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E-ncourages at the very best ❤

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"Alright! That's enough for today boys. Let's pack up and head home."

The coach blew his whistle one more time and the players stopped playing then head to the locker room to freshen up.

"You okay?"

"Hmmm..." Yoongi hummed in response as he slump down on a bench with Jaehyo doing the same. "The big game's just around the corner."

"Yep. I hope we can win the cup this time." the other said. After some more talks, they freshen up and went home.

"I'm home." Yoongi announced when he reached the dorm. The soreness and exhaustion from training began to eat his body and much to his surprise and delight, the dorm is quiet.

"Hey hyung." a familiar mop of black hair peeped from the kitchen doorway.

"Hey Chim. Are the others out?" the younger chuckled and shook his head. Yoongi dropped his things in the living area and joined him in the kitchen.

"No hyung, everybody's present here. Want some?" he pushed him a bowl of steaming, hot instant ramyeon.

"Thanks." he took the bowl and eat. Jimin sat down opposite him and start eating as well. "Where are they?"

"The hyung line are busy with their projects- well Namjoon hyung is in the composing room. And the maknae line are knocked out already after eating because of their P.E class." Yoongi chuckled slightly as he down the rest of his ramyeon in one go with Jimin watching in amusement. He’s barely halfway with his own bowl and his Yoongi hyung already at the last drop. The younger also noticed that he seemed tired and his eyes could shut any moment.

"You seemed exhausted too, hyung. Are you one with the maknae line?"

"Well, yeah I think so." Jimin laughed and Yoongi smiled upon hearing it. He swore that his laugh is the cure to all the evil in the world and it somehow lessened the exhaustion he feels-yes, that is Jimin’s effect on him. "The big game's coming in two days."
"What?!" Jimin exclaimed startling Yoongi a bit. His shocked expression hastily turned into a pouting face. "I want to go hyung. I really do-but that's the same day as my Chemistry Quiz Bee."

"N'awww it's alright, Chim." he ruffled his hair and Jimin just pouted harder. "I want to be there too, you know. I know you can win it. Do well Einstein, okay?"

"Thanks hyung." he flashed a toothy grin, turning his eyes into slits. "I know our team will do well because you're there. You go rest now hyung, I’ll do the dishes.”

“Thanks Jiminie.” He stood up to grab his things from the living area and retired to his room with a heavy feeling coming back to him.

Yoongi was really hoping that Jimin would come to watch the game but their schedules clashed. Jimin is one of the top students in his batch which is why he is chosen as one of the representatives to compete for their school. The upcoming match is Yoongi's first big game and he was a bit disappointed that Jimin couldn't go and that he also couldn't be there for the younger boy whom he values so much.


The day they were all waiting for, came. Yoongi woke up and head to the dining area for breakfast. His eyes scanned the room only to find Seokjin in there.

"Oh hey, Yoongi." the older boy greeted preparing a plate of breakfast for him.

"G'morning hyung. Where are the others?" he muttered a thanks before he sat down.

"Oh Namjoon is still in the bathroom. Hoseok went out for a morning jog. And the maknae line left for school."

"How about Jimin?"

"He left the earliest." Seokjin said as he gave him his plate. "Oh-and he left a note for you-" he handed him a piece of blue paper. "-eat up Yoongi-ah, you need to fuel up for your game today. We'll be there."

"Thanks hyung." he ate his food and unfolded the paper.


I have to leave early. I really wish I could be there.

I know you'll do well, hyung! Win or lose, I'm still

Proud of you! I believe in you, Yoongi-hyung! ◕‿◕



A huge smile stretched on Yoongi's lips after reading Jimin's note. This is enough to fuel him up for the game. He folded back the note and remember to keep it safely.


"Alright team, let's do well in this game. Remember our tactics and strategies and most importantly, keep your head in the game." the coach told them before the signal for the game was given. The players line up and entered the court to start the game. They were in yellow clad while their opposing team is in green. Yoongi spotted his five other buddies huddled together in the bleachers.

"GO YOONGI-HYUNG!" Taehyung's deep voice boomed earning some glares from the people below him. The older boy sent them a smile and a thumbs-up. He mentally sighed and thought about Jimin. The whistle blew signalling that the game started and Yoongi snapped himself from his thoughts and focus on their game.

The game started out smoothly for the Yellow team but as the match reaches the final quarter, they were falling back. Their score had a great gap from the Green Team. They barely have 16 minutes left and if they can't shoot as many as possible to exceed their opponents, they would lose.

"Drink up." Jaehyo handed him a bottle of cold water.

"Thanks." he downed the bottle of water in no time. "You think we can make it?"

"Well, yeah. We can try." the older boy patted his back and gave him a hopeful smile.

"Okay listen guys, we're falling back. Win or lose-it doesn't matter, okay?" their coach gave an encouraging grin. "Just show them what you got. I know you can do it. You’ve made it this far and I’m proud of you."


Meanwhile, the Chemistry Quiz Bee finished earlier than expected. Of course, Jimin and his team won. After some few small talks, photo-taking ops and receiving their award, Jimin dashed to the other side of the campus where the court is located not bothering to take off his laboratory gown and all. He reached the last quarter and he was just in time because the players are just going back in the court. Jimin's eyes searched the court and he smiled when he found Yoongi so he grabbed the megaphone from the person beside him and turned it on.

"GO YOONGI-HYUNG!" he yelled, startling everybody beside him with the volume of his voice. Yoongi turned to him with a surprised expression that immediately turned into a gleeful one. "GO HYUNG!" Yoongi sent him a wink before going back to the game. Jimin noticed that the opposing team is leading by a great number of points and he thought about lifting their spirits up. He turned to the crowd and raised the megaphone up to his lips.

"FELLOW STUDENTS, LET’S SHOW OUR SUPPORT FOR OUR TEAM, OKAY?" Jimin said gathering their attention. "REPEAT AFTER ME: Y-E-LL-O-W!" the student body looked sceptical at first then repeated what he said and the drum line immediately picked up the right beat. "ONE MORE TIME!" Again, they repeated it with greater enthusiasm.

Yoongi can’t help chuckling to himself as he heard Jimin's voice in the background. Now that he's here, he felt more motivated to play and win the game.

"Wow, Chim's doing good." Hoseok laughed as they cheered along with their little friend enthusiastically leading the crowd.

"Yoongi's doing good either." Seokjin smirked knowingly as the announcer said something about the Yellow team's progress.

"GO HYUNG!" Jimin cheered his lungs out as Yoongi managed to shoot a three-point ball and the crowd erupted into cheers. The Yellow Team is catching up and Jimin still headed the crowd to cheer. Just as Yoongi attempted to shoot again, he was accidentally hit hard by an elbow on his stomach causing him to fall on the floor. The crowd’s breath hitched and went silent.

"Owww..." Yoongi groaned in pain.

"HYUNG!" Jimin cried. Their captain, Kris, called for a time out. Jaehyo helped him up along with Kwangyeon.

"Where does it hurt?" Kwangyeon asked supporting Yoongi by the waist.

"He hit me hard here." he pointed at the part near his diaphragm.

"Does it hurt badly?" their captain rushed over and asked. "Take a rest first, we'll substitute you for a while."

"No, I'm alright. I-I can manage." Yoongi said. Their coach also talked to him and asked him to rest but he declined.

"Hyung!" they turned to see Jimin running towards them. Jaehyo and Kwangyeon let him go but they winced when they saw Yoongi wince when he walked.

"You came." he managed to let out a grin despite the pain he endures. He also noticed the medal that hung around his neck. "You won?!"

"Yes, hyung!" he grinned a bit. "Plus, I wouldn't miss this for the world."

"That's really cool! I know you can do it, Einstein." he reached out ruffle his hair and Jimin noticed him flinch. "I wish I was there."

"It's alright, hyung. You should take a rest." he said really worried and Yoongi just chuckled at him while shaking his head.

"I'm fine Chim. I’ll be fine." he squeezed his shoulder. "But right now, I can hardly breathe...a bit.."

"You can do it just know that I believe~" Jimin suddenly sang making Yoongi laugh.

"Then that's all I really need." he grinned.

"Then come one! I'll make you strong." he still sang. "-It's time to turn it up, game on!"

"You made it look like that scene from that cheesy flick you love to watch." Yoongi rolled his eyes and tried hard not to laugh because it hurts when he does.

"Yah, hyung! No need to say it out loud!" the younger blushed, pouting a bit. The whistle blew signalling that the game is back on. "Go hyung, I know you can do it just be careful."

"I will, Chim." he winked at him making more flustered. He went back to his spot and continued cheering with all his might. The yellow team fought back great deal. Their scores are now really close to each other. If Yoongi's team shoots him last five seconds, they'll win. Jaehyo was the one holding the ball and Yoongi prays that they'll make a shoot but the older boy was cornered and Yoongi panicked. Jaehyo spotted him and threw him the ball. Yoongi blanked out and stared at the ball on his hands for a moment. The crowd hitched again. Due to pressure, Yoongi suddenly threw the ball and it miraculously shoot through the ring right before the timer reached zero. The crowd went wild and erupted into cheers.

"WE WON!" Kwangyeon exclaimed happily. The crowd went down in the court celebrating their victory. The Yellow team exchange congratulations with everybody.

"Hyung!" Yoongi turned to see Jimin running towards him again.

"Chim!" he caught him in his arms. "I really thought you wouldn't come. I know you're busy but you still came. Thank you, Jiminnie. I wouldn't have helped my team won if it weren't for you-you're our and my strength." he hugged the smaller boy tightly. Jimin was both surprised and deeply touched by his hyung at the same time. Yoongi's rarely the one to initiate any form of skinship to anyone-especially in public. Smiling widely, Jimin equally hugged him back.

"Awww it's nothing hyung." he said. "Like I said, I wouldn't miss this for the world. I have faith in you, Yoongi-hyung. I know you'll do good. But even if you lose, I'm still proud of you. I was supposed to be here a bit earlier but you know, the people here-"
"Jiminnie~" Yoongi rolled his eyes, cutting off his blabbering. "It's alright. Seeing you here gave a lot of strength to carry on."

"Awww Yoongi-hyung's being cheesy~" Jimin laughed his famous adorable laugh (( that makes Yoongi’s stomach fill with butterflies. Lots of it. But he won’t say that out loud of course. ))

"Yeah, whatever Dooly." he spun him around by the waist, both of them laughing. "You were really awesome back there."

"Aish, hyungg~" he blushed as Yoongi pressed his forehead on his.

"I mean it."

"I made some props for my cheering but being the goldfish I am, I forgot it at the dorm." Jimin huffed then pouted once again. "Stupid me, for bei-"

Jimin was silenced by Yoongi's lips on his. The younger was momentarily shocked but then let himself give in. Suddenly, everything around them was muted in their own little world.

"Hey, Yonngi-hyung! Cong-" Namjoon stopped in his tracks before he reached them causing the rest to bump on his back.

"Owww hyung, why'd you-" the others stopped and stared like Namjoon did. Hoseok and Taehyung grabbed their phone and start snapping photos like the paparazzi, saving the photos for future blackmail use.

"YAH! Stop that you two!" Seokjin scolded them. "Let's leave them in their own world." he ushered them away despite the whines and protests.

Yoongi pulled back with a tiny smirk playing on his lips while Jimin stood there in shock. His eyes are in daze and were wide as dimes and his cheeks are tainted in dark pink.

"Shut up, Dooly." he said. "You should always watch our games so we could always win."

"Hmmm...maybe I should." Jimin grinned and squeaked when Yoongi grabbed him by the waist and pulled him closer to him. He then leaned to his ear and whispered something to him.

"And then I could claim my reward afterwards." he smirked at him again making the flush on the younger boy's cheeks darken more.