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How am I good Enough for you?

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It had been 3 months since the monsters rose up from the earth. The last time you spoke to your mother she seemed very neutral about it. Your Father however is obviously against them, but he was always the big christian nut. He sometimes forgets that God wants us to loves everyone. You gave up on Christianity though. Your father had ranted one to many times about how he was probably Jesus, and how everything he was doing was being watched, and the voices told him things about you that weren’t true in the slightest. Who cares about God when your father calls himself Jesus, and then continues to be an asshole?

You have always been open to the monsters joining us here on Earth though. No one should have to be locked up underground for generations just because they look different. You heard it was also because they could take the souls of humans? Eh it’s hard to understand that sometimes. You can’t really assign blame to someone if they haven't committed a crime yet anyway. That’s just wrong. Sure they have the potential to steal souls, but humans have the potential to kill hundreds of other humans just because they want to. Just because they look slightly different. Potential to do violence is not a reason to suspect someone of violence. That’s just your take on it though.

Prejudice is dumb anyway! But today wasn’t the day to be thinking of the social injustices of an entire species getting locked underground for hundreds of years. Because today, right now, you’re hungry! There’s some fries with your name on them at Mcdonalds, and by god were you going to get some! Really you need to stop letting your mind wander when you walk. Plus it’s a beautiful day outside! You should pay more attention to your surroundings. Like that pretty patch of flowers that smells oh so sweet. Or that cat in Mcdonalds that’s behind the counter. Wait. a cat working behind the counter?? Huh. Well you guess Mcdonald's has hired a monster here. It’s nice to see such a big company take the initiative on including our new neighbors in this world. Especially since this monster seemed to be one of the many animal types.

A cat working the counter eh? Well you always did like cats more, and this one was definitely on your list of adorable cats. It looks like a he? You decide to just say he for the ease of it. He was a dull orange. Not too bright which is nice. Some animal monsters you’ve seen have been bright colors which always threw you off. Why does a bunny need to be baby blue? This one was just a regular tabby cat color though. Really tall to. Taller than you which is on your list of things to look for in men. Oh (Y/N)! You can’t be thinking of that right now. You didn’t come here looking for a man. Or a monster. You came here for fries!

Ignoring his looks for now you walked into the building. The Aroma of fries and burgers was absolutely everywhere! You think to yourself ‘I’m gonna order like a gagillion fries. Maybe a burger too? If I’m feeling really hungry!’ Luckily there wasn’t much of a line today, so you got to the front really quick.

“Hello welcome to Mcdonald's what can I get you?” said the monster. His voice confirmed the suspicion that he was a male. It was nice and deep, and had a rumble to it. Almost like a purr but not? You decided to sneak a peek at his name tag, and pulled a gross face. “Is something the matter?” he asked. His question betrayed that you are probably making him nervous by staring at him with your stupid face. Pull it together!


“Ah no no sorry, uhm…. Hey is… is your name really BurgerPants?” you asked. You slapped your hand over your mouth at that. What a rude thing to say!! It might be a culture thing, and even if it wasn't you didn’t wanna seem like you were trying to be mean to him! Like what if he hates that name? Or gets teased for it! Or even worse! What if he likes that name! “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry that just slipped out!” you exclaim.

It looks like if he didn’t have fur all over his face he would be sweating. “Don’t worry about it little buddy. Happens all the time. Can I take your order?” he says. At this range you can’t help finishing your initial glance at his appearance. Wow he really is quite tall. You would say about 6’4” but that’s just a guess. He is wearing a light pink shirt with his name tag on the left side, and a Mcdonalds hat on his head. He fills out his shirt nicely. As in ‘if you were looking for a relationship this man here just about fits the bill’ kinda nicely. You can’t see the rest of his body behind the counter. “Ahem?”

Shit you were too caught up looking at him! You forgot to order your fries! “Ah right sorry sorry! I’ll have 3 large fries and a cheeseburger.” As you finish telling him your order you look him straight in the eyes. Oh god you think maybe you just found the most amazing thing to ever look at ever. His eyes are so piercing! A nice rich green with what looks like flecks of fricken gold in them! The pupils are just like a cats to. Cats never let you look into their eyes for this long. He is much like a cat in that regard when he suddenly looks away. You realize you were staring again, and blush despite not really being the blushing type. You were certain you couldn't even blush until just now.

“Uh right so that’s 3 Large fries and a cheeseburger then? Would you like anything to drink with that?” he says to you. You gulp, and nod in his direction. He stares at you for a little bit before you realize you need to tell him what you want to drink.

“Ah sorry again. Just a water will be fine. Oh and for here please.” you say. You think maybe your face is all red by this point. You are just the epitome of embarrassing yourself today aren’t you? Your shoes look like the most interesting thing in the world right now. Yup. Much more interesting than looking into his eyes again. God his eyes are still on your mind you almost don’t notice him asking for you to pay for your order. “Shit sorry I wasn’t paying attention, uhm what did you say again?”

He sighs heavily at this. “That will be $6.67 please.” You hand the money over, and sorta stand there awkwardly until he clears his throat and you look back up at him. “Uh you know buddy you don’t have to keep standing there. I know I’m a monster, but it’s not like I’m going to hurt you if you turn your back on me ya know?”

You gape at that. Why would he hurt you?! That’s not why you were still standing there, but of course he wouldn't know that you hadn't said anything to him about it. “Oh no no no no! No of course not! Sorry sorry, I was just wondering about your name still. I mean I uh… Don’t wanna like offend you or anything, but that CAN’T be your real name right? I… Sorry sorry nevermind just ignore the awkward human.” you say. This was the worse. He probably hates you now. You examine your feet again, and they sort of shift on the floor. Since when had shuffling your feet been a nervous tick for you?

He sort of chuckles at you, but it’s more of a silent nervous laugh. “Don’t worry about it buddy. It’s not the first time someone has asked about it. To answer your question it’s not my real name. Just a name I got saddled with after a bad experience with some glamburgers and pretty girls. Let me tell you, never….”

What? Did he just stop his thought in the middle of a sentence? You glance back up at him, and it’s like the tables have turned. He has this blank look on his face that looks like he is trying very hard to not stare at you and failing. You stare right back at him. It seems you have entered into an awkward impromptu staring contest with him. “What? Never what?” you ask.

“Never uh… n-never. Damn never.” He does that one thing where he pulls on his collar. You didn’t ever really understand why people did that. Were they having trouble swallowing? Was it too hot? You could only guess. “Never t-talk to uh… to uh…. Mettaton!! Yeah yeah Mettaton. He is the worst ok? Like geeze can one be any worse than that rectangle? But I uh. I guess that he looks different nowadays? But yeah, never talk to M-Mettaton ok buddy?” Mettaton? As in that super famous robot monster? Yeah like you would ever get the chance to talk to him. Mettaton is a celebrity for goodness sake! It doesn't seem like that's what he was actually gonna say, but it doesn't matter all that much. Plus saying this instead seems to have calmed him down considerably.

He probably thought he managed to successfully change his sentence without you noticing. “Ah well O.K. then? I won’t talk to Mettaton. Not that I’ll ever get a chance. He’s like famous and stuff.” you say. Since when has saying like been a thing you did? You can’t remember. God you must sound like some dumb airhead of a girl. Maybe he didn’t notice.

He noticed. It looks like he was about to comment on it, but just then your order arrived. “Oh hey uh, here’s your order then. Have a nice day!” he said smiling. That’s definitely a nervous smile. It’s probable that you have a similar smile on your face as well. Now you kinda wish you got takeout instead so you could avoid anymore awkward encounters today. Too bad you didn’t think that far ahead in the conversation. Just shuffle over and take your tray and walk away. No need for this to get worse than it already is.

The universe just has it out for you today though doesn’t it? There is only one seat that you can sit at! Since when did this place get so packed? Well it’s not SO packed you guess, but if you wanted to do that thing where you sit as far from anyone else as you possibly can then there is only one worthy seating option. Joy of joys it’s basically right next to the counter. Basically. Which means you have to either keep up that awkward conversation you seem to have started, or just ignore him outright. Both are equally unappealing, but you really don’t wanna be rude. Since ignoring someone is considered to be very rude in all the circles you decide to keep talking to him. How much worse can it get right?

A whole lot it turns out. You had only just started to talk to him again. About people you hate in fact. He really hates Mettaton huh? Well you were talking when suddenly some douchebag steps in front of you to block your vision. “Uh hey! Could you move please? I was kinda talking to Burgerpants over there.” you tell him. This guy though. He must think he’s so cool. He leans over and gets real close in to your face. Ugh his breath reeks! “Hey! Gross! Get out of my face will ya? Your breath is terrible!”

He moves away really quick at that. Well that pissed him off. He looks visibly mad at you now, but it also looks like he is trying very hard to not yell at you. What could he possibly want? You guess you’ll find out soon. He‘ll probably just say what he wants and leave right? “Hey hey now! Why don’t you chill girly! I was just gonna ask if you wanted to talk to a real man instead of this pussy over here! No need to be getting all sassy on me! Not unless you uh, heheh wanna take this conversation elsewhere?” He’s speaking just a little to loud until he gets to that last part, and now it’s very obvious why he came over to interrupt your conversation.

Your face must be so red right now! You can feel it heating up. Whether it’s from anger or embarrassment doesn’t matter so much. No one had ever spoken to you like that before! You were never considered attractive enough for the advances of dicks, pricks, and douchebags. Apparently talking to a monster gets you enough attention for the interference of people who have no right nosing in on your business! “EWW gross!! Why would I ever wanna get it with you?! Ugh how can someone be so disgusting! Look I know you only just managed to get past high school, but if you could rub your two brain cells together, and think about this for a second you would see I am clearly not interested in talking to you. Ever!” you say loudly.

That broke whatever restraint he had for his anger at the situation so far. His face was obviously the angry red and not the embarrassed red. He rose up to his full height and glared down at you. “I could say the same thing to you! What are you doing flirting up a monster when you have a tons of humans to choose from?! It’s bitches like you that make them think they have any right being up here on the surface with us in the first place!” Now your anger has broken too! How dare he say something so vile! They are people just like us!

You rose up out of your seat and glared up at him. Damn you hate when dicks are taller than you. “What's your problem?!? How dare you say that in front of Burgerpants! He hasn’t done anything wrong and you’re just being a dick for no reason! Is your puny frail human masculinity so brittle it breaks when a woman so much as glances at another guy?! We were just talking about people we hate! Not that it matters to you! Why do you think you can just but into my life when I was having a perfectly pleasant conversation with someone?! They are people just like us you moronic asshole! BETTER GET SOME ICE TO PUT ON--” Your chest was heaving from all the yelling you were doing when suddenly this asshole punches you in the face!

You fall to the ground in a pile, and bring your hand up to touch where he hit it. You don't have time to think about what the hell just happened when he jumps on you to sit on your stomach. You throw your hands up to cover your face as he starts to beat the ever living shit out of you. You are screaming out your pain, Crying out for someone to help you…. But nobody came.

Well that’s not entirely true. Burgerpants came to help. As soon as douche man hit you that first time Burgerpants had jumped over the counter to restrain him. It didn’t start to register that there was no one hitting you anymore as you cried until you felt a soft hand on your shoulder. “Hey hey it’s O.K. now lil bud. I threw him out don’t worry. Are you going to be ok?” He asked. You looked up at Burgerpants to find him looking right at you. His eyes stared straight at yours. They didn’t even turn away this time. You wondered how many bruises you would have tomorrow. Oh god you have gross tears, and snot running down your face don’t you? All you could do was sniffle as you nodded to him. You started to gather your stuff, and wipe off your face. looking at your fries and burger and drink you saw they weren’t salvageable having been knocked to the floor in the scuffle with that guy.

You started to pick up the food and trash off the floor. No reason to leave junk on the floor right? Burgerpants helps you with this. Your glad he is helping, but it’s also probably his job. “S-s-so-sorry ab-about that. ‘sniff’ I-I don’t know w-what came over me there. I d-didn’t mean to cause a s-scene. A-also please let me apologize f-for what that guy said. You do deserve to be up here with all of us.” you insisted. You don’t think he blames you really. But you were always the one to apologize for things that weren't your fault. He needed to know that there are humans who want them here. Or at least you would want that if you were in his situation. You can’t really know what he would want unless he told you.

“Hey come on it’s not your fault, but thanks for that anyway buddy. Heh some of the things you said were real cool of you. Didn’t think I would find a human who would stick up for me like that. Let alone one that I only just met. Plus I was pretty sure you hated me. But uh, to be fair I kinda assume that of all humans.” not a bad point. You kinda do that to an extent as well. It’s easier to be let down when you didn’t have your hopes up anyway. You smile at him and wipe off your nose again before you stand up.

“Thank you for getting him off of me. I should p-probably go now though. Sorry again. Have a good day.” you say quietly. Then you wipe off your hand and offer it to him to shake. He takes it and uses it to help himself to his feet. He isn’t behind the counter, and you really want to finish taking in how he looks. Right now though you really just want to leave and go home to cry for a few hours. “Good bye then.” and you turn on your foot and shuffle out of Mcdonalds to begin walking back home. You decide to take precautions, and text your friend to come here to walk home with you. Just chillin outside as you try to calm yourself before your friend get here.

She gets there in around ten minutes which is enough time to gather yourself up enough to not fall apart again the moment you see her. It’s still obvious that you had been crying, and even if it wasn't some of the bruises from the punches have started to appear. She is such a good friend though. She just rushes up to give you a hug and you both walk off together. She doesn't talk for the whole walk back to your place until you both walk in and she starts to barrage you with questions about what happened. It’s nice to have someone who cares about you like this. Of course you tell her absolutely everything that happened. When you finish the play by play of all the shit that happened at Mcdonald's she sits there for a moment in silence.

“So you were just talking… and he hit you?” she asks. She was a monster supporter like you. You had met her at a monster friendly bar once. She was hanging around some friends of hers. They were also monsters. What looked to be a tall fish woman, a small yellow dinosaur, and two skeletons. She had introduced you all once, but you were really bad at names. They knew that because you were sure to tell them. You have their numbers in your phone, but you never really textd them all that often. They sometimes text you though, but only two of them are really friendly. The other two are much too suspicious of you. They like to ask you about yourself so they can know if you were the kind of human they wanted their human friend to hang out with. It makes sense to you. Humans were known to be attacked if they hung out with monsters a lot. “And you really weren’t flirting with Burgerpants right?” How does she know like everyone?

“Yeah Frisk! We were just talking about some people we both hated. Like he really hates that famous robot Mettaton for some reason? And I really hate my dad! Just talking about that, and then douche bag mc bad breath come up and gets all in my face! Thinks we were flirting. But you know me right? I can’t even flirt up my own species let alone someone who probably thinks I don't have enough fur! Or not pretty enough eyes! OMG FRISK!! If you ever see him again look at his fucking cat eyes! They are the most beautiful thing I have ever fucking seen!” You exclaim. Then you realize that you just told Frisk who somehow knew every single monster that you thought Burgerpants’s eyes were really pretty! Oh god. OH GOD! She has that look on her face. Damn it she is totally going to tell him you said that! “Wait wait Frisk I know that look please don’t tell him I said that! I can’t stand the embarrassment.”

“What embarrassment?” she fucking winks the smug little shit. “You just poured your heart out to me along with some very interesting information that I think Burgerpants should definitely know. There is no embarrassment here. Wait unless...” she stares hard at you and scrutinizes some detail you can't see. If you two weren’t the only two people in the room you would think she was looking through you at someone else. She did this the first time you met to. It looked like she was looking at you but then just sorta stared through you instead to something else. “Oh my GOD!!” she yells. “You totally like him don’t you!?!”

She is smiling like a madman! Oh god she knows! “Oh my GOD FRISK! How do you just know everything! GOD! Damn it why do I even have secrets, or crushes anymore?! You just look straight through me and somehow know exactly what I’m thinking anyway. Do you just wanna make this easier? How about I tell you all my secrets then! Wanna hear about the time I exploded the kitchen?” you shriek.

She giggles at that. “Of course I wanna hear about that, but you aren’t aloud to change the subject missy. You totally like Burgerpants! Oh my god he’ll be so happy! We need to tell him like right now!” she gets out her phone to start texting him this when you tackle her. She shrieks as you both fall off the bed onto the floor.

“NOOO FRISK NO!!” you scream as you snatch her phone away from her. “You can’t tell him! Not ever! Oh my god have you even MET me?! I am much to awkward for a relationship right now! Or ever even! Please please PLEASE! Don’t tell him! For me? As a friend?” You beg. You are both tangled up on your floor wrestling for the phone as this all goes on. “Just please don’t tell him, and I’ll give you phone back O.K.?” you say. This is really not fair to her. You have her phone hostage, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Ugh (Y/N)! You know I can’t do that! This needs to be out there!....” you both are separated now and chasing each other around your room when she stops suddenly. You stop to, and look at her. Both of you heaving and huffing. Your bruises really hurt now. Too many physical activities for one day. And one was just you being mercilessly beaten by some guy. “You… you are really sure you don’t want me to tell him? I mean I know Burgerpants. I could set you up for a date.” she says.

“Yes please please don’t tell him. He probably doesn’t like me like that anyway, and even if he did I am just so not ready for a relationship right now. Promise me Frisk. Promise me you won’t tell him.” you say. Besides that you had barely met the guy. Even if you were ready for a relationship right now you aren't sure it would be with someone you barely knew. You just hope Frisk can understand you in this regard. She stands there looking right through you again, and nods. You sigh in relief and hand her the phone back. Then she gets a devilish look on her face.

“You didn’t say I couldn't tell Sans and Undyne!” she says to you and laughs. You balk at that! Would she really do that? She gives you a sly grin. “Heh just kidding! Of course I won’t tell anyone (Y/N)! I really think we should tell him, but I can wait till you’re ready. Be sure to tell me when you decide to do it though! I wanna be there for you.” she says. She really knows when to be sincere doesn't she? You flop onto your bed and lay there panting. As you think about this.

“O.K. of course I’ll tell you. IF I ever decide to tell him of course. I might never do that you know.” she flops into the bed when you say this and you laugh with her about all of this. “You know Sans and Undyne really don’t trust me right? Like I could ever hurt my best friend! Heh. I bet telling them about this would help them trust me better huh?” you remark. It really would to. If you as a human have a crush on a monster, and were thinking even a little about getting into a relationship with him. Then most of the mistrust Sans and Undyne have would probably dissolve.

“Does that mean I can tell them about this?” she asks hopefully.

You snort at that. “Of course not!”. You both proceed to laugh outrageously for the next few minutes after you start to tell her about that one time you exploded your kitchen. Maybe you’ll go and see if Burgerpants is there again tomorrow.