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It's "Fright Night", Charley!

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“Hey, Charley.”

“Oh, hey, Amy.” Charley said, closing his locker. He stared absently at it after he closed the padlock.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Uh...Valium just makes me slow in the morning.”


Charley started to walk away, but Amy caught his shoulder.

“Charley, we really need to talk.”

“Amy, I told you, I don’t…”

“It’s not good to just shut down like this, Charley!” She pulled him closer and whispered. “I know you’ve been having nightmares. Your mom tells me this stuff.”

Charley rolled his eyes and tried to turn away, but Amy pulled him back. “I am too, Charley! We’ve got to stick together on this it’s not like… I mean it’s not like anyone else is going to….Relate.”

Charley looked down at his shoes. He knew she was right, but he really wasn’t ready.

“I just… want to pretend it never happened. To keep hoping it was all a dream and I’ll wake up in front of the television, because I dozed off watching Peter Vincent on Fright Night. That none of this is real. That’s what I want, okay?”

“But, Charley, it is-”

“We have to go to class, Amy.” He said flatly, walking away.

Amy watched him in disbelief. Her damn boyfriend was supposed to be there for her. He knew what had happened, he was the only one who wouldn’t think she was crazy. He was the only person she could talk to. Even if it wasn’t impossible to explain, it wasn’t like she had much of a support system at home anyway…

But there was at least one other person who knew. Who didn’t need convincing. She shoved her books back in her locker and grabbed her jacket. Fuck her trig quiz, she had bigger problems…