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It's "Fright Night", Charley!

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She was winded by the time she reached his door, having ridden her bike all the way there but...Well, there was a sense of urgency looming over her at all times, and she needed to do this. She would have ridden her bike across state lines if she had to. She just prayed that he was home. She knocked on the door slowly, then leaned on the wall to catch her breath.


“Hello? Who is it?”


She walked back in view of the peep hole.


“It’s me...Mr. Vincent...It’s Amy.” She said, panting.


Vincent opened the door a crack and looked at her. She looked up at him, puzzled.


“Mr. Vincent?”


“Sorry, yes, come in, come in, dear girl.” He said, opening the door and backing away.


“What’s wrong?” He asked her, thinly veiled terror in his eyes. If there was another vampire, he was moving out of this damn town. Maybe even this damn country.


“I just need talk.”


Peter sat down and gestured for Amy to do the same. She took a seat on the couch across from him. He looked a bit ominous in his wing-backed chair.


“You can’t talk to Charley?”


“He doesn’t want to talk about...any of it…” She said, picking at a stray thread on her sweater.


“Ahh, I see…” Peter tented his hands and thought for a moment. “Would you like some tea?”


“Um...That’d be nice, thank you.”


“Just a minute. Make yourself comfortable.” He said with a gentle smile.




“I just… I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t do anything about it. I felt like I was trapped inside my own head, frozen. I couldn’t control any of it.” Amy said, tea cup shaking in her hand. She wiped a forming tear away.


“I’m so sorry, Amy.” Peter said. He’d been very quiet and his face was nearly stony. He was trying to be strong for Amy. This poor girl needed someone. But he felt for her. He felt a deep sadness welling up in him. These poor kids got wrapped up in something they never should have been a part of. Something they never should have seen.


“Amy, do you think… Do you think you could get some professional help? Is there anyone you can see?”


“How do I...No one would…”


“Amy, I’ve seen it on the television...your friend, well...they think Jerry’s kidnapped him. They know he was a predator, they just don’t know...the details. I really think it would be beneficial for you to talk to someone who could really help you, Amy. As much as I’d like to, I don’t really know what to do for you, dear. It’s beyond my realm of knowledge.”


Amy wiped more tears off her face and sniffed. “No, it really has been helpful Mr. Vincent. Just to talk to someone. Not to have it bottled up, you know?” She set her teacup down and stood, grabbing her jacket. “I have to go now but, thank you.”


“You will try to see someone, won’t you?” Peter called, just as she was about to step through the door.


“Yes, I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for the tea.”


“Anytime, Amy.” Peter said with a sad smile.


When the door was firmly shut, Peter looked down at the teacup in his hand. He began to tremble, and drank the last of his tea in one swift gulp, then dropped his tea cup, and let it roll onto the floor. He stared at his fireplace. To an extent, he knew what Amy was going through. In quiet moments he could still hear that boy’s pained cries. Peter knew he’d just been protecting himself, he was just fighting a beast but his last moments, that poor boy….he looked human again. Maybe he was human again. But what had happened to him? Perhaps the sunlight had poured through the windows and burned his body as well. Yes… Peter had done the right thing. He wasn’t a boy. He was a monster. He was evil.