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Another Day

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Jeannie Van Der Hooven sighed as she released her seatbelt from her seat as they arrived in Los Angeles. Another assignment, another day in a different city. Sometimes she felt like her world consist airplanes, airports, and hotels. Also, another day of kissing some asses.

She looked beside her. Marty Kaan was deep in his thoughts – he hardly said anything during the plane trip. Usually he would say something smug or somehow lecturing her about life and shit like that. But no, he was pretty quiet.

Not enough sex probably, Jeannie thought.

Clyde Oberholt and Doug Gugenheim were doing their annual banter, usually consisted with sexual innuendos. Sometimes Jeannie thought they should just fuck each other up and get over it so they would be spare with their dramas.

Jeannie sighed again and stood up to take her bag from the baggage compartment.

"You look down." Marty made a comment. He looked at her with a frown. "Not enough sex?"

"Shut the fuck up."

"I guess so." Marty shrugged. Clyde and Doug sniggered hearing his comment. Jeannie ignored them and immediately walked out from the plane.

Another day…