of the Mustelidae.  Phantom removed his hand from Clint’s grasp and unsheathed his claws once more, giving Bucky a threatening glare.


Bucky took another small step forward and ended up having claws slash across his metal arm and then across his flesh one.  He winced in pain as Phantom’s claws slashed across his flesh, causing blood to drip onto the floor.  


Phantom grunted softly as the small contact point caused another soulmark to activate, he looked down at his pectoral, seeing Bucky’s red star glow with its activation.  He then realized he was shirtless, as he had forgotten to put on a shirt when he left the bathroom.


Bucky’s eyes flicked down to the anthro’s chest and he felt slightly jealous that this male had better pecs and abs than him, but at the same time was captivated by them.  Bucky then noticed his own soulmark on the anthro’s left pectoral and gave Phantom a small smile.


The anthro didn’t know what to do or think, on one hand, the soldier in him told him to attack and leave no survivors, but the omega in him told him to accept their help.  His breathing sped up once more when Bucky sat down, a bit closer than the anthro would’ve preferred, but far enough away so that Bucky wasn’t a threat.


Bucky took in the man before him, his eyes tracing his spotted pelt and ripped muscles, before falling onto the metal arm.  He looked down at his own and then back at the leopard’s.  The anthro’s was clearly made out of a stronger material and was also a lot shinier, it has sharp retractable metal claws that were currently extended.  It cut to flesh at about the same point, right past the shoulder.  The plates shifted just as smoothly, if not smoother, and the arm looked like it could take a missile.


Phantom noticed the other soldier staring at his metal arm and flexed the metal claws as a slight warning before turning to Clint once again.  When their eyes locked he felt himself become more submissive, casting his eyes downward like a good little pet.


“That’s a good pet, keep your eyes down until you’re told to.  Obey your rightful master soldier.”


Phantom felt a chill run down his spine as Dylan’s words kept repeating in his head, over and over again until the cat felt like he was going to rip off his own head.


Clint noticed the feline’s sudden submissiveness and distress and gently reached his hand forward once more.  Icy blue eyes locked on the hand moving towards him and he extended soft paw taking the hand once more.  Clint gave the anthro a weak smile and gently stroked his knuckles.  


Phantom felt odd.  He felt off.  He was neither Phantom nor the soldier nor an omega.  He was just...Somewhere in between.  He knew that’s how Bucky felt as well, he wasn’t quite The Winter Soldier, but he wasn’t Bucky anymore either.  The omega side of him had quieted down, maybe it was Bucky’s alpha pheromones, but Phantom couldn’t care less, and the soldier in him had also left.  Well not left, it would always be there, but it was silenced for the moment.


The hybrid looked at Clint and Bucky, his eyes focusing on the little details in their faces.  He was very thankful that they weren’t saying anything.  Bucky kept his eyes calm and free of any passion or fire as he looked into Phantom’s blue eyes.  He kept his emotions under control, not wanting to startle the young anthro.


Clint’s eyes flicked down to the small, yet long, scratches on Bucky’s arm and he was surprised it wasn’t healing as fast as his wounds normally do.  Clint then relaxed his body against the tv stand and found Bucky relaxing against the chair behind him.


After a good ten minutes of silence, Phantom stood up, tearing his hand from Clint’s grip.  The two humans looked up at the anthro, waiting to see if he was going to attack again, but instead, the otter let out a shaky breath and walked over to his kitchen and pulled out a bottle of tequila.  His healing factor was too powerful to let him get drunk, but the burn of the alcohol was worth it.  


He popped the lid off of the Avion Reserva 44 Extra Anejo tequila and took a big swig from the bottle.  He gestured the bottle towards the two men sitting in his living room and wasn’t very surprised when Clint walked over and took a large gulp of the liquid.  Bucky was a little more hesitant but did take the offered drink.


No words were exchanged between the three as the bottle got passed around.  Clint, being a full human, got to the point where he was tipsy and that’s when Phantom wouldn’t let him have any more.  He didn’t want the man doing something he’d regret.  Bucky, on the other hand, wasn’t even tipsy and he and the anthro kept taking drinks from the bottle.


“Make sure he doesn’t break his bow,” Phantom grunted at the supersoldier, taking another long swig.


Bucky blinked, this was his first time hearing the anthro speak.  His voice was deep, dark and smooth, with a slight rough vibe about it.  Bucky then nodded at the anthro’s words, “I will, that damn thing is like his child.”


Phantom narrowed his eyes slightly, him speaking was not an invitation for a conversation, but Bucky seemed about as non-threatening as a supersolider could at the moment, “I bet, he is an archer.” His tone seemed more smug than anything.


Bucky let out a small laugh, “Yeah, he’s also a real pain in the ass.”


“Still here,” Clint spoke up from his position on Phantom’s couch.


“Not mentally,” Phantom muttered, causing Bucky to chuckle slightly.  Phantom offered the man a small smirk, which was returned with the upturn of a bottle.


After the bottle was finished and Phantom seemed mostly mentally stable, Bucky grabbed Clint and the hawk’s bow and then turned to leave.  Before exiting Bucky looked over at Phantom, “You really should come meet all of us.  We wouldn’t hurt you.”


“More worried about me hurtin’ you,” Phantom said, spitting into the nearby trashcan.  “Already hurt your arm.”


Bucky looked down at said wound and noticed that he wasn’t healing as fast as he normally does, “Anthro wounds take longer to heal,” Phantom clarified, the tip of his tail twitching.  Bucky nodded and gave the anthro a small smile before exiting his apartment.

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Bucky entered the kitchen area after a long few hours in the range.  His eyes drifted over to Steve who was sitting on the counter with his sketch book.  Bucky walked up behind the other supersoldier and gently kissed his neck.  Steve gasped, apparently he was too lost in his world to hear the man come up behind him.


Steve turned around and gently placed a kiss upon Bucky’s lips, allowing himself to linger there before he reluctantly pulled apart.  “How was Phantom?”


Bucky’s mind flashed to the previous night.  The anthro’s rippling muscles under a thick coat of soft fur, his various scars, ranging from the small and intentional ones on his thighs to the larger ones decorating his abdomen and back.  “Distressed, annoyed, angry.”


“How did he take to you and Clint?”  Steve had returned to his loose sketch of the Iron Man suit.


“He held Clint’s hand for a while and then offered us a drink.  It was some damn good tequila,” Bucky sat up on the counter, downing a bottle of water that had been on the counter.  “He seemed really angry, not at Clint or I, but more at himself.  Kept sayin’ he was gonna hurt us, didn’t seem too worried about us hurting him.”


Steve paused for a moment, “Like Clint after Loki,” he supplied.


“Yeah kinda, except Clint only tore up his knuckles with busting up every mirror he saw...Phantom seemed more,” another pause, “deliberate in his self-harm.”


Steve looked up at Bucky, raising an eyebrow in question.


“His thighs were littered in long, but thin, scars.  From a razor most likely,” the brunette explained, crossing his arms over his chest.  The soft whirring of the metal plates shifting filled the silence.


Steve put down his pencil and looked down at his own thighs.  He was wearing red basketball shorts and to Bucky’s surprise, he watched the blond lift his leg up and pull the shorts down.  His own thigh was littered in cuts, not quite as deep or as long as Phantom’s but still noticeable.


How had Bucky never noticed those before?  “Why Steve?”


“I couldn’t go near the freezer for months because it was too cold, and the cold weather of New York,” he gestured to the current snowstorm that was happening outside, “still makes me panic.  It makes me feel like less of a soldier.”


Bucky didn’t know what to say.  Steve was one of the bravest men he knew and would always put anyone above himself, “Why do you hide your problems?”


Steve shrugged, “Because you guys have bigger problems to worry about.  You were a Hydra slave for years, Clint’s had a Norse god in his head, Tony’s got severe PTSD, Natasha won’t say it, but the Red Room haunts her, Bruce has the Hulk to worry about, Scott’s been through god-knows-what in prison, Sam lost Riley in the war; Thor’s watched his world almost burn at the hands of his brother, Peter lost his parents and his uncle, Pietro lost his family, Logan’s been through war after war and has lost almost everything, T’Challa has lost his father, and Matt lost his parents and has watched his city be terrorized.  Oh, and Wanda also lost her family and has had to watch what her own powers are capable of.”


“That all may be true, but it doesn’t mean your problems are any less valid,” Bucky supplied, gently resting his metal hand on his soulmate’s shoulder.  “We all have our issues, but we are all learning how to deal with them.  You don’t have to think that you have to be our guardian, we all have each other, we can all help you.”  Bucky leaned down to capture Steve’s soft lips with his own.  Steve smiled softly into the gentle kiss, wrapping his arms around Bucky’s neck and pulling him closer.


“You promise there aren’t that many people here?”  Phantom asked, turning to Howling Doom.


“Yes, I had Radar do a scan of the building, he says that only Steve, Tony, Bucky, Clint and Sam are here.  Thor and Pietro are off on some date, Scott is visiting his daughter, and Wanda and Vision are off with Natasha and Bruce.”


Phantom began to bounce on his feet, his anxiety filling his body, “This is a bad plan.”


“You wanted to come here, I’m not forcing you to,”  Doom pointed out, her canine ears flicking with annoyance.


“Well I just wanted to get this activation over this,” Phantom replied, narrowing his eyes slightly.


“Uh huh, sure you do.”  Doom then shoved him through the sliding glass doors and walked away in the raging snow, shaking her head.


Phantom gulped and pulled the hood up on his Broncos hoodie, “Hello Sir, how may I assist you?” A feminine voice asked over a speaker.  Phantom unsheathed his claws before remembering that Tony had AI that helped him.


“Uh,” Phantom froze for a moment, tensing up, “I’m the um, Phantom Soldier.”  He rubbed at his arm with his metal one, “I’m here to...See my soulmates, I guess.”


The elevator opened up next to him, “I’ll take you to commons area, would you like me to notify them of your arrival?”  Phantom shook his head at the AI and fluffed up the fur on his tail, keeping his claws unsheathed and his dagger near his metal paw.


He must’ve stood there for a good five minutes before the elevator door opened.  The omega felt his heart rate increase as the scent of two alphas filled his head.  He shook his head clear and then stepped out of the elevator.


Bucky pulled away from Steve to see someone standing right outside the elevator with a blue hoodie on and some gray joggers.  Bucky gave Steve a ‘stay’ movement and stood, approaching the person with caution until he saw a familiar tail lashing in aggravation.  “Phantom?”


Phantom looked up at Bucky and gave a very weak smile towards the man, keeping his paws stuffed into his pockets.  “You came?”  Bucky sounded surprised, but also happy.


Phantom nodded and then pulled his hood off his head, using his left paw to fix the black fur on top of his head, fluffing it to satisfaction and then pushing it off to the side.  His eyes then locked on Steve and he felt his body go stiff, claws unsheathing once more.  


Steve stood slowly and approached the anthro, stopping where Bucky had.  Phantom looked at Steve and then took a few steps forward, his hind claws gently dragging against the floor.  He stopped a few feet in front of Steve and by then Steve could see the anthro’s rapid breathing.


Phantom extended his metal paw towards Steve, keeping his claws ready in case of attack.  Steve smiled warmly at the anthro and took the offered hand.  They both activated and then Phantom shook his fur out, lifting his arms up to remove his hoodie.


The elevator gave another ‘ding’ and Tony stepped out, seeing the anthro take off his hoodie.  Phantom spun around and gave a warning snarl to Tony as the man took a few steps forward.  Tony put his hands up in surrender and backed off slowly.  The genius then watched as Phantom cautiously sniffed the air and then took a few very predatory steps towards Tony.  Phantom, once again, used his metal hand to shake with Tony.


“What made you come?”  Bucky asked, now leaning back up against the counter.  Phantom shrugged.


“You told me to, didn’t you?”  Phantom replied.  Tony moved past Phantom at an appropriate distance to go stand by Steve and Bucky.  


Bucky offered a small laugh, “I guess I did.  You picked a good day, most of the team is out.”


Phantom nodded his head and then looked at Tony, “You like my arm?” He asked, smug.


Tony didn’t realize he had been staring, but Phantom’s arm was better than anything he had ever seen.  “What’s it made out of?”


“Dragon’s Lair,” Phantom answered, albeit very hesitant.  “It’s a Pack metal.”

“How strong is it,” Tony didn’t care that he was nerding out in front of his new soulmate, he wanted to know everything thing about that arm.


Phantom looked at Bucky, who he trusted most, besides Clint, even if the trust was shallow.  Bucky nodded and gave him a smile.  “Five times stronger than vibranium.”


Tony’s eyes widened and his smile grew, “Damn Cap, should’ve made your shield out of that,” he joked.


“Wouldn’t even know where to get that metal,” Steve laughed softly.


“The Pack has an abundance of it,” Phantom said, shrugging.  While his position was defensive, he seemed more relaxed for the moment.  As long as everyone kept their distance, for the time being, he would be okay.  Thankfully Bucky, Steve, and even Tony seemed to understand.  “I’m sure that once I trusted you enough, I could get you some.”


Tony’s body seemed to brighten with excitement, his mind clearly already racing with the possibilities for the versatile metal.  Phantom rolled his eyes and then crossed his arms over his chest, stretching out his shoulder muscles.


Steve, was the next one to break the silence, “So, if you don’t mind my asking, what are your abilities?”


Phantom looked at the blond man and tilted his head slightly, before replying, “Well, uh, I can control all liquids in whatever manner I choose.  I can phase through walls and such, and can turn invisible.”


“So you could like, freeze my blood from the inside?” Tony asked.


Phantom let out a small, almost unnoticeable laugh, “Yeah, I suppose I could."

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Clint groaned as he stumbled into his bathroom.   Some damn good tequila maybe I had a bit too much.   He splashed some cold water onto his face before leaning over the counter to take some deep breaths.  The man didn’t bother with a shirt as he left his room, his body aching for coffee.


Clint entered the elevator and offered Sam a small, hungover smile as they took their ride up to the commons area.  As they exited the elevator, Clint noticed a very familiar anthro standing against the wall, “P-Phantom?”


Phantom glanced over at Clint and Sam, smiling softly at Clint and giving Sam a warning glare.  Sam took the warning and just accepted the anthro’s presence.  He entered the kitchen and looked at Tony, who just shrugged absentmindedly, he had been too busy writing down facts about Dragon’s Lair.


Phantom flicked his tail as he yawned, his eyes drifting over to the snowstorm.  A soft purr escaped his maw and his eyes brightened slightly.  Sam looked over the anthro over the top of his coffee mug, tracing the outline of his muscles.


The comfortable silence was broken by FRIDAY, “Sir, I don’t mean to interrupt, but you have a call from Mr. Parker.”


“Put him through,” Tony replied to the AI.


“Hey, Tony?”   Peter’s breath sounded faint and rapid.


“What’s up?”


“Hypothetically, if you managed to piss off Venom beyond all belief, what would you do?”


“Peter, what did you do?!”  Tony finally looked up from his work.


Peter’s voice came through in broken intervals, the sound of his webbing shooting out of his suit and the sound of him running while loud crashes in the background startled the team.


“Peter?!”  Steve called out, his own muscular body now standing.


“HEADS UP!” A loud crash came through the window, followed by Peter’s red suit and a large black figure.  Phantom snarled and descended onto all fours, flexing his claws.  Bucky stood and clenched his fists before getting knocked to the side by Venom.


Venom reared up and knocked Tony and Clint aside, his white eyes scanning for Peter before falling onto Phantom.


Phantom growled and leaped upwards when Venom charged him, landing gracefully on the counter.  Venom spun, knocking Sam off of his feet and locked eyes with Phantom.  The anthro growled and then analyzed the room, leaping up onto the wall and using his thick claws to climb up the side.  The symbiote, now having lost interest in Spider-Man, chased after Phantom.  


The leopard spun around, kicking the creature in the face as he descended.  When Venom landed next to the team, Phantom took out his dagger and slammed it against the fridge, causing a loud, high-frequency noise to echo throughout the room.  Venom screeched and curled in on himself.  “Get your shield,”  Phantom’s voice had turned much deeper and his eyes were blazing.


Captain America nodded and ran off.  Peter looked at the way Venom bowed beneath Phantom in fear, then again, the loud noise of Phantom’s claws against the floor and walls was making Peter’s head hurt too.  The otter looked down as Venom tried to rise again and rolled his eyes.  Taking some water from the sink, he wrapped it around the symbiote and froze it, firmly trapping the monster.


When Cap came back, he dropped his shield onto the floor next to Venom, and since he was frozen in place, all the symbiote could do was scream in pain.  “What do you want Venom?”  Peter finally asked, standing above the howling creature.


“Poor little Peter Parker,” Venom started, letting out a wheeze of laughter when Sam and Steve moved protectively in front of the omega.


Bucky and Clint stood near Phantom until the man gave them each a warning glance and they backed off a bit.  Protecting his soulmates (he would never get over that word)?  In a heartbeat.  Trusting them?  That’s a different story.


“Poor poor little Peter, you don’t get it, do you?  All those soulmates have to come at a price...”  Venom trailed off when Bucky took a very Winter Soldier-type step towards him.  When the soldier finally backed off he finished, “it may be more of a price for me to pay, but it gives me a great opportunity to follow you around.”


“What does that even mean?”  Tony asked, rubbing his head in annoyance at the stupid comments.


“If you would unfreeze me, I could...Show you,” Venom looked up and smirked, his long tongue snaking out of his jaws.


“In your dreams,” Peter said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Naivety will get you nowhere Peter,” Venom hissed, “Please do me the kind favor of unfreezing me?”  he asked the anthro next to him.


Phantom flicked his ear, and narrowed his eyes to slits, “You try anything and I’ll freeze whatever liquid is inside of you.”  The ice then melted away, leaving the black figure to sit upwards.  He turned his body around and at the top of his right shoulder was Peter’s soulmark.


“Pretty sure you don’t have mine,” Venom paused to laugh at their expressions, “But it does give me an excuse to stalk you.”


“So why try to kill me?”  Peter asked, examining the mark with a close eye.


“Why not?  Not like I would hurt you, but I get bored watching you save the city, or watching you rant and rave to Mary about how ‘amazing’ your first time is gonna be,” Venom made a gagging motion.


Peter blushed at the last comment and looked down at his feet.  Tony and Sam let out a few small laughs while Clint just burst out laughing, “Hey don’t worry Peter!  We were all excited too,” Clint choked out between laughs.


Venom took this chance and in one single bound, he was out the window and into the city.  Phantom looked at the other omega and gave a noise of both approval and disapproval.  After finishing the soulbond with both Peter and Sam, Phantom nodded at his soulmates and the followed Venom out of the window after grabbing his hoodie.


That’s enough soulmate drama for one day.   He thought to himself as he landed on the ground.  Phantom then pulled his hoodie on and walked down the street as he normally did.

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“So you’re soulmates with Venom?”  Sam finally asked as they swept up the broken glass.


“No, I’m his soulmate, he’s not one of mine,” Peter replied, not bothering to look up at the alpha.


“You sure about that?”  Clint called over from his place by the elevator, bagging up more glass.


“I’m positive, one I didn’t feel a soulmark burn, two, wouldn’t you guys have it as well then?”  Peter glanced over at Clint, eyeing the beta.  He and Clint had never spent that much time alone together, but looking at that body made Peter think that that had to change.


Clint shrugged and turned to Natasha, who had arrived back with some of the others mere moments after Phantom and Venom had left.  Wanda was currently using her powers to help aid in the cleaning, while Pietro helped Bruce and Thor fix the claw marks in the kitchen wall.  “Don’t look at me Barton, these claw marks are because of your soulmate,” She noted, giving him that you-should-know-better look.


“My very powerful soulmate,” Clint supplied, teasing Natasha.  She looked at him again and rolled her eyes.


“One who doesn’t seem to trust you and had a mental breakdown when you first met him.”


“He doesn’t trust anyone, and all of us have mental breakdowns.  Well, except Vision.”


“I am artificial, I cannot ‘breakdown’,” Vision reminded the archer, turning to face him from his position by the window.


“What happened to Tony, Steve, and Bucky?”  Pietro asked as he filled in another hole with drywall.


“I’d guess they’re either banging in Tony’s room, or they’re banging in Steve’s room,” Clint joked, smirking at the other beta.  “Speakin’ of bangin’, Peter, who’s gonna be your first?”


Peter blushed heavily.  Since he was almost twenty (an age Steve deemed appropriate, even if Tony thought he was ready at eighteen) and an omega, he got to choose one beta and one alpha to dominate him his first night.  He rested against his broom as he stood and looked over at everyone who was suddenly very interested to know the answer.  “Uh, I think either Sam,” he blushed as Sam smirked at him, “or Bucky for the alpha, and then either Scott or you Clint, for the beta.”  Peter’s face was bright red.


“I’d go with Sam, might be a little easier on you than Buck would be, plus Buck’s a huge load to take,”  Clint advised.  Peter’s face flushed again at the archer’s words.


“Plus James is a higher alpha than Sam, meaning he’d be much rougher on you because of your new-omega scent,” Pietro added.


The spider blushed and turned away, focusing on his sweeping. “Hey don’t be like that, for most people they only have one option, like Bruce.” Wanda tried to comfort the omega.


Bruce nodded and craned his neck to look at Peter, “Depending on who you ask, you’re either really lucky or unlucky, to have so many options.  Not that your soulmates are like a menu at a restaurant, I’m just saying for your first time you’re going to want to pick someone who will listen to you.  I’m not saying Barnes wouldn’t listen to you, it’s just he’s really rough, as I’ve heard from Clint, and would most likely hurt you, but in a good way.  Unless you’re into a lot of pain back, I’d go with Sam personally, until you feel more comfortable for a rougher time.”


Natasha turned and blinked at her soulmate, since when did Bruce give really good relationship advice?  He looked at her and shrugged, he was just being honest with Peter.


“How come it’s between Sam and Bucky?  What about Steve, Thor, Tony, T’Challa or Logan?”


“It would be too awkward to be with Steve, for now, we’ve only ever really hung out on missions, never alone.  I feel like Thor would be too much,” Peter got some nods of approval for that, “Tony’s too kinky from what I’ve heard, T’Challa has his kingdom to worry about, and Logan is still MIA.”


“Fair enough,”  Sam said, gently placing a hand on Peter’s shoulder, “When’s your next heat?”


“I would say nine, maybe ten days away.”

“Alright, well, lemme know if you need my help, it will be your first time, like, actually having sex, yes?”  


“Yeah, uh,” Peter blushed harder, “it will be.”


“Alright.  Well when your next heat comes around, just find the beta and the alpha you want, or just the alpha or beta, and they’ll help you in whatever way you see fit,” Sam explained, smiling warmingly to help ease the jittering omega.


Peter nodded and the swept up the last of the glass, “When do you think Phantom will come back?”  He asked.


“I don’t know, it must’ve taken a lot for him to come here, and a lot more to have to interact with us.  The first time we met we kept saying how he was gonna hurt us.  Bucky even managed to hear him say something along the lines of ‘love equals weakness’, he couldn’t be sure since Phantom said it so softly,” the archer disclosed.

Peter paused and looked at Clint with a worried look, what had their soulmate been through?  Clint offered a small smile, there wasn’t much to be said.  Phantom had only spoken in very short sentences and the only offered contact was to bond, besides during his meltdown.  Until they knew more about the anthro, there wasn’t much they could do to help him, although it seemed like he didn’t really want their help.

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Logan rolled his shoulders back as he stared at the massacre he had caused.  He almost laughed when he thought about Cap saying some shit like “This is an outrage, there was no need to kill all these people!”


The mutant walked over the bodies and left the building, discharging the bomb he had left in the basement while he was being held captive.  His body was sore and his muscles were weakened by the lack of nutrition.  Luckily, any wounds he had were already healed.


Logan paused just outside the building and turned around to watch the flames engulfed it, smiling proudly to himself, he walked through the snow to get back to his town and hitch a ride to New York.


It had been a long mission, not too difficult, just tedious.  After being kidnapped and tortured with almost every method in the book, he was ready to go back home and take a nap.  His feet burned slightly against the icy ground, but it would all be worth it when he got home and saw his stupid soulmates.


His town was only about an hour walk from the now-ash building and he was very pleased to see that not much had changed.  Arriving back at his safehouse, he contacted his contractor and told him to send a plane.  Logan stripped himself of his bloody, matted clothes and stuffed them into a brown backpack.  He put on a simple green v-neck with some dark blue jeans and dark black sneakers, flinging his backpack over his shoulder and grabbing himself a bottle of water plus an apple for the ride home.


Much to his contentment, the plane was already waiting at the town’s small airport when he arrived.  Showing the pilot his ID, he told him to take him to New York City and then sat down in one of the chairs, leaning back and watching as they took off.


Logan must’ve fallen asleep, as when he awoke he found himself in the beautiful snowy city of New York.  Before he went to the tower, he would have to stop at a safehouse he held supplies in and would have to take a shower and get cleaned up.


Phantom grunted as he slammed his fist into the punching bag that hung in his room.  His metal fist whirred with each sudden impact it took.  The bag was made from Pack materials, so it was designed to take a hit.  With a quick roundhouse kick, he leaned over, placing his paws on his knees and breathing deeply.


His head pounded as it recovered from a flashback.  A simple flashback, one of his easier kills, but it still burned his mind to know that he was the one killing those people.  Panting, he grabbed his blue water bottle and chugged what remained inside of it.  His left fist was bleeding and needed to be tended to, and his punching bag now had blood stains on it from where said fist collided.


Sighing gently, he sat on the edge of his bed and stared at his reflection in the mirror.  His eyes were piercing to the untrained eye, but anyone dealing with stress or PTSD could see the pain hidden behind his fierce glare.  His fur covered the soft shivers that went up and down his spine, and his stance was always defensive.  Too defensive.  Anyone who looked at him for longer than a few minutes would either be dead (as they were a target) or they would see how the anthro was breaking at the seams.


Phantom groaned at his reflection, disappointed in how angry and broken he looked.  He stood up, shaking his head clear and exiting into the kitchen.  His claw marks were embedded into the floor from when Clint was here with Thor.  So much had happened in the last four days that it gave Phantom a headache just thinking about it.


Why had Clint been so nice to him when he a) tried to kill him/hurt him and b) had a mental breakdown?  He knew that Clint had been controlled by Loki for a brief period of time, and he also knew that that left the archer in shambles.  Phantom rested against the countertop, popping open a beer and taking a drink.  Phantom wasn’t the nicest guy around, not even close, his fierceness and intimidation matched that of Black Widow and the Winter Soldier, and some would even say that his intimidation beat theirs.


Phantom then paused his drinking and gazed off into the city, what if his blue eyes gave Clint a flashback?  Since he was an anthro, his eyes weren’t a natural blue, but a more vibrant, icy shade.  One that almost resembled the blue of Loki’s staff.  Phantom set his beer down and hopped up onto the counter, opening the window and allowing the cool breeze to gently shift his fur.


The omega sighed and felt a small burn in his core.   Shit.   He thought grimly, reaching into the cabinet above him and taking out a small pill bottle.  The pills were heat suppressors, designed to keep an omega’s hormone balance safe, as well as apparently getting rid of an omega’s heat.  Phantom had been on suppressors almost his entire life, which helped to keep his seemingly-alpha physique up.  Taking two of the small blue pills, he placed the bottle back into his cabinet and returned his gaze to the people below.


It was odd really, that Phantom had elected to go the Stark (really the Avengers) tower and interact with his soulmates.  He told himself it was just to bond and get it over with, but deep in his subconscious, he knew it was because he cared for them.  Ever since he had...gotten rid of Rushing Storm, Phantom’s love life went into the shitter.


Phantom shuttered and tried to ignore the memory of Storm’s bleeding body.  He tried to ignore the iron-y scent of blood and the way the dark crimson liquid tainted his own paws.  He tried to ignore the painful sounds of Storm’s body bleeding out, the soft moans of his last breaths leaving his lungs.  Phantom tried to replace those memories with good ones.  What good ones?  His life had been horrible ever since Dylan started to ‘train’ him into becoming the perfect soldier.

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Thor had left the planet again, promising to return shortly.  Peter had to return back to Aunt May, but besides that the tower was full again.  Tony, Bruce, and Vision were busy working away in the lab, while Natasha was sparring with Sam, Clint was working on some new arrows while Pietro quietly drew next to him.  Bucky was off cleaning his guns (an activity he liked to in private), Steve was in his room, and Scott was with Wanda, do whatever it is those two did.


Scott sat next to Wanda on the large windowsill, “How’s it going with you and Vision?” He asked, turning away from the cloudy New York sky and facing the girl he had grown to accept as his niece.


“It’s going really well.  We both practice together, getting our abilities more controlled and more powerful,” she replied, looking at Scott.  “Vis is really great, always listening to me drone on and on about anything and everything really.”


Scott smiled, he was happy that Wanda’s relationship was going so smoothly, she had already lost so much. “It was nice seeing Peter again,” she spoke up.


Scott’s smile grew, he really loved that spider, not as much as Deadpool (that stupid, yet oddly likable bastard would always just show up out of nowhere) did, but he still loved Peter.  “Yeah, I wish he would come by the tower more often.”


“I thought he was going to move in?”


“We all did, but his aunt comes first, which is understandable since she’s really the only biological family he has left,”  Scott explained, eyes glancing outside when an ambulance drove by.  Wanda nodded and then turned her head to look out the window.


“Hey, Scott...” she trailed off, looking back at the man with cautious eyes.




“Do you ever think we’ll be whole again?” Her eyes were full of worry.


“What do you mean?” Now Scott was getting worried.


“Ever since we had that, what the media is calling, Civil War, it seems like we haven’t been whole again.  Bucky and Tony especially, Bucky is always on edge around him, even if it has gotten better since they last fought.  And Steve is really protective of both of them, but...he did side with Bucky when the three fought in Siberia,” Wanda explained. “And then you were locked up in the Raft,” her eyes flashed red for a moment, “with Clint, Sam and I.  Rhodey got seriously injured...”


“Hey, relax, okay?  Bucky and Tony may still be tense around each other, but things are getting better.  Clint, Sam and I forgave Tony a while ago, Rhodey never blamed anyone for his accident, and as for Steve-” Scott paused, trying to think of what to say “-Steve is complicated.  He and Tony were always really close, but he was also always really close with Bucky.  But now, Bucky has Clint, and Steve is trying to get back to the level of closeness he had with Tony, but Tony is taking it kinda difficult.”


“Well, Steve did slam his shield into his arc reactor,” Wanda reminded the man.


“Yeah, exactly, that’s not something you can just forget.  That’s why Tony is kinda wary when we’re in a battle and he’s around Steve, but they’re getting through it.  Slowly, but surely,” Scott placed his hand on Wanda’s shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile.


Steve looked up at his ceiling, small tears escaping his eyes.


“He’s my friend,” Steve was out of breath.


“So was I,” Tony replied back, slamming himself into Steve.


Steve cried out a little.


Steve had managed to pin Tony to the ground, using his fists and beating the shit out of Tony.  Once he knocked off Tony’s faceplate, he saw the pure fear in his soulmate's eyes and instead slammed the shield into Tony’s chest.


“You don’t deserve that shield!” Tony spat at him as he was walking away with Bucky.


Steve curled into a ball and tried not to think about himself almost killing one of his soulmates, his Tony.  Tony was right, he didn’t deserve his shield, but day after day he picked it up to protect his world.  Tony had found Steve a few days after their battle and returned his shield.


“You do deserve this,” Tony handed him back the shield, “More than I deserve this.”  Tony looked down at his broken face plate.  “But I’ll continue to fight, day after day, if you’ll fight by my side.”


Steve gripped onto a pillow and bit down into it, crying loudly, using said pillow as a buffer.  That battle had taken a lot out of him, having his own soulmates split into teams (with Rhodey, Vision, Wanda, and Natasha, respectfully) and then fight each other.  Steve cried louder when he remembered how T’Challa had almost killed Bucky in his blind rage.


He remembered how he slammed his shield into Peter’s face.  He remembered watching Clint fire arrows at Tony.  Steve remembered seeing Bucky and Sam get their asses wiped by Peter.  He remembered seeing Scott slap Peter onto the ground.  Clint and Natasha had to fight against each other.  Wanda and Vision were pitted against each other.  It was a good thing Bruce didn’t come to the fight, or the damage could’ve been greater.


The accords were now long forgotten, after the Alpha of The Pack had taken herself and her most powerful werewolves and anthros to discuss them with the government (they burned them until they were nothing more than ash).  


Steve felt his body shake with each memory.  He remembered talking to Logan after the ‘Civil War’ and the battle in Siberia and Logan just looked so angry and disappointed.  Matt hadn’t said much when news got to him, but he didn’t talk to either Tony nor Steve for a good month after the battles.  Thor told Tony that he shouldn’t have fought Steve but, both were to blame in this scenario, even if all Steve wanted to do was protect Bucky and all Tony was trying to do was the right thing.


Steve gasped when his window blew open from the harsh New York wind and the cold air seeped into his room.  FRIDAY quickly shut the automated windows for him.  He silently thanked the AI.  Hell, this had affected superheroes all around the globe.


Iron Fist couldn’t show his face for a month after the battle, Luke Cage had more thugs in his part of town, Captain Marvel had to leave for months, Deadpool was hated even more, Doctor Strange had to leave the dimension, all members of the Inhumans had to disappear and many more heroes just vanished.  They all came back, and were now all thriving in their homes, but still.


Many heroes could’ve died in their battle, luckily no one did, and for now, all was right with the world.  Steve rolled over onto his back once again, his tears still coming, but now more controlled.  He wanted to talk about his problems, but who could he turn to?  Matt was usually the one to help him, but Steve didn’t want to disturb the man when he was busy with Hell’s Kitchen.


Ah, fuck it.  Tony would laugh if he heard Steve curse, but the soldier couldn’t bring himself to care at the moment.  He pulled out his phone and called Matt, asking him to come over as soon as he could.

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Steve smiled to himself when he saw Matt standing there, cane in hand, and in a formal suit.  “Always with the suit?”


“I am a lawyer,” Matt replied, walking down the street with Steve by his side.  Silence fell over the two, the soft chatter from people and the bounce of Matt’s cane were the only things to fill the silence.  “So...What did you need to talk about?”


“Oh, right, um, coffee?”  Steve was hesitant but opened the door for his soulmate as they entered the small coffee shop.


Matt said nothing about Steve’s odd behavior until they sat down outside, far away from any civilians.  He lifted his coffee cup and took a sip from the steaming beverage, “Are you okay?” He finally asked.


Steve sighed and turned away, rubbing at his face, “Remember the ‘Civil War’?”  Matt nodded. “And how Tony and I fought afterward?  Over Bucky killing his parents?” Another nod.  “I can’t get Tony’s face out of my head.  He was so fearful, he thought I was going to kill him, I thought I was gonna kill him.  I was going to kill one of my own soulmates, I-I caused that war, I caused so much pain...”


Matt was silent for a beat, looking at Steve with his brows raised, “You didn’t cause anything.  Those accords did, Zemo did.  No one got seriously hurt, everyone recovered.”


“Tony blew off Bucky’s arm, Wanda got severe pain due to those collars at the Raft-”


“Stop Steve.  None of those things were your fault, Tony’s side thought they were doing the right thing, save for T’Challa who was driven by rage, and your side was willing to fight for what they thought was right.  Those accords drove you guys apart, but they also brought you closer in a sense.”  Matt concurred, sipping at his coffee, waiting for Steve’s reply through the stunned silence.


“If we had just surrendered...Tony wouldn’t have let any real harm come to Bucky.  All because of me, everyone was affected.  You, Danny, Luke, Carol, Blackagar-”


“Steve you can’t keep doing this.  We got ricocheted because of your ‘Civil War’, that is true, but we came back, stronger than ever.  You’re suffering Steve, but you won’t tell anyone you are.  I don’t understand that part of you.  You wish for everyone else to suffer out in the public eye, so-to-speak so that you can help them, but you refuse to do the same.”


“I don’t want to burden other people with my issues, especially when they are so mediocre.  I mean, Bucky was a Hydra slave for seventy years and he still walks around and goes about his day.”  Steve sighed into his coffee, no longer meeting Matt’s eyes.


“That’s what you see, but everyone in that tower knows damn well that he will go to the range and just shoot for hours, like Clint, or he’ll punch a punching bag until his knuckles physically can’t take it anymore, or he’ll sit in silence for extended periods of time, just trying to sort through memories.  He deals with his problems with anger Steve, not by repressing them, and you need to find a way to ask your soulmates for help.  I love you, Steve, you know that I’m always here, but sometimes Hell’s Kitchen needs me and I won’t be able to come have these chats with you.” Matt said.


Steve sat there, looking at Matt with a stunned expression, whether or not the man could see it was a different story.  Matt didn’t say anything else, he waited for a reply from the soldier, carefully drinking his coffee.  “I, uh, don’t know what to say...”


“Steve, even I can see that you’re uncomfortable and not because of what I said, but because of the winter breeze.  It’s like 20° out here, and while I may be cold, your heart rate indicates an increase in panic.  This is the stuff our soulmates need to know,” the man disclosed.


Steve sighed, somewhere in his brain he knew Matt was right, but he couldn’t bring himself to have his soulmates worry about him.  “Hell Steve, even I talk Pietro and Scott about my problems, and in return, I help listen and discuss theirs.  We all love you. Steve, you can’t change that, you never will be able to.  Tony came back after your fight, told you he loved you, and now you two are back to fighting on the same team.  T’Challa gave Bucky a new metal arm and everyone on the Raft forgave you and Tony.”


Steve once again said nothing, he just gave a small nod of his head before looking out at the traffic passing them by.  Matt gave a low sigh and then leaned back in his chair, Steve was such a stubborn bastard.  “Maybe you should talk to Logan.”


Steve then turned and gave Matt the most confused look of all time, “Logan is over a century old and has fought in almost every war from the 19th century to now.  He knows how to deal with PTSD and he knows how to help others, well those he cares about, if they need help.”


Steve gave a few blinks, mostly trying to wash the shock and confusion from his facial features.  He looked down and pulled the sleeve on his right arm up, revealing a pair of devil horns on a red mask.  He smiled and placed his hand over the mark on his wrist.  Matt’s soulmark was small, but it brought comfort to Steve nonetheless.


Matt watched the flaming form of Steve look down at his wrist and although he physically couldn’t see anything beyond shapes, he knew that Steve was looking at his soulmark.  Matt gave a small smile, tilting his head to the side before standing.  “Let’s go back to the tower, together.”


Phantom grunted as his body slammed into a nearby concrete wall.  Standing up, he bounced off the wall and tackled the form of a blue wolf.  The other male gasped as his breath was pushed out of his lungs, his back slamming into the ground.


Phantom lurched forward, slamming his metal fist into the ground as the wolf moved his head to the side.  The wolf’s hind legs pushed into Phantom’s lower abdomen, shoving him up into the air.  Phantom’s back slammed into the metal bars of a fire escape.  Looking below him, he saw the blue werewolf stand and begin to climb up after Phantom.


The feline growled and hopped off the fire escape onto the nearest roof.  The werewolf followed him, dragging his claws along Phantom’s ribs before the cat could dodge.  Phantom phased away, coming up behind the werewolf from below and then digging his fangs into the werewolf’s ankle.


The blue creature fell and howled with pain, knocking Phantom sideways.  Phantom landed gracefully as he flipped through the air.  He turned, flexing his claws and snarling loudly, drool falling from his bloody jowls.  The blue werewolf charged Phantom, and Phantom copied his movements before sliding underneath the werewolf and using his normal claws to slash open the wolf’s chest and stomach.


The wolf let himself go limp, firmly crushing Phantom beneath him.  Phantom gasped for air, then groaned when the werewolf’s fist collided with his face.  He groaned once more when he got a kick to the ribs, sending him crashing off the roof.  The otter stood and lashed his tail, grabbing the werewolf by the throat when he leaped off the roof.  Phantom pinned him to the wall behind them by the throat, slowly digging his metal claws into the blue wolf’s throat.  The werewolf struggled in Phantom’s powerful hold, trying to use its hind claws to rip open Phantom’s stomach.


The Mustelid used his tail to wrap around the werewolf’s hind legs, trapping them to the wall.  “What do you want Blue Fur?” He spat.


“You dead!”  The werewolf snarled, cracking his skull against Phantom’s.  Phantom hissed in pain, releasing his grip on Blue Fur and gripping at his skull before his legs were knocked out from underneath him with a low sweep.


The werewolf leaped upwards, preparing a crushing blow to Phantom, but snarled when the anthro phased away once more and ended up on the werewolf’s back, digging his claws into Blue Fur’s shoulders and his fangs into the back of his neck.


Phantom released his grip on Blue Fur and looked him dead in the eyes, the werewolf collapsed onto his knees, blood gushing out from his wounds.  Phantom, too, was bleeding from various wounds.  The two stared at each other, claws flexing and fangs bared, both bodies tense and eyes narrowed.

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Sam was sitting down at the large dining table the tower had for ‘family dinners’ as Steve put it.  He watched as the skies blurred with thick gray clouds and gently rested his head against the new glass Stark had put in.  His breath caused a small pond of white to appear on the window and then fade.


His eyes focused on the familiar form of his spotted soulmate.  He blinked in confusion when the creature then hopped up the side of the building with ease.  Phantom didn’t even pause when he made slight eye contact with Sam.  Sam, on the other hand, was very confused until he saw a large blue werewolf chasing after Phantom.


Something I’m going to have to get used to.  Sam thought, readjusting himself against the window.  He longed to be held by one of his soulmates, but his body wouldn’t let himself peel away from the window.  He allowed himself a heavy sigh before he heard a form shuffle into the kitchen.  Flicking his eyes over his shoulder, he could make out the form of Bucky.


Bucky had his hood pulled up and his metal arm put into his pocket, he clearly didn’t want to be bothered, so Sam didn’t speak up.  Bucky looked over at Sam but saw that the man was looking somber and decided to walk over.  “Sam,” his voice was steady, calm, “are you okay?”


Sam was surprised that Barnes had decided to talk to him, “Long week.”


Bucky sat down opposite of Sam on the windowsill, “Yeah, it sure has been.”  Sam looked at Barnes’ knuckles and saw that his flesh hand was bruised and bloody.  He didn’t speak up, but rather he turned his head to let his gaze fall over the skyline.  Bucky followed his line of sight and found himself captivated by the descending sun over the city.


Matt and Steve exited the elevator, seeing Bucky and Sam resting calmly together.  Matt turned to Steve before setting his cane down and walking over to the two.  Fixing his jacket, he gently placed a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, smiling when the man made a pleased sound at the sight of the devil.  Matt gently kissed Bucky and then did the same to Sam.


Walking away from the two to leave them to their gazing, he took Steve’s hand and sat him down at the counter.  “Who do you want to talk to first?”  He asked.


“Preferable no one,” Steve grumbled.


“Ain’t gonna happen, Captain,” Matt smirked, eyes glancing over at the two at the window, they hadn’t moved.


Steve sighed and then looked up at Matt, “Fine, but neither of them, they look like they’re dealing with their own shit right now.”


Matt nodded and took Steve into the elevator, “FRIDAY, where is everyone?”

“Clint and Pietro are in Clint’s room, with Clint creating new arrows and Pietro is drawing.  Tony, Bruce, and Vision are in the lab, Peter is with his Aunt May, T’Challa is still in Wakanda, Thor is on his home planet, I cannot track Phantom’s whereabouts at the moment, Logan is at a safehouse, he had arrived back from his mission about two hours ago, Scott is with Wanda, and Natasha is alone in her room.”  FRIDAY told the men.


Matt pushed the button for Natasha’s floor and left Steve there in the hallway, and then he left to go find Scott and Wanda.


Steve grumbled something unholy about Matt before walking up to Natasha’s door and knocking softly, “Come in.” Her voice called out.


Steve sighed and sucked up his pride, entering the room, “Hey Steve, what’s up?”


To no one’s surprise, Natasha was cleaning her guns, “Hey...You gotta minute?”


Natasha paused her cleaning and looked up at the soldier, “Of course,” she put her gun back together and then set it off to the side, “What’s up?”


Steve sat down across from her on a dark mahogany chair, one to match her table.  It was a small round table, not meant for more than four people, but it was only her and Bruce so it made sense.  He sighed and then looked at her, allowing for his emotional walls to fall, “I can’t get Tony’s face out of my head.”


She raised an eyebrow, an indication for him to elaborate.  “When we fought in Siberia, and I-” Steve choked on his words, “-almost killed him, his fear-stricken face is baked into my brain.  It’s driving me crazy, that whole fight was all my fault...”


“Steve Rogers, you are an idiot. Tony loves you, probably even more than he loves the rest of you guys.  Tony doesn’t blame you for that battle, James doesn’t blame you, Clint doesn’t, Wanda doesn’t, Scott doesn’t, T’Challa doesn’t, Vision doesn’t, Rhodey doesn’t, Sam doesn’t, Peter doesn’t, and I don’t.  No one blames you, but yourself.  Now, that’s not the only reason you’re here.  You have a lot of problems Rogers, and I’m willing to listen if you’re willing to speak.”  Her voice was firm, very alpha-like.


Steve looked down at his hands and began to bounce his leg under the table, “Does it make me less of a soldier-” he paused, one beat, two beats, three beats, “-if I can’t stand the cold and it makes me all panicky?”


“No Steve, it doesn’t you less of a soldier, you were trapped under the ice for seventy years, the cold should make you panic.  If the cold bothers you that much, it doesn’t make you less of a soldier, but these are things we need to know so we can bench you when we go somewhere cold.”


“That’s just it!” Steve stood, “I don’t want to be benched, Bucky was in cryofreeze for decades and he’s fine!”


“He’s not fine, not even close.  The cold bothers him too, but he packs warmly and sticks close to Clint.  If you don’t want to be benched, that’s fine, but then you need to stick next to someone when we’re fighting.  It’s for your own good.  Everyone had a partner, in a way, Bruce has me whenever he goes code-green.  Clint and James stick together during missions in case of panic attacks or flashbacks, Clint also helps Wanda whenever she needs mental help, but Wanda also has Pietro and Vision.  Thor talks to Vision when he needs help, and Tony talks to FRIDAY or Vision.”


“Clint and Bucky don’t stick together, one of them, usually Clint, is on a roof and the other is down below,” Steve said, confused.


“They have a private comms channel, and they always check with each other first after a battle.” She explained, keeping her gaze steady and forward.


“Am I really that blind to my own soulmates’ pain?”  Steve sat down again, tears brewing in his eyes.


“No Steve, you’re not, you’re always there when they need you, you’re always checking on them, and me, and Bruce, and Wanda and Vision, you’re always there for everyone.  You just need to let them help you.  They’re always trying, like when Tony invites you down to the lab when you’re zoned out upstairs, or when James invites you to spar when you’re clenching your fists at your sides.  When Pietro and Sam offer to go running, when Clint offers to help get you away from your mind with shitty movies and bad banter.  They’re trying to help you, but you won’t let them.”


“What about Phantom?”  Steve put his head in his hands, allowing the tears to gently roll down his cheeks.


“What about him?  We don’t know anything about him, so we can’t help him.  He’ll come around eventually, just like Clint after Loki and just like James when we got him back to the tower,” Natasha looked at Steve.


Steve looked back at Natasha, sighing deeply, his breath coming in shaky and out-of-place, Natasha made no move to comfort him physically, and he was thankful.

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Pietro groaned.  His wrists and ankles were tied to the bed with a rope made by Tony.  The gray-haired man gasped when a soft feather was gently dragged down his abdomen.  The solid black blindfold made it impossible for him to see anything.


The feather stopped right above his navel, lingering, and then traced the outline of Pietro’s hips.  Pietro moaned softly, trying to keep his noises minimal for no other reason than to preserve his vocal cords for the time being.  Stark had made every room soundproof the moment everyone moved in.


Clint stood over the speedster, letting his gaze wander over his beautiful naked body.  Pietro’s toned abs and prominent hip bones, his muscular shoulders and thighs, his ever so perfect face.  Clint loved every inch of the man.  He reached forward, placing a gentle, yet rough hand onto Pietro’s hip.  The lithe man below let out a soft noise, gently trying to lift his hips to get something else.  Something more.


Pietro was already rock hard, his cock begging for stimulation.  Clint, unbeknownst to Pietro, was already naked.  The archer moved his hand upwards, tracing the soft curves of his muscles.  The runner moaned lowly, squirming slightly in Clint’s soft grip.


Clint leaned forward, attacking Pietro's mouth with his own.  The kiss was hot and heavy, with Clint’s tongue dashing into Pietro’s mouth as soon as it could.  Their tongues battled for dominance, but the tied up man eventually subsided and allowed for Clint to explore his own.  Clint pulled away from Pietro with reluctance, small strings of saliva connecting their lips that were mere centimeters apart.  Pietro lifted his neck as far as he could, attaching himself to Clint with ease.  Clint smiled happily into the softer kiss, lifting his legs and straddling the man below him.


Pietro pulled away to arch his back and moan, feeling Clint’s ass rub gently against his cock.  Clint smirked and used this moment to lean down and bite softly at Pietro’s neck.  He sucked, using his teeth to gently bite, and his tongue to soothe.  Once satisfied with the moans coming out of Pietro, Clint pulled away and gazed at the purple bruise on his neck.


Moving down his body, Clint left a trail of hickeys from the one on the right side of the runner’s neck, across his pectoral muscles, down his stomach and then he hovered above Pietro’s cock.  The hickeys had left the man panting, his own cock leaking with precum, allowing it to pool around his tip.  Clint let his breath out, hot and heavy, on Pietro’s dick, watching the man struggle in his bonds.  Taking pity on the man, Clint placed his soft lips around the tip.


Pietro moaned and bucked his hips, trying to get more friction from the archer.  Clint put his hands on the curve of Pietro’s hips and forced them to the bed.  Clint moved his lips down Pietro’s length, not applying any suction until the man begged him to.  His lips were just barely touching his cock and Pietro could take it no longer.


“Clint please...” his voice was broken and longing, “Please Clint.  Dear god, please stop teasing me.”  Clint looked up at Pietro, using one hand to remove the blindfold and then he gazed into the silver-blue eyes of the runner, smiling around his cock and then taking him all at once.


The gray-haired man moaned loudly as Clint’s lips slid all the way down to his base, and he felt the tip of his dick touch Clint’s throat.  He bucked his hips obsessively, trying to do anything to put more friction on his aching cock.  Clint made direct eye contact once again and then sucked hard, pursing his lips together and coming back up.  His tongue swirled around the tip and then carefully dipped into the slit.  Clint smirked when Pietro’s abs tensed as he deep throated the man, swallowing hard around his dick.


Clint then pulled away, leaving a very need and very disappointed speedster below him.  “Do you need any prep baby?” Clint asked gently, the negligence of his own cock suddenly coming into view.  Pietro shook his head vigorously, his hips bucking wildly, and each time his cock touched Clint’s sculpted abs he would groan.


Clint stood, grabbing a bottle of lube from the side table and popping the cap open.  Once he had an appropriate amount in his hand, he took himself into his grip and groaned.  The bland touch was enough to make the archer moan, filling Pietro’s ears with a wonderful sound.  Lubing himself up to satisfaction, he untied the bonds around the runner’s legs and wrapped them around his waist.


Pietro nodded when Clint made eye contact to make sure this was okay, and Clint gave a small smile, followed by a look of pure pleasure as he buried himself deep into the runner’s ass.  Pietro groaned in relief as he felt himself being filled to the brim.  Clint’s cock was nowhere near the size of Thor’s or Steve’s and Bucky’s, but he was up there in terms of size.  Clint’s seven-inch cock was still for a moment, allowing the lithe man to adjust before Pietro gave him eyes full of need and want.


Hawkeye smiled and then took Quicksilver’s hips in hand, before pulling back and then slowly pressing himself back in.  The pace was slow, but the thrusts were deep and full of passion and love.  From there, the thrusts got more intense as Clint quickened the pace.  His own fire raged in his core as he pressed himself further into Pietro, lifting the man’s hips higher.  Their moans intertwined as Clint continued to thrust into the man’s ass, his thrusts gaining in speed.


With each thrust Pietro let out a throaty gasp, Clint’s cock gently rubbing against his prostate.  Then, the archer readjusted his position and Pietro screamed with pleasure as Clint slammed and rocked into his prostate dead on.  Each thrust brought both men closer and closer to the edge, “Wait for me baby,” Clint stuttered out, his thrusts faltering.


Pietro nodded and gripped at the rope around his wrists, his cock begging for some form of contact.  Clint removed one of his hands from the toned man’s hips and placed it on his cock.  The two betas moaned in unison as they both came.

Clint smiled at the younger beta, grabbing a small wet wipe to clean up Pietro’s abdomen and ass after he had pulled out.  “You didn’t see that coming?”  Pietro’s thick accented voice said, his eyes foggy with pleasure and bliss.


The archer rolled his eyes before laying down next to the runner and wrapping his muscular arms around him.  “I love you,” he murmured softly.


The speedster yawned, his body and mind exhausted, “I love you too.”


Tony looked down at his watch 6:48.  His eyes widened if he skipped another meal, his soulmates (mostly Steve) would kill him.  Vision and Bruce had already left to go eat and be with their respective soulmates, which had left Tony alone in the lab, upgrading his newest armor.


Tony reluctantly put down his wrench and computer and left the lab to go and enjoy some food.  Real food, as Steve put it.  Tony was a little surprised to only find Sam, Bucky, Bruce, and Natasha at the table.  Sam and Bucky smiled at Tony before returning to their meals, both packed full of protein and nutrients.  For Natasha, something small and hearty, and Bruce had whatever Natasha made him eat.  Being an omega meant he obeyed almost every command given to him by his alpha.


Tony grabbed himself a plate and filled it with a slice of meatloaf and some steamed vegetables before sitting next to Sam.  Sam turned and kissed Tony’s cheek, murmuring a soft welcome to his soulmate.  Tony sighed, content with his life.  He had many beautiful soulmates that loved him, and that he loved back.  


Tony looked up when he heard the elevator doors open and two brunette men exited.  Tony was a little surprised to see Matt walking with Scott, but he was happy nonetheless.  Matt sat across from Bucky, and Scott across from Natasha.  The seven ate in a comfortable silence, only the occasional scraping of forks against plates, or sounds of knives cutting meat filled the air.


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Phantom was laying on his back, breaths coming in short pants.  Using his full speed really took a toll on his heart and lungs.  His body groaned in disapproval when he rolled over on his side, clutching at his ribs.   Damn Blue Fur.   His thoughts were dark, but he had gotten a few good licks in on the werewolf, sure to scar.


Phantom rolled onto all fours, panting harder with each movement.   I think he broke a rib or two.   Phantom sighed and began to crawl along the rooftop he was laying on.  He then paused, who could he go to?  He really didn’t want to go see The Pack medic, he was alway such a smug bitch.   Go see Bruce Banner, I’m sure he could help.   Phantom blinked at his own thoughts, confused until another set came through, You can heal yourself, you don’t need anyone else.   Ah, there was the soldier.


It wasn’t unusual for Phantom to have two different sets of thoughts, one from himself before he became the soldier, and the thoughts from the soldier side of him.  Phantom, against his latter set of thoughts, set out for the Avengers Tower.  His stomach and neck were bleeding steadily, a large gash was now bleeding again in his left thigh as he moved.  The tip of right ear was torn and his mouth had drops of blood falling from it.  The feline let out a grunt as he lifted himself onto two legs, hearing a crack come from his left side.


His breaths came in short, rapid gasps with each step he took.  His claws remaining unsheathed to help him balance.  Slowly climbing down the nearest fire escape and up the one across from the previous building, the anthro slowly but surely made his way back to the tower.


Phantom heaved himself into the tower, his entire gray and white coat now a solid red.  It looked like he had just arrived back from a massacre.  Phantom collapsed onto his knees, coughing vehemently, drops of his blood splattering against the white tile floor.  “FRIDAY...Please...Send help...” his voice was weak, his body shaking with the effort to stay conscious.


“Doctor Banner, it would appear that Master Phantom has arrived downstairs with a series of wounds.  He asked for assistance, but I can imagine he doesn’t want one of his soulmates, for it might trigger something.”  The AI told the doctor.  Within a minute, Bruce was in the nearest elevator.


Arriving on the first floor, he spotted a red and black spotted figure, he ran over and shoved the anthro onto its back.  Phantom looked at Bruce with a wary gaze, his claws flexing on instinct.  Bruce offered the other omega a small smile before lifting the lightweight body.  “The amount of blood you’ve lost has caused you to lose a significant amount of weight,”  Bruce stated.


Phantom groaned, allowing for the man to pick himself up.  He didn’t have the strength to fight Bruce, let alone the Hulk.  Once back at Bruce’s lab, Bruce set the anthro down on one of the medical beds Tony had put in.  Phantom looked at Bruce as the man began to clean and stitch the wound on his thigh.  “Who and what did this to you?”  The doctor was appalled by the size of the wound.

“Blue Fur, werewolf,” Phantom wheezed out, his metal hand clenching into a fist.  “Old foe.”


Bruce made small eye contact with the leopard, seeing his eyes burn with rage, whoever this werewolf was, he sure had managed to piss off the world’s best assassin.  Bruce grabbed a small needle and looked at Phantom, “You okay with shots?”


Phantom’s head lifted off the table, and his blue eyes locked with the needle.  His fangs bared and his body tensed, giving a half-assed hiss, the anthro rolled off the table.  Pressing himself into a corner, his eyes had narrowed to slits.  Bruce looked at Phantom and then threw the needle behind him.  Phantom’s breathing had sped up in an intense rate, his heart now pumping blood out his wounds ever faster.


“Phantom, if you want to live, you have to let me help you...” Bruce’s voice was soft, his hands gently reaching out to try and grab the cat.  Phantom’s vision began to blur around the edges, his mind going blank.  The mixture of a small panic attack and his blood loss was beginning to affect him.  His body slumped against the wall, while the other walls seemingly closed in on themselves.


Bruce watched as the anthro passed out before smoothly placing the hybrid back onto the table.  With the world’s most feared assassin now passed out in his lab, the doctor could use the shots to help aid in the otter’s recovery.


Bruce turned around when he heard the sliding doors of his lab open, half expecting to see Tony striding in.  Instead, he saw Natasha.  Natasha walked over to Bruce, expecting to see her beautiful omega working on another project, but alternatively, she saw a reddened snow leopard anthro on his medical bed.  “Who is that?”  She demanded.


“Phantom, he walked into the tower bleeding from multiple wounds,”  Bruce didn’t turn away from his careful stitching to look at her, hopefully, he wouldn’t be punished for that.  Every omega-alpha relationship was different and with Bruce and Natasha they had decided early on that Natasha would make most of the rules for Bruce to follow.  While other omegas had more lenient relationships, like Peter, who could come and go from the tower as he pleased, with not many rules to follow.  Bruce, on the other hand, needed the stability and rules in order to keep the Hulk at bay.


Natasha decided to let Bruce disobey her rule, for the time being, seeing as he was saving a life.  “What happened to him?”

“All I know is he got into a fight with a werewolf,”  Bruce answered immediately, finishing the stitch on Phantom’s thigh.  “Then I pulled out a needle and he had a minor panic attack, causing himself to pass out.”


Natasha leaned against the table next to the working man, it had been several hours since her chat with Steve and she needed the comfort of her soulmate.  Of all the alphas in the tower, Steve was definitely the second ‘most alpha’ (or third, after James, depending on who you asked), and it was hard to see such a powerful alpha in such distress.  Natasha watched as her soulmate tenderly tended to Phantom’s wounds.


“Two broken ribs,” Bruce stated to no one in particular.  Natasha couldn’t help was wince when she saw the deep bite wound in Phantom’s shoulder and neck and she decided to go grab a few towels to clean the hybrid’s fur.


With a bucket of warm water and a small white towel, Widow began to gently scrub at the anthro’s fur, helping to remove the dark red tint from his gray fur.  Bruce gave his alpha a small smile, standing and kissing her sweetly, before grabbing another thread and needle to stitch his neck wound.


Phantom stirred about ten minutes later, as Bruce was finishing wrapping his ribs.  The anthro turned and looked at Natasha, curling his lips in defense.  Black Widow set her rag down and gently placed a hand on Phantom’s thigh, “I’m only helping Bruce clean and heal your wounds.”


Phantom flinched away from the contact, balling up his metal fist and lashing his tail angrily.  Romanoff took a step backward, raising her arms in defense.  With Phantom’s wounds now closed and his strength returning, she was sure she would lose in a fight, and there weren’t many people who could beat her.   Phantom narrowed his eyes defensively and sat up, leaning his muscular back against the wall and shaking his head clear.  His blue eyes locked on Bruce as the man cleaned off his hands and gave Phantom the once-over.

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Phantom stood, his legs shaking, but his muscles contracted to help him stay upright.  “Thank you.”  


Bruce looked at the omega, his eyes glancing over Phantom’s basically nude body, “Of course.  You’re family, even if you don’t fully trust any of us.”


“Fully? I barely trust you, I’d rather have you than the Pack medic, though,” Phantom snorted, cracking his neck.  Bruce gave a small nod, a gentle smile pulling at his lips.


“Can I ask a question?”  Natasha spoke up from her position next to them.


Phantom looked at her, his body tensing, “Go ahead,” he said rather reluctantly.


“How much do you remember of your soldier days?”


Phantom looked at her, a look of shock appearing on his face, “I, uh...” he tailed off and tilted his head as if searching for memories.  “I’d say about seventy-five percent of it, they didn’t have to really brainwash me after a certain point.”


Natasha looked down at Phantom’s legs and then trailed her eyes upwards, not even a second glance was spared at his package.  Phantom was clad in only a pair of light gray boxer-briefs.  Bruce seemed to have a moment of realization and handed Phantom a pair of purple sweatpants that Clint had left in his lab at one point.


Phantom spared a thankful glance at Bruce, slipping into the low-riding purple sweatpants.  “Sorry, I don’t have a shirt.”


Phantom waved a dismissive hand at the doctor, “Probably wouldn’t be too good for my neck wound to be constricted in a shirt,” he muttered.  Natasha glanced over the anthro once more before offering to take the weakened hybrid to the commons.


Phantom hesitated for a solid twenty seconds, his tail stilling and his body going rigid before he gave her a shy nod and followed her out of Bruce’s lab.   Maybe they aren’t so bad...  Phantom was little confused as to why they were being so nice to him, maybe it was because they feared him?  He shook out his washed fur and entered the elevator with Natasha, keeping a safe distance, however.


Could Dylan have been wrong?  If it weren’t for Bruce, I’d be dead....But Dylan always said that if you couldn’t heal yourself then you were weak.  He also said love equals weakness, but every Avengers is as strong as can be, not even Dylan could argue with that.   Phantom’s mind was swimming with thoughts.


Natasha could sense the anthro’s growing confusion and anxiety but said nothing of it.  Phantom looked at her from under his black fur and tilted his head, “Why be nice to me?” he finally asked, fear and pain seeping into his tone.


Natasha was a little startled by the question, “Well, uh, why not?  If I pissed you off I’m sure I’d be dead, but it’s like Bruce said, you’re family, even if you don’t see it yet.  All those lovable idiots you’re soulmates with, they’ll show you what it feels like to be loved, what it feels like to trust someone.”


“I haven’t loved anyone in years, haven’t trusted anyone in longer,” Phantom replied, looking back down at his bare feet.


“So you have loved someone?” That one earned Natasha a warning glare.  The Russian would take what she could get and decided to drop the question.  Phantom stood in his mind, his thoughts now swirling with the image and idea of Rushing Storm.  The anthro’s paw went and touched a small, almost unnoticeable, soulmark on his upper ribs.


Natasha glanced down, seeing the small shape of a river that had turned to black.  Whoever that belonged to had died, and by the look in Phantom’s eyes, his death was no accident.  Phantom sighed softly and then shot his head up when the elevator doors opened again.  The anthro followed the woman out into the kitchen, seeing Matt Murdock and Clint sitting at the table.


Clint smiled brightly when he spotted the hybrid and Matt, ever so elegant, stood up and extended his hand in greeting, “You must be Phantom.”


Phantom took his hand, “Uh, yeah, I am.”


Matt gave his iconic sideways smile before sitting back with Clint.  Phantom walked past them and went to the window, eyes gazing out at the dark city, the small flakes of snow barely visible as they descended from the sky.  “Clint where is everyone else?”


“Steve came up here, grabbed his dinner, and then said something about going to the lab with Tony.  Bucky went up to the roof to ponder, Scott and Sam already went to bed, Pietro is passed out in my room, and then Wanda and Vision went off somewhere, didn’t really pick up where.  I assume you know where Bruce is,” Clint replied, eyes following the anthro’s small movements at the window.  “What happened Phantom?” He asked, pointing at the wrap around the lower part of his ribs, his eyes not very discreetly checking out the anthro in his own purple sweatpants.


“I got into a fight with a werewolf, long story,” Phantom murmured softly, his paws coming up to rest on the glass.  Natasha smiled at the anthro, watching his long tail sway slightly from side to side.


“You know you can go up to the roof right?” She asked, giving Phantom a small smile.

Phantom’s ears perked up, causing Clint and Matt to laugh, “Just tell FRIDAY in the elevator to take you there,” Matt told the feline.


The otter turned around with bright eyes before calmly walking away from them and into the elevator.  “Uh, FRIDAY...”


“Already on your way Sir.”


Phantom smiled when the doors opened again and he was on top of the Avengers Tower.  He walked out into the small snowfall, seeing the outline of Bucky on the ledge.  Phantom went over and sat by him, a good three feet in between them.  “Good to see you again Phantom,” the sniper said, turning his head to face the anthro.


The hybrid nodded his head and allowed for his usually tense body to relax, his muscles no longer clenching together as if he were in a battle.  Bucky said nothing else, and neither did Phantom, as the two sat in the falling snow, their eyes gazed out into the dark city, the only lights emitting from buildings.  Phantom looked up towards the sky, seeing the very few stars he could, but smiled nonetheless.  His metal arm hung loosely at his side, and his claws were sheathed.  He was at peace in the snow.  In the cold and the dark.  Bucky glanced over at his soulmate, watching the anthro gradually relax even more in the snow, “Enjoying yourself?” He asked quietly.


Phantom looked back at the soldier, and gave a real smile, “Yeah, the snow is like my home.”  Phantom watched as Bucky nodded and then turned back towards the city.  The two then continued to sit in a comfortable silence.

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Phantom woke up with his back on the ground, his breath shaky and his paws trembling.  Bucky was sitting beside the anthro, cautiously extending a hand towards the man, “Phantom, are you okay?”  His voice was soft.


Phantom sat up, his back now resting against an air conditioning unit, “Sorry...I just got a memory back from my youth.”


“You wanna talk about it?”  Bucky sat across from the anthro, leaving enough room in case Phantom got aggressive.


Phantom’s ear flicked backward, his eyes darting from left to right, “I uh, when I was around eleven, maybe twelve-” he paused, feeling the increase in his heart rate.  Bucky gave him a small, comforting smile, “-it turns out that Dylan had, uh, I guess, raped me....”


Bucky’s eyes turned dark, “Who’s Dylan?”


“Old prick from my past gave me the arm, made me into the perfect soldier.” Phantom didn’t make eye contact with the other soldier.


“Is he still alive?”  The harsh tone from Bucky made the hybrid flinch and curl in on himself.  Bucky softened his body language.  Phantom answered his question with a nod, his tail wrapping around himself.


Dylan forced his body to the ground, “Time for the next phase in your training, young cub.”  Phantom looked up at the blond man, his bright, young eyes sparkling with curiosity.  Dylan looked down at the cub, forcing his own pants to the ground.


Phantom’s ears folded backward, his tail going still when he saw Dylan bend down.  Dylan pinned his wrists above his head, watching the cub now thrash in his stronger grip.  Dylan flashed a toothy grin, thrusting himself into Phantom with as much force as he could.  Phantom yowled in pain, his hind claws trying to slash at Dylan’s thighs as the man gripped his wrists harder.


Dylan pulled back, his thrusts tearing the flesh and muscle inside of the young anthro, his unlubed cock causing a burning sensation.  The human grunted, his nails ripping at the tender flesh of the anthro’s wrist, laughing at the anthro’s screams of pain and displeasure.  Phantom began to cry, feeling his own body being violated by his own handler.


Dylan shoved Phantom’s face to the side, trying to muffle the cub’s loud yowls.  Phantom thrashed wildly, trying the throw the larger human off of his smaller body.  Dylan grunted, his core tensing as he released his semen into Phantom’s rectum, watching the hybrid’s face turn from one of displeasure to one of disgust.


When Dylan pulled out, Phantom curled into a ball, his butt leaking blood and cum mixed together.  Phantom tucked his tail between his legs as if the long appendage would somehow block Dylan if the human so chose to come back.


Phantom’s body shook with the aftershocks of his flashback.  Bucky watched as the anthro trembled, knowing any contact would be unwanted.  The otter looked at Bucky’s dark expression, “Dylan Mayors.  That’s his full name...” the anthro’s voice was small as if he’d be punished for speaking.  Bucky guessed that at one point he was.  “Blond hair, green eyes.”


The soldier nodded, looking at the anthro, “You want him dead?”

“I’ve wanted him dead for years,” Phantom wiped a small tear from his cheek, “but every time I see him I freeze up, losing control of my body and my mind.  Bucky nodded, for a while, he couldn’t go near any Hydra bases, it would cause him to break down and panic.


The anthro extended his metal paw, wanting Bucky to reach out.  Bucky blinked, surprised, and then reached out with his metal hand, interlocking his fingers with Phantom’s.  Phantom took the small amount of contact, albeit his body tense, but still allowed the small amount of contact.  The other soldier smiled at the hybrid, keeping him safe while he calmed down from his flashback.


Tony sat at the bar counter, taking a quick shot of whiskey, the burn easing his mental pain.  “Hey babe, you okay?”  Tony looked over his shoulder at the muscular, yet lithe frame of Scott.  Tony nodded, giving Scott a small smile and gesturing the other man over.


“Take it easy Tony,” Scott removed the bottle of whiskey from Tony’s reach, sitting down next to the genius and smiling, “Everything is gonna be okay.”


Tony glared at Scott for taking away his liquor, “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”


“Eh, got restless, decided to come up here for some food,” Scott smirked at the man, a small glint in his eyes.  Tony smiled at Scott, leaning forward, kissing the man with a drunken passion.  Scott smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around the genius.



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Phantom woke up on a very soft bed.  He immediately sensed the other presence in the room, and he turned himself invisible as a defense, “Relax Phantom,” Clint’s soft tone carried in the room, “Bucky carried you down here when you fell asleep up on the roof.  He, Tony, and Scott are really worried about you.”


“Scott saw me?” The anthro asked, turning himself visible once more.  Clint replied with a small nod.


“Don’t be mad, but Bucky told us about what, uh, Dylan, did to you,” the archer said.


Phantom shrugged, “If I didn’t want him to know, I would’ve have told him.”


Clint offered the anthro a smile when he stood up from the bed, “Your, uh, suppressors wore off,” Clint told the anthro.


“Don’t get any ideas,” Phantom threatened, his claws already unsheathed.  Clint raised his arms in surrender, shaking his head rapidly.  The hybrid glared at him, keeping his threat very well aware.


“Wouldn’t dream of it.”


“Yes, you would.” The anthro snorted, pulling up his sagging purple sweatpants.


Clint laughed a little, “Yeah, maybe.  You look good in my sweatpants, just by the way.”  Phantom rolled his eyes at the comment, eyeing the beta playfully.  Phantom’s tail swept from side to side, his gaze resting on the strong man.


Damn, he is attractive.   The otter thought, eyes sweeping over Clint’s frame.   Why isn’t he doing anything?  I thought alphas couldn’t resist an omega’s scent...


“Given your past, I thought any contact would be unwanted,” Clint said, looking at Phantom’s shirtless body.


“I said that out loud?”


Clint nodded, “Relax, if I need to have sex, I always have Bucky,” he joked.  Phantom tilted his head.


“Well, you have everyone don’t you?”


“Well, yes, of course, but everyone has that one person they’re closest to.  Like, Steve and Tony, Pietro and Sam, Peter and Scott, Thor and T’Challa, Matt and Logan, and then Bucky and I.  Oh and Bruce and Natasha are a thing, but they only have each other’s soulmarks, and then Wanda and Vision are a couple.”  Clint explained, keeping his gaze steady, trying to remain calm as Phantom’s heat pheromones affected his brain chemistry.


Phantom rolled his eyes at Clint, watching the archer try to keep his composure.  He was relieved that the man was being so patient and understand, though.  The anthro turned around and looked for the hoodie he had walked (collapsed) into the tower with, finding it on the chair opposite of Clint.  He walked over to it and took out a bottle of pills, popping two into his mouth and swallowing.  “Why you and Bucky?”  He finally asked.


“I really don’t know, you would think Bucky would’ve gone to Steve, but I guess since we’ve both been through some brainwashing, albeit him more than me, but still.  We’re both snipers as well, but I’m a better shot.” Clint smirked.


“Something tells me that Bucky would say otherwise,” Phantom commented, sitting down in the chair to relieve the stitches in his thigh.


“You a sniper?”


Phantom nodded, “I was, my aim is still good, could probably beat Natasha, but I don’t come close to you or James, or uh, Bucky.”


“Either name is fine, he doesn’t mind,” Clint laughed, his body visibly relaxing when Phantom sheathed his hind claws (his claws on his hands were still out, however).


Venom sat outside of Peter’s room in his small apartment, watching the man change from his normal school clothes into some sweatpants and a hoodie.  The symbiote sighed and rested against the wall next to the window, his large jowls dripping saliva.   Stupid Peter, having all those other soulmarks.  Maybe he did have mine, but he forgot about it, since he, y’know has all those other ones.   Venom almost laughed, he was hopeless.  If that were true, then he would probably have everyone else’s.  His long tongue darted out in a hiss of frustration.


Peter could hear the symbiote outside of his window and decided to talk with him.  He opened the window and climbed outside onto the ledge, “I’m willing to talk if you promise not to get aggressive.”


Venom looked up, startled, but gave a quick nod.  “You and I both know I have all those other soulmates Venom,” Peter started, sitting down next to the black creature.  Venom nodded once more, wanting to hear what Peter had to say. “I really don’t know what to say Venom, I’m sorry, I guess for starters.  You’re a really strong creature, I’ll give you that, you could’ve been an Avenger had it not been for your aggression-”

Venom cut him off, “You can’t blame me for that, of course I’m aggressive, my one soulmate doesn't have my mark.”


“You almost killed me.” Peter pointed out, crossing his legs.


Venom sighed, turning his head out towards the city, “I know, I’ve made mistakes, I just, I wish I could be with you, but you have all the others.”


“You’re not a bad man Venom, you’re like T’Challa during the um,” he paused, searching for the term, “Civil War, I guess.  He was driven by rage, almost killed Bucky twice, but once we got him to calm down he was fine.”


“Why did you side with Tony on that?”


“I don’t know, Natasha was right when she said that if we had one hand on the wheel we could still drive.  Tony seemed more like he was trying to do the right thing, Steve, at that moment, seemed like he was just trying to save Bucky.”

“So you blame Steve for that battle?”

“Not at all, there was blame on everyone, including myself.  We all got over it, though, Bucky and Tony are still a little tense around each other,” Peter answered, taking a moment to look at the unusually calm symbiote.  Venom nodded in response, waiting for Peter to continue, “You know when you’re like this, you aren’t half bad.”


Venom rolled his eyes at the teen, “Thanks,” he said sarcastically, a hint of humor in his dangerously low voice.  “Who was that cat I saw when we were fighting?”

“The one who kicked your ass?”  Venom glared at the spider, “His name is Phantom.  He’s the soulmate who belongs to that weird soulmark-” Peter pointed to the demon sniper on his arm and wrist, “-he’s also known as the The Phantom Soldier.”


“The Phantom Soldier, dude that guy has killed over 34,000 people, and those are just the confirmed kills.  I’ve seen him kill—it’s a long story—” he paused to tell Peter when the mutant looked at him in shock, “Anyway, he has no remorse, and kills like it’s his job.  Probably is, or was at some point.  I saw him rip out through a man’s back, grab him by the two ends of his now-snapped spine and rip him in half.  He’s fucking sick.”  Venom described, his muscles twitching.


“You’re one to talk,” Peter laughed.  Venom even let out a few laughs, his body relaxing against the wall behind him.  “I really am sorry I don’t have your soulmark.”


Venom looked down at the brunette, taking in his soft yet defined features, he then shrugged, “Just wasn’t meant to be.”


“Doesn’t mean we can’t hang out, I mean if you promise not to attack me or my soulmates again,” Peter paused to watch the symbiote turn in surprise, “then you can come hang out with us.” Peter smiled when Venom flashed him a toothy grin, his teeth shiny with his saliva.  He nodded.


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Logan entered the Avengers Tower at an unholy time of 6:30am.  Thanking FRIDAY as he exited the elevator on the commons floor, he smiled brightly when he saw that Matt was in town.  Matt turned his head, seeing the flaming muscular form of Logan.  The blind man stood and walked over to Wolverine, hugging the man tightly.


“I haven’t seen you in well over a month and all I get is a hug?”  Logan’s deep voice rumbled against Matt.  Matt laughed and then leaned up, placing his mouth onto Logan’s in a soft kiss.  Logan smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around the smaller man’s waist and pulling him closer.


Matt reached his arms up and wrapped them around Logan’s neck, keeping the muscular man close him, feeling his body heat radiate throughout himself.  “Did you see the news?”


“Which part?” Logan asked, leaning against the countertop and grabbing a bundle of grapes.


“Reports of a red streak all over New York,” Matt answered, “Tony thinks it could be another enhanced.”


“Sounds like Pietro when he runs.”


“If Tony is correct and this another enhanced, then he thinks that this red blur is faster than Pietro,”  Matt chuckled.


“Don’t let Pietro hear that that man’s ego about his speed is almost as big as Tony’s entire ego.”


“CLINT!”  The blond man screamed at the sound of Bucky’s angry voice and fell off the bed.

“Jesus Buck, what is it?”  He rubbed at his head and sat up, blinking to adjust to the low light of their room.

“Have you been out shooting people?  A lot of arrows have been turning up around the city, and a lot of dead bodies,” Bucky crossed his arms and glared at the smaller man.

“What?  No, why would I do that?” Clint tilted his head, cracking his neck.

“Then explain this,” Bucky threw an arrow on the ground, his voice dangerously low, “This was found four blocks from here, next to a bank robber.”


Clint leaned forward and picked up the arrow.  It was well made, an idiot could see that, but it wasn’t his.  No, this arrow had a faint tint of green and was made with far too advanced technology to be his.  “This isn’t my arrow.”


“So there’s another man using a bow and arrow to take down criminals?”  Bucky seemed unimpressed.


“I swear Buck, it’s not mine.”  Clint stood and approached his boyfriend, holding the arrow out, “This is green, not purple or black like mine.”


Bucky leaned forward and examined the arrow closely, “Great, just great.”


“I bet my aim is better than this guy,” Clint gloated, puffing out his chest.


“Yes, babe, I’m sure it is,” Bucky rolled his eyes, but grabbed his beta and pulled him closer.  “I’m sure it is,” he whispered softly.


Phantom groaned, rolling out of a bed.  When did he get into a bed?  He figured Bucky must’ve put him in one when he passed out on the roof.  He stood, fluffing up his fur and perking his ears, hearing Bucky yelling at Clint from a floor below him.   Wait...I’m still at the tower.  Everyone is probably here.  Phantom felt his breathing speed up as if he were in a hunt.


“FRIDAY, how many people are currently in the tower?”


“Currently everyone is in the tower, with the addition of Master Matt and Master Logan.”


His eyes widened but he quickly swallowed his fear and exited the room, his tail closing the door behind him.  Phantom smoothed his fur down as he entered the elevator, keeping his gaze cool, he exited the steel box and walked into the kitchen.


Logan turned around, seeing the muscular form of the feline.  “Logan,” his voice was gruff as he extended a hand towards the creature.


“Ah yes, the Wolverine,” Phantom replied, taking his hand and feeling his soulmark on his ear burn and then fade.  “Phantom Soldier.”


Logan’s eyes widened as he fully realized that his man was a notorious assassin and then he nodded his head and turned back to Matt.  Phantom, deeming Logan as a low threat and then grabbing himself a banana from the seemingly endless supply of fruits in the kitchen.


Clint and Bucky entered the elevator and Bucky dropped a green arrow onto the counter.  “It’s not Clint’s, but it was found embedded in a dead bank robber.”


Phantom leaned forward, taking the arrow into his flesh paw, rubbing his fingers along the smooth design, “It’s well made, but not from around here.  This design was made somewhere rainy, you can tell by the way the fletching is smooth, waterproof, like the arrows Clint brings to your Avenger fights in the snow or rain.”

“Do you know who could’ve made this?”  Clint asked, his interest peaked as the anthro spoke about arrows.


“Maybe, Howling Doom might know.  Give me your phone,” He ordered, taking the offered phone and walking away to call his alpha.


“What if this man turns out to be a villain?”  Matt asked, sipping lightly at his coffee.


“Then he beat him into the ground,” Logan replied, spitting into the nearest trashcan.  Bucky rolled his eyes at the mutant.


“First, we have to identify if he is a threat, and if he is, then yes, we beat him into the ground.  If he’s not, we find out why he’s here.” Bucky said.

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Time Skip: One Week


“Arrow you’re cutting it a little close!”  The red streak told his comrade over the comms unit.  Ever since the two had been teleported to this other dimension the pair had been thrust into many battles.  Currently, they were fighting off a team of robots that all looked oddly similar and wore green paint.


The speedster was currently locked in combat with one of the robots when a frisbee, no wait, a shield, came and decapitated the robot.  A very stoic man approached the red-suited man, “You friend or foe?”


“Friend-” The red man was cut off when an arrow flew by his face again.


“That one wasn’t me Flash, someone else has a bow and arrow,”  Arrow told the speedster over their communications.


“Hawkeye, stand down, these are friends, not foes,” The patriarchal man spoke.  “Captain America.” He extended a hand in the midst of the battle.


“Flash, that’s Arrow up there,” Flash pointed to the green hooded man on the roof.  Cap offered a small salute.


“Cap you’ve got four Doombots to your left,” Tony told him as he flew overhead.  Cap turned around and grabbed his shield, bouncing off of a nearby truck and slashing his shield through one of the bots.  A metal armed man came up from behind two others and dismantled them easily.


In the wave of confusion that hit Flash, he was knocked off his feet by one of the robots until a grayish-blue blur came and shot straight through the bot.  Barry Allen stood up and looked at the other speedy man and then the two gave each other a small nod and ran off together to help the rest of the team.


Arrow looked across his rooftop to the other archer, watching him notch an arrow and then fire and then notch another in a time that could match or beat his own.  The purple archer looked over and nodded his head, shooting an arrow behind him to destroy one of the bots.  Arrow watched for a moment before notching another one of his own arrows and turning his angle to catch the other bots on the purple man’s left side.


Tony flew overhead, blasting away the robots with Falcon and War Machine close behind him.  Peter came in from above and quickly tangled several Doombots with his webbing before striding down the street.  Vision was easily destroying the robots with Wanda tearing them apart behind him.  A bolt of lightning shot through the sky and blew up a dozen or so robots and a very handsome man landed on the ground, hammer in hand.


Arrow paused for a moment watching a very large, very angry, creature tear through the streets, crushing any Doombots that came his way.  Next to him was a very small woman, shooting the robots with precision.  Arrow thought that angry green monster might’ve been an enemy before noticing it wasn’t attacking the other people fighting these robots.


“HULK SMASH!”  It screamed and then pounded the ground, sending a ripple down the street and knocking most of the robots to their backs, or destroying them completely.  Arrow felt a presence next to him and notched an arrow, turning around and looked at a man in a dark red, almost black, suit with devil horns on his mask.  


The red man turned and looked at Arrow and said nothing before leaping off the roof and taking out a pair of nunchucks, using incredible close-combat skills to dismantle several of the robots.  “Ah, the Avengers.”  The battle paused.


Arrow turned around, lifting his hood up slightly and watched another green hooded metallic-looking man descend from the sky and landed on a roof not too far from the purple archer.  “Welcome to your demise.”  He spoke, extending his hand outwards and another wave of robots followed the command.


Arrow quickly released his notched arrow into a robot not too far from the man with the shield.  While releasing his arrows in a timely fashion, he stopped when a black furry figure raced past him and leaped onto a robot, ripping off its head.  Arrow was very confused, looking down he saw many furred creatures joining the battle.  One caught his attention.


A snow leopard, his stature showed power as his metal arm blasted repulser beams into the robots before taking out his katanas and shredding them to pieces.  Flash too had paused to watch the leopard easily destroy the Doombots as if they were nothing than a nuisance.  Sheathing his swords he turned and faced his paws towards a fire hydrant, quickly sucking the water up into the air into a very snake-like form and then having the water wrap around a dozen or so robots and then freezing the water.


The battle quickly ended after the furred men arrived on the scene.  Once they were sure that every bot had been taken care of the werewolves‒could they be called that?‒began to leave.  The snow leopard paused, however, and looked at the team the green hooded man had called The Avengers.  He walked over and then offered a small smile, Barry noticed, though, that he paused far from the team themselves as if he didn’t trust them.  


Arrow leaped down from his perch and approached the other team with Flash by his side.  “Who are you?” The metal armed human asked, his glare sending shivers down Arrow’s spine.


“I’m Arrow and this is Flash, we’re from another dimension, we mean no harm,” Arrow was in no mood to get into a fight he would lose.  Once on the ground, he noticed that the green beast was gone but instead a small nerdy omega lay in his place, wrapped in a blanket with the small woman nearby but not quite touching him.  He also noted a yellow and blue suited man with large claws extending from his knuckles.


Barry then screamed when a man appeared by his side, “Lang, cool it,” Captain America told the disappearing man.  “That’s Ant-Man, he can shrink down and then regrow to normal size, he’s a bit of a pain in the ass.”


“Oh Cap, language,” The man in the red flying suit clearly joked, placing a metal hand over his suited chest.  “Tony Stark, Iron Man.”  His face plate suddenly retracted and a middle-aged, handsome man gave a smirk to the two other-dimensioners.


Pietro suddenly raced by their sides, his sister in his arms.  “That’s the twins, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.”  Captain America told the two perplexed men.  “Then you have Vision, The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Falcon, War Machine, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hulk‒Well Bruce Banner right now‒, Thor, and Daredevil.”


Barry’s eyes landed on Thor and his jaw almost dropped.  This man looked like a god, his hammer held in his hand tightly as he stood there, cape flowing lightly.  “Oh and that’s the Phantom Solider,” Cap pointed to the distanced snow leopard, “He’s an anthro, which is a creature that is basically nine-tenths animal, one-tenth human.  He happens to be a snow leopard-otter mix.”


“For an omega, he’s got some power,” Arrow stated, looking over at the anthro.  The leopard flashed his head to the side and snarled a warning, tail lashing.


“You have omegas, betas, and alphas in your dimension?”  Tony asked.


“Yes, and soulmarks,” Flash spoke, pointing to the obvious soulmark on Hawkeye’s left arm.  “You have multiple.”


Hawkeye nodded, “Yeah, we’re all bonded together, save for Widow and Banner, they’re bonded together, and then Vision and Scarlet don’t have any but are in a relationship.  And then there’s Rhodey, oh um sorry, War Machine.”  The apparent Winter Soldier then slapped his supposed boyfriend over the head with his flesh hand.


“What’s with the metal arms?” Flash asked.  Arrow then slapped him over the head and glared at him from under his hood.  

“Long story,” Captain spoke up.  “Not to be rude, but we should move this conversation back to the Avengers Tower if you’re alright with that?” He asked the other two.


Barry and Oliver shared a look and then nodded, following the team.  “I bet my aim is better than yours,” Hawkeye gloated to Arrow, puffing out his chest and putting in what looked to be a pair of hearing aids.


“In your dreams,” Arrow spat back, gripping his bow tighter and standing up straighter.  Barry and Oliver followed the team into a plane and watched as they undid their suits.  Barry stepped to the side when they brought Bruce onto the plane.


“Relax, when he’s Bruce, he’s not threat.  The Hulk, however,” Falcon told them, keeping an eye on Widow and Bruce.


“How does he even do that?”

“Radiation accident,”  Tony said very matter-of-factly.  Barry sat down with a perplexed looked on his features, but asked no more questions.  Oliver then noticed that the anthro had not boarded the sizable plane, but had instead disappeared.


“Where’s your furry friend?”  The green archer asked.


“One: don’t let him hear you call him that, he’ll hang you by your intestines, seriously.  Two: we’re soul-bound to him, but he’s very wary of us.  He probably went back to his apartment.”  Ant-Man sat down as he spoke, taking off the top part of his suit and removing his helmet.  Spider-Man took off his mask next ot Barry and offered a small smile as he sat down to relax his muscles.

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“Arrow, huh? Clever name,” Tony smirked.


“Gets the point across, and technically it’s Green Arrow but Arrow works as well,” Oliver replied to the billionaire.


Clint turned his head and glared at Oliver, “Where did you learn to shoot?”

“I was stranded on an island for five years, had some time to practice.”

“I was a carnie, been shootin’ arrows my whole life,” Clint boasted.


Natasha rolled her eyes, “Oh great, can’t wait to see these two go at it.”  Bucky laughed at her sly comment, looking over at his boyfriend.  He stalked over and gently kissed his cheek in hopes of calming the egotistical archer.


“So what’s your story?” Bucky asked turning to Flash.


“I was uh, struck by lightning when a wave of high powered molecular energy swept over my city.”


“You’re pretty fast,” Steve commented, looking at the brunette.


“Faster than I,” Pietro spoke, “We raced.”


“Of course you fucking did,” Scott laughed, looking at the two speedsters.


Pietro and Barry blushed, “You got something else we can call you two besides Flash and Arrow?” Steve asked.




“Oliver.” Since the two were from another dimension there was no worry of their identities being released.


“Anyway,” Clint sat across from Oliver, “I have a wide array of trick arrows.  Tear gas, explosive, poison, flare, acid, net, boomerang, grapple, sonic, smoke bomb, rocket, freeze, fire, tranquilizer arrows, just to name a few.”


Natasha slapped herself, rolling her eyes at Clint’s childlike competitiveness.  “Impressive.  I have electro, fire, ice, Kryptonite, net, explosive, glue, handcuff, harpoon, grapple, radar, acid, TNT, buzzsaw, to name a few.”


“Oh great, here we go again,” Barry muttered causing Sam and Peter to lightly chuckle.


“I’m extremely proficient with handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, knives, darts, balls, really anything I can throw and even in hand-to-hand I’m a trained assassin,” Clint gloated.

“I’m a master tactician.”


“I once killed a man with a quarter.”


“I’ve used a bleach bottle as an arrow head.”


Barry slammed his head into the wall, groaning as the two went at each other’s throats.  He looked over at the apparent ‘Spider-Man’.  “What’s the deal with you?” He asked.


Peter looked up and made eye contact with the handsome man, “I was bitten by a radioactive spider.  I can climb walls, all of my reflexes and such have been enhanced, oh and I’ve built webbing for myself so I can travel faster.”


“An omega huh?”

“One of the only two in the bundle of soulmates,” Peter laughed.

“I’m a beta,” Barry told him. “Must be hard being one of the only two omegas.  That Phantom guy doesn’t seem to keen on being seen as an omega.”

“Phantom’s complicated.  We don’t know a lot about him, but he’s very strong.”

“Clearly, that metal arm has to help.”

“Yeah it does, it’s even better than Bucky’s.”  Peter smiled.


“Who’s Bucky?”


That question earned a laugh from Sam and Tony and even a small smirk from Steve.  Barry was confused, did he say something wrong?   “I’m Bucky,” the other metal-armed man answered, “They’re laughing because I was brainwashed for a long time and one day while fighting this idiot-” he pointed at Steve “-I asked ‘who the hell is Bucky?’.”


“Oh,” Barry blinked, trying to clear his mind.  He had been brainwashed in a sense, it only made him really angry, though, this sounded more like this Bucky guy had everything taken from him.


“I once shot an arrow down the barrel of a gun while flipping off of a roof,” Oliver and Clint were now standing.

“I shot an arrow at a plane traveling over 500mph at an upwards angle in the harsh winds of Russia and hit my target.” Clint bit back.


“So Thor?”  Barry asked, ignoring the two archers.


“He’s a Norse God, has the power of lightning and such, oh and no one, and I mean no one can lift his hammer.  It’s apparently a ‘being worthy’ thing,” Sam replied, making exaggerated motions around the ‘being worthy’ item.


“What about her?” The red-suited man pointed at Natasha.


“Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow.  She’s a Russian assassin and while she looks small, she could kill you in some of the most painful ways imaginable.  She’s slightly enhanced so be careful,”  Rhodey spoke up, looking at the inquiring speedster.


“That claw-guy?”


“Wolverine, or Logan as we know him.  His skeleton is laced with adamantium, which is a near-indestructible metal, but unlike Cap’s shield which is made out of vibranium which is the strongest metal on the planet, his claws can be broken.  He also has an incredible healing factor, being able to take several bullets and instantly heal.”  Scott contributed.


Barry paused his questions to look at Clint and Oliver who were so close it honestly looked like they were going to kiss.  “So who is your soulmate, or mates?”  Peter asked Barry.


“Well he’s one of them,” Barry pointed to Oliver, “I have a few others, but you wouldn’t recognize any of the names.”



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Phantom flicked his tail as he entered his apartment, leaning slightly against the wall next to him.  His wounds from his battle with Blue Fur were still healing, and it didn’t seem like they were going to be fully healed anytime soon.


Phantom quickly sidestepped as an orange fist slammed into the wall behind him.  He snarled and turned to face his attacker.  “My soulmates, where are they?!” The masked man screamed, launching a knife at Phantom.


Phantom phased away, appearing behind the large man.  “What are you talking about?” Phantom hissed, kicking the man into the wall in front of them.  The man had a weird mask, half orange, half black, one eye hole.


“You were at the battle with those robots, your men took two of my soulmates,” The masked man turned around and drew a large sword.  Phantom narrowed his eyes and grabbed the sword with his metal hand when the man slashed at him.  


“Calm down, your soulmates are safe,” Phantom tripped the man before him and then threw the sword across the room.


“Take me to them, or I will kill you.”


“You cannot kill me.  Only a werewolf or an anthro could, not some dumbass trying to take on the Phantom Soldier,” the feline rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest.


“You’re annoying.”


“And you came to me, so....” Phantom was in no mood for this bullshit.  “What’s your name?”




“Radar, run it,” Phantom was still tapped into the Pack communications unit.  “Ah, Slade Wilson.  Not from this dimension I see.”


“Alright, listen here you little rodent,” Deathstroke was standing now, his fists clenched, “You’re gonna take me to my soulmates, or you’ll be dead.”


“One-” Phantom quickly phased away and then back again behind Wilson, wrapping his powerful arms around his neck and chest, securing him, “-don’t call me rodent. Second: I’ll take you to them-” the anthro ripped off Slade’s mask, “-but you so much as touch me again and your head will be on my wall.”


Slade reluctantly agreed to Phantom’s terms and followed the anthro out of the apartment.  Phantom sighed with annoyance as the man stomped behind him.  Once in the streets, Phantom instinctively pulled his hood up.  “What’s with the hood?”


“What’s with the mask?”  Phantom spat back, giving a side glare to the man.  Slade, for once, kept quiet and just turned his attention to the large tower they were approaching.


Oliver was sitting at the bar counter sipping at a small Jack and Coke while Dr. Banner looked over the small laceration he had suffered during their battle.  He turned his head to the side when he saw Barry enter the room, now in just a pair of red sweatpants and a thin white tank top.  Oliver smiled at his boyfriend and kissed him softly when he sat down to the left of him.


“Alright, you’re all good, just take it easy for a day or two,” Bruce said, standing up and removing his gloves.  The steel elevator doors opened and out walked Peter and Logan.  Logan said nothing as he grabbed himself an entire bottle of whiskey and popped the cap.


Peter rolled his eyes at his mutant boyfriend but said nothing of his drinking habits.  “How long will you guys be staying?”  Peter asked the other two in the room.


“We don’t know, we still have to find the others we teleported here with and then find a way home,” Barry explained.


“There are more of you?” Logan tensed as if he were waiting for a battle to break out.


“Yes, but they mean no harm.”


“Lies,” Phantom growled as he entered the bar area and tossed Deathstroke onto the floor. “You’re little soulmate here jumped me in my apartment.”


Oliver ran over and helped Slade to his feet, “You’re an idiot,” the archer told the man.  


“I’m just glad you’re okay,” Slade smiled and kissed his soulmate, turning to Barry and kissing him as well.


“Great.  We done here?” Phantom’s tail lashed and he then looked at Oliver and Barry before turning to exit.


“Those wounds-” Barry paused when the feline froze.




Peter flashed a glance over at Logan and the mutant just shrugged his shoulders.  “Who are the others?”  Logan set the bottle down and looked at Oliver, tensing his shoulders.


“Well...” Oliver looked at Slade and Barry, who both nodded at the archer, “There’s Bruce Wayne, Arthur Curry, Clark Kent, Jason Todd, Victor Stone, Carter Hall, August Heart, Midnighter, and Andrew Pulaski.”


“It’s only fair that you tell us all of your soulmates now,” Slade wasn’t there when they had explained this.


Logan nodded at Peter to explain while he kept his eye on the anthro standing in the corner, he hadn’t left yet.  Why?


“Well, there’s me, Peter, and then-”


“Full names,” Slade demanded.


“...Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, T’Challa, Pietro Maximoff, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Thor, and then Logan, oh and The Phantom Solider.”


“This is like the start to a really good gay porn,” Tony joked as he entered the room, “Nice armor there buddy, but you can take it off, we won’t hurt you.”


Logan shook his head at his immature soulmate, the slightest smirk pulling at his lips.  Slade looked to Barry and Oliver, who had both ditched their gear, although Oliver’s bow was nearby.  They both nodded and smirked as Slade undressed.


“Your soulmates,” Phantom’s smooth deep voice easily carried in the room, “What are their alter-ego names.  You’re The Flash and Green Arrow,” he ignored Slade, “what about the rest of them?”


“Batman, Aquaman, Superman, Red Hood, Cyborg, Hawkman, Godspeed, Midnighter is just Midnighter, and Apollo.”


Logan huffed a breath and then came up behind Peter, wrapping his arms around the smaller man and keeping him close.  Peter smiled and pressed backward into the mutant, feeling the man’s abs against his back.  Tony rolled his eyes at their affection and turned his head to look at Phantom, who had a deep glare resting on his face, claws unsheathed.  His blue eyes flashed towards Tony, signaling a warning.


Tony took said warning and turned back around, making small talk with Slade about his armor as Logan and Peter got all cuddly with each other.


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Phantom was having Radar track the other soulmates that Oliver had told him, the sooner he found them, the sooner they could leave his dimension.  His fluffy tail gave a flash of anger when he saw Logan, Peter, and Tony laugh with the other three.


“You do know that they aren’t a threat right?”  Bucky asked Natasha by his side.


“Then you’re a fool,” Phantom spat.

“Perhaps, you are the fool,” Natasha commented slyly.


Phantom’s tail lashed and his eyes narrowed, but he said nothing. “Phantom, I’ve got a lock of one of them, the bat dude.  Want me to teleport him to your current location?”   Phantom replied with a yes and then saw a flash of yellow before a black-dressed man appeared in front of him.


Phantom quickly tripped him and placed his paw on this throat.  Barry turned his head and then smiled, running over to the trapped man below Phantom.  “Bruce!”


Phantom stepped backward as the three other-dimensioners ran over to the brooding man.  He growled when Oliver touched his tail by accident and then turned to leave.  “Why do you always leave?”  Peter asked.  Phantom turned to the other omega, seeing his pressed against Logan, with Tony sipping at a glass of gin to the left of them.


“Love equals weakness,” the feline spat, brushing past Bucky before a large metal arm stopped him. “Move Barnes.”


“No.  We need to talk.  All of us.”


Phantom easily wrapped his thighs around Bucky’s head and began crushing his throat, “Make me.”  He threatened, bouncing off the man’s shoulders and landing gracefully behind him.


Bruce looked at the otter-leopard and raised his eyebrows, “What are you?”


“An anthro.”  He replied, turning to walk away from Bucky’s panting body.


“And what in the ever loving fuck is that!”  Barry pointed out the window where Venom stood, the black symbiote rippling with muscle.


“Venom!”  Peter actually sounded happy to see the monster.  The omega broke away from Logan and opened the window for the symbiote, hugging the creature.


“Did I miss something?”  Tony asked, his face filled with confusion.


“Guys, relax, Venom and I cleared everything up.  I said as long as he promised not to hurt me or any of my soulmates then he could hang out.”


“Ah, well, welcome to the fucking freakshow,”  Logan referred to the four men staring at Venom in awe.  


Phantom shook his head and then entered the elevator only to be stopped by Thor.  “Come young hybrid, let us talk.”


“I would rather die.”


“Something tells me that’s not much of a threat,” Natasha pointed out, remembering the long scar that went down his left arm.


Venom looked at Thor and bowed his head in respect, before grabbing a bottle of cheap whiskey from Tony’s bottom shelf and opening his large-fanged jowls, chugging half the bottle.  Tony laughed at the symbiote but said nothing.


Peter smiled warmly at the black creature and then turned back to the four others in the room.  “So, we’ve got Oliver, Barry, Slade, and Bruce.  What should we do with them, Tony?”  Spider-Man asked.


“They can stay here as long as they need or want to.  Lord knows we have plenty of space, and as for you Phantom-” Tony paused as a familiar scent filled the air.  Venom shook his head clear once he smelled it and Logan stepped backward.


“Peter...” Oliver looked at the young male.


“My heat.” Peter smiled slightly before feeling an uncomfortable arousal fill his body.  Phantom snorted and then pushed Thor away from him, leaving the building.


“Well, uh, you’re twenty now.  That means that you can, y’know, fuck.”  Tony leaned over the counter and raised his eyebrows.  


Peter blushed bright red and shrunk down, feeling Venom’s muscle against his back.  “Who’s it gonna be?”


Peter paused for a moment before his eyes lit up, “Sam and Clint.”  He answered.  Venom put a hand on his shoulder, it was reassuring, and it was then that Peter realized he was shaking.  


“I’ll go tell them,”  Logan said, “And have them set up a room.”  The mutant then departed.


“You four,” Tony looked at the four outsiders, “I’ll show you to your rooms.”

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***Smut Warning***



Peter felt his cheeks heat up as he entered his room, Sam and Clint were staring at him from across the room, their dominate eyes gazing into his own. Clint stood first, the beta taking slow strides over to the younger male and carefully encasing Peter’s hand into his own.  “Relax Peter, we’ve got you.”


Peter offered a small, nervous smile as Clint took him over to Sam and gently set him down on the edge of the bed.  “We’re not going to do anything too rough, okay?”  Sam whispered coolly.  Peter nodded in agreement, his body loosening.


“This is where you guys can stay,” Tony gestured to one of the bigger floors of the tower, with four separate rooms on this floor alone.  “When we find the other ones you traveled with we’ll bring them here.”


“Thank you Mr. Stark,”  Bruce nodded his head in thanks.


“Call me Tony.  Hopefully, you guys will be comfortable here.”


“Thank you,” Barry was bouncing on his toes, a large grin on his face.


Peter gasped as Clint’s rough hand grazed his thigh, the blindfold covering his eyes really adding to the effectiveness of the touch.  Peter sat clad in boxer briefs on the edge of the bed, his feet touching the floor, the cool air of the Avengers Tower covering his tense body.


Clint and Sam looked at Peter with fond eyes, while Peter couldn’t see their gazes, he could certainly feel them.  Clint took the lead and came closer to Peter, placing a gentle kiss on the boy’s soft lips and a rough hand down on his abs.  Peter gasped and leaned into the touch, Clint’s beta pheromones and Sam’s alpha pheromones driving him crazy.


“You like that?” Sam chuckled in Peter’s left ear, running a hand down the omega’s spine.  Peter nodded his head, feeling his erection press against his boxer briefs.  Sam laughed a little more and leaned in to kiss Peter’s neck, sucking a little on a sensitive area under the jaw.  Peter moaned lowly as Sam kissed his neck and Clint started a trail of kisses from his mouth, down the chest, and right above his navel.


“Please Clint,” Peter begged, lifting his hips upwards.  Clint laughed and pressed Peter’s hips to the bed and laying his down gently.  Sam then straddled the young omega and removed his blindfold, gazing into Peter’s caramel eyes.  Peter gave a small, nervous smile before Sam leaned down and kissed Peter with passion.  The omega moaned into the kiss, bucking his hips as Sam forced his tongue into Peter’s mouth, exploring the cavern.


While the two kissed, Clint took the time to remove Peter’s red boxer briefs and watch his erection spring free.  Clint moved backward to fully appreciate the uncut man, for an omega, Peter sure was packing.  Around seven and a half inches long and thick, not as thick as himself, but still, impressive.  Clint then moved a hand forward and used two fingers to graze Peter’s length.  Peter let his head fall back and moaned, the first touch that wasn’t his own felt like heaven.  Sam and Clint laughed as the omega squirmed under Clint’s small touches.  Clint then wrapped his entire hand around Peter as Sam stood off of Peter and moved to face his head.  The alpha stripped himself of all his clothes and then placed his considerable length by the omega’s lips.


Peter looked down at Sam’s erection, no less than ten inches, and thick.  Peter cautiously placed the erection into his warm mouth, tasting the salty flesh and slowly bobbing his head.  Sam moaned and felt up his own body as Peter scraped his dick across the roof of his mouth, the sensitive flesh lighting up.  While Peter continued to bob his head and circle the alpha’s erection with his tongue, Clint decided to do the same to the neglected erection of the omega.


Peter suddenly gasped around Sam’s cock as Clint’s tongue grazed the tip of his own flesh.  Sam moaned at the sudden vibrations around his erection, accidentally bucking his hips into the back of Peter’s throat.  Peter coughed as he choked, moving his head backward and taking in a gulp of air.  “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it,”  Sam whispered soothingly, running his fingers through Peter’s hair.


Peter only smirked and took Sam back into his mouth, feeling the alpha’s strong flesh and pheromones soothe his needs.  Clint continued his soft and teasing treatment of Peter’s cock until the omega began to buck his hips with need.  “You wanna take him for a ride?”  Sam asked, cocking an eyebrow at Clint.  Clint laughed and nodded, standing up and walking over to the oak dresser and taking the bottle of lube from the top.


The beta approached the begging omega and placed a generous drop of lube into his palm, working the lube onto Peter’s rock-hard cock.  Peter stopped the worship of Sam’s cock and threw his head back gasping in pleasure.  Clint was already stretched from the previous night with Bucky and carefully aimed the omega’s cock at himself, lowering carefully.  Peter screamed in pleasure, bucking his hips wildly, the sudden pressure and warmth around his cock driving him crazy.  Sam silenced the omega by shoving his own cock deep into his mouth, the omega took the hint and sucked as if his life depended on it.


Clint rose up and then lowered again, clenching around the omega and placing his hands on Peter’s muscular chest for support.  Peter circled his tongue around Sam’s head, sucking in his cheeks and bobbing as Clint gave him the ride of his life.  Peter, being inexperienced, gasped as he felt his orgasm already approaching, “I-I’m close.”


Clint blinked in surprise but placed a gentle kiss on Peter’s neck as he pulled the omega out of himself and took Sam’s placed by Peter’s mouth, holding out his cock.  Sam, on the other hand, moved to the back of Peter and flipped him over so he was on all fours.  “That’s a good omega,” Sam whispered coolly, lubing himself up and then lubing up several fingers.


He put one finger by Peter’s rim and circled the area before pressing inside the omega, feeling the ring of muscle tense.  Sam waited for Peter to relax before moving the finger around and curving the single digit.  Clint took the chance to put himself into Peter’s mouth, effectively silencing the omega.  Peter gladly took the cock and began the same worship that Sam had received.  


Sam waited a few minutes before adding another finger into Peter, stretching the tight rim and curving the digits inside of Peter until the omega began to tense his thighs, signaling a nearby orgasm.  Sam paused, waiting for Peter to relax before adding a third finger, holding open the omega to loosen him.


Once Peter was properly stretched, he put more lube onto the rim of Peter’s anus and put more lube on his own cock.  Sam put his hands on Peter’s hips and aligned himself, “You ready?”  Peter nodded, not stopping the gently sucking of Clint’s cock.  Sam looked at Clint and smiled as he pushed himself slowly into the omega.  Peter gasped and released Clint’s cock, putting his head onto the pillow beneath him.  Sam paused, waiting for the omega to relax.


After a solid two minutes, Peter lifted his head and pushed his hips back towards the alpha, wrapping his soft lips around Clint and looking up at the beta with his big, round, innocent eyes.  Clint growled and grabbed Peter’s hair, forcing the omega further onto his cock as Sam gently began to rock forward into the omega’s plump ass.  Sam grunted as the warm tightness swallowed his cock, increasing the speed of his thrusts.  He dug his fingers into Peter’s hips, leaning forward and began to rail Peter.  The headboard of the bed began to slam into the concrete walls of the bedroom as Sam picked up speed.  Soon, the only sound in the room was the slap of skin-on-skin and the bang of the headboard.


Clint groaned as he pushed Peter as far down as the omega could go, feeling the warm tongue encircle his cock as he came.  Peter’s eyes widened as he couldn’t pull back, feeling the thick strings of cum slide down his throat.  Clint gave a few final thrusts into Peter’s mouth as he came, before pulling out of the omega and leaning down, kissing the remaining cum off of Peter’s lips.


Sam grunted as he released his own cum balls-deep into Peter’s ass, keeping the omega’s hips close to his own.  Peter gasped as he was filled to the brim and felt his own cock twitch as he came all over the bed below him.  Loads of thick cum began to soak into the blue duvet below him as he felt Sam give a final few thrusts into his ass before pulling out.  Peter looked down at his tired cock, watching it twitch as it softened from the release of his large load, and watching the remaining cum drip out of his ass before he collapsed onto the bed below.  Clint rolled into bed after removing the cum-soaked duvet and wrapped his arms around Peter, kissing the tip of his nose.  Sam cleaned off Peter’s ass with a towel, followed by his own cock and then he copied Clint’s movements, climbing in beside Peter and kissing the omega’s shoulder blades.


“Good boy,”  Clint murmured softly as Peter began to drift off to sleep.  Sam gave a few reassuring kissed to the back of the omega, and kept both the omega and the beta close as the three winded down from their orgasms and into sleep.

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I am using Jason Momoa's portrayal of Aquaman/Arthur Curry.

Phantom dug his long claws into the skull of the blond man below him, using his strength to tear him in half before bending onto all fours and ripping into his intestines. His fangs easily cutting through the weak and bloody flesh, his whiskers soon coated in the sticky red substance. His lips peeled back into a feral stance as he stood over his kill, long tail lashing. His blue eyes locked with a bystander, the man chained to the dumpster to prevent escape as Phantom hunted. Phantom’s leopard instincts compelled him to slash open the poor chained man’s thigh so he would bleed out before he could scream once again.

His eyes scattered from side to side as he completed his meal, jaws crushing any bone in the way, his fangs draining the bodies of blood, ears perked in case of danger, claws ripping apart flesh and muscle. His jaws quickly scooped up pieces of flesh as he tilted his head back to feel the bloody meat slide down his throat. A footstep.

Phantom spun around with lightning speed, claws flexed. “Who are you?”

What are you?” The deep voice asked, kneeling down to appear smaller. Kinda hard when you’re clearly pure muscle and at least six foot.

“An anthro, now beat it fucker,” Phantom snarled, metal claws gleaming in the light of the moon.

“What is an anthro?”

Phantom then connected the pieces and grunted with frustration, “Different dimensioner.”

“H-how did you know?” The voice rumbled.

“You don’t know what an anthro is. You came with those other motherfuckers, like the Bat-boy and fucking Arrow-dude.”

That’s when the form launched forward and pinned down Phantom, “Where are my soulmates?!” Phantom looked upwards into the face of the bearded man, easily kicking him off and standing up. He pointed to the large tower in the center of the city.

“They’re in there,” Phantom said, dusting himself off and wiping the blood from his jowls, kicking the bloody skeleton to the side.

“Take me.”

“I don’t even know you.”

“My name is Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, the king of Atlantis, and the ruler of the ocean-”

“I’m gonna stop you there,” Phantom spat, turning around. “Come on.” He grumbled, leaning down to remove a final organ to the chained body and digging his feral fangs into the warm flesh.

“What did that man do to you?” Arthur asked, footsteps booming behind the feline.

“Nothing, I was just hungry, tapped into the primal side of my brain.”

“You eat innocent people?”

“You terrorize innocent dimensions?” Arthur remained quiet after that, following the blood-stained otter with a closeness Phantom wasn’t too happy with. Phantom waved his tail through the cool air of New York, feeling the familiar chills before the snow.

“Where are we?”

“New York...?”

“No I mean, what dimension?” Arthur asked, looking up at the tall anthro.

“How should I know? This is the dimension of anthros and werewolves I guess, with the addition of vampires and ghosts or demons.” Phantom answered.

“We have werewolves, vampires, and ghosts as well, but no...anthros,” Arthur explained. Phantom sighed softly, ears folding backward with annoyance. “You have many soulmarks.”

Phantom paused for a moment, looking down at the man, with himself being roughly 6’ 7.5” it was hard to find someone taller than him. “So do you,” he retorted.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“It is a bad thing,” Phantom growled, pulling his hood up, “Don’t you know that love equals weakness?”

“Why would love do that? My love for my soulmates and their love for me has made me stronger, more determined, more confident. Don’t you love your soulmates?” The bearded man asked, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“I barely know them.”

“Why’s that?”

“You ask a lot of questions.”

“How else am I supposed to understand you anthros?”

“I’m not a normal anthro, the rest of them weren’t tortured into believing that love was a useless and pathetic thing.” Phantom snapped.

“So...You did love at one point?” Arthur questioned.

Phantom turned his head to face the man, nose twitching with the first snowfall of February. “At one point, yes.” He replied quietly. Arthur asked no further questions. The pair approached the Avengers Tower and entered the brightly lit lobby.

Phantom escorted Arthur into the elevator and hit the button for the living room/kitchen of the Avengers. “Where are we?”

“This is the Avengers tower.”

“Avengers tower?” he asked.

“This is where the Avengers live. The Avengers are a group of superheroes that save the planet and all that bullshit.” Phantom described.

“Your soulmates too?”

“Yes, they are also my soulmates, but The Pack—the group of werewolves and anthros—rarely get involved with shit like that, it’s not really their style.”

“Are you a part of the Avengers, or The Pack?”

“Neither, I’m an assassin.”

“Oh, like Jason.”

“Who the fuck-”

“He’s another one of my soulmates, Jason Todd, Red Hood, he was in Purgatory for a while.” The King explained, looking up into the blue eyes of the otter.

“Sorry what? He was in Purgatory for a while? What the fuck?”

“Long story.”

“God damn reminds me of Bucky.”


“One of my uh, soulmates, I guess, James Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. He was kidnapped by Hydra—a Nazi organization—and brainwashed into becoming an assassin.” The anthro disclosed. “If you want the full story, you’ll have to ask him.”

The elevator dinged and the large metal doors opened up, allowing for the two to step out. Phantom turned the corner and saw Scott, Tony, Venom, Bucky, Wanda and Pietro all sitting in the kitchen. “That’s Scott Lang, Tony Stark,...Venom, Bucky Barnes, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.” Phantom pointed at all the people.

“All your soulmates?”

“All except Venom and Wanda. Guys this is Arthur Curry, he’s from that other dimension or whatever.” Phantom flicked his tail and gave a brief smile to Arthur before turning around to leave.

“Are you leaving?” Arthur asked, booming voice echoing off the walls.

“Uh, yeah, why?”

“I rather enjoyed your company, anthro.”

“I’m a snow leopard and otter mix, for your information,” Phantom smirked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Arthur laughed a large roaring laugh, “Fair enough young feline.”

Phantom actually felt a small laugh pass his lips before a large blush encased his cheeks when the men, and Wanda, all looked at him in shock.

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Wanda sat on the windowsill in her bedroom, her eyes carefully watching over the city below. She had left the kitchen after the arrival of Arthur and Phantom. It was nice to see Phantom smile. She thought to herself, placing her palm on the cold glass. “Are you okay?” Vision’s familiar voice asked.

She turned her head and looked at the man-machine, “Just thinking.”

“Quite a dangerous game.”

“Why do you think Phantom smiled with Arthur, but not with his own soulmates?”

“I believe the soulbond he has to the men in this house distress the young hybrid, with his seemingly troubling past and gruesome battle scars, I would say he doesn’t take well to people he’s supposed to be...lower than.” Vision answered, hovering closer to Wanda. “But I fear that it not what you were thinking about.”

“The Civil War-”

“Was not your fault.”

“Ultron was.”

“Ultron was nobody's fault, not even Mr. Stark’s.”

“I almost killed the entire planet during that. And during the Civil War I almost killed my fellow Avengers, how can I live with that?” Wanda felt a few tears slide down her cheeks.

“If it weren’t for you, T’Challa would’ve slaughtered Mr. Barnes, Ms. Romanoff would’ve beaten Mr. Barton into a pulp, and we must not forget how I paralyzed Mr. Rhodes,” Vision replied, sitting down across from the distressed female. Wanda looked up, realizing the truth to his words, but then turned to look out across the city.

“I’m just glad Pietro wasn’t there for that.”

“You and your brother are odd, but have the same soul.”

“Same soul?”

“You both wish to protect each other by whatever means necessary, you both want vengeance, or perhaps, to set things right with what happened to your parents. You both wish to protect this Earth from harm, and every other planet out there, much like those Guardians do-” Vision was cut off.

“I would hardly call Peter Quill a guardian,” Wanda laughed.

“Fair point,” Vision chuckled, “But he is part of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.”

“He does have a rather odd team.”

“I find them fascinating.”

“Why?” Wanda turned back to look at Vision, her eyes gleaming with curiosity.

“You take someone like Peter Quill and make him soulbound to Rocket Raccoon, followed by Gamora and Drax, but Groot’s species cannot soulbound. I find their dynamic to be rather intriguing.” Vision said, looking back into Wanda’s eyes. Wanda smiled softly, nodding her head in agreement. “Have you looked into Phantom’s head?”

Wanda stiffened gaze falling to her lap, “Yes, but I could not last longer than a moment. It was cold, like Bucky’s, and dark, filled with murder and torture. The sheer pain transfer alone made me enraged, kinda like Bruce.”

Vision listened intently, absorbing every word, “So he has been through a lot.”

Wanda laughed a small, almost unnoticeable laugh, “Yeah.”
Arthur laughed, slapping his knee, “So you’re telling me that, you shrunk down, got inside his suit, and fucked up his entire day?”

Scott laughed along with the King, drinking his beer, “It was fucking hilarious.”

“To you. I had to run every meeting that day with a tiny Scott Lang whispering in my ear.” Tony scowled. Venom spit out his drink from laughing, doubling over his large black body and howling. Phantom let a smirk fall onto his face, sipping his beer lightly.

“Okay okay, I got one,” Arthur started, “This one time Oliver and I were trying to make Bruce laugh, something we’ve only seen once...” Phantom stopped listening, too busy watching his soulmates (minus Venom and Arthur) laugh and enjoy their time with each other, even he was beginning to enjoy himself. The relaxing vibe of the living area mixed with the sound of tremendous laughter loosened the anthro’s tense, murderous stance.

Arthur turned to the feline and clinked their beers together. Phantom smirked and held up his own, taking a large gulp of the dark substance. The feline lowered his shoulders and sheathed his claws as time passed, feeling his own depressed demeanor soon be washed out by a happier vibe. “So who is this other King I hear of?” Arthur asked.

“T’Challa, he’s the King of Wakanda and the richest man in the world.” Tony explained, “He’s not around much since he has a kingdom to run, but yeah we’re all bound to him, excluding Venom here.”

“And who are you soulbound to Venom?”

“Only Peter,” Venom said, downing the rest of his cold beer, the symbiote locking eyes with the anthro. Phantom nodded his head, smirking and chugging the rest of his beer as well.


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Also, Jason Todd aka “Red Hood” was Batman’s Robin in this fanfiction/universe but they did not have the same father-son relationship as they do in the comics. This is because I chose to make them soulmates in this universe.


Trigger warning: Non-con/Rape in this chapter - I will put this scene in italics with indicators to help people know when it begins and ends.

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Phantom woke up in a cold sweat, his heartbeat pounding in his ears and lungs gasping for air. His eyes scanned his surroundings but he could not recall many events from the previous night, nor could he identify where he was. He tried sitting upwards but found himself bound at the chest and ankles by some eerily familiar chains. His eyes adjusted to the dusty lighting in the room and he shook his head clear of any fog that remained and gave another scan of the room.


It was small and blood was splattered across the walls along with various paw and handprints. There was a single light above the table he was strapped to giving an annoying flicker every so often. The room was quiet. Too quiet. It was familiar. The type of familiar that made Phantom’s heart race.


The door in the far right corner opened and was shut with the utmost respect. “Mornin’ pet.”


Scott was the first to awaken, his body aching from the odd position he found himself in. Half on the couch, half off. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and twisted his neck to see the rest of the room. Tony was draped over Venom, both passed out and drooling. Arthur was asleep upright in a chair, a broken beer bottle on the floor underneath him. Sitting upright Scott saw Steve collapsed in the kitchen and that’s when he knew something was wrong.


Shooting to his feet he ran over to the super-soldier and shook him. Nothing. He panicked and slapped Steve, putting his hands over his mouth in the following second. At least it worked. Steve gasped and grabbed his cheek, glaring at Scott with foggy eyes. “Steve! Sorry about that, but something is wrong!”


“Wrong how?” Steve asked, rubbing at his temples before noticing that he was indeed on the kitchen floor, “What happened?”


“I don’t, I just, I don’t know! I woke up and everyone’s passed out and I don’t know, something is wrong!” Scott was nearly screaming at this point.


Steve gently pushed the beta to the side and stood up, using the fridge for support and sure enough: something was very wrong. He walked over to where everyone was passed out in the commons area and blinked in confusion. “Uhhh, FRIDAY....what happened? Play the video feed of last night.”


Steve looked towards the tv and beckoned Scott to come to watch with him. They watched for a few minutes at the sight of everyone drinking and laughing with each other, the faint smile on Phantom’s jowls not going unnoticed. Everything was normal until the glass behind Venom and Tony shattered and in came a small ball that released a powerful blast of smoke. While the tower itself did have defense mechanisms and therefore cleared out the gas within a minute or so, it was a minute too long. Everyone passed out. And Phantom was missing.


“Dylan!” Phantom’s eyes widened in fear as he instantly recognized the man who entered the room.


“How long did you think that you could hide from us, from me? After everything I did for you, you had the nerve to run away. Not only run away but love again! Honestly pet, I expected better from you. After Rushing Storm, I thought I had made you into my perfect little bitch, but instead, all I have here is a kitten who is torn between the training that made you into the feared assassin and a mere little omega faggot who’s falling for his Avenger soulmates. It’s pathetic.” Dylan was now standing over the strapped anthro, shaking his head in disappointment.


“Let me go, Dylan! I no longer belong to you!”


“The branding on your hip says otherwise,” Dylan spat. He reached down and ripped Phantom’s pants to reveal the brand beneath the thick fur. “You’re mine, always have been, always will be. Although, it seems like you need some retraining pet. It seems you have forgotten your place. Your heat is upon you. How perfect.” Dylan was smirking now, reaching for his belt.


Phantom began to struggle in his bonds but Dylan had created a special type of metal that Phantom could not break. His body and mind screamed as he pushed against the chains and shook his head back and forth trying to get some of the tension released in the bonds. His natural omega instincts were beginning to take over as Dylan threw his belt across the room and slowly took off his jeans.



“No Dylan, please don’t. I’ll listen, I promise. I’ll do whatever you want!” Phantom was nearly crying now, his tail unable to move to cover his genitals.


“Silence!” Dylan screamed, moving closer to the anthro and pushing apart his legs and tightening the bonds around his thighs and ankles. He placed his hands on the shaking feline’s hips and smirked, “Bad kitties must be punished.”


“Please...don’t.” Phantom had tears running down his cheeks, his eyes pleading with the human. But, in the end, he knew there was nothing he could do to stop Dylan. Dylan let out a small laugh and grabbed his own cock, stroking along its length and feeling himself grow hard.


“Look at how my cock begs to be deep in you...How could you dare deny me that? You are an omega after all...” Dylan squeezed himself and took his other hand and began to prod around the anthro’s entrance. “It’s been so long since I’ve been inside of you, god, I can’t wait any longer!” He shouted and shoved his hips forward.


Phantom yowled in pain and arched his back as much as he could as Dylan hilted himself balls deep inside of the young hybrid. Dylan bent his head forward and shook with pleasure, “Such a good kitty,” he whispered, pulling out a few inches and then pressing himself back into the otter. Phantom cried, trying his best to ignore his omega core, which in contrast to the crying hybrid, sang with pleasure as it got its fill of Alpha pheromones.


Dylan dug his fingers into Phantom’s hard muscles, sure to leave bruises, as he began to jackhammer himself into the anthro, groaning and grunting above the feline. Phantom felt nothing after a while, his body moving with the thrusts of Dylan, but his mind turned blank to ignore the new physical trauma he was experiencing. Dylan had sweat running down his face as he thrust rapidly into Phantom’s thigh hole, feeling a liquid, almost certainly blood, leaking out onto the table.


The human reached one hand forward and grabbed Phantom by the muzzle to force the omega to look at him in the eye as his thrusts became uneven. Some long and hard, others were soft, just the tip and teasing. “Your body is begging for me to cum inside of you. Look at you. No longer begging for me to stop, admit it faggot, you love this. You love feeling a powerful Alpha fill your hole, drill into its tight flesh. Fuck, I can admit it. You’re so fucking tight whore....”


Dylan was just ranting now, but Phantom said nothing back, ignoring the human even when he grabbed his balls and began to roll them around in his hands. Phantom couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped his mouth as Dylan finally managed to get the hybrid erect, his thumb running over the ruby red head of Phantom’s cock. “Stop...Please.” Phantom finally cried out.

“Never. Not until you learn your place bitch!” Dylan wrapped a firm hand around Phantom’s throat and placed a firm amount of pressure upon his windpipe. His thrusts staggered as he paid no attention to his balance to ensure that the omega came, this would make Phantom’s head even more of a mess. Phantom coughing and struggled for breath, a small pool of heat rising in his core.


“No...” His voice was barely above a whisper as he pathetically came from the small amount of friction caused by Dylan’s hand. His mind went truly blank as his omega core sang in pleasure, feeling Dylan release his grip on his throat and begin his jackhammer pace once again. Dylan himself felt his release build within him and he knew he had to make this count. He laughed and gave one final big thrust into the otter, feeling his balls slap against fur and allowing himself to cum all over Phantom’s insides. He shook with pleasure, gripping the table and panting.


“Good little bitch.” He groaned as he pulled out, giving a final few spurts of cum onto Phantom’s abdomen and turning to put his pants back on.


---End trigger---


Venom was now trying to get ahold of Phantom’s scent as the others tried to gather more information about what had happened. The rest of the team had been called up to the commons area and upon further discovery, they realized that everyone’s individual rooms had been gassed as well so that no one could help.


“Do you have clue as to who would have taken your soulmate?” Bruce Wayne asked he had gone into full detective mode.


“Dylan,” Bucky said softly, his eyes were now pools of worry as he held Clint close. “He’s the only one who would have a grudge against Phantom.”


“What about that werewolf that attacked him?” Natasha asked, her hands on her hips, eyes full of danger. “He seems like he has it out for Phantom.”


“I think the werewolf wouldn’t have bothered with kidnapping, he probably would’ve just killed Phantom where he stood. Sat. Whatever,” Scott pointed out. “After all, did you see what he did to Phantom last time?”


“In any case, we should find this werewolf,” Bruce said, “He could know something. Barry, why don’t you and Pietro try and go find him, as you two are the fastest people here. Keep an eye out for the rest of our team as well, they could help us. It’s the least we owe these men, and women, for keeping us here.”


“I got nothin’,” Venom growled, leaping back into the room. “It’s like he disappeared into thin air.”

“I have no trace of him either,” Wanda said sadly, floating back down to the ground.


“We could ask Dr. Strange,” Peter suggested, his body pressed close to Sam and Steve for protection.


Tony physically groaned. Doctor Stephen Strange. Technically a soulmate of theirs, but using his abilities he was able to block out his own beta needs. His ego rivaled Tony’s and while the two were soulbound, that didn’t stop them from clashing heads.


“Tony! Stephen may be able to help us. He was able to track Odin when Thor needed it,” Steve pointed out, looking over at Thor, who nodded.

“I’d rather have Loki than Stephen.” Tony sighed. Bucky slapped Tony over the head for that one.


“Just find Stephen, please Tony, I just want to know if Phantom is okay,” Peter was using that omega charm on Tony, his big brown eyes pleading.


“FINE!” Tony threw his hands up into the air.

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It had been almost two weeks since Phantom had gone missing and everyone was very tense. Clint and Bucky had gone nonverbal about three days into his disappearance. Tony, after unsuccessfully tracking down Strange, locked himself away in his lab. Steve often joined the engineer, remaining quiet while he drew. Thor still actively explored around the country for their anthro soulmate and Scott joined him here and there, but when he didn’t he spent his time with Sam, mindlessly playing the same level of some old James Bond game. Pietro had run himself ragged within the first week of searching and had to be locked in his room by Wanda, who wasn’t much better herself. She was weakened from prolonged use of her abilities and Vision did all that he could to comfort her. Natasha and Bruce left the matter alone, while they wanted Phantom to be okay, Tony had nearly ripped their heads off every time they tried to speak. T’Challa was even searching using his advanced technology but to no avail. Logan had been notified and he searched every now and again, using Professor X and some other X-Men to try and aid in the hunt. No such luck. Matt, Peter, and even Venom prowled the streets and tried to scare information out of anyone shady, anyone that they knew was part of a gang, any anthro that strayed too far from Pack territory. No one knew anything.

The other-dimensions tried to help their new found friends while simultaneously trying to find a new way home. Bruce Wayne did what he could to assist in locating them. Clark, August (Godspeed) and Barry ran (or flew) all around the globe in search of some clue. Victor was tapped into every computer he could gain access to, trying to find the anthro on any cameras. Oliver and Carter searched the city, looking all throughout the buildings and in the sewers. Arthur was of little help as he could not do much but remain inside with Midnighter and Apollo, but tried to help whenever he could. Jason and Slade often helped the street crew with their intimidation tactics.

Clark flew in through the landing pad and burst into the main living room, “I may have found something.” His voice boomed.

“What?” Scott spat, he didn’t mean to sound angry, but now that his soul-bind with Phantom had been activated, being away from the young omega almost physically hurt. Sam said nothing as he turned around to face Clark with Clint and Bucky following Sam’s lead.

“Remember how we said we should search for the werewolf that young Phantom had fought?” Several nods from the people in the room, “Well...” the alien pointed to the elevator where Barry and August threw a man into the center of the room.

Bucky was off the couch in half a second, throwing himself at the man and pinning him to the floor. The poor supersoldier had nearly fully restored back to his old programming with the absence of the leopard—going completely non-verbal and staying in corners with a knife always in hand. He said nothing as his metal hand clamped around the pale man’s throat.

“Barnes!” Sam shouted, shoving the soldier off of the suffocating man. The man was skinny, far too weak to fight any of them. He shrank back against the wall. Sam and Clint held back Bucky as well as they could for being two mortal men as Scott walked over to the pale werewolf and leaned down to be face to face with him.

“Do you know who the Phantom Soldier is?”

The atmosphere in the living room changed in an instant. The man looked up at Sam with a new fire burning in his eyes, “Is that little fucker here?”

“So you do know him? And, no, he’s not here.”

“Yeah. He’s a little piece of shit.”

“When was the last time you saw him?” Clark asked, steadying the near-raging soldier with a glance.

“About three weeks ago, a few days after our fight. Why?” The man was glancing between the faces before him.

“He’s gone missing,” Steve said, entering the commons area with Tony.

“Define missing.”

“We think someone kidnapped him-” The man blanched, “-do you know who could’ve taken him?”

“....I ain’t saying shit. The man who likely took him, he’ll find me if he hears I’ve been talking about him and he’ll take me too. I’m not going back. I’m never going back.” He pressed his chest to his knees.

“That’s not going to happen. We won’t let it. Tell us what we need to know and we can protect you,” Clark was trying hard to remain civil.

The man looked at Tony, the technical owner of the tower, who crossed his arms over his chest and glared, but did offer a small nod in agreement. He hesitated for a few moments, the silence ripping apart everyone in the room.

“His name is Dylan. Years ago he used to take in young anthros and werewolves and the occasional vampire, but he usually stuck to the more furry creatures—easier to train. Anyway, Phantom and I were picked up within the same week, I was taken while my parents were away, they were maybe gone for ten minutes, but Dylan’s quick. Phantom apparently was found on the street like a kitten in a box and was swooped up by Dylan’s little catching crew.

“Phantom and I were paired together, which basically meant that we had were chained together by thick steel collars and a chain and since we were far too young to have the strength to rip apart the chains we had to do everything together. I mean everything. Eat, sleep, shit, fight, whatever it was, we did it together. Now Dylan was a ruthless man and only unchained us to ‘personally’,” he provided air quotes, “train us. All that meant was beatings. Heavy beatings and torture. Whips, daggers, electroshocks, fire, freezing baths, gunshots, deprive us of oxygen, bury us alive, starve us for days at a time—sometimes even weeks. He’d take away sleep and water and food and make us do physical exercise until we couldn’t even feel out limbs, and then he’d push us even further. When you were really bad...he would,” he froze, eyes glancing down towards his feet, “He would rape you.”

“As time passed, Phantom and I grew stronger, but as we entered our, what would be in human years, teenage years Phantom become more rebellious while I began to obey. Dylan would starve Phantom for up to three weeks, he would keep him awake for up to five days, he’d slice open his flesh with a spiked whip, he did everything that he could to break Phantom. It worked. Eventually. While I had already been obeying for about a year now, Phantom had to be broken by being brainwashed. Dylan had heard of the Winter Soldier,” everyone glanced over at Bucky for a moment, “and wanted Phantom to be just like him, but better. So he brainwashed him again and again before cutting off his right arm and replacing it with a new metal one. Then Phantom became the favorite, I became jealous, the two of us hate each other, Phantom became the most elite assassin, eventually escaped from Dylan’s grasp, Dylan gets angry and now...Well, you know.”



“Are you religious, Soldier?” Dylan’s husky voice echoed in the room.

Phantom knew better than to be verbal, he shook his head. “Why not?” Phantom’s eyes locked with Dylan’s, who nodded his permission.

“I cannot believe in what I cannot see.”

Dylan twirled his necklace in his fingers, it bore a golden cross. “People cannot see you, but they know you exist.”
“I leave behind corpses, evidence of my being,” Phantom explained, straining his tail within his bindings.

“God leaves behind many pieces of evidence for his...being as you put it. The Bible is a very good example.” Phantom remained silent as Dylan rambled on. To be perfectly honest, he was far too weak to even argue. Dylan has beaten every ounce of energy from his toned body. His once shiny coat was covered in new cuts, some thin and methodical while others were long and deep. His fur was a dull gray, having lost all of its gloss. Blood continued to leak out from his muzzle and onto the dusty stone floor.

“You see, faggot, religion is the thing that binds this world together, while also ripping it apart. Differences in religion cause riffs and anger—violence even. But, churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, or wherever someone worships their god or gods are places of peace, serenity and create a time to reflect on your sins. You have sinned greatly and you must be punished.”

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Suicide Wolf

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Phantom shook. That’s all he really was able to do anymore. He had lost track of the days, of the beatings, of the whippings. His mind had been beaten and bloodied almost as much as his body. In some sick twist of fate, Dylan’s alpha presence would calm the omega.

He gave up hope awhile ago. Whatever small piece of him that egged him on to hope and pray for his true soulmates had died a long time ago. Three weeks maybe? Who really knew. Dylan probably did. All Phantom knew was a grueling routine: wake up, suffer, sleep, repeat.

The door to No, that wasn’t right. His...cage, opened. Dylan sauntered in, no weapons in hand, but a smug look on his face. Phantom looked up at the man through his whitening fur, his own eyes dull and lost. “Good morning Pet!”


It had been another unfortunate three weeks since the last time they had seen Phantom, bringing the total to around five or six, depending on who you asked. The other-dimensioners had left. Bruce Wayne and Bruce Banner had found a way to open a portal between their dimension and the other one. They promised to visit, but for the time being, the tower felt very alone.

Bucky was the only one who hadn’t given up. He felt attached to the anthro, more so than the others. Clint sat next to Bucky, watching as the man did another satellite search of the area. His own fingers twiddled with an arrow, feeling the smooth wood all the way down to the feathers. 

Bucky’s eyes were tired, his mind was flayed, and his finger hurt from scrolling. “He’s out there Clint.”

Clint said nothing in return, only offering a brief hum in exchange. The two snipers had done most of the physical searching for their lost soulmate but to no avail. On their final trip back Natasha actually handcuffed Clint to his bed so that he would sleep. He didn’t.

Tony sat at his desk, mind barely registering the words on the page in front of him. Pepper had sent him some new schematics for a new type of jet engine, but the engineer hadn’t actually been able to engineer anything since Phantom had gone missing.

Steve left about a week ago. He was staying in a Brooklyn apartment, saying that he needed time to himself. Sam and Scott stayed in their room for hours on end. They really only came out every few days to eat something at the demand of the others. Peter decided to stick with Venom for a bit. His own soulmates’ dreary attitudes not helping the young omega, so he stuck with Venom, who, for the most part, provided some level of comfort. No one had heard from T’Challa and Logan in about two weeks, and Matt Murdock had become consumed by his work. Pietro stayed with Wanda and Vision, refusing to leave their sides. Thor? Off-world.

The tower remained quiet at all times, no one dared to speak. Tony was no exception to the rule as he left his office and went into the kitchen to find Natasha sitting at the bar idly reading something on her phone. She looked up and nodded at the genius, who offered nothing back.


Phantom didn’t cry anymore. He had lost all feeling in his mind a couple of weeks ago. Dylan’s brutal torture, he had realized, wasn’t to turn him back into the Phantom Soldier, but to turn him into a loyal omega. If Dylan could force a bond with Phantom, that would make him more loyal than any brainwashing could ever do.

Phantom wasn’t even sure if that was a thing. A forced bond. But, Dylan was insistent that he could force Phantom’s omega-core to bond with him. During every brutal raping, he would whisper about how Phantom needed to find an alpha, a true alpha, one that would protect and take care of him. 

Dylan often forced Phantom to call him his alpha as well. If he didn’t, he got beat, if he did, he got fed. 

“Who’s your alpha, Pet?”

“You master. You and only you.” Phantom would recite this hour after hour, day after day. He felt sick to his stomach at the realization that his abused omega-core was starting to accept Dylan as his alpha. Slowly, the presence of Steve or Bucky or Thor or any of the others was being erased.

Phantom whimpered silently that night. For some reason, this day had hit harder than any of the rest. His body quivered and shook with fury and depression. His room was covered in blood, both dried and new. Specific sections of his room had dried semen covering the stale wooden floors and patches of his fur laid everywhere. 

His metal arm whirred as he lifted himself up off the ground, grunting with effort he hobbled over to his toilet and laid down next to it. Phantom dry-heaved into the white bowl, hoping anything would come up, but Dylan hadn’t fed the feline in days. Or was it weeks? Phantom moved his flesh hand down to his side and felt his ribs, counting each one. Definitely weeks.


Clint fell on his face as Bucky shoved him out of bed. He turned and glared up at his soulmate, quirking his eyebrow.

“I found him, Clint.”

Clint was silent for a moment, unsure if he had heard Bucky correctly, “You found...Phantom?”

“No dumbass, I found Jesus. Yes, I found Phantom!”

“FRIDAY, call the rest of the team to the commons and tell them to suit up.”


Steve and Tony groaned as FRIDAY spoke to them. Steve had come back to the tower for the evening, needing the presence of his soulmates, if only for a night. Sleep clouding their hearing, they both sat up and waited for FRIDAY to repeat whatever it was that she had just said. “Master Barnes has located Master Phantom and has requested that everyone meet in the commons and be prepared for combat.”

Halfway through her sentence, Tony had already left the room to go grab his suit, and Steve unlocked the other door in their room to access his suit and shield.

Upon arriving at the commons, the two had found that everyone else was in varying degrees of shambles, but at least they all seemed prepared. Peter swung to the window a moment later and carefully pushed it open, landing gently on the ground, “Where is he, James?” Peter asked. He was the only one who called Bucky “James” and even he did it scarcely, but it was apparently an omega thing.

“An old Hydra compound, believe it or not. One we took town about three or four years ago. I was checking the satellites when I noticed that someone had been moving things around the exterior of the complex for the past few weeks. I feel like an idiot for not checking there sooner but,” Bucky looked around at his fellow soulmates, hoping they would get what he was trying to convey.

“Why would we check there? As far as I’m aware Phantom isn’t affiliated with Hydra in any way, so why would anyone from them want him?” Steve asked, shuffling on his feet.

“He’s not. But that’s what the person who took him was counting on.”


The flight, in reality, was only about two hours north of where the tower was located, but to everyone on board, it felt like an eternity. The ride was silent, save for the noises of guns being cleaned and checked and other weapons scraping against the metal floor.

When FRIDAY announced that they were landing, the soulmates all looked at each other and nodded. “We’re getting him back alive,” Steve said in his full Captain America voice.

“No other option,” Sam grunted back. It was a motto that caught on as the rest of the team repeated it.

As soon as the door to the helicarrier opened, Bucky and Steve were the first one to touch the ground, full-on sprinting towards the complex with both fliers, Tony and Sam, in tow. Peter swung past the two super-soldiers and landed on top of a perch meant for a Hydra guard, his white eyes scanning for any abnormalities. “No sign of anybody or anything.”

“I don’t like this. No guards anywhere? No security?” Scott spoke softly, almost as if his voice would set off some secret alarm.

“I’m reading nothing dangerous insight, but I can’t get a heat scan through these walls,” Tony explained, hovering above the team.

Bucky growled and approached the door, using his metal arm to rip it off of its hinges and throw it into the dirt behind him. He stalked inside, more Winter Soldier than Bucky, but everyone else followed him without hesitation.


Phantom perked his ears. Something loud had happened outside. Oh god, what if Dylan is bringing back the chair? He shook at his own thoughts, curling his tail around himself. He shot up as several loud crashes rattled his eardrums. Pressing his back against the wall, he feared the worse, eyes wide and body trembling.

As the sounds got closer, he got more curious than afraid. Straining his ears he could make out the faint sound of someone’s voice. Someone who wasn’t Dylan. Had the human brought in another alpha to torment him? Or another victim? Someone for Phantom to rip limb from limb? Someone for Phantom to feast on?


Bucky lead the pack silently. He tore off any door that stood in his way and motioned for the rest of the team to be on the lookout for any guards or really anybody at all. The place was oddly empty. Too empty. Bucky stood in front of another door and punched straight through it when a strong scent hit him hard. Phantom’s scent.

The rest of the team obviously caught on as well as they entered the room. Tony scanned it and found an old heat signature. A human one. “Pietro, run forward and see if you can catch anyone.”

The beta nodded and dashed off while Peter pressed close to another steel door. His advanced hearing was picking up something on the other side. Someone or something was moving beyond this door. “James, don’t punch this one. Phantom might be on the other side.”

The Winter Soldier nodded and tilted his head at Steve, who approached the door and hit the lock with his shield. It clattered to the ground and suddenly the room became silent. Not a single sound could be heard as Steve sucked in a breath and opened the door.


Phantom’s head shot up as the door opened. His eyes filled with fear as he cowered further into the wall behind him. He took a breath and noticed something different. Something familiar. He turned his head and looked at who stood in the doorway. Steve Rogers.

He sat up and tilted his head. Was this some kind of a trick or was his soulmate standing right in front of him? He didn’t trust this. He couldn't trust this.

When Steve looked down at the anthro he tried to contain his shock but was having trouble with the sight that was before him. Phantom's fur was patchy and faded, ears folded back and the fur on his tail was standing on end. Steve could count the ribs on the anthro from twenty feet away and his eyes trailed to his neck, where a faded collar hung loosely. He tried to quell his anger and disgust as he gently put his shield on the ground and took a hesitant step towards the feline.

When Steve moved forward, Phantom lashed out. His claws unsheathed and he unleashed a deep growl. It was a warning. He wanted this imposter to stay away from him.

“Buck, I think you should take this one.”

Bucky nodded and gave his gun to Sam, nodding at Steve as the other alpha left the room. He too was shocked at the state of the anthro but felt more anger than disgust when he identified the tell-tale marks of sexual assault.

“Phantom, it’s me. Bucky.” He kept his voice low and gently and lowered himself to the ground to make himself less of a threat.

Phantom hissed and arched his back. He felt more animal than human at the moment. “It’s me, Phantom. Your alpha. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Phantom narrowed his eyes. His alpha? His alpha had blond hair. Not like the Steve look-a-like. More like dirty blond. His alpha also didn’t have a metal arm. Or did he? Somewhere in his omega-core, he found himself drawn towards this mysterious man.

“Do you know your own name?” Bucky cautiously asked.

Phantom nodded.

“Can you tell me?”


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It wasn’t a response that Bucky was expecting. Nor one that he wanted. He found himself still at the words of the anthro. “Pet?” he asked.

Phantom nodded, “Yes.” verbal responses were always a requirement when an alpha was talking.

The rest of the team stood behind the two, listening in on their exchange with no addition of their own. There were a few bitter moments of silence before Pietro returned, dragging a haggard-looking male with him.

“I found him about half a mile down. Took me a minute to wrestle him back to-” the speedster froze when his eyes landed on Phantom. His heart swooped knowing that his soulmate was okay, but his eyes lit ablaze when he turned back to Dylan.

Dylan, who now faced the Avengers themselves, stood up and brushed the dust from his shirt and pants, “Mind telling me what you’re doing with my omega?” His eyes fell upon Bucky.

“Your omega?” Tony hovered a few inches above the man, growling his words as he inched closer.

“Yes. My omega. Isn’t that right, Pet?” Dylan made no move to escape Tony’s line of attack, nor made any move to defend himself.

Phantom’s ears perked up at the sound of his name and he turned to face Dylan. Am I his omega?   Phantom asked himself, looking between the group of men and the man who had kidnapped him.

“Pet?!” Dylan snapped with impatience.

“He does not belong to you,” Thor made his move, putting about three inches of distance between himself and Dylan. “He does not bear your soulmark.”

“He doesn’t need to,” Dylan responded, putting his hands in his pockets.

Bucky stood then, turning away from the frightened omega and cocking his gun. “I should shoot you just for saying that.”

“Bad idea to threaten me.” The abuser smirked and pointed behind Bucky where a now near-feral Phantom sat crouched in a hunter’s position.

Phantom felt his own omega-core being tore two ways. One way felt a lot safer, go with Dylan and be offered one alpha, one chance, one path. Or, he could go with the more natural route, the route that his heart ached for, the one that told him that belonged in the strange Avengers-pack. He growled again, digging his claws deep into the floor beneath him.

“You see? He is ready and willing to defend me. That collar around his neck binds him to me, not you. Not any of you. You cannot possibly hope to control him the way I do, and the way I will when I am through with him.” Dylan took a few steps towards the anthro, ignoring the piercing glares of everyone around him.

Bucky glanced between Dylan and Phantom, weighing his options carefully. “Phantom is coming with us.”

The feline felt a cold shiver run down his spine at the words. Phantom. Why does that sound familiar?   He shook his head, the tags around his collar jingling as he did so. I wear Dylan’s collar. He is my alpha. I belong to him. Phantom’s head was swarming with thoughts, his eyes darting around the room as he searched for something to say, something to do. He looked down at himself, seeing the way his ribs stuck out from his fur and flesh, seeing the patches of skin where his fur had fallen out, and the numerous wounds that littered his body, both old and new. His eyes then landed on something on his ankle. A little black smudge that seemed important.

He bent over, ignoring the bickering sounds of Dylan and the others, and pushed the fur back from the mark. His eyes raked over a little spider that stretched over a small three-inch area. He gently traced the main body of the arachnid with his thumb, feeling something within him. Like something had locked into place.

Peter, being an omega, chose to ignore the squabbling alphas and turned to watch Phantom. His spidey-sense was kept on high alert in case he needed to fight Dylan, but his vision was more focused on the fact that Phantom had just discovered, or rediscovered as it were, his soulmark.

Peter walked over to the anthro and sat down a few feet away from him. Phantom looked up slowly at Peter and watched as the man took off his mask. Animal eyes met human as Peter pushed down part of his suit to reveal the top portion of Phantom’s soulmark. The two omegas locked eyes again as Phantom blinked, tilting his head to the side.

My soulmark. It cannot be. He looked back down at the spider on his ankle, then back at Peter’s arm, and then he looked at Peter’s eyes again. Yes. He is my soulmate. 

Phantom then clutched at his head as memories flooded his brain. Dylan’s forced imprinting and bonded had torn the anthro’s mind to shit, but one look at his fellow pack omega had brought stitches to the wounds.

“No!” Dylan shouted and shoved his way past Steve and Bucky, launching himself at the omega. 

Peter reacted in an instant, webbing the man to the far wall and putting his mask back on. He stood between Phantom and Dylan, presence strong and unbreakable. Steve, Bucky, Tony, and Thor then went over to Dylan themselves and tore him from the wall, pinning him to the ground. Pietro, Clint, Scott, Sam, and Peter worked on getting Phantom to his feet to help him out of the complex. “Scott, notify everyone else that we have Phantom, and we are bringing him back to the tower with his captor. I’m sure Logan would love to have a few words with our new friend here,” Steve looked at the beta as he gave his command, keeping one eye on Dylan as Tony securely cuffed him.


Back at the tower, Logan stood waiting in the main area with Matt by his side. Natasha and Bruce were off in the corner, waiting for the others to arrive.

“They’re here,” Vision announced as he came up through the floor.

Logan let his claws slide out and Natasha moved to stand protectively in front of her omega. When the elevator dinged a very angry looking party of people stepped out, but no sign of Phantom.

Matt looked at Steve and pointed his cane at the group. No words were needed from the daredevil.

“Phantom is with Bucky and Peter in Bucky’s quarters. We need to get Phantom acquainted with us and it seems as though another omega’s presence calms him.” Steve explained as his eyes looked down at Dylan, who was down on his knees in front of the rest of the Avengers.

His eyes trailed from Matt to Logan to Wanda and then settled on Wanda. Her fists began to glow a menacing red the instant she noticed his attention on herself. Dylan said nothing but looked down at the ground, “Do your worst.”

“I intend to. Shame T’Challa couldn’t make it, nor Stephen. I’m sure they would love to have their fun with you as well, but I’m sure we’ll suffice.” Logan spat as he took a few steps forward.


Bucky entered his room first, opening the door and turning on the dimmest set of lights he owned as Peter helped Phantom into the room. Bucky’s room was neat and organized. Everything seemed to have its place, even the bright purple shirts that sat on the floor in various places around the apartment. “Please excuse the shirts. Clint doesn’t seem to know what a hamper is.”

“He is a sniper,” Phantom said. It was the first words out of his mouth since they had left the Hydra facility. Since they had left it in flames as it were.

Bucky blinked a few times and placed his gun carefully back into its safe, “Yes, he is.”

“I’m a sniper too.”

“As am I,” Bucky kept his voice soft and his alpha scent present but light.

“Snipers like to be high.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Your room is below the commons area, which I know is several floors below Clint’s floor,” Phantom let Peter guide him to the couch, where the two omegas sat down and Phantom felt a great deal of pain shoot up through his lower back.

“When I first came to the tower, Steve didn’t want me to be too far away from him, so he forced me to be on this floor.” Bucky sat down in a recliner a few feet away from the omegas.

“You do not live here Peter.”

Peter shifted uncomfortably as the spotlight was suddenly on him, “No, I don’t. I choose to live with my aunt. She has some medical issues and I try to be with her as much as possible.”

“And yet you are here,” Phantom turned to face the boy, eyes narrowed and ears folded back an inch or so.

“Would you feel safe with just James?”

“James,” the name felt strange on his tongue, “would fall before me in a fight.” Phantom retorted, glancing over at the other cybernetic soldier.

“That wasn’t what I was asking,” Peter began to clarify, “You need to spend time around us. You cannot continue to hide from us, or your bond with us will never cement and we risk losing you to people like him.”

“You mean Dylan,” Phantom snarled, his claws unsheathing.

“Yes, he means Dylan,” Bucky’s deep voice rumbled from across the room. “What Dylan did to you was horrible and he almost successfully forced a bond with you. We cannot allow for that to happen again.”

“Because you care about me? Or because you do not want to see the Phantom Soldier in full action again?”

The air in the room suddenly turned stale and silence hung there like a thick blanket. Peter sucked in a breath of air and clutched at his pants. He suddenly wished he hadn’t changed out of his Spider-Man suit in the helicarrier. Bucky swallowed and looked Phantom in the eye, unsure of how stable to anthro was. He was right, after all, he would leave Bucky hanging on for his life in a matter of minutes if it came down to combat.

Phantom sucked in a breath and then stood, his tail swaying to keep him upright, the muscles in his legs had no strength left to carry him, but it was important that he left the tower.

“Sit. Down.” Bucky stood as well. He was no mood nor was he looking for a fight, but he needed to keep the anthro here. He let his alpha pheromones release into the room and watched as Peter cast his eyes downward and let his body relax into the comforting scent. 

Phantom snorted, almost like a sneeze, when the pheromones hit him and shook his head. A bit too hard though as he fell back onto the couch. “I killed the last alpha I trusted.”

“Dylan was still standing when we got there,” Bucky raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms over his chest, refusing to sit back down.

“I said trusted,” Phantom recoiled.

“Who?” Peter gently prodded the anthro.

Phantom was silent for a moment, his gaze falling onto his lap where he watched his metal hand clench and unclench, “His name was Rushing Storm. He was another anthro, a caracal. Smaller than me in height and muscle, but an alpha nonetheless. He was smart, used his wits to outbattle anyone who came near him, or me for that matter. His bravery edged on cockiness, but he was a sweetheart. Flowers every Saturday, out to dinner every Wednesday, always holding the door for me, waking me up with small kisses, cutesy little shit like that,” Phantom paused and looked at the two others in the room before continuing, “He and I had a strong bond, similar to the one I’m presuming you and Clint have James.”

Bucky nodded at the anthro’s words, his alpha-core absorbing every bit of information that it could. “One day,” Phantom started up again, “Dylan was ready to test the Phantom Soldier project. Or test me, I guess is a better way of putting it. He activated me and sent me after Rushing Storm. Credit where credit is due, he put up a good fight. He was, admittedly, faster than me and more agile in small quarters, but it wasn’t long before I had him pinned to the ground. I killed him. I slaughtered him. It was bloody. My metal claws dug into his chest and my mouth was filled with his blood. By the time I was done, he must’ve been ten pounds lighter from the blood loss. And rib loss. Several of his ribs were removed during the brutal murder of my own soulmate.”

Phantom finished and refused to look up, his breath was shaky as his body began to quiver with the force of him holding back his tears. Bucky looked down in respect for Rushing Storm and then looked up to see Phantom gently rubbing at a darkened soulmark on his side. Peter made no attempt to quell his emotions as he cried freely.

“So much for the badass Spider-Man,” Phantom let out a half-hearted attempt at a laugh.

“I’m not Spider-Man right now,” Peter wiped the tears from his cheeks, “I’m Peter. An omega in this pack, I belong to the others here and I freely give myself to them. I trust in my alphas to protect me and guide me through life and my betas to keep order between everyone and to ensure that I am getting everything that I need.”

Phantom flicked his ear, he recognized that creed. It was something an omega said when they truly bonded in their pack when they filled that final piece of the puzzle. Bucky walked over to where the two omegas were and kneeled down, gently putting a hand on Peter’s thigh and reaching out for Phantom’s hand with the other.

Phantom glared, his body going stiff and lips curling in the faintest hint of a snarl. Bucky smiled softly at the anthro before taking his flesh hand gently into his own, caressing the soft fur with his thumb. Phantom’s voice hitched before his shoulders slumped and his jaw unclenched. His tail waved gently in the cool breeze of the room before carefully wrapping itself around Bucky’s waist. 



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“You called me alpha.” Bucky leaned back, shocked at the anthro’s words.

“Well, that is what you are, is it not?” The anthro flicked his ear in irritation, loosening his tail from Bucky.

“Well I mean, yes, I am your alpha, but I’m surprised that you’ve...accepted me.”

Phantom let out a short, low growl, “Partially accepted. Out of everyone in this ridiculous pack, I trust you...the most. Not fully.”

Peter stifled a laugh and looked Phantom in the eye, “It’s cute the way you pretend to not be attracted to him.”

Phantom moved backward, opening his mouth before shutting it again. A full blush spread across his cheeks, “Well, I um, well you know, he’s...not the most well y’know, unattractive male.” His voice was barely a whisper when he finished.

Bucky smirked and reached up with his metal hand, grabbing Phantom’s jaw and pulling him closer, “Attractive, huh?” He grinned, flashing that iconic 1920’s Bucky Barnes smile.

Phantom was surprised by the sudden invasion of his personal space and on instinct, he bared his fangs.

“I’m not afraid of you anymore,” Bucky stated, loosening his grip on Phantom, “If you had wanted to hurt me, you would’ve done it by now.”

Peter reached forward carefully and gently placed his hand on the back of Phantom’s head. Phantom side-eyed the omega, watching him warily. Peter offered a small smile and began to run his fingers through the soft black fur that ran across Phantom's head and down his neck. 

Phantom blinked, unsure of the new sensation that ran down his spine. He had spent the past several weeks locked in a room, suffering through beatings and belittlement. As Peter’s fingers continued to dance lightly on Phantom’s scalp, a small purr escaped his lips as his shoulders dropped once more.

“Your healing factor is incredible,” Bucky said. Phantom’s eyes followed Bucky’s gaze to where his fur was already growing back.

“Incredible what a hot meal and a reliable water source can do,” Phantom purred out, pressing back into Peter’s grip unconsciously. 

Peter smiled and inched himself closer to the feline on the couch, while Bucky looked upwards, for once being able to gaze into Phantom’s eyes without fear of losing his own. Phantom locked his deep blue eyes with the faded gray ones of Bucky. He closed his eyes slowly before opening them again. It was a feline thing, a show of trust. He was unsure if Bucky or Peter would get the message, but it was the closest thing they were going to get for a while.


Dylan gripped at his ribs as another kick came crashing up into them. Logan had been beating the man for the past thirty minutes or so. His eyes pleaded with the rest of the people in the room, but even rule-following Steve Rogers didn’t seem to care about the inhumane treatment before him.

“You deserve to die, slowly and painfully for what you did,” Logan spat, grabbing Dylan with his claws by his shirt and holding up him up off the ground.

“That anthro will never trust you, ANY of you,” Dylan wheezed out, “He’s a lost cause. Give up. You’ll never get through to him. I broke him. Destroyed his mind and soul. I made him slaughter his first soulmate, his first alpha,” he stressed the last few words of his sentence before letting out a pathetic laugh.

“You can kill me, hell you can torture me first, but it will never change what I did to him. He’ll never change. Inside he’s the same murderous cat he was back when he was under my control. He’ll always be a monster. The Phantom Soldier! Capable of taking down the entire Avengers if he tried.” Dylan began to laugh as he went on his tangent. Tony thought the blood loss was getting to him.

“He’s killed thousands of people. And he’ll kill a lot more unless he’s put under control. Like a wild dog who’s chained up in the yard, once that chain breaks...all hell is gonna break lose.”

This time Matt Murdock stepped up, diligent as ever and gestured for Logan to put the human down. The mutant did, reluctantly, and stepped back as Matt came face to face with Dylan. “You’re a fool, you know that?” He began, using his cane to tilt the man’s chin upwards.

“Phantom was a killer, I’ll grant you that. He’s the boogeyman, the man hiding under your bed waiting for an opportunity to strike. And perhaps you are correct, perhaps Phantom will kill us all someday. But, all in due time. For the moment, he seems pretty content downstairs with Mr. Barnes and Mr. Parker, an alpha and an omega. You can hear no sounds of struggle, no sounds of fighting or fury, only...silence. So, Dylan, perhaps you did not break him as much as you thought you did. But, one thing is certain, you are broken.” 

Dylan looked up as Matt finished his speech, raising an eyebrow at his statement before feeling Matt’s boot crash into his face and an unearthly CRACK could be heard echoing throughout the room.


Peter excused himself for a moment, leaving the anthro and the soldier alone in the living room of Bucky’s floor. The two men looked at each other, both not moving. Phantom was unsure of what to do, he could feel his omega-core opening again, ready to accept the full bond of his alpha. Or, at least, one of his alpha’s.

Phantom liked Bucky, genuinely. The man had been nothing but patient with him, never pushed his limits beyond what Phantom had set for him. He sat in his designated circle and made no attempt to leave it and made no comments when the circle got bigger. Bucky didn’t judge him or scream at him when he had his meltdowns, he didn’t remind Phantom of the past, and made no assumptions about the future. Phantom liked that about Bucky. He reminded him of Rushing Storm in a way. Kind and patient. Phantom was sure that Bucky was a sweetheart too.

Phantom was good at stealth, too good at stealth. He had perfected using his abilities to hide in plain sight, so much so that not even FRIDAY could detect him. Or, if she could, she never ratted him out. Phantom would occasionally use his ability to turn invisible to come and observe (not stalk) the Avengers. Mostly his soulmates. He had watched the way that the alphas treated the betas and their one lonesome omega. Phantom had seen the way that Bucky would carry Peter to his room and put him to bed before leaving the omega be. Phantom had watched carefully as Tony and Steve would protect Sam with neither alpha overstepping their boundaries or fighting to see who was the bigger alpha.

Phantom sucked in a breath as he focused his mind back on Bucky or was it, James? “Is it uhh, Bucky or James?”

Bucky gave a slight chuckle, “Peter calls me James out of respect, the rest of the team calls me Bucky. Well, all except Natasha, who calls me Barnes. But you may call me anything.”

Phantom nodded, “Bucky it is then.” 

The other cybernetic soldier dipped his head and smiled at the anthro, feeling his soft tail wrap around his waist once more. Phantom glanced down at his paws awkwardly before looking back up at Bucky, “Hey uhh, Bucky?”


Phantom took a deep breath before closing the gap between the two, placing his lips on his alpha. Bucky froze for a moment, shock filling his veins as the omega kissed him. He quickly regained his surroundings though and closed his eyes, reaching up with both hands to cup the anthro’s cheeks, keeping him locked to the alpha. Phantom couldn’t help but smile into their kiss. Bucky made no move to be an overpowering alpha as Phantom gave himself freely to him. He instead kept the kiss light and gentle before moving back and pressing his forehead to Phantom’s.

Peter had watched the quick exchange from the bathroom door and waited until the two pulled away from each other to come back over to the couch. He sat down next to Phantom and smiled at his alpha. Bucky turned and looked at Peter and gave him a quick kiss.

“You’re not the only omega anymore Peter, you’ve got some competition. Assuming that Phantom wants to stick around,” Bucky asked the anthro, hoping that his desperation wouldn’t seep through his voice.

It did, but Phantom made no comment on it. “Don’t get your hopes up about that. I trust you, kinda, and Peter is...okay, from what I can see. The others, well, I don’t know them. Not really at least. I’d like to get to know them, just from the safety of knowing that I can go back to my own place. My own apartment that doesn’t reek of a pack and doesn’t have a creepy robot that floats through the walls.”

“You get used to Vision. But, I can understand and respect that. The rest are certainly a lot, but once you get used to them, once you warm up to them, you’ll see that we’re a whole pack, here for one another.” Bucky gently kissed Phantom again to finish.

“It’s just a lot of alphas and betas. Although Clint seems,” the feline paused for a moment, “Decent, I suppose.” His thick otter-like tail gave a tight squeeze around Bucky’s waist before he stood up. “I’m afraid that I am rather overstimulated, and would rather remove myself now before I end up clawing a hole in either one of your faces.”

Peter stood as well, kissing the anthro on the cheek and dipping his head in respect. “Goodbye Phantom. See you soon?”

“In a few days.”

Bucky stood then and smiled at his omega, grabbing Peter by the waist to pull him close. “See you when you are ready then.”

Phantom nodded and then turned, leaping out of Bucky’s window and landing gracefully on the ground below.


“He kissed you,” Peter said.

“He did indeed. That’s a big step for him.”

“His omega-core has probably begun the process of accepting you as his alpha.”

“Good. I’m glad that we made progress.”

Peter was silent for a moment before speaking again, “That means his heat is going to start soon. Who even knows when his last full heat was?”