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Crystalized Mind Swap

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It is a regular day in Danville. Phineas and gang are building a crystallized chamber
functioning by pedaling wool-covered balloons. Candace is attempting to hang out with
her friends and secretly bust her brothers simultaneously. Linda is at her cooking class
with Charlene. Carl and the Major are arguing about soy almond lotion. Agent P is flying
through the sky in his hover car. Roger Doofenshmirtz is speaking at town center. Heinz
Doofenshmirtz is rushing around between attempting to console his teenage daughter and
finish building his inator before Perry the Platypus shows. Vanessa is out of sorts
because of "the stupidity of boys" plus the fact that she can never seem to bust her dad.
Norm is busy making muffins in the kitchen.

The kids are flying their camouflaged-like-clouds machines, dragging magnified salt
crystals through the air. They are creating a nearly see-through sculpture in the sky.
Stacey, Jenny and Jeremy know what Candace is doing. Coltrane isn't paying attention to
her and newcomer Johnny is just moping. Linda's phone is destroyed because of Candace
and Charlene's is likewise, because of Vanessa. Carl is massaging the Major's shoulders
with the soy lotion. Roger is speaking proudly, causing Perry to gag as he drops in on the
mayor's brother. Vanessa is locked in her room and Norm continues to make muffins.
Heinz Doofenshmirtz hears the trap go off but keeps working.

"Krkrkrkrkr.." Perry chatters, alerting the doctor.

"Yeah, yeah, hey, Perry." The scientist mutters nonchalantly.

This is the first thing to happen irregularly. Perry raises a nonexistent eyebrow for clarity
but the doctor seems content on ignoring the platypus. Perry chatters again, struggling to
get out of the trap. It is actually a worthy trap, having restrictions on all Perry's limbs,
including his tail. Heinz keeps working.

Norm bursts into the room with a tray of muffins. "IT'S MUFFIN TIME DAD!"

"Yeah, thanks." Heinz grabs a muffin without correcting his robot.

Perry watches dumbfounded as Heinz lifts the muffin to his mouth. Heinz chews on air
then drops the untouched muffin and screws in another bolt. Perry struggles even harder,
fearful that Doof might have finally snapped.


"Yeah, okay." Doof nods. "I'll buy you an ostrich in the morning."

"AN OSTRICH?" Norm sounds, well, confused.

"Sure, sure." Heinz waves him off.

He screws in the last bolt and wheels his invention onto the balcony. He doesn't bother
moving Perry. He doesn't even look at the platypus as he begins to talk in a monotonous
voice not fit to his character.

"Behold, my swapamassinator. It, uh, lets you, eh, swap minds and I plan to use it on
Roger and I'll be mayor. Cause I'll be in his body. And y'know rule the tri-state or

Perry chirrs loudly, trying to get free. Norm is staring at his 'dad' like he's fallen off the
deep end. The door to the apartment opens and shuts. Norm is the first to talk, though he
is definitely not as chipper as normal, while he is still loud.

"HE-llo Sis."

"Um, hey, Norm." Vanessa tosses her keys in a bowl. "Hey, Perry." The platypus nods.
"Hey, Dad."

Heinz doesn't acknowledge her. She purses her lips and moves to Norm's side. "Hey,
Dad." Still nothing. She walks behind Perry's trap. "Hey, Dad. Impressive trap." Her
eyes start uncontrollably watering. She walks up to Heinz and taps on his shoulder
incandescently. He stares at her with malice out of the corner of his eye. "Daddy?"

He shoves past her. "Go away, kid."

Perry's eyes widen in disbelief. Every time Perry's been over while Vanessa was over,
the teen would be content in her room or listening to music, or reading headphones.
Heinz would try to be Vanessa's pal and work everything around to that. Today, he
seems so nonchalant. He doesn't ramble or really talk to Perry and he just brushes off his
daughter's concern. Terrified on the inside, Perry shakes his head so his hat falls to the
side. He chirrs loudly and dims his focus.

Heinz actually looks over. Instead of the overwhelming guilt of trapping an innocent
animal washing over, Heinz's eyes narrow into slits. He marches over, scoops up the hat
and pounds said hat onto Perry's head. Perry has a headache and his focus is back in
determination. He is still stuck in the trap and the seemingly angry doctor has just
pummeled him with his own hat. Worse, he recognized him without the hat.

Almost immediately, Vanessa starts working on freeing Perry the Platypus. Heinz notices
but doesn't say a word or do a thing. He turns his attention back to his inator and presses
a button. It starts to get undeniably hot in the apartment and the humidity outside grows
thick. Heinz calibrates his inator toward Roger's podium. Vanessa knows Roger can be
scary when confused, as he drops his facade for a while. They would be trapped on a high
floor with an unstable man who had just transformed into the unfavorite son. The
disowned son. The reject. He fires.

Instead of hitting Roger like it had been planned, the laser hits a crystallized compartment
of Buford and Baljeet's grip. Shattering the crystal, the laser transforms into five. Two hit
the crystal flown by Isabella and Gretchen. Two more hit the crystal flown by Phineas
and Ferb. Another hits the one flown by Katie and Milly. Another broken piece hits
Ginger and Adyson. The crystals are gone and there are somewhere between fifteen and
twenty lasers firing off in random directions. They hit the suburbs, the park, and a few
several places in town. Vanessa finally sets Perry free and the platypus promptly moves
over to push the inator off the building. Instead, he freezes along with Heinz, Vanessa
and Norm. Four lasers are aimed directly for them. Heinz scowls in hatred.