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Confessions and other stories

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"You should tell him" Saskia murmurs to him, the little Honey Badger Daemon looking earnestly at Daniel.

Daniel sighs and turns to face her, gently stroking her fur "it's not that simple"

"Of course it is! Just go up to him and tell him" Saskia says, her eyes soft and concerned "What's so difficult about doing that?"

"What if he rejects me? What if he decides he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore if I tell him?"

"I doubt that would happen. The way he looks at you, it's like you hung the moon" the little Daemon nudges him with her nose "you've got to Dan. You've been miserable since you found out you like him"

"I have not been miserable!" Daniel responds and Saskia snorts;

"Yes you have. You've been acting like a teenager girl with her first crush. You listen to sad songs, you watch soppy movies. You get sad seeing couples kiss in the paddock. It's getting ridiculous!"

Daniel shakes his head but he can't help but admit it. She was his Daemon after all. They shared the same feelings and thoughts. Only she would really know what he was truly feeling and how it affected him.

"Fine" Daniel says "I will tell him, but it's your fault if he never speaks to us again"

"Trust me, that won't happen" Saskia replies, giving a happy little grunt that she finally talked sense into her human.


Daniel finds Sebastian talking to Kimi in the Ferrari garage. When Sebastian notices him he gives him a wide smile and excuses himself from Kimi. Sebastian's Seagull Daemon, Sidra, gives a welcome squawk and jumps off Sebastian's shoulder and down onto the floor to greet Saskia. The two Daemons exchange greetings and Sebastian grins at Daniel "great race today, right? One more lap and I would have overtaken you"

"Yeah the race was great. Nice to finally have a proper battle with you" Daniel replies. He runs a hand nervously through his hair and Saskia gives a little chirp. He looks down at her and she nods towards Sebastian, who looks at their interaction with curiously.

"I uh...I want to tell you something....." Daniel begins, but then he notices that Kimi is still standing there and he trails off.

Kimi shakes his head "You don't need to tell me. I'm going" he looks at Sebastian "call me later?"

Sebastian nods "I will. Say hi to Robin for me"

"Okay" Kimi replies. He looks at Daniel, then turns and walks back to the paddock. Kimi's Daemon, an Arctic Hare who was called Lexa, gently nudges Sidra in goodbye then lopes after Kimi.

Once Kimi is gone, Sebastian asks "so what did you want to tell me?"

"I uh...yeah I was going to ask you...if...if" Daniel suddenly found his mind going blank. He couldn't do this.

Sebastian looks at Daniel in concern "are you okay?"

"I'm fine" Daniel gets out, forcing himself to smile "I just want to...." but no. He can't say it.

Saskia takes this opportunity to gently nip at Daniel's leg and he hisses in pain. He glares down at her but she just looks right back at him. He sighs and turns to look back at Sebastian.

Sebastian is watching their interaction in amusement and he folds his arms "I'm waiting"

Daniel sighs and runs a hand through his hair "the thing is, Seb" he takes a deep breath and says in a rush "the thing is Seb I'm in love with you"

The confession is met with resounding silence. Daniel looks at the floor, feeling his heart sink.

"You're in love with me?" Sebastian asks quietly.

"Yes" Daniel says in a small voice, not looking up.

"Daniel, look at me" Sebastian asks and Daniel does, expecting to see Sebastian's eyes full of anger.

But they're not. They're soft and full of love. It takes Daniel's breath away.

"I love you too, you idiot" Sebastian tells him, before leaning in to give Daniel a soft kiss.

Daniel practically melts into the kiss and kisses him back. Their Daemons brush against each other, lost in the feelings their humans were experiencing.

When they part, Daniel is beaming "if I knew, I would have told you sooner"

"I tried to tell you" Sebastian replies "but I was worried you'd say no"

"Guess we were both idiots?" Daniel asks and Sebastian laughs.

"I guess so" Sebastian smiles at Daniel and links their hands together.