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Sneak Out

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            7:52 PM

            Two floors down, 3 rooms to the left. This is what he needs to get a night with his boyfriend. The 3 steps to the left are the easy part.


            He stands in the middle of the room and turns all hands in ears, and for a moment, he stands still. He hears steps going down and up, left and right, but that’s not important. Bakugou and Kirishima are on their rooms, both quiet. By the sound, Bakugou is snoring and Kirishima is listening to music on headphones. His plan was simple: get to the room on the end of the hall and from there, climb down to Tokoyami’s room.


            He keeps two hands and 4 ears for precaution on his arms, to guarantee that he can still track every movement in the building. It’s surprising how good a guy of his size can be on stealth missions when his boyfriend was the reward. He dashes silently to the other side of the hallway, and stands a little. Bakugou just rolled around in the bed and Kirishima switched the music he was listened to classic rock. The door on the end of the hall led to an empty room. He did not knew if they forgot to lock that room, or if it was purposely left in the open, but Shouji was not going to question a good thing.


            He opened the door and walked towards the veranda and stands still to listen again. There’s nobody outside, but not all of them are in their rooms, and nobody is asleep either. So this won’t be a walk in the park, but there is a good chance that it’s all going to work out.


            He started  he jumped to the outside of the veranda, holding himself into place with 4 hands.  Maybe this was going to be a little tougher. The room downstairs was empty, and he could take advantage of that. Shouji jumped downwards and entered Ojiro’s veranda. He got set to do the same thing again, this time ready to enter Tokoyami’s veranda.


            And then, there was a loud sound. It was actually really low, if it wasn’t for his heightened hearing, he probably wouldn’t have listed anyway, but it was there, loud, disturbing and agonizing, throwing him off balance and down the last 2 floors right into the ground. Again, thank god he was not normal. His appearance is… different, but his body can surely take a hit.


            He stood in the ground a little, grunting, trying to not make any sound and with his breath hitching. “Did you hear something?” Iida asked, on the lounge.


            “I… think I did.” Ojiro was there too.


            He did not had an explanation to be 4 floors down and outside the building, but he could run and hide, so that was a good option. He ignored his hurt back and the sharp pain and dizziness he got from getting up too quickly and made a run to outside the reach of the room’s lights and their views, hoping he could blend with the dark outside, hiding in the bushes, and not look like the villain in a terror video game.


            He could see Iida’s face against the windows, carefully looking around, searching for a point of movement, at that moment, he heard the quick steps of a man inside and then another set of footsteps, but finding nothing, he turned back to warn the other inside. “Ojiro, there’s n… Ojiro?” He moved inside, away from the window and into the building, away from the window stare.  “Ojiro?” Iida called again, when the lights on the inside were shut off, leading him to almost scream.


            Shouji ignored the situation. He has a theory about what happened, and knowing everybody in the class, he is right. “Sorry, Iida, I turned off the lights with my tail. I’m going upstairs now, ok?” With that, the lights were on, and Shouji was on the target again. He had only a small amount of time before Iida turned back and found him, so that was it, the leap of faith.


            “Technically jump” he thought by himself. He gathered all his strength in his legs, stretched his arms to the veranda on the second floor and went for it. The combination of his body strength, height and quirk was thankfully enough to reach the border with his hands. “Now what?” he thought again. He could not fall, he was using all his strength pull himself upward, when he finally looked up.


            A shadow looked at him. Dark, bizarre and scary, two glowing red eyes staring down at him from underneath dark and purple robes. Shouji froze in place before she shadow’s hand crept on the man’s arm and held him in place. He shook off his hand from the parapet an started falling backwards.


            “Mezou!” Fumikage’s voice came from up. He was held by two arms who would soon fall, not being able to hold him.


            On a synchronized moment of adrenaline, Mezou’s second pair of hands moved upward and held the parapet with strength, trying to holding himself while Dark Shadow’s hands held his forearms. Both pulled filled with all their might and got Mezou inside the veranda and threw him on the wall. He only then was able to realize that Fumikage’s pajamas were composed by some sort of ancient arcane dark wizard robes.


            “What kind of clothes are those?” Mezou breathed. “I thought you room was haunted.”  He chuckled when Fumikage hit his arm.


            “These are my pajamas.” He stated,  flushed. “They are comfy and cool, ok?”


          “For someone who is summoning demons in his sleep?” He got hit again. He chuckled again. “Ok, sorry. Sorry.”


            “Why were you outside like that?” Fumikage asked, while inviting him inside his room.


            As dark and as cool as his boyfriend, he thought for a second. “I wanted to see you, so I climbed down from my room.”


           “That’s the most romantic and stupid thing anyone ever did for me.” Fumikage laughed, satting down in his bed. “Did you fell down? I heard a ‘thud’ before.” Mezou received an accusing look, as a warning to not lie about it. “Yeah, kind of. From the third floor.”


            “Ok, sit down, let me see if it’s too bad.” Fumikage asked, going to the last drawer on his table to get the first aid kit. Mezou took off his shirt and sat down on the bed, with his back turned to the other. The lights were suddenly up while a hand touched his back. “A little red, I think you have a small bruise here, but nothing too big. You’re going to live.”


            “Thanks, doctor.” Mezou them turned a bit to take the hand that was touching in his and pull him forward a bit. “Your pajamas really creep me out.” He stated. “Can I take them off?”


            “Always the smooth player, right?” Fumikage’s laughs were a treat that few were able to receive. He was one of those people.


            Fumikage was pulled again into his boyfriend’s lap and in the middle of his arms. Two on his thighs, two on his waist, one on his neck, another on his cheek. Mezou moved forward and connected his mask to the tip of the other’s beak. It was their idea of kiss by it’s barest definition, but it worked for them. The hands on his waist found the knot of the robe and started working on it, to open it and feeling the skin beneath. There was a boxer underneath it, and only that. The pair of hands on the other’s thighs, moved forward, teasing the hem of the underwear.


            “Tokoyami?!” Midoriya banged the door, sounding like he was trying to not be as nervous as he was.


            The two jolted upward, but neither let go. They gestured to each other, trying to figure out what to do. Ultimately, they decided to answer.  “Wha-what is it, Midoriya?”


            “I… I need a fire extinguisher.” Midoriya stopped talking as if he was wondering. “For a fire… hazard… drill.”


            “Now? At the middle of the night?” Tokoyami accused, trying not to groan when the hands on his waist were found their way down. “I… don’t have one.” He said, more harshly than he needed. He gulped when Mezou’s hands cupped his ass and his head now laid on his shoulder.


            “There’s one downstairs.” Mezou whispered, so only his boyfriend could hear.


            “Try on the lobby.” He squeaked, when he felt a hand-turned-mouth lick and kiss his chest.


            “Oh, thanks, Tokoyami!” Midoriya said, and rushed away. Only when footsteps could no longer be heard, they talked again. “That was dangerous.” Tokoyami reprimanded.


            “Can I do something for you to forgive me?” He asked slyly, bucking his hips forward and grinding on the other.




            8:04 PM