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The Tale of the Swan Hobbit

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In the kingdom of Hobbiton lived Queen Belladonna
Who was loved by the whole kingdom
But feared she was becoming too old
And one day she was blessed with a son
Whom she named Bilbo and heir as the people rejoiced

Royals of all kind came to offer their gifts to the child
Among them was Thror the King of the Erebor kingdom
And his grandson Thorin who gave Bilbo a necklace of gold
Both Thror and Belladonna then had the same notion
To have them meet every summer and hope love will be voiced

However an evil sorcerer named Smaug had other plans
To take over Belladonna’s kingdom with forbidden magic
But before his plan could hatch, guards destroyed his chamber
And despite calls for his death, he was only banished
And he threatened to return to take all Belladonna held dear

As time passed the threat was forgotten as people lived in peace
As they waited anxiously for the sound of wedding music
The day Thorin and Bilbo met, all they could do was bicker
But the need to meet every summer was insisted
In time they only agreed that summertime wasn’t a fear

As the years progressed and they were soon old enough
The Queen worried if the plan would actually work
But the King assured to her that it would
And on their eighteenth summer there was suddenly a spark
And the couple finally shared their first kiss

Unfortunately Thorin insulted Bilbo greatly that day
His reason to marry Bilbo for his beauty gave the prince irk
And drove him away back through the greenwood
Thorin almost too late regretted his remark
When the young prince suddenly went amiss

The Queen’s carriage had been ambushed by a dragon
In which the Queen was attacked and fatally wounded
As Thorin tried to understand what had happen
The Queen told him it was a great beast
And that Bilbo was gone before she died there in the rain

In his grief Thorin had found Bilbo’s golden locket
And vowed to find him and have the beast slayed
While far away Smaug took Bilbo to an abandoned mansion
To a lake where a spell on Bilbo was leashed
That would turn him into a swan at day no matter where he remain

He could only ever return to being a hobbit at night
And would only have the spell lifted if he agreed to a deal
That he and Smaug would marry to rule the kingdom together
But Bilbo always refused each and every night he asked
And for a long time Bilbo was trapped within his grip

Ever since that tragic and despairing night
Thorin constantly dueled to prepare for the great ordeal
And ignored anyone who said Bilbo was gone forever
While King Thror had a ball to be tasked
So that Thorin could pick an intended and be given the kingship

For a long time Bilbo searched the large mansion
In the hopes to find a map so that he could return
And managed to steal it from Smaug’s treasure hold
And immediately set off as a swan across the land
To gauge how long the travel would take

In a forest he found Thorin hunting large game
And lured him into following Bilbo back to the cavern
That held the lake he turned back in so his story could be told
And that his spell could only be lifted if he vowed everlasting love and
Proved it to the world, only then would the spell break

After Thorin left with Bilbo’s promise to come to the ball
Smaug discovered his presence and learned of his plan
But was not worried because there would be no moon
And so Bilbo would not be able to enter the ball as a swan
And planned to trick Thorin into vowing to the wrong prince

When the night came, Smaug left Bilbo in the lake
And trapped Thorin’s friend Ori in the lake like a dead man
Who he had found wandering the forest that noon
And set off to wait on the ball’s front lawn
Where many princes and princesses were giving Thorin bold hints

Almost the whole night Thorin warded off the advances
As he waited anxiously for Bilbo to come
And thought his prayer was answered when he saw him
Never once noticing a swan trying to get his attention
As he danced with his true love’s replica

When the dance finally came to an end
The Prince Thorin gave his vow to the fake consort-to-become
As the real Bilbo fled in his heartbreak and grim
While Smaug burst in and vanished the illusion
And taunted Thorin that would never save Bilbo from his death-like coma

Thorin challenged the fiend to a death match
So murderous and vengeful in his devastastion
Only with Smaug’s death could Bilbo live again
And so Smaug battled Thorin as a fearsome dragon
But all too soon Thorin lost his last arrow

Before the beast could lay a fatal blow
Ori arrived from escaping the cavern prison
And shot his own arrow to land in front of his kinsman
With one quick aim Thorin had killed the mighty demon
And instantly Bilbo returned to normal by a golden glow

Frantically Thorin rushed to his love’s side
And when Bilbo finally opened his eyes
Did Thorin confess all that he loved about Bilbo
Who also reciprocated his love in equal measure
And wedding bells at last rang across the two kingdoms