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Yoongi wasn’t unattractive, was he?

He dressed well on most days, only wore sweatpants during midterms. He combed his hair every morning (unless he was running late for class; then he just pushed it underneath a snapback or a beanie.) He never went out wearing flip-flops, preferred neutral and basic colors over flashy ones and he’d been told he had a nice smile. (And a resting bitch face -but that wasn’t his fault.)He was a good listener, could be really fucking funny and surprisingly talkative if he wanted to and always put the feelings and needs of others first.

And yes, well, okay.. maybe he didn’t have the best body, and he absolutely sucked at comforting and he was a little bit awkward. He didn’t feel comfortable with people easily and he was a bit of an introvert, especially around strangers (he didn’t even like going out and meeting new people most of the time.) But he wasn’t a bad person, he really wasn’t.

He had lots of charisma and enough good personality traits to make a decent boyfriend. Yoongi was convinced of that. And shit, the things he would do for his significant other.

He would always hold their hand and let them complain to him after long days. He’d make them breakfast and dinner and would buy them flowers. He’d never forget a single anniversary, think of original dates and he’d write them songs with romantic, heartfelt lyrics. He’d do anything to make them happy. 

But the problem was, he didn’t have a significant other.

Only had shitty friends who didn’t understand his problem.


‘What do you mean ‘Namjoon am I attractive?’ I don’t know Yoongi hyung, I like vaginas and you don’t have one.’

Yoongi rolled his eyes at his roommate, who was taking up the entire couch with his stupid long legs. Maybe Yoongi should try insoles to look taller, maybe someone would fall for him then. Namjoon brought girls home almost every weekend so maybe then Yoongi would find love as well.

‘Well, you have eyes, don’t you? If you look at me, what do you think.’

‘I think, ‘oh, that’s hyung.’’

‘You have a really fucking high IQ so I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I mean. Stop pretending that you don’t.’ Yoongi crossed his arms, standing in front of the TV.

‘You’re,’ Namjoon titled his head, ‘cute? A little small and grumpy but cute.’



Amazing. Exactly what he was going for.


Yoongi walked away from the screen, slumping down on the couch as well, pushing Namjoon’s legs out of the way so he could sit properly.

‘Namjoon, what’s wrong with me?’

Namjoon weakly smiled. ‘There’s nothing wrong with you, hyung. You know what they say, don’t force love, let it find you.’

‘Well someone better give love a fucking map then, because I’m pretty sure it’s lost.’

Namjoon laughed at that. ‘Ah come on hyung, that’s a little dramatic.’

‘It’s not funny, I know you’re all about one night stands and quick fucks but I’ve been there, done that, you know.’ Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck, ‘I, I really think I want something serious now but I’ve been thinking that ever since the first semester started and it’s what.. spring now? I can’t even manage to find myself a fucking date, let alone a relationship.’


Namjoon was about to respond when the door was thrown open, Hoseok marching in with someone behind him. ‘Guys you need to see what we just worked on its-’ Hoseok frowned, eyeing his two roommates, ‘what’s with the long faces?’

‘Yoongi thinks he can’t get a permanent dick sucker again.’ Yoongi proceeded to slap Namjoon with the pillow next to him.

Hoseok snorted a little, ‘good day to the two of you too.’ He dragged the person he had brought with him into view by his wrist, and Yoongi recognized him as Park Jimin. A boy 2.5 years younger than him, one of Hoseok’s close friends. Warm smile, bright eyes, full of dreams and kindness; the opposite of Yoongi.


Yoongi and Jimin’s main bonding experience had been a month ago.

They had had to get a completely wasted Hoseok into his bed, and that wasn’t something that was done in a few minutes.

That was what one would call a challenge.

But somehow Jimin had managed to keep the conversation going the entire time, whispering not to wake Namjoon up as well. Yoongi had only given him short answers in response (he hadn’t appreciated being woken up by the sound of Hoseok throwing up everywhere.) But Jimin had still been really nice and calm, apologizing every two minutes and assuring Yoongi he’d, ‘make it up to him sometime.’

And ever since that night he always gave Yoongi a small wave whenever they saw each other around campus.


Yeah, Yoongi decided, Jimin was alright. And pretty cute. Maybe he could-

No, stop, not Jimin. Cute, little, innocent and soft Jimin. They wouldn’t work, would they? Jimin would get sick of him within a day, and no, Jimin was.. too kind for Yoongi, too upbeat in comparison to Yoongi’s calmer and quieter personality.

Yoongi wasn’t sure why he was seeing everyone as a potential candidate for filling up the empty space in his cold heart (Namjoon’s words, not his) but he guessed it was part of his desperation. He quickly tore his gaze away from Jimin and focused on Hoseok instead.


‘No, we were just talking about that fact that I haven’t dated in ages.’

‘Damn Yoongs,’ Hoseok shook his head, ‘I could totally hook you up with someone, you know.’

Yoongi plucked at the couch cushions. ‘I don’t know, last time was a bit of a disaster.’

‘How could I have known that she would start about children and potential names on the first date.’ Hoseok sighed, mumbling another apology to Yoongi who told him it was okay.

Jimin, who was now sitting next to Hoseok and had followed their conversation, let out a small chuckle. ‘Well, I could help you find a date?’ he fumbled with the rings around his fingers.


Jimin had really small fingers, Yoongi noticed. Small, soft hands with pretty little fingers.

Would Jimin’s hand fit nicely in his? It probably would, his long, slender fingers intertwined with Jimin’s smaller, chubbier ones.

Yoongi actually really liked the thought of that.


Hold up, do not think about stuff like that, he firmly told himself, Jimin said he wanted to help him get a date, not help him date Jimin.


Yoongi quickly moved his gaze from Jimin’s hands to the boy’s eyes. ‘You think you could find me one in the first place?’

Hoseok nodded, answering for Jimin, ‘he has girls and guys after his ass, Yoongi. Jiminnie knows exactly what he’s doing. I have faith in him,’ the boy declared, earning him a shy smile from Jimin.


He had a cute smile.

Fuck. A really cute one.


Jimin squirmed a bit, ‘I mean, I owe you for that one time you helped me with this,’ he nudged Hoseok, ‘drunk hyung, right?’ Jimin grinned, Hoseok groaning next to him.

‘I’d do it,’ Namjoon spoke up, standing up from the couch, ‘because I’m done with you complaining about your non existing love life.’

‘Now you’re exaggerating,’ Yoongi protested, ‘I only complained about it today.’

‘And two times last week!’ Namjoon yelled back from their small kitchen. ‘Me and Hoseok almost bought you a dildo for your birthday last month so you could at least shove something up your ass, because we’re getting sick of your whining.’

‘How incredibly fucking considerate of you assholes,’ Yoongi yelled back. He didn’t complain that much right? Only twice a week, maybe thrice if he had seen a particularly grossly in love couple.

Yoongi felt a blush creep up his neck when he heard Jimin snort next to him and remembered the boy was actually still there. He quickly turned to face the younger again, ‘eh, sorry, would you really do that? As in find me a date?’

‘Yeah,’ Jimin nodded, smiling brightly, ‘of course I would.’

‘Okay then,’ Yoongi gave in, smiling back a little, ‘then I’m very willing to take you up on that offer.’




‘Tell me about yourself.’

Yoongi looked up at Jimin through his lashes. He was sitting on his bed and Jimin was pacing around his bedroom. It almost felt like an interrogation, or visiting a psychiatrist. The only thing missing were tissues and a large sofa Yoongi could lay on as he told Jimin his dramatic, tear jerking story.

Except he didn’t have a dramatic story. He simply couldn’t get anyone to hold his hand in a nonplatonic way.

That was all, and Yoongi felt a little pathetic as he watched Jimin study the pictures on his wall, his books, headphones, sometimes even lifting items.


‘What do you want to know?’ he muttered to break the heavy silence.

It was weird being alone in a room with Jimin, Yoongi decided, because this was Hoseok’s friend, practically a stranger to him. It made him nervous and he didn’t know why.

‘Well,’ Jimin turned around, pulling the chair out from Yoongi’s desk and sitting on it, facing the older boy.


Jimin definitely wasn’t shy.


‘I need to know your type and your interests if I want to find you a good date.’

‘Okay, yeah, you’re right,’ Yoongi nodded. ‘Well, my name is Min Yoongi, I’m 23. Bisexual and -what are you doing?’

Jimin looked up from his phone, ‘oh,’ he sheepishly smiled at Yoongi.


Shit, Jimin really had a gorgeous smile. Looking at it made Yoongi smile as well but he quickly grimaced again. He was pretty sure Jimin hadn’t noticed anyway. He dropped his gaze to his hands in his lap.


‘I’m taking notes, hyung. Hyung is okay, right?’

‘Yeah, sure, call me hyung,’ Yoongi nodded, not sure what to say next.

‘So, bisexual, 23, loves music.’ Jimin gestured towards the albums and his equipment next to his laptop, ‘majors in?’

‘Music production.’

‘Could’ve guessed that one.’

Yoongi sighed, stretching his legs out, ‘probably.’

‘Funny,’ Jimin continued, grinning, ‘good conversational partner but a little quiet. Needs to be pulled out of his shell. Doesn’t like loud, obnoxious people overall because Hoseok hyung always complains about him refusing to go out with him. A loyal friend to his drunk friends.’ Jimin gave Yoongi another glimpse of his gorgeous smile again. ‘Nice haircut, clear skin. Doesn’t really like being woken up at 4 in the morning, but it’s okay if I do it,’ Jimin quickly looked up from his phone and smirked at Yoongi, and Yoongi couldn’t help but wonder if this was Jimin flirting with him. He quickly pushed the thought away.

‘May look scary but is actually friendly.’ Jimin balanced his phone on his knee. ‘Turn ons? Turn offs?’

Yoongi thought about this for a little. The most important thing to him was definitely personality, so rude or disrespectful behavior was something he did not appreciate. But looks wise he didn’t really care all that much. Okay, of course there had to be some sort of attraction, but so far he didn’t really have a clear ‘type.’ He told Jimin that.

‘Inside is important, I see,’ Jimin turned to his phone before looking up again, ‘honestly why is it so hard for you to find someone, hyung? I mean you’re.. pretty good looking, you don’t have abnormal standards, I really don’t get the problem here.’

‘Me neither,’ Yoongi looked at Jimin. ‘Believe me, I’ve been trying.’

Jimin nodded, seemingly thinking of the next question to ask, ‘anyway, let’s move on, where are you from?’


‘Really? My grandma lives there!’ Jimin withdrew his hand from his phone and placed both hands on his knees as he leaned forward a little. ‘Where in Daegu did you live?’

Yoongi knew Daegu was a huge city, and the chances that he knew Jimin’s grandmother were small, but he still told Jimin the neighborhood he grew up in.

‘Wait, is there a convenience store with a ridiculous large blue sign? And next to that convenience store is a playground with-’

‘A huge yellow slide?’

‘Yes!’ Jimin clapped his hands and Yoongi wasn’t even going to lie to himself. It really was the cutest thing ever to suddenly see Jimin so excited.

‘My grandma used to live 2 minutes away from there!’

‘My school was close to it, always went to that damn convenience store to buy ice cream in free periods. Man, I used to love that slide, begged my mother to take me there when I was little.’ Yoongi couldn’t believe he was actually talking about something so personal from his childhood with Park Jimin out of all people.

Couldn’t believe Jimin actually knew the exact slide he was talking about.

‘My grandma used to take me there all the time!’ Jimin excitedly told him, literally on the verge of his seat now.

‘Did you ever see the black letters on the side of it? Words and stuff?’ Yoongi asked, talking so fast he almost couldn’t get the words out right -Jimin’s excitement really was contagious.

‘Yeah, yeah I did,’ Jimin eagerly nodded.

‘My hyung and his friends did that,’ Yoongi grinned and Jimin all but gasped.

‘That’s crazy! Hyung! We should go there someday!’

‘Yes, we should,’ Yoongi agreed, still smiling, ‘I’ll take you there after you land me a date.’


The thought that taking Jimin there would count as a date suddenly invaded Yoongi’s mind and he felt a blush creep up his cheeks.  

No, what was he thinking.. it wouldn’t count as one, right? And it -it was a stupid thought to begin with because Jimin would never go on date with him in the first place and going to see a fucking hideous slide wouldn’t make a good date at all.


‘Oh yeah, the date, of course, where were we?’ Jimin stumbled over his words a little, seemingly flustered.

‘Hometown,’ Yoongi weakly smiled, ‘you asked me my hometown.’

‘Yes, right, okay let’s move on to favorite foods then.’




Yoongi wasn’t sure how to feel when Jimin texted him a week later that he had found Yoongi the ‘perfect date!!!’ He refused to give Yoongi any information on the person whatsoever, because it would be a blind date (‘blind dates are more fun hyung!’) But he did assure Yoongi that he would like the person.

Jimin also offered helping Yoongi get ready, and maybe giving him some tips for his date beforehand. And since Jimin was successful in love -according to Hoseok- and Yoongi actually really liked Jimin, he said yes.   


Everything seemed to be going well, he had a date coming up, found a new friend in Jimin, and really, Yoongi should’ve been content and happy. But he wasn’t.


Because as the days went by, and the day that his blind date would take place came closer and closer, Jimin texted him more and more. About everything and nothing at all, and two days before his date Yoongi was on the verge of blowing the entire thing off. Felt a mild panic rise in his chest as he stared at the ceiling of his room, putting his phone on airplane mode to block Jimin and his texts out. Felt like a complete dick for it but knew he had to.

Because the more he got to know Jimin, the more he felt like he needed to distance himself and call the date off.

Not because he doubted Jimin’s matching skills, but because he really didn’t want to go on a date.

Didn’t want to go on a date with anyone.. who wasn’t Jimin.

Because Yoongi had.. kind of.. developed a huge ass crush on the boy.


Yoongi wanted the endless stream of Jimin’s whining about his professors and his roommate Taehyung breaking things around their dorm to never stop. Wanted more late night gym selfies and pictures of street food and random slides (he had sent Yoongi a total of 11 since their conversation about the one back in Daegu) to continue.

Knew that no matter how hot, nice, or funny his date would be, he only wanted Jimin in the end.

And it sucked because he knew that Jimin, the person who got him that godforsaken blind date, was someone who would never in a million years fall for someone like Yoongi. Yoongi was convinced of that.

He felt really horrible for ignoring Jimin and placing his phone next to his bed, but it was a sacrifice for sanity, because Jimin was driving him insane.

If only he had the balls to tell the younger boy to call the date off, but he could already see the disappointed look on Jimin’s face. The date Jimin had searched so hard for (Jimin had actually convinced someone to go on a date with Yoongi, something Yoongi considered something close to a miracle) and Yoongi would tell him to blow it off two days in advance. And then Jimin would ask for an explanation, of course, because Yoongi had seemed so desperate and excited before, and why didn’t he want to go on the date anymore? And then Yoongi would have to explain that he was crushing on Jimin and Jimin would (nicely, because Jimin really couldn’t be anything but nice and lovely) turn him down and it would just be one big fucking disaster.


Yoongi was basically fucked. He was stuck with a date he didn’t want to go on and stuck with a crush on someone who was way out of his league.

Yoongi now understood why Hoseok had said Jimin had both guys and girls after his ass.


Yoongi was after it too.




‘I like the blue t-shirt,’ Jimin murmured from his position on Yoongi’s bed. ‘Looks nice with your skin tone.’

‘But the black one?’

‘Mmh, maybe a little too casual.’

Yoongi looked up from the t-shirts in his hands. ‘Am I going somewhere fancy then?’

‘No idea,’ Jimin sang, smirk on his lips.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. ‘You’re so not helping, Jimin.’

Jimin stood up with a sigh, standing next to Yoongi, who was eyeing himself in the mirror. ‘You look fine, really fucking good, okay.’ He ran a hand down Yoongi’s arm, leaning his chin on Yoongi’s shoulder. ‘Stop being so insecure.’

Yoongi felt a shiver run down his spine, Jimin’s words repeating on a loop in his mind. You look really fucking good.

It was exactly what he wanted to hear Jimin say, and Yoongi wished he was looking like this for Jimin, and not for some random person he was set up with. Because he actually thought he did look pretty alright. He had dyed his hair a blue-ish grey just days before, was wearing his favorite ripped jeans and went through great pains to push his piercings through his ears. He had actually made an effort.

‘Go with the black one,’ Jimin told him, smiling at Yoongi’s reflection in the mirror before withdrawing from Yoongi completely and leaving the room so Yoongi could change.

Yoongi walked over to his bed once Jimin had closed the door behind him, heart beating way too fast for his liking because fuck, his date was only 15 minutes away and he was so not ready.


He just had to get through 3 hours of awkward conversations, he told himself, 3 hours of forced laughter and answering questions about his hobbies. He was looking more forward to the time he would spent in bathroom texting Jimin how it was going than to the actual date itself. Which was bad, because what if Jimin had found him a really pretty girl who had spent hours getting ready? Or a really handsome guy who had excitedly told all his friends about his blind date? Only for Yoongi to be a major asshole? A major asshole because he only had eyes for Jimin, said person currently yelling for Yoongi to hurry up and come out.

Yoongi pulled his t-shirt off and over his head and put the black one on with a sigh. He walked towards the door, placing a hand on the handle and taking a deep breath to calm himself.

He was going to be fine. And after this he never had to face Jimin again if he wanted to, and he could get right over him and go on many more dates with many people and he’d find someone.. someone even better than Jimin. Yes. A plan.


When he walked out he was not only greeted by Jimin grinning at him, but also by Namjoon and Hoseok. The three forcing him to do a little spin. And while Namjoon complimented him, Hoseok couldn’t help but point out that ripped jeans weren’t appropriate date clothing.


‘But this is what I feel comfortable in,’ Yoongi muttered -should he change? They had what, ten minutes left? Maybe-

‘He looks amazing, hyung,’ Jimin smiled, gesturing for Yoongi to follow him out. ‘You’re just jealous you can’t pull them off like Yoongi hyung can.’

Hoseok shouted something back in response, but Yoongi didn’t even hear it, blindly following Jimin out. Jimin’s words echoing in his head once again. He told himself firmly not to blush.


It was as if walking through the door took both their abilities to speak away, though, because suddenly Jimin fell silent. No more jokes or teasing ‘Yoongi-ah’s’ which Jimin often called him over text, even though he knew damn well Yoongi was his hyung. He only mumbled directions from time to time as they navigated through the streets, and Yoongi started to worry.

Why was Jimin so quiet? Was he nervous? Because that’s what he looked like to Yoongi and Yoongi didn’t get it. Jimin was rubbing his elbow, his neck, fumbling with his rings, touching his earlobes and playing with the silver studs in them. If anyone should be nervous it should be Yoongi, not Jimin. Did Jimin forget how to get to the place Yoongi and his date were supposed to meet? Did Jimin just get a text that Yoongi’s date couldn’t make it and was Jimin too afraid to tell him? Was Jimin afraid the entire date would turn out to be a huge flop? (Yoongi certainly was.)


‘Jimin, are you okay?’

Jimin turned around, whipping his head in Yoongi’s direction. ‘Yeah, what? Of course, yeah, yes I am.’

Yoongi frowned, ‘sure?’

‘Perfectly fine, left here, we’re almost there.’

Yoongi nodded, murmuring an, ‘alright,’ as he looked around him. They walked a few more meters before Jimin stopped in front of a restaurant and Yoongi suddenly felt an almost nauseous feeling taking over his stomach. His date was inside there. Mere meters away from him. Jimin was going to turn around, wish him luck and then he’d be all alone with his date. Yoongi tried to blame the panic rising in his chest on the fact that he hadn’t been on a date in forever and not on how Jimin was nervously tapping his feet against the asphalt. Fuck, what if something was really wrong?


Jimin remained silent, and so did Yoongi. Should he just walk in? Was Jimin waiting for him to do that? Yeah, he probably was. He was going to walk in. He was gonna do it.

‘Eh, I guess I should go in now?’ Yoongi spoke up, nodding towards the entrance. ‘Thank you for your, eh, help.’


Yoongi was about to turn around when he suddenly felt Jimin’s fingers curl around his wrist, keeping him from moving. ‘H-hyung,’ Jimin loosened his grip, voice shaking a little.

Yoongi frowned, looking at Jimin, who quickly let go of Yoongi's wrist. ‘Jimin?’

‘I, I need to tell you something.’


Yoongi swore that his heart dropped into his ass at that very moment.


‘What do you need to tell me?’


Oh god, Yoongi was actually about to be stood up. Shit, that was why Jimin was so nervous. How fucking embarrassing. The ground now officially had permission to swallow him.


‘There, there is no date.’


See. Fucking see. Yoongi was suddenly content with dying alone. This was fate telling him to run from love.


‘What do you mean?’

‘N-no date inside there. Because your, eh, your date..’

This was so unlike Jimin, the younger was stuttering and blushing and avoiding eye contact and it made Yoongi really freaking uncomfortable.

‘What, Jimin, tell me! Couldn’t you find one? Did they call it off?’

‘No, no, they didn’t.’

Yoongi was actually about to walk away now. This was hell. He was embarrassed, Jimin was being weird, and he just wanted to run.

‘Then be clear with me!’ Yoongi noticed that people started staring at them now that he had raised his voice. He could’ve cared less though. This was already one of the most embarrassing, awkward moments of his life anyway.

‘There’s no date inside there because..’ Jimin stared at the asphalt.

‘Because? Because no one wanted me? Because you couldn’t find anyone who was actually willing to-’

‘Because I am your date.’



Jimin.. was his date?



‘Jimin, you don’t have to do this. It’s okay that you didn’t find anyone, I understand it.’

‘No, no,’ Jimin cut in, ‘no you don’t understand. It’s not because I couldn’t find you someone. It’s because I wanted to go out with you because I like you.’ Jimin finally looked up. ‘I like you a lot and if it’s okay with you, I want to go on a date with you. This date.’

Yoongi blinked his eyes at Jimin, looked at the sky, at the ugly sign of the store next to the restaurant, only for his eyes to land on Jimin’s shy smile and pink cheeks again.

Jimin. Park Jimin. Wanted to go on a date with him? Min Yoongi? Was this actually happening? Jimin with the cute fingers and adorable laugh and random pictures of slides wanted to go on a date with Yoongi.. all along?

‘But..’ Yoongi was smiling, his voice uneven and shaky and he was still afraid this was all one big lie but Jimin wanted to go on a date with him? ‘I, I’m a little lost now honestly.’

‘Let me explain,’ Jimin motioned for Yoongi to follow him into the alley next to the restaurant, seeing they were actually creating a bit of a scene. Yoongi quickly followed him.


‘So,’ Jimin leaned back against the brick wall, Yoongi standing in front of him. ‘I, eh -this is embarrassing.’

‘You really do owe me an explanation,’ Yoongi weakly smiled, feeling incredibly relieved already. ‘Pretty sure you just gave me something close to a heart attack.’

‘Yeah I do, and I’m sorry.’ Jimin rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding Yoongi’s eyes. ‘Well, when I met you that night we took care of Hoseok I already thought you were really attractive.’

Yoongi chuckled at Jimin’s confession, couldn’t help but interrupt Jimin because what? ‘You thought my 4AM bed hair was attractive?’

‘Hyung,’ Jimin blushed. ‘Your hair was really cute and messy and your voice was really hoarse and low and it was really hot.’

Yoongi shook his head, biting down on his bottom lip to keep himself from laughing out of pure disbelief.

‘And then you brought up that you needed a date and first I really did want to help you find one, but then I came over to get to know you and I got really selfish and decided that I wanted you for myself.’

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut, too embarrassed to look at Yoongi. ‘And then we started talking and texting and I started liking you more and more and I started crushing on you and I thought of this plan, this plan to make you think there was a blind date and that the blind date would be me because for some reason I was too afraid to actually ask you out and now I feel stupid.’

Jimin took a deep breath, finally opening his eyes again. ‘But anyway, do you want to go on this date with me?’


Yoongi couldn’t help it. Maybe it were the nerves, maybe it was the entire situation but he started laughing; laughed until Jimin joined him and they were both doubled over in some random alleyway.


‘Ji-Jimin,’ Yoongi actually had to wipe his eyes, ‘that’s the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever done to me.’ He smiled, ‘but.. I like you even more now.’

Jimin looked up, eyes wide, ‘you like me?’

‘Fuck, I like you so much you idiot,’ Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hand, pulling him closer. ‘I like your stupid smile and all those goddamn pictures of ugly slides. I, I like everything about you, Jimin, from the things you do to the things you say to the way you look. But don’t you ever do something like that to me ever again, you really scared me so much.’

Jimin muttered another apology, staring down at their intertwined fingers and Yoongi shook his head. ‘It’s okay, but you should know I almost called this date off.’

Jimin’s eyes widened, a soft ‘why?’ escaping his lips.

‘Because I didn’t want to go on a date with anyone who wasn’t,’ he squeezed Jimin’s hand, ‘well.. who wasn’t you.’


‘Really, I really like you.’

Jimin bit down on his bottom lip. ‘I’m really so sorry, I made this so much more difficult for the both of us.’

‘You did,’ Yoongi chuckled, ‘but it’s okay, because in the end you did find me a date.’ He brought their joined hands up, placing his lips against the back of Jimin’s hand. ‘And I think you landed me the best one I could get.’ He took a step in the direction of the busy street and the restaurant. ‘So, ready to go on this date with me?’

Jimin brightly smiled back at him, ‘yes.’