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    David Copperfield finds the prospect of Uriah Heep marrying Agnes Wickfield utterly abhorrent. He isn't exactly right about why.

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    I was never even remotely into this pairing when reading the book eight years ago, mostly for the sake of being able to say I'd done it, but when you see x_los has written fic about one of your set texts for uni, you devour it quick in the hope that it might get you invested in the book on the re-read. Well...I'm invested. And now, irresistibly, very fond of Uriah Heep. I am going to have a hell of a time in seminars next year. But, seriously, I love this fic. I love the narration, which feels so very Davidesque, and the little lines like how his giving Uriah a handjob is 'against the best medical advice', and his initially assuming his intentions to be 'something in the assault and battery line' (not going to lie, for a moment I read that in Bertie Wooster's voice, which is a very strange thing when reading Dickens fic.) I also really love the way this explores all the depths beneath the fawning compliments and seething bitterness which were all I initially remembered about Uriah. I saw this fic compared to the scene where Richard III seduces Anne Neville in Shakespeare's play, and...yes. This has all the things I loved about that scene, plus a few things I just plain enjoy in fiction in general, such as gayness and things escalating in such a way that one person is not exactly sure what's going on except that they're into it. Sort of. It's complicated. And the way they love and hate each other all at once, but can never be bored with one another and are just...so alike, in ways David refuses to consciously acknowledge. So...yeah. I have an OTP for this fandom now, and there's only one fic for it. (I wonder if x_los would take my sister as payment for writing a few hundred more...)