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Thread of the Fates

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In spite of living a decent Flairer's exquisitely and ironically mundane life, Kai has his own inner demons to reign over. Howbeit, it's virtually impossible. Freshly turned 18, Kai has gobs and a shedload of unwanted troubles on his plate. He hides behind the mask of belligerence and insubordination in order to fit in, and he yields to absolutely nobody. He makes his own rules and often his reckless behaviour comes with a string of inconvenient consequences. This is his journey, this is his story. Of course, the bloody annoying Sehun just has to tag along in his story to make his life miserable. So it's his story, but he's bound to share it with his lovesick roommate slash family friend slash bully victim, Sehun.

Kai doesn't foresee the dire consequences of his curiosity when he unleashes the most powerful Flairer that has been locked away for decades. A Flairer who hunts down Flairers and feeds on the Flairs, steals them. A Flairer who wants to hunt down all of Recherchés one by one. And he is Grace and Gwenna's much feared father—the oldest living Recherché. With no option but to join hands with his most hated/most loved person in this world, Kai has to share his story with Sehun now. Because Sehun is Kai's destiny as much as Kai is Sehun's.




FLAC's most infamous bad boy who cares for no one, for nothing. Constantly seeking for adventures, which lands him in a web of problems and is entirely beguiling. There's a dark side of him which attracts almost everyone who crosses path with him which he misinterprets to be the reason for his roommate's sudden interest in him. It doesn't matter what made Sehun follow him around like an obsessive lovesick pup, what matters is that Kai is deeply affected by it. Little does he know about the history he and Sehun share—or perhaps the history they would have shared if Sehun hadn't altered their destinies. Although he hates the fact that his roommate is continuously testing his patience, he isn't going to humour Sehun one bit.





He is in love with the Kai he met in a life that he can no longer claim. He is hopelessly in love with the memory of that man. What he isn't in love with is a total wannabe, a snobbish douchebag and a complete asshole. All what Kai is right now at this age. Sehun doesn't have the strength to start all over and no matter how hard he tries, he just couldn't see the same Kai he loves in the jerk he rooms with and goes to Christmas dinners with. There's so much about the young Kai that Sehun indisputably hates, but he only needs one reason to love him. He's Kai.





Sehun's sassy, cocky twin brother who mostly cares about his own business. Until his brother needs him. Although he loves picking on Sehun or completely ignoring his existence, he will always be there for his brother. Through thick or thin. Completely in love with the man of his dreams and has serious sharing problems. Overly possessive, extremely obsessive when it comes to his boyfriend. Which is why he hates Byun Baekhyun's guts.





Sex, make out, cuddle, petty arguments, expensive gifts, fancy dinners, he can handle it all anytime, any place, except his long term boyfriend's possessiveness and unreasonable jealousy. It kills him to keep convincing Shixun that he isn't off sleeping with everyone on campus. While he loves failing almost every term at FLAC, Shixun is the smartest student in the academy. Things get tricky when his boyfriend's twin brother starts showing an interest in Kris' own brother, Kai.





The only person crazy enough to believe Sehun's crazy stories.





Has a secret crush on Chanyeol, but is far too stubborn to admit it.




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