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The Lost Woods

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“Now don’t go too far up the path and stay on the path and keep a eye on Lion, Steven! Connie!” called Pearl walking with the other Crystal Gems and Greg.
They were exploring a new camping ground that was recomened by one of Gregs customers and since Greg never been camping before he wanted to try it. Of course he also thought after the whole alien invasion they needed a vacation. Though, he thought he needed this probably as much as Steven and thankfully Connie’s parents let her come for the day. He had to make sure though to be back to the camp ground before dark.

“I know! We will Pearl!” said Steven running ahead of the hiking trail with Connie and Lion following close behind them. They both had their cell phones along in their backpacks. So they both would be able to contact them if they go lost or too far ahead.

“They will be ok right?” asked Pearl looking back at Greg and the rest as they walked.

“Don’t worry they will be fine, this is their first camping trip! Well it is mine too, but they are just exploring,” said Greg.

“They also have their cell phones,” said Garnet. “and Lion.”

“Yeah! Just relax Pearl!” said Amethyst as she jumped onto some boulders that were next to the path and jumped from boulder to boulder.

Mean while Steven, Connie and Lion were up ahead on the path. “Is this your first time camping?” asked Steven

“Yes, my parents aren’t really into camping, but I always wanted to try it,” said Connie with a smile. “I even read up on some camping books and guides before coming. So I am prepared for anything!”

“So do you know what to do if a bear attacks?” asked Steven

“Yup,” said Connie

“A mountain lion?”


“A wolf?”

These questions continued until they came across a fork in the path. “Hmm….” said Steven looking at the sign that was in the middle of the fork. “We are suppose to stay on trail 1 right?”

“I thought we were to stick to trail 5…” said Connie as she petted Lion as he came up next to her.


“May be we should wait here for- Lion!” said Steven as Lion suddenly bolted down one of the paths. He quickly went after lion.

“Steven wait! We should stay here!” said Connie as she followed Steven. Lion kept running down the path and Steven and Connie were trying to keep up with him. The path getting narrower and have a sharper slope to one side.

“Why did he just bolt like that?!” asked Connie confused and concerned.

“I don’t know, may be he sensed something?” said Steven he then had a though. “May be he sensed Peridot?!”

“Then shouldn’t we go back and tell the Gems?” asked Connie. They then both stop as the path came to a sharp slope one side and a canyon wall on the other. Lion had seemed to dissapear and fog was starting to set in. “But we don’t know if it is Peridot…” he was then quiet. He wanted to find out where Peridot was, but at the same time he didn’t want to endanger Connie. They had Lion, or should he said did have Lion. “I think… we should go a little bit further, but if we don’t find any signs of Lion or even Peridot we should go back.”

Connie nodded. “Alright, but I think we should go single file on this part of the path.”

“Right, it looks to skinny for the both of us, I will first,” said Steven slowly walking ahead. He tried to focus on looking for signs of either Lion or Peridot, but the fog was getting thick now.

“I really think we should go back,” said Connie. “The fog is getting too thick. I can barely even see you.”

“Yeah may be we should, I can even barely see the path,” said Steven.

They both then turned around and slowly made their way back. Then suddenly the path underneath Steven crumbled. “Steven!” shouted Connie as she quickly turned and grabbed his hand.

“Thanks,” said Steven his heart racing.

“No-” said Connie as pulling him up, but then the ground under her crumbled too. Screams filled the air as they began to fall down the steep hill. Connie still holding Steven’s hand and trying to reach out to something with the other hand. Fear was gripping her as she couldn’t find anything to grab to stop them from going down the hill. Until she grasped onto something hairy and soft.

“Lion!” said Steven as Lion was trying to keep his balance digging his claws into the ground. Connie sighed in relief as she saw Lion. He must of heard their screams and came back. She now thought everything was going to be ok. Well until Lions mane started glowing. All eyes were wide. “How could that be possible?!” thought Steven it was the same glow that allowed him to go inside of Lions mane. The same glow that allowed him to get stuff out. They then started to slip down the slope again, as something came out of Lions mane. They were going down the slope fast now and couldn’t really reconigize what came out. Then they hit something, they didn’t know what, but it caused him to split apart, unlocking hands.

“Steven!” called Connie

“Connie!” called Steven as they both rolled down the hill to the forest bellow.




“They went this way!” shouted Dipper as he made a sharp right carrying a net with Mabel behind him with a leaf blower. Today they were helping Lazy Susan with what looked to be a gnome problem. A couple weeks ago she noticed that her pies started to go missing and it turned out it was gnomes trying to score a sweet free meal. Now they were on the trail of gnomes that just stole a pie.

“For having small legs they sure run fast!” said Mabel trying to keep up as they ran through the forest.

“I know right?” said Dipper as they continue to run, but to no avail as the gnomes got away. Dipper and Mabel stopped panting, trying to catch their breath. “Ok, I think we can safely say we can’t catch them this way. We probably have to set up a trap.”

“Yeah good idea,” said Mabel panting. She then sighed as she thought this was going to be easy, but she should of known the gnomes were going to be more trouble than they are worth. Then something caught her eye, a shadow. “Dipper did you see that?”

“See what?” asked Dipper

“A shadow, it looked familiar…”

“Where did you see it?”

She pointed to the direction where she saw the shadow. They both stood quietly looking over at the direction hoping they would see it again, but they unfortunately didn’t. “May be you just saw a black squirrel or something,” said Dipper.

“May be…” said Mabel unsure what she even saw, so she didn’t really argue. “Lets just go back to the shack.” As they turned around though, they saw the shadow again and deffinatly knew what, or they should say who it was.

“Did you see that?” asked Mabel

“Yeup,” said Dipper “That was Bill Cipher wasn’t it?”

“Yeup,” said Mabel “Or at least his shadow, do you think we should follow it?”

“I think we should, he may be up to something,” said Dipper as he began to follow the shadow.

“What if it is a trap?” asked Mabel concerned following her brother. Fog started to roll into the forest and a chill ran up Mabels spine.

“I don’t know, I don’t think it is a trap….” Said Dipper and even though the fog was getting thicker and thicker he didn’t even have thoughts of turning back. He wanted to know what Bill was up to. He needed to know. The forest was also changing it seemed like, it was becoming unfamiliar to him now. He was slowly not knowing where he was as the fog was becoming so thick he couldn’t even barely see where he was.

“Dipper I think we should go back,” said Mabel. “I can even barely see my hand that is in front of my face!”

“I think we should go a bit farther, we are so close and we could even may be get the jump on Bill, Mabel! Said Dipper as he immediately expected a response, but he never heard it. “Mabel?” he asked stopping hoping she would bump into him, but she didn’t. Panic started to set in as he now felt like he was alone “Mabel?! MABEL!”



It’s been a couple months since the incident. Fall turned into Winter and Winter has started to turn into Spring. Though, his mind wandered to the world he and Greg found himself in that Halloween night. Wirt even knowing that what he had was a dream still felt there was something more to that world, the Unknown. Everything he touched real, the people he met real, the fear… yeah very real and the thing was his brother had the same exact dream! Of course it was in his perspective, but everything else exactly the same! It couldn’t be a coincident, could it?

He often wander over to the grave yard and look at the wall he climbed over that faithful night. That is where he was right now. Just looking at it quietly wondering if just may be if he climbed back over the wall he would be there again. Wirt had also secretly wanted to visit it again. Only because he knew now after the beast was destroyed he would have nothing to worry about. He could see how Miss Langtree and the school, visit Mr. Endicott and Miss. Grey’s mainsion and see Beatrice… Beatrice, he often thought about her too.

“Can we visit them?”

Wirt jumped as he noticed his half brother standing beside him. He almost had read his mind. “Greg! What are you doing here?!”

“Well, you weren’t home when I came back from school so I thought you were probably here,” said Greg “I know you come here a lot.”

“What? No I don’t.”

“Yes you do, I seen you come here. So now that we are both here can we visit them now?”


“Visit them? Can we? Please?”

Wirt was silent as he looked at Greg. He really didn’t know what to say. Him and his parents, both of them never said anything about the world not being real. Wirt didn’t blame them. They both almost died! They didn’t want to upset Greg, he himself didn’t wanted to upset him either back then, but it had been months it was already spring. “Greg…” said Wirt slowly trying to choose his words carefully, though it was hard. “I wish we could visit them… but Greg, that world, those people… it was all just a dream. There is no other world over the fence there is just a rail road and a lake.”

Greg was quiet now. May be he already knew? He secretly hoped he did.

“No, that place was real,” said Greg which made Wirts heart sank. “It had to be Wirt! Because you were there too!”

“Greg-“ he was then cut off

“And I know you believe it was real too! That is why you come here! You want to go back! You just said you wanted too!” said Greg.

“I know I did, but Greg use your head! It couldn’t possibly be real… And your right may be I do wanted to be real too, but I personally don’t want to be barely run over by a train again!” said Wirt.

“Well, this time we will look before we jump,” said Greg running over to the garden wall and started climbing it.

Wirt sighed, but may be this is what Greg needed. May be he had to see with his own eyes that there was no world. Which did bring a bit of hope in his heart, but at the same time fear of time repeating itself. Wirt still followed his brother over the fence. Making sure to grab him before he jumped over the fence. “Wait!” said Wirt climbing up beside him. His heart seemed to speed up a bit as made sure that no trains were coming, but then he took a couple breaths. “It’s safe.”

Wirt then felt a hand on his. He looked to see Greg holding his hand with a smile on his face. Telling him, don’t worry trust me. Wirt gave a gentle smile back as they both went over the garden wall. Landing with a soft thud Wirt noticed the train tracks, they were still in this world. That didn’t stop Greg, though, the small boy running down the hill with laughter. “Greg wait!”

Wirt quickly followed his half brother down the hill. He noticed that fog was starting to roll in, not an uncommon thing during spring, but this fog though, was different. He could just feel it.

“Come on Wirt! Let’s first see Beatrice!” said Greg as he ran into the woods.

“Greg no! Wait for me!” said Wirt as he followed him. The fog getting thicker and him getting goose bumps, this was bad. Something was wrong. Then a random thought hit him, was this a good thing? May be by some miracle that they were going back? That thought quickly passed though as he couldn’t hear his brother any more nor see his brother! That fog rolled in too fast, it was unnatural. Now fear started to set in as he stopped and called out “Greg! Greg!” he waited for response. He got one, but not the one he wanted or thought he would hear again. He heard a chuckle. He knew that chuckle, it was the Beasts chuckle and Wirt’s heart almost stopped. His legs didn’t though, his mine was frozen, but his body acted out in fear and started to run. Now running away from the Beast.