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Learning Curve

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As far as Nathan was concerned, any night of the week was a good night to head down to the Establishment and check out the public play space. On a Thursday night the crowd ought to be full but not overwhelming: people were starting to relax as the week came to a close, people who didn't work Fridays would be there kicking off their weekends, but it wouldn't have the crush of people the way it would on Friday or Saturday night.

His own weekend schedule wasn't completely clear -- he had plans to meet his best friend Sean and take in some kind of movie on Saturday afternoon -- but there was nothing preventing him from looking around to see if there were any tops who might be looking for a casual scene. Not that tops were usually standing around with nothing to do -- the Establishment might have everything a body could want on the premises, but it couldn't help the fact that subs tended to outnumber doms -- but Nathan was open and forthright and didn't have any trouble asking for what he wanted. That was a tendency a lot of his fellow subs didn't share, and if he met the right guy, it could lead to a quick and friendly hookup. Just what he was in the mood for tonight.

Nathan was generally not the type to advertise himself, and tonight was no exception. He was dressed in everyday jeans and a white t-shirt, and he'd checked his leather jacket at the door. Open play rooms were kept nice and warm, which meant all that leather could get stifling if he got stuck in it long enough. He glanced around at the different people scening, noting familiar faces, familiar bodies, and the occasional new guy.

Hold that thought. There was a scene happening in the northwest corner of the room with a dom, a sub, and some kind of middleman -- maybe a supporting sub, maybe a supporting dom. Either way, the dom was both new to Nathan and, near as Nathan could tell, new to the scene altogether. He was getting instruction and taking it in carefully, nodding, then applying that advice to the way his strokes landed on the sub's ass.

It was the kind of scene Nathan enjoyed participating in himself; he'd played both the sub role and the middleman role a number of times. As a middleman, he was more comfortable as a submissive's coach, but he'd certainly done his share of subbing for new doms. And he'd have been crazy not to want to take the sub's place this time around; the novice dom was gorgeous, 6'4" if he was an inch, obviously young -- probably mid-twenties -- dark hair, and Jesus Christ almighty but those clothes didn't hide an ounce. The kid was built. Nathan wondered who his trainer was for about half a second before more important questions began coming to mind, such as does he play with strangers? and how have I not noticed this kid before?

Luckily for Nathan, staring wasn't unusual around here -- as long as you were at a polite distance, to avoid interfering with the scene itself. He caught himself before he actually started drooling, and he tapped a passing floor supervisor on the arm and nodded at the scene. "Hey there," he said.

"Hey, Nathan, what's up?"

"Who's the kid?"

The supervisor -- slender, blonde hair, six ear piercings, wearing a name tag that read 'Nigel' -- grinned both at the dom and at Nathan. "I've been getting a lot of that tonight. His name's Brandon. Good kid, brand new. Last name 'Routh', spelled like 'mouth'."

"Routh-the-mouth? And he tops?"

"So far he does. Like I said, brand new. We'll see how long that lasts." Nigel winked. "Put yourself in line, I'm sure he'd find some time for you."

Nathan affected a hurt look. "Time for me? Why isn't it me trying to find time for him?"

Nigel just laughed. "Twenty-six-year-old kid who comes here looking like that and wants to top? He can write his own ticket."

"Point," Nathan agreed. "Take care, man."

"You, too." Nigel went on his way, leaving Nathan to look back at Brandon, and then to the rest of the room, taking in the subs who were either participating in scenes or watching them. Nathan straightened up a little and sucked in his stomach.

"A couple hours in the gym would help more," said a voice. A very familiar voice. "You can't hold your breath forever, and I thought breathplay left you cold anyhow."

Nathan was grinning by the time Sean finished talking. "Fuck you, too," he said, reaching out to pull him into a hug. "I didn't think you'd be looking for a scene tonight, or I'd have called before I left."

Sean grinned back at him. "It's nice to know I'm not your last choice -- even if I'm not a twenty-six-year-old kid who's just figuring out he likes to hurt people. God, look at that." Even Sean couldn't help admiring the curve of Brandon's shoulders -- though it was always possible he was actually admiring the bright red patch Brandon was beating into his sub's ass. "I remember those days. He's got to be feeling like a kid in a candy store."

"What kind of candy does that make me?"

Sean looked Nathan over head-to-foot and raised his eyebrows. "You, huh? Well, let's see. You don't go out of your way to look flashy, and you're definitely not a new-to-the-shelf kind of thing--"

"Thanks a lot," Nathan grumbled, starting to wonder if he should have kept his mouth shut.

"But you're honest and dependable and you definitely deserve to be considered a classic. Maybe a peanut butter cup?"

"How the hell do you come up with 'peanut butter cup' after all that?" Nathan asked, laughing out loud.

"You're the one who asked," Sean pointed out. He reached out and tucked his fingers into Nathan's waistband. "So do I need to convince you to find a quiet corner with me, or will you follow me out of here if I start walking?"

"Not so fast. How'd you know how old the kid is?" Nathan asked, nodding back to the corner. Sean followed his gaze; Brandon had moved on to a figure-eight pattern up on his sub's shoulders, and though it wasn't as seamless as it would have been under a more experienced dom's hands, it looked pretty good.

"I looked him up a couple of weeks ago. It was one of his first days, after his second or third class--"

"Oh, he's been taking classes?"

"Yep. Anyway, he was so wide-eyed I thought he was going to pass out just from being in an open play space that was this busy. I let him watch while I did a pickup scene, and we talked some afterward. He's a good kid. He just needs to pick up enough confidence to do this the right way."

"Fair enough." It wasn't easy getting his eyes off Brandon, but Nathan figured he had a window of opportunity with Sean, and he didn't want to blow it and go home alone. Sean could put up with a fair amount of Nathan looking at other guys, but if an offer was on the table, he didn't like being treated like a last resort. "Okay, back to you. What are you after tonight?"

"I'm open to suggestion."

If Nathan were anyone else, he probably wouldn't have gotten such an amorphous offer. Unlike Nathan, Sean had come here advertising himself -- leather chaps over blue jeans, leather vest over black t-shirt, flagging "bondage" from the top. Not the least bit intimidating -- Sean was 5'10" to Nathan's 6'1", built slim, and smiled rather than having a tendency to smirk -- but he got plenty of attention when he went cruising. And even if he wasn't an obvious killer dom, Nathan knew him well enough to know he'd give Nathan almost anything he wanted out of a scene if Nathan was willing to ask for it.

But most of the time Sean came here looking for something specific, only willing to give open-ended offers to subs he knew well. Nathan was just the opposite. The better he knew someone, the more specific his fantasies started getting. With Sean, scene ideas were already popping into his head fully-formed. "How would you feel about a nice wall fuck with some bondage and maybe a little light verbal humiliation?" he asked.

"Like it's a good thing you're asking me and not the newbie." Sean grinned and tightened his grip on Nathan's waistband.

"Yeah, humiliation isn't something I'd throw at a kid who's been here what, five, six times?"

"Uh-huh. On a first scene, no less."

"Definitely not. But we're not talking about him anymore."

"Oh, we're not?" Sean asked. Scratch what Nathan had said about him not smirking; the look on his face definitely qualified.

"No. You want to get out of here and grab a coffee while we hammer out the details?"


The café was more densely packed than the open play space had been. A lot of people were there to cruise, but more of them were just relaxing on a Thursday night, some with friends, some with books. Nathan picked out a small table near the center of the room while Sean headed to the counter to get drinks. Nathan didn't have to worry about him flirting with the barrista and getting distracted; pretty as the girl was, women were not Sean's type. He came back to the table with drinks in hand and straddled his chair, and Nathan felt a jolt of interest run down his spine. Theirs was a friendship built on one hell of a lot of chemistry, and at times like this that chemistry packed one hell of a punch. This was going to be a good night.

"Talk to me about this wall scene," Sean invited, blowing on the surface of his espresso. "Is this a full-out roleplay?"

Sean had come back with a cappucino for Nathan, which he started sipping despite the heat; his tongue could handle it. "Not full-out with dossiers and fake names, maybe, but something where I've just stepped out of the club, it's a rough night and I haven't gotten what I was looking for--"

"--and I drag you into the alley to give it to you? I can work with that." It was pretty familiar territory, really; they'd done any number of scenes like that one. "Same safeword--?"

"You know I don't like to--"

"And you know I won't go without one, so cough up. 'Serenity'?"

Nathan rolled his eyes and nodded. Sean knew he'd probably never use it, but it had to be there. "'Serenity' works."

"Any sore spots I should know about, anything I need to stay away from? Physical or emotional?"

"Nothing you don't know about already. Leave the face out of it except maybe collateral when I hit a wall; sky's the limit on humiliation, but trying to play my age on me isn't going to turn me on."

Sean gave him an odd look. "When have I ever tried to play your age on you?"

"Never. I'm just saying." Nathan took another drink. "Anything else?"

"You feel like wearing a collar tonight?"

It was a legitimate question, even if it didn't feel like it fit the scene. They'd done one or two lately with Nathan in a collar. "Not tonight, if that's all right with you."

"It's me. It's fine." Sean grinned. "Private space seems like it'll work out best for this, don't you think?"


"Stand up and let me get a look at you."

Hell, yes. Nathan took one more drink of his cappucino and took to his feet, stepping back from the table so Sean could look him over. It was a long, deliberate look, taking in everything from Nathan's relatively new haircut -- still long enough to get a grip on if Sean was trying -- to his t-shirt, jeans, and boots. By the time Sean reached out and rubbed his fingertips over the front of Nathan's belt, Nathan was so hard it had to be obvious. He wasn't wearing any underwear, either, but that was standard for him.

"How much do you care about these clothes?"

"Not at all."

"I'm not talking knives here. Not for an on-the-fly scene. But I might get that shirt a little rumpled."

"I can handle rumpled," Nathan said. He grinned.

"Put your arms behind your back."

Nathan spread his legs wider and got his hands where they'd been ordered, left hand going around his right wrist. Sean's hand moved from his belt to his hip and then down, over his thigh. It took some effort not to groan.

"You look good tonight," Sean said quietly. "Sit down and we'll finish charting out the scene."

Nathan exhaled and sat down carefully, adjusting his cock once he got there. "What else do you need to know, sir?" he asked. Sean grunted, sitting up straighter and dropping a hand into his own lap to make an adjustment. Fair was fair; if Sean was going to turn Nathan upside-down with a couple of orders and a touch, Nathan could do the same with titles.

"Names?" Sean asked.

"How about we come up with those on-the-fly, once we get there."

"Ooh." Sean grinned. "First-time scenario?"

"Works for me." Nathan grinned back. First-time scenarios were a particular favorite of Sean's, and that dovetailed nicely with the scene Nathan had in mind. "It sounds like we're working with a nice cliché here; I'm leaving this club because I didn't find what I was looking for..."

"You're leaving a club, you run into me, I back you into the wall. We don't know each other..."

"We don't know each other," Nathan confirmed. "And you can come after me as hard as you want."

Sean shifted in his seat, and Nathan could tell he liked that idea. It was a stronger offer than a casual observer might realize. Sean packed a surprising amount of muscle into his frame and was more than capable of shoving Nathan into walls hard enough to leave those collateral bruises he'd negotiated into the scenario. And they'd played together often enough that Nathan wasn't going to be taken by surprise when the shortest dom in the room shoved him up against the wall and made it count. "All right," Sean told him. "I need ten minutes to get my gloves out of my locker, so go ahead and get us a room, then go up and get lubed. Put your clothes back on when you've done it, and I'll take care of the rest."

Nathan had caught the important word out of that, which was gloves, and he grinned ear-to-ear. "See you in ten," he said.

"See you then."

Sean took off for the first-floor storage room, and Nathan headed to the concierge's desk on the first floor. "Hi there."

"Hi yourself." Tonight's concierge was a friendly redhead named Cindy, someone Nathan had flirted with a few times. Not that it ever went anywhere; Nathan wasn't entirely sure whether concierges were allowed to take advantage of the facilities or not. He assumed so -- surely nobody would take a job in a place like this without wanting to indulge in the perks? -- but he'd never asked. She was damned good at her job, though, and as soon as Nathan told her he was looking for a room for an alley scene, she did her magic with her keyboard and monitors, and tapped the screen. "Okay, you're not looking for anything special, load-bearing hooks or anything?"

"Uh-uh, no, just the wall's fine."

"Have you seen our alley/suite combination rooms?"

Christ, this place really does have everything. "I don't think so..."

"They're new. Let me show you what they've got."

She swiveled her monitor around to show him a floorplan. It looked a little claustrophobic at first -- mostly a 5'x10' corridor the size of a storage unit -- but there was a door on one of the long walls that led to an actual hotel room, complete with bed and bathroom. "The door's made up to look like a warehouse door, but it isn't hard to open or locked or anything like that. Your top should have no trouble with it. The room itself's brick on both sides, paved with concrete, a little street litter thrown in for atmosphere. Nothing you could trip over. There is, however, one 'strategic' waste box, cardboard, that actually contains some lube and condoms, should you happen to need them in the heat of the moment."

"God, I love fantasy."

"It has its benefits, doesn't it?" Cindy agreed. "Speaking of fantasy, there's an LCD-screen window on the back wall that makes it look like you're outside, as long as you're not fucking right up against it -- which, I might add, is not advisable. Try to avoid getting any liquids on the screen, please."

"Of course. No worries on that end. That'll do great." And it was a hell of a lot safer than really fucking in an alley, which Sean and Nathan had done from time to time.

"Do you want it room-temperature, a little cold, a little warm? I can get the thermostat going now."

"A little warm if you can manage it," Nathan said immediately. Neither one of them preferred playing in cold rooms, and Nathan would take a hot September evening over the real April temperature any time.

"No problem." Cindy slid a touch-screen signature pad over. "If you could initial and date this, please?"

Nathan signed electronically, and Cindy handed him a keycard. "My top's Sean Maher; please give him a key and let him know when I went up."

"Will do. Have a good night, Nathan."

"Thanks!" Nathan headed for the elevators and grinned. Oh, yeah. Good night? Definitely.

The room was exactly as Nathan had pictured it, and it was heating up already. There were even some street noises, a few rumbling engines in the distance. He chuckled; even for something like this, the sound system was excellent.

The "waste box" was near the sliding door to the hotel suite, and under a crumpled piece of newspaper there were supplies -- a few different kinds of condoms, some latex and nitrile gloves, a few different kinds of lube. Nathan dropped his pants, picked out a nice water-based lubricant, and prepped himself. There were moist towelettes to clean up with in the box, too, and a smaller, lined box meant for real waste, both of which he made use of. He got his jeans back on and rearranged the newspaper. The box was still a little conspicuous, but what the hell; that was what fantasy was for.

By the time the door opened a second time, Nathan was in character and ready to start. He had his thumbs tucked through his belt loops and was looking at the screen -- if you didn't look too hard at the pixels, it really did look like the room opened right out onto a street. Cars passed by on occasion, but no people. He glanced over his shoulder as the door slammed shut, and he gave Sean a once-over before turning back to the screen. Except -- damn, no, he was going to have to look again. Sean had swapped his vest for a leather motorcycle jacket, and he was wearing gloves now, tight black gloves that just came up to the wrist. Head-to-toe leather.

Cheater, Nathan thought, mouth going dry as his cock got hard.

"Hey," Sean said.


Sean grinned and walked up -- not too fast, not too slow. Nathan stood still and watched him approach, catching the way his eyes moved over the room and noted the "waste box", the LCD window, the warehouse door that led to the real hotel room. One more step forward, and Sean was close enough to reach out and touch him. He did just that, putting his hand on Nathan's ass. Nathan glanced down at Sean's hand, then back up at his face, and raised an eyebrow.

"That's one hell of an opening. You got a name?" Nathan asked.

"Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine."

Sean stretched his hand out, and that got Nathan's attention again. Leather splayed over his ass -- dammit. It's hard to play cool when you're pushing a button that hard, he thought, giving Sean a grin that was meant to look hesitant. "Nate. You know you're kind of crowding me..."

"Trust me, I'm not. You'd know if I were crowding you. My name's Sean."

Nathan turned around, moving out from under Sean's hand. "Right. This is nice and all, but my ride's gonna be here any minute--"

"That's too bad."

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "How's that?"

"Well, you obviously didn't get what you were looking for back there--" Sean jerked a thumb back towards the door. "I thought I'd come out and see if I could help with that."

Nathan said nothing, trying to decide how hard to get he was going to play this. He didn't have a chance to come to a full conclusion on that, though, because Sean grabbed him by the wrist and walked him -- slowly, slow enough Nathan could have pulled away if there'd been any reason in the world to do it -- back into the wall.

"Don't think," Sean murmured. "Go with it."

"Fuck," Nathan whispered, and that wasn't acting at all. Sean knew him just well enough to make a scene like this not just work but fly; he slid his hand up Nathan's arm, thumb rubbing the inside of it in circles. The drag was smooth, the leather was warm -- Nathan had time to let out one soft groan before Sean pressed in hard and kissed him.

The scent of leather was so thick Nathan was half-drowning in it, and he spread his legs wider without even thinking about what he was doing. Sean took advantage, stepping in and shoving his thigh between Nathan's legs. He rubbed up hard, and Nathan gasped under his lips. Leather, he thought again. He could practically feel all the blood in his body rushing straight to his cock.

"Want me?" Sean murmured.


Sean sank his teeth into Nathan's lower lip, not too hard, just enough to make Nathan stop talking. He pulled back and slid his hand from Nathan's arm to his shoulder, then cupped Nathan's neck with it and rubbed his thumb over Nathan's lips. Nathan opened his mouth, and Sean slid the tip of his thumb inside.

"If the answer's yes," he murmured, "suck hard."

Nathan reached out with both hands, grabbed Sean's hips, and pulled him closer. He went to town on Sean's thumb, sucking it into his mouth, rubbing his tongue over it, stroking back and forth against the pad of his thumb and giving Sean everything he could. Sean knew just how to work this kink; Nathan was halfway there already, definitely wanting more.

"Tell the truth, now," Sean said, running his other hand down to Nathan's hip. "Is your ride on its way?" He moved his thumb back so Nathan could answer.

"Not that I'd give a shit if it was," Nathan said, half-out-of-breath, "but no."

Sean grinned at him. "Good. I hate being interrupted."

"Me, too." Nathan took a deep breath as Sean ran his hands up Nathan's chest, palms flattening over his nipples. Christ, his hands were hot -- a hell of a nice contrast to those doms whose hands never seemed to warm up.

Sean reached up a little further, snagging his fingers into Nathan's neckline. "Are you attached to this shirt?"

"Uh--" Nathan's eyes went wide, in-character. But Sean wasn't waiting; this part was already taken care of in negotiations, and Sean popped the neckline with a quick twist -- something not everybody could do, given how tough crewnecks were, but that was Sean; he'd practiced that -- then dug both hands in and tore it clear down the middle. It took three hard pulls, and when he was done, Sean slid his hands from Nathan's waist to his collarbones, humming softly.

Nathan tilted his head back, nearly smacking it against brick, and closed his eyes. His hands fell to his sides. "Please, man, c'mon--"

"Sean," Sean corrected lightly, and he took Nathan's left nipple and tweaked it hard. Nathan came half-off the wall, growling under his breath until Sean let him go.

"Sean, please--"

"Yeah?" Sean asked, looking up at Nathan's face. He reached up and grabbed Nathan by the hair, pinning him back against the wall again. This time the pinch was even harder, twisting Nathan's nipple as Nathan cried out and slammed both fists into the wall.

"Fuck, that's good," Nathan panted. "Please, Sean..."

"Other side now," Sean warned him, changing his grip on Nathan's hair and moving to his other nipple. He worked this one in stages, a little pressure, then a little easier; a little more, then slacking off some. The pain was gorgeous, enough to make Nathan squirm and gasp and try to lean forward. That grip on his hair didn't let him go anywhere.

He was breathing heavily and rocking forward by the time Sean was done, and when Sean put both hands on Nathan's hips to hold him steady, Nathan didn't move. He stayed pressed flat to the wall while Sean dipped his head down and started sucking on his nipple, biting lightly, licking in circles. Sean was taking it easy on him. It felt good, but it was light enough contact that Nathan could stay quiet, not letting out much sound besides his breathing. It was when Sean drew back, moved over, licked the other one and then gave it a hot breath before starting in that he started begging. This wasn't warm-up; this was a full-out tease. Sean's hands stayed put on Nathan's hips, which held Nathan down hard enough he could struggle, trying to shove himself forward and get more.

"Fuck, please, please, more, please, Sean, c'mon, you can do more, bite harder, just please, please, God, feels so fucking good," Nathan panted.

"Greedy little bitch, aren't you?" Sean murmured, lips close enough Nathan could feel them on his skin. Nathan could feel himself flushing, but it was dim enough in here Sean wasn't going to see it. He probably wouldn't feel it through those gloves, either, even though the gloves were moving again, up to his throat, down to his waist, thumbs rubbing his nipples in circles. Nathan groaned -- leather -- and twisted against Sean's hands, hoping he'd get held down for his trouble.

That wasn't Sean's plan, though. "Is this what you couldn't get tonight?" he asked. "Somebody who'd give it to you until you begged?" He grabbed Nathan's nipple and twisted again; Nathan yelped out a curse, head slamming back hard against the wall. That fucking hurt, but it'd be out of character to do more than curse a couple times and hope Sean thought he was still cursing about the way he was twisting his nipple. "C'mon yourself, bitch," Sean said, nearly growling it. "Beg for me."

"I -- fuck, Sean, yes, needed -- please -- whatever, just fuck me, please, please fuck me...!"

"You need it that bad, huh?" Sean asked. He pulled the shreds of Nathan's shirt apart and licked over Nathan's collarbone. Nathan shivered. "Need someone to fuck you into the wall like a greedy little slut?"

"Jesus," Nathan groaned. The combination of Sean's tongue and the smell of all that leather was killing him. "Yes -- please, Sean..."

Sean dug his teeth into Nathan's shoulder, and Nathan moaned again. The bite was deep, nice and deep, and he knew it would last. Nathan's moan moved low into his throat as Sean left a second, then a third, bruise on his shoulder. Sean got a nice tight grip on Nathan's hips and shoved, hard; there wasn't much room between Nathan and the wall, but Nathan hit with an impact anyway and curled forward against it.


"Slut," Sean hissed, and God, Nathan could practically feel the way Sean's tongue wrapped itself around the syllable. He didn't have time to analyze just how Sean made himself sound that way, though, because Sean was leaning up to kiss him again. Nathan kissed back, nice and hot, tongue moving against Sean's as Sean pressed his forward into Nathan's mouth.

"Yeah," Sean whispered, pulling away, "good sluts like you get what they deserve. Turn around."

Nathan turned, spreading his legs wider and putting his hands behind his back. Sean jerked his shirt down his arms and twisted the fabric up; he made a few more twists and looped the fabric around Nathan's wrists again. That was still a little too loose to sell this scene, so Nathan rotated one of his wrists, securing the twist -- arguably out of character, but it made the t-shirt a nice, secure bond, which made up for that in spades.

"Good boy," Sean murmured, running his hands up Nathan's back. Nathan groaned and arched into the touch. "Good slut. Hell, yeah... that's a good boy, c'mon, now." Sean's hands moved in front of Nathan, down the front of his chest, to his waist, one hand slipping into the front of his pants and reaching for his cock. Nathan's forehead hit the wall, and he grunted, but then Sean's hand was wrapped around his cock, leather dragging up the length of it, and it really didn't matter that he had the texture of that one stupid brick embedded in his forehead. He whimpered -- a nice soft sound that made it obvious just how turned on he was -- and Sean pulled his hand free so he could undo Nathan's fly and get his jeans down around his thighs. "Slut wants it bad, doesn't he?"

"Yeah," Nathan whispered, "yeah, fuck, want it so bad--"

"I can smell it on you," Sean whispered, pulling Nathan back a step. "I can taste it on you." He bit Nathan's shoulder again, and Nathan jerked under him. Christ, Sean's teeth were sharp. "And I want to feel your slut's ass around my cock. Hold still."

There were a few moments' rustling, and Sean grunted; Nathan could hear the frustration in that sound. The gloves were probably getting in the way, that or the jacket. A couple more seconds, and the scent of leather filled Nathan's senses as Sean pushed his gloves near Nathan's face. "Open your mouth," he said, and when Nathan complied, he pushed the gloves between Nathan's teeth. "Now hold those for me."

"Nngh--" Which meant yes, sir, or possibly holy fuck, you're going to kill me. Nathan dug his teeth in and waited while Sean finished with the condom. Once it was on him, he moved closer and pulled Nathan's hips back to angle him down, both of them moving instinctively into a familiar position. Sean pushed the head of his cock between Nathan's cheeks and paused, breath coming shallow, as he steadied himself. Nathan was just holding on, trying not to beg -- begging would mean losing his grip on those gloves.

Sean wasn't a mindreader, but he liked hearing begging as much as Nathan liked offering it, so Nathan wasn't surprised when Sean reached up and took his gloves back. The next time his hands went to Nathan's hips, they were in those gloves again, leather warm against Nathan's bare skin. Nathan groaned. "Please..."

"Tell me why I should do this," Sean whispered.

"Wha-- Jesus, because you want to, you're so hard you could fuck through steel," Nathan babbled.

Sean gave him a friendly smack on the back of the head. "Uh-uh. You know what I'm looking for. Give."

Nathan groaned, but when he tried to move back, Sean's grip stopped him. "Fuck," Nathan whispered. "Because I'm a greedy -- greedy little slut--"

"Because you're a greedy fucking whore who needs it so bad he'll take it from a total stranger in an alley," Sean whispered. "Aren't you?"

Nathan moaned, trying to tilt his hips back. "Please..."

"C'mon." Sean's fingers dug in just a little. "C'mon, Nate. Tell me... 'I'm a greedy fucking--'"

"I'm a greedy fucking whore who needs it so bad he'll beg a stranger to fuck him up the ass in an alleyway," Nathan hissed, "Jesus, please, Sean, please, please fuck me, please--"

"Good boy," Sean growled, shoving in all-at-once. Nathan let out a strangled moan and started panting, cock so hard he was probably leaking precome onto the concrete. "Jesus, Nate--"

"Oh, God -- oh, fuck -- please..."

"C'mon, good slut, good whore, that's a boy, c'mon," Sean whispered, starting up hard and fast. He wrapped an arm around Nathan's waist, pulling him back into every thrust. "Such an easy little slut, come on, move for me, slut, move--"

Nathan clenched up hard, shoving back as best he could with his hands behind his back and his shoulder up against the wall for balance. Sean let him squirm for a while before he lost patience and started slamming into him again. "That's it," he growled. "That's it, boy. Take it. Stand there and take it for me."

There was nothing else Nathan could do; he was trapped, he was getting used, he was hot all over and aching for more with every thrust, more pain, more of Sean's gloves on him, Jesus, just more. For a few seconds, he forgot about this being a scene and just let himself feel it, groaning as Sean drove into him over and over, hands clenching into fists as Sean went at him harder with every stroke.

One of Sean's hands clutched at his hip, and the other landed on the nape of his neck. "You ready?" Sean growled.

"No--" Nathan blurted out. Sean frowned and moved his hand from Nathan's hip to his cock. Nathan gasped, and Sean gave him one long stroke.

"You ready now, slut?"

"Oh Jesus fucking Christ, Sean--"

"Sir," Sean snapped, squeezing Nathan's cock hard.

"Sir," Nathan blurted, "sir, please, fuck, please, ready to come, just let me -- just say the word, sir, please, let me come for you, oh fuck, fuck, that feels so good--"

"Me first," Sean said, and he tightened his grip on Nathan's cock as he pounded in hard. Half a dozen strokes could have put him there, but Nathan was still struggling, and Nathan knew Sean well enough to know he'd take that as a challenge -- he'd want to make this tough on Nathan, he'd want to see Nathan struggle to hold back.

The thrusts turned relentless, rhythm pushing Nathan hard against the wall. He bit out groans every time Sean's hips slammed into his ass. He was past the point of begging now, just gasping for air and groaning hard, and then Sean was there, going over, teeth snapping together against empty air as his cock pulsed inside Nathan's body.

Nathan was almost shaking by the time he was done. Sean panted out a few breaths, sounding winded, but he managed to pull together enough breath to whisper, "Come on, bitch" -- which was all it took. Nathan came with a rough grunt, shoving his cock into Nathan's fingers, both his hands clenched into fists. He couldn't even sink forward against the wall when he was done; Sean still had that tight grip on his neck.

When Nathan could breathe again, though, Sean let him go, easing out of him and keeping one arm around his waist for support. "You okay?" he murmured.

"Uh-huh," Nathan said, rolling his shoulders back. "Wrists...?"

Sean helped him untwist the t-shirt, then yanked it off his arms. Nathan groaned and brought them forward, letting his arms take some of his weight against the wall. "Ready to go in?" Sean murmured.

"Not just yet." Nathan flattened his palms against the wall and stayed there for a minute, forehead to brick, catching his breath. Sean kept a hand on the small of his back, waiting it out. A few minutes was all it took, though, and after he'd gotten his breathing even again, Nathan stood up straight. Sean helped him over to the warehouse door, and they both grinned once they got it open and discovered a normal hotel room inside -- with a bed near enough by that Nathan could stumble to it and collapse without any trouble.

"I'm going to clean up real fast, get you a washcloth. Want some water before I go?" Sean asked.

"Is there water?"

Sean looked around and spotted the minibar. He nodded. "Right here." He snagged a bottle and opened it, then passed it to Nathan. Nathan caught him by the wrist before he could move away.

"Hang on a minute."

Sean glanced down at his hand, seeing what Nathan had already noticed. This was the glove Nathan had come all over, and with the scene over, he really didn't need to ask permission, but he looked up at Sean anyway. Sean nodded -- like he was going to say no to this? -- and Nathan bent his head down. Tiny little licks, slow at first, then faster, and Nathan licked up drop after drop of his come until Sean's glove was clean and spit-shined. Sean swallowed hard. "Christ, Nathan..."

"Just wanted to," Nathan murmured. He swallowed, too, trying not to think too hard about what he'd just done. Cleanup service without being asked wasn't exactly something he did very often. "Go on, clean up. I'm sticky, too."

"I'll be right back," Sean promised.

Nathan groaned and shoved out of his boots and jeans as Sean headed to the bathroom. He wasn't gone for very long, but it was still long enough for Nathan to down half his bottle of water and stretch out, propping himself up on one elbow to keep himself from getting so comfortable he'd be at dire risk of falling asleep. With anybody else, it wouldn't have been a problem; with Sean, he was always so at ease after a scene that he'd been known to fall asleep within seconds of getting horizontal. Luckily for him, Sean was one of those guys who liked spending the night and didn't get too offended when Nathan started snoring before he could wax poetic about how great the scene had been. Over-the-top compliments weren't Nathan's style, anyway. Come to think of it, staying the night wasn't Nathan's style, except with Sean.

His thoughts were interrupted as Sean came out of the bathroom with a warm washcloth, and Nathan swapped him the water bottle for it when Sean made it to the bed. Sean had stripped off already, so he was naked and clean and looked, all in all, pretty damned good standing next to the bed there. He'd look better in it, Nathan decided, and after Sean took a drink, he joined Nathan, stretching out and groaning.

Nathan chuckled. "Did that scene take something out of you?" he asked.

"Only the obvious," Sean said. He sat up and pulled the covers back, and Nathan curled up with him, throwing an arm over his chest. The top of his head ended up against Sean's cheek, and he could feel Sean smiling. The smile disappeared after a second, though, and Nathan twisted so he could get a look at Sean's expression.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing," Sean said. "You don't mind spending the night?"

Nathan blinked at him. "No," he said carefully, "just like I didn't mind it the last fifty times we did it. You okay?"

"I'm fine. How about you?"

"I sure as hell don't feel old anymore," Nathan said, then winced. "I mean -- hell. Not that I was feeling old before, I just--"

"You're not old," Sean said, but he wasn't rolling his eyes the way Nathan might have expected him to. "Lie down and snore on me."

Something about all this felt odd -- like there were answers somewhere and Nathan just wasn't seeing them -- but he put it out of his thoughts, and within a few minutes, he was snoring away.