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A Fire Burning In The Rain

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His agent called him at 7:00 in the morning.

Louis just pulled the covers over his head and prayed his phone would magically silence. It didn’t. His cell phone played that damned Beiber song (Niall had set it as a joke and Louis never got around to changing it) three more times until he finally answered it.

“What could you possibly want that couldn’t wait a few more hours?” he groaned into the phone.

“I’m offended, Louis. I would think you’d want to hear my lovely voice at any hour of the day.”

“I’ve known you for too many years. I’m tired of it by now, Perrie.” His words held no heat. This was a long-practiced routine between the two.


Perrie and Louis met in sixth form in a way only two very similar people could. That is, Perrie found Louis about to hook up with her ex-boyfriend at a party. With her own boy toy trailing behind her in the doorway of the bedroom. Being who she is, instead of getting mad, Perrie sent Louis a wink and some words of wisdom.

“Great dick, but he’s got no idea what foreplay is.” And she promptly turned on her heel and walked out (her boy toy following her like a starved puppy).

Needless to say, Louis fell in deep, platonic love. They became inseparable (people started wondering if Louis really was gay, but then he’d come to school in a ripped shirt and jeans so tight they looked like skin), so when Louis decided to audition for a minor part in some action flick, Perrie announced her intention to “accompany him on his journey to fame” since she was positive he’d get the role.

She was right. Perrie was the one who pushed Louis to pursue acting, so as his then-agent helped him build a presence in movies and television, Perrie sped through a degree in communications. She charmed her way into getting Louis an audition for a supporting role in Ang Lee’s next work of genius, and Louis promptly replaced his then-agent with Perrie.

At age twenty, Louis Tomlinson won his first Oscar for that performance.

But as much as he loved Perrie, Louis was not a morning person, and he saw no reason for her to have woken him up at such an ungodly hour.

“So, tell me, Lou-Bear, who have you desperately wanted to work with?”

“Andrew Garfield?”


“Natalie Portman?” Louis really hoped she’d say yes because shit, Natalie Portman. Perrie chuckled in amusement.

“Even better.” He was getting tired of the guessing game.

“Daniel Day-Lewis, now tell me who it is because I know there’s no way I’m working with that big of a name.”

“Aw, you ruin all my fun!” He could hear her pout over the phone (and that was when Louis lamented the fact that they'd known each other way too long). “Come on, I’ll give you some hints. What young, attractive actor has recently been cast in a big sci-fi action movie directed by someone with the name of Christopher Nolan…?” Louis shot up into a sitting position as comprehension dawned.

“No.” Perrie gave a hum of affirmation. “No, Perrie, I can’t believe you! There’s no way I managed to land that part, I was up against Daniel Radcliffe,” he said, voice rising in pitch as his disbelief continued. He only got Perrie’s tinkling laughter in response.

“They liked you better, Lou, I’m serious!”

“Harry Styles? Perrie, he’s fucking Hollywood royalty!”

“And well-fit, too,” she quipped back at him. “Knew you’d freak out.” Louis wanted to throw his phone is Perrie’s no doubt smug face. “I’ll come over with the script at 8:00, try to finish your panic attack by then,” she said. “Oh, and there’s already rumours about your casting online. You might get a kick out of the articles,” she added before hanging up.

Louis pulled up his laptop and searched himself along with “harry styles” and “christopher nolan”. He clicked on the first result, which was a Perez article.



Louis Tomlinson Rumored to Work on "Syndicate"!

Have our prayers been answered? Maybe! Earlier this month, Christopher Nolan's big new blockbuster found one of its leads in the Prince of Hollywood, Harry Styles. If you remember, back in October, hotshot Louis Tomlinson mentioned he would love to work with Styles. Of course, we jumped on the idea! Now, sources are saying Tomlinson auditioned for the other lead in "Syndicate", and that he's probably got the part! Does this mean we'll get a "Larry Stylinson" movie? Two hot, young, LGBT actors working together? I'm on board!


It really hit him then. He was going to work with Harry Styles.

Harry Styles had been in the industry since he was a tiny thing in diapers with a head of curls. His mother's side had a long line of performance artists - singers, actors, theater stars, anything and everything under the sun. Acting was in his fucking genes. If anyone was born to perform, it was Harry Styles. And he was good, amazing even. He was only 21, and he already had two Oscars, three Golden Globes, and god knows how many other awards. And everyone he worked with raved about how sweet, how genuine his personality was. He did wonders for the LGBT community when he came out as bisexual a few years ago (and then promptly shut the haters up by winning his first Oscar).

Louis was probably a bit obsessed with him, but Harry Styles had the face of an angel and Louis really wanted to taint him with sin.

Perrie arrived at 8:00 exactly. Louis wondered what it said about him that he still had trouble with getting anywhere on time but Perrie had grown out of the habit.

It was probably some metaphor for their entire relationship.

The first thing Louis did when he saw Perrie (she had a key because Louis and Perrie were too used to living out of each other's pockets) was pick her up and plant a smacking kiss on her cheek. She laughed with glee as she pushed at his chest to make him put her down.

"I better get something good from you for making this happen!" Louis looked her dead in the eye.

"I can give you my body or a car." Perrie contorted her face so that it looked like a thousand demons had begun killing puppies in front of her eyes.

"Ew, shopping spree is good enough. Might take you up on that car, though." Louis smirked in response. "So, since both of us can barely make toast, where shall we go to breakfast to discuss your schedule?"


"You've got about a week before shooting starts. Plenty of time to memorize this monster," Perrie said, pulling out the script. Louis eyed it suspiciously. "Before you say anything, keep in mind this is a Nolan film, it's bound to be a bit dialogue heavy. It's still an action flick, though."

Louis flipped through the script quickly, noticing the quirks that would attract audiences but still give the movie some meaning. Typical Oscar bait.

"And," Perrie continued, "you'll need to get in shape because there's no doubt you'll be taking your shirt off for this one. Don't give me that look, Tomlinson, I expect to see some abs by the end of the week." It's not that Louis was out of shape, but he did have a bit of a tummy. The last time he had to take his shirt off was for some photoshoot months ago.

It wasn't his fault he liked pasta.

"They aren't even going to have me read with Harry before we start?" he asked. "It's not like we're guaranteed to have good chemistry." It hurt a bit to point out, but Louis had worked on enough sets to know chemistry between the leads was paramount to a successful movie. And even if he thought he was meant to act with Harry, it didn't mean it was true. Perrie shrugged.

"Turns out, Styles saw your audition and actually told the casting guys he'd prefer you over the others." Louis blinked at her in surprise. "Added to the fact you've publicly stated you'd like to work with him, I don't think they're too worried you guys won't get along." It was as good of an explanation as any, but Louis didn't really understand what made him stand out to someone like Harry, who'd worked with people like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo diCaprio.

Truth be told, he was fairly nervous about working on such a huge production with such huge names attached to it. Who was he to work with Christopher Nolan? His stomach turned even as Louis sipped at his juice. Perrie took his hand from across the table.

"Hey, stop it." Louis raised an eyebrow at her, a look he had spent hours in front of a mirror practicing back when he was in secondary school.

"You don't-"

"Of course I know what you're thinking, Lou. And you're forgetting that your name is just as good as anyone else's on this film." Louis shook his head because yeah right, he was just some kid with a lot of luck. "No, don't even begin to think you don't have just as much of a right to claim fame. You're crazy talented, Louis, there's no way you would have gotten this far otherwise." She gave his hand a tight, comforting squeeze before letting go. Louis returned her gesture with a small smile (he didn't know how much of his expression was acting, though, because he knew his insecurities would never go away).

"Alright then, I have to go tell Niall and Zayn the news before they find out on Twitter or something," Louis said as they both got up to leave the diner. Perrie nodded a bit absently.

"I'll call you later about a celebration? Just us four on a night out." Louis agreed happily. "Great! It'll be the perfect event before you have to go through hell with your personal trainer starting tomorrow!"

Louis groaned and punched Perrie in the arm.

"I take it all back, you aren't getting a car."