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Lost in the eyes of another

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"So then Mark says--NO! Don't interrupt when I'm telling a story you psychopathic doctor FREAK!"

I took my hands off the keyboard and the mouse, and waited for my posture to return to normal so that I could finish the game, and the story.

"So," I sighed heavily, "as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Mark goes 'Really? You're just now going to play Outlast, when Outlast 2 is coming out soon?'"

I took a small breath, and prepared myself for another jumpscare. One didn't come...this time.

"He was judging me," I continued the story, "Totally judging me, even when I handle the scary games slightly better than him. Also, my channel is kind of new so I wasn't around for the original Outlast craze."

I looked into the camera and whispered, "Not cool Fischbach, not cool."

I continued the game for a little longer, finding a place to stop the recording so that I could pick it back up tomorrow.

"Well guys, that's the end of the video for today. My name is Y/N and I've been your guide for this installment of DiamondDust. See you next time." I finished the outro with a quick salute, as I always did, and paused the recording program on my computer.

I leaned back in my chair and sighed, reaching for my phone which I'm sure was blown up with notifications by now. I had been recording for a few hours, and Mark had probably tried to get in touch with me somewhere in that time.

-10 new messages from 'Markimoo'-

I sighed heavily, unlocking my phone and looking at the messages.

-Markimoo: Ring ring, hello? Ring ring hello?

-Markimoo: Ok, don't answer me. That's totally fine.

-Markimoo: I'm kidding, that's not fine. Why don't you love me anymore, Y/N?

-Markimoo: Are you recording? You're probably recording? I'll leave you alone then.

-Markimoo: Haha kidding again. Just, please answer.

-Markimoo: Y/N, would you answer if I told you that Chica misses you?

-Markimoo: I guess not then. Well, Chica doesn't miss you anyway, so there.

-Markimoo: Well, I guess you don't have time for me anymore.

-Markimoo: Am I annoying you right now? I am, aren't I? Sorry.

-Markimoo: Okay, seriously Y/N, just call me when you get these.

I clicked on his number and waited for him to answer.


"Ring ring, hello; indeed Mark, ring ring, hello."

"So you looked at the messages then?"

"After I was done recording a few more episodes of my Outlast play through, yeah."

"Ah, sorry about that. I guessed you were recording. My bad."

"So, all pleasantries aside, what's up? The messages seemed like they kept getting more and more urgent."

"Well, here's the thing...bear with me, because it's gonna sound kind of weird."

"It can't be any weirder than when I met Dan, and he was wearing a thong, and only a thong."

"Good point, nothing gets weirder than that. But, this is a little weird., I'm kind of stupid. See, you know Matt and Ryan, my roommates? The Supermega guys? Well, I might've accidentally told them and I are kind"

"You did what!?"

"I mean, since you and I are friends, and I talk about you a lot, they asked if we were dating and I kind of panicked and said yes."

"You 'panicked'?"

"Those two might be idiots, but they're very intimidating when they want to be."

"Mark Edward Fischbach. Why the hell didn't you just tell them the truth, which is that we're not dating!?"

"Like I said, they're intimidating when they want to be. So, now I've got to find a way to make it seem like we're dating."

"You mean 'we' have to find a way, Mark. Just because you're an idiot, doesn't mean I'll let you go through this alone. I mean, you're still my friend, after all."