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Escaping the Wave

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"So Danno, you gonna join us for a surf this weekend?"

"You know what, given that last time I went near a board there was a tsunami warning, I'm gonna give it a miss."

"A warning Danny! Not an actual tsunami! It wasn't even real!"

"No, but I learnt that there are tsunami warnings, ergo -"

"Did you just say 'ergo'?"

"Ergo, there must be actual tsunamis. Real ones, waiting to turn Waikiki Beach into a great big paddling pool!"

"You're insane - Ok you know what? Fine. Where are you going to spend the weekend?"

"We are going to Mount Ka'ala."

"Let me guess, highest point on the island?"

"Yes it is."

"You're ridiculous."

"You wanna come?"



"Sure, alright."