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Stubborn Love

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Okay, so I've decided to rewrite this story from the beginning! I'm sorry for those who read the last 15 chapters, but I promise my writing has gotten a lot better and the plot will be easier to follow. The story will remain as I wrote it last time just with better writing and a more clear plot.


Clint awoke to the bright rays of sun blinding him. Damn Steve, always leaving the goddamn blinds open. He mumbled something into Steve’s chest as he rolled over, using the supersoldier's muscles to block out the sun. “It’s just a little bit of sun Clint, it won’t hurt you.”

“Then why does it hurt?” Clint retorted, rubbing at his ears, remembering that he had forgotten to take out his hearing aids the previous night.

“Because you’re nocturnal and you hate the sun,” Steve laughed, rising up and watching Clint roll off the bed. He watched the smaller man stand and glare at him with his bed hair sticking up in every angle.

“You’re rude,” Clint said turning around and pulling on a pair of loose purple sweatpants. Steve came over and wrapped his arms around Clint’s waist, kissing his neck gently.

“You love me.”

“A bit too much.”

Steve smiled and rubbed his soulmark on Clint’s body, tracing the shield’s shape before kissing Clint’s collarbone and leading him out of the room to go get some breakfast. “There had better be coffee left,” Clint basically screamed at Scott (who was surprisingly awake).

“Relax Birdy, I left an entire pot for you,” Scott grumbled into his toast. He looked horrible. A torn shirt barely hung onto his body and large circles encased his eyes. His usually glowing smile was dull, but then again he had just gotten back from a week-long mission.

“You should go rest up sweetheart,” Steve purred into Scott’s ear, only to be flipped off by the lithe man.

“I’m fine babe, the mission went well with only one weird occurrence,” Scott reassured his soulmate.

“If you broke your suit again, I’ll personally kill you,” Tony spoke as he walked past the three men in the kitchen to grab himself a cup of coffee before Clint drank it all.

“No no, the suit is fine. Thanks for that upgrade, by the way, it works really well. But while I was out, that soulmark burned a little,” Scott explained. The Avengers were unusual, with each of them being bound to one another. Bucky, Clint, Peter (Parker), Pietro, Sam, Scott, Steve, Thor, and Tony were all bound together. And of course Matt Murdock (the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen) was bound to them as well and they had a loose bond with T’Challa. T’Challa was soulbound to them but since he had his own kingdom to run he was almost never around and Matt didn’t live in New York City and had his own city to protect. Logan from the X-Men was also bound to each of them, but living in Canda made him a rare sight.  Each one of them, however, had one extra soulmark. One that hadn’t been activated yet, one that sent shivers down their spines.
It was a black soulmark in the shape of a large demon with a sniper rifle in its arms. It had a bullet streaming down their forearms to strike a white human skull. So far all they knew was that it belonged to an anthro which was a highly feared and highly aggressive species.

“Really? Did you see anything?” Clint asked, his coffee now taking full effect and brightening up the archer’s eyes.

“Nothing except some pawprints, I took a picture of them. Tony, do you think FRIDAY could analyze the photo to figure out the species?” Scott questioned the genius.

“Of course, just pull the photo up on your phone and place it on the counter.” Scott did as he was told and the four men all waited in silence for FRIDAY to finish.

Well, it was silent until Sam and Bucky entered the commons area with Natasha following them, shaking her head. Natasha and Bruce were bound together, with Bruce being her omega, so it was odd to see them apart unless they were on a mission.  Sam and Bucky were laughing their asses off at some unheard comment, causing Tony and Scott to glare at the two.

“It is too goddamn early to hear your annoying ass laugh,” Scott spat at the two (mostly at Bucky).

“Someone’s happy,” Bucky smiled and wrapped his metal arm around the beta, gently kissing his temple.

“I swear to god if you don’t stop talking that loud I will shrink down and ruin your life,” Scott threatened, although he did relax into Bucky’s strong grip.

“Sir, sorry to interrupt but I have the results from the pawprint. It appears to be a hybrid creature. While I am not 100% certain the two most likely species in this hybrid would be snow leopard and otter.” FRIDAY’s feminine AI voice told the group.

“What is this for?” Natasha asked, stealing Clint’s coffee from him and drinking the rest of it in one big gulp.

“While on my mission our little unknown soulmark was burning and I found pawprints at my locations,” Scott explained. “Not only that but when I arrived at the mission point there were already dead bodies. Forgot to mention that. But the bodies were laying there with their spines torn out and their jugular's shredded.”

“Odd,” Bucky said, “No anthro kills like that. Only the ferals ones do, but if you only saw two paw prints, then they were standing on two legs, which means they weren’t feral.”

“Since when are you an anthro expert?” Sam asked, biting into a green apple.

“I had some free time one evening,” Bucky shrugged and turned to the photo of the pawprints on Scott’s phone.

Steve let out a small huff of amusement before looking around, “Where’s Pietro? Or Wanda?”

“The twins are out on a mission,” Vision replied calmly as he appeared through the floor. Vision and Wanda didn’t have soulmates and were both betas, but they became a couple. Thor was out on Asgard and Peter still had to live with his Aunt May so that meant that the tower was oddly empty, even with the majority of the team remaining at the Stark Tower.

Tony yawned and sat down next to Scott, taking the phone away from Bucky’s view, “I’ll look over some files I have later today. I have to fix Sam’s wings first though and Natasha you had something for me?”

“My new gun you made keeps sparking at random moments, doesn’t hurt too much, but it sometimes causes the gun to lock up,” the female replied, handing Tony the gun from her belt.

“I’ll take a look at it after I’m finished with Sam’s wings.”

“You work too much,” Natasha gently told the man, “You should take a day and just relax.”

“He needs more like a week.” Steve was always very overprotective over everyone in the tower, so when Tony would just work and work for days on end it made the large man worry.

“Steve, he does this all the time. I’m sure he knows when to quit,” Bucky soothed his lover, kissing his cheek softly.

“Damn right, thank you Bucky,” Tony puffed out his chest like a bird and gave Steve a smug look, “I’ll be fine with one more day of intense labor.”

“Whatever you say,” Clint added, walking away in his low-riding sweatpants and disappearing into the elevator. Scott gave a large yawn before being picked up by Sam and carried away to probably go sleep.