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This might have been the best idea Jotaro’s ever had.

It was an off-hand thought, formed out of something Kakyoin had said about the compatibility of their Stands in the overheated aftermath of one of the late nights in their shared hotel room. At the time Jotaro had hummed agreement, and gazed contentment up at the ceiling of the room, and after a half hour had reached out for Kakyoin’s shoulder to bear him back down to the bed again. But the days of travelling are long, and there’s only so much conversation Jotaro can make before he retreats to the quiet of his own thoughts, and sometime during the hours of driving he starts to think about Stands, and Kakyoin, and the bed waiting for them when they stop for the night, and by the time Kakyoin is following him up the stairs to their shared room Jotaro’s plan has settled into the clean lines of certainty in his mind.

Kakyoin took to the suggestion with surprising rapidity. Jotaro had expected to have to prove his point, had several well-reasoned arguments in the back of his mind; but all he had done was suggest the idea, and Kakyoin had blinked, his eyelashes shifting heavy over the saturated color of his eyes, and breathed “Ah,” with so much heat on the one sound that Jotaro had seen his answer even before Kakyoin followed his initial reaction with “That sounds like fun,” his voice dropping down into the shadow-low range Jotaro usually hears while he’s still in the process of undoing the row of buttons on Kakyoin’s uniform. The thought was enough to move him to action, to press him in close against the resistance of Kakyoin’s body while he kissed heat against the other’s mouth and reached for the tidy lines of his jacket, and it was while Kakyoin was tipping his head back for a strained moan of heat that Jotaro had summoned Star Platinum to step in behind the other and catch the backwards tilt of Kakyoin’s shoulders against his chest. Kakyoin had startled at the contact, tipping his head back and up in the first shocked realization; but then he had gone pliant, his body melting to submissive heat as Star Platinum braced a hold at his hips and Jotaro continued to work open the buttons of his uniform.

It’s a much easier thing to strip Kakyoin to skin with two pairs of hands, Jotaro finds, the easier when Kakyoin is trembling himself into obedience with every slide of Jotaro’s fingers over him and every press of Star Platinum’s grip at his hips, and Jotaro -- and therefore Jotaro’s Stand -- are both hard well before Jotaro has slicked his fingers to reach between Kakyoin’s legs where he’s kneeling at the end of the bed. Star Platinum braces at Kakyoin’s hips, Kakyoin arches back against the support of the Stand’s chest, and Jotaro can feel the warmth of the contact ghosting against his own skin under the friction of his uniform, like there’s an echo of sensation shimmering through his blood. It makes his breath comes faster on anticipation to match his increasing interest, and Kakyoin is apparently just as intrigued; he presses back hard against Star Platinum while Jotaro works him open, whimpering himself into glassy-eyed heat while Jotaro thrusts a pair of fingers into him and Star Platinum’s hands wander across the flushed skin of his chest. It’s strange to see, someone else’s hands on Kakyoin while Jotaro can feel the radiance of the other’s body pressing against his palms at the same time Kakyoin is clenching hard around Jotaro’s touch; for a while it’s enough to hold his attention even better than the arc of Kakyoin’s throat and the thrumming vibration of the moaning he’s offering with the same full-throated abandon he always achieves when Jotaro’s hands are on him. But Jotaro’s breathing is coming faster, and he can hear the rush of his increased heartrate in the sound of Star Platinum breathing against Kakyoin’s hair as he holds him steady, and finally Jotaro draws his fingers free and pulls away, backing across the room until he’s out of range of Kakyoin’s touch even if the other were trying to hold onto him instead of shuddering helplessly in Star Platinum’s hold.

“Alright,” Jotaro says, speaking aloud for Kakyoin’s benefit more than anyone else’s. “Ready?”

Kakyoin lifts his head by an inch, blinks hard like he’s trying to bring his vision back into focus and struggling with the effort required. Jotaro can see Kakyoin’s gaze haze and steady out as he blinks hard at Jotaro, can see awareness come back into the other’s expression as his lashes dip heavy over his eyes, as his mouth comes open on the shiver that runs through him. But:

“Yes,” is what he says, his voice trembling but no less heated for that, and when Star Platinum tightens his hold at Kakyoin’s hips to pull him higher onto his knees Kakyoin shifts to help, reaching up over his shoulder to brace a hand at the Stand’s chest to help steady his balance as his weight presses in hard against the soft of the mattress under him. Jotaro leans back against the wall behind him, letting his shoulders tip back against the support so he can focus himself instead on the shudder of movement in Kakyoin’s thighs, on the flushed curve of his cock straining towards his stomach as he shifts backwards to press close against Star Platinum’s chest. The Stand’s hand is bracing hard at Kakyoin’s hip; if Jotaro flexes his fingers he can feel the ghost of the contact across his palm, can feel the faint traction of Kakyoin’s sweat-damp skin like it’s pressed flush to his hand. Star Platinum moves closer, his knees sliding forward over the sheets to fit between Kakyoin’s, and Kakyoin whimpers through an exhale, his head tipping back for another moment before he catches himself. His eyes are half-lidded, his bracing arm is shaking; he looks undone already, looks like he can barely keep track of where he is, much less of the weight of Jotaro’s eyes on him. It makes Jotaro’s spine prickle into heat, makes his cock ache against the inside of his pants; and then Star Platinum rocks his hips down, and presses close against Kakyoin’s body, and Jotaro huffs a startled exhale at the ghostly heat that sparks through him. He can feel it like he’s there, like he’s the one with a hand at Kakyoin’s chest and his cock pressing against the other’s entrance; but he can see it too, can see the spread of Star Platinum’s hand wide over the shift of Kakyoin’s ribcage as the other breathes and the tremor of tension in Kakyoin’s legs as the Stand’s cock angles against him. It’s a strange feeling, a little like watching himself in a mirror; and then Star Platinum rocks his hips up, and Kakyoin groans as the Stand slides into him, and Jotaro’s mouth comes open on a soundless exhale, his body flexing into heat at the sensation that purrs up his spine. It’s like he’s taking the first slow-slick thrust into Kakyoin, the way the ache in his balls tenses into the satisfaction of heat; but he’s still watching, his clothes are still on, he can still feel the pressure of his pants clinging close to skin as his cock twitches at the relief he’s feeling. Star Platinum makes a noise, a throaty moan like he’s giving voice to Jotaro and himself at once, and Kakyoin arches as the Stand rocks deeper into him, his inhale sticking into a whining gasp as his weight rocks up with the force of the other’s movement. Jotaro’s throat goes tight on heat, his skin prickling into adrenaline-sweat all across his body, and Star Platinum pulls back, sliding out of Kakyoin with a slick drag Jotaro can feel shimmer heat over his own skin before he flexes his legs hard and pushes back up into the other with a groan loud enough to entirely eclipse the faint huff of air that makes its way past Jotaro’s lips.

It’s nice to watch. Jotaro didn’t expect to like it so much, didn’t expect the visuals to be as exciting as the secondhand sensation is; but it’s better this way, from this angle, with Star Platinum’s hands bracing Kakyoin into an arc against his chest as his hips thrust up to drive the helpless, overheated sounds from the other’s throat that Jotaro knows so well. Kakyoin sounds undone, sounds like he’s struggling for air, like the oxygen around him has turned to pure heat, and if Jotaro looks he can see the rhythm of Star Platinum’s cock dipping into the other’s body, can see the wet shine of light off the unnatural color of the Stand’s dark-flushed skin as he fucks into Kakyoin. Kakyoin’s tipping back harder, his head falling against the support of Star Platinum’s shoulder; and Jotaro frowns into curiosity, a sudden thought presenting itself to him regarding their Stand’s capabilities. Star Platinum is nearly a match for his own frame, has manifested in his usual appearance and size as Jotaro expected. But it should be possible to shift that, if he focuses, if he can push aside the feel of Kakyoin tensing around him long enough to pull his attention to--

Jotaro can feel the change all through his body. It’s as if his own skin is expanding, like his body is spreading to take up more space than it did originally, like he’s gained inches of height in sync with the visible increase in Star Platinum’s size. But of far more immediate interest is the way Kakyoin’s spine arches him into a wail of startled heat, the way his cock jumps untouched towards his stomach, the way he suddenly feels far tighter even than he did a moment before.

Oh,” Kakyoin gasps, his fingers digging in so hard against Star Platinum’s shoulder that Jotaro can feel the pressure against his own under the line of his jacket. “Jotaro, what did--” Star Platinum groans something incoherent and draws back to thrust hard into him, and whatever Kakyoin was going to say fractures wide into a moan that skids out against the back of his throat. “Ah.”

“Yeah,” Jotaro says, prioritizing simplicity over the words he’s not sure he could manage to form to coherency right now. It hardly matters anyway; Kakyoin’s head is back against Star Platinum’s shoulder, his throat straining as hard as his spine, and Jotaro doesn’t think he’s in any position to listen to much of anything just at the moment. Star Platinum is still moving into him, his rhythm slowed slightly by the greater resistance of Kakyoin’s body to the strain of his larger cock, but the way Kakyoin is panting for breath sounds more strained than agonized, and there’s no sign of his arousal fading. If anything he’s going hotter, Jotaro thinks, judging from the tremor along his thighs and the color rising pink all across his bare skin; Jotaro thinks Kakyoin must be hot to the touch, his skin must be going slick with sweat even if Star Platinum’s senses are too overwhelmed by the grip of the other’s body around his cock to spare much for the weight of his hand holding Kakyoin still. Jotaro can feel the strain in his hips, can feel his body wanting to buck forward reflexively to match Star Platinum’s movement, to align his actions with those of his Stand; and then Kakyoin shudders again, a full-body tremor of heat, and Jotaro pushes himself up off the wall and reaches to take his hat off.

It takes Kakyoin a while to notice. He has his head back against Star Platinum’s shoulder, is panting too hard for breath to spare attention for the shift of movement as Jotaro unfastens his uniform jacket and works his pants off his hips and down before folding them with his usual care so he can place them atop the dresser at one side of the wall. Kakyoin doesn’t actually look up until Jotaro is returning towards the bed, and even then it’s slow, like it’s taking him an effort to take the weight of his head back from the support Star Platinum has been offering him. “JoJo--” he starts, his voice broken open on heat, and then Jotaro presses a knee against the end of the bed and rocks in closer, and Kakyoin’s eyes go wide at the sudden approach of the other.

“Jotaro,” he says, audibly startled into shock. “What are you--” and Jotaro slides a hand in against Kakyoin’s hair and braces his fingers against the back of the other’s head to hold him in place against the weight of a kiss. Kakyoin makes a brief, startled noise at Jotaro’s mouth, his eyelashes fluttering shut in immediate response, and Jotaro licks past his half-parted lips, tastes the wet heat of Kakyoin’s mouth as he catches his free hand at the other’s waist, opposite the brace Star Platinum has against his chest. Kakyoin whimpers at the contact, presses himself closer against Jotaro’s mouth, and then Star Platinum takes a hard thrust up into him and Jotaro can taste the moan in Kakyoin’s throat, can feel the vibration of it spill past his lips to fill his own mouth with heat. Kakyoin grabs at his hip, his fingers dragging hard over skin in search of support, and Jotaro pulls back to give himself the space to look down so he can maneuver them into place.

“Back up,” he says, giving voice to the command for Kakyoin’s benefit; not that it’s needed, really, when Star Platinum can just tighten his hold on the other and pull him back bodily. Kakyoin shudders at the force as the Stand moves him back by inches, his fingers tensing involuntarily at Jotaro’s hip, but Jotaro is looking down instead of watching Kakyoin’s face, gauging the distance he needs to steady his position at the end of the bed to sustainable instead of precarious. He slides closer, his knee bumping hard against Kakyoin’s, and then Star Platinum goes still in obedience to his unstated satisfaction with his position, leaning back over his knees like he’s settling into place as Jotaro adjusts his own angle.

“Oh god,” Kakyoin says, voice trembling in his throat again as he parses what Jotaro is intending. “Are you--JoJo, I.”

“Yeah,” Jotaro says, and then: “It’s fine,” with as much self-confidence as he ever has in anything. “I’ll make Star Platinum smaller so you can handle it.”

“Oh,” Kakyoin says again, his voice trembling on what sounds like panic and looks like heat when Jotaro looks up to see him. “Oh god.”

“It’s okay,” Jotaro repeats, and then he’s sliding a knee between Kakyoin’s, pressing his hips flush against the other’s as he figures out how to fit himself against the angle of the pair of bodies already locked together. Kakyoin’s hand tightens at his hip, Kakyoin makes a faint sound in the back of his throat, and then Jotaro finds the right position and rocks himself forward and close until his cock is pressing flush against Kakyoin’s entrance. Star Platinum is still inside him, his cock slick and hot against Jotaro’s; it’s a strange sensation, the contact doubled over on itself like an image caught between two mirrors, but Jotaro doesn’t hesitate for the odd electricity that crackles between them. He tightens his fingers at Kakyoin’s hip instead, ducks his head down so he can see a little of what they’re doing, and when he says “Okay,” he can feel Star Platinum start to change against him. The hand against Kakyoin’s chest shifts, the oversized fingers going smaller to match Jotaro’s, to shrink smaller still as Star Platinum condenses in on himself at Jotaro’s focus. Jotaro can feel the pressure against his cock easing, can feel the resistance of Kakyoin’s body giving way, and Kakyoin is panting against his shoulder, his breathing coming as fast on anticipation as if Jotaro were already inside him. Star Platinum keeps shifting, his body going smaller as Jotaro keeps pushing with steady force behind the angle of his hips; and then: “There,” Jotaro says, and Kakyoin gasps a startled breath, and when Jotaro rocks forward Kakyoin’s body stretches to let the head of his cock slide into the other. It’s still tight, still more of a stretch than Star Platinum’s oversized cock was before; but Kakyoin is whimpering incoherent encouragement, his legs shaking like he’s trying to rock himself down even pinned between Jotaro and Star Platinum at once, and when Jotaro thrusts harder he sinks deeper into Kakyoin’s body, the head of his cock sliding and dragging against the resistance of Star Platinum’s alongside him. The electricity is overwhelming, reflecting in and back on itself: Jotaro can feel Star Platinum’s cock pressing friction against his, can feel the echo of his own movement dragging against his body secondhand from the Stand, can feel over and above it all Kakyoin tensing around him twice over, his body clenching in convulsive shudders as Jotaro slides farther into him. But Jotaro doesn’t stop, and doesn’t retreat, and then he’s fully inside Kakyoin along with Star Platinum, the two of them pressing hard against each other as Kakyoin trembles and gasps helpless heat against Jotaro’s shoulder.

“God,” Kakyoin whimpers, his voice cracking as he presses his forehead hard against Jotaro’s shoulder and gasps dragging lungfuls of air off the other’s skin. “Jotaro.”

“Yeah,” Jotaro says, and draws back to take another slow thrust into the other. The motion is intense, the doubled friction of his action enough to flash starburst white over his vision for a moment; but Kakyoin jerks against him, his spine curving to push him hard against Jotaro’s chest as Star Platinum gives voice to Jotaro’s groan of appreciation behind him. Jotaro takes a breath, filling his lungs with air that has gone superheated as it radiates off Kakyoin’s skin; and then he moves again, aiming for a slow-steady rhythm with his hips, and Star Platinum’s fingers tighten at Kakyoin’s hip as the Stand follows Jotaro’s lead and starts to move. Kakyoin groans too-loud against Jotaro’s shoulder, his voice skidding high and wailing in his throat, but Jotaro can feel the other’s cock twitch against his stomach and he doesn’t stop moving. It’s overwhelming, more sensation than he’s ever experienced before; Kakyoin is tight around him twice over, Star Platinum’s movement is pressing hard against his cock and offering echoing pleasure for his appreciation at the same time, and then there’s the simple satisfaction of thrusting hard into Kakyoin’s body, the rhythm of Jotaro’s movement familiar and soothing in the reflexive simplicity it offers. It’s that, Jotaro thinks, that gives him something to hold on to, something to frame his experience around, until he’s timing his breathing to the movement of his hips, until he’s rebuilt his whole understanding of this moment from that one point. It’s true that he’s going hot with pleasure, that he’s feeling sparking electricity surge up his spine with every slick thrust he or Star Platinum take into Kakyoin; but that’s steady, the rising tide of pleasure is still distant, and Kakyoin is still shuddering, still quivering between Jotaro and his Stand until Jotaro thinks he wouldn’t be upright at all were it not for their joint support. He’s hot to the touch, he’s gasping for breath at Jotaro’s shoulder, and Jotaro is letting his hand at Kakyoin’s hip go, is easing his fingers to reach down and drag over the flushed heat of the other’s cock so he can feel Kakyoin coming around him, so he can ride the other’s orgasm through to his own. But then Star Platinum rocks forward, hard enough for the weight of his cock sliding against Jotaro’s to spark distraction through Jotaro’s thoughts, and another idea tumbles into his mind fully formed.

“Kakyoin,” he says, replacing his hand on Kakyoin’s hip to steady him again. “Hey.”

Ah,” Kakyoin moans into his shoulder, his fingers flexing hard at Jotaro’s hip like he’s trying to force himself back to awareness. “Jo--Jotaro?”

Jotaro thrusts up hard into the other, following the rhythm he and Star Platinum have established between them without hesitating over speech. “Bring out your Stand.”

“What?” Kakyoin says, breathless and overheated but audibly confused even as he lifts his head. “What are you going to do?”

“Bring it out,” Jotaro says again, and it’s his Stand that moves this time, fucking hard into Kakyoin as Jotaro lets him ease a little closer to his natural size. Kakyoin’s head goes back, he wails through a moan, and Jotaro can see a haze of green light lift up from his skin like fog, separating and coalescing into a separate form while Kakyoin is still panting for breath. Jotaro is impressed at the other’s focus in calling out Hierophant Green while Star Platinum and Jotaro are taking turns thrusting into him, but he doesn’t comment on it; he moves his hand instead, winding his fingers into Kakyoin’s hair to brace the other’s head and pull him back up off Star Platinum’s shoulder. Kakyoin lets himself capitulate to the force, his eyes hazy with confusion but expression too pliant on heat for any visible protest, even when Jotaro turns his head sideways and draws his hand down and away from Kakyoin’s hair to steady against his jaw instead. He slides his thumb against Kakyoin’s mouth, presses until the other parts his lips, and it’s then, as he pushes Kakyoin’s head sideways to face Hierophant Green, that Kakyoin understands.

Oh,” he groans, the word made incoherent by Jotaro’s thumb in his mouth and the shattered-open heat in his throat. Jotaro is half-expecting protest, ready to draw his touch back and give Kakyoin the relief of a hand stroking over him instead; but when Kakyoin moves it’s to lean forward, to pull away from Jotaro’s hold so he can tip himself closer to Hierophant Green next to them on the bed. Star Platinum is the one who groans, whose voice goes low on overheated want, but it’s Jotaro who moves, punctuating Kakyoin’s action with a sharp upward thrust. Kakyoin jerks at the force, his legs tensing for a shudder of appreciation, but he doesn’t move back, he’s leaning closer and opening his mouth wider into an obvious invitation, as if he needed to give such suggestion when it’s his own Stand he’s moving towards. Hierophant Green shifts, moving closer over the bed as green light plays like electricity across its body, and then it’s reaching to press a hand into Kakyoin’s hair as the light fades to leave it with something approximating a cock at its hips. Jotaro wonders briefly if the sensation will translate correctly to Kakyoin, if the more human shape of his own Stand is going to prove more of an advantage in this than he anticipated; but then Hierophant Green slides past Kakyoin’s parted lips, and Jotaro can feel Kakyoin’s whole body tense, can feel the jerk of the other’s cock against his stomach as Kakyoin moans something too hot and desperate to be understood as anything but pleasure. Hierophant Green arches closer, fluid as it ever is in its motion, and Kakyoin is shutting his eyes and leaning closer to take his Stand farther into his mouth. Jotaro is still moving, still fitting his actions to those of Star Platinum’s, and as Kakyoin’s lips press flush to Hierophant Green’s hips Jotaro lets his control over Star Platinum’s size go entirely so the Stand can expand to match his own size. There’s pressure hard against Jotaro, the weight of Star Platinum’s cock pressing against his and the tension of Kakyoin’s body straining around them both; but Kakyoin just whimpers to heat, the sound muffled around the obstruction at his tongue, and when Jotaro manages a thrust the sound Kakyoin makes is even more encouragement than the tension that shudders through his body. Jotaro moves again, harder this time, like he’s finding out the rhythm for his action, and when Star Platinum moves to echo him his focus finally frays through, his attention giving way to the simple pattern of instinct hot in his veins.

Kakyoin doesn’t pull away. Jotaro half-expected him to, in some distant part of his mind, thought Kakyoin would want to catch a breath or maybe give up the secondhand sensation of his own mouth for the breath to moan the way he does when he starts to get close, when his legs start to tremble uncontrollably with the onset of pleasure. But Kakyoin’s throaty whines are lost to Hierophant Green’s glowing skin, his eyes stay shut as his Stand rocks forward to thrust into his mouth, and Jotaro finds himself staring without meaning to, his focus clinging to the damp of Kakyoin’s lips against his Stand’s cock and the weight of his lashes lying heavy against his cheeks. Kakyoin is whimpering with every thrust Jotaro and Star Platinum take, his throat vibrating over a continual groan of heat, but Hierophant Green is bracing his head in place and thrusting in over Kakyoin’s tongue and Jotaro can feel Kakyoin flushing unbearably hard against his stomach, can feel the whole of the other’s body starting to tremble with the prelude to the convulsive shudders of orgasm. Jotaro is still moving, Star Platinum is still matching him, his body is still drawing tense against the surging sensation that hits him with every stroke; but it’s Kakyoin he’s watching, it’s the pressure of satisfaction building in Kakyoin’s body that Jotaro is tracking more closely even than his own. Kakyoin is breathing hard, now, his inhales hissing through his nose as he presses his mouth tight around Hierophant Green, and at Jotaro’s hip his fingers are flexing tighter, the edges of his fingernails are pressing in against the other’s skin. Jotaro can see Kakyoin’s forehead crease, can see the shape of almost-pain flicker across his features as his back arches, as his throat draws tense and straining; and then he makes a noise, a cut-off sound sharp and hot in the back of his throat, and his cock twitches and spurts hot against Jotaro’s stomach as Kakyoin trembles himself over the edge into orgasm. He’s quivering with the force of it, his breathing dragging to moaning exhales in his mouth that must still be humming against Hierophant Green’s body, and Jotaro can feel the waves of sensation as they hit the other, as Kakyoin clenches down hard around Jotaro and Star Platinum still buried inside him. Jotaro takes a breath, Star Platinum’s fingers seize hard at Kakyoin’s hip, and it’s as Kakyoin shudders himself into the heavy aftereffect of pleasure that Jotaro’s orgasm crests over him to white out the whole of his vision for a long moment of blinding heat. Star Platinum is groaning, the sound an echo of Jotaro’s own unvoiced pleasure, and his cock is spilling alongside Jotaro’s to fill the heat of Kakyoin’s body; but Jotaro doesn’t say anything at all, just presses his head hard against Kakyoin’s shoulder as his fingers tense at the other’s skin in a single uncontrolled spasm of relief, as he opens his mouth to breathe in a lungful of air radiant off Kakyoin’s skin.

Kakyoin lets his Stand go first. Jotaro can see it in his periphery, can track the faint motion as Hierophant Green shifts back before dissolving into the air. Jotaro waits, keeping Star Platinum in place as the Stand slides back and out of Kakyoin and moves away slow to give Jotaro time to ease Kakyoin back down to the bed under them. Kakyoin whimpers at the movement, his legs shaking as he unfolds to let his legs fall wide on the bed, and it’s then that Jotaro releases his hold on his Stand, letting Star Platinum flicker out of reality as he pulls out of Kakyoin to leave him breathless and trembling over the sheets.

“Oh my god,” Kakyoin breathes, his voice cracking over the words as he offers them. His eyes are unfocused, his mouth open like he can’t remember how to shut it; when he reaches up for Jotaro his hand is shaking so badly he can’t find his way to the other’s hair until Jotaro lifts his hand to catch Kakyoin’s wrist and guide his touch. Even then the contact is shaky, Kakyoin’s fingers trembling even as he curls them into a hold against the back of Jotaro’s neck. “Jotaro.”

Jotaro turns his head to the side and presses in against the inside line of Kakyoin’s wrist. He feels warm all through, his whole body heavy and languid with the satisfaction lacing through all his body like the afterimage of a lightning strike. “Yeah,” he says, the word drawing his mouth just against the edge of Kakyoin’s skin. “Kakyoin.” Kakyoin hums appreciation, his voice dipping soft on the lingering heat in his throat as his mouth curves, his lips forming around a smile as unfocused as the warmth in his eyes, and Jotaro can feel the echo of the other’s expression tug at his own lips, as if he can feel Kakyoin’s happiness reflected back to him the same way he shares sensation with Star Platinum.

When he lets his expression go warm on his smile, Jotaro’s happiness is all his own.