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Citizen V

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June 7th, 2012
Magnolia, Fiore
Fiore High School
7:30 A.M.

It seemed like another normal morning. A small woman with long and wavy blonde hair waits by the front doors of a school building. Constantly checking her watch, she looks between the clock and the road in front of her for the rented bus to arrive.

"Should be any minute now..." she mutters to herself.

She was almost startled when a honk alerted her to its arrival. it was the bus pulling up to her.

The driver, a nice man with a clean mustache, opens the door and greets her.

"I don't suppose you're an early student..." the driver was hesitant to say, but the lady giggled.

"Oh no, I wish. My name is Mavis. We spoke on the phone. I'm the head of the faculty supervising the trip." the lady laughed, holding out her hand for the man to shake.

"Ah, I see... Aren't you a little young to be a teacher?" the driver didn't seem like he meant to be rude so, Mavis laughed again.

"Don' worry about me, kind sir. I know how to handle these kids. Have been for a couple of years now." she then heard multiple cars pulling up into the parking lot of the school, notifying her that some of the students had arrived on their own or with their parents, "And that sounds like them now!"

Out of one car came a burly blonde teen and his group of friends (consisting of a disaster bi with fabulous green hair, an eccentric blunette with visors on and a brunette waving a fan to cool herself from the heat).

"Sorry, we're late. Freed was taking too long with his luggage." the blonde explained to Mavis.

The greenette, Freed, gasped at the acclamation, "L-Laxus! I was only trying to be prepared!"

"By packing your entire room for the trip?" the brunette chuckles, fanning herself fabulously.

"Like you're one to talk, Evergreen!" Freed shouts back, "You're the one that couldn't pick out her outfits when half of them look practically one and the same!"

The blunette laughs at the ordeal between Freed and Evergreen as they shout at him, "SHUT UP, BICKSLOW!!"

"And I'm also sorry about them..." Laxus sighs, thinking that it was much too early to hear his friends bicker and laugh at each other.

"No, it's alright. In fact, you got here just in time!" she smiles fondly as he cracked a small one himself.

"Good morning to you too, cuz." he greets as he threw his bag over his shoulder.

As the other students began to arrive and fill the seats on the bus, a whole hour passed into the morning. When nearly all of the students had been seated and began chatting away, Mavis began to do a head count.

"Forty-two, forty-three, forty-four... We seem to be missing a couple." Mavis noted just as a car rushed into the school's driveway.

From the bus window, she viewed a car speeding into a parking spot before four students jumped out of the car and began scrambling to grab their things in order to get onto the bus. She giggled, recognizing her brother-in-law from the group.

"Good morning, Natsu. Zeref told me you were at Lucy's so, I figured that you were going to be late." Mavis smiled as a boy with spiky pink-haired and a girl with blonde hair tied into a side ponytail sat into one of the remaining four seats on the bus.

"Oh, nii-san said that?" The pinkette, Natsu Dragneel, relaxed back into his seat as the blonde next to him sighed.

"Zeref-san doesn't hide anything from his wife... What relationship goals..." the girl, Lucy Heartfilia, sighed in content as Natsu reached to hold her hand.

Natsu and Lucy had been dating for a little over two years now and someday, she was hoping that maybe they would be more than "just dating".

"Flamebrain wrecked his car again so, I had to go pick up his stupid ass." A gruffer voice entered the bus, belonging to a black-haired male student being followed by a petite blue-haired girl carrying a book or two.

"I only ran it into a telephone pole! Nobody got hurt!" Natsu exclaimed back.

"Just a telephone pole?" Lucy gives him a look of disappointment.

"Gajeel, please be nice." the blue-haired girl insisted as she and the giant teen sat in the empty seats in front of Natsu and Lucy.

The black-haired student, Gajeel, nods, unable to say no to her, "Fine, but only because it's you, Lev."

He proceeds to ruffle her blue locks and she blushes, putting her attention back to her book as Mavis did a final headcount and began to call role, listing children now into groups for the chaperones to take when they arrived. Twenty-four children into it, she continued to shout-

"Group 5! Yukino Agaria-"

A girl with white hair in a bob style perked up at her name.

"Cana Alberona-"

A girl with long brown hair and a tattoo on her arm looked over her bottle of water (yeah, believe that).

"Rogue Cheney-"

A boy with black hair and red eyes looks up for a second, pulling down his hoodie and regretting it the moment sunlight hit his eyes.

"Sting Eucliffe-"

A blonde boy with blue eyes jumped excitedly, startling his hooded friend sitting next to him.

"Kagura Mikazuchi-"

A girl with long dark purple hair continued to snooze softly, earplugs plugged in to ensure that she would sleep peacefully throughout the trip.

"-and Lyon Vastia!" 

A boy with spiky white hair chuckles softly at the message he received via text message, quick to send a response back.

"Group 6! Laxus Dreyar-"

The buff blonde nods, acknowledging his cousin.

"Evelyn Green-"

The brunette girl in Laxus' group, Evergreen, smirks confidently, fanning herself with her frilly fan since it was a little too hot for her.

"Freed Justine-"

The boy with green hair beamed since he got paired into a group with his beloved Laxus, in which the blonde nervously looked away from his sparkling blue eyes.

"Lisanna Strauss-"

A girl with white hair tied in small pigtails giggles from a joke her sister told her.

"Elfman Strauss-"

A white-haired boy, tanned and buff, jumped with enthusiasm as Evergreen hits him with the fan, threatening him to sit back down or else.

"-and Bartholemew Wolski!"

Freed and Evergreen snickered as the blue-haired member of Laxus' group, Bickslow, heard his birth name be called out. Lisanna, who was sitting right next to him, gently patted his shoulder for comfort as he gave a request for her to paint his nails when they arrived at the hotel. She said that she would, but not before looking at him with disappointment.

"Group 7! Natsu Dragneel-"

The pinkette upfront smirks.

"Lucy Heartfilia-"

The blonde girl sighs as Natsu laughs in joy, hugging her tightly.

"Leo Lions-"

A boy with ginger hair and sunglasses beams with the mention of his name.

"Virgo Lions-"

A girl with magenta hair in a bob style and a straightforward stare nods in acknowledgment.

"Aries Ram-"

A girl with goofy pink girl shyly nods as Leo chuckled.

“-and Mirajane Strauss!"

A gorgeous girl with long white hair smiles as Lucy pumped up her fist in joy.

"Group 8! Jellal Fernandez-“

A boy with blue hair in a beanie smiles, nodding softly that he understood while trying not to move.

“Gray Fullbuster-“

A boy with raven-colored hair chuckles with amusement as the girl sitting next to him fawned over his expression.

“Juvia Lockser-“

The long-haired blunette sitting next to Gray cheered, hugging his torso with glee.

“Levy McGarden-“

Levy looked up from her book for a moment, only to turn her attention back to it not a second later.

“Gajeel Redfox-“

Gajeel smirked, the piercings on his eyebrows furrowing as he watched Levy’s face burn red.

“-and Erza Scarlet!"

Gray and Gajeel’s smirks were interrupted when they turned their attention to the red-haired girl resting peacefully on Jellal’s shoulder.

“Alright, does everyone know their group when we get there now?” Mavis heard the students respond with a collective answer of yes before pulling a bright smile and shouts, “Well, then let’s get this show on the road! Onward to the Senior Class Trip to Hargeon!”

The students (that were conscious and aware in the early morning) cheered, excited about getting away from their finals and their stress of college exams. This trip was going to be monumental, the last hurrah before they were going to be set up for college and growing up.

Just for a little while longer, they could be children and have some fun.

“I can’t wait to be Lucy in a bikini!” Natsu almost squealed like a girl.

“As if bunny girl can top Levy’s sweet ass!” Gajeel shouts as Natsu grits his teeth.

“Huh?! Are you blind, metal face? Lucy is clearly the better girlfriend!”

“Are you the one that’s blind, flame ass? Levy is the perfect woman!”

"Lucy! Gajeel-kun and Natsu-san are fighting again!" Juvia Lockser shouted over the seat where the two boys were brawling.

The blonde sighed, hearing her best friend, Levy, Gajeel’s girlfriend, laughing nervously.

“Despite the fighting, they really love us, don’t they, Lu-chan?” Levy giggles, watching Lucy smile in response.

Laxus continued to check his phone for texts, smiling as a number popped up in response.

His friends watched closely as Laxus chuckles, sending a message back quickly.

“Is it her again, Laxus?” Freed broke the silence and Laxus quickly realized that he, Evergreen and Bickslow were staring at him with shit-eating grins in such amusement.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, Freed.” Laxus tried to brush it off, but it only made his friends want to get more into his business.

“Oh, we know you know what we’re talking about, Laxus.” Evergreen giggles.

“It’s that junior you like, yeah?” Bickslow stuck his tongue out, showing off his tattoo of the school emblem.

“Lilian? No, no way.” Laxus once again tried to reject the idea, but Evergreen laughs.

“So it is her!” She squeals, “Our beloved leader likes a girl!”

“Shut up, Ever! You want to let the whole world know?” The blonde watched the girl snicker.

“Maybe.” She hid her face behind her fan, but he knew she was smirking with delight.

“It’s alright if you like her, Laxus. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Freed smiles, placing a hand on Laxus’ shoulder.

“It’s not like we don’t approve. We wouldn’t tease you otherwise.” Bickslow chuckles, “You can’t blame us for doing it though. You’re unteasable on just about everything.”

“It’s fine. I don’t care about that. I just don’t know if she likes me back, that’s all…” Laxus texts a message to her in response to her joke.

“Ask her out,” Freed says.

“What?!” Laxus shouts.

“You don’t have to do it over text. Just say that you want to ask her something when we get back. No harm in doing that.” Freed smiles, “If you’re nervous, just know we’ll be in your corner!”
“Always!” Bickslow added.

“That’s right.” Evergreen agreed.

“You guys…” Laxus chuckles softly, “Are ridiculously positive and it’s still early…”

Lyon texts his girlfriend, a junior he asked out earlier that year, another cat meme. She sent a link to the vine with the geese and The Police’s “Every Break You Take” playing behind it. He laughs, catching the attention of his cousin, Gray.

“You texting Meredy?” Gray asks, seeing a smile warming his cousin’s usually cocky grin.

“She’s a master of memes and my heart,” Lyon says with a grin and Gray laughs.

"Well, aren't you tied around her finger?" He chuckles as Lyon looks at him.

“And Juvia doesn’t have you wrapped around her finger?” He says and Gray corrects him.

“Oh no, it is her very capable fingers that I am wrapped around. Her very beautiful, capable fingers.” Gray licks his lips and Lyon sighs.

“Oh. That’s what you meant.” Lyon looks back at his phone, “You’re gross.”

“You’ll understand when you’re not a virgin,” Gray says.

“I want to go to the beach first! Or, or maybe we should go shopping around! Or-“ Sting was cut off by Rogue kissing him.

“Please shut up. I love you, but I’d like to sleep at some point.” Rogue smiles, seeing the blonde staring with a flush in his cheeks.

“Y-Yeah… Totally…” Sting smiles something lovesick as Rogue pulls up the hood on his jacket and sat back in his seat.

“They’re as lovey-dovey as ever.” Kagura, who was awakened by Gajeel’s shouting overriding her music, watched the two’s interaction.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” Yukino smiles, “Our boys are adorable.”

“I guess…” Kagura hooks her fingers around Yukino’s own, watching the girl’s cheeks flush pink, “But you’re more adorable.”
“K-Kagura-chan!” Yukino nearly squealed as Kagura’s own face turned red.

“D-Did I do something wrong?! Why are you laughing?!” The girl shouts as the other girl giggled at how cheesy she was.

“Stop texting me, stupid dad…” Cana smiles softly, sending an annoyed text over her overprotective father.

“Leo? What do you want to do when we get there?” Aries asks as Loke chuckles.

“Spend some time with you obviously, princess.” He winks and his sister, sitting in the seat in front of him stares with her straight face.

“Nii-san, can we visit the museum? I heard from Lucy-hime that there will be an exhibition on medieval torture practices.” He saw Virgo’s eyes sparkle, “All the forms of punishment…”

“Sure thing, Virgo…” Loke sighs, thinking about how strange his sister’s interests were, but he couldn’t deny that he loved how excited she was.

“Lisanna?” Bickslow nudges at his girlfriend’s side, watching her angrily pout and turn away from him.

Evergreen snickers, “Laxus’ love interest aside, this is more hilarious.”

“He still hasn’t figured it out… Even I have realized it and I’m not exactly the smartest man.” Elfman, Lisanna’s brother says.

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll figure it out eventually.” Mirajane, their sister, giggles.

“Oh, come on, Lis… Why you mad at me for?” Bickslow nudges her shoulder, but she continued to pout.

Unable to take much more of this stupidity from his friend, Freed says, “Bickslow, what day was the 29th?”

“A Tuesday?” Bickslow seemed confused and Evergreen was trying to hold back her giggles.

“What exactly happened on Tuesday that was very important, Bicklslow?” Freed was really tired of this.

“Lis’ birthday- Oh.” When it finally clicked for the blunette, Evergreen finally lost it and began laughing like she was trying to die from asphyxiation.

“Lisanna, I’m so sorry! I’m so stupid!” Bickslow tried to apologize for being so dense.

“You are stupid! Natsu is denser than you and even he remembered! Dummy!” Lisanna was angry and blushing all at once.

“She loves him.” Evergreen purrs and the albino blushes harder.

Mavis got a call from her husband that she was happily able to pick up.

“Hey, honey.” She answered.

“Mavis.” she could practically see the smile he must have from hearing her voice.

“What’s up?” She asks.

“Just dropped Zera off at the pre-school and am rushing to the school as usual. Sorry I couldn’t see you off.” He sounded a little disappointed in himself, “How are the students?”

“Oh don’t be.” She insisted, looking back at the children, “The students are good by the way. No fights from your brother so far.”

She heard him chuckle, “I doubt that will last long.”

Her husband, Zeref Dragneel, was Natsu’s elder brother and headmaster of the school, making the two siblings-in-law.

“It seems like it’s gonna be a good trip!” She smiles.

“I’m glad.” He chuckles.

She paused for a bit before whispering, “Zeref?”

“Is there something wrong?” He heard the change in tone and perked up in concern.

“No, no! Not at all!” She shook her head, trying to sound more positive, “I just need to speak with you about something when I get home, that’s all. You and Zera really.”

“It’s that important that you can’t tell me now?” He sounded worried.

“Yep!” She tried to reassure him by giving him a giggly response, gripping onto her stomach all the while.

“Alright, Mavis. I trust you.” He sighs, expressing a content tone, “Have a safe trip and I’ll see you on Sunday.”

“I love you, Zeref.” She says, feeling warmth in her chest.

“I love you too, Mavis.” She heard him say back with the same warmth before she hung up and felt the bus stop.

The students were concerned, seeing as they stopped in a wooded area, practically secluded from the town they left. Mavis stood up and asked the bus driver, “Why have we stopped?”

“That guy in the road.” The driver points forward to a figure in a black cloak and Mavis felt the hairs on her neck beginning to rise.

Laxus and Gajeel jumped from the sudden change in atmosphere. Levy looks up in concern as Gajeel tells her to sit back down so he could take a better look.

“Should we let him on?” The driver asks as Mavis gulped down her anxiousness.

Why was she so worried, she thought. It had been years since they appeared, years since the incident that drove her and her family far away from their world and yet, she was shaking.

“Drive.” She said and the bus driver didn’t ask any questions, but he still looked concerned, “We have to hurry.”

“Mavis?” Laxus finally got close enough to grab his cousin’s shoulder when all of a sudden, glass from the front windows broke and Laxus was pulled back.

“What the-“

The bus became silent and the lives of four students would change forever.


June 7th, 2015
Magnolia, Fiore
Fairy Hill Apartment Complex, Apartment 4E
8:32 A.M.

The slamming of a door is was woke her up that morning. Groaning, she pulled the covers over her face to shield her eyes from the impending sunlight.

"Lu-chan! You have to get up!" she heard a girl shout from her door.

She groans again, making it obvious to those outside her room that she didn't want to move. The party from last night really gave her a major hangover. Her head was pounding and she felt groggy, just shitty in general. There was no way they could force her to go to class today-

"Lucy! If you don't get out, I'll break the door down!" She then heard the screams of another girl as she slams her fists on the door.

"Oi, Lucy! Don't test her in the morning! She will do it!" A boy finally broke from the madness that ensued outside her door.

She continued to hear the girl banging on her door like savages until she eventually decided to give up on sleeping. There was no point in arguing with her housemates so early in the morning. And it was a Sunday too. She hates Sundays.

"Alright, alright, I'm getting up so, please! Can you all just shut up?!" she screams, throwing a pillow at the door as she finally heard the ceasing of the slams and footsteps walking away.

Sunday mornings... She swore that they sucked in high school and they still sucked as she became an adult. Still, for once, she was glad that they were banging on her door. She was having a very specific nightmare again. She couldn't believe that it was reoccurring again, but she could understand why. She breathes, getting up from the bed to go do her morning routine.

She walks up to a corkboard above her work desk, noting on the calendar that it was almost two days till summer break for the college students.

"Finally" the blonde smiles at the thought, tying back her long hair.

She remembered how hellish it had been for the four of them. Since that day three years ago, not a single one of them came back quite the same. Then again, they still don't remember what quite happened either. From what the police told them after they were finally cleared for questioning, the bus took a wrong turn and crashed into a secluded wooded area near Mt. Hakobe. After for the reason why the bus caught on fire, the police still aren't quite sure, but what they were sure of was that the only reason those four survived was because they seemed to had just fallen out of some cracked windows or the emergency hatches and landed far away before it went up in flames. There were over forty-eight students and twelves chaperones on the bus that day.

Only four of the students made it out alive.

Since then, after ridicule and unwanted attention from the press, they moved to Crocus, rented an apartment for four and began to attend college. They promised to always look out for each other. Like family. Like how those who lost their lives wanted it to be.

Nothing would ever hurt them again. That was something they could be sure about.

A file labeled 'Citizen V' was placed on the desk in front of four men in the office.

"Are we sure they are ready?"

"We don't exactly have a choice here... You heard the reports, same as we all have. They've returned for them to finish the job."

"You all know the rules." a man turns to another, "You're the clan leader. You get the final call on this." the other two of them turn to a man with ebony-colored hair.

He thinks of his answer, hesitant for he could be wrong. His dark eyes scan over to the picture on his desk, of his wife and child smiling. His brother had photobombed like the child he was, but he loved this photo all the same. It was of happier times before all the bloodshed had started again. He sighed. He had to do this. He had to get his daughter's smile back.

"Okay... When the time is right, we bring them in and explain everything. The truth will come out." he gives his final answer.

One particular file was placed onto the hardwood table, reading:

The survivors of the Fiore High Senior Class Trip Bus Accident:

  • Gray Fullbuster
  • Levy McGarden
  • Erza Scarlet
  • Lucy Heartfilia